Alchemist’s Love Story-Stephan, Clemans, Popote

Stephan (CV: Tachibana Shinnosuke)

The musician who works as music teacher for Laura Rozenheim and sometimes, in Alois Bar. He hates alchemist for some reason but after Meri has helped him gathering flower to celebrate Flower Festival as well as Laura’s father birthday, he slowly changes behavior to more kind (even saying thanks). But to me, his attempts to use Meri to work for him is just his reason for staying with her and knowing her well (maybe?). High tsundere and similar to Alex, he always fighting mouth with Popote. Stephan made decision that his skill is not for human.

Some day, Meri and Popote heard Stephan’s violin in Alois Bar. They think it’s beautiful but Stephan is getting angry because he can’t perform well, better than that person. Seems like he thinks Alois wants him to be like the song princess, Camilla (also his teacher), but he can’t do that and decides to quit. By doing chores for Alois in Utau Kotori-tei, Meri knows that Camilla is a friend of Oswald and Clemans. Even if Alois wants to speak again with Stephan, but Stephan doesn’t want to and then blaming Oswald-sensei for making Camilla gone from Elkrone. Though Stephan says he won’t go on stage, but he comes anyway. The performance was a great success, everyone told it’s a new trend (not about song princess anymore). Alois told that time, when Camilla’s song can be heard, there’s no guy who wouldn’t fall for her, Alois himself, Oswald, even Stephan. After returning from stage, Stephan eats Meri’s alchemy cake, which means he wants to make up for his rudeness. On the next day, Alois comes to give Meri a cake he made, then they can hear Siren’s song (that unknown voice).

Stephan inviting Meri to see his concert as a thanks. But she and Popote keeps bugging him so he leaves them. When Meri tries to follow him, a monster appears. With his violin, Stephan can make chance for them to run (he hit the monster with it). After arriving near the lake, Stephan begins to play violin, as a goodbye to the birds around (which must migrating). Though Meri feels it’s beautiful, his violin is already broken, and there’s a bird who can’t fly. Meri wants to take care of it but Stephan says she can’t do anything with alchemy and leave it be. In town center, they met Oswald-sensei. His words makes Stephan more angry and leave Meri, saying it’s best not to meet again. He almost break his violin too, if Oswald doesn’t remind him from who he got it. With the love of Stephan’s music, Meri makes string for it and let Alois give it to him. As a trade, Alois gives information that it’s true, the one who gave violin to Stephan is Camilla. Siren’s song can be heard two times in this event.

Remember when Popote is crying because of Elder’s words to choose between human world and fairy? Stephan calmed him with his violin. There’s a time when Meri gives him cheese cake after she made with Elie. Stephan won’t eat something from alchemy but in the end, he still try it because Meri is wishing him to be happy. There’s a problem of Meri’s given string. It is too strong although it make good sound. Stephan’s violin is already 100 years old and it can’t hold the strong string. But Meri makes him angry again for always saying if she can do anything to help. He begins telling the story of why he hate alchemists. Camilla has two faces, one as a song princess, and another as song alchemist. That’s why he knows about every things has heart and can play music for roses earlier. The reason Camilla left everything behind is because of alchemy. Stephan doesn’t need the broken violin anymore and leave it to Meri.

With Clemans and Oswald’s help, Meri can fix the violin by varnishing it 215 times. As they did it, Clemans told her about Camilla. It’s true she’s gone to her alchemy and it’s a good thing actually, to do what she believe in. It’s up to Meri now, to give Stephan courage and walk beside him so she can help that lonely person. When Stephan knows what Meri did with Clemans and Oswald, he accepts the violin and performing on stage. After performance, he wishes to talk alone with Meri, asking why she help him. Meri says it’s because she believe if that violin can talk, then it will wish to come back to his side. Meri gives him request to be believe in her alchemy, for now, maybe just use her to help him. So Stephan gives her request there’s something he wants to find and he won’t be kind to her. Meri accepted it then he hold her hand. It makes Popote shouting at them and brings Meri to home. The next morning, Stephan gives Meri one score of his music then going with black-hooded man. Note: If you choose to be hesitate of it, Stephan will call Meri as his partner.

