Amnesia-The Later Story

This post will be about Amnesia Later. Actually, I have no intention to play it after (Toma). But then, when I knew there was Waka’s story, I’d like to know it more. The scenario is divided into 5 parts, which are NEW WORLD, AFTER STORY, WAKA’S WORLD, GIRLS PARTY, and ORION’S STORY. For now, I’ll write about NEW WORLD part first, then followed by their AFTER STORY. In AFTER STORY, everything is followed after the first Amnesia’s ending, so you can’t find Orion or Ukyou in another route. As for GIRLS ROUTE, it will just unlock guy’s profile. Similar to first game, I’ve wrote in one post (I hope it won’t be shockingly long with 19900+ words!).


Heroine wakes up in her room at August 10, remembering she has forgot about herself. There is Orion,  some-kind of spirit which blame himself for letting Heroine have amnesia. So he offering help to her. For now, the only thing they’ve known is about Heroine’s daily lives, her childhood friend, Shin, and then her part time friends.

Outside Heroine’s part time place, she met Shin in a coincidence. He is in bad mood because his parents ordered him to buy bread. Then, Heroine comes inside the café to start her work. Ikki, who is her co-worker at her part time café and a 4th year university student, sees her headdress in a mess and tries to fix it. Heroine lets him do it without being nervous and it surprising Ikki. Suddenly, Kent stopping Ikki before he can fix her headdress (Ikki calls him as Toukei Kaijin 統計怪人=Phantom Statistics for his head). From their conversation, Heroine can tell that two person is good friend. But she still haven’t fix her headdress, so once again, Ikki asks who will she choose to fix it. At first, she choose Kent, but he refuse to touch a maiden’s hair. This remains unfix until Waka, the manager, comes and orders Heroine to fix it herself in changing room.

After she have done fixing it, before opening the café, Waka is being lectured by Kent that he have made mistake of buying ingredients. This makes Waka feels terrible as a manager, wants to stab his stomach. Fortunately, there’s Ikki who suggested to change the menu and all so they can still do their work. While working, Toma (also her childhood friend but older), Mine (a year older than Heroine), and Sawa visited her. They’re all good friends with Meido no Hitsuji’s staff member. The think for their coming is to talk about vacation. For that, Heroine will stay with Toma’s preference place, mountain.

Heroine got back home then Orion turned the TV on. It talked about fireflies in Shinano and from it, Heroine could remember one of her memories. It was when she said to see fireflies someday to someone, a promise she made. Orion thinks it will be about the promise to Toma and the others because they’ve said about mountain or river. Well, for now, it’s better to sleep and find information about whom she promised to tomorrow.

It’s finally the work day again. Suddenly, Ikki asks Heroine to see fireflies with him and that makes Orion thinks Ikki is also the candidate for that person. He said Kent can drive them then suddenly, the person came. Kent says he also wants to see fireflies with her. So, it’s make it another person after Toma and Ikki. After Kent continues with his work, Ukyou comes to make an order. Orion explains he is the cameraman and a regular customer in the café. But he can’t be trusted because he said so. Actually, the reason he comes today is to show Waka his fireflies picture. Ukyou is surpise that fireflies still can be seen in this town. Also is a candidate for the promised person. It’s rare to see it at city so Ukyou thinks it might be just in that world (and also makes Heroine suspicious of his words).

Ukyou, Ikki, Kent, and Waka are seeing the picture of fireflies. They have decided to go see it for the next day, with inviting many people including Rika. All must wear yukata for it. But Ukyou is against Heroine to go. He thinks it can danger her if she fall to the river, etc, etc. But after Ikki and Waka convinced him that it’s alright, Ukyou promised to protect Heroine with his life. After Heroine have done with her work, she must buy a yukata for tomorrow. It is surprising that Toma and Shin already waiting for her in front of the café. They also had received email for tomorrow’s schedule and decided to buy yukata. As expected, the two are fighting over which color of yukata would suit Heroine more. Shin with blue or Toma with pink color. It needs 3 hours to end it. But with today’s event, Heroine and Orion can tell her friends are good people.

Mine is jealous of Heroine’s yukata, but Rika says everyone has their own style. Shin and Toma are pleasing their own style for it. Ikki is jealous that he can’t choose Heroine’s yukata, but Kent says it’s not that important to be jealous of. So Ikki explains that what he wants is to choose yukata for Heroine, not because of the time to choose it. Hearing that, Kent is blushing (he is think so too). And for Rika, she also gets jealous to not be able to choose yukata for Heroine. Suddenly, Waka suspects Ukyou is hiding. The truth is, Ukyou wishes to protect Heroine from hidden place. The most surprising one is Waka, with his wooden sword, it isn’t yukata at all…

It’s too bad that even after an hour, they can’t see fireflies. The reason is because Ukyou has forgot the place.. Although they can’t find fireflies, everyone are glad they have come (especially Ikki, who is glad to see girls in yukata). From now, Waka said it’s free time for everyone.


