Maiden Time Traveler

This is the review for Meiji Tokyo Renka (MeiKoi) PSP Game by Broccoli. Its theme is about a girl who traveled back to Meiji era due to meeting a strange magician. This girl’s name is Ayazuki Mei. Without a doubt, she traveled to Meiji era, along with the magician she met on a festival, Charley (CV: Morikawa Toshiyuki). Charley told her that sometimes, his magic trick would bring him or the other people to different world unconsciously (although it seems suspicious). From it, she lost a few of her past life in the present era, but she might gain it back after go back. And then, he brought Mei to a party, which then she met a few guys there.

MeiKoi CG-094

First, she met Mori Ougai / Mori Rintarou (CV: Namikawa Daisuke), then Hishida Shunsou (CV: KENN) appeared to find Ougai. The party became a mess as well after Mei met the soldier Fujita Gorou (CV: Fukuyama Jun) who found her suspicious, along with Koizumi Yakumo (CV: Tachibana Shinnosuke). Thankfully, Kawakami Otojirou (CV: Toriumi Kousuke) came to safe her with Izumi Kyouka (CV: Okamoto Nobuhiko),a guy who had bunny doll on his shoulder, near his side. As for Koizumi Yakumo, just appeared frequently through the game as a foreigner who doesn’t speak Japanese really well, then get ignored by Mei when she’s walking.

MeiKoi CG-001

Mei and Charley finally able to escape from the ruckus but they’re separated. This is the time she met another man to her life. The game used dummy head mic for a few romantic scenes, so it’s a plus. And it’s actually short, just I had a few troubles at work and an added job in real life, so couldn’t play everyday.



Kawakami Otojirou / Otoyakko (CV: Toriumi Kousuke)

MeiKoi CG-032

A geisha found Mei on street, seeing her pitiful enough to lose her memories, she brought Mei to her room at geisha house. She introduces her name as Otoyakko, a famous geisha. Then wanted Mei to help with her work. Mei learnt to be a servant of geisha bit by bit and befriended Otoyakko’s chibi friend, Izumi Kyouka. Although Kyouka uses to get angry anytime, he is a good guy exactly. She sometimes hears a woman’s singing voice and Kyouka tells her she is a Tamayori, a human who can sees ayakashi and mononoke, which also can see his bunny doll-like creature. Otoyakko finally revealed himself as a man named Kawakami Otojirou because Mei found his low voice eventually, and his otoko sleeping mode (with short hair).

MeiKoi CG-034

The second time Mei met Charley, he told her that she can come back to her era, if it’s already a month, at red moon. It’s the only way to go back. After that, she had a fever and to kiss her so she could drink the medicine is the only way for Otojirou to help her recovering. Then, he had a stage role as woman. To make it worse, Mei saw a lone (ghost?) woman tried to take Otojirou’s body. But in the end, it’s all settled.

Meiji Ending

Here, Mei notices her feelings for Otojirou so she doesn’t choose to go back at red moon. Otojirou ended up marrying her and they went to America together on a ship. The two shared kiss after they had arrived.

MeiKoi CG-045

Return Ending

Mei chose to go back with Charley’s magic at red full moon. Before she go, she shows herself to Otojirou, saying she has remembered her memories and must go. Otojirou just begging her to promise to go back to him while he hugs her, a promise which can’t be fulfill. Otojirou became geisha all the time and had drink match with Kyouka. He’s drunk and talking in gangster manner (He always does the talk when he’s angry, weird when he’s in geisha appearance).

Modern Time Ending

On this route, Otojirou went to Heisei era with Mei, thanks to Charley. A year later, Otojirou is on a stage troupe, playing role in Meiji era, which he finds surprised because he’s from that time. Well, they’re spending time as couple in Heisei.

MeiKoi CG-046


In extra omake mode, Otojirou and Mei are getting Christmas Eve dinner together at some famous restaurant. It’s a date for them, before Otojirou go somewhere for business trip. Then, they’re taking a night in a hotel.