That day, Stephan asks Meri to accompany him to do her promise. They’ll search for ancient kingdom stratum (Discovey Channel go!) from a black envelope he got (I know who sent it). Meri is also excited that if they really can find it, it’ll increase the ancient knowledge of alchemy. When they’ve reached the cave, a monster attacked them and made them fell. As Meri opens her eyes, Stephan has been carrying her on his back. He asks why she becomes an alchemist, which is because he grandmother (the only one who take care of her) is saying everything has lives and makes her not alone. By the way, Camilla learnt song alchemy from Margret so of course Stephan knew about Meri’s grandma. They can go back home thanks to Siren’s song again. There, Stephan wants Meri to finish Camilla’s good, which is a song orgel. While making it, Stephan told about his parents (also a musician but got killed by monster) and his sister who have always works. The orgel’s song is the score he have been searching for. With it, he say thanks to Meri and will acknowledge her alchemy.

This time, Meri requesting a job from Stephan. He then brings her to a cave, taking Spirit Stone from there and giving it to Anna. As a thanks, he plays violin in her workshop. There’s a scene when Stephan uses his musical skill to make Monika happy. And when Stephan finally back after saving from drowning at the sea, Meri is crying for his safety and feels glad he is alright. But he (with tsuntsun) says he is back not because of her. At Laura’s mansion before going to Vincestain, Charlotte tells Stephan that his feeling for Meri maybe can change before he knows it. Also, the reason he accompanying Meri to there is because not only Heidi who asked him to, but also Laura and Charlotte. In the carriage, Johann, Meri, and Popote are agree for these 3 rules, not to mention alchemy (from Stephan), not to say bad things about alchemy (from Popote), and not to fight (from Meri). If one of them breaking it, they must sing. But just a seconds from it, Popote and Stephan have already breaking it…

In Vincestain, Stephan plays violin for Queen Victoria. Then the queen brings them to her workshop, saying even if Vincestain hates alchemy now, in the past, there’s a good relationship with it (the same as Stephan). In the way to go home, Stephan choose to use a shortcut and arrives at some snow field (Not near North Tower). He says human are all evil, and so, he won’t play music for them. He too, is a devil inside. Though for Meri, she likes his music and the Stephan who can create music isn’t a devil. Though Stephan still saying he hate alchemist. Hearing it, Meri feels sorry that she can’t change his perception of alchemist, saying she won’t come to his sight again. But as he hear her goodbye, Stephan holds her hand, saying even though he can’t be kind to her, he already admits her being.

True End

At Alois Bar, Stephan gives his private concert just for Meri and Popote as his thanks for helping him find Camilla’s uncomplete score. When he’s performing, all the things shines and seems alive, like Margret has said about everything have lives. But suddenly, he collapsed and after he’s awoke, he said the music took his motion. Junger XV comes to reveal the truth behind Song Alchemy, which already begun in the era of human and fairy living together. The power is almost similar to witches nor shaman. Amongst them have created an alternative of existing human, a homunculus to be exact. The problematic one is, song alchemists can change this world but the source is the singer’s life. The fact is Stephan’s unconsciousness earlier. Stephan then adding Camilla dies because of the song. Before Alois and Popote comes back, Junger XV excuses himself. In the time Popote and Alois are making dinner, Stephan says his wish, for Meri to not continue doing song alchemy. He has lose Camilla and doesn’t want to lose someone again because of song alchemy, he can’t forgive himself if that ever happen. Meri will think about it.

Popote have made cakes for Stephan so Meri is searching for him anywhere inside town. With the help of migrating bird (remember that it can’t fly?), Meri goes to Kuro no Gakkai’s ship, finds Stephan because of his violin’s sound. Junger VIII says to his subordinate that it’s Stephan’s way to throw out everything. It makes Meri wants to quickly find him. There’s a room where Stephan’s body lies while playing his violin, inside a tube, a room with big organ and woman’s statue stands above it. It seems he can’t hear and talk to her, like a doll. With the score of song alchemy, Meri begins singing and makes Stephan conscious. He asks why she have done song alchemy without being hurted anywhere, which she doesn’t know too.

