Thread of Red Flower-Ruji

Ruji (CV: Sawa Mannaka / Nakazawa Masatomo)

Ruji is a physician who had helped Saraana from her illness. Usually, he has a smiling face and a kind heart. Not forget to tell his seiyuu is the same as Clear in DMMd. His story is a continuation of when Naala and Tooya has pretending to be married.


Naala decides to go outside for a walk near pool. A woman suddenly appears chasing her bed sheet that stuck on the tree. Naala tries to get it but she is falling through. Thankfully, Ruji is there to hold her. He is happy that Naala remembers his name and is forgetting he holds her for a long time (he said it’s because she’s light). Ruji thinks Naala is an interesting and cute woman, who helps others without considering anything such as climbing tree. He gives her medicine to sleep well and tells that he is helping Tooya in his research. Naala asks why he is very kind to woman, which makes him surprise and says he’s not a kind person. It might be because he thinks poor of people so he helps them or he must do it. It’s just makes Naala more curious of his personal reason. Ruji will tell her but they must change place.

Before he tells the truth, he wants Naala to promise a thing, to not change attitude towards him later. It’s because a long time ago, he was hit and mocked by the other guys (he is a bishounen after all). Thankfully, his friend, Bal and Erusu (CV: Natsumu Raisuke) helped him. After that, he made swear to not let women feel that fear like him. When Ruji says he haven’t tell anyone about it except her, Naala asks of the reason. He says it maybe for ulterior motive but she doesn’t believe it. Well, his motive is to gain strength from Ruse woman so he can do research on medicine to cure the disease. No matter what, Naala thinks he is a kind person which makes him also says she’s cute like a falling star. He also mentions that it’s a secret between him and Naala and will expect to see her tomorrow for helping him at his work.



As she helps Ruji to work, she accidentally breaking things. The other time after that, Naala hears some woman talks of Erusu, Sharu’s friend. (Erusu is the one who gave her the map that made her being captured earlier in prologue). When Sharu hears all that and after Naala told her to apologize, she just crying and says she isn’t wrong even though Naala knows she always comes to Doz’s (a person she ever liked before) grave after she did wrong to him.

Meanwhile, Ruji already knows of Sharu’s problem. He wants to cheer Naala and also tells his father’s words of not being proud of him as a physician because everybody can do that. Naala says it’s not like being a physician is the matter, but it’s because Ruji himself who helps people so she likes him. Hearing those compliment, Ruji also says he likes Naala as friend. As the conversation goes on, Ruji asks Naala to go for a drinking with Sharu and Saraana in his workplace. Of course Naala goes quickly to tell her friends (part of it to cheer Sharu). The two of them agrees to have a party and very excited about it although Saraana isn’t very strong at drinking. After Saraana goes first, Sharu says she really wants to apologize to Erusu after she did wrong but doesn’t know how. Naala says they’ll think of something after the party.

And that night, Ruji brings Erusu to the drinking party, makes all surprise to see him. Instead of being mad, Erusu apologizes for giving Sharu the map because she said she’ll use it to have fun. He didn’t think the worse (Sharu wanted to run away from Nasula) and made her captured. The matter is solved now and Erusu also confessing his feelings of love to Sharu, but he also knows she has someone in her heart. After Bal (Saraana’s boyfriend) came, the drinking party begin.

The man is Erusu. Ruji and Bal’s friend

And Erusu is drunk so Sharu wants to help him stand. Before she bring him home, Ruji tells about Erusu’s feelings. Actually he wants Ruji to send letter to Sharu but Ruji refused because he must tell it himself. Also, Erusu is already fallen in love to Sharu since the first time he saw her crying, wanted Ruji to introduce him to her. It makes Sharu knows Erusu’s true feeling and very happy of it. Bal also excuses himself after Saraana collapsed.. Then Ruji realizes Naala already drunk..

Naala asks what age is he and thinks he’s in a state of marriage after he told her that he’s 25 years old. She also asks if he ever think to marry someone but he can’t since he has that trauma. Ruji is worrying if he can make the girl happy with him and so, he doesn’t think of it. Another conversation is about Naala father’s grave in one of Ruse’s village, Shesheg. It’s surprising that it’s also Ruji mother’s hometown, and her name also is the same as Naala’s (her aunt  gave her that name). And then, a coincidence happens when Ruji says his father’s name is Madal, the same as the older sister of Naala’s father (which means they might be cousins). Too bad someone comes in before they can talk more. In her room, Naala tells Tooya about it and he feels jealous of Ruji, but he says it’s something good to meet her relative.


That morning, Naala meets Ruji before work. She asks if she can call him ‘brother’ but Ruji refuses, saying he wants her to acknowledge him as ‘Ruji’ (it’ll be lonely if she just acknowledge him as her brother). Naala agrees but she also feeling nervous when Ruji stares at her. Then, Ruji also says he’s scared to meet her despite that one reason about loneliness and of he’s a half Nasula. He already knows why he doesn’t want Naala to call him  ‘brother’ but won’t tell her more (After all, Naala also feels nervous). Before they had to work, Ruji made joke about sleeping together then holding hands to go working.

