Demon’s Bride FD

Hanaoni ~Yume no Tsuzuki~ is a fandisk for Hanaoni ~Koi Someru Toki Towa no Shirushi~. That first game is a so-so to me, sometimes, it kinda hold unlogical action (I’m always trying to find logical section in any stories because of my sense of logic?). Maybe because it’s too short and won’t reveal much more secrets. By the way, for some reason I like Hibiki and Kaki’s story in the first game, then I hate Mitsuaki (of course the reason is noisy guy won’t be my type..forever).


Shizuma Mitsuaki (CV: Okitsu Kazuyuki)


Chapter 1

The story continues a year after Asagiri Kanna (the heroine) gave birth to Yoshiyuki, her child with Mitsuaki (To be exact, it’s the first time I’ve played heroine as a mother? Such weird feelings). She and Mitsuaki, together with their baby, are on the way to visit Kanna’s mother, Sanae. Her mother and Mitsuaki seems getting along well. The request of Kanna’s mother is to have her and Mitsuaki go sightseeing together while her mother will spend time with her grandchild. Mitsuaki won’t object that, they’re having date for the first time (Yeah, like they can do it before. They’re quick…to have children).

They’ve fun date, from buying clothes, lunch at restaurant, eating crepe together (Oh what? Mitsuaki likes strawberry crepe while Kanna choose Choco banana! Definitely not my type). He wants to try her choco banana crepe, eating it from her hand. The weird moment is, Kanna feels it’s an indirect kiss while they’ve married for a year. After that, it’s her turn to try his strawberry crepe. Mitsuaki is very happy she said selfish thing to eat his crepe because usually, she doesn’t say anything.

They’ve come back to Kanna mother’s house. Seems like she’s having fun with her grandson, so Mitsuaki asks to live together. But she reject that offer because Yoshiyuki must need their parents, maybe something like need to be taken care by his parents. So, Mitsuaki thinks it’ll be alright to wait until their son get to elementary school and he can buy a new house for the 4 of them.

Chapter 2

This morning, Kanna doesn’t feel right in her body. When Mitsuaki finds her strange, he tries touching her and found it’s fever. Even if she’s human, she haven’t had fever before. Kanna doesn’t want to rest from her work but Mitsuaki insists to it, because she now have him and Yoshiyuki. To check on her, Mitsuaki calls Reiji. After giving her medicine, Mitsuaki teases Reiji, asking if he actually want to be with his wife. Mitsuaki also asks if there’s someone who haven’t catch a cold in their 16. It’s not a weird thing to happen to a special bride, though. As for their children, Moegi and Minaha were coming to take care of him. But Mitsuaki doesn’t want them all to not attend school. He will try to take care of his family alone with a little help from Moegi.

Kanna wakes up from her rest, with Mitsuaki sleeping near her. She thinks he’s cute, stroking his head and hearing him asking about her condition. That makes him awakes in surprise. Moegi comes in to look at Kanna’s condition and she feels relieve Kanna has recovered. When Moegi wants to say Yoshiyuki is similar to Kanna, Mitsuaki expecting she will say it’s like him. But it’s alright if it’s Kanna.

Chapter 3

That day, Kanna is well recovered. They have someone, named Fujimi Matorimonio (urgh) calls Mitsuaki. She doesn’t know what it is about, so she asks him. Mitsuaki, with a weird tone of voice, saying it’s from baby goods sales but he rejected the offer. The next thing Mitsuaki offer is to go to theme park. It’ll be their first time to bring their baby together. There, they’re both having fun, going to one from the other attractions, putting bunny ear on Mitsuaki and Yoshiyuki’s head. He asks what does she think of it and she says it’s interesting to see Mitsuaki have it. But Mitsuaki knows the bunny ear won’t fit him, adult man, though his plan is a success, to make her laugh.

Chapter 4

Mitsuaki forgot about his promise to buy Yoshiyuki’s new clothes. He already made promise with someone else. To apologize, Kanna suggested him to make today’s dinner. It’s fine whatever he will make because she likes his cooking. As a good husband, Mitsuaki is having fun cooking their dinner (I think it’s noisy there at the kitchen). He also wounded his finger though it’s not that bad. The food is delicious for Kanna, because it’s her husband’s doing.

Suddenly, Tozatsuka Momoko, Kanna’s friend, comes to their mansion. Momoko is visiting at a right time when Mitsuaki goes outside. She asks Kanna if she’s still lovey-dovey with Mitsuaki, which is right. That time, Kanna asks what shall she do to Mitsuaki’s meeting his colleague woman. Momoko says it will be better if she ask it herself, to speak of her mind so that she can get the truth. Kanna agrees and she asks it to Mitsuaki after he comes back. He can’t say the truth that day, but he promised to tell her tomorrow, after he met that person. Kanna will wait for it.

Chapter 5

Since morning, Kanna is nervous of Mitsuaki’s secret. He says to her to wait until it’s coming. And then, it really is coming! Her wedding dress! Mitsuaki tries to hide from her this time but he surely wants them to have their own wedding (Uh, why not before Yoshiyuki is born? It’s very late). The wedding dress is really suit her, makes him can’t speak right. Then, after the wedding dress, they must consult the wedding plan with wedding planner. They’ll just invite 5 people actually, Kanna’s mother, Momoko, Minaha, Reiji, and Moegi. The wedding will be held at September 1, Kanna’s birthday and their first meeting.

The wedding day is being held at a little chapel. Their friends are happy for it. Reiji is glad Mitsuaki invited him even though he already did terrible things to them before. As for Momoko, she asks them to kiss at lips, not just at cheek. To fulfill her request, Kanna andMitsuaki are kissing on lips now.



September, after Mitsuaki proposed to her, they’ll have a day of vacation (honeymoon) just for two, Yoshiyuki will be taken care by Moegi. The pension in the mountain is perfect for bycycling and onsen. At night, the two are going to sleep, but Mitsuaki says he is happy to be with her. This makes Kanna cries in happiness. Seeing her like that, Mitsuaki tells her he likes all of her, her lips, eyes, etc., but more important is her heart that love him. Well, that counts as everything. After they’ve gone back home, Moegi says their child wasn’t crying at night but is lonely without them (What a good child! And for the first time, I like Mitsuaki’s story).

This is his best CG, I think


Takatsuki Reiji (CV: Nojima Hirofumi)


Chapter 1

Kanna and Reiji are having fun after going to zoo. In their house, Reiji says he doesn’t she likes animals and will buy a large stuff animal for her birthday. He then asks where does she want to go for next, is it library or drinking tea at a café. First, Kanna chose library. But too bad Reiji told her that he can’t do many things in it, such as taking a nap while hugging her. This talks makes Kanna nervous and it doesn’t satisfied Reiji so he will choose to go to café.

All this time, Kanna and Reiji are still living with Mitsuaki. But suddenly, he wants to go out from there. Reiji who realized that, called Minaha and Moegi. They couldn’t order him to stay because it’s his own decision. Moreover, it’s what he want to do, to go outside Kigasato and look over the world. Now, Kanna and Reiji were stay at school infirmary at the next day. Reiji asks her if she is happy to live with him. He explains his worries, that he might not be able to make her happy, so it’ll be better if she find her own happiness. But for her, to lives with Reiji is already fine and also is her happiness. To hear that, Reiji makes a proposal to her, asking if she will go with him in this life together and she agrees to do that.

Chapter 2

It’s already night when Kanna and Reiji are talking in her room. She begs him to sleep together but he will treasure her. It’s the first time he have those feelings after living for 500 years, to not lay a hand before marrying her. But he will stay with Kanna until she fall asleep. In the middle of sleeping, Kanna awakes to have a drink. But she heard Reiji’s talking on phone (again), saying if they’ll do something, all Sanrou won’t stay quiet. After he closed the call, Kanna goes to him but she won’t say anything and continue to sleep after taking a drink.