Izumi Kyouka (CV: Okamoto Nobuhiko)

MeiKoi CG-050

Kyouka is a tsundere boy and always seen with white bunny doll. He is afraid of germs and always angry to go near dirt. But with Mei, he seems fine to be touched by slowly. He became attached to her after a few meeting, and told her about his mother and the white bunny mononoke. The bunny was his mother’s kimono and became Tsukumogami (this is like a thing becoming life after 100 years) when his mother died at his 9 years old age. Mei too, told that she was from a different era to him. They’re becoming closer as telling their secret, especially Kyouka who feels angry of Mei living in Otojirou’s geisha room.

MeiKoi CG-049

The climax of his route is when he must bring the Shirayuki (the woman who sang lullaby near the river, also the one who tried to go take Otojirou’s body as he played the drama) back to her world. It almost took his life, thankfully, Mei saved him. But she must sunk to the pond deeply. With hearing Kyouka’s lullaby, she is saved by the white bunny and it must go with Shirayuki together, leaving Kyouka aside. Though he seems fine because he is sure the bunny will find him again. But it’s worrying him as Mei says she might go home to her era. In the end, the white bunny appeared again but Kyouka couldn’t see it, though he could feel its warmth.

Meiji Ending

Mei didn’t go back and lived as the number one geisha, as well as Kyouka’s wife. Otojirou came back from his trip, bought alcohol to Kyouka and told him to drink at home. So he really brings his wife, Mei, back to home and leaves Otojirou alone. On the street, they’re having lovey-dovey kissing moment after Kyouka feels jealous of Mei’s customer as she’s his wife who works as geisha.

MeiKoi CG-059

Return Ending

As usual, after Mei decided to go back home, she met Kyouka to say goodbye. But he wouldn’t want to hear it from her mouth, just taking her hand then telling her to go away because he won’t remember her crying face (yep, tsundere line). In the end, he just getting drunk and playing with Otojirou, the same as Otojirou’s ending.

Modern Time Ending

Here, Kyouka said he will go anywhere if it’s with Mei. So she takes him to her world and a year later, they’re having a date. While walking on the street, Kyouka says he will follow her anywhere because she is already his (lover).

MeiKoi CG-060


Mei is crying after Kyouka saved her from a man. Tomorrow will be their wedding day, so seeing Mei cries, Kyouka thinks she doesn’t want to marry him. The truth is, Mei is having marriage blue, worried of her new life. After Kyouka understands her, she is fine and smiling at their marriage photoshoot (where Kyouka feels afraid if the camera will take his soul).

MeiKoi CG-061


After Otojirou & Kyouka’s ending, there’s an extra story of when the two of them are fighting over Mei.



Fujita Gorou (CV: Fukuyama Jun)

MeiKoi CG-070

He is a captain of the Shinsengumi 3rd unit (Yep, also known as Saito Hajime) with beautiful hair and body, and is a tsundere (in cruel type). At first time meeting, he always finds Mei suspicious (Although, everyone, including Yakumo). He wants to capture her and bring Mei to police station. Fujita can slash a guy’s hand when that evil guy forced Mei to follow him and his friend. His route mostly coincides with Koizumi Yakumo because Mei rests at a hotel with Yakumo. As for his main story, he can sees ghosts too, a woman in red dress. Also, despite his rude and cruel behavior, Fujita is very skillful at cooking and teaching Mei how to do it. They have fun time together at his house (he lives alone) which makes her falls in love. The true conflict in his route was a killer wanted to kill Yakumo at his hotel room, but that guy took Mei instead. With the help of a ghost guy without face, Fujita came to her room to catch the killer. Seems like the red dress woman is the lover of the guy without face. Both of them are ghosts.

MeiKoi CG-067

Meiji Ending

In this ending, Mei chose to stay with Fujita, became his wife. When they’re newlyweds, Yakumo comes to flirts Mei. Unfortunately for him, Fujita comes back and throws stone to Yakumo. He just doesn’t want Yakumo to touch Mei, thinking that he’s the most dangerous guy for her. At the end, after Yakumo runs away from Fujita’s sword, the two couple has their own lovely kissing time.

