Curse Through Humanity-Shiratsuyu no Kai

Shiratsuyu no Kai might be runs on a horror genre coming from Otomate, but not that’s scary or thrilling. It’s somewhat disappointed with too many dialogues and typical storyline. The idea of putting scary places all over as backgrounds couldn’t win against what I hate of this being a boring game. Can’t be compared to Fatal Frame III (Which I played until the second person) and Corpse Party (Didn’t end it too, sadly).

Shiratsuyu no Kai Misc CG-012

The heroine is Ichikawa Tsuyuha, 19 years old, living with her non-blood brother, Nakamichi Shin (CV: Morita Masakazu). Shin is also her guardian and has knowledge of her true being. When Tsuyuha goes alone to a mountain forest, she meets another five guys. Mitani Soushi (CV: Hino Satoshi) is the first one to met her and taking her to his friends so they can play 1000 ghost stories. His younger twin brother, Tsukamoto Ryouta (CV: Matsuoka Yoshitsugu) is the calm one, while Senke Kiyoharu (CV: Morikubo Shoutarou) is a bit too talk-ative. They also has the glasses and thoughtful friend, Kanda Chiaki (CV: Sugiyama Noriaki) and always-sleepy-face Shima Takaomi (CV: Kakihara Tetsuya).

Before the 6 of them can play telling stories, while looking at a small shrine, Tsuyuha collapsed from hearing the voice she always heard since long. When she awakened, she had been brought to an old abandoned temple, where the guys would play (with her). Suddenly, they are locked inside and finds out there’s a hidden passage under the temple. It’s the place with many doors and when they opens one of the room, they sees something awful. It’s kinda a room for sacrificing people, there are scratches here and there on the wall. It seems scary enough to pop up something (ghosts or youkai), but well, this is what disappointed me. The 6 people being collapsed and Tsuyuha awakened again in Soushi’s villa. When the two of them had talking moment, a strange noise came, resulting in Tsuyuha’s dark-hand-like mark on her neck. Well, that’s all. They went back to city and never came across each others for about a week until one of the guy found Tsuyuha on street.

Shiratsuyu CG-004

And here on, again, I think I won’t make full review. This is somewhat boring and makes me not enjoying to a whole. I’m going to tell of their storylines and spoilers of the ending, but it won’t be too much.



Senke Kiyoharu (CV: Morikubo Shoutarou)

Shiratsuyu CG-061

Have I ever told that I’m not Morikubo’s fans? I mean, he’s alright as Okita Souji in Hakuouki, but to voicing cheerful character, it’s not good. Kiyoharu seems older than his exact age because of his voice. And let’s forget that a moment. Haru, his short call, is an easy going 18 years old high school student. He’s been friends with Soushi, Ryouta, and Takaomi sinced child. Not many useful information gathered in his route, despite he can changed personality, like something possessing him to be attached to Tsuyuha. In his good ending, the possessed Haru can keep up to his true self with Tsuyuha’s help and they live happily, even though something is still inside him. Normal ending also didn’t change much from good end, still no explanation of what possessing him nor what his past story was. His grandfather, who lives near the mountain might know something, but even that person is just being told by his words. Again, nothing interesting in his route so I find it perfect to be the appetizer. Strange thing is, there’s a murder news of women but there’s no proof of what and who’s killing them.

Shiratsuyu CG-072



Kanda Chiaki (CV: Sugiyama Noriaki)

Shiratsuyu CG-101

The second character I played. He is the only one who isn’t a childhood friend with Soushi etc. An 18 years old glasses guy with wrong way of putting clothes (look at his no-tricep arms being revealed). Despite that, he might be the most mature one in the group. His weak self is to be a bywatch for his friends, without dare to ask what the real story is. Tsuyuha convinced him to ask more of the detailed on his friends and found that Soushi, Kiyoharu, and Takaomi had non-human blood. Something like an oni blood which can give them power. For his good end, Chiaki brought Tsuyuha to the shrine again with Takaomi to end it all, but she was taken to the secret room under it. With Takaomi’s power (and hurting his arm), Chiaki can bring back Tsuyuha to the outside world. They found out that the voice which always heard by Tsuyuha is the voice of the sacrificed women, begging help and cursing, or might wanted to bring her along to death. Anyway, it’s fine enough for now.

