Alchemist’s Love Story-Ralf & Erhard

Ralf (CV: Maeno Tomoaki)

He is Meri’s friend at academy and very tsundere. A Meister at study but in the mask of tsuntsun, he is really care for Meri. Popote calls him 靴の裏=back of shoes.

The first event with him is to gather Elkrone flower. But they also got four-leaf clover at the forest. Then, Meri asks him what is good for Alex’s tool to his job and Ralf suggest a kitchen knife. To celebrate Flower Festival in academy, Ralf asks Meri to search him a model for the accessory he made. Meri thinks that Laura will suit the image well and go to her mansion. With the bouquet Meri had made, Laura was glad to accept it (I think the other route didn’t let Meri successfully giving flower that Laura like) and felt responsible for her role as Ojou-sama in their family. She accepted to be Ralf’s model for his brooch and ended up a great success. The other choice is to let Popote be the model and creating white clothes for him. Here, Popote becomes narcist.

The other request is to make warm and safe footwear for an Oba-san of cheese store who will go to north kingdom. They need Ralf’s help but Meri doesn’t want to bother him. But even after looking for elsewhere for the hint, she can’t make an idea. The last thing is to ask Ralf. It’s a surprising thing because she didn’t want his help when they’re in academy together. But with his tsuntsun attitude, Ralf still helps Meri. After they’ve done and Popote have done to bring it to Oba-san, Ralf and Meri are reminiscing about their past, when Meri decided to stop studying and Ralf said she’s stupid etc. Again, they’re having fight and the end is Ralf bumped into Clemans, resulting in an explosion and all. When Popote comes back from giving the nukunuku sandal, he is surprise of the (bloody) drama.

Ralf asks Meri to look at new materials coming to academy. One of It is the Pieces of Witch’s Mirror, the one Meri wanted to see (Ralf remembers it very well, good job). But Carl, Ralf’s father, needs them to help at his restaurant because Erhard brought his army there. The thing worked out well until some of the knights were fighting. With Meri’s power as a woman, she yells at them to stop. But she also realized there’s some stain on the table and decided to make soap for it. It works well and Carl is praising her work, also says that Ralf needs to learn from her. Of course it makes Ralf mad (It seems his father is looking down on his Meister rank), leave to academy. Meri feels guilty, walking without thinking until she gets near academy. There, she meets Ralf who says Meri needs to aim higher, not just working at workshop. But she also have a dream, to be Song Alchemist like Margret. And the cheese Oba-san (sandal request) is also very thankful to them, a prove that she had done something better. Finally, Ralf is smiling (That Meri think he didn’t smile well for sinced her graduation) and apologized. Not long after they’ve became friends again, they’re also fighting.

After getting Spirit’s Light, Ralf tells Meri that he is glad she asked him to go together. And he likes her alchemy. In another event, Meri brings her cheese cake to academy. Before meeting Ralf, she meets Marcel who told her where Ralf is. But to bring cheese cake to Ralf is a bit strange, because he doesn’t like it. When Meri comes to where he is, Ralf is asleep so she just put the cake near him. After he wakes up, he is surprise to see his unpreferred  food, but try it for Meri. Surprisingly, he thinks it’s delicious and changes his mind about cheese cake. Meri then accepted request to clean and arranging Clemans’ room with Ralf. She accidentally drops a book, and touching Ralf’s hand as they wants to take it back. The two of them blushing as they realized the situation.

But they can continue the conversation about Ralf’s parents who won’t approve him becoming alchemist but at the time, Clemans is the one who helps him a lot. Also, when Meri asks what is her dream, he says it’s to make Philosopher’s Stone one day. Meri isn’t laughing at his dream, rather, she is cheering him. As they’ve become tired, Ralf sleep beside her. Instead of waking him, Meri is also gets asleep. When Ralf is about to wake up, he feels it’s like a dream to sleep beside Meri, saying it will be better if she shows him her weak side in front of him, then falling asleep again. The two wakes up at the same time and becomes nervous. Too bad when Meri is gone, Popote gave customer 5 precious elixirs.