Junger XV comes there, saying with Meri’s song power and Stephan’s music power, they can release Camilla from that form (Yes, the statue above the organ is her). As he comes, Stephan breaks his tube with the violin. But Camilla says it’s her own fault to be in Siren’s form, to calmed down moster’s heart or spreading her song widely. Junger XV said it’s firstly is Kuro no Gakkai’s research to beat Ice Dragon, with the power of Siren. And maybe, through Stephan’s violin, Camilla can turn to Siren. She tells him that it’s not the fault of song alchemy or himself, because it’s her own will to be like that and tells Stephan and Meri to go back. Even though Junger XV wants her to live as human, but he will consider Camilla’s feelings (Uh, Junger XV is definitely Oswald-sensei, who has feeling for Camilla isn’t it?). Oh well, Camilla is Stephan’s sister. He’s angry with her own decision but will still do as her wish. In the end, Junger XV apologizes for being stubborn and fixed Stephan’s violin.

Junger XV says he will find a way to create homunculus and change Camilla’s body to something like original but it’s just makes Stephan angry to him, saying he doesn’t want to see Junger XV anymore. Meri follows Stephan, and he’s like wanting to cry. He says it’s thanks to her that the him who hates himself, be forgiven by his sister because of Meri’s help. It turns bright after the night, and the little bird’s family comes back to take it migrating. After the countdown in night festival, Stephan kisses Meri’s hair because he always wants to touch it. He also feels that Meri’s thoughts is similar to Camilla. And when Meri and Popote let Stephan takes care of the workshop, he is nervous after Meri’s words to keep her workshop, also thinking if he can use workshop as the theme for his music. In sad time after Popote have been captured by Kuro no Gakkai, Stephan hugs the crying Meri, patting her head to calm down. He will think of something to release Popote.

Before Popote come back from fairy world, Stephan says he will try to make Meri happy and learn alchemy. He fights Popote and makes Meri asks where the cool and mysterious him have gone. After that, Stephan goes to Meri’s workshop to tell her he must go on journey and performing overseas. He wants Meri and Popote to go with him, because he wants her as his wife. First, Popote is against it. He will accept Stephan if he is separated from the girl named Camilla. This makes Meri and Stephan are laughing of it. And then, the departure with a ship comes. Stephan holds Meri tight, asking what her answer for his proposal. But Meri asks him first, just why he wants to go with her. With embarrassment, he says it’s because he wants to live with her. To hear Meri’s answer, Stephan proposes once again, that Meri have changed him to be who he is right now, and so, asks if she can stay with him. Of course Meri accepted it.

Good End

Stephan meets Meri and Popote in front of her workshop just to take her on Spirit Festival. Well, Popote is surprised how the alchemy hater Stephan changes to study alchemy. He brings Meri to the top of clock tower to see the whole town celebrating the festival (which Popote can’t go if he doesn’t want to fly away by wind). It’s his secret place if he’s mad at her before. Suddenly, they can hear Camilla’s song but flew away to different side right away and can’t hear it anymore. Now, Stephan will perform his special concert just for Meri. Meri can feel like he’s saying love to her but changes her mind. There’s no way Stephan will do that. After he’s done, he asks what is her answer. But Meri just says she’s amazed and it’s really good. Stephan is almost surrender that he can’t tell human with music like to flowers and animals.

Finally, Meri says that she also likes him. Stephan is glad that his music can reach her mind, saying he’s changed by her and will change more for her. Meri kisses him, makes him blushing. Then, Stephan asks to hold hand because they’ll go on date as a couple around town. Sometimes, he behaves bad as usual, but thinking he will treasure her, he will change. The first place they’ll go as couple is Alois Bar…

Stephan’s route is full of go back-and-forth of his relationship with Meri. At first, I thought he’s very annoying for his rude behavior, but also mysterious. But later, his behavior towards Meri…. isn’t do any changes until the ending (Means: no improvement). His ending is very deredere, compared to usual Stephan. Sometimes, it’s kind of strange to see his changes but don’t mind it. Love the sweet ending and I think I’ll prefer good end more. I didn’t think that Siren is his sister before. I thought it wouldn’t connect to anyone’s story. But it’s really interesting to know of his story even if I’m a bit disappointed. I would prefer his secret is connected to himself and fairy, not about his sister.



Clemans (CV: Yusa Kouji)

Clemans is a weird, crazy teacher who uses to make an explosion in every alchemy’s work he did. A friend of Oswald-sensei and Camilla can’t remember people’s name because he thinks books are more important. But he can finally remember Meri’s name after some encounters and Meri accepted his offer to be Clemans’ assistant, creating note just for him.

