Thread of Red Flower-Naran & Digital Novel

Naran (CV: Noriyuki / Sugiyama Noriaki)

He call Naala as “Nee-san” while always proud of his “Aniki”/Suren. Naran’s life was saved by Suren so he really cared of him. Age 18.


This begins when Naran is agreed to eat with Naala. Suddenly, they heard news about Suren had fell from cliff. She decided not to go but it made Naran kissed her (dialogues were similar to “Broken Bird” ending in Suren’s route, how he he loved her and getting mad when she’s with Suren). The difference is, Naala is wondering if her husband isn’t Suren but Naran. The two of them might becomes happy to love each other. After Naran realized what he had done, he asked Naala to forget it. Naala agrees to it then goes to Suren’s room to see his condition. Still, she’s thinking of Naran


After a few conversations from Naala and Naran, she is sure to tell Suren of it. When he asks if there’s another guy she likes, Naala can’t deny it. He knows it’s over between them, Suren just can ask her of what she think of him. It’s true that before, Naala sees him as enemy, but as he saved the women and all, she can’t see him like that anymore. They’ll be friends from now.


For this scene, it begins of when Saraana is talking to her servant about housework. Then, Naran tells her Saraana have come to talk to her. It’s about Sharu, who already changed behavior since Naala left them. Anyway, Naala went to town with Naran but she wasn’t in the right mood to talk much until Naran realized that, asked if it’s about his Aniki. It makes him looks like an egoist but Naala doesn’t think like that. Even though he is sure that he is cheerful, but Naran does think there’s time he can’t be happy (like this time..). Suddenly, he seemed to see a person he recognized and changed their route to another shop.

A talk about Suren’s head cloth made Naran remembered of what goodness he had. After the war, Naran had always look up to Suren and wanted to be like him. But after Suren told him he can’t be like him, Naran felt himself as an empty person. Though Naala encourages him about Suren’s words. It’s to tell him that he must be himself. As they’re talking, a shop owner asking them to buy his red ring (the owner thought of them as couple). They couldn’t refuse so Naran bought it for Naala. When they saw a kid with his father, Naran said he won’t get marry because of the law.

In home, he tells her about the rule in Nasula that a woman who already given birth to child must be someone else’s woman. It’s wrong but the King can’t refuse of this law because there’s twelve wisemen. The truth is, he musn’t tell any woman of it. They’ll be running away and all. But Naran also think he must tell Naala no matter what. As for Naala, she’ll believe in Tooya and Ruji who were researching of the medicine and wouldn’t tell her friends to avoid ruckus. As their conversation goes on, Naran says he will bring Naala and all the woman to the peace country. It’s a tough job but she will cheer on him.


Some soldiers came to bring Naala to the twelve wisemen member. They needed to talk to her alone. At first, Naala thinks they’re connected to Sharu, but seems it isn’t like that. After knowing that Naala has suspicion of Sharu, Naran tells her that actually, Suren already found her suspicious after he fell from cliff. And so, Naala will follow them if they agree to bring Naran along.

Naala says that they are just a bunch of coward people who hide the law (of woman to take by different man) to avoid desertion. Their conversation was heard by Tooya and Suren too, so the member couldn’t go against the King anymore. Meanwhile, Naala is thankful for Suren that he’s such a good friend who doesn’t say that her friend is the one who pushed him from a cliff. Although Suren is cool enough to not make it some business. As for Naran, he thinks Naala and Suren were such great couple and feels left behind.


Suren and Naran were surprise to hear news about Ruse’s movement to attack them. Of course Suren tells Naran to protect Naala and defend the other woman from making ruckus. Though Naran won’t obey him for now because he wants to go to the battlefield even though Suren says it’s too quick. Even after Suren’s refusal, Naran stills with his mind to go. When Suren told him to protect Naala after him, Naran felt guilty and revealed all of his act toward Naala. Suren said he already knew of it, but he didn’t say anything more than that even if in his heart, he thought that’s fine if it’s Naran. It’s because he can see Naala is happy when talking to Naran that makes him glad too. In the end, Suren keeps allowing Naran to go to war.

