The Future of Two (Wajin Ibunroku ~Asaki, Yumemishi~) – Neverending Dream (Miwa Takeru)

I could log on to WP! Finally! It’s a bit strange but luck was with me now (Thank God). I had posted this on my Livejournal, but I must also post it here too. It has been a while, really.

Miwa Takeru (CV: Toriumi Kousuke)
Wajin Asaki CG-014

A grandson of important miko-like baba in Yata Village. Most of the time, he works parttime and abandons school often. Also, his personality isn’t that reliable. I always scared if he give the sacred tools to Yamato Takumi, as he always admire. Has kendo skill and might be that’s why, he can use God Sword in no time.

Different from the other routes, Saya agreed to show Yamato of their skill in exorcism. She thinks normal human just can see the shining power after all. After getting excited of their skill, Yamato invites them to see his book if they have some time. At another meeting, he talks about his ability in kendo then helps Saya to understand it with practice. Suddenly, she saw someone with black hair (Rurou) standing in front of Miwa’s house, but quickly disappeared. In town, Takeru revealed his past that Mitsuyo-san was helped by his grandma and after his parents died (when he’s in elementary school), she’s been like his mother. Then, when Saya chased Choco around the mountain, Takeru, who also there, was jealous because Choco had to be in care so much. Saya suggests that she will care for him, makes him blushing, but it’s just a joke. After that, she met Yamato, who explained of a researcher’s ability (I don’t care).

Takeru must buy things for Mitsuyo around town. But he must wait for the bus to come. With Saya, the two of them plays with camera, capturing their cutest moment (Sadly, without CG). In the morning, knowing Mitsuyo-san isn’t at home, Takeru makes french toast breakfast for him and Saya. She’s thinking that the woman who’ll get marry to him must be happy to eat his cooking. It makes her face gets red while Takeru thought his french toast is still too hot. When Saya found Takeru when he’s practicing his swordskill to defeat Touma, he seemed troubled by his own weakness. Saya suggested him to be helped by Shuu. At first, Takeru wouldn’t want that, but finally, he let go of his pride so that everything will end quickly. As usual, Takeru meets Yamato under waterfall. Yamato wishes Takeru would speak to his grandma to proof that Yata is Yamataikoku. But before Takeru can speak more of it, Choco steals Yamato’s glasses so he can’t see.

Wajin Asaki CG-003

One day, Takeru is talking with Yamato again until Saya and Choco comes to gather with them. She wanted to give Saeko’s handkerchief back through Yamato, but because Choco is still angry with Yamato, Takeru brought it with the handkerchief to see Saeko. While Takeru is gone, Saya reveals to Yamato that she’s a taimashi. Amazed by that, Yamato wished to research her more someday while going out with Saeko and Takeru. After Takeru is back, he is happy to know their double date(?) plan. This is the story before he goes to his grandma and asking about Yamataikoku.

Takeru and Touma were already begin their fight since morning. But Touma said, with his skill now, plus his lost at heart, Takeru wouldn’t be able to get the God Sword. While he’s resting with Choco, Saya came to him. It’s the time Takeru told all of his worries to her, that he’s scared of not being able to finish the task. Later, when Saya meets him again at mountain, Takeru says he’s lost because he’s in the middle of struggling between researching about Yamataikoku, or being a Miwa’s first son. As Miwa’s son, he couldn’t reveal about his dream research to public and it made him in pain, thinking what he should do. Saya said it might be true that he will be able to do research if he isn’t a Miwa, but it feel sad. Because he’s a Miwa that he will be able to find the truth of Yamataikoku and meet Touma. Takeru agreed with that.

Wajin Asaki CG-007

When he’s in the mountain again, Takeru found that Saya like flowers when she met one in front of them. So he showed his camera to tell her about the flowers he met near it. They’re having fun talking about flowers. Suddenly, Saya almost fell while walking if some guy didn’t catch her (Mizuchi). He’s been searching for a child (Tenko) and gets mad for making him wandering to search. While practicing with Shuu, Takeru prefers not to be seen by Saya, for his pride (because he always lose?). Some day later, Saya found a lost child (Tenko). He said he was putting flowers on his brother (Mizuchi) and made him mad, so he’s running away. But Saya told him that his brother won’t get mad so that child will go home.

