The Future of Two (Wajin Ibunroku ~Asaki, Yumemishi~) – Neverending Dream (Rurou & Gods)

Rurou (CV: Hosoya Yoshimasa)

Wajin Asaki CG-181

Rurou is a wolfman and also stays at Yamato’s side. It’s not like he wanted it, but it had to be to save his friends and kinds. Most of the time, he attacked Saya and wanted her to be his woman.

Following Takeru’s route until the French toast event with Takeru and the first attack from Rurou, Saya met him again when she’s doing exorcism. Rurou just came to greet her anyway, didn’t want to eat her for now. Then, she met Rurou again by chance. He told Saya that the one she saw before wasn’t a rabbit, but a fox because it made sound. Then, Rurou also said he like to tease Takatora and make him angry before he leave Saya alone. When she fell from bushes in the forest, Rurou came to save her. She said thanks to him but he’s just teasing her that she came just to be eaten by him. Of course the strong Saya won’t let him say anything on his own way anymore and just kick him. Rurou left her again seeing her strong will.

For breakfast, Saya made French toast for all and it seems everyone like it. The first time Saya sees Rurou waiting for bus to town, she is surprise to know it, thinking it’s unimaginable. Rurou teases her to ho with him, though Saya refused him so he’ll say the next time they meet, they want Saya to let him eat her. But when Saya needed shelter from rain, Rurou greet her and offering her his place. He is very calm when Saya asks him why he did all that (wanted to steal sacred tools), answering that it’s all his own problem. After the rain stops, he let Saya go home and gives her warning to be careful.

Wajin Asaki CG-170

After they knew Saeko was a snake woman, Rurou attacked Saya and Takatora. This story was the same as in Takatora’s route. He kissed Saya’s wound after the fight. But one day, Saya is thinking that she is worried of Rurou. He suddenly came in front of her after she thought that, asked to give him her blood. At first, Saya wouldn’t believe in him, but Rurou kept telling her he wouldn’t want to hurt her because he love Saya. The truth is, Rurou wants her blood so he can become stronger and save his wolf friends. But even though Saya really want to help him, she think he doesn’t know another fact about her blood, which also can kill ayakashi rather than make them stronger. Knowing that, Rurou will take all the risk to save his kind.


Without realizing, Saya says she doesn’t want to see him die but quickly change the topic. Of course Rurou won’t let her go with it. He pushed her to say the rest of that. Saya thinks she can’t bear seeing the sad face of Rurou while he’s thinking of his friends. She likes him and that’s her real feelings. Knowing Saya’s mind, Rurou pushed her body to a tree and kissed her. He asks why she changed her mind of him, which she knows that she like the kind Rurou. Again, Rurou kissed her tightly and spent time until night with her. Suddenly, they heard a crying voice-like sound. Rurou told that it’s a bird, similar to one in his beautiful village. He began telling the scene of his village to Saya who had asked him to do it. It’s where the wolvesman lived with happiness. But because of the harm of human, they must run away from their homeland. It’s at that time, Yamato offered his help to Rurou, to build another home for them. Though finally, Rurou realized it’s a danger to help him, moreover because he’s the one who cursed wolvesman, but it’s already too late.

Wajin Asaki CG-172

Later, he asks to know of Saya more, of why she became a taimashi. Saya herself also became one because she’s been taken by Iori house, which she couldn’t prefer. But there, there are people who care of her, such as Shuu, so it’s alright. Rurou thinks her life is also tragic, saying he wants to eat her at first, but now, he loves her. Just that, he needs her blood to become stronger. After encouraging Saya that he’ll be alright with it, she let him drink her blood from her hand. Then, she fainted for about an hour until she sees Rurou taking care of her, alive. He doesn’t want Saya to follow him to the last battle, but she is fine without coming back to her friends. She will follow Rurou anywhere because she loves her, even if she must be separated from Shuu or Takatora and her friends.

When Kuira was happily go outside of Yamato’s house because of his new quest, Rurou captured and killed him. Rurou then brought Kuira’s dead body to Yamato and Hida, ready to take revenge from them. He killed Hida and cutted Yamato’s hand. Suddenly, Yamato realized Rurou has drank Saya’s blood so he tried to catch her too for his own benefit. Too bad Rurou used his claws to kill Yamato right away from behind. With blood everywhere on his body, Rurou says it’s all have over. They’re hugging each other, as they’re the only one alive in that house.