Shin (Kakihara Tetsuya)

Heroine chose to be with Shin, who was trying to find secret way with Toma. But Toma let him go with Heroine to find fireflies. As he go with her, Shin says he has checked on phone that it’s almost the right place to find it, so they will go further. When Heroine is all in thinking and have wounded her leg, Shin realizes she doesn’t hear what he said to go. This makes him suggesting to go to hospital because Heroine if she isn’t feeling well. It will be dangerous if she is checked there, and to prevent that, she says it’s alright.

Shin explains he has researched on phone that somewhere near their place, a fireflies festival will be held and it might be connected to see it. But they must walk for 10 minutes more, when Heroine’s leg is hurted. Finally, Heroine can’t stand the pain anymore after 20 minutes searching. She said it to Shin, but he was angry for not telling him faster. Although he is like that, Shin quickly gets bandaid for her. Then, because they can’t go anymore, Shin suggests to go home.

He realizes she can’t walk fast and lending her his hand. While walking together, Shin says he is in fault for not realize her pain, but he is a person like that. If Heroine doesn’t say anything, he won’t notice. That’s why, Shin hopes Heroine will say anything to him so he can understand what her pain. His feeling increase while walking hand-in-hand with Heroine, saying they might looks like a couple. He asks if Heroine notices if she has feeling for him, because he is. Heroine answers that with she also notice that. Shin is blushing upon hearing it. He is a bit glad that she doesn’t say her wounded leg so they can have time like that.

Arriving at Shin’s house, he helps Heroine to care for the wound. Then, he calls Toma for help, but he’s in the middle of business because Kent, Ikki, Ukyou, and Waka are fighting. Suddenly, Heroine asks him why he wants to let her see fireflies. It’s a weird question, so Shin asks why she ask it now. A memories appears again. This time, she knows it’s not a promise for just one person. All of Meido no Hitsuji’s staff are there too, promised to see another year’s fireflies. Waka had arranged to stay at hotel before, but they couldn’t find any fireflies, though no matter what, Sawa wished to find it for Heroine. That’s why this year, Shin wants to find it. He asks why she has forgot it but he doesn’t pushing it. After walking with her that night, he can’t hide his feelings anymore. Shin wish to see her 3 days later when she is taking a break from work.

While waiting, Orion and Heroine already knows what Shin will say. If she is fine with Shin, Orion will cheer her for it. After waiting for more time, Shin finally arrives at the promised place. It’s because he needs time preparing for his speech. But he must say that no matter what, if he doesn’t want someone taking Heroine. What will he say is he… to her (It’s true, it’s ended without him saying more than that).


Toma (Hino Satoshi)

Following after searching fireflies, they can’t meet any. Heroine tries to speak with Toma because the other guys are busy playing water in the river. Suddenly, she recollected some memories when she was with Toma, talking about school. She then decides to go to her university with reason to get back her lost thing (she thinks it will help regain her memories). Toma will help her for it.

They went to university at night and it’s very dark inside. When he asks what thing she forgot, it’s just a printout. Then, to fill the time, Toma told about ghost story. There was a girl who go to toilet then got killed with scissor. The culprit had been captured, but her crying voice can still be heard, with her body covered by blood (His scenario isn’t any better than being a kidnapper with a cage). He makes Heroine scared with his story but he reveals he is scared too.

They finally found Heroine’s classroom. To avoid being found by security, Toma will guard outside when Heroine try searching for it. But he suddenly go inside because there’s security coming. They are hiding behind the table until the security goes. After that, he asks if Heroine is alright because it’s a narrow place and must get close to him. The thing gets asks too by her so Toma says it’s not like he hate it. This kind of situation makes man happy for real. He began saying it will be convenient if Heroine wear a jeans rather than yukata and blabbering weird things.

Then, he remembers the time the three of them (with Shin) were in elementary school. Their parents were going watch star festival so Shin made an idea to sneak into their school. They’ve found by their teachers and running away from it. It’s about the three of them the last time, but now, there are just Toma and Heroine alone. Looking at the pretty Heroine, Toma can’t stand it anymore so he suggests to go outside. It’s too bad Heroine can’t find her memories about fireflies in university. When they have gotten back to the river, seemed like Ikki, Shin, Kent, and Ukyou already wet by getting in the water. Mine and Sawa must get them new clothes to change at Meido no Shitsuji, while Waka and Toma are talking about last year’s promise. Heroine’s memories about fireflies re-opened by it, the same as Shin, that it’s a promise between many people to watch fireflies again.

Waka feels bad they can’t find fireflies tonight but he will search for it again on the internet. Heroine asks Toma why it is matter to him. He says it’s because it’s her wish, that he will make grant it whatever it is. They can’t find fireflies today, but they will surely see it another time.


Kent (Ishida Akira)

When seeing Heroine comes to him, Kent asks what she want. That rude question makes Ikki tells him it’s just that Heroine wants to speak with him. Kent is glad because he also wants to talk with her, about going to Shinano to find this fireflies. It’s a far place they heard from a news so Kent must drive his car and maybe can’t go back until tomorrow. He asks if it’s alright with Heroine to go with two guys alone (even if Ikki already said to stop him if he flirt Heroine and he also will stop Kent to to do something to her). Thinking about it, Heroine wants to know more about why they’re searching fireflies so she will come too.

