DRAMAtical Murder CG

I will give you the link to download DRAMAtical Murder CG.

Here it is: http://www.mediafire.com/download/21av49b2io1l3q7/DM+CG.rar




*Added: This is the new link uploaded by me at Feb 2, 2014. The old link was deleted by mediafire. Because I lost my CG pack from disk, I had to re-install the game again, skipping each route, then print screen the CG (Counting there are many big size CGs that I must connect to each other too). Anyway, it’s all done in 4 days. So this is the new CG I had been captured and will be different from the old link. Don’t worry, it’s all completed already, though the differences might seen in Miscellanous picture.


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