Alchemist’s Love Story-Prologue

Elkrone no Atelier ~Dear for Otomate~ is an otome game made by collaboration between Otomate and Gust (The original Atelier series developer). So far, my sister have played Atelier Iris (3 of it), Mana Khemia, and I’ve played Atelier Annie DS. Of course I was excited when knowing this series will have an otoge (Because it always have more girls than boys as playable character). And to hear Shimotsuki Haruka & Mitose Noriko’s song really amused me.


The heroine name is Meriela (CV: Asakura Azumi), just call her Meri. She lives with her grandmother, a famous alchemist in the old days, Margret. Late at night, she tries to read her grandma’s picture book at her workshop because she can’t sleep and she thinks to read the difficult book, she’ll be able to sleep fast. But her grandma said it’s not a picture book, it’s her treasure. Margret then told her about the song alchemist, used their own voice to connect with water, stone, and every other things in the world. So, Meri won’t be lonely.

A few years later, Meri had graduated from academy and opened her own alchemy shop, while Margret had gone to Heaven. While waiting for her first customer, Meri decides to make floral shower tea, because this is spring in Elkrone, the city of flower. Suddenly, Ralf, her friend in academy, as well as rank Meister, comes to her workshop. She’s a bit down to notice her first customer to come is Ralf. He wants Meri to make Krone water for her first job to know if she is able to do it (A bit teasing her and she’s mad because 4 years ago, Ralf isn’t like that). Now, time to do the alchemy! After done making Krone water, Ralf gives her a bouquet of flower from his parents.

Not long after that, Meri’s first customer comes. It’s a little fairy, who have decided to ask Meri for his request. Shock and happy that her first customer is a fairy, she slaps Ralf’s face a few times… This fairy’s request is to make Blue Wakaka, that will grant his wish if they can make it before Spirit Festival, he thinks. Ralf says it’s useless because no one ever knows about it. Though Meri is also excited to find the Blue Wakaka because she thinks it’ll connect to the last page of her grandmother’s book, a ring (That book is called The Blue Moon’s Story Picture Book). That ring is the first ring an alchemist created, the Blue Ring. Ralf doesn’t think it he can do that and suggests her to go back to academy. It makes him and the fairy have a fight, which is reconciled by Meri’s decision to talk to Ralf. He decides to go back to academy himself. The truth is, this fairy doesn’t have money to pay Meri so he will live with her and help her with alchemy. His name is Popote (CV: Kanada Rie).

The next day when Popote comes back to Meri’s workshop, he tells her not to worry on how to make Blue Wakaka as it just will be in summer (at Spirit Festival) and now is spring. Truthfully, to hear Meri and Popote’s talking is very cute, but sometimes, Popote talks on a weird thing (like, saying reshipi=recipe as repishi). The conclusion for that day’s fight is to not let Popote go outside. This makes Popote runs away and Meri must search him. While searching, Meri also meets Ralf’s mother, Carla, who opens a Utau Kotori-tei. She says thanks for the previous day’s bouquet for her shop’s opening. Seems like it’s Ralf’s preference of flower. Then, his father also comes to greet Meri, Carl, a great cook. Popote is also had ate their cooking, fits to whole 10 person. It’s unfortunate that Meri can’t pay it all but Carl is just joking with her.

Second place to go is Mitsuboshi Zakka-ten, some grocery shop. The owner is Anna with her baby, Monika. She says Popote has slept in her room but when Anna tries to find him, he’s already gone with a letter not to find him. Suddenly, Anna asks Meri is fairies have parents or friends because Popote looks sad when he saw Monika. Meri learnt in academy that fairy lives in Fairy Forest and might have many friends but not sure about parents. It makes Meri wants to find Popote quickly.

The third shop is Oyaji Buki-ya, a weapon store. There, she meets the owner (let’s call him Oyaji, a bald big man), talks with a guy, an adventurer. When Meri asks who is that guy, the owner won’t say anything because it will make that adventurer’s job harder. Seems Popote also came there earlier, told lies, and gave debt again. But that kind Oyaji gives time to her. Before she left, Oyaji warns her about the legendary monster in Elkrone. Also, in some forest near town, there’s a Purple Fog.