Before driving to Shinano, Kent must prepare something in his home. He left Ikki and Heroine to talk and there’s time Ikki says it’s weird that Heroine can talk good with Kent despite Kent always not too good with women. After Kent comes back, he asks where does Heroine wants to sit and she chooses to be next to Kent. Ikki says even if he doesn’t reveal it on face, Kent is happy to hear she want to sit with him. Finally, they’re arrived at Hinano for two and a half hours. It’s located deep in the mountain, they must stay at inn. When Kent is alone with Heroine (Ikki do the check-in), he says he really want to find fireflies so Heroine can be the same as last year. Also, she’s wearing different clothes than usual (Yukata), so she must prepare if he’s changed (uwaah!).

The three of them are walking through forest to search fireflies. But suddenly, their battery’s went out. Ikki will find another and leaving Kent with Heroine. Of course it turns out to be a silent scene. When Kent finally speak, he says sorry to bring her there but still can’t find fireflies. At sudden speed, Kent saw something and followed it, leaving Heroine alone in the dark forest. Ten minutes already passed since then. He arrived, saying he thought it’s fireflies, but gotten wrong. When he saw Heroine’s face, Kent was surprised because she’s feeling insecure while left alone. Again, Kent apologizes for not noticing.

Now, Kent promised to not leave her alone. He lent his shoulder to Heroine, saying when the last time Heroine found fireflies, she’s happy like a little child. That’s why, he’s being so forceful to find it again. The things makes her reminded of last year’s promise to see fireflies with everyone. He’s feeling nervous being together with Heroine as man and woman, alone. Truthfully, Heroine also feels nervous. But it got interrupted by Ikki’s message, that he will go there after find battery, ordering Kent to not lay a hand on Heroine. But until Ikki come, Kent wants to stay like that with her for a little longer.


Ikki (Taniyama Kishou)

When Heroine approaches Ikki, he asks her to go for a drive. She thinks it’s just the two of them and a bit nervous, but the truth is, Kent is the one who will drive his car. Heroine agrees to go with them and as in Kent’s route, they’re going to Kent’s house first. While Kent prepares his car, Ikki tells her to go with him alone someday, a phrase like in a manga. Also, some story about him and Kent looking for kabuto mushi (Rhinoceros beetle) and challenging who’ll get the biggest. Before going to go in Kent’s car, ikki wants Heroine to sit beside him (with intention to lend his shoulder). 2 hours 30 mins later, they’ve arrived in the deep of mountain. Ikki tells her this is Shinano and they’re come there to search fireflies. Even if Kent must be tired from driving, he will go with them tonight.

Even though they’ve go further to the forest, they can’t find the fireflies like in the news about Shinano. So Heroine wants to hear about Ikki and Kent’s story to search kabuto mushi. Seemed Kent had saw a big one and then, Ikki, who didn’t want to lose, make a challenge who’ll get the biggest one in the middle of night. Suddenly, while talking about their past, Kent slipped Rika’s name on it. Ikki doesn’t want to talk about her like that (I don’t know what happened) and realizing it, Kent apologizes. As a joke, Ikki says then Kent must surrender about kabuto mushi, but he doesn’t want to. The two began fighting and wanted to search for it again but quickly realized there’s Heroine with them now. It’s not appropriate to behave like a child.

Since Heroine sees that side of them, she says Ikki is cute. To harassing her, ikki says there’s no girl ever said that to him, it’s like an insult to grown-up guy. Kent stopped him to harass her more with saying there won’t be people who always same with each other (for saying Ikki is cute or he’s cool). Finally, they’ve surrender searching fireflies and decides to go back to their inn.

In the lounge, Kent prefers to sleep since he’s tired already while Ikki goes to make coffee for him and Heroine. After he comes back, he asks Heroine to see the moon together while waiting to boil water. When they’ve come outside, Ikki says it’s waste they’ve always searching for fireflies but not noticing the beautiful moon. Then, he also says about their promise to see fireflies, with all of Meido no Hitsuji staffs. The words makes Heroine remember it all, almost fall down if not catched by Ikki. He is happy that he can hug her like that.

This time, Ikki confessed that he has feelings for her, even though he doesn’t know about her feelings now. But he is glad to stay like that and wants to continue hugging her, just that for now. He is questioning why Heroine doesn’t like him and what the feelings of being in love, is it enough just to kiss or hug. So, he wants Heroine to explain it all to him, also asks her to make promise to go with just the two of them later. If not, he won’t release her. Of course Heroine doesn’t have choice than to promise him, but he still won’t let her go. 5 more minutes before their coffee is done.


Ukyou (Miyata Kouki)

Heroine goes to Ukyou’s side that night. He seems surprise because it’ll be dangerous for Heroine to go to him at night but he’s happy she choose him. Suddenly, while talking with him, Heroine remembers a time she met Ukyou. He said his grandmother told him that Japan’s fireflies are beautiful and want to see it, if it’s okay, with Heroine. After knowing that, Heroine asks him to find fireflies together. He refused at first, but finally agreed to it. But then, he tells Ikki and the other guys who’ve been competing playing with ink (like that of paintball?). Ukyou wants to end it first. He wins over 4 other guys because they can’t hear his footsteps and actually, he’s not using anything to cover her foot. He will do anything to win, seems so. Well, Ukyou is glad he can play with them and cries (?).

