Bond of the Sky

Norn9 Norn+Nonette is another Otomate’s game that interesting for me (at first). It’s because of the beautiful background and color, pretty chara design, and BGM. Also, there’s Yanagi Nagi singing the OP & ED song. I like how Otomate introducing doujin singer and I hope someday, it’ll go to Shikata Akiko’s beautiful arrangement (Finally, Chronostacia will use her song!). But the first playthrough is a bit boring, or maybe he is boring? I don’t know but Otomaru Heishi didn’t have amazing storyline.

NORN9 Misc CG-058

As everyone knows, there are 3 heroines in this game, all in one, but different route to choose. Every girls have 3 chance of going romantically with the guys abroad the same ship. It is said that they’re boarding the ship with The World’s order to save world.

The story begins when a boy from Heisei era, Suzuhara Sorata (CV: Abe Atsushi) saw a girl singing. He then brought to Taisho era and met a pink-haired girl who didn’t remember her name and anything except her age and she must go to the ship. She wears sailor uniform, the same as another girl member in the ship. Later, the pink-haired girl was named Koharu (CV: Fujimura Ayumi). On that ship, she is being introduced with the strong-witted girl, Kuga Mikoto (CV: Takagaki Ayahi), a mysterious short-haired girl, Shiranui Nanami (CV: Seto Asami). Yuiga Kakeru (CV: Kaji Yuki) and Shukuri Akito (CV: Sugiyama Noriaki) were the ones captured Koharu and Sorata of being suspicious. Later, Tooya Masamune (CV; Satou Takuya), Kagami Itsuki (CV: Yusa Kouji), Nijou Sakuya (CV: Saiga Mitsuki), Otomaru Heishi (CV: Yoshino Hiroyuki), Muroboshi Ron (CV: Sugita Tomokazu), and little Ichinose Senri (CV: Shimono Hiro) appeared to welcoming the two intruders on their ship.

NORN9 CG-173

I chose to play Nanami’s route first because I don’t really like quiet girl. Even if she used kunai as weapon, it’s a low chance of scene with it. And then followed by Koharu, the mysterious girl because, well, she is too dumb, then Kuga Mikoto. I like Mikoto’s tsundere-ness surprisingly, but one thing I don’t like from her is being scared of horror. Despite that, she’s pretty indeed with long-black hair. For the chosen guy, I feel like playing from the seiyuu I dislike (And all in Nanami’s route were not my favorite seiyuu, so it’s perfect to be played first). In these review, I’ll go to separate post with three branches of heroine.




NORN9 Misc CG-022

Nanami is an introvert girl. She has ability to erase memories and it’s hurting her so much. His father is the one who ordered her in the past so it’s a painful memories. Quiet, calm, and always blaming herself. Her route has this three guys:



Otomaru Heishi (CV: Yoshino Hiroyuki)

NORN9 CG-164

Being a cheerful guy, his power is to connect everyone’s feelings. That’s why, he can do telepathy, mostly with Nanami. His dream is to have a family, because he doesn’t have parents, and for that, he must create one with the girl he likes. Sadly, when Heishi asked Nanami to create family together, the antagonists (real intruder) of both Muroboshi Ron and another guy holding gun, Azuma Natsuhiko (CV: Ono Daisuke). While Azuma chose to kill Nanami and Heishi, Ron odered her to erase Heishi’s memories of that night because he still wanted Nanami’s power (of erasing memory). So then, she indeed erased Heishi’s memories, crying over it because she must erase the connection of them.

NORN9 CG-159

After a few scenes of Heishi being angry at Nanami for not talking to him, they can tells each other feelings at darkness night. Yep, it’s dark because the electricity died of storm. From then on, Heishi had thought of running together from the ship with Nanami, just the two of them. They had arranged it for the next town visiting. And true, the good ending makes the two of them running from town to town, lives happily with Heishi playing his flute to her. Too bad the bad ending made  Heishi too overprotective and going crazy of Nanami, so when the other members discovered they’re living together, they brought them back to the ship, erasing Heishi’s memories of Nanami. She chose that to protect the two of them and their friends because Heishi wouldn’t bother to kill his friends.

NORN9 CG-168

Sad is, there’s no explanation about Ron and Azuma in Heishi’s ending and they’re just intruding the ship without anyone notices anymore. It’s a big question. So his route is very weak and does not have any interesting matter. Perfect for first-time playing to know basic of story.



