After around 2 months, I finally be able to post some game. I played DIABOLIK LOVERS MORE, BLOOD not because it’s on my list to play, but because I hadn’t have enough time recently. Although there were Christmas and New Year holiday, I spent it with my family and often going out. Here on, is just a brief summary and impression on this game (which actually not that good). Uh, I don’t think I ever like this kind of story-and I thought it is without (proper) STORY!


Let’s see from the storyline first. DLMB isn’t made any improvement from the first game. It just showed up dummy head mic skill without creating more storyline. Although here, the background story of their past were told in every prologue and epilogue to know more about the characters, it didn’t impress me that much. It began when Komori Yui found out she’s living with vampires, Sakamaki family. There exist Sakamaki Ayato, Kanato, Laito, Reiji, Subaru, and the eldest Shuu. They each has their own personality, but I thinks they can becomes one person only because of similarity in “YANDERE” mode. There exist Mukami vampire families too in the nighttime school. Four of them are Mukami Ruki, Yuuma, Kou, and Azusa. Even if they appears as familty, they aren’t related by blood.DLMB-006

The appearances of Mukamis is the beginning of unveiling the truth about Adam and Eve. They called Yui as Eve, the human who had a daughter of vampire leader’s (Cordelia (CV Tomonaga Akane) Ayato, Kanato, and Laito’s mother as they’re triplets) heart. She must fall in love with one of the vampire (Adam) and their ancestor must create a brand new world. That is the truth revealed by Karlheinz/ Sakamaki Tougo (CV Sawada Masataka), the Sakamaki’s father, whom also awakened the Mukami’s vampire blood. He pretended to be the doctor in his sons’ school to expect a great love between Adam and Eve.


No, don’t expect me to write anymore than this. I won’t write about each of the vampire’s every single route because it’s just full of sucking blood and killing here and there. Not worth my time. They were all had the almost exact story and plotting, and sucking-blood-reason just because they thought hungry or angry. Just will add more of their past.

Sakamaki Ayato (CV Midorikawa Hikaru) had his past abandoned by his mother. Cordelia just showing love for her husband, ignoring Ayato’s requests every time. Laito (CV Hirakawa Daisuke) is just a pervert child ever since then. He knows that Cordelia doesn’t think of her child and just playing with many men, including Richter (CV Konno Jun), Karlheinz’s younger brother. As to Kanato (CV Kaji Yuki), he would just playing with Teddy as he knew that Cordelia didn’t care of him. Just that, he has this awful behavior to being “M” with slicing his own body.


Sakamaki Shuu (CV Toriumi Kousuke) doesn’t care about anything but he finally finds out that Yuuma was his childhood friend, Edgar. While Reiji (CV Konishi Katsuyuki) is just as strict as usual. And he proved of Yuuma, being Edgar, whom he attempted to kill in the past. He still makes medicine, not poison though. What he doesn’t like from his mom, Beatrix (CV Hirata Mana) is that she just cares for Shuu, not him-the same reason again as Cordelia. And last child, Subaru (CV Kondo Takashi) remembering his past. His mothers, Christa (CV Tashiro Yuki), is crazy enough to the extend of forgetting her own words. Sometimes, she is afraid of Karlheinz, but on another meeting with him, she loves him. I can feel that it makes Subaru getting mad of which she will choose to side, when he already prepared to fight his dad. No wonder he always punching everywhere.


We got Mukami Ruki (CV Sakurai Takahiro) as the leader in Mukami’s family. He acts like Reiji. His past is, Ruki actually was a rich boy. His mother left him with another man then the robbers killed his father etc until he must go to some crude facility for abandoned children where he met the others. Yuuma (CV Suzuki Tatsuhisa), as usual, just being Shuu’s childhood friend. He lost memories then being proud as his leader had wonderful wish to make peace of a world. His leader named him “Bear” because he couldn’t remember. Sadly, another gang killed his leader then Yuuma is being brought to the facility.


Kou (CV Kimura Ryouhei) had his own problem being everyone’s idol. In the past, he used to be living inside manhole and losing right eye. Karlheinz gave him new eye which could change color if he eat blood. Azusa (CV Kishio Daisuke), is a do-M again after Kanato. He’d like being bullied by his friends, but after they’re killed, Azusa began to torture himself and every scars named by his friends-or he would create new one. It’s not an interesting past nor personality to be truth.


I’ve completed the quick review as I don’t like this series very much. Like the previous game, I chose Subaru as my favorite character because he’s tsundere. He cared for his mother, but sometimes, Christa would betray his attempts just because she changed mind (crazy, remember?). And he also cared for Yui very much. Although for storyline, I like Reiji. Both of them showed their care for Yui more than the other Sakamakis and Mukamis, I think. The other characters just showed his love in the end of storyline, or didn’t show their love but just their lust. I couldn’t even feel Ayato’s love for Yui although he asked to marry her in epilogue.

Mukami’s appearances doesn’t bothering much. And it’s just to add more characters to the short game. It doesn’t affect storyline, except Yuuma for being Shuu’s friend. But even if they didn’t appear, I wouldn’t care if it’s just Sakamaki’s in the series. And none of them had interested me. Ruki might be cool, but he lacks personality. Again, I would like to say that they’re all just like a one person, spliting to 10 behaviors. The yandere, vampire-sucking-behavior, or their tragic past will all be the same. Why not make it for one person’s story. It might become more good than the splitting image of 10 persons but in one plot? I don’t like how yandere becomes trend right now, which teaches people a brutal way of solving problems.





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  1. Thank you, you’ve said everything I wanted to say I am TT ^ TT
    I love diabolik lovers, has hastened and I bought, diabolik lovers more blood
    I feel regret to buy it, because subaru & ayato & shu do not seem Cool
    The story is too long and boring, like I was watching an idiot does not understand his feelings,
    Ayato usually do not care about yui just for trying to jump out of the school fence
    Was trying to tell them that if they can, and make fun of them.
    The drawing also different from the first season,
    I did not feel fun never to play diabolik lovers more blood

    I’m sorry for my English bad

    • Oh I finally found someone who did hate this series. Actually, most of Rejet series… And it’s true. It doesn’t make sense how Yui can love Ayato or his siblings. And the weirdest concept might goes to Kanato and Azusa. They’re most likely do-M, but they can also do-S. So, what’s the point of making the two persons with almost same personalities? And I hate Azusa more for his craziness. I won’t play the rest of DIABOLIK LOVERS milking ever again. Stop with this one.

  2. I can’t stahp comparing yuuma and kise haha xD kimuryo used the same type of voice as kise, so yeah 8’D
    I’m playing the vita version rite now and I really hope Reiji have moar doM ending ufufu :’3

    • Yuuma & Kise… Yup, how they speak reminds me too. Typical easy-going but easy to notice things. Woah, lucky you can play Vita version. I hope I can buy it but thinking that even a PSP is hard to be used nowadays (because of working), I don’t know if I have urge to but Vita.

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