Quickly after that, Ukyou goes to Heroine with bare footed, makes Orion wondering if he’s alright with it. Heroine congratulates him for winning, but he says the important thing is he can be with others and if can, he wants to do it again next year. Now, they must search the place to find fireflies. Heroine chooses the park. It’s full of people searching fireflies, though. When Ukyou tries to search it himself, he falls to a pond nearby (what the?). He reveals himself that he can fall due to his wounded leg (!).

They’ve come to other place but still can’t find it. Ukyou suddenly turns weird, saying rude things, asking why Heroine is in yukata and he come to get rid of something. It surprises Heroine but he changes back quickly. When Ukyou asks if he behave strangely, Heroine just says about asking her yukata. But Ukyou notices ‘it’ came before. He then goes talking of himself as of Heroine’s cute clothes, etc. (let’s continue without it).

Still can’t find fireflies, Ukyou suggests to go back to riverside because it’s the place he had saw it. But after arriving there, there’s no one else anymore. He asks why Heroine comes to his side when searching fireflies and she says it’s because he’s the one ever seen it. It makes sense. He also wishes to see it with Heroine if it’ll be like that. And that’ll be like in a dream. Again, he asks why Heroine choose him despite he’s just someone she knows. If she have feelings for him, Ukyou will be glad. Also, he talks about Heroine who doesn’t like cold but like snow, seems weird. They go down a bit and fireflies appears. Ukyou realizes the time is the same when he saw it (If the other guys waited a bit, they might see it too).

Suddenly, Heroine’s memories comes back again. Before Ukyou says his grandmother’s words, he also talking with Heroine about her promise to see fireflies again with Meido no Hitsuji’s staffs. She then tells him of her memories, makes Ukyou glad she can remember (another) memories (of other world?). Even if it’s weird to hear it from someone she doesn’t know well, Ukyou wants to say he love her. He begs that he can feel happiness for just a moment.


Waka (Takanashi Hidenori)

At the time Heroine meets Waka, he is surprise on how she can change her image of wearing yukata. The boys were also talk about it. Then, he apologizes that they can’t find fireflies. Heroine asks why he wants to search for it desperately, but Waka tells 156 years ago story for 20 minutes (?)! He says it’s related to his blood relatives and have an impact for fireflies (not sure if he’s telling lies). Right after he finished saying that, they can hear someone fall to the water. Waka says it’s one of the boys, always a good friend. He asks who Heroine’s eyes is run into (to choose them) but she can’t answer for now. Well, he thinks everyone have their own chance, including him, to get Heroine. It will open WAKA SAN WORLD.


Sawa (Moriya Satomi)

To avoid the boys getting warm up, Heroine goes to talk to Sawa. She is reminiscing about their first meeting since 3 years ago, when Heroine is embarrassed to talk to her. Finally they’ve been good friends, also is very happy to search fireflies with Heroine. Sawa asks if Heroine have saw her report card before and she reveals it. Not important thing to talk after all. Then, Mine and Rika finds her two, saying it should be better if girls playing around together since the boys are playing mizukiri (?). Sawa is fine to it and they’ve promised to have fun just for girls through girls party later. It will open GIRLS PARTY-SAWA.


Mine (Akutsu Kana)

Because Heroine choose to visit Mine, she feels weird. Heroine is not her friend or all and she isn’t into searching fireflies, but Mine thinks it’s cute so she will forgive it. Then, Mine begins talking about Sawa and Heroine are different from other people, makes her not feeling lonely anymore. But she claims it’s just a little (and Orion thinks she’s tsundere). Same with Sawa’s route, their conversation will continue with the other girl’s coming. This time, Riksa says the boys are playing to create Stonebridge. Mine says they’re cute, but as she said it, Ukyou falls to the river. In the end, they’re agreed to have girls party at delicious café, asking Sawa to search that. It will open GIRLS PARTY-MINE.


Rika (Yoshida Seiko)

Rika says it’s a pity they can’t find fireflies. She wishes Heroine will accompany her to drink tea and make it a secret from Ikki. She reveals it is to meet the guy who like her and it’s a  shame as she’s the leader of Ikki’s fanclub. They met because they had took their bag wrongly when she was in a hurry (she claimed she ate bread while running). That man said ‘it’s a destiny’, similar to manga? What Rika asks to Heroine is to give her advice on how to reject him. Heroine thinks it will be good if she tell the truth, though Rika is worried and want her to help her that time, in a red face. Orion finds it weird, questioning if she’s Rika’s twin or what. Suddenly, Mine and Sawa comes. Sawa tells that the boys are creating stone dam. When they ask what Rika is talking with Heroine, she hides it with saying there’s a new shop she want to go recently. That time, Mine and Sawa thinks it will be good to have all girls party. It will open GIRLS PARTY-RIKA.