The other day, Ralf got a letter of challenge (he think). But when he shows it to Meri, it seems more like love letter, about a girl will wait for him at the 7th Mixing Room. He brings Meri along and it’s true. A cute girl approaches him, asking his second button. It seems normal until she eats it! Suddenly, Heidi appears in front of Meri who is hiding, saying if someone have their loved one’s thing, they’ll be together until they die (The jinx have changed sinced Meri leave academy. Before, if a girl confess there, they’ll be together forever). Quickly, she brings Ralf to run away. To say his thanks, Ralf serves her food to eat. There, he told his dream is to be a lecturer, inspired by Clemans, because he didn’t want to waste his life. Meri thinks it’s a good dream to be real and she will cheer on him.

Ralf made request to accompany him to get ingredient for his parents new menu. It is to take Galton Adler’s egg at Kubaulm Mountain. That is not an easy task because they must make Flora Behemoth near the river to sleep. With Popote, they successfully get the egg but later, they feel guilty to take it from its parent. The quest is fail, although Ralf cooks for them. After the dance party, Ralf is inviting Meri and Popote to have spice party (food) with him. And at ship incident, Ralf finally comes back safely after saving a girl. He then have a feast with Laura and Charlotte, also says his feelings that he is changed because of Meri.

Later, Ralf is going to Vincestain with Meri and Popote to get Dragon’s Tears. In their carriage, Popote asks if it’s the power of love that made Ralf go with them. And to filling time, Ralf told Meri to read the books about Vincestain, of why there’s no alchemy there. They couldn’t figure it out at the moment though, but one thing is making Meri worried is the country can’t have much medicine for cold because it didn’t use alchemy. This reason is used by Ralf to ask for Dragon’s Tears when talking with Lutz. As another route, with Ralf’s idea, they can meet Queen Victoria and get Not Blue Wakaka. When the three of them played around snow field, Meri keeps saying thanks to him that she can get the item. The embarrass Ralf says that it’s nothing because he also wants to learn so many things and will keeps studying even until he gets old, using the water cycle to explain.

True End

To accept request from Alois Bar, Meri and Ralf made 100 sake. At the time, Popote becomes drunk with it and laughing hard. Then, after Alois giving them some syrup as gratitude, it’s Ralf’s turn to gets drunk. He is pinching Popote’s cheek and must knocks down by Meri so he can stop. Anyway, he feels guilty about it the later day. Coincidentally, Meri meets Marcel, Ralf’s friend, who is worried because Ralf always gets tired after going to academy’s workshop. To make sure he’s alright, Meri goes to academy just to see his despair of making Philosopher’s Stone. She asks him to rest a bit. Even though he refused at first, but after he got soup from Popote and jam tart from Meri, he let her help him while he rested.

That time, Meri found Ralf’s paperwork about who is his favorite alchemist (from Oswald-sensei’s task), which contains of his amazement to Meri. Of course Meri can tell it’s about her and glad she can help him realizing that he like alchemy. She tells that to Ralf and both are glad to meet each other, that they also like each alchemy, whether it’s to help people etc. Finally, after re-charging his energy with talking to Meri, Ralf successfully made Philosopher’s Stone. They realized it’s already morning after done making Philosopher’s Stone. Ralf is happy to the world and every thing in it so he can make his dream to happen, hugging Meri and adding everything is so precious to him including Meri. Uh, he must sleep right away after that.

The thing about Oyaji-san’s hair is hilarious! He begs Meri to give him hair, not a wig (in other choice, Meri made a living wig for him). So she made drug that can grow his hair. But it’s growing too much, filling his store and town of his hair. Erhard and Dirk finally cut Oyaji’s hair and says it’s his trademark. Hearing that sarcasm words of his baldness, Oyaji’s chasing Erhard, Dirk, and Popote to try giving them the same destiny as him (bald). Just in Ralf’s route that Meri’s battle with Ellie and Carl is resulting in a draw. Then, it’s finally Ralf’s day to take teacher license. But he comes to Meri’s workshop without getting the letter. So the three of them, including Popote, went to Utau Kotori-tei to wait for the letter. It came out and resulting in great success for Ralf. He then told his parents about it, that he wanted to be useful to Elkrone and to be a teacher. Both Carl and Carla can’t hold back to celebrate their son’s success and inviting all academy’s people to a party. There, Meri begins to feel strange because of Ralf’s words such as Utau Kotori-tei’s business is the one which put him into alchemy or about there is always something to study for alchemy.

