Pretty / Handsome Japanese Actors Around 30s and Above

I have seen many articles about Korean actor who doesn’t age / still beautiful around 30s. But I rarely seen about Japanese actors / actresses. Why? Because everything are about Korea right now that Japanese actors are neglected in some way. I approved of the articles posted, but let me re-make it to Japanese actors. I’m very surprised to see Fukada Kyoko in 2016 Dame na Watashi ni Koishite Kudasai. She is 33 now, but still pretty like 20s. Another example is Nagasaku Hiromi (45 years old). I can’t recognize her age at all. Seems still in early 30s. I didn’t make the order based on the beauty, just a random order. Well, let’s take a look below.

01. Nagasaku Hiromi


Of course it’s her! I found her at Coffret D’or CM one year ago. She is 45 now, but I guess her face is small and I recognized her around 30s. She is very pretty with that smile of hers. Look? I think this picture of Coffret D’or Ellegant Jewelery Rouge was from 2014. Doesn’t she look gorgeous with light makeup on her? I watched her latest TV special dorama, Keiji Ballerino. She can act cute as a dark researcher. Oh, I mean her role is a physiatrist or what that experiment on dream. But she can order a person to do as she wants thanks to her skill. A weird story overall.

02. Kitagawa Keiko

This is Kanebo Coffret D’or advertisement.


And this one is from Kanebo Sala (haircare brand).

First know her in Paradise Kiss live action movie. But I forgot her until I bought Coffret D’or. It was exactly her advertising about Full Smile Eyes eyeshadow that gave me the urge to buy 2014 autumn set. I became interested in Kitagawa, although never watch her other movies. She will be 30 years old this year with that elegant face of hers. Both she and Fukada Kyoko have had experience sharing a kiss in Roommate dorama. I haven’t watch it yet though.

03. Fukada Kyoko

Kyoko for Second Love. She usually ties her hair to ponytail because she is a teacher.


A year later in Dame na Watashi ni Koishite Kudasai. Still cute and usually acts in puppy-eyes!

She is a goddess! Born in 1982, makes her age is 33-34 right now. Her style in Second Love dorama gives her an old vibes but still a cool lady. But in the new dorama, a year after Second Love, which is Dame na Watashi ni Koishite Kudasai, gives different feelings. She looks younger than in Second Love!! How can this be!? Anyway, she is still cute with that bangs. Don’t forget her in Joker Game movie. She was acting as a spy and very cool.

04. Dan Rei


Do you know her? She is the detective in Higanbana, Horikita Maki’s partner. She is now 44 years old, almost the same age as Nagasaku Hiromi. She married an actor & singer, Oikawa Mitsuhiro, which will be in this list below. Interesting enough, when she acted in Higanbana for winter dorama, her husband did the same in the this season too, Sumika Sumire.

05. Oikawa Mitsuhiro


In Sumika Sumire

Well, I didn’t know him after watching Okitegami Kyoko for fall 2015. But he did appear on the next dorama, Sumika Sumire, with different character. In Okitegami, he was a flamboyant man while in Sumika Sumire, he was a cool youkai (demon). His handsome face can hide his age, which is now 46 years old! I can compare him with Hyde or Gackt.

06. Gackt


Now a 40s man, he still gives a mysterious aura. I previously watch his Time Spiral mini dorama with Kuroki Meisa. The ending of Time Spiral was also a mystery for me. For his song, I like the one in Japanese flute the best. No more comment.

07. Osamu Mukai


Oh well, I never watch his film except Nodame Cantabile, which role I forgot. Or Mei-chan no Shitsuji 2 years ago. But he is now 34 years old! And he is now in the verge of being famous. I will try to watch Otoko no Isshou movie even though I dislike a lady with an old man relationship. Oh man… Why was he in that movie? Edit : I have watched Kuroi Jukai SP (special) dorama and he was quiet good in acting. Though Kitagawa Keiko has more role than him.

08. Furukawa Yuki


Who doesn’t know him? From Itazura na Kiss to 5 to 9 and Litchi Hikari Club. He will be a cruel teenage boy in Litchi, even though he is already 28 to 29 years old! While he always got a cute role, I believe he can act in Litchi. Well, in From 5 to 9 he rarely appeared. Apparently, his English is very good. I heard him on an interview.

09. Miyazaki Aoi


For Rohto Sugao. I think she doesn’t age.

First know of her in Nana. And then, I never watch her movies anymore until I found her as a model for Rohto Sugao. She actually was born in 1985. It makes her past 30 now. Who doesn’t love a cute doll-like girl like her? Though she already had a divorce before.

10. Ishihara Satomi


Yes, she is Satomi. The one I have posted in O-phero makeup. See that full lips of her that makes her sexy.


For cosmetic Aube Couture.

Although her face can’t considerably goes in a cute type, she is always act in a cute & comedical manner. I like her in From 5 to 9. And every makeup on her has been pink! She suits pink the best. Ishihara is now 29 years old. I have watched her in Shitsuren Chocolatier & Attack on Titan movie other than From 5 to 9. Although her makeup is very pretty in Shitsuren, I dislike the woman she portrayed. She is really great at acting like a bitch sometimes. Nevertheless, I really approved of her beauty!

10. Shouta Aoi

Pretty girl. I doubt my face can win against him in term of feminine look.



Yay! He isn’t a dorama/ movie actor, but a seiyuu/ voice actor! Uh, his face looks like in 17 while his real age is 28. He is also a stage actor with talented singing ability. I guess I should put him here so the range will not be about dorama / movie. Don’t be surprise if he’s able to cosplay as a woman. I’m very curious about his recent Kaguya bla2x stage play (2nd picture) when he got a role as Kaguya. And glad to watch him on Persona 3 stage play. He really is a good singer. Should put Mizuki Nana in 30s but I never seen her acting.

That’s all my list. Sure there are more with anti-aging skin, but I can’t list them all, right? Be sure to watch some of their performances in the future.


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