Alchemist’s Love Story-Johann & Alexey

Johann (CV: Morikawa Toshiyuki)

Johann is an adventurer, just recently living in Elkrone. He has many subordinates, who are also adventurer. A kind and cool guy, with a few words but is very nice to anyone. His story involves Laura Rozenheim a lot. He seems can speak to animal, from the little bird he had. Also, good with telling stories (for Popote).

There’s a chance when Laura is getting mad at Meri because she’s abandoning Johann in a cave of dragon. She break a teapot, let the hot tea pouring Meri’s leg. With Johann’s quick attempt, he cleans Meri’s wound. Another day, he bought boots for Meri in Megami no Closet to make up for Laura’s behavior.

On another occasion, Laura needs to make report for her school and must go to a lake outside town. Fren accompanied them. But again, there’s a water dragon appeared. Meri saves Laura from the monster but she got hurted on leg. Thankfully, Johann also comes there to save them. He ordered Fren to bring Laura back to town while he and Meri are still trying to defeat the dragon. After Laura and Fren have gone, Johann tells Meri to close her eyes so she can’t see what happen. But Meri opens her eyes and sees a black wing disappearing of Johann’s back. Though they are saved because Johann has slayed the dragon, he won’t tell anything to her. From that day, Meri learnt that Johann is Laura’s older brother. And the next day, Meri read a book in academy about the sword, similar to Johann’s, which can slay a dragon.

After a festival day, an accident happened to a ship. It sunked and hurted many people. Laura’s father also haven’t been found yet. To search for the lost people, Johann and Erhard rushes to swim. After a few moment, Johann appeared with a girl, already saved by him. It makes Meri glad and flowing tears. Johann touches her cheek to swap the tears. But Laura’s father is still lost. From one of duchess, Charlotte, Laura knows that her father has canceled to ride on the ship to buy her present. Charlotte have bad leg so Laura tells Johann to carry her. This makes Popote (Meri) jealous? The rest is to go to Vincestain. When Meri and Popote are sleeping of tiredness (of searching people to go together), Heidi knocks on their door to bring Johann in case of accompanying Meri. They go together to Vincestain.

Johann escort Meri as Charlotte and Heidi’s request. He will protect her on that journey, moreover because there’s ice dragon, Ice Koenigin. The journey takes about 5 days to end and Johann uses the time to tell stories about a hero who slays dragon (similar to himself). After finishing their work of making Not-Blue Wakaka, Meri, Popote, and Johann are playing snow fight near North Tower, the place where ice dragon lives. In another situation, Laura is afraid that Johann won’t go back after he go from Elkrone, so she needs Meri’s help. But the truth is, Johann learnt to fight with Meri’s father. After that, they had dance party at Rozenheim’s mansion. There, while dancing with Meri, Johann is glad he can meet her. Meri is the one who taught him to be more conscious of his sister. He also wants Meri to look at Laura, seems like he will go to a far place.

True End

The next morning after dance party, Johann goes to Meri’s house just to say goodbye. But in here, Meri will follow him to any place he’d go. Well, Johann is already know from Matheas that Meri will follow him anyway so he won’t refuse. He brought Meri to Vincestain through the power of his black sword, meets Queen Victoria, who called him as a friend, also revealing that Johann wasn’t Laura’s real brother (Oh, I think he doesn’t even a human). The task he must do right now is to defeat the ice dragon, Ice Koenigin, and is very dangerous. But he and Meri can’t return anymore. They are going to North Tower to defeat it.

Turns out the dragon have woman voice and she knows Johann very well. While defeating ice dragon, Johann’s body begins to change to something like of a dragon, because of his sword’s power. But Meri won’t let Johann disappear from her sight and choose death. She used her alchemy and turns everything alright. Johann defeated the ice dragon. Before they’re going back, Meri meets his past self, the first time he defeated a dragon, telling him that he will become an adventurer and everyone loves him. Now that they’ve beat the dragon, Johann asks Queen Victoria to stay as Johann Rozenheim and she agrees to let him use that name forever. In Elkrone, Laura and Popote already awaits their arrival and are happy to see them back. The next day after they’ve came back, Johann and Laura are taking a date to search a cat. Popote can see that Meri and Johann are becoming more lovey-dovey than before.

On Spirit Festival day, Johann asks Meri to go to dance party with him. With the help of Popote, Miranda, and Belinda, Meri changes to a beautiful woman in dress. At the town center, Johann makes confession to her that he likes Meri. He will be her sword to protect her, kissing her after the countdown. Meri have the same feelings and they go dancing. After Popote had been captured by Junger XV, Johann stayed in Meri’s house, calming her mind with touching her head, saying that it’s Popote’s own decision to protect Meri. With it, she’s calmed down.