Meri needs Clemans to help her on doing task. But it seems Alois tells her another meaning of it. Here on Stoltz Hill, if a girl confess or asking a guy to go out, then they’ll be together forever. Meri have done that! And the thing they’ve found is a mushroom which can make hallucination. To celebrate flower festival, Clemans and Oswald are competing in making floral decoration (Here, they’re very tired after searching flowers for their power are weak after years researching). This results in nothing, just a weird competition between those sensei.

To be Clemans’ assistant, he wants her to help him on his alchemy for a month. Of course Meri refuses because she also has her own workshop. While she’s helping him to clean his workshop in academy, Meri finds a picture of Clemans, Oswald, Stephan, and one woman. He is thankful that Meri can find it. Then, Clemans shows her a stone, Lost Stone, which can shines in blue light, similar to Clemans’ power (The first light Meri saw and then exploded), Blue Hole. There might some connection between it so Clemans asks Meri once again to help him for a month. She refused again.

The date with Clemans is to an alchemy research room. Meri thinks they go to read something but Clemans says it’s the perfect place to sleep. They built tent, then Clemans telling story of a boy who lives alone at mountain with the power of a warm stone. It gets Meri excited from the story because it might be connected to a blue ring (Blue Wakaka?) in the story of first alchemist who befriended fairy. To gather Spirit’s Light/Tears, Meri asks Clemans, whose been lost in Megami no Closet. He says 99% of reading map will results in failure.. Anyway, they’ve found the stone and it’s changing shape after Meri’s wishes to help Popote. The cheesecake Meri made with Ellie is for Clemans at a right time, when he’s almost dead of starving.

When Meri and Popote comes to search Clemans in his workshop at academy, he’s lying on floor with a book, having a fever. To make him recover, Meri gives order to Popote to ask medicine at Father Niklas while she’s in charge to make him better at bath. Clemans wished he can take a hot bath in his room with Meri’s alchemy’s power. While he’s taking a bath, Meri found  letter with the Lost Stone, giving it to him. Without glasses, Clemans can’t see anything and so, he holds Meri’s hand tightly, making her blushing for seeing him naked (though he doesn’t realize girl’s feeling). The letter is from his father, revealing the secret of his story before. The lost boy is him and the Lost Stone also in his hand for long. After Popote comes back, he thinks Meri goes to bath with Clemans. It an embarrassing situation so she grabs Popote to go fast from Clemans, leaving him without glasses and realizes the two have gone. In her house, Meri finds out that she have brought the Lost Stone all along.

The night before she go to sleep, Clemans goes to her house and saying thanks, also telling his mind that it’ll be good if he can find the connection between Lost Stone and the Blue Hole he created. Meri also giving back his Lost Stone and will cheer him for the research. Meanwhile, Oswald said his thoughts that he wants Meri to continue study at academy or to be aware of Clemans’ research but Meri wouldn’t care about that. The date with Clemans is to help him attending a conference at academy. When waiting for the time, Meri saw a few books, one of it was about alchemy show as entertainment. She thinks it’s a good think to make it sociable because to do alchemy alone is kind of sad. Their time got interrupted by Kuro no Gakkai who warned them but went out right away before the conference.

When Clemans is speaking in front of many people about his research of Blue Hole and Lost Stone, his stone can’t shine like before, makes all of them questioning his alchemy. But Clemans is standing before them because he will proof it. After the conference has finished, one of Kuro no Gakkai’s subordinate requesting him to meet Junger XV at the port. They’re talking about Junger XV and Clemans clashes in perspective, also to tell Meri not to be involve in it. And Junger XV have swap the stone to a mere one so it can’t shine at the conference. Suddenly, Siren’s voice can be heard that she’s sad for their fight so the two stops it.

