Thread of Red Flower-Tooya & Uru

Koezaru ha Akai Hana is game by Operetta Due, under Operetta’s name. They just had made 3 otome games so far, I felt like trying all their games now. Koezaru or sometimes Beni Bana is a R18 VN actually, but I really hope it would tell the story better. The world is filled by despair since women didn’t stand against the disease spreading through the world. So Nasula Country captured many Ruse women for their own benefit in population.

The heroine is Naala (CV: Tezuka Ryouko), a girl without parents. Her father died and her mother was captured by Nasula’s soldier (in thirst for women) 13 years ago. Now, she lives in her childhood friend as well as the king in Ruse Country, Olli (CV: Seiryou Hijiri) and will become his wife. There are two girls whom is Naala’s friend, Sharu (CV: Momoi Ichigo=Ookubo Aiko), a girl in ponytail, and Saraana (CV: Hoshioka Kanae), the feminine one. They made wedding dress for Naala with the feelings as her mother (its their custom to make wedding dress for daughter).

That night, an attack from Nasula is coming. This time, as Naala is stronger and can fight, she abandoned her title as future king’s wife to protect Sharu and Saraana (Part of it because Olli abandoned the captured women and just running away). Naala killed them one by one and let her friends run away, but she meets a new enemy, the red-haired guy, whom she can’t win against. The red-haired guy knocks her unconscious then brings her to his country.

Naala woke up in Nasula country and in front of her, her two friends also had been captured. Sharu and Saraana are glad that Naala is okay now. Now that she has regained consciousness, Naala decided to run away from there, together with her friends and other women. But suddenly, another Nasula guy appeared, asking who’s the one beating his army. He is Suren, and is searching for the strongest woman. When he teases Naala, saying she must satisfy him, the red-haired guy stop him from doing more. That man called himself as the country’s king, Tooya. When Tooya said it’s because of Suren’s personality that he can’t get a wife, Suren say he already decided Naala to be his wife. This time, another blonde man appears to calm Suren down for his reckless words. The blonde man is Knoll and apologizing for Suren’s behavior.

Well, Tooya now explains the country’s rule of selection. First is the woman choose their husband. Second, the man chosen by woman. And third, the man who turned against the woman, will die. If third rule is like that, Sharu asks Tooya what happened with Suren’s action before. Tooya said it’s because Suren’s head is ill and to forgive that guy (What the? He can make joke too). Also, he will give the women freedom to go anywhere as long it’s still in Nasula. Again, Knoll introduces himself as the country’s counselor, while Suren is the military officer. Before they go to leave the girls alone, Naala can see Tooya’s sad face.

Another problem occurred when Saraana got high fever. The doctor said it’s serious illness (Called Fushi or something like that) and gave order to not get close to Saraana. But Naala doesn’t want to leave her friend, even more to see her dying. Tooya helps her to take care of Saraana together, and finds out It’s not that bad. His skill of knowledge is because he thinks it inappropriate as a king to not learn anything. Tooya will call the other physician, Ruji (has the same hair color as her, where in her previous country, it’s weird). Ruji claims that his hair color is from his mother, a Ruse woman.

Tooya (CV: Sumeragi Mikado / Tachibana Shinnosuke)


That night, Tooya came to apologize for kidnapping them all to Naala. He also made a drinking sake competition with her. If she win, he must let them back. But at that drunk moment, Tooya revealed his mind. He doesn’t want to capture Ruse women, but he must as a Nasula King. He can’t marry them though as he feels guilty. Knoll then comes after Tooya goes out to say that he knows of her truth in Ruse. He warns Naala to choose Tooya and if not, he’ll do something evil. The morning after, Naala goes to town to hear some information from an old lady about Ruse. There’s none of Ruse’s action to get their women back.

