My Life is Changing

This post is unrelated to games or otome games, exactly, so I don’t recommend those who search for it to read this rambling of my life and a bit of make up product reviews.

My decent gaming life gradually decreasing lately, keeping my pace to work life, browsing, and then… I found new challenge. That is about make up, or to be more precise, Korean make up & skincare products are finally becomes my new collection. Well, it’s already too late to realize that I’m a girl now. For 18+ years, I thought of myself to be a tomboy, even wore my dad’s big t-shirt when going outside. It’s not funny. I also cutted my hair to be boy-like for twice. Then, sinced went in university, I changed that habit slowly with buying decent woman shirts. Until a few months before my graduation from uni that I tried a powder pact, introduced by my two best friends (means, just 2 years ago). Oh yeah, they’re also using this kind of powder, Pigeon brand (I know it’s somewhat reminds us of baby products, but they also produced powder), rather than famous lady-like brands outside.

To be exact, it’s a two way cake Pigeon powder pact, in light (Innocent White) shade. I like how it’s light on my skin and I never had breakout after using that for more than a year. The shade is maybe can be too white for me if I wears it unto 2 layers, but it’s fine as I can use my hands for better spread. You know? My boss had said that my skin is too white, like a sick person, and it’s when I’m not applying powder actually. So, even wihout using powder, my skin is just pale white although I’m a warm undertone type (You can see my green veins). Maybe it’s due to my family. There are some guys in my family who got pale white skin too.

Pigeon Two Way Cake Innocent White-01


The packaging is long but it’s strong. It’s two way cake, so foundation is included. It already used by me. Sorry for the dirty puff.

Ever sinced I tried Etude House’s Secret Beam Powder Pact, I had breakout for around 2 months and it’s painful. I felt very sorry sinced it was introduced by my manager (She bought it as I asked her to), the first expensive make up I bought, and the smell was really nice. I mean it. I like the sweet fragrance from the powder, can even smell it for minutes! But a thing I dislike after the breakout is the glitter. It has shimmering finish, even though it will only can be seen if we look closely. Nevertheless, I like matte finish for a powder, specifically for my face.

Secet Beam Powder Pact Natural-1Here is the picture of round package. It looks stunning with metallic lavender pact and the carving brand.

Secet Beam Powder Pact Natural-2And here it is opened. The puff is soft and cute. Girlish pact. But it’s disappointing I can’t use it anymore so gave it to mom. The shimmer can’t be captured in this picture.

Secret Beam Powder Pact Natural-3This is what the powder looks. Still, I couldn’t capture the glitter.

Because of that Secret Beam Breakout, I tried Etude‘s BB cream, Precious Mineral Cotton Fit in W13 (Natural) to hide my acnes. It truly is effective for covering my entire skin to look flawless and soft-like structure. But a problem occured a few hours after (maybe 5-6 hours after putting it). It will look cracking at my T-zone area (i just had oily problem in T-zone, not C-zone). Thankfully, I can use powder, my Pigeon can do that, to prolong the flawless effect. One problem after the other is, I chose the wrong shade. W13 is too yellow for me. I have tried the sample of the light one, N02, and it fits my skintone more than W13. Guilty or not, I don’t wear it nowadays since my breakout already healed and then I give it to my sister. It’s the right shade for her and very helpful, since her skin has more oil and acne than me.

BB Cream Precious Mineral Cotton Fit W13 Natural-1There’s no picture me wearing it because I’m not a special beauty blogger. Search for it through network and there are many good reviews of this product, plus the blogger wearing it.

Ever tried Etude House Sweet Recipe Dear My Jelly Lips-talk? It’s the first lipstick that I had, and I’m so much like it for the jelly texture and soft color. For the scent, well, most review make it very good. But I don’t think I like it ever to be so strong. And it doesn’t taste good while being eaten unconsciously. I have JPK003, JPK004, and JPK001. At first, I thought I like JPK003 the most before buying JPK004. It’s a light pink-purple lipstick with smooth texture when applied on lips. But then, JPK004 might be the winner after I got bored from pink color. JPK004 itself is peach color lipstick, very similar to my lipcolor, so it’ll be unnoticeable from afar. That two lipsticks has decent staying power. It will be erased after eating/drinking.

