Chain -Binding Two-

As I’ve said before, I didn’t play Getsuei no Kusari ~Sakuran Paranoia~ properly. Though I skipped it, I read the epilogue. It’s quite vague, but this VN really has many conversations and all just too long. It’s quite good but sadly, I couldn’t stand too many unworthy dialogues now that I have limited time playing.

Many had did wonderful preview before so I wouldn’t write it anymore. This will be just my impression and a few truth behind characters there. SPOILER indeed.

Getsuei no Kusari CG-174

01.   Fuyuura Megumi

Getsuei no Kusari CG-178

      Heroine in Getsuei no Kusari who had lost her parents. She was taken in by Ooigawa family, lived there as the owner of Tsuki no Hotori restaurant. I found her past was quiet traumatic but she lived up all with her own strength. A strong woman who mostly being cornered in all routes by being a rightful resident.

02.   Kagurazaka Hibiki (CV: Tarusuke Shingaki)

Getsuei no Kusari CG-031

Leader of Kouka Seinendan, a group of people who seeks revolution and the happiness for the town of Koukashi. His body and half of face were burned at past, the same fire that burned his sister and her lover. Actualy, his real name was Otowa Michinari. Hibiki is his sister’s name, while Kagurazaka is her lover. Kagurazaka died following Hibiki from the war. In one of bad ending, Megumi also did the same for him, when he’s trapped inside burning house. Actually, he had weak body so even if they had children later, Hibiki couldn’t stand up and just laying on bed. Note that in all route, Fukami Mikoto is the villain.

03.   Mochizuki Satoya (CV: Matsuoka Yoshitsugu)

Getsuei no Kusari CG-066

He seems just a little boy. But the truth is, he is the most trustworthy person for Kouka Seinendan’s leader. Satoya is a kind one. He saved Megumi from some guy who wanted to rape her, but it left scar in her heart. In one of bad ending, Megumi tried to kill him because she just wanted to make him sided with her forever (because everybody just gossiping on how she wouldn’t fit to Satoya). And the other bad ending made him going on with Megumi’s lustful thoughts, but then he must left her for work. When Satoya came back, Megumi already died for longing for him. Nb: It did have painful endings and sadly, his good ending didn’t leave much impression as strong as his bad end.

04.   Inoguchi Wataru (CV: Asanuma Shintarou)

Getsuei no Kusari CG-101

A soldier in Koukashi, very appreciated by residents there. He had a foreign young brother, Inoguchi Noa, hated by people because of his different feature from them. But Wataru is very protective towards his brother and most of his stories involded Noa as the victim. So then, they successfully convinced residents of Noa’s kindness and lived happily still in Koukashi. Nothing spectacular.

05.   Haruna Nozomu (CV: Naruse Makoto)

Getsuei no Kusari CG-161

Nozomu is a stranger to Koukashi and that’s why, residents were untrusting him. He is one of Fukami Mikoto’s subordinate, but choose to leave his side. I did playing his story first to see trough this VN and it’s somewhat made me sleepy for the conversations. Mikoto just some guy with powerful mind that wanted to rule the city with his own beliefs.

06.   Ooigawa Mamoru (CV: Miura Hiroaki)

Getsuei no Kusari CG-170

Mamoru is a newspaper reporter. Lives with Megumi, looking her as his cute little sister forever. Really, he has nothing to do with lover’s kind ending. Mamoru just wanted his sister to find a perfect guy for her, protecting her until then. Quite sad because I like him as a character, easy-going and fun. I hope he can make Megumi the happiest woman, though he just look at her as his sister.

I like the concept and mysterious theme for it. But sadly, I can’t stand too many dialogues and it seems just to prolong the gameplay. Getsuei no Kusari has good storyline and its bad end also has painful side that I like for some dramatic features. If I have more time in life, I’d be happy to see it thoroughly, not like this. I’m so sorry….

Getsuei no Kusari CG-177

Link for CG:


  1. Just want to say thank you for always posting links to the CG and stuff. I really like them and hope you would be able to do more.

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