Later, she meets a huge woman on street, which is Tooya, disguising as woman (?). It’s interesting to hear their conversation here while Naala is mad at him. She also realizes that Tooya is like a boy that just comes out to town for the first time. Seems like it’s true. Knoll chased him because Tooya ran away from work, more like student-teacher’s argument. That night, Saraana and Sharu are saying their thanks because Naala always helps them stand up since old days, reminiscing how strong and cute she was. But their time was interrupted until Haru, one of Ruse woman, told them she will get marry to Alan, a guard officer. While Naala thinks she can’t force her to stop, Sharu is going crazy, calling Haru as a betrayal. When Saraana is chasing Haru, Sharu says she always dreaming of Naala’s wedding with Olli. And if it’s become like this, it’s better if anyone won’t get Naala.

Though last night thing is scary, Naala sees Sharu is talking to a man outside. She comes back and says he isn’t a scary guy at all and thinking not all Nasula’s guys are bad. Other problem happens when Naala wakes up at night, finds an empty bed of Sharu’s. She searches outside, finds a few man captured her. They said Sharu had a map of Nasula, trying to get Olli to attack them and all, to release Naala from there. If they don’t want the betrayal news to spread, the man wanted to marry Sharu, or Naala as a substitute.

Of course Naala offers her own self rather than sacrificing Sharu. That time, Tooya comes to save the two of them by saying Naala is his wife from now on. He whispered to the shocked Naala to help him with that act, calling her Ruse King’s sister (he knows it). Knowing that Knoll is hearing them too, Naala doesn’t have any choice than to say her promise to walk together with the King, Tooya. With that happened, Knoll stood up in front of them, giving them applause and will prepare for their first night (?).

Okay, it’s for real. Knoll really prepared a room for them and he will guard outside to hear the real voice of them while making love. So Tooya doesn’t have anything to do than making weird (too weird) sex voice. Naala can’t do it right so he touches her chest (uh, it’s better than fighting in the room, right?). Because he also feels weird after hearing Naala’s sighing (hot) voice, Tooya bites his finger to stand it. Then, Knoll comes in after thinking they’ve done with it, suggesting to hold a party. But Tooya doesn’t want to do that, afraid if his (fake) wife will get the disease. Instead of staying in one room, Tooya decides to take a walk and leave Naala to sleep alone.

Wish she wouldn’t wear that expression here


That morning, Naala was surprised of the arrival of this beautiful young girl, she thought. The name is Uru, which is a boy, to be truth. He is ordered by Tooya to serve Naala as she’s the fake queen now. After a few conversation with Uru, Tooya asks Naala for a walk. But their time must get interrupted by Zamda, a man who think women are slaves. This makes Tooya pisses off and gets mad at Zamda’s words, saying thanks of women, there will born a child. Okay, the man lose from King and ran away.

Our Cute Boy, Olli

Tooya takes Naala to a nearby pool, where he explains the reason why he protects Ruse’s woman. It’s to stop Nasula’s vicious cycle, to kidnap women, turning them to hate Nasula even more to commit suicide. He laso had a wife who already died now from the disease, more to blaming himself. To make that happen, firstly, he must prevent women to die from disease so they won’t need to take them from another country. He wants Naala to help him for the research. From his convinced words, Naala agrees to do it. But she asks why needed help from her despite he can order anyone. Tooya says there are 12 wise men who also control the country, one of them is Knoll. He can’t stand the order from them to kidnap Ruse’s women, and that’s why he needs Naala to help him, not only for strength but also heart. He then held Naala’s hand like a little child, asking her to have a drink with him if the flower in his garden already bloom.

Suddenly, Naala’s hair was stuck with its branch. Tooya suggested to cut her hair instead of the branch. It makes Naala angry because hair is women’s important thing, as to protect something. And men usually likes long-hair woman. Hearing that, Tooya innocently says that it’s not important. Even more, he thinks Naala will be cute in short hair. He also said he like her numerous times (without thinking) because Naala thanking him and he like her shining-like-jewel hair color.