In town, Meri comes across Ralf and he sees Popote near Austen Gate. Meri thinks Popote wants to go to Fairy Forest without completing his job and is making her worry. Finally, Meri can hear Popote’s voice when he is in a middle of hurry to save the little birds who fell from their nest. With Elkrone water, Meri can save them all (Here, Popote also makes joke, calling “Punipuni”-one of famous monster in Atelier, slime). Suddenly, there’s Purple Fog and they met the monster, a dragon. Popote is fainted because of the poison but thankfully, the guy Meri met in Oyaji’s shop comes to save them, fighting with that monster. After finish defeating it, he gives Meri and Popote the antidote. That adventurer saved them because of Ralf’s begging to Oyaji. Until Meri meets Ralf who is waiting for her, the adventurer is with her. But then, he suddenly gone without telling his name. Whatever, that guy have saved Meri and Popote with slaying the dragon, which makes Ralf surprised when hear it.

To make up for his mess in the previous day, Popote have made many items for alchemy. Meri also have a job for him, to greet Anna. Quickly, Popote goes there and leaving Meri with Carla to have breakfast with Carla’s apple pie. When they’ve finished with it, Popote comes back to tell her of a job. But Meri must find him first again because he always goes on his own. At least in Anna’s shop, she can have information if Popote might go to academy (Anna is very happy after Popote comes, because she have a lot of playing time).

On the way before arriving at academy, Meri can see Popote. But he goes away fast again. While searching for him again, Meri meets Ralf, who seems to search about item to make Blue Wakaka, but he won’t tell Meri the truth. He just tells her to find Popote faster in academy. It’s true. Popote goes in the academy so Meri must go in as well. At entrance hall, Meri meets a girl who tells her to back off her way. She is Heidi, Meri’s friend. Heidi is a bit strange with her own pace to act but she is glad that Meri isn’t alone while living with fairy. Then, she comes across Marcel, Ralf’s friend. He makes joke if Ralf already divorce her or something because she’s alone.. In the atelier, Meri meets Kaya (she wears glasses), also her friend. Kaya is very excited to hear Meri lives with a fairy and thinks she is like a heroine. But none of them all sees Popote.

In another room, there’s Oswald-sensei (a glasses sensei with long-blue hair), a kind teacher. He is in the middle of searching Heidi, who skipped her class. After Oswald-sensei have gone, Meri sees a man with glasses and short-brown hair (You must know that person). He is the client for Meri’s job, an academy teacher, Clemans. He wants Meri to try doing alchemy but her power can’t satisfied his preference. Clemans also lectured Meri that the source of alchemy is the ambition inside human. So then, he tries using a big power of him, makes some explosion. Ralf and Heidi quickly finds them even though it’s too late (I think Clemans is fainted now because of it). Ralf forgot to tell Meri that if she come across Clemans, the basic knowledge is to neglect him. Well, Heidi says she will do her best to help Meri as her best friend, different with Ralf, who can’t say and do worry of his friend.

After that, Ralf takes Meri back home. He says Oswald-sensei will take care of Clemans. At first, Ralf wished to go back to academy. But he changes mind after Popote says Meri’s tea is the best because she will make it to eat with the apple pie Carla has brought before. When eating, Ralf is surprised on how his dad’s apple pie can be so good. He didn’t notice before. Ralf says he always thinking what will become of him or his alchemy if there’s someone who support him or stay with him all this time. Hearing that, Meri is wishing that he will definitely find that person soon, a nice one.

That day, Popote says his hat had a hole in it and is very confuse if he should sad or happy. That’s a cute way of telling problem. The other one is, he found a letter. Meri thinks it maybe from his friend, but it’s not. The letter says it’s to all the Kingdom’s Swordman, tell to protect Meriela. The searching problem leads Meri to Carla’s restaurant. There are two guys (one with red hair and another with white hair, side characters) who are having a fight to have their own meal. They’re adventurer and a swordman, from Carla’s saying. When Meri gives the letter to Carla and Carl, they don’t know of it and says it might connect to Oyaji. But Oyaji doesn’t appear for the last 2 days and wondering what had happened to him. Hearing that, Meri quickly goes out, leaving Carl cries out of his cooking again (because he wants Meri to eat his cooking).