The next day, Reiji brings her to café, but stops at clothes store first to choose her outfit. He can’t stop choosing her clothes and is taking a long time to it. Finally, they’ve arrived at the café. Kanna can’t choose what to drink easily, so he explains about Rosehips which contains many vitamins (A,B,C,E, no wonder he lives too long). In the end, she chooses Rosehips while Reiji choose Rosemarie. She asks If he like Rosemarie, which as expected, he prefers the tea she made more (uh, this dialogue isn’t too different with Mitsuaki’s cooking scenario. Because they’re friends?). Reiji kisses her hand afterward.

Chapter 3

Kanna stays at school until dawn with Momoko to finish their work. When Momoko asks her relationship with Reiji, Kanna reminds her to stay quiet about that because there are Reiji’s fanclub or something. She then stays at infirmary to go home together but Reiji still has work to do. A girl comes in to heal her wound, asking if she can stay with Reiji for a while. But he ordered the girl to go home. Later, when he and Kanna are going back together, Reiji says that girl always comes there everyday, a bit different from the usual approach. But Kanna thinks that girl is enthusiastic to meet him, which she amazed of.

In the next break time, Kanna brings her bentou. Suddenly, a few girls approaches her to bring her to meet their friends. They’re all Reiji’s fans, not forgive Kanna to stay with him and going back together. This girls also throwing her bentou away. Fortunately, Reiji comes at a right time before they make another bad things to Kanna. He scolded them with so much anger now that they hurted his important person. As for her bentou, Reiji will try eat it. Even if its already fell, he said the taste won’t change. Then, he kisses her forehead, a kiss which will make them come closer to their wedding.

Chapter 4

This time, Kanna goes alone to find a ball (they’re playing softball). She meets one of Senteiin who wants to bring her with him, even though she is now Takatsuki Reiji’s bride. But it’s a fortune to Kanna that Reiji comes quickly to shoo-ing the Senteiin. He brings her to infirmary, where Momoko is also in there. But they are in their own world =o=. Reiji keeps blaming himself, he wants to make her the most happiest bride but with Senteiin around, he can’t do much. Kanna isn’t blaming him though, she’s fine now. Of course Momoko won’t stay quiet. She makes them realize they’re not alone then goes outside. For now, Reiji will escort Kanna back home.

Meanwhile, Reiji goes to Sanrou, asking why the Senteiin keeps coming. Sanrou tells him that Kanna is a special bride, which will be wasted if she is with Reiji. He knows that but he won’t let another Senteiin come again to kidnap her no matter what but he can’t do anything to object Sanrou for now. In home, Kanna is waiting in her worry. When Reiji finally comes home, he won’t let her know what it is, even if she already asks him the reason and sees his finger wounded. He brings her to bed, kissing her and promised to say it when the time come. Kanna will wait for it (same as Mitsuaki’s plotline again…Haaaa… Waiting).

Chapter 5

Early in the morning, Reiji keeps apologizing to Kanna for his careless when Senteiin come and for his secret. But he must bring her somewhere no matter what. Kanna agrees to go. The place is where Reiji decided to give her to Senteiin in the previous days. He must bring her there to speak to Sanrou, whom generated Sentei. Actually, Reiji is one of Sanrou, while there are also another two, the founder of oni. The reason why he can’t have bride is because his blood isn’t good for having a powerful oni like Kitou. That’s why, Reiji doesn’t have any hope to have a bride or child. But his decision was changed after he met Kanna. He wants to protect her no matter what. Again, he asks if she will follow that worse man to meet Sanrou, which she is agreeing to.

With his position as one of Sanrou, Reiji ordered Sanrou’s subordinate to let him speak to the other two and won’t let them lay a hand on Kanna. He spoke with another Sanrou in different room, while she;s waiting outside. But she can hear him warn Sanrou to not interfering them anymore. The talk is over (wait, I think it’s not really over) so he brings Kanna to his car. There’s still a place he wants to visit, which is her mother’s house. He will greet her mother after a long time dating Kanna. Anyway, she begs him a kiss and they do it with love before going to meet her mother. In the end, Senteiin might keeps coming at them, so is it really finish? I think there’s no need to make his FD.

I think his CG is full of touching Kanna’s face…



Reiji needs Kanna’s bentou for today’s vacation. They’ll be going to Bunny Land. There, they’ve tried many attractions, going to buy stuffs for Kanna. Suddenly in the shop, Kanna sees a beautiful accessory but she is already fine with Reiji’s present. Then, Reiji remembered he must buy something for Minaha so he tells her to wait. The shopping time is over and there’s a night parade. In the middle of watching it, Reiji gives her the pendant she wanted before. It’s a surprise present for her, the only woman he loves for maybe, a thousand years later. They’re hugging under the fireworks night.


Hayasaki Minaha (CV: Kaji Yuki)


Chapter 1

The lovers are now in lovey-dovey time, going to school together. Today, they must go hiking to mountain. Before going, Minaha asks Kanna to cook together after they’ve time, but gets interrupted by Momoko, who makes them realizing it’s in school ground. The three of them are in one group, though it makes no different while Minaha is in his own world with Kanna. After taking a journey (I mean, hiking), they’re going to stay at pension. When Kanna gets ready to her room, Minaha asks her to go alone at night because he doesn’t want to separate from her. Kanna agreed to make a promise. She also feels lonely if they can’t meet. The words makes Minaha wants to hug or hold her hand, but he must withstand it.

Night has come. The two really meet together at the promised place, but Minaha wants to bring her further. It’s flying through in the dark forest, many fireflies goes outside. Kanna is very amazed to see it. The truth is, Minaha got that information from Mitsuaki. And to bring her there, he had been worried if the teacher find them. This time, he won’t hold anymore to kiss her.

Chapter 2

Today’s adventure is to find stamp at some point in the mountain. With the same group people, Kanna will choose the place they must investigated first to. It seems with that combination, Kanna can arrive at the last stamp point first. The last teacher who hold the stamp is…Takatsuki Reiji! He says he is needed to take care if there’s injured person. There’s also a secret path for teachers but the student must use the map to get through goal. And as expected, they’re the first to reach the goal. When Kanna is preparing food, Reiji calls Minaha to talk about Kisugi Souma, Minaha’s father, who have came to Kigasato. After hearing that, Minaha goes alone to the forest.

Kanna is worried about him so she followed Minaha. She called his name and approaching him,a sking about his father. Actually, all this years, Minaha has been taken care by Kaki’s father, Sotoo Tadanao as his father abandoned him. His mother already died so he never met neither his father nor his mother. Kanna grabs his hand, asking if she can be his family. Well, for Minaha, she’s already his family since a long time ago. He’s very glad that he met her, then kissing her forehead.

Chapter 3

It’s time to go back to Kigasato. Kanna and Minaha went back first to their mansion. Suddenly, a man asks Minaha where is Reiji about. He is still working and Minaha left the man. When Kanna asks who he is, it’s Kisugi Souma, his father. That night, the two sleeps in one bed together, talking about what they’ve felt, to know each other. Minaha suggested to go somewhere later, just the two of them. Kanna chooses sea even if she can’t swim. To make sure they’ll have fun, Minaha and Kanna are talking about their plan later.

The next morning, Minaha is very surprise because there’s his father, staying at their mansion for work, said Reiji. When Kanna greets him, Kisugi notices she’s Kitou’s bride. Angry at that words, Minaha says Kanna is his bride, which makes Kisugi thinks it’s a joke. Of course the rest of mansion becomes as cold as ice.

Chapter 4

Before Kanna and Minaha go to outside the mansion, they’ve met his father in front of elevator. Kisugi won‘t allow him to bring Kanna outside, makes Minaha mad because he keeps saying Kanna is Kitou’s bride, and then saying he can’t protect her. The reason why he won’t allow them is because there’re Kogori Oni, a group who killed demon bride, to destroy all demon. Kisugi is a闇鬼 (anki) who hunted Kogori Oni. But Kanna trusts Minaha can protect her, even if Kisugi has said that Minaha is not strong, telling her to choose other guy. They’re still going though.

