The Future of Two (Wajin Ibunroku ~Asaki, Yumemishi~) – Neverending Dream (Giou)

Giou (CV: Yonaga Tsubasa)

Wajin Asaki CG-kgyutryd5

A loyal ayakashi-servant like kid, who actually already lives for many years than he seems to be. Cute outside, but is like a mother who protects Saya so much. He always following Saya everywhere, this time, to Yata Village. Mitsuyo always calls him with –chan because she thinks Giou is a girl at first time meeting. But they’re getting along well (because of mother-like?).

When Saya and him goes exorcism near the river, Giou gives her fresh water as she is asking about. And then, while Giou talked to something she couldn’t see, Saya asked him what he had saw there. Giou returned it back, asking what would she think of him, if he is a human like her. Saya answered him that they’ll be seeing the same world. The true point here is, there’s some human can see and some they cannot. It’s what makes them different. For present, Takeru gave Giou a hystorical book as Saya suggested. Some other time, he has a problem when Choco plays with his book because of its scent. But they’re reading it together afterward (cute, huh?).

Wajin Asaki CG-klnibun

Giou is a very helpful ayakashi. He catches Saya before she’s falling from unbalance movement. Then, Saya meets Shuuichirou, who is taking a walk in forest. They’re separating ways after a few conversation, leaving Saya to think what she can do so Shuu can allow her to work as taimashi. In another time taking a walk to town with Giou, Saya asks him to go to the bookstore together, as she knew what he like. When seeing a little bird almost fell from its nest, Saya asked Giou to bring it back. Using his power, Giou can easily did it. Saya gives her thanks for his help, followed by he murmured that Saya will be a great bride someday. Also, there’s time Saya saw him doing a beautiful exorcism with his power. She says it’s pretty, makes him feels embarrassed. The two of them went to mountain, but suddenly, rain fell. They’re taking shelter above tree. While looking at Giou, who’s been sleeping, Saya thinks he’s in peaceful. But then, she also fell to sleep.

Saya showed her onepiece dress from Saeko to Giou. At first, he thought there’s a guest and didn’t recognize her. Then, he says the dress is suitable for her, but considering she’ll be a bride someday, it might be too showy. With Kokuu’s being a judge, Saya and Giou begins their training to fight each other. It seems tiring. At Miwa’s house, with Mitsuyo-san’s help, she can make egg dishes for Giou, which he says delicious. But a sudden meeting with a blue-haired boy (Tatsuki, one of Chinkon no Rokushin) seemed weird to her. He is searching for his bidama, and Saya helps him find it. Though he ran away quickly after saying thanks. There’s story of Giou, giving Ryuukinka (立金花) flower to Saya. She thinks the flower has done its best to live. They’re thinking to pick mountain’s plants to give it to Mitsuyo but as she walked, Saya almost fell again, if Giou didn’t catch her quick. They’re clothes are dirty but that’s a no problem for Mitsuyo-san. Too bad Saya also picked up poisonous mushroom to Mitsuyo, but thankfully, Giou noticed it.

What came up after that is a fight between Giou and Kokuu, in paper sumo wrestling game to have sweet… Too bad, Choco interefered them, made it all fell off. Saya thinks Giou is the winner, but Takeru comes to eat the sweet present. When Saeko attacked Saya with her real form, Giou saved her, changing his form with two horns. Like any other route, Saeko, Kuira, and Rurou must run away because Saya’s friends are coming. Then, she heard Giou and Kokuu were talking about how weak Giou is, and feel like he’ll be a hindrance to Saya. But their talk must wait because Hida, Kuira, and Rurou attacked them again. Here, Saya can’t think straight to fight Hida and makes them in dangerous situation.  Though with Giou and the other’s help, they won against the enemies. In the end, Kokuu was mad at Saya for her reckless act to stand by on fight.

Wajin Asaki CG-wafjyfgb


At night, Saya and Giou were doing exorcism together. Again, Saya almost let their prey go, if Giou could not helping her. After they’ve done it, the two were eating ramen together. The next day, Saya wakes up with fever. Giou tries his best to make porridge then feeds it to Saya himself. That time, Saya asks why Giou wanted to be separated from her (from his conversation with Kokuu earlier). He said it’s because Saya will be a bride in no time and she won’t need a ayakashi anymore. Saya tells him that she won’t be a bride but it makes Giou mad at her. After he left, Saya realized her love to Giou, that she didn’t want him to be just a partner, but partner in life. At Yamato’s house, he and his subordinate were preparing for the next attack.

Wajin Asaki CG-safgjyrjhgdf

Saya woke up and found a towel from Giou. Seemed like Shinato also took care of her, but it’s all Giou’s request. Then at kitchen, Mizuchi wanted Saya to play with his brother, Tenko. But Saya isn’t healthy enough to do it. So Mizuchi will be playing with Tenko, saying it’s all for a sick person (he is quite kind). But not long after they’ve played, Tenko broke the flower vase. Suddenly, Yamato Takumi also comes to Takeru’s house, asking him to show the sacred tools so they can make a huge scoop. Thankfully, Takeru is lost and can’t answer him right away, so Yamato goes in anger for him. Giou thinks it’ll be better if human lives with another human, when Saya comes to talk to him. But their conversation was interrupted by Takatora. Then, she told Shuu of her feelings. Saya loves Giou and that’s why, she won’t quit being a taimashi so they can be together. Shuu unexpectedly agreed with her thoughts, just wanted a promise to not die. Meanwhile, Giou also talks to Kokuu about his mind. He thinks he is a hindrance for Saya to become a bride. But his feelings to stay by her side, made Kokuu asked if he’s truly didn’t develop feelings for her. Though it all must be stop for the enemies’ coming.