Dear My Jelly Lips Talk JPK001,JPK003,JPK004-1

I love this lipstick series. I hope I can buy an orange color.

Dear My Jelly Lips Talk JPK001-1

Don’t be fooled by JPK001 bullet. It’s soft pink, but reality, it’s a tint and can give the color unto bright red.

Dear My Jelly Lips Talk JPK004-1

This is JPK004. It’s peach, but the picture is too dark so it turns orange. Do you see the heart mark on the bullet?

And here is my lips wearing JPK004:

Lip 005-Dear My Jelly Lips Talk JPK004-02


Lip 002-Dear My Jelly Lips Talk JPK003

Seems there’s no difference? Well, in actual light, JPK003 will be more bright pink. There’s no me wearing JPK001. And JPK003 bullet is suffering from cracking, so I uses lip brush to apply. Sorry, no picture of JPK003 bullet because of that.

But JPK001 (Don’t be fooled by its bullet color. It will give red color after being applied 2-3 layers) might be the best if you don’t want to stain a glass or coat your lips again because it contains tint in it. Though I’m very lazy to experiment with the color changing layers and keeps using it too red, which I dislike (I don’t like my lips to be too red). The tint itself makes the color stays for a long time, except if I wash my lips with face cleaner. I use Garnier face foam for its lemon scent and light weight on my face. It can erase the tint perfectly too, so I don’t need make up remover. At least for now, that I haven’t use any waterproof eyeliner/mascara.

My one and only US brand lipstick is Maybelline Bold Matte in MAT7, nude color. Yes, from buying pink/red lipstick, I thought I should have nude color. It gives my lips a creamy, almost pink, color, but might be unnoticeable. It’s matte and sometimes, I’m in a pinch if my lips becoming dry. It will show off my chapped lips well. I bought it without reading any review on how a nude lipstick should do, but I’m happy it’s the right one. Because white skintone will suit cream or peach nude lipstick and this Maybelline is in it. Despite that dryness, there’s none that I dislike. The color stays strong even if I wash my lips softly. I don’t wear any lipbalm and glad my lips isn’t that bad nowadays. While when I was in high school, it always went dry to the extent of bleeding (Part of it is because I tend to bit my lips too).

Maybelline Bold Matte MAT7-1Yep, It’s a bold packaging

Maybelline Bold Matte MAT7-2

Lip 003-Maybelline Bold Matte MAT7This is the Bold Matte MAT7 on my lips. Seems heavy? No, it isn’t heavy except the color is really bold.

And Etude’s Fresh Cherry Tint PK001 is my best tint, better than Dear My Jelly Lips talk JPK001. Its scent is that of a real cherry and the color is milky-like, even though it will change to a red-er color after applying. Though I finds out the staying power of Dear My Jelly Lips talk JPK001 is way longer than Fresh Cherry Tint. Anyway, this Fresh Cherry Tint can be used as blusher too for its staying power and its liquid texture. Just stay careful not overly put it too much unless you like red color.

Fresh Cherry Tint PK001-1It has simple but cute bottle

Lip 006-Fresh Cherry Tint PK001

This is how it looks like on my lips although half of the outside lips doesn’t coated by the tint. But I really use it on all side. It makes me looks like trying to be ullzang for no reason. I’m not a teenager anymore.