On the way to Oyaji’s store, Meri meets Anna and Monika, who are taking a walk. She also doesn’t know about the letter. At last, Meri arrives at the weaponry. But she meets the two swordsman again, who are fighting for the first person to get their weapon. Sadly, Oyaji closes his store so they must back off. At that time, there’s an explosion again, which is on other than Clemans-sensei. He brings fairy’s hat along (that’s weird). And more shocking is, Clemans doesn’t remember about Meri. He thinks she is lost, like him, but in the end, he just talks about stupid and useless things. Oh well, from there, Meri decides to go to knights headquarters. There, she met the red-haired guy (the guy she meet at Carla’s restaurant with white-haired guy), Fren, who claims himself as an adventurer.

Fren (red hair) & Dirk (white hair)

When Meri goes in with Fren, she also meets the white-haired guy, Dirk. He’s in the middle of training but when the two of them saw the letter from Oyaji, they’ve decided to protect Meri. But as usual, the two have a fight and grab Meri’s hands on each side, hurting her. Suddenly, again, there’s explosion which comes from Clemans. He doesn’t know where it is, but he search Meriela, who will be his new helper/assistant, without remembering he already met her earlier… That weird sensei makes Dirk and Fren thinks they must protect Meri from Clemans (haha..). Meri, who is in danger from the three guys there, decides to run away. Clemans following her (because he needs assistant, but Dirk says him to stop and call Clemans as Hentai Renkinjutsushi.

While running, Meri comes across Ralf. He is very surprised to see knights, adventurers, and Clemans all chasing her from just one letter. But Ralf will not give her to anyone. At that time, a guy helped them stopping Fren. He is Johann (Right, the adventurer who helped Meri and Popote to slay a dragon before). After reading the letter, Johann thinks it’s also adventurer’s duty to protect Meri because the letter is sent to all swordsman. At sudden chance, another guy from above says it’s definitely a knight duty to protect. That voice comes from a rooftop, a captain from 13th division Shurisel Knight, Erhard. Johann knows Erhard and calls him as ‘Akai Tomato-kun’=red tomato (So Johann can make jokes). Meri asks Ralf who is that guy in red suit, which Ralf tells that it’s the same as Clemans, best to not go near him. That’s a mess. Erhard also is a flirting type, who calls Meri as ‘Kotori-chan’=little bird.

Erhard says that for Meri, the knight and adventurer’s leader will fight. So she must give her kiss to the winner! Ralf is against it and Johann won’t let Erhard win.  When Erhard and Johann begins showing their weapon, all girls are cheering for them. They both fight greatly but no one win. Clemans as the judge concludes that fight as a draw. Oyaji comes there and stop it. After that, the two of them are being taken care by the church’s Father. But this Father, Niklas, won’t heal their wound slowly (they behaves like a little child in it). Meri comes back home and saw that Popote already made stew for them. They’re having a great dinner together that night.

The next morning, comes another letter. But this time, it’s for Meri, a job to do, to make a beautiful non-withering flower for someone the sender loved. From what Meri can tell, the sender might be a rich lady who is in love. As usual, Meri must gather information to make that flower. She goes to Carl and Carla’s restaurant, where Dirk and Fren are also eating there. She asks Carla about it and makes her and Carl reminiscing the proposal time, when Carl cooked for the two of them to propose to Carla. Dirk who also heard that too, feels jealous of it while Fren won’t let them know his true feelings and says he doesn’t need girlfriend.