Now that the two of them are finally outside, Kanna wants to go to game center because she wants the doll. Minaha says she’s very cute and won’t let her go forever, that is similar to her thoughts. But when they’ve decide to go back home, a few guys approaching, wants to bring Kanna with them. Thankfully, with Minaha’s words, they are afraid and go away from them. Still, Kanna can’t let go her memories of Kisugi’s words, that Minaha can’t protect her.

In mansion, Kanna goes to Kisugi’s room to ask about it. He told her story, there’s an oni who loved his bride and then have their own child, lived happily. When oni’s bride was walking alone, she’s been killed by demon’s killer. The oni found his wife’s dead body, just can call her name. The only name she remembered is just her own child’s name before her death. That’s why, every oni can’t protect their bride, just can kill this demon killer. After knowing that story, Kanna wished she can do something to fix Minaha and Kisugi’s relationship.

Chapter 5

Kanna has prepared dinner with Moegi so Minaha can talk to Kisugi. When she’s telling Minaha to have dinner, he already knows it’ll be with Kisugi. Of course he won’t do that. But Kanna tells him the reason she do it is because she doesn’t want him to have the same experience as her and her mother. With that reason, Minaha agreed to talk with Kisugi. While she prepared the food with Moegi, Moegi said they must buy ingredients to make hamburger. So the two of them went with Moegi’s car.

On the way, Moegi hit something. When she try searching, a Kogori Oni appeared, trying to kill Kanna which is the precious bride. She tells Moegi to call some oni and makes Kogori Oni chased her alone. Meanwhile, Minaha heard her calling his name and quickly search for her whereabouts. Thankfully, Minaha can save Kanna at a right time. Kisugi also comes with him. Because she called his name, Minaha is very glad, it’s the proof of her trust to him.

Acknowledging their strong relationship, Kisugi gives Minaha his engagement ring of him and his wife. He might be bad for leaving him to Kitou’s house, but if he’s still see him as his father, Kisugi wants Minaha to take the ring. The truth is, Kisugi left Minaha in his fear. So now, Minaha gives it to Kanna. Before giving it, he asks her to be his family again, which is definitely ‘yes’. After that, Minaha tells Kisugi that he never think of him as his father, but his perception is changed slowly now. But Kisugi must go because his work already done with the help of his son. Kanna stops him to eat her cooking first, also Minaha. He won’t let his father go before eating his bride’s cooking, that will make Kisugi want to go back to Kigasato. Kisugi approved that. Minaha and his father finally have build a good relationships.



Before going to sleep with Minaha, he gives her a pair ticket to Bunny Land (again?). The next day, they’ve arrived at there. Minaha tells her to enjoy it and if she need him, she can grab his shirt. They have fun riding from one attraction to the other and finally go to haunted house. Kanna is scared and grabs his shirt while closing her eyes. After they’ve reached the exit, Kanna is sad because she need Minaha’s help. But for him, all this time she was alone and finally she needs him to help her (It makes sense). So from now, he will protect her. At the end of their vacation, Minaha gives her a bangle from the shop. He says they’ll go again to amusement park or whatever place.


Mitsugi Kuniichi (CV: Itou Kentarou)


Chapter 1

It have been 2 years since Kanna first came to Kigasato. She’s now in final year of high school and daydreaming before going home, which Momoko is getting mad about. Definitely it’s because Mitsugi haven’t come to her class to pick her up home. When he did it, Momoko said he was like a dog to come over to Kanna’s class, which is different from him. In front of Kigasato, Mitsugi told her to move away from Kitou’s house because he’s dangerous, though it seemed Kitou never came back home and no one know about it.

Before going to sleep, Kanna is ready to phone Mitsugi. But he also calls her at the same time. They’re also both have decided to going out the next day, which makes Mitsugi happy for thinking the same thing. After they’ve decided to go back, Mitsugi asked to hold her hand (Wait, it have been 2 years, right? But why they’re still nervous like it never happened?). Kanna says his hands are big and comforting, which also the thoughts of Mitsugi. They’ve promised to go out again the next holiday.

Chapter 2

That morning, as usual, Mitsugi picks Kanna to go to school. But Momoko is watching them, saying they’re in their different world while Mitsugi keeps staring at Kanna. When Kanna and Mitsugi are talking before class, he says to not wait for him to have a lunch because of his work at his own class. So this time, it’ll be just her and Momoko. When eating, Momoko is very shocked to hear they’ve just held hands for almost 2 years dating (Yeah, me too.), gives her advice to buy new clothes for the next date (to help her move to the next stage! It’s very slow..).

Okay, the girls are now ready for shopping. Momoko is the one who choose the outfit and very excited for Kanna’s day tomorrow. Finally, at the date day, Mitsugi is feeling nervous of her new clothes that makes Kanna thinks he’s sick. On the way to a café, Mitsugi received a call, while someone asked a path to Kanna. But that guy then flirted her, saying he will bring her to nice café. Thankfully Mitsugi is quickly comes at a right time (that is always happens in other scenario). In the café, Mitsugi tells his feelings that he can’t stare at her for her cuteness with those new outfit. Though she feels that clothes isn’t suit her image, Mitsugi likes that. Suddenly, Kanna says she’s alright if they’re in alone because she believes him, but Mitsugi doesn’t want to be alone with her before their marriage (ah, too straight and boring).

Chapter 3

While waiting for Kanna to go home, Mitsugi is thinking that he must study and ask Hibiki for advice because he’s suck at dating. He calls Hibiki in a rare chance, but Hibiki still gives him plan that he should driving, going to hotel, etc. Of course it won’t fit Mitsugi’s personality to bring Kanna to a hotel, so Hibiki gives another place to go. In the end, he and Kanna go to amusement park. First thing to ride if jet coaster, which makes Kanna grab his sleeve as his order. Then, it’s haunted house. At lunch time, Mitsugi is having a hard time to choose what should they eat so Kanna tries bunny rice cake (uhm, he says it’s like mocchi) and surprisingly, it’s also his choice.

After eating, the two go to ride another attraction until they’ve reach gondola. That perfect place for couple is used by Mitsugi to kiss Kanna’s cheek while she’s closing her eyes. She opens her eyes in surprise, letting Mitsugi feels sorry for a sudden kiss. The truth is, she is not dislike that, just be in surprise. After telling him that, the two went home.

Chapter 4

Kanna and Mitsugi are having lunch at rooftop. As usual, Kanna gives her homemade bentou to him but he says it’ll be embarrassing to take it everyday and he doesn’t want to bother her doing that. Although Mitsugi kindly refuses to bother her, Kanna still gladly cook for him. After talking a while, Mitsugi have work to do and he promised to come back after school. The sun has setting down when Mitsugi comes to the rooftop. There, Kanna asks why should she choose after graduate from high school. She asks what Mitsugi has chose, which is to attend industrial technology and researching college. But she must choose her own future. If he’s interfering her mind, Mitsugi will try to leave her. Though he can still be with her for today, which is saddening since he doesn’t say forever.

Chapter 5

Early in the morning, before Kanna go to school, she asks Moegi what shall she choose for college. Moegi asks her what is she like for it though Kanna doesn’t know. Then, Moegi suggestes her to choose nutrition college since she like to make bentou for Mitsugi, whom she like, and she can do more thing such as giving balance nutrition to him. When she and Mitsugi have lunch together again, she is still worrying about her future and can’t concentrate. Suddenly, she doesn’t want to go in class even after the bell has rang. It makes Mitsugi worried, hugging her tightly and saying he won’t leave her if she doesn’t order him to. Mitsugi is waiting until she can go to class again. He also is worried and call her after she comes back home, which she’s asking if they can always be together indirectly.

In the next holiday, Kanna is surprise that she wakes up late and apologizing to Mitsugi that she can’t go to school together. Mitsugi tells her it’s holiday so it’ll be alright. He have something to say and asks her to go to school at dawn. Kanna agrees to go and also remember it’s his birthday (May 19th). She made cake for him while waiting. After Mitsugi comes to the rooftop, he asks her to live with him after graduation, to support each other’s future. It’s because he ad thought of her question on phone earlier, if they can be together. Mitsugi can’t hold to kiss her anymore when he thinks he won’t let her go. The two kissed each other, though Kanna still want once more. Of course it’s the same as Mitsugi. After they’ve kissed, Kanna shows him her handmade cake. This makes him very happy that she can remember his birthday even though as an oni, birthday isn’t something important. From now on, they’ll spend each other birthday’s together.