That night, Naala can’t sleep until Tooya is back to their room. He makes a good luck charm by the spirit, the same thing as Naala’s mother knew of. Of course it makes her asking him about that charm. From the white stone he had, Naala realized it’s connected to her mother. Tooya said he got it from a maid who have died now from the disease. She was the only person to open his closed world. Of course Tooya is blaming himself up ‘til now that because he couldn’t save that woman. He apologized to Naala’s mother for bringing her to Nasula, but the woman thought it was fate and treasure it, hope Tooya will find happiness someday. All he does while hugging Naala in his arm. For tonight only, Naala shows him her weak side of crying, which he thinks it’ll just make her look like a strongest woman he have met. He made a promise to grant Naala’s wish of freeing women from the disease, for how many time would it take.


This chapter begins when Naala has a dream of her childhood. She was crying that time near Sheg River, but was happy by a boy’s appearance of giving her a garland. The boy couldn’t grant her wish of telling her when will her mother come back, but he made Naala happy. She called that boy her “Seirei-san”, Bayal, and so the boy will see her as his “Seirei” too. She then wakes up from that dream, thinking of how the boy asks her to marry him one day and how they’ve met but she forgot it. Suddenly, Uru comes to her room to give her letter from Saraana. Naala goes to her quickly and asks why she wants to meet her. Seems like Saraana is in love with a guy and she feels have betrayed Ruse Country by it. Though Naala tells her it’s not a betrayal and she wants to see the guy.

While waiting, Saraana told Naala the one she like was a hardworker named Bal. Not long after that, this black-haired man arrived and Saraana introduced him as the man she like, which was the first time he ever heard. Of course Bal is full of excitement to hug Saraana (Okay, forget there’s Naala), expressing how happy he is to hear that. But their moment must stop after Sharu comes and calls Saraana a traitor to find her own happiness instead of going back to Ruse. Naala goes home (to Tooya’s castle) with weight in her heart, thinking she also will be called as traitor because she helps Tooya, making Uru worried to see her like that. He asked what had happened to Saraana and when he knew about her lover, Uru was wondering why Naala isn’t happy. Actually, she is worried about Sharu. So to make sure of what her mind is, Uru asks if she is still hate Nasula man. Naala used Tooya for example, that he’s a good one. After hearing that, Uru is glad and will try hard so Naala can think good of them.


This morning, Tooya comes in hurry to inform about a woman who attemped suicide. They’ve done to take care of her and glad she’s okay but still, it wounded Tooya’s heart. He says tonight, he’ll work in different room then goes in a hurry again. But after Uru told Naala that Tooya hadn’t had meal, Naala went to his workroom to give it. But he’s still in obsession to complete the medicine and raised his voice to Naala. When Naala touches his hand to calm him, Tooya understands that he won’t achieve success if he’s alone. Naala tells him she will stay with him. After Uru served Naala in her room, she can’t stand to sleep.


Naala wakes up because of Uru and Muru’s (He introduces himself as Tooya’s chamberlain, as well as Uru’s older brother) speaking voice. Muru comes to give Tooya’s letter (Not exactly a letter because he speaks of it) that while he wanted to meet Naala, Knoll gave him work. Tooya will pick up a flower later for her (Yup, Muru can remember all of it). Well, Uru is very proud of his brother and called him “Muru-dono”. After talking with Uru, Naala talks to Tooya, telling him not to do research alone because it’ll be a hard to him. When Tooya notices Naala is thinking about something, he asks what it is and very surprise to hear Naala says she likes his cheerful face. But she added it’s about friendship. So, Tooya also says he likes her numerous times like a little kid.

Muru Just Appears in That Tiny Space.. Aww, that’s too bad since he’s a cool & loyal person

To get help from the other woman of Ruse to complete the research, Naala informs them all about Tooya’s work. Even though they couldn’t believe it at first, but they still willing to hear what Tooya will say and look for themselves if he’s lying. It’s good enough for Tooya that they wants to hear him so he agrees to speak in front of them. When Tooya says he doesn’t know for how long the research will take, Sharu says she won’t believe in him. But the other woman are believing in his words, thanks to Naala who proud of his hardworking attitude. They’ll help Tooya for his research but also will hold of his promise to let them back after he have success. Meanwhile, Sharu is still angry for what Naala has done, siding with Tooya. She wants Naala to come back to Ruse as before. But no matter what, she’s still come to help Tooya.


