Uncovering the Mask Inside

This is about PersonA ~Opera za no Kaijin~. I won’t make complete summary, but it may still contain spoiler. I hope this won’t bother you, readers. And as it’s written after I’ve done with 4 routes, I wouldn’t be able to write the details of each ending. Fantome here is a magician and can do trick very well, wears black mantle and a half-faced mask.

The story tells of our heroine dreams to be primadonna at opera, Christine Daaé, who lives alone up ‘til Remy (you know him, the butler of Richard Filman) find her singing at some café and invites her to an audition at Paris Opera House. She often goes to church, a place where she played with Raoul de Chagny in the past. Sometimes, she gets present from a person she doesn’t know, sent to church and her living expenses. Remy alone is a butler of Richard Filman, a manager of Paris Opera House. Richard also works with Moncharmin. This theatre works thanks to the sponsorship of Earl Philippe de Chagny who has recently enganged to his fiancée, Helene. The reason why Christine lives alone is because her father has died and her older brother, Kyle, went missing. One night, a strange man attempted to flirt her but a blonde haired-guy in army saved her. She also had her photo with her father, Raoul, Kyle, and another boy she couldn’t remember.

This is Lucas and Meg

After she got luck to be one of opera’s singer, Christine befriended Lucas (the servant there), Daroga (the guy with brown skin, I think he’s a Persian) and Meg Giry. There’s also primadonna who’s very arrogant, Carlotta. Lucas and Meg, both said about F of the opera (Opera za no F), a person wearing mask and appeared sometimes in theatre. In theatre, Christine is a very diligent singer although she might not be the best. But her reputation is ruined by some letters sent by F of the Opera to make Christine a primadonna whatever it takes or this F for Phantom (or Fantome) will harm the theatre. At some route, Richard is thinking if she and F are related and make an alliance, or Carlotta will bullying her with it. After a few days, Christine can finally meet her old friend, Raoul de Chagny (the army guy who saved her before). So far, Richard wouldn’t think of the letters and one of the servant, Byuke, was killed. Many people thinks it is F’s doing. But, who knows? And so, the other mystery is about an evil organization, Milieu.

My preference of playing from unimportant-important are:


I realized there are too many R initials in their names… In each routes (except Fantome), there’s always the Angel of Music (or Christine called him Tenshi-sama), appears to teach her singing in her room. He will keep teaching her but she musn’t fall in love to another guy. If so, then Tenshi-sama won’t give her lesson anymore. Christine believed about The Angel of Music by her father’s words so she keeps up with extra lesson with him.


Philippe de Chagny (CV: Aoshima Yaiba = Narita Tsurugi)

This Earl is a rich guy and sponsored the theatre. He has a little brother, Raoul. Philippe’s attitude is that of calm, handsome, and nobleman. But he also thinks of his duty as the successor of the house. In one of the route (I forgot what the title of it), when Fantome tried to kidnap Christine for her love to Philippe, a tragedy happened. Christine wants to stop them, but gets hurted instead. She won’t be able to sing anymore, but Philippe still loves her and both are married. In the future, they loves to watch opera together.

Some endings told about Raoul’s death by war after Christine has became Raoul’s lover. At first, he didn’t accept her as Raoul’s lover, but he had no choice when Christine is very sad and cried so much after Raoul’s dead. Philippe took care of her and living together in his house. With the sadness and the same feelings they had, the two began to love each other. But one day, Raoul is coming back! They pretend they didn’t have feelings in front of Raoul, who they thought had died in war but still alive. Though one way or another, in one route, they’re in love and can’t be separated anymore. In this ending, he have a date with Christine in her house and studying to knit (he surrender right away).

In another ending with same plot (of Raoul’s back from death), Christine chose to stay with Raoul instead (Yup, some routes are a branch of someone’s previous story. Remy and Richard also had it) and lives together in another town, shopping and spend time together after she got pregnant. The 3P ending is when Philippe rape her while already married to Raoul and so, Raoul turns yandere. The other ending for him is when he keeps his relationship with Christine a secret. He fell from stairs to save Christine and Raoul accepted their love. Philippe then proposed to her with a ring.

From my perspective, Philippe’s route might be boring because his story doesn’t have relevance to Fantome’s secret. Fantome also didn’t appear much except for the first ending I’ve told. But anyway, he is a refreshment from deep mystery we’ll get in another chars. I like his seiyuu’s voice even though it’s a bit old. His voice is the second I love in this game after Fantome’s. It’s very soothing and can help me to sleep (not in bad meaning).


Raoul de Chagny (CV: Sorano Taiyou = Kishio Daisuke)

He is previously Christine’s playmate but they’re separated by his maid’s order (to not get close to Christine and Kyle) who are now a viscount. Deep inside, Raoul has always have feelings for Christine. They even had a fake wedding ceremony in the past. When they met again after the incident in front of café, he’s very happy and asked her for a date at park. He often must go to a war because he’s in army and that’ll make Christine worried too much for his safety. In his route, there is a scene where Byuke was killed by someone.