Return Ending

After Mei decided to go back to her world, Fujita just told her not to cry and walk on her own path. He is left behind by her, so Yakumo invites him to meet a girl. Though Fujita still like that woman, which makes Yakumo teases him more. So again, Yakumo must run away from Fujita’s sword.

Modern Time Ending

Fujita goes to present era with Mei. A year after, he trains his swordskill at a dojo. As they’re talking about the Meiji era, Mei mentioned Yakumo’s name. It made him jealous, hugging her, asking Mei to just think of the man in front of her.

MeiKoi CG-076


On the winter day, the last from that year, Mei can’t wake up fast from the cold weather. Instead of getting annoyed by her lazyness, Fujita made her warm fire. Suddenly, she called him “Anata”, which also surprised her husband. When they took a walk around town before new year, a thief got captured by Fujita, but he explained that he doesn’t know Mei. Then he must go to the station, leaving Mei in the house alone. It’s cold outside, but Fujita comes back at a right time before the new year’s bell ringing. He let her see the snow then says he loves Mei, of course with word and body. That’s also the first time Mei called him, “Gorou”.

MeiKoi CG-077



Koizumi Yakumo (CV: Tachibana Shinnosuke)

MeiKoi CG-080

A freak, scholar professor who teaches historical (mononoke) at school, and speaks weird Japanese + English, always calls Mei as Musume-san. His English name is Lafcadio Hearn. Yakumo always flirts Mei, asking her to be his fiancé and marry him if she won’t get her memories back within a year. Mei always refuses him, but in the end, she opens up her heart for Yakumo because he is a good person actually. They met Cathy/ Catherine Dramond, a ghost with red dress from 1852 who seems to search for her lover. After they are reunited (Cathy and the man with no face), Mei became attracted to Yakumo because he had tragic past.

MeiKoi CG-084

Yakumo has different eyes color, the left one is green and right is blue. In the past, he could see ghosts, but after an accident, he had artificial eye and couldn’t see it anymore. A girl who was kind to ‘different’ him (his sight ability) got died after he became cold to her, and so, made him afraid of losing someone important again. Mei knows his true heart and kindness, so she becomes attracted to him. In the end, it’s revealed that Cathy and the man with no face were a suicidal lovers.

Meiji Ending

As always, Mei choose to stay in Meiji era and go on living together with Yakumo, not in a hotel anymore. While Yakumo keeps his awkward behavior of telling mononoke’s story (Yamato no Orochi), they’re living in a small house with a garden. It’s a happy life for both of them.

MeiKoi CG-090

Return Ending

Even though Mei choose to go back, she is crying for have to separate from Yakumo. He tells her to go to where she’s belong to, just forgive him for hugging her tightly. He will always loving her.

Modern Time Ending

Yakumo followed Mei to her era and they lived together as a lovely couple. At the garden, Yakumo feels jealous if Mei talks and says Fujita’s name, so he carries Mei, pushes her down to flirt her. They will love each other forever.


As husband and wife, Yakumo and Mei are taking a tour at the summer festival. Yakumo wants to buy caged cicada badly, but he’s thinking the price is too high, so buys the fireflies instead. They went to the riverside. Mei released the fireflies but it triggered the other to come. Well, Yakumo told Mei that fireflies are like the dead soul and even when Mei will die later, he will find her soul, that, after he fell from the river…

MeiKoi CG-092


Another extra : While Yakumo and Fujita are fighting, Mei won’t let Fujita gets his sword to do the talk. She plans a word game for them, where Fujita loses from his different choices from the theme. Anyway, the two of them continues fighting.