Kanna is now in university and lives together with Mitsugi. When he comes in to help her studying, she says, one of her friend saying she’s always wearing the same clothes. It bugs Mitsugi so he will buy clothes for her tomorrow. They came to a boutique, where Kanna let him choose the clothes he like for her. After buying one, Mitsugi tells her to choose another. Kanna choose a cute onepiece with cardigan. She wears it outside as they walks home. Seeing her with the new cute clothes, Mitsugi kisses her (On the street?). He is also surprises he can did that, saying he won’t do things like that anymore (the sudden kiss, he means).


Horikawa Hibiki (CV: Suzumura Kenichi)


Chapter 1

It had been a year after Kanna met Hibiki and went to another town with him. He already graduated from high school but today, he will pick her up from school. Before going to meet him, a boy in her class asks her to go together, buts he refuse saying maybe next time. The moment she arrived at school’s ground, Hibiki is busy and having fun playing with a cat. He is surprised that Kanna arrive fast, but he can tell she wants to meet him quickly without her saying that. To give reward, he kisses her. As they walked, Hibiki asked what happened today at school. Kanna explains about the boy, makes him jealous and makes Kanna promise to reject that kind of offer.

Suddenly, Hibiki tells her to walk on different path. But it’s too late. A woman he doesn’t want to meet appears, saying she’s Hibiki’s former bride. Now, she has married with another oni and is happy, to be released from Hibiki. As we know of Hibiki’s personality, he won’t hear seriously of that woman’s blabbering, telling her to disappear quickly from his eyes. But that woman bullying Kanna even more and tries to punch Hibiki. Kanna moves to stand that attack, which Hibiki tells her to disinfecting it after they’ve got home. Now that Hibiki is angry, he ordered that woman to leave. Though the woman had left, Kanna still worried because Hibiki is a cold guy. He won’t think much of his woman.

Chapter 2

Kanna is prepared to make dinner. But then she heard Hibiki has a call from Mitsugi, which talking about Kitou. Seems like the above haven’t find Kitou and are very busy of it. When the phone ended, Hibiki told all to her, though Kitou’s title wouldn’t bother him. The thing he is serious about is Kanna, then teases her onto his sofa (Did they make out?). Well, he is entertained more by Kanna’s reaction and made fun of it. The night later, Momoko calls Kanna when she’s in her room. She just wants to know Kanna’s condition with Hibiki, whom already went from Kigasato a year ago. When Hibiki goes inside their room, Momoko closed the call.

Kanna notices there are just two people which is called by Hibiki of their name, Tozatsuka Momoko and Mitsugi Kuniichi. Even if she doesn’t tell the truth why she’s asking that, Hibiki insists to know so she said her heart aches when Hibiki called another woman’s name. Kanna doesn’t know why it is like that, makes Hibiki teases her more. If she wants to know, she must give her ear closer to him, which tickles her. Of course Kanna refused it. Hibiki then hugs her body while calling her name numerous times, pulls out his phone from his pants, then deleting all phone addresses except Kanna’s. From now on, he won’t be bothered by other people except her (extreme way of having a complex).

Chapter 3

Reiji calls Kanna to go to Kigasato because he has something to talk about. She hides it from Hibiki, but he can tell she’s going there because he can’t call her. In Kigasato, Hibiki rushes in to Three Protectors (Sanyoku) room, asking Kanna why she’s in there. Apparently, she just wants to speak that Hibiki doesn’t know about Kitou and has no intention of it anymore, but he still grabs her home forcefully. In home, again, Hibiki is very mad of why she went to Kigasato, even turning off her phone. Turns out it’s in silent mode! But because of that, Hibiki is getting pisses on her phone, telling her to erase all addresses except his (Is it just me or.., I thought erasing address won’t do much. The other person can still call you. Just change the number then). Kanna can’t do that, Momoko and Sanyoku will be hard to talk to her. Still, Hibiki ordered her to and said the phone is bought by him and it’s up to him to do anything.

As she agrees to erase it, he stops her. The reason is simple, just like to tease her. Then, she receives a call from Mitsugi, who is searching Hibiki (he can’t get through his phone). Hibiki takes over but he just tells Mitsugi not to phone Kanna anymore, then closed the call (Oh, too possessive). Finally, Hibiki makes an action to give her another mark, not only just her ear, seal (on her chest), etc. but now is on her neck. It’s a proof that she’s belongs to him. The process is embarrassing so Kanna tells him to stop. As of that thing will happen on Hibiki’s way of life.

Chapter 4

In rainy day, Hibiki woke up earlier than usual. When Kanna asks him about the reason, he just tells her to shut up. He isn’t behave good and might think of something. When Hibiki goes outside, Kanna tries to follow him until she reach the wood. Hibiki is standing there, alone in a rain, which comes to crying. Kanna hugs him from behind, saying she will stay with him until he want to go back.

When they’ve reach home, Kanna gives him towel but Hibiki just leaving to bed. Of course Kanna is worried if he catch a cold from his wet clothes, but he keeps walking. Though seeing Kanna stands quiet, Hibiki asks her to go together and she’s very happy. He ordered her to lay down on bed and sleep together, even with that wet clothes. But they’re hugging so it’ll be warm. Still, she wants to know what happened to him.

Chapter 5

Today, Kanna and Hibiki is having a rest at home, watching TV. It’s all boring program so he decides to use Kanna’s leg to take a nap. She also falls asleep. When Kanna woke up, she couldn’t find him. To make sure of his whereabouts, she called Mitsugi. From the day he went out, February 2nd, Mitsugi noticed it’s Kitou Kaki’s birthday. But he won’t tell more of it if she doesn’t know anything. Right at the time she turned the phone off, Hibiki comes home and is getting angry of her action to call Mitsugi. She must do that because Kanna loves him, wants to know more about her precious person. It’s interesting for Hibiki to know her feelings. He will give her answer but he must rest first after coming back home.

That night, Hibiki is ready for her question. The first she asks is about Akitani Narimasa, Hibiki’s father. Narimasa is strongest oni at that time and have been a good husband to his bride. But suddenly, there’s another oni who could surpass him, Kitou. That’s it he knows about his father. Now that he’s already do what she wanted, it’s her turn to do what he ordered. Hibiki ordered her to kiss him. She can’t do that embarrassing thing so Hibiki takes action first to kiss her seal, I mean, everywhere.. Finally, Kanna can kiss him so he kisses her back. Now, he asks if she have any question so he can do more things to her. Kanna refused to ask anymore because she will wait slowly to know him more. It’s a surprise for Hibiki but he let her do that. She asks to go together with him for another year in February 2nd.



That day, Hibiki brings Kanna to a café, a place where the maid called them ‘Goshujin-sama’ and ‘Hime-sama’. Kanna doesn’t know a thing even until she’s being brought by the maid to change clothes to.. a Victorian maid outfit! The café is a place for couple, for the girlfriend to serve her boyfriend with maid uniform. Kanna can’t reject that and serving Hibiki with embarrassing attitude. First, she asks what does he want to order, which is her! Well, he changed it to a parfait and makes Kanna sit on his lap. He fed her the parfait to her mouth, asking if she’s satisfied and told her to say thanks. Of course Kanna can’t refuse to say it. Now that they’re finished playing, Hibiki might bring her again..?

I like this scene very much!! It’s funny


Kitou Kaki (CV: Maeno Tomoaki)


Chapter 1

It’s the last day of school before summer holiday. Kanna remembered her days with Kaki, sinced she first came to Kigasato ‘til their first dating. Since it’s holiday, Momoko is getting warmed up to talk about it. But Kanna will spend time with Kaki. After she’s getting home, she comes in Kaki’s room just to see him lying down on bed. He can’t sleep at night if he’s sleeping now but actually, he’s already woke up of her footsteps. He hugs Kanna tightly like a little child, though she refuses to do it long because she has things to do. Kaki will let her go if she make promise to do it at night, and that is to feel her more.

