The Future of Two (Wajin Ibunroku ~Asaki, Yumemishi~) – Neverending Dream (Prologue)

This is a review for Wajin Ibunroku ~Asaki, Yumemishi~. Asaki, Yumemishi first came out on PC then ported to PSP by Quinrose. Though some character were appeared in first series, in this, they’ve different stories. Let’s see how it’ll turn out with many more sub characters to appear.

Iori Saya and Giou (CV: Yonaga Tsubasa) were going to an old woman’s house in Yata Village as a bodyguard after she received that job from Shinonome Rin. On their way, they met a boy who think they’re sales person. This guy ordered them to not follow him but they met again in the old woman’s house. Saya and Giou were listening to that man’s conversation with some maid, Mitsuyo-san (CV: Takahashi Rie), who took care of his grandma and used Kansai-ben. And that Obaba-sama=Miwa Chinatsu (CV: Yamaguchi Kyouko) is the one who ask Saya to come there. The reason is to protect the barier, 鎮魂の六神 (Chinkon no Rokushin/ Requiem of Six Gods) in their village, as well as for her grandchild, Miwa Takeru (CV: Toriumi Kousuke), to perform his duty as the eldest son. Okay, Rokushin means there are 6 Gods who’s taking care of fire, earth, metal, and water. Too bad Takeru (claims that he is Dan-4 in kendou) is someone who doesn’t believe in all of that. He even prefer to leave home and taking part time job instead of studying.

After some rest (Saya couldn’t contact Rin that time to ask about her job again), Takeru says sorry for thinking that she’s a catch sales and thinks her job as taimashi is cool (like in manga or game). His grandma is an elderly in Miwa household (三輪家), seems like a miko. After eating breakfast together with Mitsuyo-san (she thinks Giou is a girl so calls him as “Giou-chan”), Saya tells of her school, Itsumiya High School, a place for taimashi to study. They’re taking a walk on mountain path as telling their past. Takeru and Saya’s parents were already died, and Giou was an ayakashi. They found a waterfall but don’t think there’s Water God at there. Nothing special happened here after they’ve found energy from Fire God element.

The next day, they found Yamato Takumi (CV: Shinomiya Go) at the forest. He’s Takeru’s teacher at school to be truth, and has been doing research at Miwa’s mountain. Bad thing is, when Yamato asks Takeru to show him the purification, Takeru is easily convinces to show it (Is he a fool or what to show something important to people?). It seems Takeru is proud of Yamato’s research, but for this time (As I played Takatora route first), Saya and Giou are against it. A night after, Saya heard Toshimitsu Takatora (CV: Taniyama Kishou), Saya’s kouhai in Itsumiya High School, who left her message on phone to remind her of their date on Golden Week. The next day, they met Yamato’s assistant, Kuna Saeko (CV: Ishimatsu Chiemi), who had cold temperature on her body. When Giou performed his power, Saeko kept staring at them. Before they leave, Saeko, 26, asks Saya who is 8 years younger than her to become friends. Saya accepted that offer.

With Yamato

When she got back at Takeru’s house, Takatora already waiting for her return with angry voice, worried if she’s alright. He claims himself as Saya’s boyfriend numerous times and Giou just getting mad at his joke. Finally, Takeru and Mitsuyo-san (Here, Mitsuyo-san seems to be cheering Takatora for Saya) accepted him to help Saya as taimashi work. It also clear that Rin is running away from phone because he let Takatora knows Saya’s exact location and he’s in Waikiki beach now (Takatora should use “Hawaii” and not “Waiha”). A few conversation with Takeru in the morning about his part time job was helped to reveal that he’s in editing club for magazine, and need money for it. He seems to have fun being an editing assistant, interviewing people and researcher, then get money from it. And after Obaba-sama meets Takatora for the first time then explains of the barier, we choose a guy to have a date with (?).

Saya and Takeru found a little black cat then brought it home. She named it Choco because he look like bitter chocolate. But the cat is strange for he seems to have a talk with Obaba-sama at night. Saya, Giou, Takeru, and Takatora are waiting for bus at town to buy things for Choco. When they saw a man with blonde-black hair, Choco was meow-ing in anger.

In another time, Saya was late to go home from the mountain. She tripped and fell to ground. Thankfully when she called Takeru and Takatora, they agreed to go to her place. But suddenly, she could hear a step from black-haired man who was surprise upon seeing her. She saw a wound on his body so Saya offered him to wait help from her friends. But as he wished to go, the man returned to Saya’s place again to smell her. He found that she’s a special one, telling her story of Akazukin, and blamed the Akazukin for luring the wolf. As he told her that and began to call Saya as Akazukin, Saya realized she must fight him with her power and knew that he’s an ookami. That time, Iori Shuuichirou (CV: Takemoro Eiji), Saya’s brother, and Kokuu (CV: Fujimura Ayumi), Shuu’s ayakashi, were helping her to fight that guy named Rurou (CV: Hosoya Yoshimasa). As Takeru and the other found Saya, Rurou ran from there.

While Shuu needs to talk to Obaba-sama, she isn’t in health that night so he and Kokuu will be staying at Takeru’s house together with Saya. At morning, Shuu behaves like a child who wakes up late and won’t eat the fish until Saya feed him. Kokuu also teased him that Shuu is surprise on how she become beautiful in a few months. Like in old Asaki, Shuu doesn’t want Saya to be a taimashi because it’s dangerous. Kokuu told her that it’s because Shuu was worried of her safety, as Saya’s blood lures ayakashi. And it’s already decided she and Shuu would get married. For this, Saya asks Shuu to let her keep her job for now and he agrees to wait for her result.