Mori Ougai / Rintarou (CV: Namikawa Daisuke)

MeiKoi CG-005

Ougai calls Mei as Korisu-chan (Risu=squirrel). As soon as Ougai meets Mei, he keeps her at his big house, living together just by him, Hishida Shunsou, his servant Fuji-san, and now Mei. Actually, Shunsou is an artist who also taken in Ougai’s house, of course in a comedic scene. While Ougai’s aunt tried to engange him with a woman, he refused and said that Mei is his fiancé. To make her worth of his fiancé, Ougai listed Mei at a beauty contest, where she must playing Juliet’s role. In this one, Ougai helps her everynight. One day, she woke up hearing Shunsou said about a woman named ‘Elize Wiegert’. Ougai met her in Germany. It made Mei’s heart hurt to hear he had a lover.

MeiKoi CG-010

After Mei heard of that, she tried to avoid meeting Ougai. It makes him mad to see her like that, so he asks Mei not to go away from his sight and keeps living at his house even if she has regained memories. Though Mei couldn’t answer it yet. After attending the beauty contest, it’s sad that she can’t win it. Ougai keeps blaming the contest, yet it makes Mei embarrassed. It’s when he kissed her although she didn’t know his true feelings. Finally, after meeting Elize’s ghost once again, Mei knows the truth that she’s a bakenogami, a heroine from Ougai’s novel. Though Ougai also told that he had once fell in love with Elize in Germany, he now loved Mei and didn’t want to get separate from her.

Meiji Ending

Ougai is happy that Mei chooses to stay at his side. The night after she gives him answer, they spends it lovey-dovey. Now that Mei and Ougai already married, he keeps doing his embarrassing behavior to get naked at home. It’s an embarrassing act for Mei and Shunsou. Shunsou himself will soon leave Mori’s house to go studying to America (Although his real intention is not to hinder the newlywed). After Shunsou left for school, Ougai took the chance to flirt with his wife, asked her to give him a morning kiss (not ‘a’ but many kisses). Not satisfied with it, he also asks Mei for goodnight kiss.

MeiKoi CG-014

Return Ending

After Mei decided to go home, she met Ougai. He already knew of her decision and just hugging her. At a time, he asked where would she go back to tonight, which already answered by her face that Mei would go home to her world, not his house. Ougai kisses Mei, although he wishes it won’t be the last. A few times later, Shunsou found Ougai still making tea for three persons, including Mei. He denied it though..

Modern Time Ending

Looking at Mei, Ougai can tell that the two of them will go back to another home, of course it’s in Mei’s world. A year after, Ougai still creates books and they has lives together. After he comes back home, Ougai creates a happy moment for her, carrying her princess-like to their room.

MeiKoi CG-015


Mei and Ougai already married. He is happy to see his wife cooking. But when he almost takes care of Mei to a lovey dovey state, his friend, Kako, comes to look at his wife. Mei overheard their conversation, but she captured Kako’s words to didn’t see her as Ougai’s wife. It troubles her all day and tomorrow, she has a date with Ougai. Seeing her troubled, Ougai explained of his mind, that he’s happy to marry her. He then gives Mei a diamond ring, then kissing her hand.



Hishida Shunsou (CV: KENN)

MeiKoi CG-026

Being an artist who lives with Ougai, Shunsou becomes very attached to him and first, he isn’t approving of taking Mei inside Ougai’s house. But in the end, Shunsou is alright with it. He likes painting cat but one of his amazing artwork ends up losing its cat picture. Sometimes, Mei can see the black cat, which is why Shunsou calls her as Tamayori. As in Ougai’s story, Mei must attend beauty contest and studying with Ougai every night. It makes Shunsou jealous. On their first date, Shunsou bought her ramune (Lemonade) and realized Mei had strange memory of ramune.

MeiKoi CG-018

After not winning the contest, here, Shunsou becomes afraid if Mei remember her memories then go away from him. He kisses her and says he likes her. Though she hasn’t reply yet. At one night, Mei saw the cat again and told it to go inside Shunsou’s canvas again. Meanwhile, something happened to Shunsou, which he afraid to lose his sight.

