Endless Time Loop

I thought at first time, TIME TRAVELERS would be a RPG game by LEVEL5. It turns out different and unique. The game itself made us seeing movies, took role as 5 different characters, and if we encountered TIME STOP/chosen the wrong answer, the system will let us go back to choose a right one. For more guide through this, you can visit : TIME TRAVELERS Maps Wiki

Official Site: http://www.timetravelers.jp/index.html

The scene begins when a female announcer questioning the result of Shindou Kyuugo (CV: Hirata Hiroaki) & his friend, Kai Shunsuke‘s, result of time research. She is Fushimi Hina (CV: Shintani Ryouko), Kai’s lover and is pregnant of their flesh. Too bad the research went nuts and hurting Kai. As a strong lady, Hina saved him but she accidentally trapped in their research. 18 years after, a police officer, is in a hurry to save his wife and son (Harumi CV: Matsuda Shiori) & Youta CV: Ishida Kayo). He meets a girl in hood throwing her bag on street then takes a look inside, which really surprise him since it’s a timer. It’s interesting to push a right button on PCE, when Kamiya tries to stop the explosion.

Meanwhile, Fushimi Hina is hoping for a better chance as a lone announcer that’ll find the truth to public. She then got a job with Kuramoto Gen (CV: Sakuya Shunsuke), the cameraman and went to find big scoop about the real terrorist in Dokuro Mask, who tried to eliminate Tokyo. As for the other person, Fukase Yuuri (CV: Hosoya Yoshimasa) almost kissing his high school friend, Shindou Mikoto (CV: Sawashiro Miyuki). But he won’t do it as he’s a slow person after all. He also has 2 best friends in high school committee, Nakayama Masato (CV: Okitsu Kazuyuki) & Kogure Shuuichirou (CV: Nakagawa Keiichi), which many girls talks about. And there’s Shindou Kyuugo, a mad scientist (or should I say, he got guts?) is telling rich people that he will make a time machine so he needs money. His daughter, Mikoto is helping him to do that. The last hero is Ressentiment (CV: Maruyama Takeshi), a standard 30 years old man who dreams to be a real life hero. He has a long-standing lover, whom he called Chi-chan/Yamabuki Chiriko (CV: Shishido Rumi) but she break their relationship right away because Ressentiment hasn’t propose to marry her even after so much time they spent together.

From left to right: Hina, Ressentiment, Yuuri, Kamiya. Center is Kyuugo.

Enough with the prologue, I will tell the story per each character now.


Shindou Mikoto

This girl travels through time, sometimes doesn’t even realize she can do it. Even though the other 5 heroes can do time travel to undo the death, Mikoto is a special one which can travel to many worlds as she wants to stop Tokyo’s explosion and to move time to a normal one. Mikoto likes Yuuri, but the person himself doesn’t want to realize that for his own promise. A cheerful girl, usually, but the decision to save the world through time travel made her must separate from Yuuri. Remember the scene when she wanted a kiss from Yuuri? It’s her last time in time traveling, after she decided to change the past, which might let her to not meeting all the other characters. The one who helped her deciding is this white-haired woman, which is a robot actually (no name?).

She was born again after 2031 when Hina married to Kai. But it makes her born as a baby, while Yuuri is still 18 years old at that year. In 2048, Mikoto who now lives in France (maybe) meets the white-haired woman again. She comes to bring Mikoto to her last job, putting her time traveler watch to Hina when she’s unconscious through time travel (I don’t know the meaning of it, though. Does Hina is the new time traveler now?).


Fushimi Hina

A female and strong-willed announcer who is thirsty for big scoop. She doesn’t hide to anyone that she loves a homeless guy. As she works with Kuramoto, Hina also has a helpful friend (also an announcer), Houjou Yurika (CV: Arai Satomi). The truth is, she is the one who saved all 5 characters when there’s Lost Hole (this the accident that killed many people from its ruins and the beginning of time travel thing, all is the caused by some research being held in a tower) accident happened. She saved Kamiya, herself, Yuuri, Ressentiment, and when she saved Kyuugo, Hina got into coma. She successfully gave birth to a daughter (You know who is it), but died afterward. So, Kyuugo raised her child ’til now. She loves this one guy, Kai Shunsuke, who becomes the one she has been searching greatly, the leader of Dokuro mask terrorist, Skeleton. Skeleton’s motive to destroy Tokyo is because he was abandoned by the world. And he’s also researching a way to go back to original time.