Then, in Fairy Forest, Margret says she makes Meri in trouble but there’s Johann to protect her granddaughter. It’s Meri’s first boyfriend and is very interesting. Meri choose to live in human world with her beloved friends and Johann, so she must separated from Popote. Before that, Popote says he loves Meri very much and so does her. Margret also says Meri can live in there until she’s old like her and will wait to meet her someday (Wait, Margret will still alive after Meri becomes old? That’s very convenient!). Everyone in Elkrone, including Matheas and Junger XV can feel the presence of Meri’s success.

In the end, when Meri wakes up the next day, Johann has a request to go on journey and must leave her alone. But he also comes with Popote! Popote teases him that he’s being targeting Meri since the first time, which makes Meri angry and orders him to say “Tadaima”. After he said that, Meri and Johann are welcoming him. The epilogue is when Meri have a date with Johann at the forest they first met. Johann is reminiscing on how he saved Meri from the dragon and Meri thinks it’s like a fairytale, where she meet a hero. Well, Johann must go to do his request from before but he will surely come back to his hometown, Elkrone, and wants Meri to wait for him. Meri agrees to always waiting for his return to their Elkrone.

Good End

Here, Meri stops Johann from going to slay ice dragon when they meets in the morning and asks why he must do that. Johann tries telling her that ‘Johann’ isn’t his real name and he is staying in Elkrone to prepare for a whole big job. But anyway, they’re still going to defeat it and is a success. Meri and Johann also enjoys the dance party at Spirit Festival. The same thing happened when Junger VIII takes Popote to their headquarter and together after Popote has been released, they can make Blue Wakaka.

Johann and Laura comes to Meri’s workshop. But he and Meri just talks about alchemy or adventure. Tis makes Laura and Popote tells them it’s best to change subject such as asking to date. With it, Johann really is asking Meri to watch fireworks with him at night. In this story, Meri confessed to him that she’s also like him. They’re kissing and promising to be together.

Johann is very cool! I don’t know why the first I’ve seen his design, I thought he’ll be plain. But he has some great mystery though it doesn’t explain well in this game. He also is known as kind and everyone’s Johann in Elkrone for his kindness. The beginning of his route was kinda slow because he’s a nice person and I couldn’t see his romance feelings to Meri. But after the first Vincestain’s visit, I could slowly see the change on his behavior toward Meri. Maybe, it’ll better to make FD and tell all his stories of who he is and how he get the black sword. I’m waiting here!



Alexey (CV: Suzuki Yuuto)

A mysterious young boy Meri found in front of her workshop, who’s looking for his memories. He’s taking a fever in the box and is saved by Meri. She searches work for him and finally lets Alex be a trainee adventurer. He has bad relationship with Popote and always calls him as ちんちくアレク(Chinchiku(rin) Alex) and he calls Popote as  ちんちく妖精.

To celebrate Flower Festival, Alex wants to give Father Niklas decoration in church from rose, hiding it from Father. Meri helps him gathering roses in Laura’s garden, with permission from Stephan (Because that roses is Stephan’s belonging, that he plays music for them. Well, Stephan won’t acknowledge Meri even if the world collapsed, he said). They’ve successfully making the decoration but Father Niklas has flower allergy which makes him sneezing a lot. In the end, they must take it back again. Another request from him is to help Carl and Carla’s work become easier by creating special detergent to clean of dishes. In here, Alex cooks for Meri and Popote and it’s very delicious. Alex thinks he and Meri are best combination  since he can realize people’s trouble and Meri can help them realizing their dreams.

As a gratitude for Meri’s help, Alex invites her and Popote to eat lunch at luxurious seaside restaurant. Meri thinks he and Popote are like her brother because they’re always fighting. Then Alex accidentally says it’s the first time he have a date with normal girl, makes Meri thinks he remembers a bit of his memories. But he says it isn’t like that, just his thinking. Alex begins saying that he and Meri might have different thinking or different lives but for Meri to help him, it’s like a trifling matter. He always thankful to Meri, thinking he might cannot live in Elkrone if she wasn’t save him when he’s in the box that time. Meri says she is happy he invite her to expensive dinner but she won’t need that. By that words, Alex will think of another way to have date with her the next time.

Here, when Junger XV deceived Meri and take the Inishie no Pendant, Junger VIII asks him to give it back. But he won’t do it and says that Junger VIII must obey his words. Suddenly, he can hear Siren’s song (Yup, the song from A.m.u.) and says that even Siren would disobey him. Meri goes to Alois Bar, shocked that Alex also helped in there (After Utau Kotori-tei). She needs Alex to accompany her to search for Spirit’s Light to make Blue Wakaka (after receiving the receipt). Here, Alex knows that Popote is lonely then he apologizes for always looking down to him. After Meri infiltrated Junger XV’s workshop and successfully back to Elkrone, there’s an added scene in Junger XV’s place. He spoke to a young boy (Looks similar to Heidi, again), saying for now he’s Junger XV’s possession, but later, he will be fully Junger XV’s.