Takeru is sulking about Golden Week’s holiday. He must be adventuring or having fun with friends if not working about fighting Kija right now. To make it feel like the real one, Saya made him bentou. Too bad the onigiri she made is just being laughed by Takeru. But he is having fun thanks to her, and realizing that he won’t fighting alone because there are Saya, Shuu, Takatora, and the others. Then, Saya met Tenko and Mizuchi together, noticed that they’re siblings. Tenko gave her flower as a thank you gift of the help. The next day, Tenko brings Saya to a beautiful field (Beyond human world). He said it’s a secret but as he’s asleep, Mizuchi came to bring him back and to make Saya go out from there (with making her feels dizzy at the moment and arrived at mountain shrine gate).

Wajin Asaki Misc CG-082

After fighting Hida, Saya had a dream of Himeko. Now, a voice (Shinato) said to her that he’s happy to help her and fight alongside her. Himeko also is glad to have his help. Suddenly, Saya heard Takeru is talking with Yamato through phone. She asks him not to involve with Yamato because of Saeko, but Takeru gets angry at her for connecting someone innocent with ayakashi. Then, Kuira came to get the sword. This is when Takeru wants to show his ability but gets knocked down easily. Before Kuira can hurt Saya after beating Takeru, Shuu quickly helps her. After Kuira runs away, Shuu brings Takeru inside. While waiting about his awakeness, Shuu understands what Saya is telling them about Takeru’s pride and claims it’s only at his age that he understood this pride, answering Takatora’s question.

When Saya looks at Takeru’s room to see if he’s already awake or not, he speaks to her about his weakness and his wish to protect her because he doesn’t want to see a girl being hurted anymore (When earlier, he said about protecting Saya after she got injured). Then, he blurted out his real feelings, that he might already in love with her. Saya too, says she likes him and they’re becoming couple right away. Just then, Takeru remembers her time is limited in Yata, because she will go back to school. Though it’s like that, he wishes her to come again, holding her hands. Too bad it’s not for a long time until Giou and Kokuu walks in front of his door, talking about Saya might be taking a nap with Shuu.

Wajin Asaki CG-018

For next morning, Takeru ate all his porridge so Mitsuyo-san wanted to cook more healthy food to raise his stamina. Saya helps her even though she does many failure, but with Mitsuyo-san’s arrangement, she can make it good enough for Takeru to like her ebifurai. As for Yamato’s group, similar to Kokuu’s route, he’s talking about North Wind and Sun story to explain of his strategy. Like any other route, Yamato tries to convince Takeru to show him the tools, but he can’t do that, makes Yamato mad and goes home with nothing. He asks Saya of what she think of Yamato earlier, and she says it seems suspicious. Takeru also thought that and feeling down, he took a walk alone.

As it’s dangerous to go alone, Saya followed him. There, he said he always wanted to be a researcher, finding the truth of Yamataikoku. Thankfully, Saya shows him a way, that his research musn’t always about Yamataikoku. This makes Takeru knows of what he wants to do, researching historical site all over Japan, also asks Saya to go with him after graduation. Saya agrees, but she first says if it’s about being a bodyguard. Of course Takeru wants to stay with her, not as his bodyguard. But their time of attempting to kiss is interrupted by Hida. She got to hurt Takeru so bad, makes Saya forcefully uses her power to chase her away. After Hida runs away, Saya takes the bloody Takeru on her lap. He wishes to be kissed by Saya for he doesn’t know when they can do it again after that time. First, he doesn’t want to close his eyes to look at Saya, but because she is embarrassed, he does as her wish. Saya kissed him then Takatora came by Choco’s guidance. He thinks Takeru is already dead by looking at first glance and surprised he’s still alive. Takatora helps to bring Takeru home, even if he says it’s a dead body numerous times. Takatora came to mountain because Kokuu said the barrier became weak. Then, he met Choco.

Wajin Asaki CG-030


Upon remembering Takatora’s speak about Takeru might die earlier, Saya, who guards Takeru beside his futon is worried. She also remembers Takatora’s suggestion, to use her blood to save Takeru like she saved him in the past. But she thinks it’s because Takatora is half human and half ayakashi, as every Toshimitsu are, so he explains the story where Raikou is given Hime’s blood to defeat Shuutendouji. Saya decides to give her blood and asks Takeru if it’ll make him feel suck at her, because her blood can be a poison or a cure for it. But Takeru wishes to heal his wound with her blood anyway.

