Solomon’s Ring ~Hi no Shou~ Quick Review

I tried this one to fill time before Norn9 and Shiratsuyu no Kai get release. This is the first game of Solomon’s Ring series, coming from Plan Peace (I haven’t heard this company make any other game). First, I thought it won’t be fully voiced nor have ending song. But finally, I’m so shocked to know it has opening and ending song, every character (except heroine) has their voices, it also has extra omake voices and pictures, and the story is quite fun. Even if it’s not that big of a story (not that it’ll shake my heart as bittersweet, lovely, and heartbreaking story), it’s very good to spend time with as it has short length. Every guy has 4 endings, which is Best, Bad, Good, and Dark one. Too bad it doesn’t have CG gallery. I needed to see memory file to search the CG along, so I preferred to capture as I played the game.

SR-Hi no Shou- CG-091

Lily is an orphan after her grandfather died. Before he dies, he gives Lily a ring, Solomon’s Ring, as she’s the Solomon’s ancestor. Solomon is the one who beats 72 demons and sealed them. At one time, Lucifer, the greatest demon, will stand to recover and it’s the ring’s turn to beat him. Because of that ring, Lily’s peaceful life became more interesting to see. She could see future through dreams, which also a nightmare because it usually turned bad.

One day, Lily got to meet 3 guys standing in her library (as she’s the worker there). She doesn’t know what their purpose is, but finds it suspicious. At night, one of the guy comes to her room with his black wings. He introduces himself as Paimon, Lucifer’s subordinate who wanted to take Solomon’s ring as well as its owner, Lily. But Asmodeus, another guy with long blonde hair, wants to take her himself. Thankfully as the two demons fight, Glasyas, the neutral one with black hair, took Lily outside and explained what happened there.

SR-Hi no Shou- CG-012

Lucifer is near his revival and so the demons sealed by Solomon. While Paimon has his duty to take the ring and Lily to help Lucifer, Asmodeus wants to be the greatest demon with it. Glasyas himself just wanted to help Lily to protect the world from Lucifer. This is where she must choose to save world or being a normal girl, waiting the destruction.

Except the heroes, there are some sub characters. Lucifer (Kusunoki Taiten) is the main villain in every stories as he wishes to grabs the world. In town, there is Alicia (Fujimoto Noriko), Lily’s best friend that also works in library. There’s an Oba-chan (Fuzuki Kun) working on café and Flora (Ozaki Mami), the cheerful girl as maid. Alicia is being in love with the Detective (Kitayama Kyousuke), who appears a little just to take on some case and news.

SR-Hi no Shou- CG-048


Asmodeus (CV: Konishi Katsuyuki)

SR-Hi no Shou- CG-025

He wants to be the number one demon and instead of destructing the human world, he said he doesn’t interested to touch the world. Means, he just wants to be the greateast and all. When he finally realizes that he loves Lily, Asmodeus protects her from all kind of dangers from Lucifer’s little demon (they’re funny and chubby, like penguin monster). In best end, Asmodeus lives together after they beats Lucifer as husband and wife. Asmodeus keeps loving his wife and cuddling together. For bad end, Lily accidentally sealed Asmodeus when they’re fighting Lucifer. For good end, Asmodeus just won the battle with Lucifer but no proper epilogue. While dark end made continuation of bad end. After Lily accidentally sealed Asmodeus, Lucifer ordered Paimon to chase Lily. She just runs away forever in her life, regretting that she beat Asmodeus and couldn’t fight Lucifer, as Asmodeus told her to. And after fulfilled best ending, there’s omake after story for each character with CG. Try it.

SR-Hi no Shou- CG-041


Glasyas (CV: Kishio Daisuke)

SR-Hi no Shou- CG-045

He seems to be a neutral guy. After making contract with Lily, he always stays besides her in library. Part of it because he likes to read books. Surprisingly, his personality always makes him fight with Alicia, Lily’s friend. Everyday, Lily had nightmare of someone killing people at night. Finally she made it to find the culprit, which was Glasyas. He just killed bad people so he could take the energy from them (Yup, Asmodeus told Lily in this route that demons eats people’s soul and body. Also, he got blood sucking CG too). After that, Glasyas promised not to kill anymore. Asmodeus helped Lily to choose what to do and explained about Glasyas is being controlled by Lucifer. The only way is to seal him. When she choose to seal Glasyas in best ending, she finds way to keep him coming back to human world by reading a book. Glasyas became like a human, who didn’t have demonic power. With that, he can’t be scared by killing people anymore. They’re kissing and confessing feelings for each other.