Alex has helped Meri to open Anna’s letter from her husband, Holland (Which also Oyaji’s friend), who’s been missing from a year ago because of storm. With that, Anna can hope again for husband’s safety and come back. After that event, Alex knows Meri’s personality will be cute for a wife and be a good mother to her child. Of course that makes Popote says that they haven’t even marry yet and Matheas might make a blood festival to it.

To make up for expensive unwanted lunch before, Alex invites Meri to go on picnic date with him at flower field. He has made many delicious food. The two also talking about their favorite book and their job. But suddenly, when Meri says she’s fine with Alex ‘now’, he doesn’t want to be just ordinary to her. Having conflict on their feelings, Alex leaves Meri alone. But a monster appeared after Meri so he fights that with his own power and defeated it. They’re making up and Alex can just fine with friend title. In front of Meri’s house, Alex gives a flower ring to commemorate their friendship (The truth is, he wants it to be engagement ring but Meri is too slow). Though he thinks Meri have no feelings instead friend, she begins to want to talk with him more. Too bad Alex must do his work at Alois Bar. Popote says the ring isn’t common and is weird that Alex have it.

The other good idea from Alex is to make children tea party so Meri can play with child. But seems it’s just tiring for both him and Popote, except Meri who is happy. The same thing as Johann happened when Alex saved Charlotte, made Meri jealous of it. The other different thing is when Laura feels pity for Alex for his memories, but also thinks he’s pretty strong to live like that. And the journey to Vincestain begins, resulting in Not-Blue Wakaka.

Alex is the one who gave Meri Dragon Tears from Vincestain, letting Queen Victoria get mad at him. But with Meri’s words of believing in Alex, she will let her make Blue Wakaka. Even if the result isn’t perfect, Queen Victoria still let them have it. On the journey to go back, Alex and Meri also visiting the ice field near North Tower. The journey also reveals that Meri believes in Alex ever since they first met. Knowing it, Alex makes an oath in front of Popote that if he can be the number one adventurer, he’ll be the one and only knight for Meri. Of course Popote won’t lose so he say he’s the one and only helper for Meri.

True End

Alex invites Meri to go on picnic again. Now, he’s been talking that his wish to defeat dragon is useless and he’s a weak person. Though Meri convinces him that Alex is better the way he is now to help Anna, etc. He wants to say his feelings but he needs Meri’s conscious of it first so Alex won’t say it until Meri can answer his reason to go on date. When Meri begins to notice it, Matheas comes to get Alex back on the promised time. Well, now that Matheas has came, Alex won’t need to hide himself anymore. He isn’t losing memories, rather, he is Vincestain First Prince, Alexey Daustria Vincestain (アレクセイ*ダウストリア*ヴィンスシュタイン). One of the symbol is the flower ring Meri had from him, the truth is a snow shape. The reason he came to Elkrone is to take a trial of becoming true King by living like an ordinary human. Now his time to go back has come and he wants Meri to notice his feelings for her. But his last word is just he’s happy to spent time with her, while kissing her hand. Meri is crying out loud after she got home.

Fren came to give letter from Matheas to Meri. The letter said Meri can go to Vincestain at a Ball 5 days later. At first, Meri haven’t realize what she should after meeting Alex, but with Popote’s cheering her, she knows what it is. At June 22nd, Meri arrived at Vincestain to come to Masquerade Ball. Too bad she can’t come in without a mask. But suddenly, Alex and Lutz (Queen Victoria’s aide) helped her to come with him to the ball (without her notice because of the mask). But being angry from the maid’s words that the ball is important for the prince, Alex opens his mask and says it’s not important to him at all. He then brings Meri to a dance, where he reveals all of his lives. As a prince whose country is endangered by Ice Dragon, Ice Koenigin, he must learn to fight. But he feels useless and studying on book instead. Also, he must marry to someone without feelings at all. Now, Alex asks Meri again of what his feelings is. This time, she can answer right that Alex wants to be with her. The chance is open for him to say that he loves her.

This time, Queen Victoria comes to them, telling Lutz to bring Meri back. But Alex wishes to say his last words that it’s Meri who have releasing him from his box, saving his life, and he loves her no matter what. Before Meri go, Victoria asks one question to her, what is Alex for her. Meri says that Alex is the one she loves and it’s painful to separated from him. Now, Victoria will give Alex another trial to live as common human again, but they won’t know where the place is. Meri and Alex are still separated. Though it’s a troll. After Meri had arrived at her home, Popote said there’s a box in front of their door sinced yesterday. Of course it’a Alex himself!! Meri is very happy that Alex comes back to Elkrone, can’t say it with just words. Even though Alex wants to go on date with her, Fren brings him to do adventurer’s job.