Wajin Asaki CG-187

Then, the two of them goes together from the village. As Saya choose him already, he will also choose to go with her. Because he thinks of he come back with Saya, everyone in his village will want her too, and that will be a fight between them. So, he wanted Saya to stay with him, whenever and forever. A few years later, the two of them lives in a country of Europe. It’s snowing outside, when Saya is waiting for Rurou. It won’t be long until they’ll live as 3 persons, because she’s pregnant. After Rurou has come back, he lies beside her, as well as touching her belly. He doesn’t find it a matter if it’ll be girl or boy, but they will tell it a Akazukin story, where Akazukin love the wolf and the wolf love her.

Wajin Asaki CG-193


While drinking Saya’s blood, Rurou becomes strange. He wishes for more power. But as he recognized of what he’ll do to Saya, he ordered her to run away. It’s too late because Rurou changes form to a big wolf that eat Saya. That’s the end of it.

Wajin Asaki CG-270


Chinkon no Rokushin

Mizuchi & Tenko (CV: Katou Masayuki & Ogasawara Saki)

Seems like Mizuchi always running to chase Tenko. Now, Tenko hid in Saya’s room when she’s talking with Giou. As usual, Mizuchi could find him through his presence but also tells Saya not to overly care for Tenko, such as makes him sleep on her lap etc. It’s that way, Tenko had talked about ”it” (Mizuchi didn’t say what “it” was about, but he became red). But quickly, Tenko says it out loud, to make Saya as Mizuchi’s wife so they can always be together. Of course Mizuchi took it off because he’s a God and he couldn’t like an energical girl like Saya. It becomes a fight with Giou to prove that her energy is what the best of her, while Saya and Tenko read book.

One time, Mizuchi took Saya to his place in Kasuga when she’s going to town because Tenko had been crying. When Tenko sees Saya, he is very happy, but as the other time, he wants Saya to be Mizuchi’s bride. When Tenko finally sleeps on Mizuchi’s lap, he’s thinking that he might be the one who pampered Tenko. Before he returning Saya back to town, he says he never think to have a bride. But if until Saya gets older later and haven’t meet anyone, he’ll take her as his bride.

Wajin Asaki CG-244


Tatsuki (CV: Naitou Ami)

A few times earlier before Saya meet Chinkon no Rokushin, she saw Tatsuki is searching for his bidama. She found it and gave it to him the second meeting they had. It makes Tatsuki likes to see her again and they’ve encountered a few again. He knows Saya has purified the river and is very glad of it, which makes her thinking of who is that boy exactly.

After she met Tatsuki as Chinkon no Rokushin, he asks Saya to play with his bidama, explaining that he took it all because he’s surprised to see a beautiful things coming from human. It’s all his precious sphere collected to remain his memories. Then, they’re playing bidama with Giou and Kokuu as spectators. Kija has been defeated by Gods so Saya and the others don’t need to fight it. Before she goes out from Yata Village, Tatsuki called her to his dimension, giving his precious bidama because he wanted Saya to always remember him. When a time comes, Saya promised him to play bidama together again.

Wajin Asaki CG-237


Touma (CV: Inagawa Eri)

Before the fight with Kija, Saya has giving her sweet to Touma and he likes it very much. But at the time they must fight Kija, it were already defeated by the Gods. The world is safe now. One year later, Saya brings Touma around town to eat ice cream and tasty food then watching 3D together like a date.

Wajin Asaki CG-235


Sai (CV: Karasuma Yuuichi)

Sai is the only God with old man form. He is a wise guy inside, even though he seems like a rough old man. The first meeting with him is when Saya bumps into him on the mountain. The second time, he warns Saya to be careful because it’ll be raining soon although it’s bright clear. It became true but Saya couldn’t see him anymore. Then, the other meeting were about Sai helped Saya from her wounded leg and to send out a snake which appeared before her. After Saya knew he’s one of the Gods, she helped him to bring things from Mitsuyo-san. They’re helping Mitsuyo with it and here, Saya told Sai that he’s like her father. He is happy to hear it.

But at night, Sai and Saya noticed the change from Kija. Sai told him that without the Sacred Tool, Kija’s seal can also be broken by Gebaku no Norito skill. Sai is sure that he can keep the seal back and they did it. After that event, Saya decided to become a great taimashi with Giou while walking outside the village. Before they’ve gone from Yata, Sai came to say that he’ll become a God protector for her because he couldn’t be her real father. The three of them will go on journey.