Have I introduced the Sweet Recipe Cupcake All Over Color? Well, I just got one of it, in OR202 Peach Sugar Cake. The soft peach, pink-cream, color is very cute and it’s one of a thing which makes me like peach color after JPK004. I’ve tried using it as blusher and it’s very good as it. The color is also buildable, from soft peach to about pink if using it more. As an eyeshadow,
it’s very soft but also oily because it’s a cream. Though the shade is very good in my photo, but I rarely put anything on my eyes. As lipstick.. Errr… It’s not that good. The Cupcake All Over Color will make my lips looks dryer and won’t spreading evenly. I decided to order another color, which is OR201 in Orange Choux Cake. Thankfully my university friend sell Korean make up just a few weeks ago so I can ask her everything I want. But it also will decrease my money easily…………… Thanks, my friend!

Sweet Recipe Cupcake All Over Color OR202-002

Sweet Recipe Cupcake All Over Color OR202-004

And here is OR202 on my lips:

Sweet Recipe Cupcake All Over Color OR202-001

Not good!

As I wanted to look different, I tried to use eyeliner. And it’s Etude House’s Slim & Long Sharp Liner. Not quite good. As a newby, I found it hard to apply because it could break easily. After using it to study for 3-4 times, it’s now just 1.5 cm left. What a waste! And I won’t buy that pencil anymore. It looks cheap and the pencil can break with just touching it, also the packaging isn’t that great.

EH Slim & Long Sharp Liner-002

For skincare, as I’m a lazy girl, I just use Etude Moistfull Collagen Cream & First Essence Special Set. Just two steps so it won’t bother too much time to apply. First, spread the First Essence all over face then continue with applying the cream. These two products has the citrus scent and it’s very warming. It makes my skin feels soft, bouncy, and more bright. Especially if I use it while going on sleep. The next morning, my skin becomes very soft. Though for a minutes after applying, it makes the skin oily for a night. It won’t be a problem because in the morning, it’s all gone after washing my face.

EH Moistfull Collagen Cream + Essence-001

The special set contains the 60ml moistfull collagen cream and 20ml first essence with watery texture, but sticky.

EH Moistfull Collagen Cream + Essence-002

What the cream looks like. It has orange color and citrus scent, similar to first essence, but more soft.

I’ve got TonyMoly Tomatox Magic Massage Pack from buying a few products. The texture is white cream, almost like wheat flour. I don’t know what effect it gives to my skin. Just for massaging but I don’t think it’s really functioning for me. Or maybe because I use the Moistfull Collagen after that.

Tony Moly Tomatox Magic Massage Pack Sample

Not that special thing.

That’s all the products I have for now. I might consider buying another from different range and brands. Right now, I’m so in love with Song Hye Kyo’s Laneige Silk Intense Lipstick SYR36 Beige Chiffon. It’s already too late after the drama “That Winter, the Wind Blows” finished (I already noticed the pretty lipstick she had, but didn’t know the brand and at that time, hadn’t interested in cosmetic), but I hope the product won’t be out of stock since the booming of its film already gone. It’s pretty pricey too! And I’m in the middle of waiting for my first mascara and liquid eyeliner. I hope I can study to apply it well so I can be a better person. Alright, I’m in love with cosmetics now after went through broken heart. I’ll be sure to become prettier just for myself. And then, I will still playing games of course. Because it’s my hobby and interest forever. In the middle of playing Dot Kareshi but haven’t finish a route…. Sigh…… (——-  T . T ——-)

It’s still a long way to be a pro at make up. I am very late to join the woman’s hobby, but it’s better to notice that as a gamer, I also have life. And that needs some perfection, or not perfect, but prettier. I used to think that cosmetic is bullshit, but in a year, I had changed so much. Why choose Korean cosmetics? Not that I goes to Korean wave, but because they’re soft and cute, and suits my taste of color. Especially for lips. Well, rather than cosmetic, my mom might choose to be proud if I can cook. But yeah, I haven’t interested in it yet. ~~wwww~~~


~ by twentyninenights on September 11, 2013.