While making dinner, Kaki helps her into it (Whoah! That cold face!!). He seems doesn’t have plan to go in summer holiday, just wants to be with Kanna is alright, so she suggested to visit his house. Then, Minaha comes to give Moegi’s cooking for them, but he gets scolded by Kaki to go after finishing his job (Such a different behavior towards Kanna and Minaha). Actually, Minaha asks Kanna to go with him but she refused. Well, this just makes Kaki more happy, which is get laughed by Kanna and Minaha when he doesn’t know what it is.

Chapter 2

That morning, Kanna wakes up earlier than usual. When she’s trying to take a walk, Kaki is still sleeping. Whatever it is, she must tell him that she wants to go. So, Kanna tries waking him up but he just pushes her onto bed again, kissing her because there’s much time. After receiving much kisses from him, Kanna takes a walk alone. At a sudden idea, Kaki tells her it’ll be best to stay at his villa when summer holiday to avoid the Three Protectors coming again. Kanna doesn’t refuse to go, rather being excited.

In the villa, Kaki is getting ready to have lovey-dovey time with Kanna until… Momoko calls her cellphone to ask her for shopping. She refused. After that, another call for Kaki from his father, he also closed the call. He’s getting pissed by those calls. When they’ve ready again, someone is calling the villa’s phone, which is Reiji. He haven’t say anything before Minaha takes over the phone, asks ‘til when she and Kaki go on vacation. After hearing it’s for a month, Minaha feels lonely. But Moegi is now taking turn, asking her to allow them staying at Kaki’s villa for a day. Now, Kanna can’t refuse Moegi’s request. Kaki’s already know what their plan actually.

Chapter 3

Reiji, Minaha, and Moegi have arrived at his villa (Kaki keeps getting curious on how Reiji can get the address and phone number there). When they’re all sitting on chair, it lacks one for Kanna. Everyone are giving her chance to sit together but she chooses Kaki. That makes Reiji and Minaha jealous, causing Kanna to let go of him, though it’s hard (Kaki keeps hugging her chest). In the end, Moegi says they’ll have lunch at a yard she has saw earlier. She will be cooking with Kanna. While Kaki agrees to stay with Reiji and Minaha, the two don’t want to. Even so, Kaki can stand because he wants to eat Kanna’s cooking. And finally, they’ve picnic at the yard. Though Reiji and Minaha keeps getting jealous on how Kanna fed Kaki her tamagoyaki…

After they’ve gone back to Kigasato, Kaki hugs Kanna tightly from behind. He asks if she’s getting fun, which is true. He had been hold of his obsession of her all this time and was happy to know it’s not useless. All this time, even when Kanna went cooking with Moegi, he wanted to follow her but he’s still endure it. To make him happy, Kanna says tomorrow he doesn’t have to endure it anymore. Though Kaki correcting it with ‘now’.

Chapter 4

The two have nothing to do so Kaki decides to work on wood while Kanna preparing his drink. At that time, she asks how long his mother lived in that villa. Kaki told her it’s already sinced her illness came, without telling the reason, she lived alone in the villa until her death. Her last words is her wish that Kaki will find his happiness. After telling her that, Kaki says all this time, he lived as Kitou (鬼頭 not his name 木籐) and had not care about other people. But after he met Kanna, he changed. He is thankful to her and she is also glad to meet Kaki.

After the sun set down, Kaki suggested her to take a walk in the wood. When walking, Kaki says he wants to know more of her, so it’s her turn to talk about her life. Before she can say anything, he realizes it’s getting cold. Kaki goes back to take a coat, leaving her alone. At a sudden move, Kanna’s leg got trapped in a quagmire. Thankfully Kaki is quickly get there. He carrying her princess-like, makes her saying thanks. But Kaki is blaming himself for leaving her. In her room, Kanna wants to take care of her body by herself, looking to her body and must take off her clothes. She wants Kaki to leave but he seems like and idiot who doesn’t know privacy. In the end, he’s still leaving. But that habit of him makes Kanna giggling.

Chapter 5

Meanwhile, outside her room, Kaki is blaming himself that she’s getting so much wound on her body. If he’s faster to realize his feeling, it won’t happen. Then, he remember when Minaha gave him a letter from Mitsuaki to him and Kanna (It happened when Kanna and Moegi were cooking). The letter says that Kanna has chose him as her lover so he must definitely make her happy, or else, the time he come back, he’ll take Kanna from Kaki. After remembering that, Kaki blames himself again. He can’t protect her 16th life and hurted her everywhere, but she’s still choosing him, loving him. To tell her his feelings, he doubts he can do that. But he must give Mitsuaki’s letter to her.

At night, Kaki asks of her condition and she’s telling him it’s alright. It’s just makes him in grief. The time Kanna wakes up in the middle of sleeping, Kaki has gone. She’s searching for him and finds him at the wood. Kanna shakes his hand, makes him calm down. He begins telling of his feelings. When Kaki’s mother have gone, he had been going here and there, find a place to die. At that time, a pregnant woman called him, smiling like his mother. He knew there’s a baby inside her stomach, a girl, and is attracting him before she’s born. He let the pregnant woman to choose between giving her daughter at 16 or being killed. Of course the woman choose to give her daughter rather than losing her. So, Kaki gives the child in her stomach a seal by his blood. But he’s not care of her life, leaving her alone until she reached 16, thinking if she must have already died by then (by being chased of evil guy?).

When she reached 16, her life was taken as Kaki’s bride. He tried to kill her but finally realized he’s in love to her. Although he had did many wrong, she still loved him and forgave him. Just that, he’s not feeling well of all that. Kanna says that his feelings can reach her and they’ll find their happiness, she’s sure of it. Without hold out, Kaki kissed her. Next morning, Kaki gives Mitsuaki’s letter to Kanna. In there, Mitsuaki took a picture, saying even though Kaki is selfish, etc, etc., he’s sure that Kaki will give her happiness. She tells the letter to Kaki, which makes him agree to give Kanna happiness in life. They’re going to see Mitsuaki’s picture, together.



Kaki brought Kanna to amusement park (Again? There’s no other place for most guys than amusement park..). Kanna’s been excited to wait for fireworks parade at night. But first, they must spend time in there. The first attraction is haunted house, where Kanna is scared of the ghosts, makes Kaki almost hit them if Kanna isn’t make him stop. Then, they’ve found bunny mug which is similar to her stuff bunny. And last, they’re watching fireworks. Seems like a dream to Kanna, but Kaki tells her it’s not a dream. He is there with her and can touch her. After it have done, Kanna asks what does Kaki think of today, because she’s having fun. Instead of saying he have fun too, Kaki says he doesn’t like crowded place, but with her, he won’t mind to come back there again.



This is a scenario happened at school. Maybe not connected to the past event because Kanna and the others are still a high school student. The scene is begin when women can enter school while men can’t, even for Reiji! It’s the work from enforcement division to lure the bride event for all onis (The member also says it’s to help Mitsuaki, who had eyes on someone). Moreover the school’s objective is to connect an oni with their bride, so it’s a useful event. Reiji and Mitsuaki (he’s the leader of enforcement division) can’t reject that event and he let Kanna go alone inside.

Momoko had already in her class, along with the sticker. Suddenly, one of enforcement division announces that they’ll held Hina Matsuri’s event for girls, to choose whomever oni she likes to put 6 stickers on them. It remarks the beginning of the event. Ejima Shikiko (evil woman), Kanna’s classmate, is also participating, and as usual, full of herself. Kanna and Momoko begins planning their act. To save Kanna from all those man wanting her, Momoko says it’ll be best if Kanna stay with Kaki. A guy really approaching her, asks Kanna to place the sticker on him, but she doesn’t want to. At that time, Kaki comes and accepted the sticker to bring her to a safe place. And then, their journey begins.