After everyone have gotten back home, Ralf asks Meri to go with him at the lake. He talks about it’s okay for Meri now because she have everyone in Elkrone. On the way back, Meri suddenly tells her feelings that it seems like Ralf will go studying overseas. He says it’s true, and maybe he’ll go in autumn for Oswald-sensei’s recommendation. Without holding back, Meri grabs his arm, saying she won’t let him to go because he likes Elkrone and Meri doesn’t want to separate with him. She likes him, very very much. Ralf just can say that it’s fine to show him her weaknesses sometime. The next day, Ralf is having a breaktime to prepare for his studying. He goes to Meri’s workshop to give a ring for her. It’s to celebrate their anniversary (of becoming lover?) yesterday, made by himself. It works out to make Meri happier than before. From now on, Ralf wants to create memories with her. At the night dance party, he kissed her and they’re both laughing for it.

Popote has been captured by Kuro no Gakkai but Meri is holding her tears. With worry over her, he says it’s fine to cry in front him and he knows all her feelings because they’ve been together for 4 years. With that encouragement words from him, Meri cries in his arms, but it’s not long before Junger VIII comes. In the end, Meri and Popote had successfully made Blue Wakaka with Ralf’s help. Before Popote comes back, Ralf gives Meri his handmade doll of Popote’s shape. And when he’s back to Meri, Popote teases him that Ralf always have feelings for her. Then, the two of them fights over a kiss to Meri.

It has been a year sinced Meri met Popote, also, almost a year sinced Ralf left Elkrone. To take some flower, Meri must go to Strauss Hill alone. Suddenly, she tripped and when she’s stood again, she’s very surprise to see Ralf in front of her. He’s in vacation and decided to return to home. Though the first word Ralf received from his girlfriend is telling him ‘Stupid’. Their meeting seems like a coincidence but Ralf won’t say that. He gave her flower to congratulate her one year anniversary of opening her workshop. It makes Meri happy and they’re kissing. They also saw Johan’s bird which came flying and maybe, would tell his return to entire town in no time. This might be bad for Popote, but Ralf wants to take more time with Meri at the hill before returning back to town.

Good End

Here, rather than saying she’ll be lonely without Ralf, Meri says to take care of himself after he have gone from Elkrone. She won’t stop him because she wants him to study and become a good teacher. But she is still crying, so Ralf hugs her and patting her head. Here, he says he likes her (in true end, he never say that).

Ralf invites Meri to go to the festival together. There, Alois told them about the Summer Goddess contest that previously hold to call rain. Surprisingly, Meri’s name is one of the contestant. The next place is to walk around every corner of Elkrone before Ralf going overseas but it suddenly raining. They’re taking shelter and there, Ralf gives Meri his handmade ring. He is worried about all people in Elkrone, but mostly, who will take care of Meri. Meri says she’ll definitely fine and there’s Popote. Coincidentally, Meri also had ring to give as a charm to Ralf. They both are laughing to made the same thing.

I’ve made the right choice to choose Ralf as my favorite since the first time I saw him. He’s clever but doesn’t know what to do of his skill. He just like to study. After his meeting with Meri, his world began to change. How wonderful it is to meet his fated person and changes him to a new person… I think his route is so sweet and love the true ending, although the 2 endings are about to same. Whatever happen, he will go to study and leaving Meri. But his heart will always think of her.

Erhard (CV: Miki Shinichirou)

Captain of Shurisel Army. An easy-going, narcistic, playboy, but care about women. Always asks for a kiss if women asks him an offer. Sometimes, Popote called him ‘Erohard’=eroheart? for his perverted attempts. Calls Meri (and maybe every woman) as ‘Kotori-chan=Little Bird’.

