The Wonderful Land With Arisa

Trick or Alice is a R-18 otoge by little cheese (the same developer as Kuro to Kin no Akanai Kagi, which I had played but didn’t write any review). Chara design was by the same person as Kuro to Kin, Hiyo. Although some couldn’t stand the flow of this game, but I had chosen to try it sinced it had so many great seiyuus. Thankfully, I did finish it. Just now, I will write review of my impression and some stories I remembered (’cause there were so many things happened randomly in this story and so many endings).

Minase Arisa is a high school girl who lives with her older brother only, Minase Shizuku, because their parents always leaving them for work. In her school, there are her cheerful classmate (Kisaragi Ren), sarcastic teacher (Tokitou Tsukasa), the twins (Kamijou Asagi-childish but hides something & Tooya-tsundere), and the last is her famous in girls’ talk senpai (Kurotani Nao or the girls calls him Nyao-senpai). Her life changes after celebrating her birthday with Shizuku at her room. She arrives at a wonderful world where she meets Kuro Usagi (which looks like Shizuku), Round/Dormouse (similar to Ren), Shadow & Light (or Asagi & Tooya), and Cheshire Cat (similar to Kurotani). They called her Alice in there, makes her can’t believe it but she must stand forward to see the truth. Have I forgot to write for Tokitou-sensei’s similarity? Here, he looks like Chrono/Mad Hatter but not really happy with Alice’s come back as the others.

After Kuro Usagi brings Alice to a garden, she finds the snake-like flower which can talk (Uh, very noisy), Elizabeth. Also, there’s a little girl who always following Chrono although it’s not her own desire to do so, Jikan (Alice gives her an easy-to-call name, Time). From them, Alice found out that the world is now moves repeatedly because there’s no Alice. Everyday, Chrono will hold tea party and Jack‘s (There is none of his picture, not important) head will be cut off by Queen of Hearts. The world will move again if Arisa believes she’s Alice and will come back as the wonderful world’s heroine. That’s a hard matter, even more because she thinks she is Minase Arisa and has no connection with that world. And then, now I’ll write it per character. Sorry if it’s also contains spoiler.

Minase Shizuku / Kuro Usagi / Shiro Usagi (CV: Tachibana Shinnosuke)

Shizuku’s role as Arisa’s brother is just his scheme of protecting her. He’s called Kuro Usagi, although his real ears color is white previously and called Shiro Usagi. It’s because the color of his ears will change to black of his power went down. The root of this happens when Alice tries to kill Queen of Hearts, then she is being chased by her soldiers. Shiro Usagi used his power to run away to another world he created, it’s Arisa’s school-life world. What matters now is his real name. It is Charles, from Charles Lutwidge Dodgson or Lewis Caroll’s real name. He said Charles is his model and Kuro Usagi also had power to control world, but he’s not the real Charles. (Is it confusing?). He created the garden where Elizabeth grew, as special page between storyline where any power can’t go through.

The problem in his story (or almost everyone’s) comes from Chrono. Kuro Usagi is the one and only person he thinks of a friend in the world after Kuro Usagi played with him in their childhood. Chrono feels betrayed after Kuro Usagi, who always looks at Alice, ran away to different world and left him behind. So when Alice came back, Chrono wanted to destroy her with every chances he got, for example stealing Kuro Usagi’s book (the book of the world, which can erase someone’s name & existence, etc.). Alice and Kuro Usagi thinks they must save Chrono from doing something bad so they tries to stop him.

In Wonderful World’s ending, Chrono stole the book and beheaded everyone in that wonderful world. Kuro Usagi and Time decided to repeat the story until Alice can successfully stab Queen of Hearts (the knife stabbed on her left chest is the cause of failure in Alice’s attempt of saving the world). Too bad after Alice killed Queen of Hearts, she became a heartless queen, together with Kuro Usagi as her subordinate who love her and will do anything for the new evil queen. And sadly, this is the only CG I like from Kuro Usagi’s ending (You can see the other one).

If Alice successfully befriended Chrono, the wonderful world won’t easily be saved. It will be broken in short time, so Kuro Usagi abandoned that world, brings all of their friends to school’s world together. Elizabeth and Time also lives there (Uh, it’s strange to have talking flower so Shizuku/Kuro Usagi puts her in his garden). They have a beautiful school’s life (What’s happening with everyone’s CG altogether? I want proper Shizuku-Arisa’s only CG!).


Kamijou Tooya / Shadow (CV: Hino Satoshi)

He is older brother of the twins. Even though he looks more cheerful, but we can guess that he hides scary thoughts. Shadow always tells Alice that Light hates her, but it’s a lie of course to prevent them for falling in love. Because Shadow wants Alice for himself and won’t let her to talk to anyone beside him. He tells her of his real feelings and behaving good to her at first, but when Shadow sees her talking with Light, he’ll change to a possessive one. One at a time, Shadow throws his precious flower (the flower he waited to bloom, will also point out the return of Alice and the world will move again). It’s all because he’s scared to see it wither, so he can remembers its beauty forever. He also claims that he wants to see Alice’s beauty for forever, which also makes her sad because she’ll turns old one day.