Tooya tells his feelings of delight and glad he has Naala as his princess, saying he likes her again. He also told Naala about someone who’ll help him, but not the time to meet that person. After he’s gone from Naala’s room, Uru comes. When Naala says she likes the red flower (Nameless Flower), Uru is curious because that flower is always said connected to death. But when Naala sees it, it reminds her of the event with a boy in the past, who made promise to get wed. A more shocking thing is, Naala swallowed that flower ring (the red death flower) given by that boy because someone told her to throw it. After she said it, Naala was thinking over it again. She finally came up that the thing which healed her disease in the past was that flower and quickly go to inform Tooya.

Tooya won’t believe at it faster than expected. He notices if he give the flower in rush, the woman might die from its poison. But he will do the research again and is excited about it. When he knows the one who made Naala swallowed the flower is Bayal, he’s a bit curious of her hair color. Naala tells him it’s after she drank the Nameless Flower that her hair color is like that. Well, Naala finally got jealous after a woman serves Tooya when he do researching, touches his hand nor wipes his sweat. She went to her room then fell asleep after screaming that Tooya is stupid.


In Naala’s dream, Bayal says he’ll be lonely to be separated from her. At that time, Naala gave him some of her hair, her precious thing to a precious person. This made Bayal very happy after getting a fight with someone, hugged Naala and promised to get her as his husband in the future.

She wakes up and immediately looking for Tooya in his room. She’s surprised to find a garland from Bayal in his room, waking him also. She asks if Tooya is really Bayal and he admit it. He apologizes for snatching Naala’s hair (It when she gave him her hair), the life of a woman. And also, he doesn’t want to snatch anything anymore from her. When he saw Naala fainted at the flower field, he brought her to her back home though everyone in her village distrust him as Nasula man. He wanted to come to get her, but couldn’t do that. Although it’s actually the same for Naala. She also apologizes from not remembering Tooya since their first met. Well, Tooya won’t be surprise because it’s the effect of Nameless Flower anyway.

While Naala is talking of how she treasures their pledge to get marry, Tooya says she’s cute now and before, but for the present, he loves her. This words makes Naala nervous but Tooya added it’s a friendship love (Too bad he denied it). A few moments after, Ruji comes to Tooya’s room. Apparently, he’s the one Tooya was talking about, who will help his research. Naala is down for she can’t help Tooya now that there’s Ruji to help him. He shake Naala’s hand which makes Tooya a bit jealous..

Again, Naala has a dream of her time with Bayal, asking what about his fight. Instead of sad, Bayal says he’s in pain because of that. So, Naala asks what she can do to make him feel ease. He said it’s to her staying with him. This time, after Naala says she wants to quickly marrying him, got the disease and fainted. She could hear Tooya blame himself but not sure of it.

This time, Naala helps Tooya of his research. To help Naala do her work, Tooya teaches her from behind, makes her feels nervous of his closeness. After he realizes that, Tooya separates himself weirdly. The night after that event, Tooya asks Naala for a drink while explaining how he think of Suren and Knoll. Apparently, Tooya is a school friend of Suren in the past. He asks if there’s some guy Naala wants to be with, for example Ruji, but she is sure to be happy while staying with Tooya. She suddenly cried for nothing, but Tooya felt her heart and was smiling to see her worried about him. They had a drinking party after that.


After waiting in the room for Tooya’s return, he comes to seek Naala’s warmth. But as soon as he realizes he can’t do more, Tooya excuses himself. Though Naala says it’s okay to touch her more if it can release his burden. He gets red for sure, saying when will the exact time of that because he doesn’t know when Naala will believe in him. As she says she already trust him for doing his best, Tooya kisses her. He stops and go farther, not want to kiss her again or to snatch her precious thing even though Naala wants him to get close (He’s cute, right?). When he almost get out of their room, Naala says it’s okay to do more (She invited him for sure). So Tooya doesn’t hang on anymore, kissing her again and says he always wants to touch the inner her since long ago.