When Meri asks him to accompany her to the forest, he refuses because he thinks she wants to have  date with him and ask her to think again. Belinda told them about the legend of Stoltz Hill, if a couple ask one to have date, they’ll be together forever and it’ll be sad because Erhard already refused. So once again, after Erhard knows the truth, Meri asks him to go together and he accepts that. In the forest, they encountered a beautiful rose called Queen Rose. The story is about the unaccepted love of a princess, exiled by the king with the rose and couldn’t be seen forever. It’s a sad story and Erhard doesn’t believe it. He believed the princess would live together with her beloved in elopement and have a child. He doesn’t want to give suggestion about Alex’s job-to-be and gives order to Dirk. Dirk suggests a clerk as job and must have pen as the tool.

To celebrate Flower Festival, Erhard asks Meri to make floral decoration. He also used that time to run away from his work, though Dirk always reminded him of that. They finally found the Krone flower and Meri made the beautiful decoration from it. Then, there’s a scene when Erhard invites Meri and two of his subordinate, Dirk and Basil (the knight with glasses), to have picnic outside the town. These pervert captain asks Meri about her three-sized. Of course Dirk shouted at him for his rudeness. As for Basil, he thinks Meri is very lucky to be an alchemist and inherited her grandmother’s workshop. He feels he can’ beat Three Knights (Erhard, Dirk, and Lot) because he is just an ordinary novice knight. This makes Erhard shoo-ing him from the army and Basil goes on himself, but meets a monster afterward. He is unconscious and while Erhard fights it with his brave, Meri and Dirk brings Basil to their headquarter. In the end, Erhard wins again Daemon Gargoyle, a new monster that haven’t been listed. Basil also continues his work as a knight.

The date with him is at the beach (Seeing his scene while carrying Popote is like a dialogue between a father and child). At first, Erhard wants to gather shellfish but after they met Johan, Dirk, Fren, and Basil, he have an arm-wrestling with them. The winner will be the king for one day and the loser will be his slave. With Meri cheering on him at last seconds, Erhard won the battle, even if he receives wound from a table scratching him. But he tells Meri to not worry. It’s proved after he finished the arm-wrestling and be a winner. His wound recovered easily. At the end of the game, he plays as king while the other are his slave and Meri is his bride (Oh, childish play but very funny). When he asks Meri what shall they do now, she asks them to gather shell because he was the first to bring her there. But this time, he’s a bit sad, saying a long time ago, there’s someone who said similar thing as Meri.

To find Fairy Tears, Meri asks Erhard for accompaniment. But he is in the middle of fight with Fren. It’s like the fight between knight and adventurer as always. Thankfully, Meri can cooling down their problem because she thinks the two of them have done things to protect people. It moved Erhard’s feelings and they go to the forest. Here, different with the other guys who usually cheering Popote after he cries, Erhard is also crying with him. When Meri made cheese tart, it’s the perfect time to give it to Erhard while he’s tired from working (or so he said). He doesn’t even want to give a slightest bit to Dirk, the one who helped him walking. On another quest, Meri meets Basil and Dirk who is in running practice before she gets to meet Erhard to accompanying her job. It is to gather the jewellery list from National Art Museum, which have been sold by some Black Beard Organization. They found the thing and then quickly gets to port to meet Basil, who’s in charge of the alchemy cargo. But one of the thing, a glass bottle, have already been taken by a black hood man who claims himself as academy teacher, Junger XV.

When talking about Lot, one the Three Knights, Erhard’s behavior changed. The next day after that incident, Basil tells Meri that he have searched the report in headquarter about Three Knights, but can’t find about Lot. Seems like he isn’t in the army or something unrecorded like that. On another date, it turns out that Erhard just running away from his physical examination (he is strong to beat Daemon Gargoyle but hate injection). Of course Dirk and Basil chases him, with Meri’s help that she will also get check up. The examination at church becomes a mess when Erhard thinks the あ~んorder from Father Niklas is like a lover’s feeding. Then, when Father wants to check his heartbeat, Erhard knocks him down for touching his sensitive area.. Finally he can calm down to get heartbeat check-up so Father Niklas uses that time to shot him (This is the funniest scene I’ve watch in games).

