The Future of Two (Wajin Ibunroku ~Asaki, Yumemishi~) – Neverending Dream (Kokuu)

Kokuu (CV: Fujimura Ayumi)

Wajin Asaki Misc CG-077

Shuuichirou’s ayakashi who stands to protect his master, similar to Giou. Same, he looks like a child, but already lives more than hundred years. A dedicated, loyal, but can snap Shuu if he’s doing bad. Likes to eat very much because Shuu always gives him konbini bentou, makes him desire delicious food.

Part of the beginning of his route was the same with Giou. Kokuu is very care of Saya. He wants her to marry Shuu, believing that it’s all for their happiness. He also is the one who gives Saya many suggestions on her problem whenever she needs his lecture. Kokuu thinks Saya becomes pretty when she showed him her onepiece dress from Saeko. He reminded of a little girl before, which made Saya think she’s still like a child. But quickly, Kokuu says that she has grown up and will become a beautiful bride for Shuu. In her mind, she is a bit disappointed to hear what Kokuu told her. When she met Kokuu again, he asked her to take a walk together until bus stop. He’s talking like big brother to her, but when they’re being serious, Saya feels hungry. It makes Kokuu laughing but will take care of it.

Saya is taking a walk alone when she believes to saw something. The woman with green clothes seems like in 20s, but she says she has met a taimashi like Saya about hundred years ago (Yep, it’s Kuguno). The lady was amazed by Saya’s power and it’s a rare one to have a cute girl as it. Again, Kuguno appeared before Saya with a rare flower. When seeing Saya also like it, Kuguno said she’ll be sure to give her rare flower again if she meet one then bring it to her room. Later, Saya meets Kokuu. He’s been worried of her wound from the last battle. As a thanks, Saya eats ice cream together with him.

Wajin Asaki Misc CG-072

For cooking, Saya choose to make trifle, an English dessert which is known well by Kokuu. Surprisingly, he likes it very much. Then, she meets Saeko who have a nice chat about her feelings for Yamato. She loves him buy he doesn’t recognize it and just doing research. It’s like she have already surrender to get her own happiness, but it’s alright as long as she can stay happily with him. Seems like someone betrayed her in the past. Then, she saw Kokuu is talking to Mitsuyo-san, asking how to make hotcake because his share was eaten by Touma (While the other reason is, he always eats konbini bentou with Shuu). Saya wanted to help and make it to Kokuu because she like to see his happiness smile. And then, the other time he met Kokuu, he made her cooking again so they can eat together.

What I like about Kuguno is her weird way of getting away stress. Saya saw her doing naginata practice, but she told her to do it like her if she have stress. Just doing naginata while screaming “Bakayarou!!” out loud. It’s too embarrassing. Well, some times after they fought Hida the first time, Takatora is being captive by Shuu. But he can run away with Takeru. Meanwhile, Kokuu asks what is Saya and Shuu’s development already. Because the one who can stay with him (who doesn’t speak to girls) is only Saya alone, so Kokuu wants them to get marry quickly. But the two of them are against that talk so they’re agreed to take a walk together so they can speak about Kokuu’s order.

When Saya asks Shuu of how he feels to walk in a bright daylight, he just feels sleepy, too shiny, and hot (of his black coat-Really, I think Shuu is the funniest). Saya asks him why he can’t have a job at daylight but he just split the conversation about how Saya has changed to be more bright. She asks again if it’ll make him want to sleep, but Shuu straightly told her she became beautiful now. Looking at Saya’s red face, Shuu thinks she is in fever and try to measure it head-to-head, makes her heart beating faster. They arrived at Miwa’s house without anything (proposal) to bring to Kokuu, so he brings Saya to a date, leaving Shuu’s mouth wide open.

As they’ve got to town, Kokuu straightly go to restaurant. He’s already tired of konbini bentou, up ‘til just hear the word made him upset. Then, Kokuu told her of why he always wanted to hug Saya and Shuu’s child. It’s because he already knew of their good and bad points, so Kokuu wanted them to get happiness. After they’ve arrived home, Kokuu was very surprised to see Shuu is still standing beyond the gate. He said if Shuu is worried of Saya, then he must chase her instead of staying (Good.. How stupid of him!). In her room, Kuguno and Giou were already waiting for her return just to ask who is the one she like. But before Saya can answer it half-heartedly, they can feel evil presence. It’s Rurou, Kuira, and Hida. Right at the time Kuira is ready to go inside Miwa’s house, Kokuu is preparing for his best skill (Shuu said it’s too barbecue-ing wolf), made Rurou run away first, followed by his friends.