Shukuri Akito (CV: Sugiyama Noriaki)

NORN9 CG-123

Called Akkun by Itsuki, Akito always gets angry with Nanami. As expected, because Nanami had erased something important to him. His story centered around Mikoto’s disappearance and when they found her, it’s like she’s going against The World. It is hard to Nanami to be paired with him, but she wants to do something to help Akito, so she’s keeping it despite Akito always hate her. But after some scenes (Kakeru puts them chain so they can’t be apart for too long), Akito becomes kinder. So he developed feelings to Nanami, saying she’s cute and fragile like snow. Okay, continue to Mikoto. She betrayed her friends and wants them follow her, Ron, Azuma, and a guy wearing hat, Takishima Setsu (CV: Ichiki Mitsuhiro). But sadly, a white robot successfully makes them run away. After that, Yuiga Kakeru’s father, Yuiga Shirou (CV: Hamada Kenji), appeared as The World’s representative.

NORN9 CG-114

Yuiga Shirou is a strange person and he doesn’t seem like a good father to Kakeru. He made them choices to join his ship or keep staying in their ship. Kakeru, kinda of being brainwashed, joins his father. Of course Koharu stays with him because she’s worried. Ichinose Senri also follows Koharu, because she’s the only one who is good to him. Apparently, Senri is Akito’s little brother. Akito himself doesn’t have spiritual power, only that he appears to have a little bit of water element. But Itsuki told him that they can take power from someone else, for a penalty of course. As for Itsuki, it’s his sister’s dead. For Akito, it was to take Senri’s power but he will get tired after using it.

The truth is, when Akito and Senri were still child, their villagers wanted to use Senri’s water power to save them from dryness. But Senri had weak body so Akito wouldn’t want to danger his brother. This is when Nanami’s father used her power to work with the villager, erasing Senri’s memories of Akito. It’s hard for her to do it, but she must, afraid of her father’s threat. After erasing Senri’s memories, the villagers tried to kill Akito, but little Nanami brought him horse to run away. Before he run, Akito cursed her for doing all of it. Before he let Senri board the ship, Akito wants Nanami to erase Senri’s memories again of meeting his brother, explains how he ask Kakeru to protect Senri for him, but he just tease Senri.

Also in his route, Aion, the white-haired man appeared without voice, telling them about resetting the world. He came from the future to year 1919 to gain the supernatural power in that ship for saving the world. Then, Aion changed to a little girl (CV: Yanagi Nagi), appeared before them who stays in the former ship (Nanami, Akito, Heishi, Itsuki, Masamune, Sakuya are the ones staying).

NORN9 CG-119

Aion tells them that Yuiga Shirou is the enemy of The World and it’s very dangerous for Senri and Koharu to be there. So Nanami and Akito wished to save them. It’s also connected to people with elemental power. Yuiga Kakeru is green, Akito will be water, etc. This is when she tells Akito all of the story above (of their past-sorry, I’m messing the story), blaming herself even though Akito isn’t blaming her anymore. But Akito blames himself and wants to turn back to where he left Senri. Thankfully Nanami confessed her love, that he is the only one she love in the world. For that, they came back to the ship and not long after that, Senri and Koharu came to his room. Actually, they’ve been saved by Sakuya and the others from Yuiga Shirou’s ship, and so for Kakeru. This is good ending, about a reunion for two brothers that separated years ago (Nanami didn’t erase Senri’s memories before he boarded Shirou’s ship).

NORN9 CG-125

For bad ending, Nanami is too late to save Akito from taking Senri’s power as a child to save their village. He used power and chose to live in the past. Nanami will go with him and wait for until Akito can forgive himself for running away from Senri. There’s another ending that followed good ending above from saving Akito’s wish to stay in the past. In this one, Senri lost his memories of Akito so Nanami regretted her choice before. Though Akito is calm enough to say they’re living as separate person now to make her not worry of it. Before Akito can do more to Nanami on bed, Heishi tells them to gather for welcoming the other’s back. Also, a kissing CG for Nanami on bed with Akito.



Muroboshi Ron (CV: Sugita Tomokazu)

NORN9 CG-151

A mysterious man wearing sunglass everytime. Despite his dumb personality who tends to forget everything, for example names, Ron is one of The World’s enemy. First, he just playing with Nanami. But unexpectedly, he likes her. When Nanami tried to open his sunglass, she found Ron had different eye color. The purple one is something he got from his friend when he lost sight, of course by buying it.