The next stop is to Oyaji’s weapon store. He’s alright now after having a headache before. Meri asks what kind of flower that will make him happy when receiving it, but as he’s a man, he doesn’t like flower. It might be different if that flower is useful, such as medicine. After gathering information but none to use, Meri thinks she must go to the forest to search for that flower. When she’s thinking, a girl with braid tells Meri not to go alone. Suddenly, Dirk and Fren tries to accompany her to the forest but because they’re having fight again, the girl won’t let them to do it. She even willing to take the two man to Father. But they run away. Before chasing that two guys, the braid girl tells Meri to go to Alois’ Bar to find information.

Of course Meri follows that braid girl’s advice and go to the bar. But again, she meets Clemans-sensei there, being lectured by Alois. Noticing Meri, Alois, the bar master, gives her non-alcohol cocktail. Again, Clemans doesn’t remember Meri’s name. But without asking, Alois can tell her thoughts and says Clemans can’t remember people’s name because he used all his brain for recipe. Alois can even tell that she’s searching for company to go to forest and tells her the places where she can find them.

One of it is Clemans-sensei. And the first place she visits is Frasco Café, where Ellie is there (From Atelier Ellie). Ellie gives her knowledge that there’s a guy there, and apparently, it is Ralf. Ralf is in the middle of talking to Marcel. But she doesn’t want to interfere with them then go to another place. The next place is Shiokaze Teras. There are Johann and Kaya. But Johann must go to help searching for Kaya’s belonging. And so, Meri goes to Megami no Closet, some female shop. There is the girl with braid whom she met before and told Meri to go to Alois Bar. Also, the owner, Belinda, is talking with Erhard. Unexpectedly, the braid girl, Miranda, is Belinda’s twin sister. She’s also the designer for their shop’s product.

Erhard, who flirts Meri and says he knows about her grandmother, is saying he likes that kind of girl who try her best. This makes Meri blushes but she quickly changes the topic to Dirk and Fren. Seems like Miranda can’t catch the two of them. Knowing their relationship, Belinda asks Meri to be Miranda’s friend and gives her Elkrone’s Prince Fanclub membership. It’s because Belinda can tell that Meri hasn’t fall in love yet so she gives her the magazine of princes.. And Johann and Ralf are included in it as  the prince. In the end, Erhard seems busy so Meri must find other person. And from now, Meri must find someone who can help her through her journey (future).




This game is so cute! I like it very much even though I’m still in the beginning. Music is great (Of course it is. I can imagine Ken Nakagawa, Akira Tsuchiya, or Daisuke Uchiwa like any other Atelier series). Don’t forget there are Shimotsuki Haruka and Mitose Noriko singing the song. In the end, I have much more to do and to complete so it might take a long time before I can post each route. The prologue takes long time but is satisfying with many comedies and introduction. Oh, and the two playable characters who haven’t appear in this prologue are Stephan and Alexey. Stephan’s route continues from Johann, so I’ll play Johann first now. What makes me curious about Stephan is his similarity of violin tune to fairies, said Popote. For Alexey, I haven’t met him for sure. I hope I can complete this without difficulty then because I like it very much. Not just to fill time, but I can make it my favorite just looking at prologue. Definitely promising.


  1. ^_^ Bener banget sis gamenya cute (apalagi aku suka atelier xD), emang romancenya agak slow cuman so far aku suka ^_^. Btw sis ngomong2 ini gamenya ga ada backlog/log yah, soalnya aku kadang suka kecepetan pencet tombol nya ha2.

  2. Hi sis,baru baca posting an nya^^.. Makasih y buat review nya,,
    Gamenya kyaknya rame deh jadi pengen main juga hehe^^
    Stephan belum muncul yah,,aku kira doi bakal muncul d prologue,sayang juga (fans stephan sbnarnya >///<)
    Klo Atelier..berarti bakal ada goal donk d gamenya n bakal ada deadline tgl item yah?? Gwat juga.. *mesti nyari Walkthrough nya nih..=_=|||*

  3. Glad to see that you’re enjoying the game so far~ Idk if I’ll play this so I’ll just read reviews for it for now. ^^ Any idea what play order you’ll be doing?