Later, Obaba-sama tells a story of the past, about a Queen who rules her country. There’s an enemy from evil and she used Chinkon no Rokushin’s power to help her defeating this demon (Kija). In the end, she made seal of her tomb by three things, sphere, sword, and mirror. Mahito was protecting it. And although the Queen has died long ago, the Kija still remains because they can lives for thousand years. That’s the danger which will wait them, especially since Rurou tries to steal the sphere in Shuu’s hand. As for the mirror, Obaba-sama had it. And for the sword, it is resided in Miwa’s son (Takeru). Means, he is the one who is holding it all along and must fight with his God Protector, Yama no Kami, to proof his ability.

One of it appears after Takeru changes his clothes to kendo suit. He appeared as a boy with white hair color, name is Touma (CV: Inagawa Eri). Too bad he lose. Though they’re still fighting on the next day. Suddenly, Saeko came to Takeru’s house just to bring Saya to do shopping between girls. She bought her a onepiece and said it would be great if she can be Yamato’s girlfriend. But he just in love with his research.

After Takeru went on research with Yamato and Saeko, he asked his grandmother if it’s true that the Queen is Himiko of Yamataikoku. And their village, Yata, is Yamataikoku itself. He wants to help Yamato on his research but everyone warns him about Kija, the demon. It also mentions that Rin might be let Saya go to Yata to try defeating Kija with her 直陽Naohi (Oh, I really miss Chihaya) power. To make him calm down, Saya tells him her own past. She was born in Nie Family, like Shuutendouji who used blood and sacrificing themselves to protect people. Saya already prepared to die, though Takeru encouraged her to live.

As Saya and Takeru takes a walk home in afternoon, they meets Kuira (CV: Hayashi Yuu), who wants to kill them of someone’s order. He seems to have known Rurou too. Takeru is sure to win, but he can’t beat Kuira easily after all. At that time, Shuu and Takatora appears and makes Kuira run away. Takatora told Takeru that he must fight or die. That lose made Takeru work hard in the next morning to train his swordskill. Shuu also teaches him with his scary method. Don’t forget about Kuira. He seems to stay at Yamato’s house and playing himself while learning more technique, but Yamato doesn’t want him to bothering his research.

Finally, Takeru successfully defeating Touma in sword fight. He rewarded the Sword of God, but also must thoroughly thinking about the consequences. Same as Naohi power in Saya’s body, the sword will reduce its owner’s life. As Takeru got that sword, Obaba-sama made a meeting, which said that it’s true of Takeru’s question before. Yata Village is indeed Yamataikoku in the past and Mahito isn’t Himeko’s little brother. He was her husband, which was weird because Himeko was said to be a God’s bride. After she was dead, her second son, Iyo, is the one who stand after her and used the Chinkon no Rokushin seal (Yep, Iyo must be a girl but Obaba-sama said he’s a guy in here). It’s now up to Takeru to decide what they must do.

Meanwhile, Saya is having a dream of Himiko. Mahito told her to escape of the foretold future, that she must be the next king. As they had prepared to run, the present king’s people had surrounded them. Himiko will do as they told if they’ll do her request. Before Saya can see more, she wakes up with Choco beside her bed. Though her morning also becomes fun with Touma coming along to live with them. He said the God Sword is a twins, so while Takeru had one, he still had the other.

At night, everyone were talking about Rurou and Kuira’s plot. Shuu and Takatora thinks Kuira is fighting them for his own purpose, although there’s a case when he knows of Rurou. Meanhwile, Rurou himself is being judged by a woman named Hida (whose voice is similar to Saeko), Kuira, and their master. To prove his innocence, Rurou tells that he just appear to Saya to kill her for her blood can seal anything. Their master lets him escape even though they’re also have suspicion on him. For Rurou, it seems he has made Saya in danger, but he’s sure she will be alright.

And there’s Saya who is dreaming of Himiko again. Her first son, Yaya, was took away by Mahito after he had just been born so Himiko’s job wouldn’t get distracted. Himiko couldn’t anything, also for their second son. Just that, she wanted to give him name, Iyo. When she asked to Mahito if Yaya is alright and who is his name now, Mahito tells her that Yaya is fine. Before he can tell the name, Saya wakes up. From here on, there’ll be just a slight differences with each character to end the story.



Rin, you haven’t change, do you?

I’m very disappointed about the character. There is no Chihaya and Yasutsuna anymore (I don’t mind of Rin and Kagachi, or Ichito). Well, actually, they might be appear in some route, just for the picture. But I like Chihaya, more than Takeru. Also, the design was completely different from the last Asaki. It made me rage more and more. The prologue seems to be in slow speed, but the character’s ending are very short to me. That’s why, it’s strange to end it at some point where the real enemy haven’t appear. Just wait that for my next post.


  1. aw man so this game isn’t as good as the first one after all. i had a pretty bad feeling about it. i’ll probably still play but keep my expectations low

  2. Hi, how are you? Hope your sickness is already cured ^-^/ I don’t play the first one so I can’t compare it but reading your post I have a feeling this game has a quick flow?

    • Yes, I’m still sick right now, with diarrhea (I guess the sudden hot-cold weather changes made it for me)…

      I think it’s quick. Even if I had to work, I still could play a 2nd route around 3-4 days (Because I played at night and just for 1-2 hours). Though I still prefer the first game, it’s also my first otome game on PC. If you want, just try the first one on PSP with new scenarios.

      • www lots of my friend got diarhea too, maybe because right now is a rainy season? And get well soon ^-^. Ah… there is a port for this game? I have the PC version but still don’t play it lolz, thank you ^-^/ hopefully I can play it soon xD

    • I think this game will be called as remake if it’s the same as the original (its remake was on PSP), just adding some elements. But for this one, it seems like a different dimension than the first, because not all characters appeared.

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