He asks if she has done it before with Ruse King, but Naala says she never have even for a kiss. So, Tooya acts cute again when he wants to calm his mind before doing it. He’s doing all that embarrassing face while he have done it before, but it’s for a duty as king. Now that Naala is jealous of his previous woman, he can’t stop thinking he’s happy that Naala is jealous. Of course Tooya already refill-ing his strength to do it with Naala. But as he already give her pleasure, he stops right away again (yeah, he stops here and there) because he doesn’t know why Naala do it, out of care or love or because of their promise. After Naala says it’s because she loves him, Tooya continues to have her all night, wanting to kiss her all over but not that night. Don’t forget he also flowed out tears of happiness.


While spending time with Tooya at the pool, he asks Naala to do it again even though she wants him to rest for 10-20 mins. Don’t know if he’s joking or not, they also talks of how Naala didn’t know they’ll be like that at first time meeting him (They’re always in a fight). Suddenly, she told him that she wanted to bear his child, made him really happy.


A dream comes in Naala’s sleep. It’s about a person who killed someone similar to Tooya and a word “Blafka=ブラフカ”. When Naala wakes up and sees him in pain, he then calls her name, saying he had a nightmare and wants to hug her for long.

Uru comes to look for Naala in her room and when he heard Naala said “Blafka”, he tells her that it’s a spirit name who turns evil in the past after stealing a Flame Spirit’s wife. A seal on Tooya and every Nasula king’s hand is a symbol of that Flame Spirit while Blafka himself was a Fire Spirit. Before Uru can speak more, Muru comes to give flower from Tooya. The conversation was held behind then Uru said he feel Tooya is a unfriendly person. Maybe it’s just what he thinks of. Naala will do best so Tooya can have happiness.

It’s too bad that when Tooya will have a nice night on bed with Naala, Suren comes in without warning to inform about Ruse’s attack. Suren decides to take Naala back to Ruse and wants her to say it out loud to separate from Tooya. But Tooya, with calling himself as “Watashi”, orders Naala not to say it because she’s his wife. If Suren is still hold that decision, Tooya won’t budge to fight him. Naala stops them and tells Suren to go home for that night.

After Suren has gone, Tooya feels that there isn’t any factor to be liked by Naala. He isn’t have any value he think worth to be with Naala. But it’s sad thing so she doesn’t want him to say anything like that anymore. Naala thinks Tooya is a good person, a sight of love when she doesn’t want to think of his bad side. After receiving Naala’s words, Tooya begins to feel her all. After they’ve rested, Naala will send a letter to Ruse about her will to stay in Nasula. Tooya is glad for her decision and says he sees her life is very precious to him. Suddenly, Naala realizes his wound of swordfight after they met in flower field has gone. The two then continues to spent that night together.

A dream is happening again. Some woman who is Naala’s mother, Samal, is shock to see Tooya killed someone. He says it’s because that person did bad to her so he is having fun to see them died like bug. Samal slaps his face to tell him how precious a life is and wants Tooya to treasure it. He understands what it is and will take her words until now, because he also has precious person, Knoll and his father.

Naala wakes up after seeing that weird dream. It’s exactly the same time when Uru goes to her room and she takes time to hear more stories of Blafka. Uru says Blafka and the Flame Spirit, Blaize, were twins. In order to get Blaize’s wife, Blafka wished to destroy Nasula and Blaize in it. But Blaize won over Blafka and protect Nasula. After that, in royal family, it’s a detestable thing to have twins born. Hearing that, Naala feels shocked.


Tooya and Naala are talking Olli, Ruse King. She told him that Olli could beheaded woman who tried to kidnap her in the past. It was shocking to Tooya that someone would do something to that extent. Too bad their resting time must stop after Muru tells Tooya about the attack from Ruse. Tooya will go to the war and wants Naala to continue his research if he can’t come back, or having new husband. It’s also her duty as his wife. Of course many of the ministers were against Tooya to go in battlefield. But he claims that his father will be happy if Suren will take over his throne if he can’t come back. After they’ve done talking with Tooya, Naala thanking them for caring of Tooya’s safety. But one of the minister said he’s looking forward if Naala can give birth to Tooya’s son.