It’s already September 12. When Heroine had dreamt of when Shin holding her hand, she woke up by his phone. Shin wants to meet her tomorrow after school, even when he must study. As promised, Heroine helped him studying and remembering his lesson in his room. It’s surprising how he can answer correctly of her question because he studied on his own. After taking long time to study together, Shin’s mother ordered him to let Heroine rest and make some sweet she like.

The night has come. Shin must take Heroine home because it’s getting late. While walking, Shin talks about Toma, about him doing well (Remember that in Shin’s route, Toma is the culprit of hurting Heroine and make her amnesia?). Heroine and Shin, both wants Toma to live well. Before he go, Shin looks at Heroine’s lonely face. He kissed her, saying she should be saying what she thought, if she want to stay with him. Heroine didn’t want to bother him studying, that’s her reason. Ever since now, Shin have feels guilty of the time Heroine’s have the accident. But he promised, he will make her happy. Then, before he go back, he kisses her again.


Heroine and Sawa are finished changing clothes to their maid uniform. When Sawa said she’s glad Heroine is alright now, Shin suddenly called her to say he can’t come tomorrow (Shin is a third year student who must study for graduation). Hearing that problem, Sawa asks Heroine to go with her and Mine instead. Though he come to take her home after finishing her work that day. At that time, Shin apologizes that he can’t go tomorrow and for it, he asks Heroine to choose place for their next date. Heroine chose park, though actually, Shin wanted to be alone together. But he won’t push his thoughts to her. Actually, she wants to be with him too, but she doesn’t want to bother his study time. When she arrives in front of her apartment’s door, Shin says to say her hope for the next time. Because going to the park isn’t her will to begin with. Well, he will treasure her as important person and glad she isn’t choose to go alone together.

When Sawa and Mine meets her at work, they are pitying Shin that his girlfriend doesn’t want to be alone with him. It must hurt him. They forces Heroine to say the reason and finally, she says she is afraid when Shin kissing her. Her body becomes weird and all so she avoided being alone with him. Right at the time she say it, Shin is calling her that he is already waiting to take her home. But Heroine refuses with a lie that she makes mistake at café and can’t go with him. In her room after going home, Shin sent her message that he want to meet her tomorrow in her apartment. It’s a hard choice, but she thinks to let him go. After receiving his phone call, Shin says it’s just to study together.

Shin comes at the promised day. He said the last reason is a lie because he came to meet her. She should’ve know what will he do in her room. It’s just to kiss her and nothing more. But even if he’s already said his reason, Heroine can’t have the mood to do it. Looking at her, Shin stops forcing her, asking if she really love him. Because her chosen place like park is nothing different than when they’re being childhood friend. He asks again if she want to be kissed by him, which Heroine answered yes, but looking at her not-want face, Shin left her. That time, Heroine thinks again that she isn’t looking at Shin as just childhood friend, but as a man.

The next day, Heroine comes to his room, to apologize. But Shin is alright with it, and also to not kiss her anymore. He just say they will be going out like a childhood friend again, but not break up. They will still be lover, but Shin won’t lay a hand on her. Suddenly, after a week or so from the last meeting with Shin, he goes to her apartment to bring her to Meido no Hitsuji. There, everyone are already gathered (except Toma and Ukyou) to celebrate her end of hospital check-up. Sawa and Mine, who realizes Toma can’t go there, are pitying it. Fortunately, Ikki says they will hold another party with Toma in the future and releasing the cold atmosphere.

To make Heroine greet everyone, Shin prefer to help Waka in the kitchen. That time, Kent and Ikki say congratulations for her recovery. Then, thinking if Ikki can help her, she ask him what shall she do about her and Shin. Ikki is a bit jealous of Shin for having Heroine as a girlfriend, but he say if she really like him, it will be good if she make special privilege to show her love. After receiving Ikki’s advice, Sawa and Mine ask if Heroine will do as he say and what she think of Shin (as family or what).

The thing makes Heroine remembers the time she hurted her leg. Shin carried her princess-like, saying it’s embarrassing and she’s heavy, but that’s just a joke. Then, he told he had been wanting to do it ever since they’re still a child. When the two of them played at the park, Heroine also got hurt. He wanted to bring her home and carrying her, but it’s just futile. Then, Toma came and carried her home, while Shin followed them with so much rage for his strength. Finally, he can do it. He also ask Heroine to say what she think of him now, from her own lips. Heroine says she love him and that makes their relationship changed.

After thinking about it, her face becomes red. Sawa and Mine can understand what’s the meaning of it. Suddenly, their conversation must stop because Kent wants to take water after drinking sake at the party. Too bad Shin already go outside when Kent hear Heroine wants to search him. She followed Shin to outside of Meido no Hitsuji, found him and say she want to go to his room. Though she can’t say the real reason, she thinks it’s best to say she wants to hear him playing bass. Shin feels weird but he let her go for the next day.

