What I Have Been Watching (Korea & Japan)

Hello again! This time, I won’t do review. I will write about films I’ve been watching, some of them are remaining from last year (either I watched through TV cable nor I just found out recently). It’s not that many, because I keep watching as minimum since I mostly spend my day working. It’s true, right? Working has filled 70% of our life per day and it’s tiring. That’s why, we must choose something fun to do, so I chose watching/playing games. For this list, I will write either movies or TV series).

The list of film I have chosen are below:

1. Itazura na Kiss 2 Love in Tokyo

I have watched the first remake of ItaKiss (I also watched the first ItaKiss in year 90s). While I think that the new Naoki isn’t look very similar to its manga, Furukawa Yuuki, the actor, is cute enough to take my heart. I’ve been waiting to watch the second season and am very much loving it. While in the first season, it’s a bit boring because I already watch first dorama and the Korean version (I haven’t watch the Taiwan version though), it’s just repeating the story. Well, I think Love in Tokyo was much more laughable because Honoka Miki is funnier than Sato Aiko. My patience was given more. This second season is cute!! Very cute, because Naoki is already in love with Kotoko and so, much more kissing scene! I love the second season very much and I can laugh all the way while watching Kotoko’s comedy or crying at eps 8 when the grandma is sick. The latest episode is 8.

2. Pinocchio

This one is Korean drama. It has many cameo from “I Can Hear Your Voice”, from its actor, actress, or how the everyday life’s drama becomes unique with criminal intention. Well, I prefer Pinocchio, though, because it’s more cute and funny, also tragic (Although the heroine in I Can Hear Your Voice also loses her mother, similar to Dal-po who loses both parents). Choi In-ha suffers Pinocchio syndrom, makes her hiccups when lying. Uh, it doesn’t really affecting the story, so let’s put it aside. The protagonist is Choi Dal-po (real name is Ki Ha-Myeong), lost his father as firefighter. But the media, especially reporter Song Cha-ok, insisted to reporting about the fault of Dal-po’s father. His mother went suicide together with him, after receiving cold shoulder from neighborhood. Dal-po’s big brother, Ki Jae-Myeong, provides a revenge plot. Anyway, as an orphan whose lives saved by an old man, Dal-po now lives with In-ha and found out she’s the daughter of reporter Cha-ok. What will he do to In-ha?

It’s interesting, with lesson about how to build an interesting news topic or how a lie can change other person’s lives. There is none boring episode, as I’ve watched episode 10 last week. It already completed with 20 episodes just now. Try watching it and you’ll be emerged by Dal-po’s fate. It’s really a tragedy…

3. Time Spiral

Well, did you find out the name of GACKT? Yes, he is in this drama. I just found out recently, although it had been aired and completed in 2014. It’s a 30 minutes dorama, full of time-travel thing. Aizawa Natsuki is an assistant professor in physics. She had trauma for being kidnapped, although the kidnappers chose wrong person. The kidnappers actually must kidnap her friend, Yuki Kentarou. The one who saved her was Tatsumi Shuya. But she forgot about it. 15 years later, she met Tatsumi Shuya again, insisted that she will fall in love with him. Of course Natsuki found it strange, so she investigated it and remembered about Shuya, didn’t aged from 15 years ago. Shuya could turn back time, make it moves slowly, or disappear, etc (I don’t know if he have other abilities because I just watched 3 episodes in a night). He may have another goal rather than make Natsuki fall in love with him, but who knows?

After wearing Kanebo KATE’s cosmetic, I like Kuroki Meisa for her beauty and pointed nose. Her eyes also stunning. When reading about this dorama and read her name, I obviously must watch! Moreover, GACKT also came as the lead role. Uh, I’m not his obliged fan, but I like some of his songs. Of course I came to watch this after reading the role on Asianwiki in a minute! It’s based on web novel, though. Okay, just watch it!! I really recommend Time Spiral for refreshing time traveller story (You do know I like Clock Zero otome game, and have played Time Travellers PSP, right?). Time travel is an interesting plotline. Anyway, the plot is similar to Steins;Gate if you know that anime/game. Both the sisters died and made the hero going through time numerous times to save her. Also, the heroine will let her death to save the hero’s sister, isn’t it?

4. Sukitte ii na yo Live Action Movie

I read the manga but dropped it. I also watched the anime and…a bit boring although still manageable. And watching the live action, it became worsen. The dorama is too fast and doesn’t tell every character’s past and feelings pretty well. It did have handsome and beautiful actors, but yeah, I didn’t have feelings when watching it. One thing I like about this is, because of fast-paced, it didn’t tell about Tachibana Mei’s rival very much. Mei & Yamato will just make up for it without too much struggling. If any of you wanted to know more of this story, just watch its anime because the manga have not ended yet.

5. L-DK

I also found this series through manga. It have not ended too, the same as Sukitte ii na yo, but I’m still reading it. Nishimori Aoi must live together in a room with her high school popular boy, Kugayama Shuusei. Many things happened in their lives, trying to hide the fact about living together. It’s a cute story, simple, but too easy to read. Well, the live action has its own cuteness, so it’s forgiven. This is better than Sukitte ii na yo, especially because I like Gouriki Ayame after watching her in Kuroshitsuji live action. I feel that she’s one of pretty girl in short hair, together with Eikura Nana.

6. Kuroshitsuji Live Action

Actually, I didn’t have the urge to watch this version of Kuroshitsuji. I’ve watched its anime, musical 1, musical 2, remake of musical 2, and I’d still prefer Matsushita Yuya (Oh yeah, he won’t be singing solo anymore since he will join a group. Too bad, I like his voice alone). It’s a new story from Sebastian, the butler of Hell. It won’t affecting much in main storyline from manga and anime, either way. Uh, I think this movie is quite good, although there isn’t much surprising feature.

7. Kiseijuu / Parasyte Part 1

I don’t know about Parasyte before, be it its manga or anime. But after watching this live action, I’m interested to watch the anime. Well, I still love the live action than the anime! It’s full of thrilling story to be revealed. There is none of the scene that’s too boring. It quickly removes scene without trashy dialogues. I watched it from the cinema, which surprisingly fast to play Japanese movie nowadays (remember that I also watched K -the missing King- in cinema?).

Izumi Shinichi is a host from one of parasyte, something snake-like creature and eating humans. But he’s saved now since the parasyte, Migi, couldn’t evolving more than his right hand. To protect humanity from parasyte-eating-human creature, Shinichi fights the other parasyte, now in form of human and also, his mother. Overall, a great adaption and it’s shocking how the parasyte eating humans. A good starter for Attack on Titan live action, I think. Beware that it’s full of gore, more than the anime (I only watched first episode and hadn’t had time to watch entirely, maybe later).

That’s all for my reviews. I think some of them are good enough, while the others are so-so or great. Try picking up the best theme for you. It’s only my thoughts after all.


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