Fukase Yuuri

Yes, let’s do it!!

He is a 18 years old boy in high school, lives a happily high school life with Masato and Shuuichirou. He can’t let his self to find happiness before he can find the doll from the man who saved his life at Lost Hole accident, whom he wanted to give as his daughter’s birthday present and died before that to save Yuuri. He also hold his feelings for Mikoto because he knows Shuuichirou also likes her (Quite hard since Shuuichirou becomes a terrorist to confess to Mikoto). In the end, before he die (this is happened before Mikoto finds a way of saving the world), Yuuri finds the doll and then as his problem solved, he promised to go on date with Mikoto. Though it won’t happen since the new Mikoto is a 18 years old girl in 2048, while Yuuri becomes a (might be 30++) famous scientist. Mikoto saw it from internet. Oh yeah, the evil one in his story is his teacher, Itoyama Junko (CV: Tanaka Rie) who wants Skeleton’s research because of an order from her real country. In the end, Itoyama becomes a normal teacher. See here for Yuuri’s picture as scientist:


Kamiya Soma

Kamiya was a police officer, together with his friend. This guy died from their work, leaving his wife and son ahead. Kamiya, who came to his friend’s funeral, met his wife, Harumi, and son, Youta. Through time, he’s in love with that woman and will take care for Youta. They married and Harumi was pregnant at the time they’re kidnapped by Sawaki Shin (CV: Narita Ken), who is also a terrorist.  Finally, he must choose to save Youta or the building with 500 people. Thankfully, Ressentiment saved the building so Kamiya could help his son to live. After Mikoto sacrificed her present life, Kamiya had his new born child and lived happily with the 4 of them.


Shindou Kyuugo

When Lost Hole accident happened, he was trapped in a ruin. Hina saved him but must died, leaving her daughter behind. So now, Kyuugo raised that child as his own daughter (It’s his friend’s child after all). He knows right away that Skeleton is his old friend, Kai Shunsuke, then also knows about Mikoto’s true power of world travel. I think his time research isn’t just a prank to get money. He has brain after all. Later, Kyuugo’s assistant, Shinohara Momoka (CV: Yamada Miho), reveals that she’s also Skeleton’s subordinate. Though Shinohara isn’t really evil since she just wants guys to acknowledge her skill. In the end, Kyuugo still do researching with Kai and becomes a great scientist.



Its quite embarassing that our hero is such a childish otaku. His long-time lover, Chi-chan, told him to break up because he just going happy with hero-like playing. After the terrorist’s action of killing people everywhere, Ressentiment gets back at his own pride and becomes strong to fight his friend who is a terrorist now. In his last fight, Chi-chan came to save him as Ressenti Lady with her song. And the climax is, Ressentiment sacrifice his life to stop Skeleton, using a bomb. Although his ending is a happy one, to be a hero with Chi-chan and his 2 otaku friends.



This has good and bad endings. The bad end contains the destruction of the world, leaving Mikoto alone. And good end is just like what I’ve wrote in each character’s ending. They have new life, Mikoto was born in 2031, and she lived in another country in 2048. She might not meet Kyuugo, Ressentiment, nor Yuuri there. But she’s quite attracted by Yuuri’s appearance on net. There’s also a new system TTPhone, which I haven’t try yet. I think it’s just a bunch of a meeting with Mikoto as she found a memory card from 2002.

It’s quite hard to write TIME TRAVELERS review since the game itself moves between 5 characters. I also thought it’s quite confusing at the beginning, but got used to it in the end. This is quite short and doesn’t need guide ’til I reached TIME STOP 48/54 because of wrong answer. But I get it right away. It also has many songs included, from embarassing, kids song, to beautiful ending song by Sarah Alainn. Just try it and experience the time travel thing with Mikoto.


