CLOCK ZERO~終焉の一秒~Re-verse-mind King Ending (Musical Stage Play)

I have made a post about Bishop ED here. The same as my previous post, I won’t write about the entire storyline. In this post, I will compare the musical with the CG I have from the portable version. Actually, I will also write about the making & after event I got from the DVD in this post. So this post will be the final post for CZ Reverse Mind’s stage play, which consists of disc 1 for King ED & making and disc 2 for Bishop ED & after event. I finally received my own DVD in less than a month.


The introduction is the same as Bishop ED, with better shot because the camera won’t zoom close to Riichirou & Nakaba at Bishop ED. Then, the rest of the story goes same until Nadeshiko meets the King. A few changes except its storyline are, there is no kissing scene at all in King ED (very sad because King is my favorite character) and all characters except Shuuya & Yoshimune (the chief of Yuushinkai) gets singing part.

Below are few scenes similar to its CG:

 This scene is actually appeared in all route. But since this is King’s route, I may as well put his CG here.


This time, Rain doesn’t use the frog doll to kiss Bishop. He tried to fight with him, but Bishop grabbed his hand.


And the hugging from behind scene! Takato / King doesn’t want to be hated by Nadeshiko. That’s why he begs for her forgiveness because he will do anything to save her. Even to destroy the world.


Rain tells Nadeshiko about King’s love for her under the starry night (where?).
In Yuushinkai HQ, Nadeshiko was singing with Riichirou to remember about their childhood times.
Riitan, with his not so good singing ability
And Shuuya appeared to give food and a real vitamin to Nadeshiko’s heart. He really is a life saver. Uh, not with that frog picture he gave to the audience.
Then Tora came with his own CG. I’m surprised they put Tora’s CG in King’s route.
But Nakaba came unexpectedly without knocking. He made Tora surprised and got embarass from touching Nadeshiko. While Nakaba goes out (also closing the door again) & laughing at them to leave them alone, Tora calls him to come back.
This scene is when Takato asked Nadeshiko to sleep with him and talking about their memories. The bed was too small, they could not fit on it. So Arisa (Nadeshiko) and Yuuichi (Takato) have a part where they bumped into each other.
Okay, the real conversation is finally here. Still could not sleep like the CG suggested.
Nadeshiko got shot by Yuushinkai people while protecting King. This creates a fight between King and Rain. Rain Lindbergh is supposed to be King’s rook (as in the chess piece). But he betrayed King for his own purposes. Before Rain left to run, he told Nadeshiko that he was using Takato to recreate the truth because his little sister, Rachel, died. Rain wanted to change his sister’s fate by taking Takato’s most precious person, Nadeshiko, by an accident he caused. And only Takato, as a genius, can do it (break the world) like a God. When Takato realized Rain’s real intention, he was sad for being used by Rain all this past years. That’s why, Takato has a cruel fate & made him doesn’t care about the broken world if he can live together with Nadeshiko. This story is not as childish as you think.
“Kimi no Shimei=Your Mission” by Rain.
So, after Nadeshiko had woken up from the gunshot incident, Takato hugged her again. This time, as a promise to live together.
This stage followed the broken world ending storyline. Takato has released his title as a King and lives as a normal people with Nadeshiko. He was worried if the King left a bad impression on people. But one person says that she really likes the flower and can eat thanks to King, who have ruled their world once.
Nadeshiko told him the same thing. Thanks to Takato, they could have beautiful flowers in the broken world. Nadeshiko gave him a flower ring but he put it on her instead. Then, the two of them went to their home together.
Curtain call song. But now, instead of Bishop, the King rules it all! He took Nadeshiko, leaving Bishop actor with the child him patting on his head for the loss. Then the child combed his furry tail.

Kimi no inai sekai nante iranai. = I do not need the world if you are not there.
Kimi ga iru kara, kono sekai wo itoshii tte omoerunda. = If you are here, I think this world is lovely.

Some of the CG doesn’t get in there. I’m very sad that even though this is King’s route, King is rarely appeared. The portion of the other member singing should be divided to Bishop route. Tora had twice singing part! And Bishop still had singing portion too. I think Matsumoto Yuuichi doesn’t have singing part on Bishop route, that’s why it is a goner for me. I think the King’s route is more bland than Bishop. Why did they erase the kissing scene for King? My sister even told me that maybe Kitamura Kento is Ikoshi Arisa’s BF so they had kissing scene… But I doubt it. Maybe Yuuichi doesn’t want a kissing part?