SR-Hi no Shou- CG-054

On bad end, Lily couldn’t seal Glasyas but gotten killed by him. She kissed him before closing her eyes, turning Glasyas back to his own self. After realizing what he did, Glasyas didn’t feel anything anymore for the world without Lily. As for good ending, it tells the story from when Lucifer took Glasyas’ body. When he doesn’t want to have ‘love’ in his heart, Lucifer comes to take him as he said he’ll help Glasyas to have Lily. Well, it ends with just she have him back after summoning Glasyas. Dark end has sad and bitter story. When Glasyas noticed he had killed Lily, Lucifer came. Seeing that demon made Glasyas went mad and destroy the world, thinking it have no meaning without Lily. After everything became bare land, Glasyas hugged Lily’s cold body, kissing her, then stabbing his body with his own fire arrow (Oh no. It’s sad and his dialogues were similar to Takato from Clock Zero). He thinks he already destroyed the world she protected and it’s hurting.

SR-Hi no Shou- CG-067


Paimon (CV: Kondo Takashi)

SR-Hi no Shou- CG-074

Despite he is Lucifer’s subordinate and will do anything to help him, Paimon is like a little child. After he and Lily made contract together, she made him sweets and Paimon liked to eat that. Actually, he is former angel, similar to Lucifer himself, that goes down to demon level and makes them can’t ignore to get revenge on Gods. When Lily had a dream of his past and told him that, Paimon tried to kill her, but stopped instead. There’s also scene of when Paimon treat Lily’s wound on her body and must open her clothes (quite interesting to see his blushing lines). The first time they kissed was when Lily fell from a ship to the sea because of Belyth’s interference (He doesn’t appear though, from Chi no Shou). It’s to save her from drowning. Later, Paimon wants to fight Lucifer but the of them gets jailed by him. Lucifer told Lily that human and demon can’t fall in love and she musn’t trust Paimon. But in best end, Lily keeps believing in Paimon and they can beat Lucifer, though it turns out that Paimon has serious wound. They came back to human world and Lily kept taking care of him until the day Paimon awakened his eyes. She hugged him tight and confessing love together.

SR-Hi no Shou- CG-084

For bad end, Lily heard what Lucifer said before, that she couldn’t believe the love between them. Lucifer made them fight each other but of course Paimon won. He killed Lily and took Solomon’s ring. Good end doesn’t have anything important, similar to best end, just that it won’t let us know if Paimon will wake up or not. For dark end, Paimon kills Lily because she broke his heart by not believing in him. Even though Paimon wanted to love with her, it were all just dreams. After Lily had died, Paimon gave the ring to Lucifer, saying he’ll stay with Lucifer forever, for none he couldn’t believe anymore. It’s the only way to live for him and just thinking Lily’s dead body is just a dead person, without feeling anything anymore.

SR-Hi no Shou- CG-085

This game was very short but I was lazy the first week before Norn9’s coming. That’s why, I rushed to finish 1 person in 2 days, even though I might finish in one day (remember, I have to work). The story might be short and the villain is just Lucifer himself, but there’s pitiful sad ending that might crush our hearts. The happy endings itself are also sweet. BGM doesn’t change much but some are fit the feelings. Art was similar to 90’s anime, but it’s not that bad. What I like is there’s voice in every character. I was afraid before that it would just be in some scene, but sub chara also had voices (Yeah, I never tried to search on the official site before, just trying and wishing luck). Anyway, this series are good to filling time, short, but not that easy as decent romance.


NOTE: This game was came from Asgard-Japan. The same company which ported Bloody Call to PSP. I knew that a month ago, but just have a chance to write it here.




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  1. first time commenting here 😀
    you made this game looks so good but that’s probably me, I just don’t really like this game I guess.
    I’ll probably try this again after norn9. thanks for the review!

    • Well, this one is good to fill time and I don’t really like the art. But the dark ending were decent and heartbreaking. For story, it’s not that superior and too common. It’s also good if you favorited some seiyuu because there are many characters in the series.

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