Fren suddenly came to ask Erhard if he’s hiding Daemon Gargoyle in the middle of examination. After Erhard stopping him from talking anymore, Fren says it might be connected to the event 6 years ago and adventurers are a freedom people who won’t accept every orders like the kingdom’s dog. Then, Erhard wishes to fight the Daemon Gargoyle alone. From Fren, Meri can find the real article about Lot, because he thinks the knights are hiding something, about someone who had been erased. While reading Erhard’s physical check report (his ability to heal fast), she finds out a data about Lot Melzar, reporting about the writer’s feelings to save Lot. At that time, Father Niklas and Basil have returned to church. To inform Meri about the truth, Basil takes her outside and says that Daemon Gargoyle is the codename for Reidoll. The knights are keeping it secret from Elkrone citizen. But before Basil can talk more of it, Dirk already informs the defeated of the monster. Basil tells Meri that truthfully, they haven’t defeated it. It’s just to make the citizen feels saved. And the matter will be closed for today.

Meri awakes from Erhard’s footstep. He says he will give his revenge to her for looking at his data with seeing her body too. Also, he wants to retrieve her hair. But he gets punishment from Meri, throwing him her book to get out. After that, Meri can’t sleep anymore and make jam tart. In the morning, Basil says farewell to her because he will go to a camp with Vincestain’s army because he wants to be helpful to Erhard. The reason is because Erhard is the only one who can fight Daemon Gargoyle, while the other armies can’t do anything. So he will study there. Before leaving, he asks for Meri’s hair because there’s jinx to have a safe come back from taking someone’s hair. Meri also giving him her jam tart. On the later request, Erhard wishes to prepare for Opening Festival and needs Meri’s help to prepare. They go to Anna’s shop to take what so called コールドクリスタル・ゴッドクレイス・クライスサンズ・クリープスクラウン, but it’s already taken by Miranda. Here, everybody wouldn’t let Erhard take their child (Monika) or their wife (it’s about Carla) because he’s always flirting. In the end, he got it from Heidi but not work exactly..

Popote, Dirk, and Basil

Erhard goes through into the sea to save a girl. It worried Meri a lot but as he came back, he asked a kiss from her to leave the fear of losing him. From the feast at Laura’s mansion, Erhard and Charlotte’s past is revealed that they’re in the army together, with Erhard as her superior. Then, he accompanied Meri and Popote to Vincestain. At the carriage, he and Popote are fighting a lot because Popote can’t believe in him. But after they’ve reconciled, the two fights in card game to beat Meri in purpose of telling the name of the guy she like, also, Erhard wants to see her blushing. It’s too bad Meri is very good at it and beats Erhard easily everyday until Popote is tired of his boring embarrassing stories.

To prove his strength, Erhard beats the most annoying foe for Vincestain, Mist Demon, and Queen Victoria gives Meri the Dragon’s Tears for his success. After making the Not Blue Wakaka, Erhard gives the skate shoes for skating on the snow field. He puts the shoes on Meri and makes her nervous and blushing. He successfully makes her cheek red as he wishes when they’re playing card game.

True End

To dye his accessory, Erhard asks Meri to help him taking the red dye from a tree. She will make it to a red water. But truthfully, Dirk says it’s to dye Erhard’s jacket and it’s forbidden for them knights so he will confiscate it. Of course Erhard wanted to take it back but he and Meri got poured by its water and felt hot. They’re both calming it to the water nearby. Just at the right time, Popote also made cake from it and whomever eat it will feel hot/burned. Erhard wants to give it to his army..