At some ending, Raoul goes to war but he returns back safely. He must fight with Fantome who wants to take Christine, but won it and gets marry to her (a beautiful marriage CG indeed). In some route, he wouldn’t let Christine go outside from his house after Fantome’s attack (rape in her room at theatre). Raoul also pretends to get hurted by Fantome to make it seems real. Christine found it by talking to Remy that he didn’t know of such fight. After that, again, Fantome attemps to kidnap Christine but Raoul saves her. They gets back to the usual state after Raoul confessed all his lies are because he loves her and jealous of Fantome. They’re holding marriage at night in the church, where Raoul gives her wedding ring. But because their marriage is opposed by Philippe, the two eloped, lives in another city. Although Raoul becomes a jealousy and doesn’t want Christine to come near other man.

A few bad endings contains on how he kill Christine because she refuse to marry him, a forced marriage (Raoul gives the smaller ring to her finger at their wedding day so she won’t be able to release it anymore), and his order to not release Christine from his room to outside. Christine wants to get out but he locks her so she’s afraid to see the dangerous outside world anymore.

Sometimes, the guy looks more handsome in R18 CG!! Believe me..

Raoul is a cheerful and kind person. Although in some endings, his personality turns 180 degree, but again, I don’t think it’s an extreme changes (as to rape with force and S&M play, etc.). Once more, I will say that I often don’t see bad ending as true end so it’s just a side story or different future. Also, Mirai doesn’t make the bad endings seems important so I’ll stick with my perspective. Oh well, I almost add unrelated subject. Back to Raoul. Again, he’s kind and supportive of Christine’s work as an opera singer. A hard-working person who choose army because he wants to live with his own strength, not by his older brother’s shadow. I admire this decision and strong love to Christine (a few years had passed, but he’s still loving her).


Remy (CV: Toraware Spoon = Toriumi Kousuke)

As we know, Remy is Richard’s butler from his family who recently accompanying him even to Opera House. After e few conversations, Christine finally realizes he has resemblance from her brother, Kyle. She also remembers when she and Kyle is searching for Raoul (in no hope because of his maid). The two of them walks home under the snow with umbrella. When she has been sure of her love to him, Richard tells the truth that Remy is Kyle and works for him in Milieu, the evil organization. Remy is in pursuit of betraying the organization and might get killed. Richard offered his help to run away but she and Remy must work alone to get to their carriage. Here, we can see that Byuke was killed by Lucas.

In one route, while they’re running away, Fantome and the black-hooded man helps them to get to their carriage. I guess Fantome helped them because he knew that Remy is Christine’s brother. They lives happily in other country. But in another ending, the two are killed by Milieu and can’t get happiness. They’re just holding hands and saying love before die (This is so sad), kissing each other. Richard, Daroga, and Meg were very sad after their funeral. Meanwhile, Lucas went missing. In another sad story, Christine decides to marry Raoul while staying at Richard’s house. She can meet Remy everyday but the last thing she have from him is the photo of them, which Remy pretends to be her groom.

I really can’t stand sad ending. Moreover, they’re siblings. They have cruel destiny to love each other.

The other route contains of Remy is hiding in Christine’s house. Sometimes, Lucas would take care of his problem or sending his letter. At night, he and Christine watches the stars together, where Remy reminiscing of his past. He killed someone to help a person and been chased by his friends. He couldn’t go back to Christine and his father, so he went to Milieu in the end. But Remy had already knew of Christine the first time he saw her, though he kept it secret. Remy asks to go to their father’s tomb and after that, they’re having little marriage ceremony at church. Finally, they can get out and living in other town. Remy plays his violin, while Christine sings. The townspeople are very proud of their performance.

Oh yeah, I forgot. The first order is to not care of Remy’s identity (his Kyle’s secret haven’t been revealed yet), makes Christine confessed her love while they’re sleeping together. They’re become lovers without her knowing anything. Also, F’s rape scene in his route is very dangerous. He gave her drug so he could do as he wishes. After he have done of her, he let her go outside like trash (No, the way F let Christine go is because he knows her heart doesn’t belong to him. But still, after you rape her?). This resulting in Remy’s jealousy and turns to half yandere.

Little by little, Remy’s route revealed something about Lucas is strange. That’s why I’m perfectly glad with this playing order. Oh well, anyway, even though Remy is Christine’s brother and it’s an incest, the story is told in different way so I don’t feel suck at it. It’s beautiful, the love between them is told in unique and deep storyline. That’s why I can stand it. Remy is gentle and care for Christine so much in this route. He betrays the organization that won’t let its people have family and interact deeply with other people. He’s a brave one at it, although is worrying if Christine will be alright with his fate. When he’s opening his clothes, Remy’s body is full of wound. His weapon is knives, very similar to Sebastian from Kuroshitsuji.