At war, Suren’s army couldn’t surpass Olli’s. He thinks that woman can be scary, and he means it to Sharu, who gave information to Olli. Naran tells him to run away alone as he’ll give time but Suren knocks him down. Before he lets his man takes Naran to Tooya, he thinks that Naran already becoming that big. For his final moment, Suren says he loves Naala then stabbed.


Naala wakes up in stormy night, worrying of Suren and Naran. After the sun rises, she gets to meet Tooya, who tells her about the condition. He gave her Suren’s belongings from a horse. Seems like Suren fights the enemy alone after his troop annihilation and might be killed by Olli’s army. Naala suddenly cries, which makes Tooya glad that she flowed out tears for his friend.

At night, Naran finally awakes. But he keeps blaming himself that the truth is, he should die instead of Suren. Naala can’t say anything and just keeps quiet seeing him crying.


Even if Naala has brought him food, Naran still doesn’t want to eat. She is asking what will Suren tell him to do but anyway, Naala does what she know. She gives him soup from her mouth to make him realize that she’s worried of him. Then, Naala tells him of Suren’s hope, he’ll surely wants Naran to survive. Not long after that, Tooya goes in to tell them about Suren’s death. Because he doesn’t have child, there isn’t anyone who’ll inherit his title. So, Naala must find another husband between three months. If she doesn’t fulfil that law, she’ll be in Tooya’s protection. It means she’ll be Tooya’s wife. As for money, house, etc., Suren already gave it to Naran. Still, he doesn’t want all that. It makes Tooya angry, asking if he want to release it all, including Naala. The one who made Tooya got mad at him is because he’s weak and wanted to avoid all. After that, he and Naala let Naran thinking alone.

When Naala saw Naran in hide at night, she was sad to see him crying for Suren with all his might. But she can’t come. Although the next morning, Naran already finds his heart and gets back as usual. A servant came to bring memento from Suren to Naran, but Naala will keep it. She told Naran that Suren had always think of him. That words made him cry in happiness.


For a few days, Naran had practicing sword. He will become stronger. Then at night, he wished to be Naala’s husband for limited time until she find someone she love. It’s to fulfil his wish of making alliance with Ruse, because he believe it can be come true. Also, Naran wants to make Naala happy, for he is like her brother-in-law. Naala agrees with it so from now on, instead of calling her “Nee-san”, Naran will say her name.

A servant informed Naala and Naran that an inspector will come at night to see if they’ve done marriage night. Of course Naala will think of preparing dinner, even though they haven’t done anything yet. And for the night, when Naala saw her new husband talking calmly with the inspector, she thought that he already changed. At a time when she almost falls from taking sake, Naran helps her to stand as well as seducing her by touching Naala’s finger (It’s to make sure of the inspector). The act stopped after the inspector coughing on them.

But they must sleep together in one room in the end. Again, to make sure of it, the two did it although Naran prefer to sleep on floor. The two of them keeps fighting over who will sleep on bed so they do it together in the end. Naran calls her as “Nee-san” again, makes Naala feels nostalgic of it. He tells her that as a man, he might do something, as he touches her a bit. Inside her heart, Naala knows it and wondering how he’ll react if she tell him that she also love him. But that night, they’re just sleeping on same bed.


Now that Naran had done his work (He always calls Naala as his “Oku-san”/Wife, and he must do Suren’s work), he will gladly following Naala to buy things at town. It’s not only me, but Naala also thinks Naran can teases her, not as pure as older days.. Naala almost fell if Naran didn’t grab her. He notices Naala smells his flower perfume or what, so he tells her that the most beautiful flower who always kind and heal his heart is already in his hand. Then, the two holding their hands as they walks through shops in town.