In another event, Meri received a letter from Basil, connected to Daemon Gargoyle thing. Dirk have no choice that sinced Meri have known about Reidoll, he introduces her to Lot, or Charlotte now, to help them knights. She hates how she lost to Reidoll and hurted her leg. Charlotte couldn’t fill up her role s a knight and so, she didn’t care to lose her name. But what she hate is how their captain always doing it alone and how dangerous Reidoll can be to humanity. Suddenly, Erhard who realizes Meri and Popote isn’t at headquarter anymore, comes to Laura’s mansion to take Dirk back. Because he feels guilty for not protect Lot. But Dirk won’t come because they need Lot’s strategy and he will protect everyone. When Charlotte asks him what happened, Dirk finally confessed that Shurisel Kingdom will inform Elkrone monster isn’t real. Finally, after reminiscing on how Dirk and Erhard were very sad about the past when fighting Reidoll, Charlotte agreed to use her head and find a strategy to fight it.

After Erhard and Dirk have gone to prepare the fight and gathering strenght with Vincestain army, Charlotte shows Meri her picture with the two knights. Meri thinks Charlotte and Erhard are lovers before but she explains that they didn’t have feeling like that. They’re just ally as knight and like Erhard as family. So it’s fine if Meri like Erhard. But that early morning, Basil and Dirk comes to her house to inform that Vincestain’s army has been annihilated and Erhard has gone alone to fight. They wanted Meri to help Erhard and Popote gave her False Pendulum to search of his whereabout. The three of them went to the forest and seeing Erhard, who had gone berserk, fought a robotic monster, Reidoll. Dirk said that Erhard will go crazy like that but his strength will be up, though it’s dangerous to go near him.

He finally won against Reidoll and every knights who seen it were very glad they’ve won. Sadly, it still can move and catch Meri, taking her memories. In that darkness, she can hear Erhard and a guy’s voice, saying he’s Reidoll, a being created to fight in the past with its homunculus rider. But after he took Meri’s memories, he understood that there’s no need to fight and chose to sleep forever. After giving back her memories, Reidoll told Meri to hear his rider calling her. When Erhard is in the middle of waking Meri up, Fren comes with the letter to order all knights to back off to town because adventurer will take care of Reidoll. Of course Erhard wouldn’t take the order because he finally realize he like Meri. Dirk also cut the letter because he won’t stand to see a girl’s hurted anymore after Lot. Once again, Erhard calls Meri’s name, saying he wishes to not separated from her. Meri also has the same feelings, because they are in love to each other.

She finally wakes up at her workshop, in front of Popote, Basil, Dirk, Fren, and Erhard after sleeping for a week. There, Fren is angry because Erhard always doing dangerous things alone and still won’t accept knights, while Erhard wants a kiss from Meri. To talk alone, he brings Meri to the forest where Reidoll’s remains lying around from six years ago by Erhard’s sword. As his purpose before defeating Reidoll is to fight it as a knight and he can’t have any heart all along except that, similar to a doll, his purpose now have changed. He thinks he doesn’t neded anymore to be in Elkrone and planned to go outside. But that words just makes Meri cries because she doesn’t want him to go. Even though Erhard thinks he doesn’t have the qualification to comfort her, he still doesn’t want to see her crying. So to stop it, he kisses Meri. A day after, Charlotte shows her sword from Oyaji’s store. She gets it back because her knight’s mind have returned back thanks to Erhard. Charlotte told her feelings to Erhard, her thanks and farewell. With a friendly attitude, Erhard is glad she have returned back.

At the night dance party, Erhard tells Meri a story of Johann and Matheas, who beats Reidoll and saved his life. The thing about that is what makes Erhard feels inferior from them, but thanks to Meri, he can finally ended it. Now, he will become the only knight for Meri. After countdown, Erhard says he will kiss her but it’s just a joke and saying Meri’s cheeks becoming red like tomato. He will wait after she is done with Blue Wakaka because Erhard likes her workshop. After Popote has been captured by Kuro no Gakkai, Meri is crying in Erhard’s arms. But she stands up quickly, so Erhard is a bit surprise.. Before Popote comes back from Fairy Forest, Erhard gives Meri a swimsuit and asks her to go to beach with him. He says he’s serious about making family with her, specially make children who looks like Popote..!! When Popote arrives, he warns Erhard to not make homunculus, but the truth is, Erhard wants to make child. This is a weird battle.