Shizuma Mitsuaki

Kanna and Kaki met Minaha on stairway and put the sticker unto him. After that, they met Reiji (while he’s busy rejecting many girls) and also gave him sticker. Then, they can hear Mitsuaki’s scraming that he doesn’t want to accept a girl’s sticker from the yard. Kanna can’t stop herself from helping him to put the sticker. Mitsuaki is very grateful and hugs her, but Kaki kicks him out, makes the other oni getting mad at Mitsuaki. As they walked, Hibiki bumped to Kanna and he also need her sticker. He won’t do anything bad to her so Kanna let him come to her harem. Suddenly, Mitsugi meets them too and wants her sticker, promised not to harm any bride. So they have Kanna’s stickers, 6 in all.

There’s a time when Mitsuaki and Mitsugi are fighting, but with Kanna’s help to stop them, they’re sorry for it. A sudden change of rule makes them can’t reach their goal. The enforcement divison let the girls hunting for their oni, ignoring if that oni have another sticker, for an hour. That’s why the girls are back on chasing them. While Kaki is busy shoo-ing them, Mitsuaki is busy calming down Kaki to not do harm to girls, Mitsugi brings Kanna to a safe place. He says he can’t leave her alone. In the end, Mitsuaki and Minaha can find the two of them, though the other guys are on their own way. The four of them try looking a way to the safe place, but seeing a few girls setting trap instead. But that girls can see them and chasing the onis.

Random picture. It fits school’s theme?

Kanna is separated with just Mitsuaki on her side. They’re hiding in the class so the girls can’t find them anymore. At that time, Kanna’s face turns red but she says they need to find Mitsugi and Minaha (Mitsuaki would have her say she want to be alone with him instead of searching their friends). Not taking too long, the four of them have met again. It’s not a problem for Reiji and Kaki to find Kanna with their seal, but they must search Hibiki. Kanna decides to search them. But there’s no need since Kaki and the others have found Kanna. As well as the end of service time.

But they haven’t find peace since there’s Ejima Shikiko, who have been searching for Kaki. She doesn’t need rule because she claims herself as Kitou’s bride, which makes Mitsugi says it’s the type Kaki hate more. Kanna seek help and Mitsuaki, along with Reiji, makes Ejima stop talking. With Kaki’s order to shut up, Ejima can’t talk anymore. Now that they’re back together, Kanna can reach the goal by going to north wing building. One of enforcement divison tells Kanna to choose between one man, to have her seeing fireworks at 7 PM. They can’t make a right decision directly, so Kanna must choose a color. She choose green one and it’s Mitsuaki’s color. He have a dream of Kanna as the master, while he’s a butler. They’re having lovey-dovey time.

That night, Mitsuaki and Kanna goes to classroom to have their card. The enforcement division are all very happy for their leader to have come with Kanna. They tells Mitsuaki and Kanna to watch it alone at the rooftop. It’s a once in a lifetime moment for them, so Mitsuaki is preparing his mind while watching fireworks in the sky. He grabs Kanna’s hands, saying he wants her to be his only bride, but it won’t reach Kanna’s ear because of the fireworks sound, TWICE! Mitsuaki is raging at that.

Mitsugi Kuniichi

His route is done after Mitsuaki because they have similar choice in the beginning. Kanna grabs Mitsugi to run away from the girls, but get found by guys who wants her. They are hiding inside infirmary’s bed, which makes Kanna in a weird situation is nervous. Mitsugi notices it and got away after the men have gone. The same as previous, they’re meeting with Mitsuaki and Minaha again. For Ejima, Kanna apologizes she can’t give the sticker, but it’s not what Ejima wants (She wants to put her sticker on Kaki). Mitsugi and Minaha are telling Ejima to back off and face reality. Kaki’s bride is Asagiri Kanna. The rest is same. Kanna must choose to be with who for fireworks night.

It seems Kanna choose Mitsugi but he is nervous to ask her. He’s taking a long time, so Hibiki and Minaha teases him to let Kanna choose another person. In the end, they’re still going together. But at the rooftop, the enforcement division said he has a wrong card. Mitsugi thinks it’s Hibiki who swap it but he won’t judge like that. Too bad the member saw Hibiki’s name on it. Seeing them looking down, the enforcement member said they can watch it from classroom. Mitsugi brings Kanna there, saying sorry they can’t see at rooftop. But still, they can see the fireworks through window. Kanna says it’s like a dream and suddenly, Mitsugi’s hand touches hers. He is surprise too, but says it’s to warm her hand up and to make sure it’s not a dream. After that, he takes her home because it’s already dark outside.

Hayasaki Minaha

When Minaha, Mitsuaki, and Mitsugi are in a tight position, Kanna chooses help from Minaha. He carrying her on his back, telling her it’s also to make him can feel her warmth. Finally, they can rest at infirmary, but also meet Mitsugi. The last person to find is Mitsuaki. It’s not taking a long time until they meet him on corridor. The rest is same as Mitsuaki and Mitsugi’s route. They find Kaki, Hibiki, and Reiji, and meet Ejima. At goal, Kanna choose yellow color and it’s Minaha. He says he’s happy to have walk alongside her, not a confuse thing, just walk together and holding hands. And he wish to see the fireworks with Kanna, touching her hand and hair. Even if it’s embarrassing, she lets him do that.

They’ve came to rooftop. It’s a bit cold so enforcement member gives them knitted scarf to use. The two of them used it, connected to each other while watching fireworks. Kanna notices Minaha doesn’t look at fireworks, but at her eyes. He says her eyes is beautiful when there’s fireworks lighting. What he wants to say is, the firework is pretty, but her eyes which looks at it is even more pretty. The time is short but Minaha wants to go seeing fireworks again with just the two of them.

Takatsuki Reiji

Here, Mitsuaki is helped by Reiji’s scheme from Minaha’s idea. The rest is same until they’ve Mitsugi and Hibiki. The other won’t let the two have Kanna’s sticker, but Reiji tells them to back off. Mitsugi and Hibiki understands that situation and promised not to harm Kanna. When Reiji and Minaha are fighting, Kanna stops them. Knowing they will make her sad, the two stops. They’re holding her hands to walk as they’ve been reconcile by her. When there’s service time, Kanna hold Kaki’s hand, makes them jealous (It’s to stop them actually). Hibiki makes the other three (Mitsuaki, Minaha, and Mitsugi) take care of the girls, while he and the other (Kanna, Kaki, and Reiji) are running away. Hibiki thinks it’ll best to go to south wing. Suddenly, a few boys and girls are chasing them again. The boys followed the girls to get Kanna’s sticker. She asks help to Reiji.

Reiji brings her to a safe place, to his infirmary. But there’s Hibiki who is already there. When Kanna suggests to find the other guys, they decided to search in north wing. Though Kaki have already brough them all. The meeting of that 7 people is right at the time to end service time. They’re ready to reach their goal, if not hinder by Ejima. Same as Mitsuaki’s route, he and Reiji are stopping Ejima and they can go to north wing. By choosing brown, Kanna chooses Reiji to be her partner. Reiji says it’s fate, while touching her cheek. He wants Kanna to choose him, if not, he has no reason to live. But it’s just an example, though he’s serious to wait for her answer.

When waiting for fireworks, Kanna and Reiji are staying at infirmary. Reiji makes the tea and giving her delicious cake. He saw some cream left on her lips, taking it and eating for himself. He won’t have a problem to have indirect kiss with her.

Horikawa Hibiki

It followed the same beginning as Reiji’s route. When she need to choose if she will let Hibiki and Mitsugi have her sticker, Kanna is siding with Hibiki. She will let them have it, it’s safe though, because everyone are there, including Kaki. When Kaki is fighting with Hibiki, Kanna tells them to stop. Whatever, they’re still fighting over which hand should move first.

Then, when service time arrived, Kanna chose to leave with Kaki, Hibiki, and Reiji. Again, they’ve found the girls. Hibiki grabs Kanna’s hand and brings her to infirmary. They’re safe there, but.. Hibiki surprisingly hugs her tightly from behind, teasing her. Though it is not for long until Reiji comes in. Hibiki is expecting Kaki, but he must stop all the way. The story is same with Reiji’s, although now, Kanna choose to search in north wing, makes Hibiki tells to search Mitsugi first. It’s not needed sinced Kaki had brought them all to infirmary. The scene with Ejima, Kanna says she won’t give Kaki to her. Both Kaki and Hibiki finishes her off (from her face).