Richard Filman (CV: Sakura Hiroshi = Maeno Tomoaki)

Richard is a manager of Paris Opera House and is a strict person. Everyone are afraid of him, including Meg. When he received the letter from F of the Opera, who wanted Christine to be primadonna, he said his suspicion on her, kissing her and thinking she might did the same with F. Later, he decided to believe in Christine because she’s also threatened by F of the Opera (here, F was giving her kissmark on her chest, which made Richard mad). In his route, there’s scene in which the theatre became a mess after the chandelier above spectator’s seat fell down and burnt the hall. He lets Christine lives in his house, sometimes teaching her singing (yeah, he’s skillful for playing piano).

In the end, Christine had suspicion of his other work, which is involving Milieu. The truth is, Richard is the leader of it, named Noir Neige. They had enemy of an organization, Blanc Cornellius, and Lucas might be one of its spy. One scene is told about some ossan in Milieu tries to flirt Christine but Richard saves her with saying that he doesn’t care to shoo-ing him because the ossan’s era have gone now.

For usual ending, it will lead to their happiness. Christine finally be able to sing as primadonna and Richard awaits her return from stage. They’re doing fine. Another route is not much different than Raoul or Remy, which is to keep Christine lives in his house without going outside. But this time, Richard successfully captured F after he tried to kidnap Christine. F was being poisoned by Lucas so he couldn’t move fast. Richard saved F’s life but he wouldn’t let him go. But with Lucas’s attempt to kill Christine or giving him a key to F’s prison, of course Richard will surely stays with his loved one. With it, F runs away, while there’s blood in the prison (I thought it’s Lucas’ because I didn’t know what purpose Blanc Cornelius had with F). As it is, Richard and Christine continues to love each other even though F is still lurking around. For bad end, Lucas still killed Christine even after he got the key.

Then, the rest of the route is the mixed route between him and Remy. Each of them loves Christine and rape her (Uh, it’s true. While Raoul and Philippe is just an attempt, their route is a true rape). Realizing her feelings for Richard, Christine choose to stay with him. Of course there’s also story leads to her and Remy’s ending. It’s a happy end for both endings.

But that’s not it. Another one beside choosing Richard or Remy, there’s 3P ending too, where Richard gives her drug so she wants him. It’s because the two have been in love with her since she gave Richard her ownmade tea and she also had fun shopping with Remy. Christine also leaves a blanket when Richard is sleeping and she also has scene when Remy tries to light her room and their hands touches each other. Remy then comes inside so Richard tells him to do ‘it’ with them. I don’t know if it’s because of the drug or Christine wants it, she is having fun for that kind of sex. Let’s end it here before it lead me to crazyness of “that” world.

I will say that Richard is a tsundere. He’s always having fun teasing Christine, mostly at the beginning of his route. And beside he’s in evil organization as a successor to his family, Richard is a gentleman too. At least he was worried if Christine is alright with him being in that Milieu. His route already revealed much of Milieu’s secret, Lucas’ identity, and the truth of Blanc Cornellius. All that’s left are F’s identity and his relevance of Blanc Cornellius and Daroga.


Fantome (CV: Oiishi Keizou = Kondo Takashi)

I’m sorry if it’s just his route in a long summary. I love him so much! And I guess everyone wants to know more details about him.

Christine saw a magician performing on street and decided to talk with him in their second meeting. Different of his obsessive behavior to have Christine in other routes, this magician named Arnaud is a shy person, can’t speak well in front of people. But he wants Christine to be a primadonna as always. After talking to the priest, she knew that she had hard sickness in the past which led her to not remember her other friend in the picture, Erik. Finally, she gets to sing at Paris Opera Theatre, but sadly, Arnaud must go on road trip. Though he comes as Tenshi-sama at Christine’s father tomb to help her practice. When she met Raoul at her room in theatre, she asks if it’s him who gave her money, but it wasn’t him. After Byuke’s death, Tenshi-sama appears at her room and she promised not to love other guy.

Here, Richard let Christine to be primadonna as F of the opera’s wish (he thinks it’ll be interesting to let the rumour of ‘Kaijin’s creating a primadonna’). She had her debut as main role (though not yet as primadonna) and Raoul confessed to her after that, but she wanted to rest. In bad ending, Christine’s career as primadona must end the day after her debut because of Richard. She then befriended Raoul (Raoul told her about seeing Fantome in her room) and make Fantome very mad of her, kidnapping her and again, giving drug. She feels pleasure and wants it numerous times. When Raoul tries to find her and goes inside the cellar in theatre, he can’t get outside from Fantome’s maze.