Finally, his jealousy increases to keeps Alice in his room everydays, but she can runs away by Light’s help. It makes Shadow kidnaps Chrono and then putting a fight with Light at the forest. He won over his twin and lives happily with her as he made delicious food.

For school-life’s ending, Tooya stole Kuro Usagi’s book and brings Alice & Asagi to the room of his heart (really. heart as an organ). Alice convinces him to stop it, that the one she loves is only Tooya. He stops and choose to stay together with her although wonderful world is disappearing.


Kamijou Asagi / Light (CV: Hino Satoshi)

Uh, he always has sullen face when he sees Arisa/Alice, but deep inside a care guy. He thinks Alice hates him from Shadow’s lies but after he finds out Alice has feelings for him, Light reveals that he also loves her. Not much I can say in his story because it always connected to Shadow’s attempt of separating them. Shadow stole the book, gave sleeping poison to Wonderful World’s characters. When Alice wakes up from it, she sees Light is being tied by Shadow. They finally defeat him and makes Shadow realizes Light’s love for his brother. Same as Kuro Usagi, I don’t think he has proper CG alone with Alice.

For his school-life’s ending, I can’t say much again. It also gives the three of them to live together and happily in that world. Hah… even though I like his cute and fluffy story, I’m disappointed at the CG.. I thought Light has sweetest story but is ruined by the 3P endings (adding the real 3P together).


Kurotani Nao / Cheshire Cat (CV: Nojima Hirofumi)

Cheshire is quite pervert with his nudity all the time whenever he feels like putting off clothes (?). But his kindness and calmness is what makes Alice fell for him. He makes promise with the Duchess to be her pet and he must go out in hide without the Duchess’ knowledge. It makes Alice jealous but Cheshire claims his only lover will only be her alone and doesn’t have romantic relationship with Duchess. In his route, the problem occurs because Kuro Usagi won’t allow Alice to fall in love with Cheshire. He is a untrustworthy man and also, Kuro Usagi believes Alice won’t love anyone (because he also loves her and waits for her feelings, I think).

I can see his perverted minds after Cheshire brings Alice a new underwear to put on before he can fantasize with her. Another problem happens when Chrono is captured by Queen of Hearts and will be beheaded right away. As one of Chrono’s acquaintance, Cheshire and Alice tries to save him. In the end, they lives happily as they takes vacation at the sea.

For school-life’s story, Alice and Cheshire choose to stay there and goes to school together as they holds hands. Nothing much I can say in this route because I also forgot a few things even though I played him before Kuro Usagi. Well, most of school’s ending weren’t leave much impression to me.


Kisaragi Ren / Round / Dormouse (CV: Kimura Ryouhei)

I can’t say much of him because he’s the first one I played and I don’t think I like happy-go-lucky guy. It’s sad because his seiyuu is Kimura Ryouhei, which is in hot news as he voiced Kise’s Kuroba (I choose Kise, and sorry, Akashi-which my sister like). Round always sleeping all day (he is the sleeping rat after all) and just wakes up for 3 hears each day. This is why he thinks of every day as a precious day and treasure the meeting with Alice the most. Although Round thinks of Chrono as his friend, the person himself won’t believe it and makes Round going into Alice’s dream to be her lover in school life world. Alice realizes it and tells Cheshire to not do that anymore because she choose to live with him in any world. She also forgive Chrono for trying to keep her in the dream world forever.

His wonderful world ending is very weird but so romantic. Alice choose to wake up in same lenght as Round so she can feel what he feels to. It is undecided when she can wake up together at same hour as him, but Alice keeps the thoughts. The time they wokeup together was the most precious thing in their world.

As to school’s ending, Alice and Round stays at that other world. They takes lunch on the rooftop together as lovers.


Tokitou Tsukasa / Chrono / Mad Hatter (CV: Morikawa Toshiyuki)

Morikawa being this childish and egoist hatter is a sad thing to me.. Because I was captivated by his voice in Elkrone. But I also amazed by how Morikawa changed tone and his mad voice. Most of the time he hates Alice for taking Kuro Usagi’s eyes. Chrono is a lonely person and that’s why, he really likes Kuro Usagi for being his first friend ever. He took Jikan as his tool to serve him after Alice was gone from Wonderful World. Chrono uses all ways to take Kuro Usagi’s book of creation because he wants to be the hero in that world and makes Kuro Usagi see him again. As for his ending, he doesn’t have good one. His ending just contains of him to kill everybody in Wonderful World, letting Alice be his sex tool and Kuro Usagi to see it..