Some pictures for the after event:

This is actually when Bishop, Nadeshiko, and King sang the “Wakare” song together. This time, with Toranosuke, Yoshimune, Nadeshiko, and Kaede. Tora’s lyric mainly contains about his finger got cut and hurt him (he also forgot the lyric). Meanwhile, Yoshimune always talks about Saionji Shigure, Tora’s mother and Yoshimune’s wife, the founder of Yuushinkai. If she forgot about him, he will crush the government.
Then, Kaede appeared to sing Nadeshiko’s lyric, using Yoshimune’s cane. Nadeshiko keeps claiming that it is supposed to be her part.
The kid’s part. Hey, Shuuya’s actor was still 14 at that time! He finally got a singing performance about Nadeshiko feeling glad that he is still the same Shuuya.
The fun part here. Seifu / The Government are singing Yuushinkai’s song with different lyric. Think of it as the reverse of Tora’s singing part before. Bishop & Rain were dancing furiously. I think the Seifu part is more attractive and energetic than the original Yuushinkai.
This part here is actually for Riichirou. Kaede used to ask about Riichirou’s real intention in the Yuushinkai. But this time, Bishop was asking Nakaba about his intention of entering the government. They were surprised to know each others’ real name.
End their pose with King, who doesn’t have singing part.
Battle session between Government and Yuushinkai. It was when Kaede mimicking Bishop. He said “Michi ni Mayoimashita=I lost my way” in Bishop’s tone. Bishop himself was moving his lips so it seems real. The later part is about saying sweet words for each person.
The ending part from Nakaba. He said he doesn’t need dessert as long as he can kiss you. The others were shipping over him. But Murakami Kouhei (Nakaba) laughed after that statement out of embarassment.
The real opening scene must be in this arrangement.
But they changed it to this with everyone saying another’s line:
Nadeshiko was pointing at King, who did Riichirou’s part. She laughed unlimitedly for their role changing phrase! Rain is now have a friend at the top. Surprisingly, they are good at mimicking each other. Except King said the wrong sentence of Riichirou’s line. That’s why she was pointing at King after his phrase. But I laughed really hard when Bishop tried to act cute like Nakaba with high pitch voice.
The next part is about Nadeshiko’s agency. She needs new release. King, Bishop, and Rain were trying to enter the audition.
The three of them were introducing themselves with their own phrases like Shounen Hollywood anime. If you haven’t watch it, they said an embarassing line saying their name according to their own characteristic, though. Bishop was saying “Nani-sama, Ore-sama, Bishop-sama. Anta, baka desuka? BISHOP!=What about me, I’m the mighty, Bishop-sama. Are you stupid? BISHOP!”


Bishop sang the “Kago no Tori” with this funky pose.


Rain was singing “Kimi no Shimei” with childish pose and broken tone. When Nadeshiko strictly asked him, Rain said it was hard for his mental to do that.


And King! I don’t know his song, but he does it with jazzy dance style. Great comedy, King! This was resulted in Nadeshiko rejecting all of them.


But in the end, the three of them actually can sing harmonically good. I don’t know this song. Maybe used in the previous musical.


The next part is basically the same when Rain ran away from the government because of his betrayal. Nadeshiko won’t die as he pleased.


The final part is actually just a few scene when Madoka & Nakaba first knowing each other while doing their job as the soldiers for government. They were surprised each time they knew each other.

Apart from that, I still think the actors are all the best to put the VN to real life. Even though, I know, Matsumoto Yuuichi‘s face doesn’t fit Takato, but his voice is similar to the voice actor. He also has a timid acting when doing comical part. Matsumoto Yuuichi was born in 1990, made him 25 years old when doing the stage play last year. Nadeshiko, is as always, still amazed me by her singing ability when she is born in 1997! Yes, Arisa was still 18 years old in 2nd year high school, but she seems very humble in the making video. She is also very cheerful. Kitamura Kento as Bishop was only 22 at the time (he was born in 1993). But he looks so handsome in real life. Please watch the making video for their normal clothes appearance. Though he can’t sing that great, I’m still respecting him for fighting scene. Yeah, Kento and Toranosuke’s actor, Ooshima Ryou, are the only main actors which have fighting part.

I said I doubt Kento is Arisa’s BF. But look at how close they are in Arisa’s blog. This is for the latest 2016 musical preparation though. The darker-haired man is Kento. The other guy is Tora’s actor, Ooshima Ryou. Arisa wrote that she called Ryou with -kun (Ryou-kun), while she called Kitamura Kento as only Kento. Does that mean, she is very close with Kento? Their age differences is only 4 years.


Now, this different poses reminds me of Kaitou Yamaneko dorama opening sponsor part.

And, did you know that Sakurai Keito as Rain was born in 1993? He had very cute face like in 17 years old, though. Nakaba’s actor, Murakami Kouhei, maybe is the oldest (1986). But yeah, I must say he sings pretty good compared to Riichirou’s actor, Seto Keita (1994). And then Yuto! He was the Philosopher Shuuya, who was born in 2001!!!! Oh no, middle schooler… That’s why he seems very young and cute. Yoshimune’s actor, Kurofuji Yuki, was also born in 1986. It makes him the same age as Nakaba. And Kaede, Washio Shuuto, is only one year younger than the Nakaba & Yoshimune’s actor.

Photo thanks to stalking the three main actors blog:

Arisa & Kento again.


Kento and his child actor.



The hell with this. Bishop is too thin to wear King’s clothes. While King doesn’t have muscle like Bishop. Yoshimune… He didn’t seem fine wearing that cape.










IF=Idea Factory, DF=Design Factory. You should understand that it is the company of Otomate. Mostly taken from Yuuichi’s blog.
Matsumoto Yuuichi’s birthday:


Happy birthday, Kaga-sensei.



