Poll for Artist’s Art in Otoge

I’ve created this poll, which contains of this few names for artist in otome games’ art, including the result:

1. Kazuki Yone (Hakuouki, Hiiro no Kakera) 38/109 = 35%

2. Nagaoka (Clock Zero, SYK, KamiKimi) 20/109 = 18%

3. Kurahana Chinatsu (UtaPri, Togainu no Chi, Lamento, Aquarion EVOL) 11/109 = 10%

4. Kazuaki (Starry Sky) 10/109 = 9%

Kuroyuki (Gekka Ryouran Romance, Black Wolves Saga) 10/109 = 9%

5. Other 8/109 = 7%

6. Tsukino Omame (Noise, Queen of Darkness. Second Reproduction) 6/109 = 6%

7. Sumihey (Shinigami to Shoujo) 4/109 = 4%

8. Fukahire (Atelier Elkrone, Tsukumonogatari) 2/109 = 2%

9. Maeda Hirotaka (TYB, Vitamin, Lucian Bee) 0/109 = 0%


Based on this poll, I think most of my readers keeps liking Kazuki Yone’s art despite her art is different now. I like her old art in Hiiro no Kakera and Hakuouki, but I think, I’ll pass in Kamigami no Asobi or Shimekiri drama CD (her latest work). Well, she has the biggest influence in early otome games so we’ll need to respect her. For the second place, Nagaoka won the poll (I’m very happy). But again, we won’t be able to see her art nowadays anymore. Let’s hope she’ll continue to create other arts for, maybe another developer, etc. Kurahana Chinatsu’s male art are very cool and handsome. I admit that, but haven’t try playing the games (Mostly because I have never played BL games before, maybe will change after DRAMAtical Murder’s influence. And she also created design for male characters in Aquarion EVOL, though I just like Shrade and Kagura there.

It’s sad that Maeda Hirotaka doesn’t have voter. But yeah, I guess it’s rare to see someone like her art. I don’t think it’s bad, but it’s unique and different than common. Well, her ‘Jesus’ in TYB is the only one I like from her job truthfully. Uhm , it’s just a vote so it won’t affect the real perspective of each person. I hope it will help to try selecting a few of their games to play. Enjoy playing!


Note: I have made a new poll.


~ by twentyninenights on May 28, 2012.

22 Responses to “Poll for Artist’s Art in Otoge”

  1. It’s hard for me to pick a favorite artist, sometimes it depends on my mood and well everyone is very talented. XD If I had to pick one, probably Sarachi Yomi for Arcana Famiglia…when I first checked out the website, everyone’s character design were unique and stood out (can’t say I like the designs of the new characters as much though). Usually everyone looks the same to me until I really start to play the game lol, especially with Otomate. I sort of think that Kazuki Yone’s style looks less unique to me now because of how Otomate keeps using her style (like the CG coloring style in Jyuuza). I have not paid attention to that new game by Broccoli, so she is trying to change her style? But yeah, I agree with you that she has a huge influence on the art of otome games, Hiiro had beautiful designs!

    By the way, Maeda Hirotaka is a male. XD I can’t say he’s my favorite, but I love the colors and textures in TYB and I think he has very creative concepts. He is a bit hipster for my taste (like the clothes in TYB, Renai Banchou just lol), but I do admire him.

    • Oh, I don’t know that Maeda is a male (I guess I should have known from his name by “Hirotaka”. But nowadays, I could find women/men artist with shadow name. Haha).

      Uh, yeah, I guess it’s also will be different in mood, the game’s color and background, etc. Like me. Sometimes, I liked Fukahire’s art in Elkrone, but in Tsukumonogatari, it’s too plain. Nagaoka also has different vibes in CZ and KamiKimi. Whereas I like her design in CZ, I prefer the color in KamiKimi. Well, my poll is based on how you were amazed by the artist’s style, or their skills (I hope).