True End

Meri helps Clemans to gather things to make a bazaar. But instead of gathering from poor store, as he notices it’s useless, he goes straightly to Laura’s mansion, asking money. Of course it’ll make Laura screams of robber then Clemans is brought to Erhard’s office. There, Erhard, Stephan, and Oswald are very mad at Clemans for his reckless and stupid behavior. At the ship incident, Clemans helps the woman to arrive at port. He comes back with victory smile, even though he cough a lot of seawater. To give gratitude for helping Charlotte, Laura gives him a feast. There, she is exciting of Clemans’ bomb, which makes Charlotte thinks that sensei is dangerous. Clemans also told them that his assistant was a unique and helpful person, there’s no one like that. Same as other route, he accompanying Meri to Vincestain.

While taking days in carriage, Clemans and Popote are having a good time sleep. They just wake up for a few moments and can go to sleep in the middle of talking. In there, Clemans have something to say to Meri but stops right away, waiting for its turn. In Vincestain, Clemans introduces himself and his alchemy of teleport device to Lutz. As a reward, he wants Lutz to give them Dragon’s Tears. Seems like the owner is Queen Victoria herself, so as in other route, Meri must try making Blue Wakaka and it isn’t completed yet. As they’ve returning back to Shurisel, Clemans thinks they can make it complete later, not think the Not Blue Wakaka as a failure. On the way back, the three of them have a rest at King’s Road. Clemans told her it’s formerly named Alchemist’s Road. After telling the history of that place, Meri thinks even though it’s ambiguous if it’s true or not, but the road is supporting them. As they continue going back to carriage, Clemans holds Meri’s hands, saying he wants to walk that path with her. It’s the words he couldn’t say earlier.

Meri, Popote, and Heidi are searching Clemans on riverside. They’ve found him sleeping, but he said it’s not a mere sleep because he wanted to catch an Illusionary Fish. But of course, in his dream (means, just sleeping). When he’s ready to fish a real thing, he just catch punipuni. Now that they’ve finally catch the fish, it goes away, but leaving its scale. Meri makes a new bomb, a salute gun for festival from it. It seems a success but when Oswald tries it, it explodes as usual. The next day, Clemans gives his jam tart as gratitude and asks what is her feelings to the fish. Meri says she also wish it to be release because it had pregnant. That way, Clemans is glad he have Meri as an assistant.

After helping him to clean his workshop at academy, Clemans gathers the poisonous mushroom to make nabe for Meri and Popote as a thanks. At night after the party, he suddenly left, leaving a letter that he will go for his alchemy and also releasing her as his assistant. Quickly, Meri goes to academy and meets Heidi. She tells Meri that she heard about Clemans’ expulsion from academy because of the last conference failure. And from Oswald, Meri knows his whereabouts is at Margret’s another workshop in Komorebi no Mori. With Clemans’ device which can teleport someone, Meri goes to the workshop. But Clemans is getting angry at her for following him. It’s dangerous and he doesn’t want Meri to stop him using Blue Hole, even if his body turns weird and shines, to pursuit the truth. Meri stops him because she doesn’t work as his assistant to separate from him, but to help his research.

It’s futile though. The light brought them to the day Clemans’ father, Clais, found his body having fever, but couldn’t call a doctor at stormy night before he lost memories. Suddenly, the little Clemans is being brought to another world. He meets a boy, who he thinks is shinigami, but this one says he will bring Clemans to his father’s side, not his dead mother. The boy also gave Clemans a warm stone and alchemy’s knowledge to live in the forest. Their promise is to play together someday. After that, Meri and Clemans comes back to consciousness.

Quickly, Clemans brings Meri to his father’s grave. There, he realizes it was his father who helped him to live but there’s one thing he doesn’t know. Even if he wanted to learn alchemy in the past, his father wouldn’t let him do it. Meri thinks it’s not because his father doesn’t want to let him studying alchemy, but doesn’t want him to study in a wrong way. Clemans finally found his own alchemy thanks to Meri. The two are liking each other’s alchemy skill. When they’re back, Clemans says he wants to stay with Meri in Elkrone and also Meri accepts his request. That night, they must work for Meri’s workshop because it have been abandoned for days with Popote, Heidi, Clemans, and Oswald’s help. Now that Clemans is unemployed, he lives in Meri’s workshop. Not long though. The next day, Heidi tells him he can go back to academy, even if Clemans thinks it’s a bother.

