The Blossoming Flower’s Embrance

Although I had played Shirahana no Ori ~Hiiro no Kakera 4~ for all characters except Akifusa, I didn’t think to write it as I played on the way home from my previous office (which was very far away from home, so I used to play games to spend time for about 3-4 hours-yeah, blame the traffic). And that’s why, as I felt sleepy, I didn’t get through it at all, just a short memories.

Shirahana no Ori HnK 4-014

From my impression, this one got a strong heroine, Shiki, even if it might not be too far from expectation. Shiki met a big white wolf, Gentouka (CV: Morikawa Toshiyuki), helped him from loneliness. She also had her guardian bodyguard, Okino Akifusa (CV: Maeno Tomoaki), and fiancee, Kuuso no Mikoto (CV: Suzuki Chihiro). Both are the animal guardians for the Tamayori-hime. On her journey to save villagers and also her life, Shiki got to meet the other guardian, Akishino no Furutsugu (CV: Uchida Yuuya) and the snake Kodonomae (CV: Kuroda Takaya). Not that I would write the review, so I thought to continue with my impression.

Shirahana no Ori HnK 4-018

Gentouka’s story doesn’t impress me that much. He just wandering to be a lonely wolf forever, but Shiki convinced him to stay together. His problem involved Gentouka’s old friend, Aterui (CV: Hosoya Yoshimasa). Akifusa, the loyal guardian of Tamayori-hime, has to fight his friend, Kotokura no Tomonori (CV: Saiga Mitsuki). But well, I don’t think I’ll fall in love with Akifusa’s loyalty. I kept telling myself he’s just fine as younger brother. The first playtime, is this one oji-san snake, Kodonomae, which has given me nightmare throughout the rest of stories because it lacks fun. I don’t even remember most of his line.

Shirahana no Ori HnK 4-112

What gotten me into romantic feelings is Kuuso no Mikoto, Shiki’s fiancee. Even though his motive might seem the same as Furutsugu, Kuuso has great romance. He and his brother, Kazanami no Mikoto (CV: Kouchi Shinsaku) -and he’s hotter than Kodonomae or Furutsugu, just switch them-, pretending they’re guarding Shiki. I like how Kuuso holds Shiki while he’s flying unto the night sky. Okay so, there’s one forgotten to be mentioned. I didn’t play Furutsugu’s route after finishing Gentouka’s route for almost a year. Anyway, I think he isn’t that great, just a betrayal who fell in love with his enemy. Let’s also forget of the big old man Ashiya Douman or Kamimusuhi no Kami.

Shirahana no Ori HnK 4-093

That’s all of it from my blurred memories of this game. I think it doesn’t suit my taste of story concept and is flowing too slow. From what I had saw, the FD might have greater romance CG (or scene), but that onsen scene with Kodonomae is a no-no. I’ll be looking forward to Gentouka, Kuuso no Mikoto, and Aterui’s romantic moments even if it might not come to my expectation. I regretted playing this but I had thought to finish it, even though it’s raging again (my boring mood) before I could go to Furutsugu. My favorite character are Kuuso, Kasanami, Aterui, then Gentouka. I’ve had enough of Hiiro no Kakera & Hakuouki series. From me feeling amazed to suck.

Shirahana no Ori HnK 4-104






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