When Raoul says of his suspicion on Fantome and suggesting Christine to leave Paris, Fantome heard all of it. And turns out Raoul has spoken about Fantome’s appearance to Richard and Remy so they takes guard outside Christine’s room. But no matter what, she wants to meet him again and going inside with Lucas’ help. There, she asks if Tenshi-sama is really Fantome (that is the magic word to unveil his trick) and he changes to Fantome’s appearance. Fantome brings her to his hideout. Before she awakes, Christine can hear his despair words of wanting her all along and apologizing for being rude then playing his pipe organ. He let her go if she wants it but Christine keeps staying there, taking singing lesson again from him. While singing a love song, Christine feels embarrassed because it’s like a true confession. Fantome says it’s truly his feelings. Their first kiss is when Fantome gets jealous over Raoul and after that, he apologize.

One time, Fantome has nightmare and Christine stays with him until morning. The second time he’s having nightmare, he doesn’t want Christine to see his weak side and ordering her to go back to her own room. But she realizes her love for him and they’re doing ‘it’ as they loves each other (Yeah! Finally Fantome has his loved one after the other 4 routes). When Fantome goes out to buy things, Christine looks at his room and find the message card he gave her to church (that’ll be him who sent money too) buts he thinks it’s from Kyle. She also heard Fantome played the music her father used to teach them. But Fantome telss her he isn’t her family or what. Coincidentally, when they played music together, Christine uncover his mask (with scar) and Fantome is getting mad, told her to leave to her own house. She had nightmare of the grandmother again, swinging her knife and the boy’s getting out of blood instead of Christine. She then curiously ask it to the Priest of who gave her money.

It’s true that Erik is the one helping her all this time. He is like her own family in the past and is the boy in her family picture. The Priest also telling her of the story at night, when he heard Christine’s crying voice. There lies Erik with deep wound on his face and the old woman who had been stabbed by knife. After that, he hadn’t seen Erik anymore and Christine had high fever which concluded her memory loss. Christine works again at Opera House and hears about Byuke’s death. She also read the letter from F of the Opera who wants to choose Christine as primadonna. This is resulting in Carlotta’s slander to Christine and Fantome threatens her to back off. But Carlotta doesn’t want to and make a pact alliance with a someone through his voice. The guy tried to hurt Christine at night, but she was saved by Fantome. Fantome didn’t kill the guy but after that, the man in hood came to attack Fantome and hurted him.

Christine brought Fantome to his place, took care of his wound. That time, she knew that Fantome is skillful for creating medicine and remembered Erik who also had the same skill and Fantome’s similarity to Arnaud. Remy also tells Christine that her attacker already died, maybe from the man in hood. The next day, when someone gives back the key to Lucas, it seems that his hand is hurted. Also, everyone in Opera House already finds Carlotta suspicious of attacking Christine. After that event, Fantome wishes to see Christine again and they have a date at the park where she met Arnaud. Fantome is telling her the truth that he is really Arnaud and accidentally failed the trick because he’s happy to see her. When he brings her again to his place, the man in hood attack them again. Fantome fights him and triggers Christine’s memories of Erik, who saved her in the past and killed the old woman. With his trump card as weapon, Erik successfully hurted the man in hood. But he doesn’t want to bring sorrow to her anymore, so Erik releasing Christine to outside world again.

There, she meets the man in hood, wounded badly and when taking off his hood, she sees Lucas. Of course Christine can’t stand to see her friend in pain and brings Lucas to her house. After he had awoke, Lucas told her that in the past, he had fought Erik and that’s why they know each other. But that’s just it. Lucas disappear in the morning. Meanwhile, Moncharmin knows about Fantome’s identity as mere human and is not afraid of F of the opera anymore. He won’t choose Christine as primadonnna. At the banquet, Erik as Fantome appears to give his own musical piece and ordering Richard to choose Christine as the singer. But in the end, the primadonna is still Carlotta. While singing alone in despair, Erik appears in front of Christine, asks her to sing just for him that time. They’re singing and dancing and in the end, Erik asks her to marry him. The two are holding their little marriage ceremony in the cellars.

The day for Carlotta’s singing Fantome’s piece comes. After she has done singing, with Fantome’s trick, he hang up Carlotta’s body from ceiling to strangle her neck, then he appears on the chandelier. Of course the hall becomes a mess, and he also burning it from fire. Quickly, Erik brings Christine to the cellar and finds Lucas there to help them run away. But it seems too good to be true. Erik will separate himself from Christine and let her go out alone. Before she go, Christine kisses his wound and will wait for him forever. While Richard, Remy, and Raoul finds the man in hood, Remy tells them all that this is the leader of Blanc Cornellius, Lucas. Well, seems they catch him on prison. At the end of it, Christine still keeps Erik’s mask while keeping her job to sing at Paris Opera House. This ending…. I raged “I waited long for his route and this is what I’ve got???” after done with it. But it’s sad so I’ll forgive this.