Erhard have a half day holiday so he will bring Meri to sea. Of course Meri changes to swimsuit and Erhard is blushing. He knows that he shouldn’t do anything to her in mind but his body keeps reacting, so he jump to the sea. After playing together, the sun has set down. This time, once more, Erhard says she have changed him. Meri have told him to continue living in Elkrone and giving him a new life. But still, he doesn’t feel right to take all of that happiness. So Meri tells him that she also love him and wants to live with him. At the end of it, Erhard hugs Meri with happiness.

Good End

In this route, Meri thinks that Dirk feelings to Lot must be very deep, instead of Erhard. There is fighting tournament in Elkrone after Popote have returned. Of course Meri is cheering for Erhard. He becomes the winner after beating Johann, his eternal rival. When he speak after winning, he confess his love to Meri, that she is the one who told him to stay in his beloved Elkrone. At the end of his sentence, Erhard asks Meri to date him. Meri accepts his proposal but she is nervous to go in his arm. So Dirk pushed her body and Erhard carried her princess-like, also kissed her cheek. Everyone in Elkrone are congratulating them.

Erhard’s kiss CG is the fastest of all characters. He have the same deep and tough past as Johann, but I think, I’ll choose Johann’s story because Erhard’s secrets already revealed in here, different with Johann (Oh, I want to know of his experience as adventurer in the past). But really, Erhard’s story is the funniest and he has the skill to be a comedian for sure. I loved all his funny dialogues with Popote and Meri, enjoyed it and laughed at it.



I finally finished Elkrone!!! I love it so much but as QR Peter Pan, it took about 2 months to end it. Maybe because I wasn’t in the mood of playing again and I’ve played two games in a row (PersonA ~Opera Za no Kaijin~). I’ve decided to rank it as my no.4 otoge I like. This title is promising and I’d love to know if Otomate will make an FD for it. Every aspects are fabulous. Music is very Atelier-like so I don’t have problem with it. Background is also very detailed, see the picture below. Characters introduction and plots (their past,present,future) are very detailed and everyone has deep secret (except Alex, because I knew he was connected to Vincestain the moment I finished Johann’s route). Also, it might take long time before Meri realized her feelings for the guy she choose. It’s normal since most of them were a new citizen in Elkrone. The romance was also flowed in a common place, what happened and what will happen, all were the caused of their loves. I would say this can be said as Otomate’s best work after so many junks they’ve made recently (also, thanks to GUST for the collab).


  1. Congrats for finishing the game ^_^ Dr semua chara aku paling suka sama Erhard xD Flirty but yet kind and very responsible ^-^ Sayangnya Dirk is not capturable pdhl kayanya bakal lucu klo dia jadi suka ma Meri ^-^

    Lagi main Persona yah sis? Ditunggu reviewnya, aku baru beres 1 org aja di sana, agak panjang yah ceritanya ^0^

    • He-eh… Sangat panjaaaang! Tapi krn pengen cepet liat rutenya Fantome dibela2in deh. Sound nya keren, suara seiyuunya kaya lullaby. Coba dengan dummy mic, pasti lebih enak (buat tidur).

      • Ha2 aku malah jadi males ke rute Phantom gara2 event di Raoul lol , emang sih soundnya keren, ga usah pake dummy mic juga aku dah ketiduran pas main *shoot* xD

          • Bener event itu sis, apalagi rutenya jadi yandere gt haha. Wew muncul lagi di Remy? Nooooo pdhl aku suka banget sama Remi hiks. Iya sih emang bener pas jd angel bener2 lembut banget cuman pas lg marah wow bener2 beda, emang hebat sih prof banget xD

          • Yah, coba saja. Hehe. Remy memang paling loyal dan sweet banget. Tapi ada salah satu story yg ga beda jauh dari Raoul, melarang Christine keluar (kebanyakan begitu semua ceritanya. Richard jg sama).

