Hundred Years Journey

I will make a quick review about Genso Suikoden Tsumugareshi Hyakunen no Toki (幻想水滸伝 紡がれし百年の時). There’s too much character in it, so I’ll just explain a short story of them. To be truth, I’ve played it already sinced it first came out. But with a tight schedule of otome games to be complete, I ignored it. Then, after playing Shining Blade, my inner preferrence to play RPG came out again. So I chose to continue this without guide and be able to completed it. Of course it’s not full comp since I left most characters from the past (Yeah, in this Suikoden, the hero wouldn’t be able to gather all characters to his party. Most of them were from the past. Why made such a ridiculous Suikoden series?). Beware because it also have SPOILER.

Our hero’s mother died in the war with Aionia (or so called?). Now, he lives with two of his friends, a siblings, Myura (the older sister) and Zino. In the beginning of their journey, Zino must died from fighting with monster, Telas Falma (?). The desperate hero and Myura met Zefon, a white-haired boy, who gave them chance to change the past. Came to 100 year before their actual era, hero met his ancestor, Toruwado and his magician friend, Rolph. With these two help, Zino can be brought back to live. Now that hero understands a way to change past, he must use that power wisely to prevent horrible future awaits his world.

After a few journeys, hero meets Aionia’s leader (or so we might call him King?), Reneferius 13th, together with his loyal subordinate, Makia. They seems are welcoming our hero kindly. But after that, hero must accepts the truth that Illia’s father, Arlon, has his own scenario to fight Aionia with Telas Falma. With it, he must revive few of those monsters and destroying balance of human world. It is true that Aionia isn’t a good ruler of the world, but must Arlon fight with forceful way? Later, our hero went to 200 years before his era to meet the Queen of Aionia, Astrid. She’s also the wife of Reneferius 13th, which means, Reneferius 13th is still alive in his 300 years lifes. He also had horrible mind to kept reviving Telas Falma even if the future will be destroyed by them. Good thing is, Astrid agrees to fight her husband to safe the world in her era and also for its future.

The final battle consists 3 parts to destroy the final boss, Reneferius 13th. The first party is Astrid and her subordinates, destroying Reneferius 13th in year 100 (Astrid decides not to kill her husband, but won’t allow him to stay live for 200 years after their era). The second part is Toruwado’s party (They also decides not to kill him). And the last to beat Reneferius 13th is the hero. The story ends with hero and all of his party (or so I said, his new tribe), finds peace in the whole new world thanks to Zefon’s power.

It might have different ending if I completed all characters’ meeting, but I don’t know the exact guide for it. I’ll leave it be to anyone who want to complete the characters, even if they won’t be able to use in our party. I’m too lazy to do that. Okay, now go to character’s introduction!

Hero (Kamiya Hiroshi): he has no name. His mother died after fighting with Aionia. Really treasures his childhood friends, Myura and Zino.

Myura (Inoue Marina): A magician and is Zino’s older sister. She’s strict but takes extra care for her brother.

Zino (Fukuyama Jun): Myura’s younger brother who goes happy-go-lucky over time.

Illia Barkay (Noto Mamiko): She is Arlon’s daughter. When she found out her father was working with evil, she’s very sad but kept fighting.

Regius (Hayami Shou): A tactician for our hero and is very reliable to give information of enemies background or history.

Ryuseri (Kuwashima Houko): She is an archer. Her tribe got destroyed and made her hate Aionia. But after hero changed the past, she decided to take on journey with him.

Meamei (Kanemoto Hisako): One of Feather Tribe. Shy but very cute. She lives with Noderi because of his kindness.

Noderi (Takahashi Hidenori): Lives with Meamei before hero comes to gather his help.

Efil (Akasaki Chinatsu): Ristille’s older sister. An easy-going person.

Ristille (Sasaki Ai): Efil’s younger sister who have good relationship with Lascaris (Efil always calls them lovers).

Lascaris (Ueda Yuuji): He is the son of Kuineria and have good relationship with Ristille.

Kuineria (Ushida Hiroko): One of influential soldier of Aionia, but helps our hero. He has son, Lascaris, also goes in army.

Ducas (Konishi Katsuyuki): Former Aionia soldier but he decides to help hero.

Arlon (Wakamoto Norio): Illia’s father but decides to fight Aionia with monster. He has few strong subordinates and loyal servant, Rociel. Died after being eaten by his own Telas Falma to make them stronger.