Now, for the last ending of him. At first start playing again, a man voice says that he has messed Christine’s family and everything is Moncharmin’s fault. Seems like Moncharmin is the one who slander that his mother is a witch and burnt her down. He then prays at church of why someone like him still alive. A Priest came and knew he was Erik but he just left. The first time Erik notices about Raoul after he saved Christine on street, he remembers that Raoul is the one taking Christine to play and leaving him behind. This triggers his jealousy of Raoul.

When some people are searching for Remy on the rooftop, Lucas kills them together with his subordinate. Then, he also found Fantome’s secret path from Christine’s room while she’s kidnapped by Fantome. At the time Fantome is releasing Christine to outside, he plays the pipe organ and remembering his past. His mother was killed because people thought she’s a witch. And so, he decided to create a requiem for Opera House.

This time, after been separated from Erik for years and finally Christine is a primadonna, she is still waiting for his return. In her house, she hears someone knocking on her door, asking her to give back his necklace (If I forgot to mentioned that the ruby necklace is from him. At the time before he let Christine go, she wants to give it back to him but Erik wants her to keep it so he’ll come back for it.). What’s the purpose of this ending if there isn’t any single CG where he actually appear that he’s alive? Oh, I want to see him back alive and live together with Christine, like Remy’s CG when she’s pregnant. Can’t I?

Kneel Before Me!~~ Muahahahaha…? (I’m sorry)

I think Erik or Fantome here is very special. His endings were very few compared to other guys, despite I longed to play his route. And when I played it, it wasn’t disappointing because my desire to know his secret already revealed. Not much though, Blanc Cornellius’ purpose of chasing Erik haven’t been revealed in his route. What makes me love him so much is Kondo’s voice! Yes, I think everyone should hear his voice whispering with soft tone while keeping his desire for Christine. And he changes his voice to a rage tone while putting his anger. Kondo is definitely very good at changing tone. I like his voice here. Oh yeah for his personality, I don’t blame him for being a rape madness in another route. His feelings for Christine is very deep and won’t lose to Raoul (They’ve already in love with Christine sinced children).

I felt pity for him that he already done much to help Christine with her expenses and she still chose other guy. Haha, it’s a multiple ending after all. That will be a story for Fantome alone if I want to rage (maybe, in actual novel?). But Fantome here is handsome so I won’t say anything anymore. Now that I’ve done with Fantome’s route, I’ll write something about special scenario for Erik X Lucas.


Erik & Lucas Childhood Scenario

The scenario is open when Erik fights Lucas on the street. Lucas runs away and besides Erik, there’s the old woman (might be the one who teaches him all). The story continues of when the old woman tries to swing her knife to Christine, Erik is the one who gets the wound. He is betrayed by the old woman, that she’ll save Kyle. So to make the old woman quiet, Erik kills her before she gets to catch Christine again. Before die, this old woman is cursing him that he won’t be able to get happiness and the one who’ll get close to him will live in sorrow. The old woman herself, Christine, and his mother.

Uh, This is Half-yandere Raoul. But don’t worry. He just harms guy who get close to Christine

Oh yeah, who is Daroga now? He knows Erik, right? And if it’s true, he is the Persian in real novel… Lucas as Blanc Cornelius is also a mystery. How come he is the leader? And why he’s interested in Erik, other than they have same eyes (of a killer? or a sorrowful person)? After finishing all endings, there’s new scenario in Remy’s route. He is talking with Lucas that he knows that Lucas killed Byuke. Remy warns him to not do anything reckless anymore.

I like it. Maybe it’ll be the first R18 game I really like. The rape scene is softer than other titles so it won’t make me suck at it (actually, all R18 scenes in here are all in calm way of storytelling), BGM is classical and fit the theme although it’s also good for lullaby, best quality voice actors (of course Kondo is the best for me in here!), beautiful and well-detailed background (You can see it well of the building structure), mystery is revealing one by one so it’s interesting (almost think it’ll be good as horror and thrill game). All in all, it’s different from what I’ve played in R18 games before. It’s mostly safe if there isn’t R18 CGs. A few lack in this game are song (It’ll be amazing if Christine have song like in Noise, especially when she sings with Fantome) and comedies (to release the slow pace).

There’s a problem of it. I completed all CG, memory, and ending 100% but the data wouldn’t give me complete bonus picture. Thanks to alyyn, I have it now!!

I’m sure this bonus CG is much safer than Akazukin’s bonus


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  1. Awww, thank you very much for the review. We have always loved The Phantom of the Opera and this game really attached our interest. The characters are all nice. And there is Kouske Toriume here too *_* And he voices the chara we put our eyes on *o* But sadly, the game is for PC and it means we have a little chance to play it =_= That’s why this review is highly appreciated by us! It’s precious! Thank you so much for playing the game and telling the story. T_T <—the tears of joy.