Jikan / Time (CV: Nagato Kayo)

Her story is just a short one. As one who have power to control time, she fails to save the guys in wonderful world as it goes to destruction. She just can save Alice, brings her to school world and the two of them spend time together as school’s friend (thankfully it’s not a yuri route).


Oh I’m finally done with it!! I just felt to play it because of their seiyuu. Even though I can’t find it my favorite and it’s almost confusing, Trick or Alice does have proper storyline, better than Kuro to Kin. It was boring at first-time playing because the slow pace and dialogues (it doesn’t have comedy in it), but as I played the 3rd order, it felt lighter (faster?). My order are Round-Shadow-Light-Cheshire-Chrono-Kuro Usagi-Time-Other story. I think it’s more convenience since Round doesn’t have any relation in storyline rather than to Chrono, and Shadow-Light are just comparation between the two brothers. Then, Cheshire is when Queen of Hearts first showed herself, which is also important in the storyline, and Chrono is just a side story. We can’t go to Kuro Usagi’s route before completing Round, twins, and Cheshire’s story. And later, other story just have bad endings (as for 3P with either Shadow or Light as the main perpetrator).

I think the character design is not to my liking but the coloring is good enough to amuse my eyes. As for BGM, it’s very boring and not makes me remember it that much. School-life’s endings just won’t be as good as I thought, I even forgotten most of it. The one and only comedy is coming from Elizabeth (the most is when she said her name isn’t “Elizabeth” to make Alice confuse, she thinks it’s an ugly name). And for seiyuu, I don’t like Kimura’s voice as Round, I’d prefer Kise’s kind of voice. Morikawa did a good job but sadly, it mostly to crying and shouting. Tachibana’s voice was kind of boring and Hino also did great job to change tone when being Shadow/Light. I don’t know Hirofumi’s kind of voice before (Although he’s Nojima Kenji’s sibling) and I like his voice here. Sugiyama Noriyaki as Elizabeth is very stunning, like a real transvestite. Tanaka Ryouko as Alice might have cute and moe voice, but I don’t like the grating sound in my ears. And last for Orikasa Ai as Queen of Hearts, she’s also stunning. Best queen ever! What I like here is, the heroine goes along in H scene, not screaming いやあぁぁぁ!! all the time.


  1. Whoa! I salute you for actually getting through and finishing this game. I couldn’t stand it and abandoned the game after Kuro Usagi’s route lol. Thanks for the review. This clears up a lot of my questions ‘coz when I was going through the others’ routes, I wasn’t really paying attention, more like it was very hard for me to pay attention, so I was still confused by the time I got to Kuro Usagi’s route orz. Anyway, i look forward to your next otoge review (^_^).

    • No, I think I forgotten most of school life’s story too because I wrote this review after finished playing all. I think it’s flowed slowly so it’s rather boring but I could still stand it (which also surprising me). Maybe because it’s sweet (if not comparing Shadow and Chrono’s route).

      For now, I’m playing Koezaru ha Akai Hana and I think it’s not as boring as Trick or Alice. It also has comedy, not like Noise, but almost similar to Diary. I hope I can like Tooya in the end, for his jokes. I hope I can join your conversation about that game because I’m really slow now..

      • I haven’t fully completed the game but from the stuff I’ve played, i really enjoyed it. That’s why I think it’s fine if you play it slowly as long as you enjoy it. I’m not only playing it slowly, my understanding of the game is slow, too lol. For me, the characters are likeable and the jokes aren’t that bad. Some of it really made me laugh. I do hope you like it.

        • Yup, I also laughed at Tooya’s run away attempt and disguise as woman. I hope the comedic + tragedy will be in here, where Diary has a slightly bit of comedy and Noise has tragedy. If it’s so, Koezaru will rise higher than the two

  2. Wow I didn’t realize you already made the review for this game. Just like Boizanberi said, I salute you for finishing this game. I played it before but abandoned it right away because the story is too confusing for me haha, too bad I kinda like the arts, feels lie a fairy tail theme. Maybe someday I’ll play this game again xD

    • I didn’t surprise if you abandoned it. I also think of that way at first, and I didn’t even look at the website until the game came out. After seeing the seiyuus, I tried it, bored as the prologue went slow, but I must go through for Kuro Usagi’s route. Thankfully, I played Round first and turned out he’s the most boring one then keeping Kuro Usagi for last. I didn’t recommend it much though. It’s sweet and cute and has confusing line (my preference is not normal, I like puzzling matters), but it lacks comedy.

  3. I can not go the route of Cheshire. I’ve done the route of the Round, Shadow, Light. Someone help me? T__T

  4. Now I’m not getting the route with the Kuro Usagi, not sure how I approach it, is complicated. The Mad Hatter is only when he rapes Alice? If only that could make the route of all.

  5. Hi. If you’re having problem searching for Trick or Alice guide, I’ll recommend to copy-paste this : “トリック・オア・アリス 攻略” on Google and you’ll find many guides from Japanese website.

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