When they saw a flower shop, Naran told her to close her eyes until he give the flower. He then brings some flowers and puts it on Naala’s head. It is the flower Suren also like. He had took it on a guard job but he told Naran that he wasn’t similar to a woman. One day, Suren wished that Naran can also give the flower to the one he like. Which means it’s Naala that he likes, right? But she thinks her love and Naran are different because Naran seems loving her as exchange for his brother. Naala wishes to see her friends and buy things for them. Even though Naran asks her what she want to buy, she already feels enough with Naran being by her side (She said that without thinking). So Naran asks if it’s alright to decipher it with his way.

After they came back from visiting Ruse women, Naala asked if Naran had someone in his mind. He is popular between them, anyway. But Naran said there isn’t anyone he can choose right now. As a reward for helping her, Naran wants to sleep on her arm, because he knows Suren always did it. But as they’re talking, Naala says he and Suren are different. Hearing that, Naran stops to sleep on her arm and goes out. Though what she mean was because she love Naran.

This continues for the next day. When Naala meets him, he says won’t come quick for night and wants her to sleep first. But rather than sleeping, Naala drinks sake to erase her sadness. This makes Naran surprise to see her drunk. He helps her to stand and refuse to see her changing in front of him. But when he wants to take water, Naala doesn’t want to be left by him. So whatever it takes, she must change her clothes and the only way is to also clean up her body in bathroom.

He brought her but he didn’t want to see her naked. Even if he already avoid to look at Naala, Naran can’t bear to hear her almost falling. He helps her to clean her body but suddenly, Naala touches his (ゞ (*´ェ`*) ). Even though Naran already refused, but Naala still wanted to touch the one she like. In the end, everything happen is done… She fainted right after that and when Naala woke up, she was really embarrassed by what had happened last night.


Naala can’t sleep so she prefers to go outside. She sees Naran already back home, but he just stares at moon. She asks if he is thinking of it, so Naran tells that the first time he saw her, it’s like meeting a beautiful blonde Spirit. But Naala adds that she is only a woman. Naran agrees though he also says her tears is the proof of her strength, something that everyone can see that she doesn’t give up (I like his words here, describing Naala in beautiful words). Though it’s a far away in the past. She thinks it means he doesn’t love her anymore.

Their conversation continues about Naran’s real brother. Before Suren saved him, he lived with three brothers and their parents. But they were killed. The first brother was fighting and let Naran to leave. His second older brother’s head was cutted and the third one died by protecting him from fire. Then, Suren found him. It isn’t like what Naala thinks of, that Suren have killed the killer. When Naran cried to beg Suren to kill the man that Suren had captured, Suren just told him that it’s not his problem. If Naran wanted revenge, he must do it himself. It’s the first time he killed a person and felt like an empty human.

When Suren asked if he already satisfied with it, he wanted to lie that he is. But Naran is blaming Suren if he come quicker, than this might not happen. So Suren told him to be stronger and protect what he love the most. After that words, Naran is sure that he’ll protect his loved one, it is Naala. He’ll protect her not for love but as his important, most precious thing over his own life. Naala agrees with his thoughts, even if there isn’t love anymore. Just to be his most important person is alright to her, that he’ll be her sword.


It’s already 7 years after the last event. Suren comes home with news of he has been promoted to be the military commander (He had put Suren’s headcloth on his head now). Once again, he asks Naala to be his real wife, not for romantic feeling but because he’s surely loves her. Naala realizes that he have bears not to be with her for 7 years to become a noble so she won’t be taken as someone else’s wife after giving birth. Naran is even sure to make her wait for 7 years and doesn’t mind if she have another guy. If that happen and she want to go back to him, he’ll give her another hand again. That’s how much Naran loves her. For the rest, the two of them will release their longing after 7 years.



When Naran says he’ll protect Naala like his brother and releasing his love, Naala doesn’t want him just to protect her. Though it’s ended with just like that (without the epilogue and forever, Naran will just be her protector).