Meiji Ending

Mei wakes up in her room. In front of her, Shunsou Is seeing her sleeping face. He said it’s a moumakushou, but it can be healed. Later, he asked Mei to follow him to his future destination, and it’s to go to America. Even at the end, Ougai still flirts to Mei to make Shunsou jealous. This time though, after going in the train, Shunsou kissed Mei to made up for his jealousy.

MeiKoi CG-029

Return Ending

Shunsou notices Mei uses her strange outfit (her uniform) and he knows she has regained memories. Even if he wants to hold her, he can’t do that anymore. Just that, Shunsou regretted that he did not take good care of her previously, wished he would love her more.

Modern Time Ending

After coming to Mei’s era, Shunsou have became an artist too. While he and Mei are having picnic together, he takes many cat photos. He is glad that even if the era are different, people still seek beautiful things and appreciate both painting and digital camera photo. Just that, he wanted to bring his cat art with him but couldn’t do that. Mei told him that they still can find it in this era, at museum. After that, the two were taking picture together.

MeiKoi CG-030


The day of Tanabata, Shunsou and Mei are left alone in Ougai’s house. The story is before they go to America. After getting back from school, Mei cooks dinner for the two of them, saying Tanabata is a romantic day when Hikoboshi and Orihime met after every one year. Shunsou tells that he will go study to America for a year and it might be romantic for Mei, but she is afraid of being left behind, wanting to go with him. He kissed her numerous times to hear Mei’s words of going with him, then he replied with he will propose to her after he graduated.

MeiKoi CG-031


The extra story for Shunsou and Ougai is opened. Mei woke up in Ougai’s room after she tried to learn old Japanese language through textbook, which Shunsou became jealous of in the next morning. When Mei is going out, Ougai and Shunsou are ready to battle in nabe’s cooking. She came back with two guys fighting over her choice, so she left them. Realizing Mei has gone, Ougai and Shunsou keeps fighting.



Charley (CV: Morikawa Toshiyuki)

MeiKoi CG-102

The last character (finally). He’s the magician who brought Mei to Meiji era, claimed due to his uncertain skill. Most of nights, he had magic show at the park (with fake name Shoukyokusai Tenichi, but always caught by Fujita Gorou. In his route, Mei lives in Mori Ougai’s house, together with Shunsou. And she’s been friends with Izumi Kyouka. Sometimes, Mei also meets Kawakami Otojirou and Koizumi Yakumo. And although Mei is interested in Charley, always seeking him at night and claims to be his student, Charley always says she shall date Kyouka because they’re good friends and can see mononoke. One day, Mei helped a little girl who cried because her friend bullied her by saying she can see ‘things’. It reacted to Mei’s memories, that she also being bullied earlier and hated of seeing mononoke, etc. Thankfully, the girls’ friend (Tae is her name) came to search for her and apologized.

MeiKoi CG-095

At last, Mei found out that Charley is a mononoke too. He only can be seen at night and most people just notice him like a screen (although people can see his magic show) and won’t bother at all. Knowing that makes Mei feels lonely. But she decides to give him knowledge of her feelings. Although Charley did warn her for her own good.

Meiji Ending

Being stubborn, Mei chose to live with Charley in Meiji era, because he became attached to the life there. Together, they had quite various shows to add. For example, Charley now can playing drama show (I don’t what it’s called, but it where a person told of story with some ancient Japanese language). He added a weird ending to Mei’s story so she threw shoes at him. But in the end, he hugs and kisses Mei numerous times to show his love and gratitude of choosing him.

MeiKoi CG-106

Return Ending

Mei is serious to go home. And with the last magic trick, Charley brings her back at his show, promising he will follow her. Though in the end, Mei herself has forgotten of Charley at her era, she finds a phonograph record of Charley’s voice. He says he loves her and will be for forever, giving her poem.

