The Future of Two (Wajin Ibunroku ~Asaki, Yumemishi~) – Neverending Dream (Kuira)

Kuira (CV: Hayashi Yuu)

Wajin Asaki CG-gdxhbknjkbhi

Kuira has two-colored hair, which are black and yellow. He appears to be very attached to his master, which is Yamato, although he just using Kuira. The first time Saya saw him is at the bus stop when she and her friends were visiting town the first time. Seems like Choco, her cat, can feel something and keeps hissing at Kuira. A pure boy inside, even though deep down, he’s surrounded by mysteries.

The second time Saya sees him is at a forest. Though he disappeared right away after Saya calmed Choco down. At next meeting with Saeko, she sees Saya is thinking of someone important and guess if it’s about her loved one. She gives her advice like an older sister and hugs Saya tightly to warm her heart. But in the end, Saeko remembers of her friend whom have died long time ago. For now, Saya seeks Giou’s presence at night. He is wondering if he can still stay with Saya even after she have child, etc. with Shuu or not. Before the first meeting with Rurou, Saya meets Kuira again. She asks if he’s a high schooler from his uniform, but he just says the clothes is a gift from someone he like so much. Kuira leaves as he notices it’s time to go back.

In another encounter, Kuira asks what has she done with the disappearing paper (it’s her job of exorcism) and about her behavior (Saya notices he smell her blood, so she’s a bit scared after fighting Rurou). She tells the truth of being afraid by wolf, so Kuira calms her with saying there won’t be wolf that day. For onepiece Saeko bought to Saya, she show it to Takeru. It makes him nervous while practicing his swordskill, so he says to not come near him that’ll make it dirty. Then, for the other sudden meeting with Kuira, he asks her name and Choco. But Saya couldn’t ask his name before he leave.

While Saya is taking a walk to town, she sees Kuira also rode the same bus with her. But he doesn’t know where to go, so she invited him to eat donuts together. It’s the first time he ever eat it, and he seems to like it very much. There, Saya also thinks he’s cute rather than weird (Because Kuira asks her if he is a weird person). After that town scene, Saya must fight Kuira at night for the first time when she’s with Takeru. The next morning, she comes to the mountain alone and meets Kuira there. He says he won’t kill her now because last night’s order was to kill Takeru and people with him. He didn’t know that Saya would be with Takeru last day. Saya told him to not listen to that order but he couldn’t do that as he didn’t want to be alone. Kuira left her quickly after he’s done to talk to her.

Wajin Asaki CG-yhdftsfiknb

For another encounter with Kuira, he seems lonely that everything will leave him behind, even cats. That’s why, Saya thinks it’ll be good to make him can touch Choco. Choco, who seems to understand the situation, let Kuira touches its body and he seems so happy with it. In another new day, Saya sees a little child (Tenko), who is falling off and crying. Saya hugs and pats him with care so that child calmed down a little. Suddenly, Kuira comes to them and says it must be good to have someone patting their head. Knowing his loneliness, Saya pats Kuira’s head too and tells him that his hair is really soft. Kuira says thanks to her that already made him happy. After he left, the little child then comes with older guy (Mizuchi). Mizuchi is saying thanks to Saya for her help to little Tenko.

Wajin Asaki CG- ghctcubk

Meanwhile, after Hida knows about Saya’s blood from Rurou, she meets her as Saeko. Saeko told Saya a story of a daughter who had pregnant. Her mother knew of it that it’s the child of dragon, so she made her daughter bathed in a water filled with iris flower. It made the baby snake died. Rather than thinking it’s disgusting, Saya feels pity of them. Knowing it, in her heart, Saeko really doesn’t want to kill Saya. The scene changes to Giou, Kokuu, and Takeru’s bathing with iris flower. They’re talking about how not all ayakashis and onis are evil, like how not every human are kind. Takeru is surprised by Kokuu’s explanation, that even something evil like Kija can be a good one if it has developed heart. But as Kokuu and Giou continued the hard conversations, Takeru is sinking in the bathtub.

Wajin Asaki CG-kjvgxrx

Saeko calls Saya to go meet her but she changes her form to Hida. When she found Saya who is hiding, Kuira told her to run away because Saya’s friend are coming. After Saya meets Chinkon no Rokushin, Shinato tells them about Kija’s vessel. They can seal it through killing that vessel, and it is Kuira. At Yamato’s house, the ayakashi were agreed to kill Saya because of her dangerous blood. But as Kuira doesn’t want to, he quickly tells Saya to run away. Instead of her, Saya also wants Kuira to run because her friends wants to kill Kija’s vessel. But for now, she brings Kuira to her room even if Shuu and Kokuu are against it.


