My Impression on Kuroshitsuji Musical 3 Chi ni Moeru Licorice + Comparison

I have watched every Kuroshitsuji Musical sinced the first until this one is the fourth. Although Musical 1-3, I got the video from blackbutler forum, the latest one was from Youtube. But this is my first time to make comparison review to this great stage play. Musical 1-3 already have english subs if you want to search, but I watched without it. And the third one is actualy a re-run from Musical 2, so the story is basically the same with re-new cast members and maybe some dialogues. All pictures for KuroMyu 3 in this post are from Google.

Chi ni Moeru Licorice is focusing on Madam Red. If you watch the anime or have read its manga, you know that she’s Ciel’s aunt. And the cast for Madam Red is Akane Liv, a great actress. I love her voice both speaking and singing. She has gorgeous voice and I began downloading her album as Liv Moon.

You see that Akane Liv really fits Madam Red personality? Seeing this version of Madam Red makes me forgot how the manga was like because Liv is cool!

I love that the old cast from Musical 2 Re-run came back so I don’t need to acknowledge more actors. For me, Sasaki Yoshihide as Druitt, Teruma as William T. Spears, Takagi Shun as Aberline, and Terayama Takeshi as Hanks. And for Matsushita Yuya as Sebastian Michaelis, Uehara Takuya as Grell Sutclife, and Izumi Shuuhei as Undertaker are cannot be replaced, I think. The new cast member of Charles Grey, which is Ota Motohiro, and Charles Phipps which is Hirose Yuusuke are perfect for their roles. They can interact well as the two best friend? Uh, more than that. I like that Ota Motohiro’s voice can depict Charles Grey very much. As for Lau’s cast, Araki Hirofumi, he fits Lau’s body language but failed in closing eyes. Unlike the Lau in the first Musical, Ryuuya, who amazed me when he could walk closing his eyes (I wonder how).

Ota Motohiro as Charles Grey & Hirose Yuusuke as Charles Phipps are stunning! Ota has high pitch voice which fits brat-like Grey, while Hirose has very low voice, fits a cool-expression-less Phipps.

Aside from the cast and their great acting, I can’t find great song here. The only two I could remember easily were the “Michi o Mayowanai Youni” from Madam Red (including all versions) and “Watashi ha Anata no Koma to nari Ken to naru” by Sebastian and all cast. I miss the old Kuromyu 1 songs and Matsushita Yuya also include the songs in his album so I can listen to it without hearing the dialogues.

For scene, I’d prefer the first musical which has a scene when everyone tries to do funny things to Undertaker. We can see the different dialogues and comedies for different day show, all in its DVD package. But after that, it feels empty without too much comedies. I know that “The Most Beautiful Death in the World” and “Chi ni Moeru Licorice” would be serious, but at least try do funny things. I remember that Sebastian tried to pull off the tablecloth without making the bottle fall in KuroMyu 1. But in the end, he failed to do similar things to the manga. That’s obvious since Yuya is a human. That’s what I like about KuroMyu 1 rather than the 3 after that.

The Musical 1 is more lively with comical moments. Sebastian tried to pull off the tablecloth while keeping the things above it stay still. He failed, though.

The quality of Yuya’s voice has improved much sinced the first musical. This is a wonderful opportunity for him to learn singing more. He first came out in KuroMyu 1 when he’s 18-19 and now he’s 24! Time sure goes by. That’s what he said in the KuroMyu 3 Licorice. For Teruma, he has some potential to sing very well but too bad the song in this fourth musical aren’t too like-able for me.

Then, Sakamoto Shougo as Ciel in KuroMyu 1 has the best vocal cord. He can sing well with Yuya, but he’s too tall. The quality for Ciel’s voice became lower for the next KuroMyu until the latest one. But I like Nishii Yukito as Ciel in KuroMyu 2 (2010) because he’s very energetic. I like how his ruffles (in the ending credit when he’s dancing) were flying when he turned backward. Nishii is also in his best height while we compare him with Yuya’s height. Tanaka Taketo, the third Ciel is too tall and I think he doesn’t sing well too. He doesn’t have much impression on me. As for Fukuzaki Nayuta, the fourth Ciel, he’s cute but too young. He’s still 13 years old by then and his voice is still like a child.

If a few people like interview, I hate that in KuroMyu 2 re-run and KuroMyu 3 Licorice. The ending should be like KuroMyu 2, where they were just showing off skills without too many talks. I don’t like the greetings one by one from the dancers until Yuya himself. It prolongs the video time, but it’s supposed to be added in the bonus CD. The ending greetings will be more fun if they can dance and showing off their skills because some viewers don’t know what they are up to besides acting and singing (yup, it’s me. I don’t even mind some of the actors usual project besides Yuya, Akane Liv, and Sasaki Yoshihide). I found Sasaki in dorama Bussen because I watched it for Kagimoto Akira-Lead.

Sasaki Yoshihide as Viscount Druitt which fits the role very well because he can act narcissistic and feminine at the same time. But in Bussen, he is a cool and handsome monk, but always being teased by the lady.

All in all, I don’t really like this KuroMyu. The truth is, after the first musical, I dislike that it’s too serious. Even the anime has some laugh-able comedies. The actor’s singing abilities are improved, but the tones itself aren’t sticking well in my head. It lacks comedy and put on serious dialogues for a very long time which makes it a bit boring. I’m a bit disappointed because I found that KuroMyu became boring after the first one and hope it would be revived by the fourth. But it’s still the same. They chose good actors but nothing special.


  1. I love the kuroshitsuji musical 3, if only they didn't change yukito nishii then it would be perfect! x and yes I'm agree with you, the first one is funny, and they lack of jokes on the 2nd and 3rd.

  2. Yeah. And the decision to replace Matsushita Yuya to Furukawa Yuta is unacceptable for me (I mostly can accept everything). I know Yuya is busy with his new boyband, and the creator wanted to make a renewal of Licorice, or maybe every year there will be new musical. I think Furukawa's singing ability isn't as good as Yuya after hearing a song on Youtube. I don't disagree because of his face, even Yuya is too short for Sebastian role.And this time, they'll make it to China.. What the! I wonder which language they'll use so Chinese people can understand? Or they'll just watching the actors without hearing?

  3. Madam \”Liv\” Red is real deal. I love when vocal esp when Madam red at the end of her life. Its heartbreaking but in the same time you can feel twisted insanity inside her. How she love her sister and earl Phantomhive, How she love her nephew, how she happy but then all her happiness is taken away. She desperate and bocome twisted as Jack the ripper

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