Deleted Files by Someone

Someone deleted all my 4shared files, or so I think. I won’t upload it back (I’m  busy now and my connection is poor, so I won’t have time to wait uploading time for all my files). Thank you, you, whom have deleted my files. I’ve changed the password so people can’t use it. I’m so sorry, but I have no trust of giving any password anymore. And, I’ll use mediafire from now on. If someone wanted one of my files, maybe I’ll upload it back one by one (if I have time), or some people can try to help uploading it.


  1. OMG such ungrateful person…. Yeah next time better change it into mediafire or jumbofiles, and don’t share you account again 😦

    And I know we have the same connection so it is very troublesome to re-upload all the files again since the connection in our country is very poor and lot of dc.

    Whoever he/she is, hope she/he will feel guilty (though I doubt it).

  2. OMG, I can’t believe someone did that to you! I mean, you’ve been so nice even being willing to share the files in the first place . . . and then sharing your password so people can still enjoy them . . . GRAWR TO THEM! Beat them with my spork of doom.

    I probably have a lot of your files – if you want to let me know which ones you are still missing, I’ll go through my zip files and see if I have them.

    • Oh, don’t worry. I’ve put the CGs in Mediafire right now. Everything is settled now. I think that it’s a guy who used to upload his file in my account before. I deleted it and he might use that way. I’m really thankful you’re all very concern to me. Thank you!

  3. oh dear, it’s aweful! How could that person do such a nasty thing?
    Is there anything we can help you with? Just tell us if you need anything, we will be glad to give you a helping hand =)

  4. that must be tough == i was hoping to look in your files. (oh well)
    who ever delete is just stupid or (********@#$%!!) (sorry for my language)
    if not a person it could be 4shared limited (this happen to a lot of people files disappearing) this happen to me while i’m middle of project and sharing my info with my partner. so someone might on purpose or accident trigger the limit and delete all your files.
    if you need anything or want to upload your files again.
    i can try creating a site that your free to upload and download your files. (but its not public though)

    • I don’t know if someone unconsciously deleted it. But still, without apologizing, it’s rude. It’s a long story now, and many people helped me to get the files again. I’m thankful to them.

      Thanks for your concern, anyway ! ^^ And I already use Mediafire enough to keep my files. It’s not that big of a size, so I can use it freely.

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