Modern Time Ending

Before Mei goes back to her world, Kyouka comes to tell her that if she must go home, she won’t need to rely on mononoke (because he thinks mononoke isn’t that good). But finally, he understands what Mei wants, though Kyouka warns her that a Tsukumogami (A 100 years of things turns to lives) might disappear if they use too much power, whatever their master wants (Yep, Kyouka differentiated Charley as Tsukumogami). Mei keeps going back home but she can’t find Charley until a month later. He arrives at her house, but only can be seen at night. Even if Mei wanted to spend night with him, she must sleep for school. Well, they had enough night kisses so it would be fine.

MeiKoi CG-106a


It’s the continuation of Modern Time Ending. Mei has lives with Charley in her world and comes back home quickly just to see him. But he disappeared and turned out, Charley held a surprise 17th birthday party for Mei, his beloved. Actually, she doesn’t have interest on what he gave. Thankfully, Charley still had one magic, changing Mei’s clothes to a wedding dress. He then hugs Mei with happiness. Suddenly, a picture of a girl comes up in front of them and the girl said “Sayonara” to Mei. Realizing something must’ve happen in Meiji era, Charley puts on his magic to bring the two of them go to Meiji… again? And then, there’s ‘to be continue?’ label pop up on screen. What those that mean?

MeiKoi CG-107


For Extra Story 2 at Character’s Profile, Mei had homesickness. Charley gives her a date to touring Fujita’s house (and easily took his tea set), then to Mori Ougai’s house, and finally, he takes Mei to gyuudon restaurant. It became a mess for his wrong words to said.



It actually very short of a game, but I noticed didn’t pay any attention about 2-3 weeks and this was the result. I finished it over a month! While I must finish it before GOD EATER 2 come out…

Kawakami Otojirou might be a good guy, if it doesn’t voiced by Toriumi (Well, I hate his voice MORE ever sinced I heard Aijima Cecil from UtaPri, that fake & childish voice). Still, I like his character design. Uh, but he being a geisha appears more than being a guy, too bad. Izumi Kyouka is.. not my type. Chibi and tsundere. He sometimes looks cute but like I said, not my type.

MeiKoi CG-035

Fujita Gorou has strong ability and quite a stubborn character for taking good care of the town. Which made him seemed like a bad person. Koizumi Yakumo is one of freaky character from MeiKoi. He is talkative and strange but interesting too. There isn’t much character like him, so it’s fun to see him speaking half English and Japanese. Mori Ougai by Namikawa… he’s a strange guy too. He likes being naked and makes him looks ridiculous. Though he actually a real gentleman. And Hishida Shunsou is a mature brat upon his small feature. Charley… also freak with his unknown blabbering.

The story itself is typical but fun. I found out the mononoke thingy was just to add up more to the story. But as long as it won’t harm the plot, I don’t mind. There are many songs (2 OPs and 1 ED) and BGM section in Omake. And also, extra story! Don’t forget that every character’s profile has extra story and 4 koma manga-like panel. But I didn’t capture all short mangas because there were too many! And I don’t have time for that anyway. Just bare with a few pictures. What took me to stress is the long CG. I had to mix the top & down picture. It took my time.

MeiKoi CG-012

Though I want to try DIABOLIK LOVERS, MORE BLOOD, I need to hold up until my anticipation of GOD EATER 2 (Namikawa again, paired with Noto Mamiko=Kimi ni Todoke?) have disappeared. Overall, even if it doesn’t have much hyped and all, it’s great to have fun with MeiKoi. Because there are crazy characters, dummy head mic voices comes up at lovey-dovey moment, many extras and setting voices, short playtime (Which I prolonged by lazyness.. Hey, I do my manager works too for 3 months! So it’s piling up, because she has maternity leave), and of course, interesting plotline with few historical names.

MeiKoi CG-132




Link for CG:


    • Hello. Thank you for your concern.
      I’m fine in reality. But time to play games are now very little because of my work balance life. > <

      Meikoi is actually pretty decent. The story is not that long. I could keep up with it until the end safely. I hope you will like it. Although the series is not my favorite because it doesn't have huge shock, the pace is quite good.

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