Alchemist’s Love Story-Basic Story

It’s based on Johann’s route but almost the same in each person (because I played him first).

Meri goes to Shiokaze Teras again. Johann already found Kaya’s aid and it’s time to ask Johann to accompany her to forest because he’s strong. But Kaya and Johann thinks accompanying her means a date and so, Johann refused. When they have known the truth, Johann agreed to go. As Kaya watches them go, she thinks Meri and Johann are suit to each other, even though she feels pity to Ralf.

Johann needs a longer time for preparation. But when they’ve reach forest, he can fight monsters there without problem (Oh yeah, it’s just punipuni). From there, Meri received an apple-like thing from Johann. She will treasure it. After arrived at home, Meri can’t see Popote there. But she must finish her work to make non-withering flower and finally can do it. As she have done with it, Carla and Heidi both comes to her house to give fairies hats. There are lots of it. Meri is worried about Popote and search him, maybe at the museum or so. Popote also finds a few fairy’s hat and thinks there maybe another fairy just like him. He also found a picture of Blue Night fairytale that makes his chest hurted. Well, the hat thing is actually a trap to catch Meri and Popote, by Clemans. He definitely can’t remember people’s name even though he can remember recipe in an instant (Popote is pitying his head).

The meeting with Clemans makes Meri comes to conclusion to make him a recipe book. It satisfied Clemans and he now acknowledges her alchemy skill (also write her name so he won’t forget again). And Clemans can give information on where the sender live, Rozenheim mansion, to give the non-withering flower. They’re going to Rezenheim mansion but none is coming to greet them. So Meri and Popote go to the garden in it, heard a sound of violin. Popote notices the tune is like of his friend. And it’s true. The man who plays violin can make flower blooms. The man notices Popote and asks why he sees him as his friend. Popote says it’s because the tune is played for the roses, and so, he is fairy’s friend. But this guy says he’s just a musician.

What comes to Meri’s shocking truth is he says the same thing as Margret, her grandmother. With it, the white-haired guy noticed she’s an alchemist. Suddenly, a girl, who that guy called Ojou-sama, comes to the garden, Laura Rozenheim. Laura says the flower Meri has made won’t make the person smile of happiness and tells her to bring it back home. To make it worse, the white-haired guy also teases her because he hates alchemist. But it’s weird that he can say about everything in the world is a friend, similar to Margret’s words. From Laura, Meri can tell his name is Stephan, even though she doesn’t know why Stephan hates alchemist. In the end, Laura forgives Meri but she won’t accept the flower.

In the middle of night, Popote wakes Meri up in a hurry. There’s a box in front of her house. When she opens it, there’s a guy inside, having a pain from his fever. At morning, Meri is surprised to find that guy isn’t inside her house anymore so she tries searching outside. It seems his fever has gone down and to feel his temperature, he touches Meri’s head with his. He says rather than him, it’s Meri now whom have high temperature (out of embarrassment). Finally after Meri asks his name, that guy gives his name to her, which is Alexey, Alex for short. It seems he doesn’t remember a thing about him except for his name (Urgh, I can’t believe his expression to be exact).

That thoughts is a chance for Alex to asks Meri to live with her until he can find his family. Of course Popote can’t bring him in because he is the one who will help Meri with alchemy, cleaning, or cooking (jealous?). Well then, cooking and washing clothes have done by Popote, so Alex asks if he can clean Meri’s bath. This time, Popote says he’s always do it, he means, bathing with Meri to be exact. After that, Erhard and Johann are coming to them to find about the weird box which can talk and move. Erhard says it’s his duty to protect the town if there’s monster inside. Meri realizes it’ll be dangerous for Alex so she lets him run away. But Alex won’t put trouble to Meri so he tells the truth to Erhard and Johann, that he’s the one inside the box. Erhard makes a right decision to take Alex alone to investigate, but he won’t put him in prison or what. Before going with the knight, Alex asks Meri’s name.