      For Yone, I knew we would get bored of her style after it got dominated in almost entire otome games (especially latest HnK and Hakuouki). And so, she changes the coloring and eyes, I guess. But I prefer her old style. Well, human got improved and we couldn’t force them…

      • Yeah its true that a lot of artists use pen name, hes definitely male XD- there was an interview with his photo. http://www.garupara.jp/garusupe/bslog/index.html

        Haha, I see! It’s an interesting poll, thanks for making it! Speaking of artist though, I really liked the art in the original Miyako, but I could not find the artist name. 😮

        • He looks funny in those picture in all black fashion!! I wonder what the illustrator would think of when he must work in the product, different from their gender (For example, Maeda to otome games or the reverse). I think it’s a fun work.

          Uh, yeah, I didn’t know MIYAKO’s illustrator. Well, much I didn’t know if they just came out with few games… Also, love the art in MIYAKO

  2. Well, one reason Yone’s art is different in the newest Hiiro no Kakera and Hakuouki games is because she’s not the actual artist for either. The studio that worked with her when the games first came out are copying her style since it is technically owned by Otomate (gotta love copyrights and all that jazz).

    I’m not sure if there were issues between Yone and Otomate, or if Yone simply grew bored with the franchise and decided not to renew her contract, but she doesn’t work for them anymore. Thus why when you look at the new stuff, the reaction is usually “. . . . ok . . . it’s ok, but . . . eh” When you look closely and start comparing the two styles, you can really see the differences.

    This game http://www.kamiaso.com/ is Yone’s newest work, where she is the actual artist in charge of design. So we’ll still see her, but not with our classic favs.

    • No, I’m not talking of the latest HnK and Hakuouki. I knew it’s from different artist long ago. I’m talking about Shimekiri and KamiAso (which I ddin’t very much like it as I like HnK). And I knew she had problem with Otomate, whatever it was, let’s hope she chose the better path in Broccoli. Haha, and KamiAso, I had its banner sinced long and I knew it’s her work

      • Yes, it’s true Kazuki’s artwork has changed, but that doesn’t necessarily mean it got worse. In fact, I actually think her skills have slowly but steadily been improving since Hiiro no Kakera.

        However, one thing that really got to me when looking at Kazuki’s characters was that most of them looked the same. Short-haired Hijikata looks a bit similar to Saito, and Saito looks exactly like Kaitou Kaki from Hanaoni (in fact, Kazuki jokes about one drawing she made in her blog, leaving the decision of whether the character she’d just drawn was Saito or Kaitou to the readers. XD).

        Right now, I think she’s trying to make her characters look more distinguishable from one another (which is very understandable because she definitely doesn’t want characters she’s currently working on to be mistaken for characters from Otomate games she’s worked on before). I’m not saying she’s nailed it already (heck, that megane from Shimekiri looks like Kaitou with glasses), but I can certainly see that she’s trying.

        Looking at her most recent artworks, I can also see that her grasp on anatomy has also improved a bit. However, though I think her drawings and design improved for KamiAso, her color palette choice was downright atrocious! I mean, bright red and violet on watercolor effect and over all yellowish tint on everything?! I know she’s supposed to maker her drawings look very different from her Otomate works but come on. DX

        The best thing I liked about Kazuki’s Artworks was her choice of colors. I love the way she could put together all kinds of colors and make them compliment each other to create a natural look. The colors were also not too bright and saturated, but it looked stunning nonetheless and wasn’t at all painful to look at.

        So in short, I’m not sure if that was all her doing in KamiAso or if the color choice was something that the company she’s working for decided on their own, but aside from that, I think Kazuki’s artwork has actually gotten better for the most part (which also includes her artwork for Nobunaga the Fool).

        • Yes, I’ve seen Nobunaga too. I also thought she changed the drawing to freely got her own art better than Otomate games. Though at some part, the choice of color is indeed not my preferrence in KamiAso. I think she needs time to improve with a bit failure here and there to make better piece. It’s not something wrong, hence, I’ll see and wait through her next drawing.

