Atelier Elkrone & PersonA ~Opera za no Kaijin~ CG

I hadn’t post these two CGs because I decided not to post it. But I changed my mind right away. It’s also make easier way of getting it without looking up through my piles of DVD-R (that I saved all my files in it instead of external HD). This the first time for me to upload R-18 CG, but please use it in rightful way (don’t let under-age see it).

Here are the links:

Elkrone no Atelier ~Dear for Otomate~ :


PersonA ~Opera za no Kaijin~ :


And I had found a job recently so.. even though I’m still playing games, I won’t be able to finish it quickly. I don’t know what will happen in the future, but the worst is, I won’t make review anymore, just a slightest bit of sneak peek (because I might play for favorite character rather than finishing all routes). Well, it’s the worst because I’ll go for 8 hours + 2 hours on the way (I spent more than 10 hours outside) per day.


  1. Thank you very much for the CG packs! We like Persona’s characters but it’s unusual to see R-18 arts ^^”’ Well, it’s natural we guess =)
    Congrats with finding a job! We hope it will be good for you and will give you a proffecional happiness! *_* Even though you won’t be able to play as much as you did earlier and write wonderful reviews, we still will be waiting for your posts and quick and slighest bit of sneak peek of the games ^____^
    Ganbatte! Everything will be fine!

    • Thank you very much for your support as always ^^ Well, I don’t think I felt comfortably while playing R18 games. I always skipped the texts at R18 scene with clicking it. But it’s different while playing Fantome’s route. I wanted to hear Kondo’s voice and couldn’t let it slip a moment.

      Even though I can’t play games often, well, I guess I’ll be okay in this company. My friends are all good and funny. I hope you’ll be okay in your real life too.

  2. Wow! I love CG of PersonA ~Opera za no Kaijin~ game. I think all character in game is very excellent. All boy in game is handsome (This is a real mind -.,-)

    Thank you very much for game review and beautiful CG. 😀

  3. Congratz again for the job. Yeah I know ur feeling. Aku juga sama, waktu utk main game cuman sabtu aja. Wah makan waktu 2 jam? Tempat kerjanya di luar kota? Kita senasib dong, PP abis 2 jam itu juga klo ga macet, kdg dr jam 5 bisa sampe rumah jam 7 😦
    I’ll miss your reviews but RL is important. Good luck ^-^

    • Thank you!! Bukan di luar kota sih, tapi macetnya!! Yeah, u know the traffic in the city. Memang senasib, aku juga pulang jam 5 nyampe bisa jam 7 atau 7.30.

      Anyway, I’ll still play otoge whenever I have time. I won’t stop it. Good luck to you too \(^o^)/

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