Before he’s going to war, Tooya says he must meet Olli because he also loves Naala before. Naala thinks it’s Tooya’s selfishness to danger his life, even to search for another husband. She doesn’t want to think of it and the only husband for Naala is just Tooya.

Though it’s more shocking that he said he wasn’t the one who made the wedding promise to her. It’s his twin brother, two of them are Tooya. Following the story of Blafka, the younger twin is evil because he’ll become Blafka. And this younger twin is the Tooya now while the one who made promise with Naala is his older brother. Thankfully, their father wasn’t believe that superstition, decides to just lock him from the world. It’s at that time when he met Samal who loved him like his own parent. She continued to admonish the boy who played with poison. It’s because everyone wouldn’t want to ask him to stay with them. That’s why, he did research on what would happen in the time when they couldn’t move before dead. It’s just Samal who admonish him while everyone just thought of him as substitute.

He knows all about Naala from his older brother who tells every stories of the world to him. But it’s also this Tooya who stabbed his brother at sword practice. As for him, he doesn’t know if it’s an accident or what he wished for, because he wanted to be ‘Tooya’. Although the thing which made older Tooya died was suicide. After Naala was fainted, their father ordered ‘Tooya’ to take women but he didn’t want to. The King was mad and took ‘Tooya’ to underground, replacing him with the present Tooya. Doesn’t want to live like that, ‘Tooya’ commited suicide while the new Tooya replacing him. It’s sad to wish her love but he’s lying all the time. Finally, Tooya goes to war leaving Naala behind in cries. Uru then gives her a hidden road so she can chase Tooya outside, because he knows Naala wishes to help Tooya.


Naala arrives at Tooya and Olli’s fighting ground. When Tooya almost lose, Olli says it’s to get revenge for his dead sister. It’s when Tooya realizes the letter might told about Naala’s death. But actually, Olli knows that she’s alive but still fight him after Naala was taken by Tooya. For Tooya, he said Naala was in love with him and wouldn’t give her to anyone. He wants Olli to help him build a new world for their precious person but Olli won’t take it serious.


The time Olli was about to stab Tooya, Naala went in front of them. She tells Olli that she always loves him as her brother, if he kill Tooya, so does her heart. Too bad Olli, who loves Naala more than anything and believes he’ll live happily with her someday, won’t acknowledge her feeling. He ordered his soldier to shoot Tooya with arrow. Naala continues to beg forgiveness from Olli and surprisingly, Uru has come with Saraana and Sharu to help them. Sharu told Olli that it’s not like they didn’t want to come back to Ruse, but they wanted to come back where it’s safe from disease. That’s why, they still believe in Tooya unknowingly.

Sharu and Saraana decides to die with Naala if Olli will kill her. With that thoughts alone from many women, Olli backs off his troops. It’s also because Knoll might have brought reinforcement. For Sharu, she will stay in Nasula for a while but Olli can bring the other woman back to Nasula. Before Olli go back to his country, he tells Naala to show her baby to him someday, or become his wife (just a joke, he said). Deep in her heart, Naala was saying thanks to Olli while holding Tooya’s hand.


Two years after that, Tooya and Naala was spending time in the red flower field. It has been a year after they discovered the medicine for Fushi disease and Naala tells him about Olli’s visit. Tooya is joking of how his wound has come back, truthfully his heart. Naala says she loves Tooya whatever he have done before. So he made a swear to not give her to any guy even after death. Well, actually, he spend time at flower field to rest, while Naala is worried if Uru is okay. Tooya says Uru actually knows it and let him go. Tooya has a new name for that flower, which is Bayal. Naala was surprise to hear that name but also happy that it seemed the promise was happened already. Later, Muru asks Tooya if he’s already given name to those flower. While hugging Naala, Tooya was ready to answer it…



Think of it as Uru’s ending. Instead of Tooya, Naala seeks warmth from Uru (as to borrow his shoulder to rest) who serves her everyday loyally. One rainy night, Uru comes in Naala’s room for a few moments to see her well. It makes him curious on how Naala can feel safe to invite him to her room without worry. He’s a man after all. When he goes outside, Naala chases him to see if he’s crying. She wants to know what can she do for him. Uru wants Naala to lend him her ear to tell her something. But because of the rain, she can’t hear well.