Rociel (Hisakawa Aya): Arlon’s loyal subordinate. A strong woman. Died along with Arlon of her loyalty.

Zavid (Sakurai Takahiro): He is previously Arlon’s subordinate, but after getting captured by hero, he decides to stop Arlon. A magician.

Toruwado (Ono Daisuke): Hero’s ancestor who is also “the hero” in 100 years ago. He accepts his grandchild’s offer to help their future. Lives in year 200.

Rolph (Yusa Kouji): Toruwado’s magician friend.

Muii (Kaneda Tomoko): A Feather Tribe who goes with Toruwado.

Astrid (Inoue Kikuko): She is the former queen in year 100, and might be one of hero’s ancestor before Toruwado. Her husband is Reneferius 13th.

Reneferius 13th (Sugita Tomokazu): He hid himself just to make plan to revive Telas Falma.

Maximos (Asanuma Shintarou): Guardian of Astrid alongside with Radonin.

Radonin (Yamazaki Kentarou): Scalehold’s tribe and Astrid’s guard.

That’s it for the important character. I won’t write much because there are too many of them. It is a pity though, that in this series, not all character can be gathered in the party, because half of them are from the past. I must say that there isn’t any appealing male character for me. Might be just Toruwado, Regius, or hero. As for female, I think I like Ryuseri and Myura. But Myura just appeared in the beginning. Most halfway after that, she doesn’t have important role and changed to Regius, whose always accompanied hero on screen.

Overall, this new series isn’t good enough to fill Suikoden fans’ satisfaction. It has no building castle, no onsen and mini games (Suikoden II has that climbing games, if I remember correctly), no important conversation on character (just at dinner time), boring quests, non-appealing characters, ridiculous storyline (I must say that because I don’t really like how the hero changed past easily. It must be very good if we can change past like that, but it’s too good to be true. At least make me it more reasonable), very short time to finish (If I don’t pause my time to play it), etc etc that I can’t or forget to mention. Though the music were good, it couldn’t change how regrettable this game can be. After music, the only thing good enough is seiyuu. There is a lot of famous seiyuu in it and might be good to reminiscing of their voice.

I won’t upload CG pack for it because I don’t think it is good enough. It’s merely just a bunch of different expression of character and a few movie scene. The OP song was sung by Ishikawa Chiaki, right? I forgot the title. Seems like this song haven’t come out yet. Actually, I like the opening sound, but it’s just a normal tune in the end. Not suit Suikoden’s theme that much if it hasn’t have that folk sound. I mean, even Suikoden III’s OP song is much more fit than this. After this, I’ve completed Suikoden series of Suikoden II, IV, Rhapsodia, and THnT (Tsumugareshi Hyakunen no Toki). My sister played III, but she couldn’t finish it.


  1. I admit that after a battle in this game, I deleted it from both my PSP and computer not long after.^^l I can’t stand turn battles that take long animations (the 2D ones in I&II were fast so those were no problem) = I think Suikoden series never should’ve become 3D. Thanks for making the review, I was curious about the story! ^_^ Even if it’s disappointing. It’s such a pity it couldn’t live up to even low expectations..

    • Uhm, it’s true. The battle takes long to show out their way of beating enemies. Especially for magician/healer. Weird thing is, I experienced game over a few times for fighting Aionia enemy soldier (there are 6 of them and all of it can attack all party for 300 damages each when HP is just 1200), but the final boss was easy to beat.

      For story, I mostly skip reading it. There are too many dialogues and hard-reading kanji (Of course, it involves politics, historical, and strategies. I’m surrender). I’ve did it to fill my time with gaming while waiting for Elkrone.

  2. Yeah, aku pernah coba game ini terus baca review2 dr gamefaqs katanya beda banget sistemnya sama suikoden2 sebelumnya, semenjak itu aku belum nerusin lagi 🙂

    Wah sis udah main atelier lagi yah? Kemaren baru coba dan seneng juga soalnya ini otome pertama yang heroinenya pake suara yah ^_^ Lagi nunggu guidenya juga sih buat atelier ^_^

    • Huhu…Belum dimainkan. Tak ada guide-nya, takut salah pilih terus mesti ngulang lagi. Repot. Ini termasuk anticipated otoge untuk tahun ini.

      Udah sangat disayangkan Suikoden ini ga berhasil mengatasi kerinduan buat main seri ini lagi. Benar-benar disappointed!

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