With Amidakuji, Kanna choose Hibiki, which makes him saying she must have been prepared to choose him. Kaki wants to punch him, but Hibiki can avoid it. The flirting isn’t seem like an appeal to everyone, but one of sekuhara. While waiting for fireworks, Hibiki will have a walk, if Kanna isn’t stopping him. She asks why he is always attack Kaki. The reason is just for fun. Then, she begs him not to do that anymore, but it’s just makes him angry, trying to kiss her seal to give his to her. He says it’s somekind of courtship and will make Kaki angry to see it. But he stops right away after having fun with Kanna’s scared face. He asks her if she can bring Kaki to him and killing him before his eyes. Of course she can’t do that. Now, Hibiki is make a promise not to attack Kaki just for a day. He already did what she want and will have her do what he want for next time.

Kitou Kaki

It’s service time again! Kanna begs Kaki for help so he brings her to school’s yard. There, they met Hibiki and Reiji and decided to search for the other. After taking a walk in front of infirmary, they can meet Minaha, Mitsuaki, and Mitsugi there. And the next is, Ejima. Kanna won’t give Kaki to her, the same as Hibiki’s route. Now, she choose black and it’s about Kaki. The appeal time is just one word, he asks her to be with him and kissing her hand (but that’s cool!). Mitsuaki is very jealous at it.

When it’s almost fireworks time, they watch it from classroom. Kaki is standing behind her, hug her tight when watching it. It’s a short moment but very warm. Kaki is also having fun at it. But sure, for me, his route is very short compared to other (Not only for scene, but also for his words)!!!!!!!!!!!!!!



Watase Fumitaka (CV: Kojima Kazunari)


Chapter 1

Following the story after Watase (Kanna calls him ‘Ushi-san’) protected her from Senteiin, with the help of Sotoo Tadanao. She can meet her mother again. Now, she lives in Tadanao’s house with her mother. In the time she went outside her room to cook, Watase told her not to do anything busy because they’re guests. With the help of another brides, that Kanna needs freedom, Watase understand her toughts to cook and will let her do that. But still, the brides are teasing him, saying truthfully, Watase wants to know what cooking will Kanna make and something like Watase’s spring has come.  He avoid the teasing with going to Tadanao’s room. After he have left, one of the bride asks Kanna what is her feelings toward Watase, which is she thinks he’s a good person. It’s too bad for Watase..

At lunch, one of the bride says they must make a new kind of cooking. This makes Kanna wish to help them after eating. She goes through the garden, meets Watase who is pruning the trees. It’s not a job but his hobby, so it is his pleasure to do that. Then, Watase begins explaining how happy he is if his trees growing a new healthy leafs by pruning it. But suddenly, he realizes it must be boring to talk about his old man hobby, though Kanna doesn’t think so. After that, he asks what brings her there to see him. Actually, she wants to help create creative cuisine and needs Watase to try it. He accepted that request and she will bring the food to his room.

In Watase’s room, he tries eating Kanna’s flounder cuisine. He thinks it’s very delicious, moreover, flounder is his favorite food. Unconsciously, he tells her that he wants a bride just like her, eating that kind of food everyday, but apologizing after he sees her shocked. Well, Kanna is just happy for his words and thanking him to try it. Watase is also tells he’s grateful for trying her cooking.

Chapter 2

Early in morning, Watase goes to Kanna and her mother’s room because Tadanao needs to see her. While she’s walking to Tadanao’s room, Watase asks what the cooking turned out. She says everyone is happy to eat that and is delicious. Watase can tell Kitou’s house changed to be more bright after she came. Tadanao needs to see her to give her amusement ticket. He has heard from Watase that she always helps cleaning and makes new food. At first, she won’t take the ticket, but after knowing Tadanao’s kindness, she takes it (Watase whispering to her that Tadanao has asked the brides about girl’s favorite place). There are 3 tickets in total, one is for Watase to escort her, and another is for Sanae. The truth is, Watase also had conduct research on amusement’s attractions.

The three of them arrives at amusement park. But Kanna and her mother don’t know a thing of attractions there. Thankfully, Watase has researched it an decides to ride the coffee cup as the first attraction. Then, Watase is apologizing to let them go to haunted house, which scared them so much. But Sanae tells him it’s fine and they have fun because of him. Watase knows they’re tired, so he led them to do some shopping. Kanna is looking at the stuff doll mascot of that park, which makes her mother is willing to buy it, the big one for her. But she says to keep her money safe. At last, Watase bought it for her. It’s getting late, but they can’t see the parade at night because it’s already time to go home. Watase apologizes, but Kanna says they can do it at another time coming. It makes Watase asks if he can go with her again the next time. Kanna’s mother teases them that they can go alone next.

Chapter 3

This time, Watase teaches Kanna a lesson. Suddenly, a few brides comes in, asking her to drink tea with them. They’re also teasing Watase again. Kanna still have to study so she refused the offer, though Watase offers her a break time. They have tea and cakes to eat. One of bride says lately, Senteiin didn’t come anymore. It’s a relief for Kanna and Watase. The time she spent with her mother, a bride comes in because she needs help to clean the warehouse. Kanna goes to help them, but she gets trapped in it, with Watase! He sees her scared of darkness, hugging her tight. Seems like he comes because he saw a shadow, thinking it might be Senteiin.

After a long time hugging her, Watase finally releasing her and apologize. He hugged her long because he thought being in his arm will make her comfortable. After knowing her reason to come there, Watase needs no second thinking to break the door. He notices the bride’s presence and makes them come out. They are saying they did this to build good relationship (to be lover) for Watase and Kanna, but they’re disappointed after knowing there isn’t a thing happened, calls Watase stupid for not noticing their help. Watase says Kanna is Kitou’s bride so he just wants to protect her. Kanna says thanks to Watase for his help.

Chapter 4

That day, Reiji and Minaha came to Kitou’s house to speak with Kanna. They wants her to continue going to school. Before they’ve failed to protect her, but now, Reiji is sure they can do it. Meanwhile, Watase, who heard it too, saying they can’t make her go in danger anymore, but for Reiji, living in Kitou’s house will just make her have no freedom, living in cage. In the end, Kanna needs time to think. Watase tells her to consult it with him if she have problem, he will definitely help her.

Kanna can’t sleep of thinking. She goes outside and finds Watase, witting on the floor and watching moon. She told him her worries, that if she come back to Kigasato, she maybe can’t live with her mother anymore. Watase is also not want her to leave Kitou’s house. For Kanna, she’s afraid she’ll be a trouble to Watase, Tadanao, and Tadanao’s bride. But Watase says he and the other won’t think like that. Moreover, he wishes that Kanna would stay there, because he’s afraid she will choose another oni after coming back to Kigasato, while she have Sanyoku’s seal.

Thinking about it, Watase have been in curiousity and can’t let that happen for sure (Jealousy?). Kanna says she also have the same feelings as him. He says, after Kanna lives there, the house becomes brighter, and is glad she came. Kanna too, glad she is able to meet Watase and her heart recently go ドキドキ whenever she’s around him, which also the same as Watase. He wishes she would stay with him.

Chapter 5

Tadano makes Watase explains the thing happened with Sanyoku. Tadano will let Kanna choose her own decision. Right at the time he wants to leave, Tadanao asks him if he have put the seal on Kanna, because if he hasn’t put it, Kanna can’t choose him as her oni. Watase doesn’t want to talk about it more and just saying he can’t do that. The time Kanna sees him, Watase has been busy to prepare for a bride’s birthday party. Kanna tries to help him and go outside, but gets captured by Senteiin. She calls Ushi-san without making a voice, just can remember that name. Fortunately, Watase really comes to save her.