  4. Oh my gosh! I’m so glad you’re doing this!! I really wanted to get Atelier Elkrone but sadly, I have no PS3 (for now hopefully 8D) but I wanted this game sooo badly >o< I love the Atelier games, they're so cute and I really like the alchemy part (surprisingly :p) and the crafting alchemy recipes and such so :3 lol this looks like one of the best of all the Atelier games~ I love it \o/ I shall continue to stal – I mean, continue to read the rest of your Atelier posts!! \(^0^)/

    • Elkrone is released for PSP.

      Uhm, I think from the storyline side, this is the best because it tells deeply of their relationships and pasts, but not all revealed in this game. So I hope it’ll get a fandisk later. But in the alchemy and RPG side, this can’t be compared to the earlier Atelier series that mainly focused on creating items. The original series is fun and Elkrone has its own cute side so it’s a draw. Though maybe for guys who have played the original Atelier, they’ll be spinning head to decide to play Elkrone. I feel sorry for them. The solution maybe.. requesting bishoujo Atelier? Haha..

      • IT’S FOR THE PSP? OMG. I FEEL LIKE SUCH A TARD okay going to go get the game now. LOL.
        Mm, yeah I figured the story line would probably be much better in Elkrone since this one is focused more on the otome side than I guess the RPG/alchemy side. However, I guess it’s a good balance for both, to tone down the RPG and alchemy side since I guess they didn’t want that to take up the entire game / be the focus of the games. Lol! You’ve already given otomate and gust their next game, a bishoujo Atelier xD hahaha

        • Yup. I thought with the proper story (and it’s long enough), I think, without alchemy’s section would be more convenient to me rather than if I must searching items and fighting monsters all the way. It would give about half a year to finish if this game was like that. Although something like Ar Tonelico will also be good, but it’s best for just 2 chara to choose because of the long attempt to get the endings.

          Ahahaha, bishoujo atelier.. When will it come then?

          • Mm, the story line seems like it’ll be long enough, but with a big alchemy part that would probably take forever to finish ^^;; and people would probably lose interest in finishing the other routes cause of how long the alchemy part was lol it’d be like Real Rode all over agan haha. So far the game seems pretty interesting though :3 although I have to agree, I think that I would get tired of having to search for items and fight monsters after a while when I’m in the middle of a route 😡

          • It’s interesting. Popote’s behavior is very cute, like to tease all the guys there.. I really love him very much for his cute lines and behaviors. It’s like a natural personality of him so I won’t hate Popote, even for his high pitch voice. And with him, the story will become fun for it have deep storyline.

          • I like that they give a fairy in the Atelier games, they’re always so adorable >u< I'm curious as to why he wants that flower too :3 it seems he has a backstory, which is nice. I like all the in-depth character development, that makes for the best story in my opinion~

          • Did you mean Blue Wakaka? It’s a blue ring, instead of flower. But I agree. Popote or Popo and their families were so cutee! I want to take them home (‘ε’) That’s why I need a fandisk to this game. Some can’t be told well, especially for Johann’s past (So far, I’m seeing him as the most suspicious one. Even Stephan can’t beat his secret).

          • Ahh yes, the ring @_@ for some reason I thought it was a flower o_o lol xD All the fairies are so cute *0* it makes me want to be an alchemist so I can have my own fairy friend, if only it were possible haha!! Oohh, I wonder if they would make a fandisk for this game? I think that would be quite interesting, I wonder if they would include the alchemy / gathering stuff in an FD too?

          • Playing this game also increasing my hope to be alchemist (If I can?). It’s a fun job, even has its own academy.

            I doubt they’ll insert alchemy stuff if there’s FD, though. Sometimes, an old system can’t be change easily for an FD. But let’s hope it’ll be inserted for new game.. Ah, I wish I can play the other Atelier for PS3!