15 Responses to “My Life is Changing”

  1. Wow, you’re getting girly. I’m 21 years old and i still don’t touch make-up. I still wear my mom’s baggy clothes, I live under a rock, but I have a boyfriend who can tolerate all that :))

    • Yes, I am.. Ehehe~..
      I’m changing slowly, but I don’t think I can use too much make up. Well, in 21 years old, I also hadn’t touch it. Whenever you think is right. This is just a new activity after breaking up> I will change to an independent woman who won’t budge over a guy. Because I tends to knows there are many guys just chasing appearance (still like that for 2-3 guys after I broke up with my ex). Will reject them all! That’s my rule. Oh, and I don’t recommend anyone to follow my thought. It’s not always good.

  2. www I only touch make-up for a special occasion (wedding invitation, etc). I tried putting eyeliner or something at work and orz since it’s water-proof kinda hard to erase TAT since then never wore it at work again lols

    I tried etude too but my skin can’t handle it and has a breakout orz so I changed into Mars for powder and I’m using bodyshop for make-up /o\

    • Yep. I can’t do much for work. Just powder and lipstick. So, what etude’s product gave you breakout, I wonder? Because the first thing I tried from it is the powder, the one giving me breakout too. Thankfully, I still can use several others except that I won’t try a powder anymore. That includes all brands…

      Never try face shop. Is it good?

      • OMG same I tried compact powder too since then I won’t touch the product again. I haven’t try face shop too, but my sis using skin food. She said it’s really good. Yeah for powder we must choose carefully since our skin is pretty sensitive TAT

        • Right. Powder is a sensitive case for skin. I’m glad I still can use BB cream safely because it’s also spreading all around my face. A bit worried after using powder. I think I’ll try a few products from skinfood later, because of its name, I guess it’ll be good for skin as its name..? Hahaha~

  3. Haha I feel you! I didn’t really get into makeup until 2-3 years ago! I used to go around looking like a bum too 8DD

    for makeup I recommend they sell a ton of Japanese/Korean makeup. also Rakuten has a lot of choices! My favorite eyeliner is the Heroine Make line (looks like something outta rose of Versailles lol). It super thin and goes on great.

    As far as concealer/powder/foundation I’ve found the best (and cheapest for me anyway) are MAC products. They cover up and last and look really smooth. I use a korean BB Cream I got in Koreatown but its kinda pricy. I’m thinking about trying CC creams in the future cause my skins really dry. Good luck in your makeup ventures :3

    • Wow, it’s the same for us ^^
      Later after I worked, just then I woke up to be a woman…

      I think I must try a good eyeliner for better result. I hope I can try the eyeliner you’d recommended. It’s a cute packaging and funny picture on it..

      Haven’t use MAC but it’s very well known. Maybe I should try a concealer for panda eyes. Well, I haven’t try CC cream. But my friend, who runs online shop, recommends it very much.

  4. Wow I read the beginning of your post and I must say it’s an interesting transition. Sure caught up in a short period of two years! I’ve also got three lipsticks from étude house from the jelly lips line and the tint as well. They look absolutely gorgeous and natural. The maybelline matte 7 looks really good on you bare faced and I think it’s because you are really fair like you said? I need to go try it again, the last time I tried I remember it looking a little sickly on my lips. Need to go try again lol.

    I love experimenting on different brands of makeup as well. I find that Korean makeup have really good packaging but the quality is somewhat inferior to Japanese products. For more budget friendly cosmetics Japanese products are high quality and quite affordable for those carried in drugstores such as guardian / Watsons.

    I was wondering where did you get the pigeon compact? I would love to try something that doesn’t cause break outs! 🙂 anyways, visit my blog and keep in touch. I’d love to see more posts by you regarding beauty! 🙂


    • I also think the Maybelline MAT7 is good, though appeared closely, it looked dry. And yep, I will look pale if I use that, adding my skincolor (I must use bright color lipstick to cross my fair skin).

      Mostly, Korean brand products are hit or fail. I think I understand that every product has its own compatibiity with user. I somewhat like the Kiss Me Heroine Eyeliner that breadmasterlee recommended. It’s easy to use, rather than my Etude O m’ Eye Line, I can create smooth but small line with it (I like my makeup to be unnoticeable). I’m eager to try more of Japanese lipstick such as Kiss Me Heavy Rotation Milky Lipstick or from Lavshuca brand.