Sharu and Saraana asks Naala of her connection with Ruji. But Naala just says her husband is Tooya. When she thinks it’s alright to tell the truth to them about they’re cousins, Sharu and Saraana are also surprise. The rumour goes around until every girls who helps Ruji hears that. They will work hard after knowing Ruji is Nalaa’s cousin.

When Ruji and Naala were having tea together, he said the girls had changed to be more kind now. He knew it’s also because Naala, that they loved her very much. Though Naala says it because Ruji is kind. In her time of walking, Naala finds a girl who confessed to Ruji. She thinks her feelings must just only be as siblings but is a bit worried.


Ruji asks Naala for a drinking party again though he’s weak at it. Suddenly, he said Naala is cute which made her blushing. Plus, he also feels happy to spend night with her. That last words makes Naala’s heart beats fast.

It’s true that they have drinking party again with Erusu, Sharu, Saraana, and Bal. They teased Erusu as he look like a little kid who seek help from Sharu and his story is lame. Surprisingly, Bal and Erusu reminiscing of when Ruji teases them. The two couple begin to have lovey-dovey time but as Saraana says she thinks Bal’s child will be cute, Bal says he doesn’t want to have kid for a while. The reason is, after a woman have given birth to child, they’ll be another man’s wife, that’s the law in Nasula. Sharu and Saraana can understand that so they think it’ll be good to not have children before Ruji can make the medicine. Though Ruji himself says he meets failure for now, Naala believes in him. When Erusu says a night life in Nasula is amazing, Naala says wrong in her words so she completes her sentence with Tooya is like a horse hung at night (without knowing what it means). Also, Ruji drinks sake when he’s weak for it.

After the other has gone and still Ruji and Naala left, she thinks to help him stand up and go to his room to sleep. But he collapsed and touched her, saying it’s not on purpose. But now, he says it’s on purpose while kissing Naala and tells her she is his…without completing it. After he regained conscious, Ruji says sorry then leaves.


Today, Naala chases Ruji to a secret place where he gives a medicine to some woman. But she won’t accept that and instead, wants Ruji to kill her rather than kept hidden in that room from illness. Ruji decides to leave and will come back tomorrow, but he seems weak and almost falling on the ground if Naala doesn’t hug to save him in that rainy day. He says his research is futile now and he also desires to have Naala, but he knows it won’t work since they’re siblings and Naala is Tooya’s wife. To clear up his mind, Ruji closed Naala’s ears and let his feelings disappear with the rain falling.


When walking, Naala sees a boy giving Nameless Flower to his father but he throws it away. It’s the time she remembered after eating it, she didn’t get the disease. Qucikly, Naala gives that thoughts to Ruji and he’s agreeing to do research on that flower, but it’s dangerous since it has poison. He might need Tooya’s help about the poison knowledge. As for Naala, her job is to spread rumour so everyone won’t get scared of the flower anymore. Before she’s going to do that, Ruji mentions a rumour of her being Ruse King’s sister who doesn’t get the disease. But he won’t ask more to seem jealous of it.

Ruji is walking nervous to his workroom, makes Naala ask him. He says there’s an effect on his medicine and the result will come after dawn. Looking at him can’t calm down, Naala brings him to his room to sleep. He doesn’t want her to leave him, so Naala lies beside him. That time, Ruji says he is curious of why her eyes are shining, explain that as a physician, he can’t examine someone’s heart. He also talks if he can become a hawk, he wishes to get Naala’s heart. The two are sleeping together.

When Naala wakes up, it’s already night. She goes to Ruji’s workroom and finds him resting after the result came. The disease finally have a medicine and he’s happy to know it works, hugging Naala to feel it’s not dream. A day after, Tooya announces his success and it’ll be history. But suddenly, Knoll says there’s some objection to the result by therapeutic department. Before they speak to them, Tooya let Ruji and Naala, his wife, to rest. Hearing him calling Naala like that, Ruji is a bit down. The result of the meeting, the chief of therapeutic department can’t do much with Tooya’s decision to announce the medicine and build a bridge with Ruse Country. After the meeting, Tooya says Naala’s job is over now (seems like he has notice something).

That nights, Naala talks to Ruji about their achievement. She also reminiscing of their first meeting when Ruji held her from falling down. But then, Naala notices Ruji is flowing out tears. She tries to taste it with her finger and Ruji does the same, licking her finger to taste it. He says his pain up to now has bear tears. The reason is because of their relationship, but he just tells her to have a nice dream with Tooya.

In the morning, Tooya calls Naala to inform of Ruse’s reply (about Ruse and Nasula’s relationship). It said about a positive thinking to Tooya’s offer, and thinks it’s a good answer from them. But Ruse also ordered two conditions to do. One is to make the medicine more stable and the other is to give back the stolen women. Tooya will accomplish the conditions and tells Naala to inform it to the other Ruse women (He doesn’t want to tell it himself, maybe he thinks they hate him). When Naala says she’s glad to have Tooya as Nasula King, Ruji is thinking of something.