Wajin Asaki CG-248


Kuguno (CV: Shimo Ayaka)

A mature lady (supposedly) who used naginata as her weapon. She’s always fighting mouth with Hayame at first meeting of Chinkon no Rokushin. Most of her first meeting with Saya before she knows that Kuguno is one of the God, already reviewed in Kokuu’s route when Kuguno practicing with her naginata and promised to bring Saya beautiful flower if she meet one. Continue from that, Kuguno lets Saya sleep together with her so she can rest after doing exorcism. And then after Saya found out she’s one of Chinkon no Rokushin, she asked how Kuguno keep her beauty style. Kuguno says that it’ll be fine for Saya to stay like that and maybe 5 years later, she’ll be as beautiful as her. One thing is, Saya mustn’t keep her stress.

One day, Saya heard Kuguno was talking to a bird. She then notices Saya and then ask who is the one she like over Shuuichirou, Takatora, or Takeru. The conversation turns to Kuguno’s love story. She said it’s a sad one though Saya noticed she is talking about the drama (because hundred years ago, there isn’t any mansion nor passport). But one thing is, Kuguno is jealous because Saya can marry some man, falling in love and get a happy life together. But she must choose the one she really love. Before Kuguno can ask back of her loved man, Saya runs away to help Mitsuyo preparing food. The day Kija’s seal broken, Kuguno tells Saya that they’re already bring back Kija to his seal, thanks to Saya and Shinato’s quick notice. But the Gods must go back to their place.

On the next summer vacation, Saya comes to Kuguno’s place after met Chinatsu and Mitsuyo. To help her love life, Kuguno takes Saya’s phone so that she can send Takeru message to go home, to make him meet Saya. It’s embarrassing for Saya so she keeps telling Kuguno not to do that. And then, after knowing that Saya will stay for a short time in Yata, Kuguno wants to talk with her at Miwa house, maybe for her new love. Though Kuguno tells Saya to keep it a secret from the other Gods.

Wajin Asaki CG-246


Hayame (CV: Ueda Noriko)

Hayame is an energetic girl who used arrow and has red hair. She likes to be friends with Saya but goes away quickly. A few times Saya played with Hayame and they became good friends. Sadly, she haven’t ask Hayame’s name before they get to meet as Chinkon no Rokushin introduced themselves. When she and Saya goes to town alone, they tries a few clothes like any other girl’s shopping and eating crepe together. But when some guys approached them, Hayame quickly brings Saya to run away because she hate that kind of man. Though it makes Saya worried if she can ever fall in love. Kuguno also had said to her that it’s because Hayame never love any guy before and it’s the cause of her hatred. After Kija was defeated and be sealed again, Hayame followed Saya and go shopping together. She changes her mind that she believe she can meet some man one day.


Shinato (CV: Yanai Hitoshi)

A beautiful either man or woman with white hair. I think I’ll prefer to use ‘him’ because of his voice. Shinato follows Saya to town and being worried if his appearance is weird because everyone are watching them. Buy Saya said it’s because Shinato is very beautiful that others can’t wait to talk about. Suddenly, a guy teases Saya and hurted her arm, makes Shinato can’t stay calm. Thankfully, he can chase them away. While Saya thinks that guy was interested in Shinato, Shinato himself doesn’t think like that because that guy approached Saya. Here, he also said that he isn’t man nor woman.

Kija’s seal been broken and makes Saya feels weaker. While Shinato explains that they can beat it, Saya fell unconscious for 3 days. When she awakes and walks with Giou together, Shinato comes to meet her again. They’ll be taking a look around town but first, Saya thinks Shinato needs to change his clothes. They’ll be having fun.

Wajin Asaki CG-250
This is my final post about Wajin Ibunroku ~Asaki Yumemishi~. I’m sorry it got to mix with LJ and WP to read it all, as I’ve told earlier that I can’t
log on to WP since December 2012.
Rurou might get my curiosity since the first time seeing the info of this new Asaki. He’s the only one who as the route of killing other people, due to his hatred towards Yamato. It surprised me, of course, to know Mio would get something like that. But anyway, it’s still lacking some aspects here and there (You can feel it as you’ve played yourself). Though Hosoya’s voice really suit him well (I’m glad he didn’t use Pet’s voice in Ixion Saga DT. Oh, by the way, Yuuri in Time Travelers is also good). The only route in Chinkon no Rokushin that I like is Mizuchi & Tenko. The other seems fail to interest me, as the story are too similar to each other. It’s too quick and there were too many Gods. Anyway, I’m glad Sai’s route didn’t contain age gap of love.



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