Shiratsuyu CG-120

The different story happened on his normal ending. This time, Shin told Tsuyuha of her past. It’s the continuation of the story about fairy and her robe. Tsuyuha is the ancestor of that and her blood is good for ayakashi and youkai. The mark on her neck is probably the proof that she’s an oni’s target. As for Chiaki, his family must be that from the connection of a human who stole the robe, wanting Tsuyuha for their own plan. After that, Chiaki and Tsuyuha goes alone to the shrine and makes him possessed by something that wanted Tsuyuha. It ends quickly after Tsuyuha revives his true self. Nothing amazing happened at exorcising oni, because there might be something more awful than it in the past village of the mountain forest. The village itself is used to worship oni rather than God so they were sacrificing human girl. It’s very typical and the way it explained are not that great. Otomate sure lacks quality nowadays. By the way, Takaomi said the most fearful thing is human and it’s true, right?

Shiratsuyu CG-117



Shima Takaomi (CV: Kakihara Tetsuya)

Shiratsuyu CG-085

I feel like playing Ryouta first, but the guide isn’t complete yet when I want it. So turns mind to him. Takaomi just got one route so it’s good to fill time and his story looks interesting more than the two above. He’s cute and always sleepy, can sleep everywhere. There’s a scene where he ate 2 cakes with Tsuyuha, surprising Chiaki for real. In his route, Takaomi revealed that his horror story is based true on his sister’s disappearance. He often looks sad at viewing the road where his sister disappeared. Also, his power from youkai’s blood is to see thing happening in the past, present, or future. There’s something he saw of when he and Soushi taking a look together of the small shrine under the big tree, which is Mitani’s villa got burnt. It’s not in the present so must be from past or future. And Takaomi’s feelings is he feels weird upon always thinking of his sister must be alive somewhere, despite the truth is already dead. Tsuyuha convinced him that it’s alright to feel worry of his own family, so he opened up his mind to love Tsuyuha.

Shiratsuyu CG-090

Soushi told them that the village got burnt in the past from talking to Kiyoharu’s grandfather. So again, Takaomi and Tsuyuha went back to the mountain. When they got past the grave of sacrificed women, Tsuyuha had seen past of Tsubaki (CV: Fujisaki Kaori). She knew the village had did wrong to worship an oni, and there’s other thing killing the women. But she sacrificed herself to fulfill her own thoughts. Then, Takaomi successfully awakened Tsuyuha from the nightmare, fighting of his own power to free his beloved woman. It’s not that the mark has disappeared for now, but they’ll have a good time together…in Takaomi’s dorm room without Chiaki.

Shiratsuyu CG-098



Tsukamoto Ryouta (CV: Matsuoka Yoshitsugu)

Shiratsuyu CG-043

One of another boring person here is Soushi’s twin brother. They’re separated because their parents were divorced, so as long as changing one of the family name after their mother re-married. While Soushi is picked by their mother, Ryouta is on their father’s side. Ryouta is typically younger brother from a twin, looks quieter than the other character but not mature enough to be called so.

Shiratsuyu CG-045

Apart from how quiet he was, Ryouta had desired to be acknowledge by Soushi to do things for his own self. Here, when he already got closer to Tsuyuha, Ryouta thought he finally been able to protect someone, not being protected by Soushi. When he brings Tsuyuha back to the old shrine, he tries to drink her blood after Soushi explained that her blood will be a potion, but also a poison for something like them who aren’t human. It turns out real when Ryouta becomes aggressive to attack Tsuyuha, explaining that he’s the true other half of Soushi.

Shiratsuyu CG-048

Thankfully, with Tsuyuha dropping her tears and the feelings inside him who doesn’t want to make her sad, Ryouta changes normal. Not that normal, because he has feelings to keep Tsuyuha for himself. For his friends, it’s not that strange to be that protective over someone he loves, just being his true self. Tsuyuha then asks him again to go to the mountain together, so they can settle things with the voice she always hears. This time, without searching, Tsuyuha knows the place where the graves are, plus a scene in the past. Tsubaki sacrificed herself for her family, then a young guy putting down her dead body near the small shrine so an oni can find her. That’s all. Tsuyuha comes back to normal then Ryouta kisses her for their self confession.

Shiratsuyu CG-051



Mitani Soushi (CV: Hino Satoshi)

Shiratsuyu CG-026

I decided to play his route the last because it seems he has connection for the past. But sadly, to be able to unlock Shin, I must play Soushi first. Actually, I didn’t like Shin that much for his secret guardian role (overprotective towards Ryouta). Oh well, I must complete this game so whatever. And Soushi looks weird of his hairstyle.

Shiratsuyu CG-025

Though I thought his route might be full of misteries, it didn’t come true. He mostly came across Ryouta, who wanted an explanation behind all of his overprotective act. When it seems his relationship with Ryouta has developed good enough, it’s the time for Soushi’s another self to come out, Amanojaku (CV : Hino Satoshi). He’s the oni worshipped by the villagers in the past, although he wasn’t the one who eat sacrificed women. The good ending is actually just a normal kind of ending, which Tsuyuha and Soushi comes to end their curiosity inside the burned village. They lived happily after that, although there’s still Amanojaku inside him. While for normal ending, it explained how Amanojaku met Tsubaki (and it’s just a normal talking-after-encounter thing).