NORN9 CG-139

At the time when he attack Mikoto for the first time, Nanami stops him then erasing Mikoto’s scary memories of the attack scene. Since then, Nanami has been worried if Ron will do something like that again. And it’s true. He came with Natsuhiko and Takishima Setsu to their ship, Norn. But this time, they destroying the ship so everyone must save themselves. It is when Masamune brings the rest of the member to Aion’s place. There, she told them about resetting the world. After the war begun, Aion must reset the world to bring peace, as she’s humanmade. It had been recycling from year 2080 for 3 times (The year now must be 8075). And now, she must gather the supernatural power from them to help her resetting again. But Natsuhiko and Ron comes to destroy the plan of resetting. Ron takes Koharu’s power to bring fire and destroying Aion with the woods. He then thought of dying.

For good ending, Nanami erased his memories and lives together happily. Even though his memories were gone, Ron’s still like to tease (flirting) Nanami. Some time later, Senri came to their house, in order to ask if Nanami want to go on journey with them. She refused, saying she’s happy now with Ron. They’re kissing while cooking for lunch.

NORN9 CG-149

His bad end consists of two. The first one, Nanami erased Ron’s memories so he could live on with her. But he forced Nanami to pull the gun on his right eye. There’s a gun shooting sound and he might die from it. The second one is when Nanami insists to follow him. Ron used her to help him with his black side job to help Natsuhiko stop the war by killing people. He ordered Nanami to erase people’s memories for his own benefit.

NORN9 CG-153



KOHARU (CV: Seto Asami)

NORN9 Misc CG-088

She boarded Norn ship without knowing anything. Koharu is the first person who meets Sorata in year 1919. Her power is fire, despite she seems weak and cheerful, and also a kind-hearted. Even though she wasn’t aware of her memories, by the help of strange traveler, she knew what to do. The traveler appointed Koharu to board the ship at her 17 years old spring and gave her a uniform. She has these branches:



Ichinose Senri (CV: Shimono Hiro)

NORN9 CG-037

Senri was a cute boy, younger than Koharu. He likes staying in his room, which makes his friends (friend?) worried. Ultimately, Kakeru who likes to tease him. There’s a scene when Akito gets angry because Senri doesn’t want to come out so he destroys his door. It makes Senri feels uncomfortable to change clothes etc. So Koharu helps him build new door and he actually can get friendly with everyone as he needs help from them. It’s also the time Senri revealed he’s good at wood carving.

NORN9 CG-021

After getting known to each other, Senri can’t be separated with Koharu. Koharu also noticed she didn’t like to see Senri talking to other girls. To make her believe on him, Senri kisses Koharu, saying he only do it with her. While he also confess his love, Koharu hasn’t reply yet. When they visited a warring town, Koharu met her long-lost traveler who gave her name and sailor uniform. He is Yuiga Shirou. By him, Koharu saved a village, but she then knew it was an evil village where every person there were taking war against other town. Though she knew, she kept following Shirou because she thought she’s a monster for not getting tired after using her terrible fire power. It’s also because Shirou hugs her and care for her while Senri just go to get his friends while Koharu’s being scared by her power.

NORN9 CG-028

In his route, Azuma Natsuhiko helped them to bring Koharu back. Natsuhiko is the one who introduces Aion to them and getting idea of using water element to fight Koharu. He is also helped by Masamune. To strengthen his power, Senri gets another power given by Akito (though he wasn’t reveal his true relationship). At this time, Natsuhiko told them all about Yuiga Shirou’s true intention to make war of people, with Koharu’s fire. Also, Natsuhiko and Masamune were from the same island where they found Aion. To bring Koharu from Shirou’s ship outside, Natsuhiko already got Takishima Setsu in Shirou’s ship. After Koharu gets outside, Senri fights her to bring Koharu back onto his side. At this time, Koharu already thought she’s a monster and must help Shirou to burn all countries. Thankfully, with Senri’s words that he wants to live with her and they’re all born not to fight, Koharu wishes to stay with him. As they’re back together, Koharu always wakes Senri up every morning just to see his sleeping face. That day, Senri gave her a woodcrafted rabbit as he promised.

NORN9 CG-036

His bad ending makes him comes too late to prevent Koharu from destroying a town. Even if he wished Koharu would go back with him, but Shirou noticed Koharu’s feelings. Shirou tried to take Senri for his own benefit too and the two of them became captivated bird on Shirou’s side.



Tooya Masamune (CV: Satou Takuya)

NORN9 CG-048

Masamune is someone like an older brother or parent for all Norn’s member. He is somewhat doesn’t have supernatural power (Or is he? Never seen it), but he’s the only one who can communicate with Aion, while the others don’t know about the real World. Masamune likes to help other and it makes Koharu feels she’s a burden. Though he then realizes that Koharu is important and wants to protect her. But he made wrong choice to eat sweet food and became drunk. He kissed her without thinking straight.