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11 Responses to “Endless Time Loop”

  1. This game looks good but also complicated, I kinda like the concept so maybe I’ll play it xD Btw is it RPG where you need to defeat/fight enemies or more like visual novel?

    Thanks for the review ≧∇≦

    • It’s more like movie/ VN with motion. Don’t worry, you won’t need to fight boss. Just,during PCE system, you’ll need to push buttons (Don’t worry, it will appear on screen what button to push). By the way, I’m hoping to play Koezaru. Even though it’s typical R18, I expected tragic story or what from Operetta.

      • Glad to hear it maybe I’ll play it after-all xD

        Oh you are playing Koezaru, me too! And I just finish Toya’s story. I can’t wait to see your review about it. So far I enjoy this game despite being typical R-18 ^-^

        Well about tragic story, I won’t spoil you (^v^)

        • Yep, I knew you had done with his review, though I couldn’t read it for now. I’ll give my impression after finish it. For now, I haven’t touch the game yet.

          As for Time Travelers, I think not many people have try it. I thought it’s very good with time leap and a unique way of telling the story, separated by 5 characters. But some people (for example my sister), isn’t quite fond of it because it’s rather confusing. It is so at the beginning, but as the story goes, I felt excited to see it end.

          • Yeah one of the reason I don’t touch this game yet because the story looks difficult to digest but since the system and the story are unique I am kinda tempted to play it.

            But seeing ur review makes me want to play this game more xD

  2. Wow! Thank you for the review! It was interesting to read, as always =)

  3. Thanks for your review!

    Honestly… the story was too confusing for me. LOL But the main theme: time travelling is really interesting and the way the story is told makes the game very unique. It reminds me of “Babel”, a film with more-perspective storytelling. I think I will play it someday, when I have enough money to buy it. ^^ My “Want-to-play” list is ridiculious long… orz

    Oh, and Yuuri looks so cute!! (*°∀°)=3 Somehow I just can’t resist megane characters. 8D

    • Yup, Yuuri is cute! Though he’s too quiet. I also think the story told in unique order and that’s why I could stand it (It triggered my curiosity). Be sure to try it because the game wasn’t take too long to finish. I also must start a new game around 3-4 times at TIME STOP 20 because the save data corrupted after I tried to snap the CG. But I still finish it quickly.

  4. I played this like…3~4 months ago? I was thinking of writing a review back then but I got myself caught up in Toki no Kizuna playthrough then…

    Spoilers ahead.
    As for me, I felt like I only played this game to see Yuuri making cold american jokes(it’s not funny but the silence just cracks me xD); Kamiya losing his senses and becoming a pervert, getting Ressentiment exploding for 2189371746176888 times and having Shidou elope with his sexy assistant not caring how the world will end 2 hours later xDD Seriously, the bad ends are just too funny that it was REALLY unexpected that the true end was something sad like ‘that’. I like chara-man so I really Shindou though Yuuri is quite cute too but SERIOUSLY, I didn’t wanted him to end up with Mikoto(liked her as heroine but not as a love interest with Yuuri) which thankfully happens in the true ending.

    I think I’ve been gone to blogging life for a long time…. didn’t notice this post is 2 months old (^^;;

    • After reading review of Toki no Kizuna, my interest just flew off somewhere else to play it. It happens to have so many events with jijii..

      Yuuri’s joke didn;t make me laugh, but as you’ve said, the silence (plus his smiling face) was the one made me think it’s cute. The romance sense from Mikoto & Yuuri was the reason wanted to try it, although I knew they wouldn’t be ended up together in the end (most of old RPG’s story are like that, although Time Travelers isn’t an RPG, but it gives me vibes of it). Haaa…, but I also like how Mikoto saw Yuuri as scientist in the end, even though they hadn’t meet each other. I wish they could in some different future.

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