          Her posture drawing has improved, I acknowledged it. Well, just maybe, the character design in KamiAso isn’t too appeal-ing for my taste. For Nobunaga, I’m glad she took another chance of different project (not only for games). I will rooting otome game illustrators to spread their arts anywhere, such as Kurahana Chinatsu (for her work in Samurai Flamenco, Aquarion Evol, and UtaPri) and Sumihey (for Tokyo Ravens and Shinigami to Shoujo). For me, anime might be a better chance to be knowledgeable than just working on light novel or manga. Happily enough that KamiAso will be an anime soon.

  3. I’s kinda hard to choose which one is my fave ^-^But I voted for Nagaoka, I just like her design and the colors mostly so pretty.

    • I’m glad you also like her art. I prefer the calm and decent art rather than dark but wavy style (I’m looking at you, BWS!!).

      • Ha2 I don’t really like dark and wavy style too so for BWS I kinda have mixed feeling for the game. I love the color but not the art style xD

        You are playing Dramatical? I heard this game for BL is good but I have no gut to play it yet xD Guess I’ll be waiting for your review ^-^

        • Uh, I don’t think I’ll write DMMd review. I don’t dare to do it this moment. But you can try seeing it here:

          They have made quite awesome review for this game. So far, I’m still not done with any route and in the middle of Koujaku’s route. I will be slow in these because instead playing Jyuuza Engi & DMMd, I also back at playing RPG (Star Ocean Second Evolution).

          • Thank you for the links (*off to see their reviews xD)

            Ah Star Ocean 2, one of my fave RPG game, but I like the art on PSX better than PSP but still this game still good. Btw how is your fave character in that game? ^-^ Mine is Celine and Diaz lol.

            That reminds me, I still have a ton of classic RPG that I’ve never finish before lol. Lunar, Vandal Heart 2, Thousand Arms 😦

          • Oh, it’s not only one of my fav RPG but also my best. No one can compare it. I’ve completed the game several times (mostly prefer Claude than Rena). The result is I remember the caves, maps, storyline, etc quite well. My fav char are Claude and Rena (of course). But Celine and Ashton were also a fun couple, even though in Blue Sphere (manga), Ashton were coupled with Precis. For art, yeah, I don’t like the art for Second Evol. I’d prefer the PS1 art or the manga (Mayumi Azuma).

            I’ve completed Thousand Arms though I forgot how was the ending…

  4. I was among the ones who chose others, because I think Usuba Kagerou is the best artist, with Nagaoka coming on second. I would kill to be able to draw and color like Usuba Kagerou….

    • I played Will O’ Wisp and yeah, it’s very classical. The one thing I dislike for Kagerou’s art is the eye. They are all looks like vampire with black eyes. But it’s beautiful indeed if I didn’t think much of its eyes. The art was very detailed and the coloring’s perfect for mysterious vibes. Although it changed a lot in Wand of Fortune with bright color

  5. 29nightsちゃん I’m sorryyyyyy! My comment got eaten.. please delete the first one ;A; and the full one is here

    I looked up Miyako before from http://yaplog.jp/game_otome/, the character design was by 2 people (1 is a mystery, the other is Yojinbo’s artist .. this surprised me) and the CGs/art in-game is by another artist 東山マキ who randomly does anything from eroge to Utapuri sweet serenade. I dunno who to credit the art for but I’m leaning towards the mysterious one.

    I never noticed Nitro+Chiral games, Utapuri and EVOL’s artist were the same person. *was surprised* XD; I confess I’ve never been attracted to Utapuri’s art and while I liked N+C’s art, I never stopped to admire the beauty of the lines/details like I do with other artists I like.

    I’m sure if you had put up Hanamura Mai, she would’ve gotten a lot of votes. BTW I’m still all for Nagaoka, I hope I didn’t vote for her twice.. 8D *kicked*

    Otomate has art teams doing the coloring so in some cases the coloring style is Otomate’s decision not the main artist’s, even if the main artist is the leader of the team. Note Nagaoka in SYK => CZ => Kamikimi the coloring is very different. I’ve seen Nagaoka’s original art so I can say CZ is closest to her own style which probably means she had a large influence on the decision. Her art in Kamikimi doesn’t give off her own vibes much even for the character design, it’s all director Jo going “I want this I want that!” I’m sure Kazukiyone directed her art team to color closest to her own style => Otomate’s art team acquired her style, they claimed it as their own and stuck to it until today. This also explains why Otomate’s art looks so similar between games, like the new Glass heart princess has Amnesia’s art team behind it so the art gives strong Amnesia vibes.