Wajin Asaki CG-bgrtbvdfe

Right in the morning, Saya and Kokuu must play along with Tenko, Hayame, and Shinato because the others have gone (Except Shuu, sleeping). Saya saw a lonely face of Kokuu so she asked him what did he think. Kokuu is afraid if they must separate ways again after the battle ended. She asks if that’s why Kokuu always wanted her to marry Shuu, but Kokuu tells her it’s up to her to marry someone, not following his wish. With Saya’s positive thinking, they’ll surely be able to find some way to not separating. Meanwhile, Yamato will try another way of releasing Kija’s seal. He explains a story of North Wind and Sun, who tried to release an adventurer’s coat. North Wind blew its wind, but it just made the adventurer tighten up his coat. While Sun used its hotness, the adventurer released his coat. So, Yamato will use Takeru to gain the sacred tools. But as usual, Takeru is lost and can’t answer him so he’s backing off.

Wajin Asaki CG-jhe5rfeawscvm


When Shuu is sick, Kokuu made him a bitter medicine but he refused. He met Saya who suggested to have tea together. In here, Saya tells her feelings for Shuu is just as family, made Kokuu worry if they’ll be separated again. Looking him feeling lonely, Saya can’t wait to say she like Kokuu. But he thinks she likes him as mother-daughter, so Saya tells again that she is truly loves him. In the end, Kokuu accepted her feelings because he also love Saya, but warned her if she ever betray him, he’ll kill her then killing himself (He can be scary!). Though Saya won’t betray him because she doesn’t want Kokuu to die. As promise, they kissed each other. While counting on whom he must tell of their relationships, Saya can’t seem to understand what he’s talking about (Yup, first is Shuu, then Takatora, then Shinonome). Looking at her makes Kokuu teases her again with a kiss. This one, makes Saya hit her head to the wall. Again, Kokuu tells her that a kiss isn’t only at lips.

Wajin Asaki CG-gfeyjgfrst

Yamato already has another way of releasing Kija’s seal, with Gebaku no Norito. When Saya and the others feels the presence, they fight against Yamato’s subordinate. Kokuu explained to Shuu that he wanted to protect Saya, so he beg to Shuu. After they’ve got Shuu’s permission, Kokuu and Saya fought Hida. She claims that the human he protect will betray him, but Kokuu won’t hear what she said. They successfully beat Hida together.

Wajin Asaki CG-j6ert54rfdgb

After that, Saya and Kokuu lives together. Suddenly, Shuu comes to bring him food. Though Kokuu won’t eat as much as his past because he wants Saya to look cute (she also eats with him). Shuu asks what they’re doing with so many phamplets about touring. The truth is, to celebrate Saya’s graduation, they’ll go across nations (to eat many food). And that’s how the two will live from now on.

Wajin Asaki CG-sfygtjnhgcb


Saya can’t say what is on her mind about Kokuu, so he is still waiting to hug Shuu and her child someday. It hurts Saya’s chest, and when Giou sees it, he is ready to knock Shuu off (he think there’s no other guy who can make her sad than Shuu). Though Saya quickly stops him. At Yamato’s place, he’s ready to awaken Kija. He wants Rurou to go away from the village (he is not needed anymore) with his friends, but Saeko will follows Yamato for the rest of her life.

Here, Saya goes with Giou, Takeru, Touma, and Chinkon no Rokushin to fight Kija. They could beat it, but as everything had ended, Shuu and Kokuu went on journey alone without telling other. Some time later, Saya already married to Shuu and had their baby. Though Shuu rarely comes home, and Kokuu is the one who takes care of his child with Saya. Kokuu seems happy to hug their baby at his arms. When Shuu comes home just to visit them, Kokuu asks him to hug his child, but he refused because he doesn’t want the baby to cry. Deep inside Saya’s heart, she knows the reason, because their marriage is just to make child.

Wajin Asaki CG-lkyutjhgvews


Like Giou, seems his romance was too rushing. I was suprise what a fast kissing scene he had with Saya, because he always used to match-making her with Shuu. At least he must have had some confusing scenario on whether he’ll let Shuu stay with Saya or having her for himself. But then again, he and Kokuu are like some bonus scenario, for they’re too shota…

Anyway, I just like his bad end, when Saya got married with Shuu. Sadly, it’s all must ruined by how he behave towards his family.. Oh no, it feels like Shuu is the bad one, although the truth is, he must have care for Saya so much. I don’t know why he must changed personality in this route, because even if they haven’t marry, Shuu is a siscon whatever it is (if we see Saya as his sister). I just need to complete Shuu, Rurou, and God’s route. As for Takeru, I had finish his route, but I’ll post it later.

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