At night Spirit Festival dance party, Alex kisses her cheek (Truthfully, he wants to kiss her lips). He told her not to worry about his engagement and until Meri say she love him, he will always telling his love to her. And then, Popote got captured by Junger again. This time, Alex hugs her, saying it’s alright to cry because he’s there with her. The same as Johann’s route, Alex comes to Strauss Hill with Popote so Meri can make Blue Wakaka. After Popote comes back to Meri’s house, he and Alex are still fighting a lot.

In the epilogue, Alx has been searching for Meri in many places, from Oyaji’s buki-ya to Austen Gate. Finally, he meets her on the street. He bows down to her, giving her a ring from his own money. Alex proposed to her, asking if Meri will marry him because she is the only one who understands him. Whiole saying his name properly as Vincestain’s prince, the townspeople are very surprise to hear it. And in the end, Meri accepts that proposal, living with him (in Vincestain, means, no hope for her alchemy job).

Good End

That day, Alex is inviting Meri to a date again. He also claims that he becomes higher (just tiny bit though), which makes him doesn’t want to be called Chinchiku anymore by Popote. For Popote, it means that he will be forever bishounen and thinks that Alex will looks like Oyaji in no time. Oh well, Popote still let Meri go with Alex because she’s excited to it. Turns out Alex brings Meri outside the town to giver her letter from Queen Victoria. It says that after Alex and Meri have a dance, there’s rumour everywhere. But it doesn’t mean Queen Victoria is mad at Meri, instead, she is mad at Alex for not getting engage at dance party. Still, he won’t ask Meri for marriage now because he wants her to keep doing alchemy. He kissed her as a symbol that she is belongs to him, doesn’t want any guy to take her. Meri too, finally realizes that she likes him and wats to be protected by him. The end of this route is very shocking.. Alex says he won’t let Meri go until morning because they’re going to elope… (Not so believe it though).

First, I wanted to play Stephan’s route because he’s mysterious. But I changed my mind after realizing there’s shota in this game! Yeah, I’m not into younger guy and played it unwanted. But I get laughed easily when he’s fighting mouth with Popote, because they’re small for the usual size.. I thought he’s the type of pampered child, but turned out, he’s fast to make his move on Meri. Then, I began to like his route more. See his CG? Most of it are about his face, like I’ve said in the precious post, that there are many zoomed-in face. But I’m glad it won’t happen in good end CG! Love the kiss scene, it’s beautiful! Last, I don’t know about their seiyuu before (For Morikawa, I think I don’t remember his role very much), but after playing this game, I like all of their voices!~~ Thanks Elkrone!!


Next, maybe about Stephan and Clemans… I hope I can get it fast, because when playing Johann, I wasn’t in the mood of playing and going out often. Then I rushed to finish Alex’s route, maybe about 3-4 days.


  1. haha thats awesome i like cool Johann is. He looks ordinary at first glance but his looks kinda grow on me as his route goes on. Alexey is cute too. surprising how hes the one that makes his moves fast on her haha.

    • Yup. Johann looks plain but he got the mystery. I thought it’s Alexey who got all secret, but now, Johann’s secret was more important (Than just being a son of a Queen). The story still have more to be explain and I hope it’ll be out as a fandisk.

  2. Ah Johannn, awalanya aky ga gt peduli sama dia soalnya designnya agak plain xD Tp tnyta salah 1 fav nih hehe. Alexei cute banget yah ^_^

  3. Thank you so much for writing a review for this game! It’s so nice and beautiful. We even bought the 2nd part of the game for PS3. We love such fairy-like jrpg. Thanks to Otomate for releasing this game *_*
    By the way, we read at your LJ that you’re going to drop your WP blog for awhile. It’s so sad but if it will somehow help you to get more experience in your job and live. then let it be like this. But just know that we are always very happy to talk to you and read your entries whethere they are about otoges or your daily life!! You are a very interesting person, dear! *_* Ganbatte!

    • The second part is Totori if I was right? The art is very nice. I wish I can play Rorona, Totori, Meruru, and the latest is Ayesha if I own PS3 (which might not happen I think. It’s outdated for now and Sony might’ve come with PS4 at the time I bought it).

      Oh, I think I wanted to object the contract because it’s too difficult and it’s not my preference. I’ll search for a better job next time which doesn’t require me to go outside my city. The problem is, I’ve signed the contract though I haven’t work at all for now. I hope I can get it over. The company isn’t good at maintaining lives for labor (as I think it is) and they just let me read the contract for 2 hours with adding new paper continuously, made it hard to read. On the worst scenario, I might’ve use law… I don’t want to work for that kind of company.

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