CLOCK ZERO~終焉の一秒~Re-verse-mind Bishop Ending (Musical Stage Play)

If you know me in my other blog, twentyninenights wordpress, you should be able to tell that my favorite otome game is Clock Zero ~Shuuen no Ichibyou~. I played it on PS2 and PSP port. But since I don’t have PS Vita, I haven’t play the EX Time version (sadly, with more wedding ending). If you wonder what is an otome game, you can search throughout internet. It is mostly about visual novel for female player, though some can add RPG to it. In this post, I would write my review for the musical version, the Reverse Mind. I didn’t write about the complete storyline. You can find it anywhere in many otome blogger’s review.

The first musical is A Live Moment 1 and A Live Moment 2, in two versions. I don’t know the difference because I haven’t watch it yet. The third stage play is rin-g-age (don’t have it too). And the latest one (the DVD came out on January 12th, 2016) is Reverse Mind. The upcoming musical is about Bishop (maybe the broken world ED since Reverse Mind is dream world?) and Traitor’s ending, Watch Over, which will be held on March 2016. Reverse Mind disc 1 tells about King’s ED, and disc 2 is about Bishop. I’m in the middle of ordering the DVD right now and may come around next month. I will post about King’s ending after I watch it (and maybe uploading it, if you want and if I can do with this snail Indonesia’s internet connection). By the way, it isn’t a J-dorama but since it is performed by human actors, I put it on the same section. Meanwhile, I rarely posted J-dorama so it’s okay to add more genre, right.

My favorite phrase from this series was said by King:

君のいない世界なんて、いらない。 (Kimi no inai sekai nante, iranai.)

こんな世界に、何の意味もない。 (Konna sekai ni, nan no imi mo nai)

もし【かみさま】というものが存在して (Moshi “Kamisama” to iu mono ga sonzai shite)

そいつがきみとぼくを引き裂いたのなら。 (Soitsu ga kimi to boku o hikisaita no nara.)

・・・・・・今度はぼくが引き裂く番だ。 (Kondo ha boku ga hikisaku-ban da)

---この、理不尽な世界を。 (Kono, rifuujin na sekai o)

The translation means:

I do not need the world if you are not there.

I do not see any meanings in this world.

If the god is here and the god disrupt you and me.

I will do so … this unreasonable world.

Youtube about the game (the latest 2015 EX Time for Vita):

The epilogue was said by Namikawa Daisuke, King’s voice actor. A soothing voice, isn’t it?

The musical serifu (line) with King’s remarkable sentence:

Aren’t the two lines look similar? As if it were said by the same voice & tone?

See what it means? This series told about Kurou Nadeshiko, who woke up in the broken world. The King is the one who experimented in that world to bring back Nadeshiko to life, after she is in coma from an accident.

Because this is an otome game, you can choose a few main males to ends up with. The main theme are tragedy, life, time travel, school-life, and drama.

Funny is, after watching CZ Reverse Mind, I watched Persona 3 The Weird Masquerade Musical ~Gunjou no Meikyuu~ and found out the King’s actor is actually Shirato Jin of Strega. The amazing cast of CZ Reverse Mind can fit their voices with the original voice actors. I found that Matsumoto Yuuichi’s voice was very similar to Namikawa Daisuke, the King’s voice actor in game. While he can also depicts P3’s Jin voice actor, Onosaka Masaya, in Kansai-ben. A very great actor, ain’t him?

Bishop’s actor (Kento), was also following his voice to fit Toriumi Kousuke’s broken sentence tone (that’s what I got from hearing Toriumi’s speaking). But all of them can’t do vibra, usually done in the end of the music/tone, except Ikoshi Arisa. Now let’s see some scenes which depicted its pictorial fanbook and CG screenshots (from my PSP so it’s blurry when enlarging it) below:

Yuushinkai’s group song & dance performance. Yuushinkai is a resistant group that goes against the King’s law and what he has done to the world.
Kaga Akira-sensei! Matsumoto Yuuichi’s voice can be similar enough with Namikawa Daisuke. Very soft and sawayaka (refreshing). Sad he won’t be in the latest Watch Over musical anymore.
One of funny scene. Rain / Rook used his doll to kiss Nadeshiko, then the doll kissed Bishop. And he himself tried to kiss the doll again from Bishop, but got knocked on his head.

And then, Bishop laughed:

CUTEEEE…! (screaming)
That smile! Yeah, it can be scary sometimes. Because King doesn’t need anything other than Nadeshiko.
Matching CG again, true?
The other group were not get involve much in this performance.
Nakaba has strong green eyeshadow. Though Murakami Kouhei also fits the lousy Nakaba’s voice, I don’t find him very good at singing.
The meeting with Nakaba.