Even though Meri is worried about Alexey, she can’t do anything. She takes a nap and when she’s awake, Popote has came back with the request book. It’s his idea to make every townspeople request to Meri to help her gathering job. The first one is from Father Niklas. Arriving at the church, Meri sees Alexey instead. He is in the middle of praying (I think). But seeing him alright makes her glad. When Niklas comes, he says the request is to find an occupation for Alex. He won’t be able to leave Father Niklas until he get a job. Of course Meri will search for it to help Alex. After she have gone, Alex asks Father if the one he talked about a great alchemist is Meri. But Father Niklas says it’s her grandmother. Both Alex and Meri are just an unknown (future) for now.

Meri decides to search it alone at Frasco Café and finds Johann with Clemans there. Johann shows her the little birds (from the forest before) which can fly now. While seeing it, Clemans is amazed by how Johann can do it, but he claims himself as mere human. Meri asks for a job as adventurer, if it will fit a person without fighting experience and to help her, Johann gives her feather from that bird because to be an adventurer, someone needs weapon which suit him. Again, Clemans is amazed by Johann actions because it seems he can talk to them. But he claims himself as mere human again.

The next place is Alois Bar. There are Stephan (performing there) and Heidi. Meri asks Stephan what is needed to be a musician and he gives her knowledge about the feeling. But also, Stepahn won’t acknowledge an alchemist’s skill, talking bad about them. Can’t hear it anymore, Heidi tells him to stop because Meri just do what she can to help people, different from him. After knowing it’s for someone else, Stephan gives her a musical book to help that person (not Meri, he said), then goes alone. After that, Alois gives Meri and Heidi a cocktail of best friend.

Done in Alois Bar, Meri goes to Utau Kotori-tei, which makes her meet Erhard, Dirk, and Ralf altogether. Meri asks Ralf if his restaurant needs worker and Ralf says the person must be skillful at knife. To make up for it, Meri creates an idea with Ralf’s item. She made a sword from it, but Popote told her it’s like a weak weapon that might not kill any punipuni. Right at the time they’ve been talking about it, Father Niklas comes and showing her a letter from the Oukoku no Ken (Sword’s Kingdom) to Alex. Ralf also shows her the way to where Alex, Oukoku no Ken (this guy wears mask), Erhard, and Johann were.

Oukoku no Ken doesn’t believe if Alexey is his real name. He also told everyone that Alex had spent night with Meri, which almost make other guys jealous. But Ralf, Erhard, and Johann won’t let it happen and decides to fight Oukoku no Ken. That time, Clemans and Stephan are also helping Meri with all they have. Then, Alex decided to fight Oukoku no Ken with Meri’s sword (the one she had created). In the end, Alex was defeated by Oukoku no Ken, but he told them all that it’s his loses. And that man is named Matheas, Meri’s father (!!!). The 6 main guys also knew about Matheas.

In the end, Ralf, Johann, Erhard, Clemans, Stephan, and Alexey all must do chores, cooking as Matheas ordered. They’re talking about many things, such as, who is Stephan anyway because Ralf doesn’t know him. But Clemans had already knew Stephan, didn’t know why. Then, the most suspicious person who is very close to Meri is Ralf, which makes the other guys getting mad at it. Also, Johann can’t do cooking, makes Stephan angry and decides to do it instead. This becomes a mess so Matheas tells them to quickly do it without too much talking.

Before Meri goes to sleep, her father knocks on her door to talk. It is to talk about Alexey. While Meri feels guilty can’t find him a job, Matheas says Alex will be an adventurer. Meri and Alex are the same, just begin their future ahead. The conversation changes to Matheas ordered Meri to have a rest because she has did her best without any rest since the workshop opened. He also doesn’t want Meri to do reckless things such as searching items to make Blue Wakaka because they haven’t know about it. The best way is to believe in Popote and wait for it. Another thing is, Matheas is blaming himself for not coming at last days with Margret. This time, Meri almost cry but she holds back. But Matheas says it’s best to cry now (She’s always holding her tears to not make her father worried) and she does it. Her father must go on journey again and leaves Meri with Popote.