After Suren had died, Naran followed Naala to town. She told him that he isn’t an empty person. Naala also agrees to go with the soldier from a wisemen member. But in the end, Naran keeps going with her. For this ending, Suren and Naran died on the battle with Ruse. A servant gave her that information in the next morning.



The story was told in Suren’s mind. He prepared the room for himself and Naala with so much fun. In his heart, there hadn’t been anyone he loved, but changed after he met Naala. But when she came in, Naala said she wouldn’t come to like him. Well, it’s as he have expected that it’s too hard to make her come to love him. They sleeps together and surprisingly, Naala hugs him instead of the reverse. It’s usually him who did it. As he pretended to sleep already, he knew that Naala tried to kill him, but wouldn’t stop her. In the end, she couldn’t do it and kept saying she hate him, though it’s a bit weird after she looked like she would cry. After Naala had gone to sleep, Suren whispered to her that he like her.



I finally finished Koezaru ha Akai Hana, one of best R18 otoge from Operetta Due. It almost took a month although if I’m still a jobless, I thought I can finish it in 2 weeks or so because it’s short. We could see that Naran can’t also be cute but he had terrible past of killing person. Okay, don’t judge a person by their looks. In Naran’s route, Suren’s kindness could be seen after he acknowledge she and Naran’s betrayal. Guess it’s very good to know that he’s a kind person in other route. One thing I regretted for him and Esta is, they took Naala after Knoll & Esta have her body. Poor side characters…

Naran said a beautiful words to describe Naala’s strenght. Like he said, her tears wasn’t to show her weakness, but her strong heart that didn’t want to give up for her own beliefs. Still, I prefer Ruji’s story because it’s sweet, even though sometimes, I prefer yandere side. But strangely, I like Ruji’s sweet personality and story. I don’t surprise to see a strong heroine from Operetta because Noise also have Mana who can change personality depend on which route (dark or light). She could also kill people. As for Naala, too bad her action didn’t come as much as Mana (just a few scene in prologue and Suren’s fighting beast line). Still, she has strong heart to protect her friends. Knoll’s story also is quite good, if not becomes boring for the heroine to always goes to Orte’s mansion. In his route, Naala looks so much stronger on her determination (even if we must see her fainted everytime).

It’s sad that I like Ruji’s story more than Tooya. Even if in Tooya, he is a great king to be truth, but it leaves me not much impression except that his courage and working hard to complete the medicine. Don’t forget that his seiyuu is Tachibana, so we will be satisfied with his voice (Really, I prefer his voice in here than the boring Trick or Alice). Uru doesn’t give me much impression too. It might be cute for some people, but to bad, they ruined it by making him love Naala as a woman, not for his sister or what. Esta’s route was cute too, for his behavior which looked like a tool more than a human. But he changed in the end, taking Naala for himself (of course in good way).

The seiyuu did a good job and it’s the first time Operetta used famous seiyuu (Before, I didn’t know most of them in Diary and Noise, even though they’re still very good). The route for sub characters also gave surplus to this game. I didn’t even think I could see Esta’s ending. For music, some was quite good, but the other might be too plain. I like the OP & ED Song though (too bad they haven’t sell that). For me, Noise and Koezaru had their own best part. While Noise had more action and tragic line, Koezaru had more comedies though still didn’t leave the tragic thing. But I think I still prefer Noise (So far, there’s no other bad ending which moved my heart for its tragic words. I could still remember what Seravis had done to get his revenge of Mana’s killer). Oh yeah, the Digital Novel also connected to when Naala remembered of her attempt to kill Suren (in Suren’s route), but she changed her mind. We could know of Suren’s thoughts on this. Sadly, no bonus CG in either the original nor digital novel. And one thing troubled me, sometimes, they didn’t give me proper CG for epilogue and made me confuse to put it on my post, or I’d rather cut it…

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