NORN9 CG-040

They finally realizes each others feelings with Mikoto and Sakuya’s help. Although at first, Masamune doesn’t want to have important attachment before his quest to help Aion finish, but he can’t help to hug Koharu. But something awful came after that. To protect Mikoto from people’s enemies, Sakuya threw his body and died. It’s happened after they confessed to each other. The mad Koharu went berserk and burnt the bad people. After knowing her great fire power, the army used Koharu to help them 24/7. It makes Masamune worried of her condition and it came true when she’s berserk. Her fire burns everything.

NORN9 CG-050

Thankfully, Masamune made up his mind to calm her. He realizes Koharu’s real name (which not be said here), and believes that Koharu’s fire can’t hurt him if she is thinking of only of him. With it, Koharu is calmed down and Masamune asked her to run away, without thinking about Aion anymore. Though it seems happy, Koharu can’t forgive herself for not saving Sakuya earlier. Again, to make her calm, erasing her memories about  Norn’s member except Masamune is the only option they have. After Nanami had erased Koharu’s memories, Masamune brought her to Natsuhiko’s ship and went on runaway together until he asked Koharu to think of their new home (Means, marriage).

NORN9 CG-054

For bad ending, Koharu keeps saying to Mikoto that it’s all her fault for killing Sakuya. When her power turns bad, Masamune successfully calmed her. But in the end, Koharu keeps blaming herself and taking care of Mikoto, whom has trouble to sleep. Masamune just see them from far away.



Yuiga Kakeru (CV: Kaji Yuki)

NORN9 CG-013

His every day routine is to tease Senri. Behind his smile, Kakeru is somewhat scary, for his rude words. After he gives strawberry seed to Koharu, she likes to plant it well and take advice from Kakeru. When he had fever, Koharu took care of him really well, but his precious earring (accessory) was gone. After searching it everywhere, Koharu found it on Ron’s hand. She took it using her fire but wouldn’t give it back right away because Ron said something about it’s dangerous give it back to Kakeru. Some day, Kakeru says it’ll be better if Koharu has surname, such as Yuiga Koharu. That words makes them blushing. After their feelings blooms for each other, the dream they has from Itsuki’s power changes their relationship. For a very long time, Kakeru had thought of him as poison inside, that he’s not kind at all. With her strength, Koharu calmed him down that she like him, a kind person who always care for her. They’re kissing in the dream and real life (at library) to make sure the dream is real.

NORN9 CG-005

One day, every member of Norn goes to town, except Koharu. Suddenly, there are white robot comes to the ship. But luckily, there’s also Ron and Kakeru quickly comes back with the others. It’s the time when Koharu uses her fire power to safe Kakeru and makes everyone knows her power she hid. For that, Koharu keeps hiding in her room like Senri, but Kakeru tells her to open her door for him, as well as her heart. He doesn’t afraid of her power, then hugging her (on bed…). Though they’re already find happiness, Ron is back to fight Kakeru and hurts him. The situation gets worse as the white robots comes again, now with Yuiga Shirou, Kakeru’s father whom he thinks already dead. Shirou wanted to take Koharu, but couldn’t at that time. So he took Kakeru instead on his ship.

NORN9 CG-010

Meanwhile, Masamune brings the rest of Norn’s member to Aion. It’s can be help that they can’t reset the world because Kakeru isn’t there and Aion is broken from the explosion outside (Shirou’s army?). Natsuhiko came with Ron to make a plan to fight Shirou with Akito. Akito took Senri’s power for that. After that, they must fought white robot and Kakeru. Too bad that Ron got caught with Kakeru’s plant whip. This time, Nanami wishes to protect Ron and awaken Koharu’s strength to use her fire and safe Kakeru. It’s not burning, and Kakeru gets his own self. As he says sorry, they’re taking journey together at a small hut near grassland. They can hug and kissing anytime as there is rarely human who go near it. It’s also perfect for Kakeru to bonds their relationship further (as he teases Koharu). As for Natsuhiko, he already loses enemies (Aion had broken so they couldn’t reset the world and Shirou had died).

NORN9 CG-015

At bad end, Kakeru kills Nanami and he takes Koharu to Shirou. He left her to be Shirou’s thing so he could make up his plan of destroying the world.



KUGA MIKOTO (CV: Takagaki Ayahi)

NORN9 Misc CG-128

Mikoto is a strong-willed, happily, straightforward, tsundere, but scared of ghosts. I like her long-black hair and strong eyes. She is being wanted by enemy nor army for her great power of making barrier. It’s the ultimate defense and is a good power to protect people. It always makes Nanami and Koharu jealous, rather than their dangerous power.