At dance party, Clemans holds Meri’s hand and says he’s happy to have her as his assistant and wants to be with her even if he can’t say it properly for that time. Meri also hides her feelings once more. After that, the story continues to Kuro no Gakkai, whom has captured Popote. As Clemans hugs Meri to cheer her, he says it’s Popote’s wish to protect her. With that, Meri gathers up her courage to see Popote again. In the end, Meri and Popote successfully creating Blue Wakaka.

Clemans received acknowledgement letter from the King’s academy and must work outside Elkrone. He wants Meri to go with him even if she must abandon her workshop. Because Meri doesn’t want to go with him, Clemans asks her to go to his workshop to talk. It’s not because Meri doesn’t want to help him, but she feels down because her alchemy is nothing compared to Clemans’. She likes his alchemy and turns to like him too, so she doesn’t want to be a bother. Realizing her feelings, Clemans also tells he wants her to be his life (to live with him and be his everything), then showing all of his money to prepare. He wants to marry her and living together at another town. Meri accepts that proposal with the applause by Popote, Heidi, and Oswald. As an engaged couple, Meri and Clemans lives and works as alchemist. Everyday is so lovey-dovey with many requests to do. But Popote warns them that they’re just engage, have not marry yet, so they must earn much money with alchemy works to live and as condition from Matheas.

Good End

Clemans asks Meri to go with him to enjoy the festival. He refused the offer from King’s academy. While enjoying the crowd and eating ice cream, Clemans tells her that he actually have another reason to bring her there. Truthfully, he have already confused to search ways to meet her, such as a new request or anything. It makes Meri says that he’s like in love with her. Clemans finally understand it’s because he like Meri, then kissing her as a proof of his feelings. After that, he says it’s sweet not because of her ice cream, but also because of love. When he asks Meri what is her answer, she says she will keep it to the next meeting as a punishment for kissing her so sudden. Well, Clemans will go anywhere as long as it’s with Meri.

Clemans’ route is a bit boring for me because he always explaining his alchemy and it’ll be too long. He’s a boring person who sleeps everywhere anytime but let’s see. He has cute side too isn’t it? Though his boring and long explanation will get me very tired, also with Yusa Kouji flat-tone.. Anyway, I don‘t have many thing to talk about him. He might be the only disappointing character in this game for his talks.



Popote (CV: Kanade Rie)

Meri and Popote celebrated the night before Spirit Festival with just sleeping. The morning after, Ralf comes to take care of Meri’s workshop to let Meri and Popote enjoy the festival. The time Popote was kidnapped by Kuro no Gakkai, Meri received the letter from Ralf that he will release Popote. Clemans comes and asks what she want to do. Meri thinks at first, she wishes to be like Margret. But now, her dream is the same as Popote, to create Blue Wakaka. Clemans asks if she like him and she agrees to it. She will do her best to make their dreams come true. Ralf finally brought Popote to Strauss Hill and Meri can create Blue Wakaka with him. Meri had chose to live at her workshop and separated from Popote.

To cheer Meri, Ralf gives her Popote’s doll he made. But suddenly, Popote comes back home, makes everything bright again. Now that they’re back together, Meri wants to work though Popote wishes it’ll be a picnic. He then gives his own handmade flyer of Meri’s workshop to introduce it to many people. It’s because he wants to always remember Meri in fairies world. This makes her happy, wish to always live with Popote and walking their lives together. Now they’re ready for work.

He doesn’t have new CG so there’s nothing to put here….


  1. Popote… lucu banget yang dia he2 mirip2 sama Orion gt lol. Hmm Stephan emang tsundure banget yang, tapi entah kenapa aku suma sama rutenya dia *shoot*. Aku suka true ednya xD blushing Stephan is so cute ^_^

    Hmm Clemans yah, kayaknya aku setuju ceritanya agak boring yah, pdhl awal2 aku agak suka ma dia lol

    • Kebanyakan pada suka true ed nya Stephan. Maybe because of its dialogue..? (Stephan lucu juga di sini). Tapi aku suka yang lebih sweet jadi ke good ed deh. Lucu juga melihar Meri yang kiss duluan. Iya, awalnya aku juga tertarik pengen tahu kekuatan Clemans, tapi ternyata membosankan.

  2. Wow the continuation of the review! *_* Thanks! It was interesting to read. The guys in this game are all amazing! We are glad that you didn’t give up on writing reviews. Thank you, dear, for sharing your love for otoges through your works! *_*

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