Later on, Meri encountered Marie (Yes, she is from the old Atelier!), who is skillful at explosion. And a after a few request to do, she also meets the enemy, a mask man with black hood and a boy with black hood. They’re claiming themselves as Kuro no Gakkai (黒の学会). While the older man (look similar to Oswald-sensei) is named Junger XV, the other one (Meri thinks it’s a boy, but I think it’s a girl. Might be Heidi?) named Junger VIII. They don’t wanna let Meri do the same thing as Margret and call Margret as dangerous alchemist.

There’s also a few stories, for example about Belinda and Miranda’s parents who had divorced. Belinda just knew that she have little sister after her mother died, when she’s 12.

And then, meeting of Charlotte, whom is Matheas’s subordinate (Meri’s father). She gives letter from Matheas to Meri, telling her to wait for winter to find her wanted thing. Charlotte also have thought that Johann is a betrayer from Kuro no Gakkai. Not long after Charlotte have gone, Heidi comes to look at Matheas’ letter and with Meri, they can decipher the thing her father mentioned. It is about the task to go to Vincestain, Kingdom of Snow in Winter. In that kingdom, Meri meets Lutz Reizengang, an aide of Vincestain’s Queen, Victoria. In Vincestain, there’s a fearful ice dragon, Ice Koenigin. Before Victoria gives Dragon’s Tear stone to Meri, she must make Blue Wakaka first. It might not come to blue, but Meri successfully make a Not-Blue Wakaka. It counts as a success anyway.

At July 1st, Junger VIII brings a letter from King to investigate Meri’s workshop for her dangerous alchemy, the song alchemy. Everyone in town are against it, but Meri stays front to be captured. Though Popote saved her and being captured instead of Meri for his believe in her power. But Junger VIII goes to Meri’s workshop at night just to bring Popote’s request list because Meri have saved her. In Junger’s headquarters, Junger XV already knows the betrayal of Junger VIII and locked her with Popote. Junger XV wants to punish Margret because she won’t help his organization before. With the sketch in the last page on Popote’s request book, Meri can know that she must make Blue Wakaka at Strauss Hill in fullmoon.

Oyaji and townspeople has succesfully releasing Meri to go outside the town. But Junger XV also comes and poisoned Oyaji’s arm. He says his power and Margret are the same song alchemy but while Margret becomes light, his power is like a shadow. Meri thinks it’s because of his heart. Before Junger XV ready to attack her, Oukoku no Ken appeared to save his daughter and fight Junger XV.

Meri arrives at Strauss Hill but she can’t make a wish of Blue Wakaka alone. The chosen guy (Here is Johann) comes to her, saying he will be her partner but Meri refused because it is her job with Popote. In the end, Popote is saved by the chosen guy and Junger VIII. They made wish together with song alchemy (With Mitose Noriko’s song). They have made a Blue Wakaka and suddenly brought them to Fairy Forest with Elder and… Margret along! It’s like an exam to know the feelings of human and fairy. Turns out Margret is just hiding to let Meri overcome her problem with her own strength. Elder said know that they’ve doing great, Meri can live in Spirit World. But she refused because there’re many people in town needs her skill. Though she is going back alone to her workshop, on the next day, Popote comes back again and they can live together.

The basic story is happened in every chosen route, but as usual, it can change depends on who is the chosen guy. With this, I feel like the quest’s storyline is longer than the ending because I can skip it. I like the story. It is well-written with cute atmosphere, shocking secret from characters, well-made personality for every main and sub-chara, easy-listening music, and of course.. cute Popote is the main charm!! The only thing bugged me is the CG. I think most of it are just zoomed-in face with non-appealing background and it’s bothering me. But well, I guess I can stand it because it also have unique pastel-color atmosphere.

First time, I thought I wouldn’t make long review. But I’ve made the basic story already before making that decision so it would be useless to throw it without posting. From now, I’ll just make a post about two characters altogether because it’s shorter than usual post. I mean, I want to enjoy the game without writing all sentences because it’s long and I’m afraid to get tired.

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