Nijou Sakuya (CV: Saiga Mitsuki)

NORN9 CG-077

Mikoto’s childhood friend and always worried of her condition. Even though he appears kind in front of her, for the rest of Norn’s member, he’s mysterious. Actually, he has future of dying to protect someone important for him by gun. So he made promise to Mikoto that he’ll never love someone so he won’t need to protect that person. Although Mikoto loves him, she can’t build relationship to danger Sakuya. Of course for Sakuya himself, he doesn’t care to die for the one he loves. Then, he is jealous upon seeing Itsuki hugging Mikoto in their dream world. By that, they thought Itsuki’s power is to make them seeing dreams. While Mikoto is alone with Sakuya, an explosion causes injury to Sakuya by protecting Mikoto. It causes them to separate for awhile, but after being convinced by the other members to tell her feelings that Sakuya is very strong that he accept his future by always thinking of her, Mikoto approaches Sakuya so they can be together. So then, the two confessed their love for each other and Mikoto promised to also protect Sakuya from his death.

NORN9 CG-086

They finally reaches Aion. Here, the truth was revealed that it’s Ron’s power that they had the same dream, not Itsuki’s (Seemed like Ron took Itsuki’s power). Aion tells them about the plan to reset the world and let four of them to try seeing the future thanks to Sakuya’s power. Here, Masamune told them that his hometown is that island where Aion is. While Kakeru, Koharu, Ron, and Heishi were seeing the future, Natsuhiko appeared to wrack their plan. Though with Mitsuki’s power, they won against him easily. When the four others back, Ron made Natsuhiko seeing dreams forever, because he couldn’t win against Aion. For Takishima Setsu, he’s happy that Natsuhiko is sleeping forever so he won’t be scolded because of being captured by Itsuki. While waiting for resetting the world, Mikoto had plans with Sakuya together.

NORN9 CG-091

As for his bad end, as expected, he died to protect Mikoto. Before he closes eyes, Sakuya says he is fine if Mikoto forget about him later, because she has good friends, if it’s to save her life. But he knows that until the end, he can’t make her happy.

NORN9 CG-092



Kagami Itsuki (CV: Yusa Kouji)

NORN9 CG-094

He’s the most playboy guy in Norn9, or so for me. Itsuki uses to flirt with girls, despite he just can’t talk the truth of his feelings. His ability is to create dream world, taken from his older sister (it’s not that detailed of his sister’s story). A few times, Itsuki said he will protect Mikoto, who always protect them with her barrier. But he claims it’s a joke when Sakuya ask about it. After their journey in the dream world he made, Itsuki revealed his own feelings that it was a joke turned reality, about his love and urge to protect Mikoto at the library when they wrote letter. Then, the two have their own romantic night following the confession.

NORN9 CG-100

Suddenly, their ship was attacked and got damaged. Here, Itsuki made  dream world for Mikoto, where they lived a happy life. But his sudden disappearing and Sakuya & Koharu’s voice made her realize it’s a dream. Mikoto chose to wake up, found that Ron had disappeared, while Itsuki protected her from the crush, made him in coma. Thankfully, he awakes after Mikoto see him on bed. But the danger occurs again after Ron comes. He already took Mikoto’s power and the truth was, Itsuki helped him do that so they could be save. Just that, Natsuhiko’s plan had changed. Not only Ron took Mikoto’s power, he must take Nanami too. Without Mikoto’s power and him being injured badly, Itsuki left the ship after telling Kakeru all of Ron’s plot. The two of them can live happily as in the dream world (How easy is their life?). To tease Itsuki, Mikoto read his letter from before.

NORN9 CG-106

Itsuki’s bad ending is where Mikoto choose to stay in dream world. As his time to be with her already ended, Itsuki slowly disappears, while seeing Mikoto finds her happiness with the ‘illusion’ of him in his creation world.

NORN9 CG-110



Azuma Natsuhiko (CV: Ono Daisuke)

NORN9 CG-074

Ever sinced Mikoto met him on the highest part of Norn ship, she had been searching for him with her (worm) drawing. For Ron, after he saw the picture, he laughed so hard and asked one as he claimed will search for him too. And well, around two chapters of his route is about Mikoto searching for his whereabout. The climax is when she meets Ron, upstair, throwing her body to outside of the ship. Thankfully, a guy catches her right on time and if not, she’ll die falling. After that, Mikoto has been captured by Natsuhiko, thinking he is a sadistic because Ron warned her that before throwing her. Although Natsuhiko behaving kind to cook for her, Mikoto refused to eat it. But he warned that he will kill her friends if she wouldn’t do calmly.