      Sadly, our Guardian in Indonesia here just adding Dolly Wink brand. And close-to-home Watson didn’t sell Japanese brand. I’ve never found other Japanese make up brand in our drugstore (exclude masks and body lotion/soap). It’s hard to find store that sells Japanese brand here, unlike Korean (though it also rocketing the price twice or threefold). Here, we have Etude, The Face Shop, Lioele, Innisfree etc store. I’ll find my time to sightseeing your blog. It really helps me to find the next product I want to try by reading other reviews. Thank you ^^

      Though I think I won’t make beauty post again until my skill of makeup rising. Btw, the only think I never tried about is eyeshadow. It’s still a new thing for me. Haha.. I read your Naked Palette post and really admire one with eyeshadow skill. I really wish I can do ‘no makeup’ makeup with nude color eyeshadow like you did.. It’s unnoticeable from afar but liven up your eyes. I’m eye-ing Naked Palette and theBalm Nude ‘tude Eyeshadow Palette.

      • About Pigeon Compact Powder… it’s either only produced in Indonesia by Pigeon Indonesia, nor sold in a few countries.. I can’t find any news about it too. But Pigeon Singapore also has compact powder based on its website.

        • Hahaha. I wanted to add, Japan’s technology is way ahead of Korea’s right? Like the video games you play are all Japanese, right? :p can apply the same concept to their makeup / skincare as well, lol. I think the mat7 looks really good on you. It seems rather pink and healthy. Tried it today but it looks more like a muddy colour on me. The NeoNude range – even though they’re not matte I find that the texture is even more drying (highlights a lot of dry patches) than their Bold matte range! Bout theBalm nude tude. I think it’s really good. It’s a very underrated brand. I haven’t got that but I’ve got another palette – their eyeshadows are so pigmented ! I highly recommend them 🙂 ah no wonder I haven’t seen the pigeon powder here in Malaysia. Do you guys have majolica Majorca and Kate cosmetics ? They’re good Japanese brands under shiseido and kanebo respectively, which can be found in our Watson stores.

          • Yes… Off course I’d prefer Japan video games, over US or Korea. It’s a matter of preferrences, but Japanese concept is suit me well. Although the first time I used make up is all thanks to Korean brand, nowadays, I’d like to try Japanese brand as well.

            Oh yeah, MAT7 looks more pink to me rather than beige/brown, maybe it’s also depends on natural lip color. Uh, no, I won’t use drying lipstick. I might not try NeoNude range. Although Matte lipstick is alright to me, I prefer glossy over it. It can hide dry lips and brighten skintone.

            Nope, I think Watson Indonesia haven’t stock Japanese brand relatively. The only trusted seller that also sell Japanese brand is only I found Kiss Me Heroine and Heavy Rotation lipgloss there. Apart from Lavshuca, I also interested in Kanebo Kate, though it’s still rare to find any reviews about that brand. Do you think you will write about those brands (Shiseido and Kanebo)? I’d like to know more of it before buying..

  5. Will do! I actually like comparing Japanese and Korean brands. They’re somewhat similar, but different. It’s interesting as these Asian brands are totally different from European brands as well. One very apparent difference would be their eyeshadows

    I loved this post by the way. I like the way you included all the necessary details – can’t wait for another post like this!

    “Though I think I won’t make beauty post again until my skill of makeup rising.” You know lots about the details and function of your makeup already!

    Remember, you’re your own best makeup artist!


    • Thank you very much!

      I might be getting much knowledges and concepts, though practically, I’m still newbie. Will try improving.
      I’ll be happy to read your posts of Japanese brands. Still wants to know many of it since I owns Korean brands (mostly from Etude, but I like Skinfood’s Buckwheat Loose Powder too because it doesn’t break out my face) with little knowledge of Japanese brands. I’ll visit your blog soon! See you…

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