When she already comes to Shin’s room, Shin sees her weird. Heroine says it’s because she’s nervous and he realizes it’s just the two of them alone. But too bad, the bass’ string is broken so he can’t play it and fulfill Heroine’s wish. He offer to go outside, but she refuse, saying she want to be with him. Heroine hugs him, offering anything to make Shin happy, even if it’s kiss or more than that. Shin is happy of course, but he can tell she is trembling and realizes it’s someone’s advice, be it Ikki, Sawa, or Mine. He asks again if she really love him, because she refuse his kiss. But what Heroine thought is not hate the kiss, she doesn’t know what to do because her heart feels like stopping when do it. The thing she care is if Shin also love her, because he always calm when kissing her.

Finally, Shin reveals that it’s not because he’s calm or what, but he thinks he kiss her because he love Heroine. The two have misunderstood each other’s mind and they can’t tell if not saying it (stupidity). And actually, Shin is also have talk with Ikki to behave kindly to Heroine. He want to study and have A in it, so that he can spend one whole day with Heroine. She agreed with it so she will go home for now. But Shin won’t have her go so Heroine wait for him studying until he fall asleep. While sleeping, Heroine wants to take his picture but it makes him awake. He feels glad Heroine is with him after all and wish to have another 5 minutes more to sleep.

The work ended but Heroine’s face is full of worry. Sawa sees it and know it’s about Shin. It have been a week since the last time they met, Heroine isn’t know that tomorrow is his test. After Sawa say it, she becomes wanting to meet him more. Though she is confuse if it’s alright to meet Shin, Mine (coming after that) and Sawa is cheering her to go with thoughts that he will be happy. So, Heroine do that advice and go to Shin’s room.

Of course he is surprise to see her coming. Because his mother teasing them, Shin asks Heroine to go out. While walking, he hold her hands (he says it’s because it’s dark outside and Heroine walks slowly), also reminiscing when they’re in elementary school. That time, holding hands wasn’t as embarrassing as now. Well, he wants to quickly kissing her but he will hold his best for now.

The day after, Shin wants to meet Heroine even though he still have test. He runs to her room (he rush to see her), holding her from behind. He can’t stand to kiss Heroine’s cheek, but that’s all for that day. Shin must study more for his test. Then, it’s time to go on date for whole day. Heroine is making bentou when Shin comes with one from convenience store. Looking at her bentou, he feels nostalgic to when he and his family were going together and eating bentou. For today, even if it’s embarrassing, he will do what Heroine wants (such as sharing ice cream, etc.).

They’ve come to zoo and spent time seeing many animals together. When it’s finally lunch time, Shin says he almost forgot about the bentou (maybe he’s joking because Heroine makes a cute one). The embarrassing thing is, she wants to feed Shin from her hand so he’s blushing a lot. When Shin asks if she already eat, Heroine says she does, and doesn’t want to make it full so they can share ice cream. That’ll be another trouble for him..

When they got home, Heroine didn’t let Shin come home fast. Shin says she must have prepare for it if she let him stay in her room. Though he know she hasn’t, Shin will do what she wants. Heroine even come to sit closer to him, different than usual. When Shin kissed her again before leaving, he say he want her to be his fiancée rather than just a girlfriend because “childhood friend” and “lover” makes her confuse. He ask what she will choose to and Heroine agrees to be his fiancée. This time, she asks for another kiss, a gentle one that won’t make her afraid. And again, Shin kisses her.

The month changed to November. The two have another date at park. Shin asks if she remember the wedding game they’ve played from childhood. Heroine remembers it, when Shin gave her ring and had promise to be together. Now, he gives her a real ring, one from his parents’ engagement. He will treasure and protect her, saying many things to make her happy. But Heroine didn’t say anything (be it surprise and happy), so he went down and ordered her to say anything, for example ‘yes’. Finally, she can say her agreement and followed by Shin’s proposal to marry her.

Before starting her work, Sawa and Mine are amazed by Heroine’s engagement ring from Shin. They are saying the person himself must be very happy from it. Ah, then, Shin himself comes to the café just for giving Heroine’s forgotten handwarmer (in his room), and heard that. Mine and Sawa teasing him more until he go outside. Before going off, Heroine call him “Goshujin-sama” and makes him blush. He orders her to say the usual phrase so she says “いってらしゃい、シン”. He smiled for it.



In Toma’s last scenario, the culprit are Ikki’s fanclub. It has been found and got rid of It, but still, Toma is aware if there’s one who will take their picture again. To avoid anything bad, he suggests Heroine to stay at his house (now he promise there won’t be any cage, etc). Before they’ve come inside, Heroine asks if she can say 大すきwhenever she feels it to make sure they are lovers now. Toma let her do it. Again and again, he says sorry for what he did for her, though Heroine wants him to forget about it already.

After changing, Heroine helps Toma with cooking. She throws the ingredients, while Toma teach her how to do it. It’s because he used to live alone. When he talks about how he gets jealous when Heroine saying welcome to customer, she says she can do it in his house only for him. Of course Toma is happy but the result is their cooking gets burnt (too much talking). But Toma thinks it’s delicious somehow. Heroine wants to learn making food so Toma will say it’s delicious. He says not to pressure it, but she keeps wanting to do that for the person she love. Then, Toma received email from Waka to help in the café for 2-3 days. It’s dangerous to let Heroine go with him so she will stay in his house.