    • I also not feel comfortable of playing PC games and i’ll make a problem for me. Though if there’s one I really want to play, then I can do it. I hope you can play it someday.

      This also reminds me that I haven’t know Phantom of the Opera’s real story (I’ve just know the title). But because of it, I’m interested to watch its movie (I hope). And who is your chosen guy here as I will obviously choose Fantome?

      • You know, all the charas are interesting, but we think that we like Fantome more =) so if we could play the game we would have chosen him at first *_* And we like the heroine. She is a very beautiful girl =)

        • I would like to choose him at first but sadly, we must play every other characters to be able to play his route… Hahahaha. Well, glad that you’re also interested in him. But too bad, his endings weren’t enough to satisfy my expectation to have a happy end with Christine.

          • WHAT? Harus main yang laing dulu baru bisa dapetin si Phantom? Uwaaaa! Repot sekaleee~

          • Really? That’s sad =( But if to think, the other guys are not so bad, so it won’t be that terrible to play them and then get Fantom in the end *_* Besides, as far as we understood, almost everyone propose to Christine +_+ And that’s great! We love weddings!

          • Uh, yeah. I think I like every one of them so I don’t have complain to play from the beginning. At least, every scenario revealed the mystery one by one and it’s fun to know that. They were too many endings and one of it must be the wedding (and sadly, just Fantome who didn’t have a happy wedding, rather he had a pure and tragic wedding).

          • Oh boy, did Fantom die on the day of his wedding? O_O Why is his wedding ending pure and tragic? Such gorgeous man can’t end up dying on the best day of his life T_T
            Oh, by the way, we liked Raoul too. You know we can’t just stand and do nothing when we see a man dressed in military uniform *_* It makes us breathless! There is a chara in Hanayaka (the second older brother) who is dressed in uniform too. Ah,,,what a man! *_* a MAN!

          • No, he’s not die at the wedding. But as you can read my review, it’s a hidden wedding.

            Raoul is okay with me, but his voice isn’t too fit with him. Kishio Daisuke has too deep voice for someone pure (or so in the beginning) like him. Ah, and yeah. Military uniform always do loos cool (my sister also said so).

  2. Congrats for finishing this long game xD Sorry aku ga baca detailnya Fantome sama Richard dulu, soalnya belom masuk ke rute mereka 🙂 Sayang yah pdhl Remy salah 1 fave aku tp napa harus kyoudai, mustinya dibuat step-brother ato gmn 😦 Aku setuju.. Phillip story agak ngebosenin sih walaupun aku cukup suka ma dia.

    Everyone love Fantome isn’t? Hope I can change my opinion about him in his route xD

    • Thank you ^^

      It’s okay, I know it’ll be a spoiler to Fantome’s route. Uh, buat Remy, yeah, too bad. Sebetulnya memang lebih bagus step-brother ya. That’s right. Philippe’s route is boring because it’s unrelated to actual storyline. Tapi suaranya menyejukkan!

  3. Iya sayang banget nih buat rutenya Phillip 😦 Terus vs route juga agak2 gmn gt haha. Talk about voice, emang sih yg plh menyejukkan tuh suaranya Kondo pas jadi Angel of Music, berasa adem gmn. Tp Phillip not bad juga sih ^-^ Terus walaupun aku suka ama Raoul tp aku berasa suaranya dia kurang cocok deh 😦

    Lagi main Miyako yah sis? Aku give up main itu xD soalnya sistemnya aku agak bingung. So I’ll wait for your review xD

    • No, I mean, I like Philippe’s gentleman voice too. Even it’ll make him seem too old with that voice. Malah, aku yg ga gitu suka sama Raoul karena suara Kishio terlalu berat buat dia.

      Hmm, I don’t know if I’ll finish MIYAKO FD that fast. Pengen main Jyuza Engi, Abunai Koi, etc etc. Dengan storyline yang membosankan, mungkin akan terlantar. Sekarang aku ngerti sistemnya. Hehe. Tinggal pilih tempatnya sesuai guide aja kok.

    • No, I mean, I like Philippe’s gentleman voice too. Even it’ll make him seem too old with that voice. Malah, aku yg ga gitu suka sama Raoul karena suara Kishio terlalu berat buat dia.

      Hmm, I don’t know if I’ll finish MIYAKO FD that fast. Pengen main Jyuza Engi, Abunai Koi, etc etc. Dengan storyline yang membosankan, mungkin akan terlantar. Sekarang aku ngerti sistemnya. Hehe. Tinggal pilih tempatnya sesuai guide aja kok.

      • Emang suaranya Raoul kurang cocok, aku juga mikir gt loh mustinya dia an tipe yg lebih ceria gt.