The women of Ruse were very glad to come back to Ruse and thanking Naala for it. But some of them, Sharu and Saraana decides to stay in Nasula. Saraana finally can have children with Bal, while Sharu can’t leave Erusu after he begged her to not go. As for Naala, she is the King’s wife now. She have things to do.


Tooya is taking his time to visit Ruji’s workroom and trying to help their work until night. But his true intention is to have a drink with Ruji and Naala. He says Ruji can be a noble after he found the medicine then going to take sake. While he’s gone, Ruji tells Naala that he can’t bear to interfere Tooya and Naala together but drinks with Tooya. After a few hours, Tooya goes to continue his work, kissing Naala’s head before that, saying he’ll continue after they’ve gone to bed.

Ruji, who is jealous of Tooya, hugs Naala tightly after that, saying he loves her numerous times while crying and doesn’t matter to make sin for taking a King’s wife. He can’t bear to think of her and doesn’t want to see Naala with Tooya. Naala also has love to him but when Ruji asks her to run away, she won’t do that. Naala doesn’t want to take Ruji’s future as a noble and he has work to complete the medicine. Ruji stops asking her and he murmur if she can change her mind after he completed the medicine.


Naala is crying alone at the pool where she always meets Ruji. Suddenly, she saw a note from Ruji, wanted to meet her at fullmoon in his workplace. She gets there but it’s raining so they can’t see the moon. Again, Ruji asks Naala to go with him but she can’t do that. Ruji then kisses her, tells it that the rain will hide his feelings. They’re crying and feels tears while kissing. But Naala thinks even though the rain can take this night, but it can’t take the heat of their bodies. So she wants to remember their heat. As for Ruji, he’ll remember rainy days as their love in the future.

Then, Ruji takes her to his room, wants to take her clothes off but he’s too timid. Of course Naala can’t stand to see his cute side like that and decides to take off herself. It’s his first time anyway. He thinks to stop numerous times before it’ll be late though Naala wants to continue.


It’s raining which makes Ruji thinks this must be to remember the heat that night. He’s thinking that it might be the first time for Naala, so Tooya hasn’t done anything to her. Of course Ruji won’t think more because Naala is still Tooya’s wife.


The day for Ruse women to go home finally came. When Naala and Tooya are busy to give their farewell, Ruji comes to speak with her. He brings her to a hidden place, asking to elope together with two horses. Even when Naala says she still has mission, Ruji tells her it’s just her feeling to the country. He decides to do it rather than being a noble. But still, Naala refused to go. Suddenly, Tooya comes of noticing them. He says he has a task for Ruji, to get the Nameless Flower near Sheg River. But they can give it 10, 20, or 50 years later (means, he acknowledge their elopement). Tooya promised to protect their homeland so the two can go as their wish.

Ruji tells Naala that she can abuse him, the one who took her away, but he’ll treasure their life. Then, he asks Naala to be his wife, though she just laughing and asks why asking her now. Her answer is ‘If the rain fell’ to tease him…

They lives at a little island. Naala gets a letter from Saraana that she already given birth. Sharu also is pregnant. Feeling lose, Ruji doesn’t want to admit it so he says they can win by number (of their child?). The later story must be known… After they’ve done it, Ruji says he wants a cute girl like Naala (for their child) and will love her forever.

I don’t know what CG to place in the ending because his CG is not much…



Naala won’t accept the elopement request from Ruji and he also surrender. They went back to the castle. Now, Naala has pregnant. Everyone thinks it’s Tooya’s child though it might be Ruji’s. A sudden sickness appear that makes her dizzy so Tooya calls a physician, which is Ruji. He called Naala as “Her Highness” now. When Naala asks if he has marrying someone, Ruji reveals that he hasn’t and truthfully, the one Tooya calls is not him. He just wanted to do the same as their old days with Naala to keep it hidden from Tooya.



Ruji is kind and think hard on other might feels. He’ll be a good friend of course. And I also didn’t notice there’s cousin for Naala before playing it. I thought they weren’t any blood-related guy to her. But seems like he’s a long lost sibling, right? His story does feel shorter than Tooya, but I like him more. Maybe because of thinking too hard, Ruji became the nicest character I’ve ever met in a story. His tears always flows out when he thinks he can’t do or get what he wanted. But it’s cute (okay, I swear I hate teary guy but he’s too kind to be hated). Maybe that’s why I like Operetta’s games, for their psychological theme and dialogues. They also not forgot to make Tooya with his joke in Ruji’s route (when he have task for Ruji) so we still know what kind of guy he is.

Sawa Mannaka also did his best voice, more than Clear I think (part of it might be because Clear is not a h**an so he used voice without tune). I maybe will do Sefu’s route for the next. I can’t stand to think a man with beard still waiting in my list..

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