It’s the first time Heroine sees Toma in pajama after a long time haven’t. Though they sleep in the same room, Toma won’t lay a hand on her and prefer to sleep on the floor. It makes her can’t sleep so she tries to look at Toma. Seems like he can’t sleep either. Heroine wants him to sleep on the same bed with her, but he suggests to lock him on veranda instead. Well, he can’t win against Heroine’s wish and hugs her from behind while sleeping together. Toma still can’t believe they’re lovers now, he wants to think this time is a test if he truly good for her. If he do bad thing, he want Heroine to break up with him. Hearing that, Heroine can’t help but feeling sad for him, touching and kissing his hand. That reaction makes him nervous, scared if he can’t stop loving her. Then he began telling his feelings since long ago. Rather than want her to love him, Toma wants her to find happiness. That’s the way he always felt.

When she awakes in the morning, Toma already stand in front of her. He asks if she can sleep well last night and she agrees. She feels calm when she is with him, kisses with him, even though Toma is like any other guy, dangerous. So he will do it (the kissing, I mean). After done kissing, he asks why her face is red, if she is still mad of his joke (earlier), even if he must know it’s because she’s embarrassed. Finally, it’s time for helping Waka in the café, leaving Heroine alone in his house (again, without cage). Before he leave, Heroine says “Itterashai” for him and it makes him happy (feel like a newly-wed?). When Toma has gone, Heroine read her diary for a moment, about her feelings of loneliness when Toma isn’t around.

Suddenly, a bell rang outside. It’s Rika, comes to give her DVD-ROM of her fanclub case for Toma. Heroine says thanks to her but she feels she isn’t worth for that word because Heroine must blaming her for the past. Heroine doesn’t want to hate her and thinks Rika is similar to Toma. They both doesn’t look for their own happiness as long as the one they love is happy. Seems stupid for Rika because she can’t see another guy except Ikki since middle school. But Heroine says it’s the same as her. She has loves Toma for 19 years of her life and can’t look for another man. They are talking of who is the better (Ikki or Toma) and about whose love is the biggest. The conversation turns to Toma, who is helping Waka. He must work with Ikki and that makes Rika worried. In the end, Rika and Heroine will look for them at the café.

They can’t hear what Toma, Ikki, and Waka said in the café, but not long after they’ve hiding, Toma realizes it. He is still angry at Rika, who made the fanclub. Heroine quickly save Rika from Toma’s anger, explains the situation that they just wants to see if Toma and Ikki will fight. Toma can’t let Heroine go home alone so he quit the job earlier and taking her home. On the way, Toma gives his hand to hold hers. This makes Heroine remembers their childhood time, when they’re making yukidaruma with Shin. Since then, Toma couldn’t let his eyes go from her, even until now. He’s angry at Heroine’s action with Rika, but Heroine says to forgive her because she’s having fun talking about her lover with Rika. Later, she also wants to hear Toma’s feelings to her.

To answer it, Toma told he’s not moved by his friend’s talking about the cute girl here and there in the past. It’s because he realized he’s in love with Heroine. But he’s in childhood friend position and couldn’t say his feelings, just wanted to protect her happiness. After listening to his mind, Heroine says she love him. Urgh, but it’s on the road, so they can’t have more love scene than it is.

They’ve come back at Toma’s house. Heroine is searching for her diary when she found Toma’s album and her picture in it. Seems like he got that from his friend at his school festival then printed it (He’s embarrassed to be found by Heroine). But Heroine says they’re the same ‘cause she also took his picture with Shin’s help. It’s like, they’re both stalker. Then, it’s time to sleep. Again, Toma sleep with her. He’s talking that he will protect her, as he also made promise with her parents. When Heroine finally fell asleep, she woke up so sudden and found Toma still waking up. She asks if he’s thinking to say farewell to her, but the truth is, he’s still can’t believe he can have happiness. If he doesn’t get his punishment from what he did in the past to Heroine, he won’t be satisfied.

The next day, Toma have finished looking at Rika’s DVD about the fanclub’s attempt to scared Heroine. He can understand everything from it. After looking at it, Toma feels that he can take Heroine back at her apartment after a week. Still, she thinks she will be with him forever, but in a week, she will go home. To get spare clothes, Toma brings Heroine to a shop. Before they go, he tells Heroine not to go to lingerie shop again (She can see his face turns red).

The clothes shopping is finished. Now, Heroine wants to eat hotcake and thinks to buy the ingredients to make it. Toma asks why she wants to eat hotcake and she tells him it’s because she remembers the time his mother used to make for her. Toma says, that time, his mother also said she want a daughter. Done with buying ingredients, Heroine is concern about kitchenware, apron, for Toma. It’s also Toma’s dream to buy it for his girlfriend and he decides a cute design because whenever he thinks of her, her image is the same as a child. Done with apron, Heroine wants to go to gameshop and bought a mix genre (Toma is surprise at how mixed it is).