          • Ha2 jadi yandere gt yah ^_^ Kynya Phillip plg normal yah? Cuman katanya endingnya kurang memuaskan lol

          • Wah untunglah, cukup Raoul aja yg yandere xD Yupz menurut aku ini game juga ga terlalu gmn gt, aku pernah main Chou Hana itu lbh hebat lg haha. Boring yah rutenya Phillip? Tp aku liat guide endingnya banyak amit xD Tp kynya Remi plg banyak deh lol

          • Iya, Chou Doku lebih seram. Remy endingnya sih byk, tp banyakan ga jadi (uh, kalau tau aslinya dia siapa sih, memang lebih pantas ga jadi meskipun kasihan jg).

          • Ha2 iya aku tau dia Kyle brother kan? Haizz pdhl dah suka tp klo incest sih xD Sayang yah pdhl aku suka ma dia 😦

  2. Congratulations for finishing the game! ^w^
    I’m also playing it right now; I just have to finish Alek’s route right now… This game sure is funny though sometimes Meri is quite どんかん…. but oh well xD
    Who was your favorite character? :3

    I finished PersonA on this Monday, will you do a review on it? :3

    • Thank you!! You’ll also need one more step to finish it.

      She might be quite どんかん, but sometimes, in a few route, she said it to the guy instead (Erhard, if I wasn’t wrong). To choose favorite character is a bit hard to me, since I like every chara here. But three of them (Ralf, Johann, Erhard) were most attractive to me. But If I have to choose might be Ralf for his romance is very connected for his and Meri’s feelings. I think he had already like her but didn’t want to admit. As for story, I’ll choose Johann.

      I wouldn’t make full review of PersonA because I played it with Elkrone (my mind would explode if I write two of it and it had too many endings). But the full one can be read here:

      So far, I still need to do Fantome. And I like it. I think it’s the safest R18 game I’ve ever played (minimum ammount of rape scene, personality didn’t change to yandere mode-a few maybe turn to it but not extreme).

      • I finally finished the game… and moved on to Clock Zero which is pretty interesting wwww (and BTW the third game in the row where Toriumi is voicing someone… uuuuh)

        Ralf’s True End was so 萌えぇぇ~ >w<

        Well, that's true, PersonA had too many endings and it would be quite long to write about it… ehehe~ I found it pretty "safe" too so that's why, in the major part, I like this game. I enjoyed Fantome's routes so I hope you'll enjoy/enjoyed it too!

        • I also had finished PersonA just awhile ago. That’ll leave me to special scenario now. Fantome’s route is sob..I mean, I’m in sad mood now. I don’t know if it’s a happy one or not because it’s just 1 ED that I feel glad he’s safe. I want his story MORE!! I hope that they will make FD for this too, to fill the happy time for Fantome.

          And also, congratulations!! We are both have ended a long story like Elkrone and PersonA now. Fiuh…that’s a relief….
          I hope you’ll enjoy CZ. It might be a bit boring at first but it’ll reveal secret slowly when you’re playing it. And yeah, I also love Ralf’s true end. It’s a happy one and I like the CG too./

          • Yep, after finishing Erik’s route I was in that mood too… it felt kinda “incomplete”, I know what you mean x) I also hope they’ll do a fandisk for more Fantome and I hope for Lucas to have a route… He’s so cute imo, I can’t cannot love him >x333

            Oh thanks, then congratulations to you too, hehe.
            I just finished Riichirou’s route and it was… wow. This game is so interesting! It’s so fun, haha. I’m playing Shuuya’s route now, he’s so precious too www
            Too bad there’s no FD because I kinda wanted Nakaba to have a route… I haven’t met him yet in the “other world” so I don’t know his appearance but who cares, he’s cute and he seems interesting… aaah~

          • Oh yeah. I also want Lucas! He’s also full of mysteries.

            Riitan’s popularity is great and his endings is sweet. His adult form is also cool & handsome. I wish Nakaba have a route too. You’ll see that Nakaba grows to be a fine young man. Me and yukiru always wants a FD for it since forever.

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