Wajin Asaki CG-033

After receiving some and feels healthy enough to speak, Takeru begins talking of his thinking. The two of them have their own history in families. Maybe that’s why they’re bound to meet. He thinks history exist to connect the future, similar to them. They met from historical families, and will build their own future. The meaning is, he wants Saya to not hate her different blood. Upon hearing it, Saya is thankful for his beliefs. With no time, Takeru becomes healthy again. The morning before the last battle, Saya wakes up with Takeru’s practicing voice. He already practicing his swordskill and is good enough to do that. But suddenly, as Yamato releasing Kija’s seal, the cloud changes.

Chinkon no Rokushin appears quickly knowing there’s a sudden change in the air. Shinato explains that to seal Kija again, they must use Sacred Tools. While Takeru has his sword, Saya will hold the mirror. They’re going to Yamato’s house but Hida appears before they can get there. Thanks to Mizuchi, Tenko, and Hayame, Saya, Takeru, and Shinato can straightly go to Yamato. Here, Yamato explains his reason to wake Kija is about ancestral grudge, the hatred for Himiko, Mahito, Kija, nor Yamataikoku. He reveals that he is Himiko’s first son, wants to destroy all in this world. Before Takeru can be wounded by Kija, Chinkon no Rokushin who have defeated Hida comes to them. Shinato explains they won’t be able to defeat it without Iyo’s power, the one resided as Choco. But even though they have Iyo, they can’t seal Kija anymore and must kill it because Yamato merges with it in hope to become a new God.

Wajin Asaki CG-264

While Takeru is on the verge of winning, Hida appears to interfere with them again. But Chinkon no Rokushin will be dealt with her. Meanwhile, Shinato wants Saya to use her Naohi power to defeat Kija. But Takeru’s eyes got wounded and he couldn’t see anything. Quickly, he notices that he can feel where he must slay his sword with Saya’s taimashi power, then defeat Kija. With Naohi power, Yamato can rest in peace.

After that, every summer break, Saya came to see Takeru in his village. This time, they’re playing near waterfall. Saya asks if Takeru wants to do job from Shinonome, who called her as “Hime” and makes Takeru jealous there’s a guy who called her that. Then, they’re spraying water to each other. Takeru lies that there are wolves behind her then spraying Saya as she saw her back. The two of them will stay together.

Wajin Asaki CG-044


Saya can’t ask Takeru alone if he want to use her blood. So this time, Takatora will stay with her while she explains it to Takeru. Takeru agrees to use her blood but after that, Takatora wants Saya to eat first. When she’s gone, Takatora tells Takeru to quickly become healthy so it won’t make her worry. It might be good if Takeru is dead, but Takatora doesn’t want to see Saya crying. But when they’re almost win, Kija tried to kill Saya. Takeru saves her, but after Saya uses her Naohi power, he can’t be save anymore. Takeru was killed on battle and died in Saya’s arm.

Wajin Asaki CG-041

A few years later after Saya has graduated and became a university student, on her first day, she is sitting on a bench rather than going inside. A guy came to tells her that she must go inside quickly. When she look at him, it reminds her that Takeru might be in same year as that guy. From now on, she will complete his wish to do research and meet many people.


When Saya is fighting Hida, there’s no one who will help her. Hida killed her even though she is wishing not to do that.


For my impression on Takeru, he’s the only one who got precious storyline. It’s obvious because he’s the main guy in here, but it’s too funny that in other routes, Kija’s defeated was too forgetful. It’s not cool and not in a way leave much impression. Whilst Takeru’s character isn’t too good for me. He’s too stubborn and feeling down easily. Definitely not my type of preferrences.

After being hiatus for awhile, I can see my dashboard again. I’m very happy for this. It also will enhance my excitement to play again (I’ve been pretty lazy to play lately and just browsing through net). Right now, I’m eager to finish Hiiro no Kakera Shirahana quickly, but without making review (Because it’s too hard for me and I don’t very much like the theme). I also plays Chou no Doku FD lately, but it’s not important for me too.


  1. Ooh! Thanks for blogging this otome game. I’ve been very busy lately, and don’t have any time for games that’s why I’m just browsing the net and updating myself on what’s out and new from other bloggers. (^^) I played the first Asaki Yumemishi before but gave up on it. It had too many kanji beyond my level… then again my kanji level is still on the basic level, it makes me wanna cry. Ah, but anyway. I’ll be reading the rest of your updates on this game.

    • I also was very busy at the moment and couldn’t play that much of a time. It’s like.. we have the same problem: TIME. With work and all, I feel like sleeping after going back home everyday (my body feels hard to move on) and hoping to turn weekend quickly (Because it’s the only time I can meet “him”, ‘Hai Chao Ce Ke’ singer). (=;ェ;=)

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