Shiratsuyu CG-030

Amanojaku knows that Tsuyuha is next sacrifice for him. She did that for the purpose of protecting her loved person and it’s strange for she didn’t have fear. In the end, Ryouta is the one who triggered Soushi’s real mind. He just wanted to protect Ryouta and Tsuyuha, though it hurted Ryouta’s feelings. Ryouta could accept that and left the two of them alone, hugging to each other. But as they explored the mountain again, Soushi turned weird again, strangling Tsuyuha’s neck. Oh well, it ends up good again without nothing much happened.

Shiratsuyu CG-033



Nakamachi Shin (CV: Morita Masakazu)

Shiratsuyu CG-128

Shin is Tsuyuha’s guardian, taking care of her and all. He has red wavy hair, wearing shirt. His route can be opened after completing Soushi. There’s a new scene before Tsuyuha collapsed in front of a small shrine. She saw a person with white hair and a kitsune mask, and if she didn’t take his hand, it’s the same as usual, found a small shrine under a big tree. It’s following Soushi’s normal ending, but here, Shin won’t see Tsuyuha as mere family. He always loves her, and of course, raping Tsuyuha to make proof of her obedient. In the end, Tsuyuha kept asking for the truth, so Shin explained the real thing about oni and the village at the mountain. The last sacrifice was the village head’s grandchild. Seemed after that, the village got burn in one night. Shin and his grandfather were the village’s ancestor, because the girl’s (Tsubaki) younger brother was still alive, and he must be the sacrifice person before Tsuyuha was born. Shin kept apologizing that he always love her and care for her. This ends up with Tsuyuha forgives Shin and they lives happily, without anything special again.

Shiratsuyu CG-125



Kitsune / Hakuro (CV: Iguchi Yuuichi)

Shiratsuyu CG-135

Well, Kitsune is a mysterious person Tsuyuha met at the mountain before she collapsed. He has always wanted to meet her and promised to meet her again in the future. When he finally comes to her at the tunnel, this time, Tsuyuha who is wondering about him, deciding a name, Kitsune. It’s because of his mask. Though Kitsune just told her that he always wanted to see Tsuyuha for a long time ago before he disappeared again. Tsuyuha goes again to the shrine to check on her curiosity. She found Kitsune again, now he wanted to drink her blood (It’s all he got from knowing Amanojaku and jealous of dying). Kitsune wanted to die so he sought her blood. But Tsuyuha, who already loves him, doesn’t want to lose Kitsune and so, she drinks her own blood from his hand. The truth, Kitsune is afraid that he will want her more if they’re close. Now that they’re having the same feelings, Tsuyuha suddenly found his real name, Hakuro (白露), means shiratsuyu or white dew. And really, his story doesn’t mean anything. I thought he would be an enemy or what, but it seems his route is just to complete seven characters without anything ‘wow’ and an explanation of himself,

Shiratsuyu CG-141



I know that Otomate’s quality had been decreasing recently, but this is the worst I’ve played. No solid story, no amazing explanation, no scary-teary-heartbeat in a horror theme, no ending (Yeah, nothing can be said as true ending here because there are still mysteries and the voice or that mark stays). I don’t know anymore why I played this game in the first place because there’s nothing I’d expected becoming true. I was wondering if it would be great such as Fatal Frame (look, there was an option with bullet symbol throughout the game and I thought it could be use as weapon, such as the camera in Fatal Frame to capture ghosts). No, Shiratsuyu no Kai can’t be compared with that god of horror where I feared the ghost will appear in the house because they’re just appeared in dreams. Then it’s coming true (Fatal Frame III) for real in front of the altar room while the character just walking without seeing it! I, the player, must saw it with true horror. Or Corpse Party for running away from Blue Boy. I haven’t finish the two games though, sadly…

Shiratsuyu CG-016

I think I prefer Takaomi’s route because he’s cute. It’s the first time I chose a cute guy, rather than cool one. But simply, I didn’t choose him because his story was good. There are no good story here (for my opinion) and all just end with confessing their feelings without ending the matters. At least the graphic is good and the backgrounds are well suited for horror game (not this game). Tsubaki and Amanojaku couldn’t have their own stories, so it’s unimportant. There is no deep explanation of their feelings to each other so I don’t feel their love. Shin also doesn’t have mysteries. Just blaberring of his past. Kitsune…well, he is the most unimportant character, so I don’t think I have many impression on him. Just.. nothing. No comment anymore. I feel betrayed by the summer horror theme. And forgive me for completing this for a month. I didn’t have any urge to play and just went out shopping with friends etc. At least I completed all CGs… Next is… maybe OZMAFIA? Though I don’t play PC game recently because I’m happy playing portable console on bed (very good if I ever feel sleepy of the conversation).