In her room, Saya hugs him so he can feel her warmth. It reminded him of a long time ago, when Himiko also did the same thing to hug him and fill him with warm feelings. Then, he sleep with holding Saya’s hand and listening to her lullaby. When Saya woke up, she must fight Hida and Rurou outside with Shuu, Takatora, Takeru, Giou, and Kokuu together. But Kokuu noticed something. It’ll be dangerous to let Kuira alone with sacred tools they had. It came true when Yamato sent his shikigami, asked Kuira to bring the sphere and mirror to him, promising to give Saya to Kuira after everything had done. But too bad, as Kuira love Saya, he wouldn’t do anything that would betray her. Yamato becomes angry and says he just use Kuira for Kija’s power, while Kuira keeps telling him that he’ll be lonely to think like that. Being lose from Kuira’s naivety, Yamato backs off for now, followed by Rurou and Hida. Too bad Takeru is injured by that fight and can’t hold his sword with right hand.

Wajin Asaki CG-huftdtxcrxsrtv

Before going to sleep, Saya asks if Kuira wants to sleep in different room. But even Kokuu can’t push him to do that. Kuira will sleep with Saya. The time he saw her with yukata for sleeping, he wanted to wear one too. But as he had a dream, it’s about the first time he met Himiko. A woman fell unconscious after meeting Kija, so Himiko searched it for herself. She is surprised to see Kija in child form and thinks he won’t harm people because the woman fainted on her own. Himiko raised Kija like his son, remaining her with her first child whom she couldn’t sing a lullaby. But the worse happen. She must seal Kija’s power herself and won’t leave him alone. After more than hundred years kept alive in darkness, Yamato Takumi and Saeko found him. Yamato gave him clothes and name, Kuira.

Wajin Asaki CG-kjcfzerxv

Kuira woke up beside Saya and said he had a unhappy dream. As they’ve done with little chat in morning, the evil presence appears, trying to waking up Kija. Chinkon no Rokushin are fighting to save Kija’s seal in Kuira, and at the critical time before Kuira can’t hold it anymore, Choco becomes a black panther, Iyo. The story moves to Himiko, who have to protect Kija from his son, Yamato. Yamato wants to kill Kija, but Himiko won’t help him. He used power to break Kija’s seal and let it becomes ayakashi. It’s all so that Yamato can become a king. In the end, Himiko used all her power to seal Kija with the help of Chinkon no Rokushin, Sanpou (three sacred tools), and Iyo (who will protect it). Yamato became a king, and the result was as we knew of, Himiko was forced to seal Kija alone. It’s Iyo’s, who is now a black panther, story that revealed all to Kuira and the others. Iyo told them that with Naohi’s power, they can break Kija’s power. So, Saya did it.

It’s summer holiday. Kuira is now living with Yaegaki Chihaya and Yasutsuna, as well as goes to school. Saya takes a break to look at him there, saying it makes her happy that her child is now gets happiness. But Kuira doesn’t want to be called as her child, then kissing Saya’s cheek. Saya continues to kiss him on the lips, thinking it’s good to see Kuira find happiness after loneliness for over than hundred years. Then, Saya, Kuira, Chihaya, Yasutsuna, and three ayakashis from older version of Asaki took picture together as they had promised.

Wajin Asaki CG-udrcjb


Saya brought Kuira to Miwa’s house. But as she lets him go for a moment, Takeru, with the help of Chinkon no Rokushin and Touma, successfully kills Kuira. They’re happy about it, but not for Saya. She uses her Naohi power to bring on butterflies and makes Kuira rest in peace.


This time, even though Kuira refused to do what Yamato’s ordered him to, Saya came at that time and doubting him for a bit. But as she knows his true feelings, that Kuira is now attached to her, she can love him. At the time when Kija’s seal was broken, he killed Takeru. With Iyo’s help and Naohi’s power, Saya can release Kuira from doing anymore evil (that might be killing him too).



Wajin Asaki CG-ctdubnlnkgbui

Sob.. Sob… Chihaya.. Why you just appear in photo??

I still prefer Chihaya over Takeru. Looking at it, the one who must stand beside Saya must be Chihaya, don’t you think? Also, Yasutsuna’s ending at PSP wasn’t that good. How about I remind you of leg CG?

Kuira’s story isn’t good either. It’s too common and as I’ve said, all the flow were fast. I don’t feel sadness or loneliness like what he always scared of. Guess the dialogue maker wasn’t good enough to make me feel his feelings (unlike Operetta, StS, or KamiKimi scenario). Even though Himiko’s past was revealed in here, still, it was all too quick and lack mystery. I hope somewhere, there might be a good explanation about Yamato Takumi, who seemed to be Himiko’s first child (because of his name?).

Wajin Asaki CG-kvgxtcihopi

Iyo, the little cat turned to panther…

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