While fighting Rurou, he said to Giou that human will fight against ayakashi. Though Giou won’t hear what he said, he still had another thought. They’re successfully chasing Rurou and Kuira away, but Giou is still lost with thoughts that it’ll be better if Saya become Takatora or Shuu’s bride. He came to her room when she’s asleep, saying the next battle might be their last battle together because he’ll leave her soon. Then Giou kissed Saya. As he is ready to go, Saya grabs his arm, to say that she likes him. She prefers Giou’s happiness over anything and makes Giou agrees to stay with her.

Wajin Asaki CG-fkutjhtedgf

Same, (maybe with Takatora’s route, though the way is a bit different) Yamato awaken Kija from Kuira’s body. Saya and the others noticed that and preparing for fight. But now, Yamato also comes with Hida, Rurou, and the already changed-Kuira in front of Saya, Giou, Takeru, and Shinato. Too bad, instead of helping them, Kija killed Hida and Takumi in front of Takeru, which made him felt nausea. When they’re in a bit of danger, Choco turns to Iyo, the black panther. With it, they can make it in time for Chinkon no Rokushin to seal Kija. Everything has been done perfectly so there’ll be time to rest. Before they’re going back, Saya tells she like Giou and makes him blushing. Now that she’s careless, Giou kisses her so it’s now changed back. Saya became red.

Wajin Asaki CG-bhefgtryhbd

Three years later, Saya is still doing the taimashi job with Giou, as Rin informed them. While living together with human, Giou’s body became bigger. Ayakashi and human lives in different time, but until the day of separation, the two of them will stay together.

Wajin Asaki CG-tuj7tyghdf


While Saya is sleeping, Giou tells his feelings of love to her, but it’ll be the last fight for them. Seven years later after the fight with Kija, Saya holds her wedding celebration (maybe with Shuu?). When she saw the wind through balcony, she felt a presence, white-haired beautiful ayakashi, like Giou. She told it to Kokuu, but they couldn’t find it anymore. Deep in the forest, Giou is sitting on tree branch, thinking of Saya. In the end, Saya still holds her wedding, the wedding without Giou.

Wajin Asaki CG-7y656trufh


Uh… That’s so quick for his route. And so, his older CG looks very odd, or is it just me? Giou’s eyebrows became bigger than it should! Most of the time, he always putting Saya in becoming Shuu’s bride (will be the same with Kokuu’s route). Somewhat, I felt his worries, but the other, I was bored with the plot. Thankfully, there can still be couple ending, unlike the last game where they just be partner-like. I like Giou’s attitude. He’s cute and reliable. And Yonaga Tsubasa suit Giou very well (because it’s also the first role of him I ever heard).


  1. D’aaaaaawwwwwwwwwwwwww so cute ;-; but yeah… his older CG looks a little odd…. ^^;; I have been debating whether or not I want to play this but this route looks pretty cute so I think I’ll try it out ^-^ the CGs look really cute and pretty~ Except for Giou’s older CGs LOL his older CG looks just a little odd though….. xD
    AND DAT BAD END IS SO SAD Q_________Q at least, it feels super sad to me lol T________T

    • Yep. The bad end feels a little sad. Kokuu will have the same bad end, but with specific explanations. It’s pretty quick after you’ve finished the first route, so if you want to play, play it. I’m curious about Rurou though, and might play his route the last…

      • Aww ;-; yeah the bad end feels very sad to me 😥 and ohh, really? Hmm, I think I might play it then :3 it seems pretty cute so I figured why not ^^ Did they change the artist? For some reason the artwork looks different to me… lol but maybe I just haven’t played the original Asaki in a while ^^;;

        • I also felt the artwork is declining and it must be from different artist. The color also turned darker than before, which had bright color before. Whatever it is, except for Shuu (because I like him) and Rurou, I might not even play it in the first place…

          • Yeah that’s sort of why I didn’t want to play it at first, I thought the artwork was really different from the original but I think I’m going to play it just for the heck of it haha I’ll probably only play a few routes though and then read the rest of the routes on your blog :3

          • What will you play? The first game on PSP or this Wajin Ibunroku? I think it’s best to play the first before this because Takatora’s meeting and all were explained in the first one. Though you might in full rage like me because there’s no Chihaya, the destined person for Saya….

          • I played the original on PC, did they change a lot in the PSP version? Because if they did I’ll go and play the PSP version too lol I haven’t played the first in so long though so I feel as though I don’t remember much from it >_> aka I’ve pretty much forgotten all about it LOL =_=;; and wait, no Chihaya!!!???? ……………………….. :I

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