Shiratsuyu CG-015





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  1. I totally agree with you. they should’ve erased the whole oni blood ideas and replace it with a total horror game. at least they have some ikemens to cheer us up. I know fatal frame and corpse party (which I don’t dare to play) but it’ll be nice to have some tension horror instead of blech written story with blech horror. I was scared at first when they announced this but after asking my friend and read a few reviews, apparently there’s nothing to be scared of, which pretty much disappoints I guess

    • Huh… It’s so much disappointing. I feel very disappointed at wasting my time playing this. When it lasted Shin and Kitsune, I thought their story would be greater than the rest, but it were nothing too. I’m totally wasted everything by playing this. I guess I’ll stick with other company’s games for awhile.

        • I thought Rejet yandere games aren’t for me, but I guess I’m interested in 8bit too. It’s quite short from what I’ve heard. Maybe it’s perfect for filing time. But I also am interested in OZMAFIA too. I guess I’ll try to choose between them…

          • ozmafia is actually uh, kind of in a danger zone despite the interesting features it has. you can see it for yourself though xD. TYB isn’t a yandere game as well so it’s ok for me

          • Yep. TYB isn’t a yandere game. As in the past I would like to try Dark Cherry, in the end, I was too contemplated in other games… Might want to add the portable one in backlog! And what is the danger zone you mentioned above? Sorry, I don’t seem to read every review nowadays, especially the one I want to play, so I won’t give up playing. Although for some titles, it is needed (Shiratsuyu etc).

          • dark cherry is one of the best. I’ve played and reviewed honey milk, it’s just so-so I guess. you can definitely add it to your backlog though. as for the danger zone, it’s ozmafia lol. it has too many NTR aka cheating route with like every guy, makes the heroine really bad since she’s just lolok imma cheat with dat guy baiz. I did want to play ozmafia as well but after looking the route and inconsistencies, it kinda made me think twice orz

          • Oh well.. So that’s it. Don’t you think it makes her looks like a player? I think I don’t very much like that kind of girl. Wow.. If it’s like that, maybe I’ll try another game. There are tons of Quinrose games that interested me. And that Dot Kareshi also..

          • you can try quinrose anytime I guess, pretty sure romeo x juliette is out too, I kinda forgot the release date. dot kareshi is also recommended. ah and vitamin R is actually on to be played list as well although I’ve never played the previous series, but this one has no connections whatsoever to them so maybe you could give it a try?

          • Uh. For Vitamin series, I think I’ll pass. I’m already past the series, even though they aren’t connected, there are too many of it. Hmmm, I guess I’ll try Dot Kareshi first. Thank you for your guidance~

          • you’re welcome and good luck with your games! you’re a tough gamer after all, hope you can find some good ones instead of boring ones lol

  2. I heard form my friend too this game is somewhat not that good, too bad I kinda expecting a very horror theme in this game. But maybe I’ll try playing it first xD

    • Yeah, just try it. I was expecting some ghost will pop up, but never did. There were just noises and the screen would be like a broken TV, but nothing happened after that. You might go disappointed upon waiting for something to appear.

  3. Wow now I’ve heard from one more of my friends that this is Otomate’s worst game yet. Thankfully it’s not a Design Factory game but rather a game by an unknown random team.. I will be more hesitant to put up hope for a game that doesn’t show the scenario’s writer name clearly. Anyway, congratulations on clearing it! And after I’ve seen your review, I learned that what I would be interested in isn’t here in this game.. The last thing I need is typical storyline without a proper main plot! (Considering that Norn9’s easy way of solving or in some cases avoiding the main conflict over Aion, Reset and Shirou already disappointed me to an extent) so thank you!

    And happy birthday again<333 たくさんお幸せになりますように I hope you'll enjoy the next game you choose to play 😀 /keeps fingers crossed for Chronostacia

    • Haha, Thank you very much for the wishes ^^ Have a nice day too…

      I also will be more hesitant of what I will play by Otomate. It is a hard choice because they’re art actually is beautiful and suit my taste better than QR or Rejet’s art. But sadly, their storyline keeps decreasing lately. I agree with the ‘avoiding conflict’ thingy from Otomate lately, it can also be seen in Shiratsuyu too. There’s no climax, ended up halfway before fulfilling the mysteries objective.

      I hope Chronostacia will get a decent story and ending better than their past games. Though my interest is already decreased by the seiyuu and character design. I need to hear its theme song too to make sure it’ll suit my taste.

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