    • Whooa, Miyako has a mystery in its art!! Haha…

      I also wouldn’t have notice if my sister didn’t give me information. And when I saw EVOL’s design, it’s really is similar to Utapri. I noticed N+C’s art always in dark color, but I tried DRAMAtical Murder and it’s bright, futuristic, very different with their usual art (But also with detail). Well, I like the art for Togainu no Chi for its handsome + cool guys (although never play it).

      Ah, I forgot about Hanamura Mai when I make the poll. I don’t know why, after playing Amnesia, my thoughts on it became worsen. Maybe because the storyline didn’t catch my preference, it’s boring and too much using psychological torture.

      For coloring, I can guess it’s from different person. But color also took important role in order to make it interesting. Well, I won’t say much in this matter because it’s their problem. But I think, some different coloring makes the art becomes nice and changes the previous mood in the same person’s art, also to adjust the setting in game. For Kazuki Yone, it’ll be best to copyrighted her own style (Ahaha, just joking) in the future…

      • I agree! Coloring is important and makes a huge difference. I’m quite happy with Otomate’s art direction actually, I like it when they’re being more original and art+game+design make a good combination. Otomate’s consistency in their art is also very good compared to other games. I like the art in most of their games.. except LGS lol. It’s just the downside is that they don’t (as Pocketbiscuit once said) let artists shine to their full potential, since a game’s art is always a result of Artist x Otomate team not of the artist alone.. they’re not like Takuyo, Sts’s CGs are pure Sumihei so I really like that too. I like both styles actually it’s just that I can’t help splitting Nagaoka from Otomate when I form my opinion of Nagaoka’s art from Kamikimi for example, because Otomate is like that. Then I can say I like Nagaoka not Nagaoka x Otomate. When I say ナガオカが好きです〜 vs I like Kamikimi’s art~ each have a little different meaning.

        My love for Amnesia has pretty much died too, it’s too popular for what I think it deserves. But I still love Hanamura Mai’s lines and character design, for the heroine in particular.. and Ikki & Shin lol. I’m terribly bored of seeing Shin btw. Her art for Desert Kingdom is very close to her own art 🙂

        • Uhm, I agree with not fully shines their artist. I wonder if Otomate’s artist created something other than game, except Yone who did Hanaoni novel. If it’s so, I think they can shine brighter on their own name, rather than colored by other people.

          I also don’t know why some other game which should have amazing story can’t be popular (StS, Noise, Peter Pan) and other which just have simple story can get very popular in fandom (Utapri, Amnesia, Gekka, StaSky). I guess a simple story will fit most person in real life, huh? Though I still prefer some deep story and puzzling mystery, even something that we must use our brain to get the answer or speculate the ending. It proves on how the scriptwriter really do their job.

          • I feel you there on good story games. (CZ&sts forever) I’m happy you want to appreciate and respect the game creator’s efforts too.. other than the different people enjoy different things reason, I’d also say game length is a factor? I’m guilty for not starting long games because well, I don’t have time.. I know long games are long because they have a lot of character interaction so unless I’m ready to love all the characters, or to love the situation, I can’t start! orz Peter Pan is slowly fading off my list for this reason. If only I could be stranded on an island with a power generator, an LCD TV, my game consoles, my Macbook, and wifi/3G 8D;;

          • Oh, I would say the same thing as you. I need more time to play QR games (Cinderella, Oumagotoki). That seems to be a good game too. And maybe you’re right. The lenght also is one factor. Sometimes, I felt that I wanted to quit playing games with long story but I kept trying it. In the end, I couldn’t neglect it and stay with it until the end. But I’m satisfied after that because it had good storyline. Very different to StaSky. It’s short but couldn’t leave any impression on me.

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