NORN9 CG-057

Slowly, Natsuhiko reveals about Yuiga Shirou, that he must kill that guy who brings chaos and wars to civilization. And his plan to kill the esper. But he haven’t told about Aion at this time. With that story and war, Mikoto made up her mind to help Natsuhiko stop the war in the world with her barrier everyday. To make Mikoto happy, Natsuhiko made a big robot to serve her, but she’s scared by it. So the later time, he made hiyoko robot, similar to hiyoko in Norn, just this one is white. Sometime, the hiyoko can talk but sometime it can’t, make it seems like someone is controlling it, though Mikoto doesn’t know and she just talk heart-to-heart with it. Another time, Natsuhiko brought her to see stars with him. It was revealed that Natsuhiko like to research about the universe and all, made Mikoto a bit amazed by him. Suddenly, Natsuhiko touches her cheek upon seeing her becoming red. It gave another feelings for Mikoto. So every night, he brings her to see the stars together. He also told her about his real self, a descendant of researchers who create Aion.

NORN9 CG-060

On another day, Mikoto is seeing him talking to Takishima Setsu, his Do-M partner, about killing the esper and it makes her run away, feeling betrayed and thinking she’s just being used to make up his plan. But Natsuhiko follows her, hugs Mikoto to confirm that his real intention is just to stop Aion from reset-ing the world, because he wants to see the future. Suddenly, his ship must collapse from an explosion and the two of them gets wounded. When Mikoto wakes up, it’s already been three days after that and finds out about Natsuhiko losing his memories. Just one though, it’s her name and she can’t kill him for his kindness to protect her. Day by day they spent time together in the village to recovering Natsuhiko. When he wants to see the stars, Mikoto explains everything he has told in the past about Spica and Arcturus. It makes him happy to know that she heard what he said. So then, Natsuhiko asks her what is her feelings for him. Because she didn’t answer, he told her about his real feelings. He won’t protect her if he doesn’t love her.  As expected, they spent the night with hugging to each other.

NORN9 CG-061

As if they can’t use happy time for long, Ron comes to pretend that he’ll kill Natsuhiko. But to see Mikoto tries to protect him with her barrier, Natsuhiko fights back with his gun, makes them knows he has regained memories. Ron told them about Yuiga Shirou had invaded Norn and brought Kakeru with him, even though he wasn’t Kakeru’s real father. But the accessory on his ears makes him following Shirou. Before the next plan, Natsuhiko brings Mikoto to see meteor shower at night after he told her of his new thoughts, that esper is also human.

They quickly goes to where Aion is, but Masamune tells them that Shirou has died (As usual, the end is too rushed and no amazing battle scene). Aion also claims it’s real. And Kakeru has been missing to work for his father. And maybe, the way Shirou got Kakeru on Norn might be the same as when Natsuhiko let Ron in. Aion won’t do reset-ing if Natsuhiko turn down his gun and make peace. It’s all ended with the member of Norn go to their separate ways, although Itsuki and Heishi stills with their power to search for Kakeru and stop him. Well, Natsuhiko also told Mikoto of her bad drawing and teased her to touch his eye, cheek, lips, etc. to compare it with her picture. They’ll do research to go to space and hope to be happy forever.

NORN9 CG-070

Natsuhiko’s bad ending contains of his will to continue go to war. He won’t listen to Aion and bring Mikoto with him. They go to separate ways and not long after, she hears news about his death. Can’t stand to see Mikoto cries everyday, Sakuya asks Nanami to erase Mikoto’s memories and will live together on a country where no one knows. Feels like a childhood friend always takes extra scene for every route.

NORN9 CG-075




This epilogue will be for Suzuhara Sorata. He rarely appears in main route but got special story, although it’s not that amazing. For few times, Aion appears before Sorata at the ship and he finally gets her name, Aine. But the other member can’t see her well, except Masamune. The story goes to where the espers got to where Aion is, makes Sorata surprised to see her there. Masamune and Aion explained about reset-ing the world then Sorata made a choice to see the past, not future, before they choose what to do. There, he saw the scientist who made Aion, Sorata, had similar face and voice as him. They lived happily but the condition turned bad after some bad people wanted to take a talking android like her. Actually, her real name is Aine. That name is given by scientist Sorata. Because of it, Sorata told Aine not to speak anymore, but kept singing.