        Ha2 banyak game baru sih yah, aku malah tertarik ma utapri debut plus brocon, persona aja lom beres hehe. o.O tinggal pilih2 tempat aja yah, mirip kayak Alice series gt yah?

        • Aku ga pernah main UtaPri dan ga gitu ikutin. Cuma suka lagu2nya, keren-keren! BroCon juga, cuma tertarik sama Natsume dan itu adanya di Blue…

          Ga pernah main Alice juga, tapi iya. Pilih-pilih tempat aja+jawab pertanyaan

        • Aku ga pernah main UtaPri dan ga gitu ikutin. Cuma suka lagu2nya, keren-keren! BroCon juga, cuma tertarik sama Natsume dan itu adanya di Blue…

          Ga pernah main Alice juga, tapi iya. Pilih-pilih tempat aja+jawab pertanyaan

          • Wah sama dong aku juga tertarik ma Natsume, tp mayan sih di Passion Pink ada Kanama juga jd okeh lah xD. Brilliant blue bakal lama keluarnya yg pasti sih 🙂

          • Bagus lah kalo lama.. Aku udah keburu dikejar backlog nih (Bukan deadline). hahaha

          • Haha saking banyaknya game yg numpuk yah ^-^ Iya nih aku atelier aja ampe sekarang lom beres2 mana meruru dah keluar lg. So many games so little times xD

  4. Yes, I’ve heard that this game is one of the better R18 games out there and I’m glad you confirmed it too. I’m happiest to hear it has a mystery in the story. It’s also nice to hear that the scenes were calm XD ////relieved///lol Thanks for the review and for making it easy to navigate! Ooh..I want to play this if only I could play anything lately.

    • If you don’t have time, just complete Fantome’s route then like alyyn.. Hehe, he’s worth it, especially his voice!!

      I did like the mystery and the setting (I forgot to put the background of places around that’s very beautiful and very detailed). It moved in slow pace, so even R18 CG didn’t feel too forceful.

    I’m still surprise at the fast speed of completing this game O_O;
    how can you play so dem fast, it took me 3~4 days to complete Phantom’s 2nd Ending!
    Anyway, tl;dr but I’ll get back reading this once I’ve finished the game XDD
    congratulations for finishing the game!

    • I took 3-4 days for usual endings and Fantome, hehe, I played for 2 days! It’s not fast though. I played it at the same time with Elkrone and sometime, I neglected it (Because I want to complete Elkrone first). I’m a jobless after all.. T.T

      I hope you can finish the game too

  6. Thanks for the review. ^_^ at first i watched the opening movie, i only attracted to Fantome. but then why Fantome only got few endings compared to others? T_T soo sad.. oh, maybe mirai-soft want to publish sequel to this game, only featuring Fantome.. plz3, more Fantome please..

    • Yup!! I don’t know why he just got 3 endings here, and just one is a good end (Don’t know if it’s happy because I’m sad here).
      I love him and wish he will get more appearance. Though to be able to listen to his voice is a another satisfaction.

      • True!! >_< its incomplete good end without seeing Fantome with Christine together lovey dovey.. haha.. btw, do u know who is the artist for this game? love the cg n classical opening song. ^_^

        • Yup, yup!! I don’t have any feelings if I can’t see his face. I usually didn’t catch up the artist for games. Just knew a little bunch of it. I also love the classical music in it. It fits the theme perfectly

  7. Sweet mother of god, another Indonesian who plays otome game. I thought I’m the only one.
    Anyways, thanks for this. I skipped Phillip’s and Richard’s route and I kinda want to know what happens in their route/ending lol.

    Kalo kata sy, endingnya si Fantom itu kurang mantep. Dua-duanya kurang mantep. I thought Phantom x Christine was canon, so I expected quite a lot from them. The route was sweet and awesome, it’s just that… the endings…

    • Uh, I think there are many Indonesian people playing otoge right now. It’s like a booming genre this year..

      And I thought the same about Phantom’s ending. It wouldn’t satisfy my need of wanting him to have beautiful and happy ending. But well, the original story is also similar (with no happy end), so I won’t complain much, except that.. we all want a fandisk!!

      • SERIOUSLY!? Goddangit, why am I always too early on stuffs? I started playing otome games in 2008, when it was a minority… Thank goodness now it’s a thing, so I can talk to a lot of people about it.

        See, I didn’t see the game as an adaptation of the novel. I kinda see it as a normal otome game. So I was…very disappointed by the ending.

        • You can try a few links in my blog. Some of them are by Indonesian, such as love-colored sky & gouka na tokoro.

          Well, I’m also sad if he didn’t even get a CG in the end of his route. That’s the first time I know that the developer didn’t make any epilogue CG? And I wished to hear Kondo’s voice more because he’s very good at changing his tone (from soft-rage-normal-whisper)..!!

