Team Up 7-Subaru Warren

This review is about Shinobazu Seven Chapter 1, Subaru Warren, from Hitsujigumo (developer). I decided to try the game because I’ve heard a few of its drama CD, Amemakura (Although just for the seiyuu I like). For the drama CD, I thought it’s very good at making feel sleepy. The first one I heard was for Taiga, because I like Taniyama Kishou’s voice. Though I really fell asleep at some part (Just for a few seconds, of course. If not, I wouldn’t be able to listen to it all). When I first heard about the game, I ignored it for awhile until it came out. Seeing it became a short story, I dared to try.

Subaru Warren (CV: Tachibana Shinnosuke)

Shinobazu Seven is a name for seven kids who always plays together and loves playing heroes. They decided to name up their team as Shinobazu Seven, with Subaru-nii as the leader. A few years after, Fujishima Nanako (heroine) was getting sad from a news about her friend, Tounosawa Genki, will be going to India. She also had a dream of when her parents died that night. Suddenly, she woke up after that dream and found a blonde on her bed. He told her that he already bought her house from Nanako’s uncle & aunt. If she doesn’t want to live with him, she must make him experience a sweet love in two weeks. That guy is half Japanese-American, Subaru Warren.

After a few events with Subaru, such as fed him takoyaki and going to town to buy new clothes for him (because he wears suit!), they finally came to school and met with the other Shinobazu Seven. They’re all Tounosawa Genki (a cheerful guy), Kisaragi Miki (the peace maker in school and has his own fanclub which includes men), Oya Taku (the glasses guy with ongoing personality), Aoi Taiga (he has bog body and voice and is proud of his singing, although it made the listener half dying), and last, Fujimaru Seijirou (the student council president whom always serious and against playing). Forgot to explain that at this time, Subaru-nii from Nanako’s childhood memories already gone. She is longing for his come back. One time, Nanako met a beautiful foreign lady who knew of Subaru. Her name is Yumiko Warren.

An event of playing sentai show as the heroes in town made the seven person became close. It’s a fun scene and they’re having fun. It’s all thanks to Subaru’s idea of getting them work together and built stronger relationships. Subaru then explains of how he had 12 older sisters with different mother and his dream of becoming a person in charge of a show after seeing Broadway in Las Vegas. Finally, Nanako realizes her feelings to him after Subaru catches her from falling and kissing her. But this time, a fire on Genki’s house made them going quickly to his house to check on it. Genki is safe but he’s worrying about his grandma inside the burning house. To help him, Nanako flew off to that house, but couldn’t stand to smoke. She almost got burned together with the house if Subaru didn’t carrying her outside. Thankfully, Genki’s grandma wasn’t inside the house and everything went well.

Uh, not. Yumiko, who came up to be Subaru’s sister and wanted to bring him back to America, pushing him with rocket launcher on her hand. A few SP also been released to catch Subaru. He ran away with Nanako and hide in the river together then kissing each other. They’re safe for now and spent romantic night together. It’s not all of Yumiko’s act to bring back Subaru. She also turned down Subaru’s credit card so he couldn’t buy things he wanted. With Taku’s help on playing with hacking the hotel system (where Yumiko stays), Subaru and Nanako can get it back.

A relationship between Shinobazu Seven can’t easily tighten. Genki suddenly said they’re just playing friends before he go to India. To prove it true or not, Subaru suggested them to play heroes on stage again, with the script he’ll write. Little by little, Nanako finds that Subaru resembles her Subaru-nii and is sure that it’s him. Too bad at the school festival where Subaru and his friends will be playing on stage for the last time before he decided to go back to America, Yumiko came again and talk with Nanako. Of course Nanako protects what Subaru wanted, to have fun like any other people beside taking his work at company. This time, Subaru heard it all and will fight his sister’s rocket launcher with a Japanese sword replica. Because he isn’t a child anymore. Subaru even told his sister that he had bought paper company in Hongkong to prove his ability. He won against Yumiko but the stage has broken by her launcher. Surprisingly, Yumiko had it all to buy new stage and sent it with a helicopter. She also understands his brother’s wish. At the end, Subaru sings to encourage the people at school festival after being half-death by Taiga’s song.

They had date at amusement park before the school festival

For a last night, Subaru and Nanako were talking on bed before sleeping, of how they met, how Subaru already lose his game the first he met her on bed, and about how he’ll build his future. Subaru is really going with his sister, but he comes back in school again after he finishes his job. He went to Hollywood with Nanako a year later. That’s all for best ending (NEXT DOOR TO SUPERSTAR).

As for good ending (ENCORE), Subaru left Nanako for 4 years. She got an omiai offer by her uncle & aunt. I’m not surprise that Subaru is the one who suggested the omiai. After Nanako’s uncle & aunt had left, he asked if she felt lonely. It’s obvious that she’s lonely. But by now, Subaru will stay with her and change it all.

Bad ending (RECOLLECTIONS)  just told that Shinobazu Seven already separated. Nanako watched TV for interview with Subaru and felt lonely because they’re not as close as old days when they became adult now.

For some reason, I like good end more because it concludes the end properly. Subaru had became a great person after 4 years and came to bring her, while best end just told that they’ll be going to Hollywood. I think Subaru might be the greatest character in Shinobazu Seven for his ability to connect them all. The way he purposely bring them together made me amaze by his strong words. I guess Tachibana Shinnosuke usually voicing this kind of character (Tooya in Koezaru also connecting his subordinate). Speaking of Tachibana, I heard his voice often these days. After Trick or Alice, GENROH (I already finished Yoshitsune’s good end but didn’t prefer to continue with it), Koezaru, Kamisama Hajimemashita, Kindan Vampire 4, and now Shinobazu, I became tired with him. Not that I dislike his voice, I think he’s also one of my favorite seiyuu. But to be in game, drama CD, and anime I had continuously… sigh… Is there no one except him anymore in seiyuu’s world? Though I like his voice when encouraging person.

Oh well, I will play Taiga as he’s voiced by Kishow, but let’s see if I find it as interesting and funny as Subaru or not. Because this first game was had enough comedies and romance. It’s short but I think that’s enough for drama. Because I think it’ll be boring if it’s too long. I finished it for 2 days playing (changing to DIABOLIK LOVERS, of course). The only regretable thing is, Subaru has too many naked CGs. He’s an interesting person. He can flirt Nanako sometimes, but doesn’t know when she cosplay as maid to seduce him. A complex personality it is… For illustration, I found it’s too rigid but the coloring was pretty. BGM were so-so, but I like it when they made song for each character as ED and used dummy mic (might be the first otome game PC for using dummy mic). Uh, although whatever it is, I don’t like seiyuu’s song except a few people like Miyano, Kishow, and Mizuki Nana for their great voices. One thing I’m surprise is about Taiga. I thought he’s really good at singing when hearing the drama CD but here, his voice was pretty bad.


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