NORN9 Misc CG-159

Hot Sorata, yeah.. I hope he (the brat) will turn like this too later in the future

Aine did what he told, to sing for everything, every feelings she kept for Sorata, whom she loved. But then Sorata died by an accident, and another scientist, Yuiga Shirou, took her. He wants to be born again with his own self, and that’s why he still lives with the exact memories. It was also the reason why Aion kept Sorata from the last reset, that scientist Sorata might be reborn again. Their reunion got interrupted by Shirou, but with his robot almost gotten destroyed, he ran away. Sorata said he wanted to live with Aine and so, ordered her to talk again. Aine too, loves him and will stay with Sorata.

NORN9 CG-174



Sorata’s ending seems too cliché and normal. I don’t feel a thing for Aion. And Masamune. He mostly appeared to reset the world in his brain. I don’t think reset-ing the world is a good choice, even if it’s to stop war. The same mind as Natsuhiko, it will erase our memories and all precious things. It’s too long if I write of my impression of the guy one-by-one. Won’t do it. I’ll just give my thoughts on whatever I feel amazed nor bored.

NORN9 Misc CG-016

I’m most impressed by Natsuhiko. He has the best romance although it’s a bit boring in the beginning. His route is the only one which can make me laugh so hard, of Mikoto’s drawing, Mikoto’s tsundere-ness, and how cute Natsuhiko is when is blushing or wants to attract Mikoto by staying as hiyoko. Uh, maybe he also is the same with other route, doesn’t have battle scene, but it’s interesting to see him and Mikoto developed feelings as enemy to love. The next maybe Kakeru. I have heard Kaji’s voice anywhere and it’s already too much, but here, I like his voice the most, a gentle one indeed. It suits Kakeru’s personality, as he actually a kind person despite like to tease his friends.

NORN9 Misc CG-151

I don’t think Heishi is an important person in here. Forget that his ending is about running away, I don’t even feel romantic at all to his behavior and his hair (which he claims is the same fluffy as Nanami). For Sakuya, I really don’t mind childhood friend as long as it’s sad and heartbreaking as Kaminaru Kimi to, but I hate that plot for a long time. Maybe it doesn’t suit my taste as I also won’t love my childhood friend or someone I befriended with sinced elementary. His dying ending is also too cliché. I also am bored with Itsuki’s route and played it for almost a week. The other person not including in this impression were all had normal and so-so storyline.

NORN9 Misc CG-156

Mikoto’s drawing ability made him wonder if his real face was like that?

What I hate for this game is the big interesting scenario RPG-like, but in the end, doesn’t well-build. I thought there must be some battle between Shirou and Natsuhiko for sure, it might be an interesting ship battle scene, but it’s all dream. Shirou doesn’t appear much except in Koharu’s route and Tetsu just go away after Natsuhiko reaches Aion. Uh, though I hope for battle scenario, Jyuuza Engi is too much so I was bored with its long dialogues. Norn9’s music was good, but not that much differences with the opening BGM. I don’t think I will like it if there’s FD for this, because I hate how Otomate milking their games. Some games are better without it. I just hope they’ll make many games with different title and scenario, not making FD for whatever game they released just to following the old work without new concept. For ensemble, I don’t really use it as it’s just like extra voice. Though I’m happy they’ll use Shikata Akiko’s song, I hope they will make a great game with it because her divine voice won’t suit boring one.





Link for CG:


  1. you’ve finished ittttt *claps hands* omg I started this game like 2 months ago and I’m still stalling it on nanami’s route *dies*
    I agreed with your opinion about the battle scenes though, I really want one whoever vs shirou. I thought on kakeru’s route at first we’ll face him but then he just died due to aging. then how come he survived all these years? I guess there are still plotholes everywhere 😐

    • Right. Nanami might be the biggest problem here coz her guys storyline won’t really matter for the whole concept. Even though Ron might seem to be a bad guy, he actually doesn’t do much mystery. It might be good if history of his right eye to be revealed with much shocking truth.

      I think to be a good story, there are many guys to be erased in this game. While some makes good story, some are nothing. For koharu, I think she just need Kakeru, Mikoto just for Natsuhiko, and Nanami for… Whatever between Ron or Akito, because they’re the same. It’s all because of Otomate’s brilliant concept to put too many capturable guys but becoming useless to built solid story. Keep up your energy to play the rest. I also am too slow to finish it than expected. Stuck at Itsuki for a week.