Before Naala goes to find Tooya at the battlefield, she is worry of Uru’s safety in the palace. Uru tells her it’s alright to go because he will give his heart and something to Naala so she can bring it along. He said it’s hers anyway to begin with. Too bad when she thinks to stop Olli from killing Tooya, she gets wounded herself. After Naala awakes, she sees Uru beside her bed. Uru tells her that Tooya is alright and already gives the women back to Ruse. Olli also stoped the war until Naala recovered. At that time, Uru asks Naala to let him stay with her forever because he loves her as woman even though he knows Naala loves Tooya. Naala accepted his request to stay with her as her servant and his promise to protect her.


Naala was late to stop Tooya and Olli’s fight. She found Tooya’s dead body and started to scream about her husband had died. Olli told her from now on, he’s her husband then knock her off to bring her back to Ruse. In Ruse, Naala doesn’t want to meet anyone, even if it’s Sharu. Olli comes in and can’t see her dying like that. So he has thoughts to make her pregnant so she will treasure her life and her child.

On another occasion, Naala sees a red flower petal and reminds Tooya. She has chance to run away, goes to the forest to search Tooya (the petals). Finally, she can see Tooya in the forest and takes his hand. Meanwhile, Olli was crying for his beloved wife’s death. He can’t have her anyway.


It’s too bad that Naala says Tooya is strong so he thinks she won’t love him if they didn’t make any promise. But he added it’s a joke then go out. The morning after, Naala wakes up with chains on her leg. Tooya had gave her medicine, to protect their bonds he said. He won’t release her until Naala give birth to their child and if she can’t, he will keep her forever. After a while, Tooya finally agree to release Naala’s chain. But when she said she didn’t want to go where he was, he became crazy (also calling himself as ‘Watashi’, the thing he used in his evil time to murder people), took another weird medicine so Naala can feel him.

Naala wakes up in different room. Tooya, who is in front of her says it’s his room and will be her room forever. It’s a room where Naala can’t see outside world and just can cry. Suddenly, she hears Uru brings Sharu and Saraana there. Sharu gives her a dagger without Uru knowing it. Though Uru was against it, he will always siding with her. When Tooya came in, he saw the dagger and wanted to take it. But accidentally, Naala stabbed it to his body. Before he died, Tooya said he love her and apologize for hurting her.



Even though Koezaru has comedies and jokes much more than Noise, but I think Noise’s story is more psychological. I don’t know why, but Tooya’s story can’t be compared to Gillford in Noise. Maybe because the story’s lenght and how Tooya’s main story just round about how he will make medicine. I felt Koezaru had shorter lenght of time to finish than Noise (If I had more times to play it all day). But anyway, Tooya is fun. He can make jokes easily as if it’s his nature. But we can’t be fooled by his daily appearance because his past was very evil. Thanks to Samal though. For his bad ending, I don’t think I care much of it. As I’ve told in many R18 or otoge bad endings, I wouldn’t care much for evil&scary bad end ‘coz I felt the good one was the truth of all. Sadly enough, Tooya’s bad end hasn’t feel much impression (I need something like Seravis bad end).


  1. I’m glad you enjoy this game too, their first wedding night is so funny. Knoll asks him why they are so quiet and Toya tells Naala to moan, I lol so hard with this event. I totally love Toya’s kindness and pretty glad he is the main guy but somehow I like Knoll more lol.

    Anyway how is your impression with Slen, I’m on his route now but kinda lazy to play him lol. Oh and Ur is so adorable ^-^

    • I don’t know much about Suren because he just appeared a few times in Tooya’s route. But I expected his lovey dovey time must be hot or else, it’ ll disappoint me.

      My favorite scene was also that fake first night. It’s funny and I don’t know Tooya can make joke to that extent.. Hope the rest story will be a lot better

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