          • I agree 8D If only it could be a profession, I want to be an alchemist! I suppose a chemist is sort of like it as well? Although, chemist must be a lot more… complicated and tough, especially after taking the chemistry courses at my uni @_@ lol
            Mm, yeah they probably wouldn’t. I would be interested to see what the FD would have in it, if they made one~! And yes, I agree ;A; that’s why I thought Elkrone was for PS3 at first, cause the other ones I’d looked up were mostly for PS3 ^^;; lol

          • Some sort researcher in this world is very hard. Not just the theories, but also formulas, and it also needed creativity to invent a new product… Can’t imagine my life as a researcher, everyday taken in a laboratory. While alchemist have some fun gathering items, researcher might wrinkling their brows

            Haha, that’s the first guess I had back then. I’m afraid Otomate will make PS3 for it, because Hakuouki and HnK also been re-made into that at the time Elkrone was announced.

          • Ahahaha~ I agree, being a researcher does incorporate (too much) theory and experiment… I would know, I’m in school to be a doctor @_@ luckily after I graduate I will have slaves to do that stuff for me 8D LOL!
            Yeah, it seems like Otomate wants to move some of their stuff to PS3. Probably because of the better system I guess, but if they move towards releasing more otome games on just PS3 I’ll cry ;A; cause I don’t have a PS3…
            Although, since this is an otoge company I’m sure they’ll port it to a million other ports too to milk as much money as they can from the series lol ^^;;

          • I have 2 best friends in medical course. studying to be a doctor. Everytime they met me, I didn’t know what they’re talking, plus one in biotechnology. Oh my.. I’m the only one from economics. But sometimes, it’s interesting to hear about their experience in laboratory practice. Some funny stories can made at there.

            Porting a game is like a must because VN, especially otoge, is a new trend now and the market is lower than RPG or fighting or another genres. A few years before, there wasn’t any sound of it. I think porting it to all kind of consoles is very helpful to introduce the game worldwide (eh, I mean all-consoles? This is too big). What I don’t like is, if they make new game which isn’t worth or fandisk more than one for not-so-good title and be not-so-good fandisk too. Urgh, playing fandisk more than one will bored me.

          • Yeah haha we talk in a strange language. Sometimes I don’t even understand what other people in my course are talking about @_@ LOL!! Oohh, economics? I took one economics course here at my uni to fulfill some core credits, I have to say it was really interesting. I wish I could take more but my class schedule won’t allow it 😡
            I agree, porting is really popular now, especially since the ports usually have some sort of extras added to them that give people incentive to buy a game again lol. That’s true, especially since Hakuouki game out for PSP in the U.S., I wonder if they’ll begin to port more PSP games? And then after that I suppose they would expand to PC and other games? Who knows, but putting it on a lot of platforms does help open up a larger audience/pool of people playing since not everyone owns a lot of consoles. I agree though with that lol, playing something like that more than once is boring and tedious :<

          • Yep. Learning economics is a global thing, so it won’t need strange language (uhm, Latin, like in those chemistry) to understand.

            For me, the kind of adding something in porting can be really annoying if it’s ported to something more expensive. For example, Zettai Meikyuu Grimm. Karin ported it from PSP to PC, which will costs more. There won’t be much problem if it’s the reverse. For example Armen Noir, which have more good endings in PSP ver rather than PS2. CZ also had it. I’m bored if I must play that same person again and again. If I like the char, then it won’t be a problem. But it’s rare to find a game in which I like all the chars..

          • I agree, and it seems to me Karin is porting more of their games to PSP but at the same time they’re like, re-doing them for the PC as well? Like with Danzai no Maria, it confuses me lol. ^-^;; I suppose they’re trying to make the most…money…? Even though it costs more to port from PSP to PC >_> how strange. I suppose they think it’ll work out for the best for them? Lol
            I agree, it’s hard to get through an entire otome game all over again, especially if you don’t like all of the characters. It gets boring very fast and then I would tend to lose interest after that lol

          • They should make money from new games first before ported it. I feel useless to play their PSP if they’ll make PC at almost the same time. I think they should re-arrange their strategy. Though I like their games, but if it’s like that, I just can sigh…

          • I agree lol they should really focus on putting out new games first, and then port the other games. I am glad they port from PSP to PC but with Danzai no Maria what’s the point of porting from PC, to PSP, then again to PC with “director’s cut” seems kind of pointless to me lol

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