      • I think I’ve delayed it for a month already orz. but yeah I only need to finish nanami, while I’m stuck with heishi atm. I guess that’s what we get when otomate tried to stick 9 guys with 3 heroines in one game. I feel this game is good, but it’s not THAT good. like some old otomate games that I actually like (eventhough I’ve only played a bit)

        plan to play anything after this?

        • That’s why I hid Mikoto for last to have urge playing Natsuhiko. That’s my trick to play otome games, keep the most interesting one the last.

          I think I’ll finish Shirahana no Ori first from last year then get to Shiratsuyu. Although I don’t have much expectation on Shiratsuyu anymore after Norn9 turned like this. And you?

          • I’ve been stalling too much games hahaha. I’ll finish Norn9 first, then Desert Kingdom. I’ll touch the older games after that, like Clock Zero and Jyuuza Engi. I’m also waiting for Shiratsuyu though. it’s postponed but yea… I’ve read Kakki’s blog and he said the story is kinda scary since it’s horror. I’m not a fan myself, but I’m kinda looking forward to it. let’s just hope otomate did a good job this time orz

          • I think Shiratsuyu will be scary, but not scary enough as when I played Corpse Party (of course). I hope it turns good. Well, I also really want to stall many games for sure, looking at my backlog… Sigh… Do our best then!

  2. Thank you so much for this review! It’s so great and interesting. We missed your reviews *////*
    And the game is cool. We haven’t played it yet, but now our wish to play it got even stronger *v*
    P.S. check your e-mail~

    • Well, Norn9 seemed cool at first glance. But it had nothing to do with amazing battle so I didn’t think it was as cool as I thought would be. But never hurt to try. Just make sure you’ll see Natsuhiko’s route. He’s the most valuable one here.

      Nb: Already received your mail. Thankfully…

  3. お久しぶりです!I enjoyed reading your thoughts about the game. I love Natsuhiko too! He’s my favorite character for this game, and his route is my favorite although no route completely satisfies me due to poor main plot development. I think the story in Natsuhiko’s route is better than the others too, I loved everything except the amnesia part and the every-route’s AntagonistJustDropsDead(TM) easy endings. Personally I also like Natsuhiko’s character the most as he’s smart, he has his own beliefs and dreams, and he fights for them… and he likes stars☆ He also cares for the world and wants to stop the war, while the other characters are almost completely oblivious to the world’s situation nor do they seem to care. So I enjoyed Mikoto in Natsuhiko’s route because she cares too. I can talk a lot about Natsuhiko and Mikoto! Although my favorite couple in the game is Akito and Nanami because they’re so suited for each other and it’s so cute how they fell in love (but their story is so poorly concluded and half-developed orz it makes me feel so mixed.)

    I can’t agree more about being disappointed/angry because of the waste of such an awesome setting. They created it just to lure people to buy the game but didn’t use it in the scenario properly.. it was just for looking cool! That’s not funny orz

    I haven’t played Itsuki, Heishi and Ron yet. (But I’ve played Sorata XD I really like his past appearance! He reminds me of Takato a bit.. but more normal) I’m not sure if I’ll play the rest coz I’m busy and I want to play other games too. I know the plot in this game can’t satisfy so 9 characters is really too much especially since I’m the type who cares for main story > romance.

    PS. Also really excited for Chronostacia! I really hope they write a good scenario for it.

    • Yes, it’s been a long time. I also am not too active on twitter and forums because of my work.

      Very happy to hear your thoughts on Norn9, and we do have the same opinion (maybe, most people too). I know it. The other member seems very stubborn and not care for the outside world. I don’t know. I thought they’re just board Norn for a month (Speaking of Mikoto’s route when she realized of America just took 2-3 weeks to go). It’s very strange if they didn’t realize the current situation a bit, of the wars, etc. The scenario is lacking everywhere, I supposed.

      I do feel the amnesia part is also strange, but he gains his memories, so it might be due to his wounded head. Apart from amnesia, I feels the village’s scene if just to changes his clothes (hahaha~~~). Maybe it’s to deepen his and Mikoto’s relationship so he is sure that she listened to all his blabbering about stars?-Okay, I’m kidding too. I also like his smart personality and blushing appearance. And his gun…. Although I like the design very muuccch, in his route, he mainly didn’t use it, right? That’s too bad coz he always shows it anywhere just to be an accessory in his own route. For Tetsu, he’s a funny guy and maybe good person inside, but I don’t think I might like if he get a route someday, for I think Otomate will make FD for this. And I’m so not into it.

      Yes!!! I hope Chronostacia won’t regret us. To be truth, I don’t think I really like the art, but oh well, if the story turns good, it won’t matter.

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