AFA (Anime Festival Asia) ID 2015 Day 2 Exhibition

I have finally came to AFA! It’s Anime Festival Asia, the fourth one this year. When I was watching Animax channel from cable TV, I was jealous of how great AFA in Singapore is. I did wanted to go to that kind of anime festival, but hadn’t been held nearby. Finally, AFA came to Indonesia with its Japanese artist for concert & stage performances. But sadly, I wasn’t dare to go there the first time it was held here. My sister already went to three of them, yep she’s a hardcore otaku with many figurines displayed in her room. This year, I finally made an appearance to AFA! www~

No, I’m not there as a cosplayer nor an artist. I just went to the exhibition, because the good performances was held the day before, when I was working. Too bad, because there was Gackt and nano in stage & concert hall (Gackt wouldn’t be singing though, he’s just a guest for stage interview). Well, I couldn’t be on leave again because the next Monday, I’ll be headed to Singapore and will be on leave for a week (Please pray for my flight because there’s smoke in Singapore thanks to great hail Indonesia stupid people to burn forest). I wasn’t taking much picture there, but it’s fun and tiring. I’m very tired right now, even after sleeping for 2,5 hours.

As you can see, the weather was very hot. I came for day 2 on Saturday, September 26 with my sister. We must wait about 45 minutes to get in, plus buying tickets.

Selfie with my sister while waiting for ticket. I didn’t wear softlens, but I wonder why my eyes were very round here. Maybe thanks to LG G2 front camera? Hah! With Revlon Colorburst Balm Stain 015 Cherish, our lips were bright fuschia! Yes, she wore my lipstick too…

And finally, I got the ticket with the barcoded-bracelet (to make sure you only came once, the barcode must be placed on the machine, like a supermarket barcode).

Then, I waited for my sister when she bought nendo from Good Smile Company. Yeah, she’s a loyal customer for GSC.

She bought that 3 chibi girls nendo which I don’t know from what title. I told you, she’s a hardcore. I don’t even know from which project the characters are in. For reference, she already had Miku Senbonzakura, Snow Miku Bell, and maybe more on that brochure.


There she is! One and only woman at the cashier. fufu~~~


It’s “closers” online game booth bought by Megaxus. We didn’t have time to try the game to get the goodie bag after that. I know that many boy otakus wear glasses and bring that large rucksack. Yeah, you can tell them based on that appearances. Me too, years ago, thanks…

And we couldn’t have enough comfort while at toilet. There were 5 doors and full-booked by cosplayers. I wouldn’t want to go to toilet anymore at every anime exhibition. Then, we went to food stall. Not too many of them, but we managed to eat my sister supplier’s curry rice from Lullaby Winds for Rp 30.000,- and a cup noodle with eggs for Rp 10.000,-. The curry rice was so-so, I bought it for many potatos. I wanted to buy kakigori, but my sister didn’t want to. So we went to another place, although the number of people was already increased and hard to move! Otaku must prepare for battle like this after hot weather outside.

Some random figure (I don’t know. Haha).


Danny Choo booth. One figure for Rp 7.000.000++!! I won’t buy anyway.


Performance for 15 minutes by DJ KAZU when my sister was waiting for ATM. That’s a long waiting, you see. I don’t know him, please. He walked behind me after the show, but I didn’t think of touching him like some people said to their friends. I don’t care about him. Oh by the way, I think he already came numerous times in AFA ID.

Finally, my pictures!!


Oh man. I look like a real otaku with that poster!! It’s my first time taking picture with big anime poster. Unsightly. I guess that’s from Love Live! ? And that’s it. Thanks for reading. I will try to buy a concert ticket next year if the stars are good enough for my taste. Day 2 stars aren’t very likeable to me. I’m too old for this waiting line, my legs were burning…. Sigh…

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