After a fight and runs away from Senteiin, Watase brings Kanna back to her room. His heart almost stop after knowing she is disappeared, keeps blaming himself. Here, Kanna have two choices. One is she won’t think of it as his fault and still believes him. Hearing that, Watase hugs her, tells he won’t leave her and asking if she want to be his bride. Kanna realizes her feelings for him and let him put his seal on her chest (in this CG, he looks old). Now, they will be together forever. He now calls her as Kanna, not using –sama anymore.

It’s the bride’s birthday. One of them asks why Watase isn’t wearing a suit (he used shirt) because he looks cool at it. But he refuse, saying he will only wear it at working. Then, they’re leaving Watase because he’s boring. While staying with Kanna, Watase tells her to call his name, Fumitaka. Kanna did it and made him happy to hear his name being called by his bride. Oh yeah, he will only call Kanna without –sama if it’s just the two of them (Shy?). Now that Kanna has chose him as her oni, Senteiin won’t come again anymore.

Tadano’s Ending?

With choosing Kanna’s option of words, and choose she’s already fine, Watase isn’t worrying anymore. Tadanao comes to see her condition and sees she’s alright. Tadanao orders Watase to go anywhere because he has failed to protect her but refused by saying it’s his job to protect Kanna. Tadanao knows Watase’s feelings and lets him stay. As for Kanna, she says she’ll go back to Kigasato. Tadanao won’t push her and will let her go if it’s what she wanted, but she can go back to his house because he’s already see her as his own daughter. He touches her hair with fatherly love. Well, Kanna sees his kindness and she’ll stay at his house in the end.



In this time, Kanna already calls Watase as Fumitaka, so let’s call him that too. When Fumitaka is getting ready to give her something, the other brides are getting impatience of their relationship, coming to theirplace, saying Fumitaka won’t make a move first if it’s like that. It’ll be good if Kanna can make a first move rather than waiting him. In the end, Fumitaka can’t stand the teasing anymore and brings Kanna to tea shop. There, he ordered Darjeeling and Peach tart for Kanna, than have Earl grey and cheese tart for himself (Mine?). While waiting, again, he wants to give her something but their order have arrived first. They have no choise than eat it first. Again, the third confession is getting ready, if Tadanao won’t knock the car’s door to make them going inside the house.

So, Fumitaka doesn’t have another choice. He will see her before midnight to give it. As promised, Fumitaka gave her a propose ring, to marry him. He wants to give it at her birthday, but Kitou’s brides makes birthday party for her. And today’s chance is only at midnight, when everyone are sleeping. He asks her to be with him and she says ‘yes’ for sure. They shared their first kiss.

Tenohira Kigasato

Kanna, Mitsuaki, Reiji, and Minaha are having fun tea time at infirmary. But their time getsinterrupted by Kaki, who comes to bring Kanna with him. It also becomes a busy time when Mitsugi and Hibiki comes too. Before they begin a fight, Reiji tells Kanna to wait outside. She can hear amazing noisy sound comes from inside, taking a look but can’t see a thing. Well, she brings them home (them means, they’re all becomes tiny). It’s because of Reiji’s drug, that let them oni turns to chibi. It’s just for half a day though. Because they can’t do most things, Kanna fed them one by one. Kaki won’t need her help, while Hibiki asks her to fed him. It makes Kaki mad and tells her to stop. Whatever, Hibiki knows he wants to be fed by her too.

They even have a fun bath together. When Kanna goes to her room, leaving them in bathroom, Hibiki wants to go in the bath, but Mitsuaki won’t let him and Mitsugi in. The others are trying to stop them. Meanwhile, Minaha asks if he can brush Kaki’s back. Of course he refused. And Kanna made them little towel for each. But it couldn’t be use as they’re changing back to their actual size, made her run away to her room. It will be lonely without the little onis.

To tell the truth, I’m having more fun than playing Amnesia Later (of course, I don’t have to endure listening their blabbering talks and boring dialogues), except for boring married life with Mitsuaki, nervous-even-almost-2-years dating Mitsugi, and student-teacher time with Reiji. The other are very good. Of course the best route still goes to Hibiki. There are a lot of hot scenes and CGs. Though his sudden change in Kitou’s birthday is weird. As for Kitou Kaki himself, his route is shorter than any other but told the past really well. I like how he told Kanna of his past with her mother first meeting. Then, Minaha is so-so to me.

The thing I dislike very much of Mitsuaki is his noisy-hotblooded-and too easy going personality. It made my ears hurt while listening to his screaming! It’s weird that he just can marry her after having child. Why not before that? For me, I wouldn’t want that weird relationship while haven’t getting married. Mitsugi’s route is also weird. How coma they haven’t held hands for almost two years? If they want to make nervous and shy scene, let it flow of 1 month, maybe, not more than a year. And Reiji.. He has nothing. Watase!! Yeah, love him of his loyalty to protect Kanna. But once, his CG makes him looks too old when another not. His route is refreshing and cute, more lively than Mitsugi. He also has good relationships with Kanna’s mother (let’s forget Mitsuaki).

Overall, I think it’s fun. Not perfect and very good, but it have fun side and cute things to be told. For Hibiki, he have the most romantic scene (like, all the romance goes to his route). Music is gorgeous, I like them all. It have many side stories, I even haven’t yet to hear character’s short novel told about their feelings for Kanna. Maybe next time. It’s short, but because I wrote a long review, I must bear for almost 3 days. Well, definitely better than first game without Senteiin’s attack-hit-and-run scenes.

Somehow, here, Minaha looks like that one character from Kyou Kara Maou?

Link for CG:


  1. It’s weird that he just can marry her after having child. Why not before that? For me, I wouldn’t want that weird relationship while haven’t getting married.

    They were already married but they just never had a ceremony because they were too busy running away from the Oni council in the last game. (´・ω・`;)

    • Forgive me, I think I’ve forgotten the last game and I didn’t read Kanna’s monologue in the beginning of each route. But even so, I think it’s best to have it before they have Yoshiyuki. I think they can do it after Senteiin have acknowledge Mitsuaki’s ability to have child, after the first game…

  2. Hibiki….. aku juga di game sebelumnya plg suka sama Hibiki & Kaki, tp di sini Kaki personalitynya berubah banget hehe. Ceritanya agak pendek yah mungkin gara2 FD kli:)

    Btw thank you for the review ^_^

    • Personalitynya yg ga berubah di short storynya, tentang perasaan dia yg ingin membunuh Kanna, tp akhirnya malah ingin melindungi. Baguslah pendek. Kalo FD terlalu panjang, bosen mainnya, kecuali ceritanya baru

  3. I’m kinda sad – I’m not liking the art in this one as much as with the first game =( But still, the story is cute ^^ Thanks for the summaries!

    • Speaking of art, I haven’t write about that yet in my post. Meh, I also dislike that incompetency of drawing the face. Sometimes it’s too long and sometimes it’s good enough. Then, bonus picture for every characters, I wonder who did it? It looks different in kind of style and color from event CGs. Anyway, if you’re all preferring art, this looks crap.

  4. Wow! Your update website very fast. I love idealfactory game very much. Their CG is beautiful especially boy is handsome -.,- I envy heroine. Thank you for this review.

    PS. I can’t download This CG (T^T) website warn me to fill password.

    • Yup, most of IdeaFactory games’ art are to my like. So I mostly played their games. But quite recently, some qualities aren’t good enough in matter of story.

      Ah, my bad. I guess the setting was changed when I customized my files… I’ll try to fix it..

  5. oh, dear! you made our day ^_^ You can’t imagine how we wanted to know the details of the story and now we know them! All thanks to you! You did a wonderful job posting this review! We like Kaki the most and it was depressing seeing him with I-will-kill–you face during the first game >_> And here, in this FD he is adorable *_* This is the Kaki we wanted to see last year ^^” Anyway, many thanks to you again for writing about all the guys. It;s always very interesting to know about everyone, especially when the work belongs to you ^_~

    • Now worries!! Thank you for supporting me all this time. Yup, I also like the change of Kaki’s attitude toward Kanna. It’s sweet, even though in the beginning, he always tries to kill her. God is very kind! Though it’s a very sudden change in a little time of gameplay (I can imagine if it have longer story to change Kaki’s personality, it will have more passionate feelings)..

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