  8. Lah… Aku mau juga ini game, tapi gak bisa bahasa Jepaang *nangis* Beli/download dari mana? Bacanya bahasa Jepang gimana kamu? Or you can read Japanese?

    • Mengerti sedikit-sedikit sih. Kalau ga bisa, coba pake ATLAS&AGTH aja, tapi aku juga ga ngerti gimana pasangnya, ga pernah pake sih. Dan kadang ga sesuai dengan text aslinya. Yang ini aku dapat dari teman

  9. I haven’t touch PersonA from my game folders, but the art is gorgeous~ >.<
    *tempted to play*

  10. I have some problems getting into Phantome’s route. As you said above I have to “Christine saw a magician performing on street and decided to talk with him in their second meeting” I don’t know how to get there and talk with him T_T. Can you please give me some hints or advise since you have played his route?

  11. Great article 🙂
    I have to second your CV preferences! I loved Eriks and Philips voices I was simply melting listening to them, though I prefered Philips a bit more but thats probably only because I liked his character better 😀 I wish i could find another game with those voice actors >.<

    • Mostly, people will choose Raoul (for Kishio Daisuke) and I’m glad someone prefer Philippe better, because he also has a hot voice. Let’s see if there’s an FD for PersonA since Fantome’s ending wasn’t satisfying.

      • I wish there was >..<
        And I dont know I played several mirai games with Kishio Daisuke(Tsundere S Otome, Hoshi no Oujo Uchuuisiki ni mezameta Yoshitsune) and I noticed that his characters always have this scary yandere side so first time i heard Rauls voice it was like "Aaaah disguised rapist!" xD gues thats why I was always a bit afraid of Rauls shiny smile waiting for him to show his "true colors" 😀

        • Oh, so he voiced that games (I haven’t had chance to play it). Well, if so, then Kishio will just look like Yusa Kouji..? www

          • To tell you the truth name Yusa Kouji doesnt really ring a bell(i should probably feel ashamed? >.<) so i cant really answer that question

          • Oh, you didn’t know him? He voiced Mizushima Iku in StaSky Winter, Harada Sanosuke in Hakuouki, etc.. Whatever, not important anyway (haha, that’s the way I felt for him sinced Iku representing my sister’s zodiac and I always teased Yusa for it).

  12. Ooooooh! I see :O to tell you the truth Iam not very good with CV names which is a shame sometimes i sooo wish there was some kind of site through which i can find more games with CVs i like, but sure i do know that voice. You are right Mizushima fits my image of disguised rapist type perfectly 😀

    • Don’t worry. I also didn’t know that much, even more if they changed the tone of their voices (Namikawa often does it), I couldn’t recognize them. And most of female seiyuus nowadays, I can’t remember their voice (I just remember a few I like so much, for example, Mizuki Nana).

      • I see 🙂 How long have you been interested in otome gaming then? btw sorry for spaming your comment box 😀 probably not the best place for chat 😛

        • It’s okay. My WP often used for chat anyway (You can see it in CZ’s first post with yukiru).

          I’d been playing otoge sinced Hiiro no Kakera DS appeared. My sister informed me about that title then I searched it more. Uh, a bit forgot the exact time for it…

          • Hiiro no Kakera? 6 years then right?:) My first Otome was Tokemiki memorial girls side 1st kiss, all because of Koyasu Takehito as Himuro-sensei, I really do love his voice >.< my favorite seiyu of all times 🙂 I was 15 years old at that time..now Iam 19…time flies so quickly 😀

          • I don’t think the DS one came 6 years ago.. It’s out in 2008, so it would be 4 years ago, maybe..? I’ve tried Tokimeki 1st Love Plus but stats system wasn’t for me so I abandoned it after the “bomb” appeared. Oh, you’re younger than me then. I’ll be 23 this year ^^_ will be a ばちゃん right away

  13. Ah yes I never actually finished the game with all routes either 😛 rival system freaked me out, that was a very scary display of female friendship 😀
    Anyway after that I tried out visual novels and stayed a loyal fan. 😛
    Ah hiragana >..< By the way which nationality are you? I didnt find any clue in "about" section

  14. RPG? like which for example? I was an rpg gamer myself xD my first game ever was Final Fantasy VII when dad bought me my first Playstation in first grade >.< I became a big fan of squaresoft afterwards.
    Even now I play some rpgs from time to time mostly american though(bioware).
    Iam from Czech Republick 🙂 a small country in Europe easy to miss 😀

    • You can see most of new PSP RPG I had played in the one of the post. Although my best RPG ever was Star Ocean the 2nd Story (from Enix, which now joint with Square). But my first game in PS was Crisis Beat, where you could play with 2 people, choosing characters to fight. That’s also my game favorite at the time. I’m also a big fan of Square Enix, but mostly centered around Enix’s team.

      Oh, Czech is quite known for me. I like to watch Discovery travel & living channel where European country is in there.

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