Bishop, King, and Rook


Wait, this is Persona 3. But I got it from Yuuichi’s blog so definitely take it to prevent amnesia from searching throughout his blog again.


Kento and his doll for Arcana Famiglia stage play as Luca.


Well, for information, Kento also played CZ and Arcana Famiglia VN on his PSP! I think he doesn’t have Vita, like me? Uh, he will be a flirty man then, by playing many otome games. And I saw Matsumoto Yuuichi bought Natsume from Natsume Yuujinchou’s figurine on his blog.


Now, mostly taken from Kento’s blog.







Little Nadeshiko! So jealous… No? Who was the chosen man for her? The little or adult Madoka?




What’s wrong with them??


Without wig


Yuuichi is still stiff, even with V sign.


Bishop, Yuuichi (is it true?), Rook, Nadeshiko.




King, Rook, Bishop, Nadeshiko, sorry the other one can’t tell. Riitan?


Of course Bishop has real muscle despite his thin body ^^ Gosh, I’m stalking them too much.


CZ Bishop perfume from Kento’s blog (he wrote his name in English as Kent).


When choosing fur for himself and King. Kento decided he would use it as a rug.


Also did it with the previous king in ringage stage play.


All of them. As always, Yuuichi (King, wearing creme/yellow t-shirt) is very stiff in all pictures. But that makes him cute & funny with his timid expression.

Again, with curtain call comedy coming in real life:

They are friendly in reality, said Arisa.


You can guess who is who by the picture they brought. Bishop with kabe-don and Tora with closing mouth.


Looks like fathers and their sons.
More pictures of Reverse Mind on Arisa’s blog. The thing I can’t accept is the sound. The DVD has bad sound that will create noises when the actors singing high pitch tone. Dislike that. And the sound for after event video is too soft. I couldn’t hear them well without my earphone.

Note : Eigeki (the company who made its DVD) has deleted my Youtube videos. I hope they can’t find my blog or they will delete my account too? Just try to be more strict with sharing their videos later. After some while, I will post the link here later. But for now, just ask me the download link to

Please take it easy and drink well. But it’s outdated already.

So I will give you the lyric for Rain’s song, Kimi no Shimei (Your Mission).
君の使命      Kimi no Shimei
殺すなんて     まさかボクは           そんなことは         言ってない
Korosu nante         masaka boku ha          sonna koto ha          ittenai
忘れたの9年前               あの日の君は    彼女を救うと     言っていた  「なにが言いたい」
Wasureta no kyuu nen mae      ano hi no kimi ha      kanojo wo sukuu to      itteita      (nani ga iitai)
理不尽な死を            許すものかと          医療技術に全てを注いだ
Rifuujin na shi wo            yurusu mono ka to         iryou gijutsu ni subete wo sosoida
その情熱を             いつしか忘れ               未完成のまま君は               なにしてるの
Sono jounetsu wo           itsushika wasure          mikansei no mama kimi ha             nani shiteruno
ねぇ   守りたいんでしょう   彼女の死が来ている
Nee,       mamoritain deshou          kanojo no shi ga kite iru
今こそ            世界の理を壊す時
Ima koso          sekai no kotowari wo kowasu toki
奇跡をおこそう        君しか         できない         もし彼女が死んだら
Kiseki wo okosou         kimi shika          dekinai          moshi kanojo ga shindara
ボクに   できない事が      君は   できるというのに
Boku ni         dekinai koto ga         Kimi ha        dekiru to iu no ni
Doushite muda na jikan wo sugosu
持てる力を               使うべきなのに      なぜここで    こうしてる
Moteru chikara wo        tsukau beki na no ni        Naze koko de       koushiteru
(Jintai sosei no koto wo itteruno? Kimi no nozomi ha sore?)
他になにが   あるというの   君の使命は   それしかない
Hoka ni nani ga         aru to iu no            Kimi no shimei ha         sore shikanai
この不幸な世界で死を  解放するため君は   研究してればいい
Kono fukou na sekai de shi wo         Kaihou suru tame kimi ha         kenkyuu shitereba ii
彼女を二度と    失わないために    怒りを忘れないで
Kanojo wo nidoto           Ushinawanai tame ni            Ikari wo wasurenaide
(Ore ni nani wo sasetainda. Kami ni nare to demo iu no!? Masaka, kyuu nen mae no ano jiko mo….)
君ならできるはずです     世界を壊してでも
Kimi nara dekiru hazu desu            Sekai wo kowashitedemo
彼女が欲しいんでしょう   今でも
Kanojo ga hoshiin deshou            Ima demo
君の理想を    実現させよう    ボクと一緒にやろう
Kimi no risou wo            Jitsugen saseyou          Boku to issho ni yarou
彼女なら   大丈夫   生き返らせてしまおう
Kanojo nara        daijoubu       ikikaerasete shimaou
精一杯のことを   後悔しないために
Seiippai no koto wo           koukai shinai tame ni
「さあ鷹斗くん   思い出して」
(Saa Takato-kun           Omoidashite)
Ano toki no ikari wo


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