King’s expression after found out Madoka came to take Nadeshiko with him:

Changed to this:

Scary smile!
Why do you have a perfect Nadeshiko face, Arisa-chan? You are the perfect image of Nagaoka’s art for Nadeshiko. See those nose and lips from her side and compare it below:
That’s right. The main protagonist is the King himself. That’s why I must watch King’s ED, moreover if the actor is Matsumoto Yuuichi who can do the same voice with Namikawa Daisuke.
This is where they have the greatest song of all. The three of them were singing together. And Arisa-chan have the greatest singing ability of all, which I’m very surprised of. –Well, Eigeki deleted my Youtube videos about the Wakare song in original stage play and the After Event, in a week after uploading. I’m afraid they will find my blog too. I don’t care about my Youtube since I rarely upload anything there. But I’m afraid my Gmail will be banned too so I can’t post on Blogger.-
Don’t worry, because they also have real kissing scene that fits its CG.
Yep, they used the back to school ending though I’d prefer the broken world ending. That dream machine is there too.
Promised to be together even though Madoka in that life doesn’t remember anything in broken world.
Ending song sung together. Because this is Bishop’s ED, Nadeshiko performed with him.
After this, don’t forget the funny omake (bonus). King and Bishop were fighting to get Nadeshiko’s attention. Bishop won, tried to kiss her, then smiled cunningly to the audience for his victory. This resulted in King walked angrily after meeting (almost bump) Nadeshiko to go to backstage.
Aren’t you excited to watch it? Musicals are rarely being subbed, so bear with Japanese language. Except for Kuroshitsuji because it’s very popular by demand. Thankfully, I could understand most of their conversation. And the songs are rarely produced as an album. That’s too bad since it will be clearer to be listened everyday. The only option is to rip it as music file with some app.

I think I already said most of my reviews above. The stage is smaller than Kuroshitsuji with minimum background change, but still good because it fits the background anyway. Little details like plate and mugs were brought on stage, unlike P3 musical, which used the air as an omelette rice plate. I’m amazed the stage actors can fit the seiyuu’s voice nowadays. I found the same in Persona 3 stage play too. This gives much vibes to the original work. Though because of colorful hair, you can find them as cosplayers. But their facial expressions can depict the feelings. I’m eagerly waiting for my own DVD and can’t wait to write more of King’s ED.

Anyway, I have translated the song of Bishop, Nadeshiko, and King although I’m not sure the exact kanji. If I have the lyric (maybe in the DVD?), I will update it with better translation. And, I don’t know the title of this song, shame on me as a fan. EDIT: I have updated the kanji based on the lyric from its booklet. The title is Wakare / Farewell.

WAKARE / Farewell

Sono hitomi ga, anata wo その瞳が、あなたをThat eyes of yours
Sokubaku shite, shimau 束縛して、しまう  confined me
Boku wo shinjiru kokoro wo kureta no ha hitotsubu no shizuku 僕を信じる心をくれたのは一粒の雫 Give a drop of grain to my believed heart
Boku no hane wo tsunaide miyou 僕の羽根をつないでみよう Connect my wings
Habatakeru youni 羽ばたけるように and feel like flying
Anata wo saratte あなたをさらって Kidnapping you
Chi no hate made 地の果てまで until the end of the earth
Sorekara  bokura ha それから僕らは And then, we
Yami no kusari wo kiri 闇の鎖を切り will cut the chain of darkness
Mabushisa ni me wo tojite 眩しさに目を閉じて Close our eyes from brightness
Ashita he mukau 明日へ向かう towards tomorrow
Mune ni furetai 胸に触れたい Touching my heart
Kaze ga fukinuke 風が吹きぬけ The wind blows
Subete ga kudake 全てが砕け casually
Chiru hodo ni 散るほどに until it falls
Toki no hazama ni ikiru mono-tachi 時の狭間に生きる者たち The people lives between the time
Subete wo tokihanatsu youni 全てを解き放つように all are free
Soko ni ikirubeki sekai ga aru kara そこに生きるべき世界があるから Because there is a world to live in
Wakare ga kite mo 別れがきても even if the time to be apart comes
Yubi no sukima ni ochita 指の隙間におちた Feel the gap between fingers
Jiyuu na kago no tori-tachi 自由なかごの鳥たち the caged birds becomes free
Moshi mo kibou de tsubasa ga oreta nara もしも希望で翼が折れたなら If the hope lose its wings
Sekai wo nikumou 世界を憎もう I will detest the world
Kimi wo ushinawanai, mou nidoto 君を失わない、もう二度と I don’t want to lose you anymore
Hanasanai kimi no tame ni 放さない君のために I won’t let you go, for your sake
Anata wo mamorou あなたを守ろう I will protect you
Tsumi wo se otte 罪を背追って and live by chasing back my sin
Subete wo torimodosu youni 全てを取り戻すように Regains everything back
Wasuresaritai to ano hi no kioku  忘れ去りたいとあの日の記憶  I don’t want to forget the memory of that day
Subete ga yume de aru youni 全てが夢であるように  Somehow, it were all like a dream
Tatoe towa ni kietemo たとえ永久に消えても Even if it disappears forever
Kaeru michi ga aru kara 帰る道があるから there is a way to go back

 PS: I will keep updating this post with better translation (edit: already done with exact kanji after receiving my own DVD). The King ED and after event already posted here.

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