The last shop is lingerie shop. It’s a different shop from the last (when the shopkeeper forcing him to look at lingerie for Heroine), so he thinks it’s fine though he will wait outside. BUT! The shopkeeper is the same as the last and forcing him again to come inside. Toma say it’s a trap (With rockin’ BGM)! He shopkeeper also mention that Heroine have a big chest and might give him (Toma) a trouble (to resist?). Then again, he runs away with Heroine, thinking his heart will stop from that teasing. On the way home (after talking about Toma wants to have nabe together with Shin and Heroine),Toma is sure now to do anything for Heroine, because she’s cute and he loves her. So, he won’t resist anymore and wants Heroine to prepare for it. Arriving at home, Toma must go again after receiving a call, maybe from his friend. He tells her to wait.

When she’s waiting for him, a voice (Orion?) tells her to follow Toma. It’s a voice she can believe. The time Heroine found Toma, he’s getting knocked by Shin. Shin is angry because he had locked Heroine before. To save Toma, Heroine explains her condition. She knew it’s Ikki’s fanclub whom threatened her, but she couldn’t say it to anyone. It will just make Ikki sad. Also, what Toma did were all for her, to protect Heroine from danger even if his act was wrong. But she keeps Toma’s childhood promise to always protecting her. Shin asks if she is fine whatever action Toma do to her, but she knows what’s wrong or not. Even so, she love Toma.

As for Toma, he also know that he have done something wrong before. He can’t live without Shin and Heroine. Without Heroine, Toma will suffer and without Shin, he will be doing wrong decision. That’s the kind of human he is. Again, Shin punches him for being stupid as to say he isn’t important. For Shin and for Heroine, Toma is very important and Shin doesn’t want him to do anything wrong anymore. Shin sees him as an older brother after all. Realizing his fault, Toma finally apologizes for his thinking.

In the end, the three of them have nabe together, while Shin is sulking and Toma is healing his pain from Shin’s punch using cold towel. Seems they’ve returned back to normal after the fight. When they’ve done eating, and Shin already gone, Toma thinks it’s fine for Heroine to go back tomorrow. But Heroine looks sad and he finds out after looking at her face. He thinks she is still afraid to go home, but the truth is, she wants to be with him. Heroine tells all of her feelings to Toma. At first, Toma won’t do anything because he already promised Heroine’s parents that he will protect her. But he is at his limit. He hugs her, saying if it is what she wants, he will tell her parents to take her. He asks if she will agree to be his wife and the answer is already determined. She wants to.

Toma is in call with his mother. Apparently, his mother already knows they’ve live together for 2 weeks from Shin and asks when they can share the same family name. Of course Toma is surprise and embarrassed by it. His mother also already waiting for this time since they’re child, but also worry because until before, they haven’t become lover. After knowing it, Toma’s mother is very happy, asking where do they want to live after that, also pulling his son to say it to Heroine’s parents. The phone call is already closed, but Heroine can hear it all. Well, truthfully, he still need something to do before deciding where to live together from now (He is happy that they can do anything together, sleeping, or saying welcome). It is to call Heroine’s parents and say he want to take their daughter. He’s nervous and it’s quite funny to see his expression, but he will his best for their future. August 28, Heroine becomes Toma’s fiancée.

In October, Toma and Heroine are having date at theme park. They already lives together, so the story is about their turn to disposing trash…. While riding gondola, Heroine says her friends are talking about kissing on the top of it. But she doesn’t want to do it outside. Of course Toma teases her, that they haven’t kiss since morning, or it’s too bad since they’re alone now. This makes Heroine agrees to him. Before doing that, Toma tells her he will protect their future.



It’s already September 10th. Heroine have made promise to going on date with Kent before he go to London. Seems like he’s been waiting for her, woke up 2 hours faster, thinking if Heroine will remember their promise or what clothes she’ll wear. But of course she won’t forget her promise with Kent, her beloved person. Speaking of London, Heroine wants to go there too after him, but she should learn English. Now for the date, Kent already choose to eat macaroon with her. Before going there, he wants to hold her hand and she’s taking it with pleasure.

Done eating macaroon, Kent reveals it’s not his idea, but Ikki. Though he’s thankful that Heroine likes it. Then, he suggests to go to a park near his house, where there’s cosmos field to release her nervousness. It’s because he sees her as a heart-warming, the same as watching beautiful flower. Kent also asks Heroine if her father agree with her going to London. It seems it’s fine for both. After that, they’re having a fun dinner at Kent’s house. His mother teases them that they’ve searching room for two to share, but Kent explains it’s a separate one, just in the same apartment. It’s Kent’s father turn to ask if they will get marry. Okay, this dinner is full of teasing. The important matter is, Kent’s parents are grateful that Heroine wish to go with him to London, to protect their son (even if he’s big now, his parents are still worried about him).

When Kent escorting Heroine to go home, she tells she’s happy that Kent takes care of her with kindness. As for Kent himself, he is also obviously will do that because she’s important to him. He might not good at lover’s relationship, but it’s the best he can do. The first lesson Heroine teaches him (because he will go to London) is to clean his sheets and bedcover (or..futon cover?). They’re going to laundry to do it conveniently and makes Kent take note for it. Speaking of feelings, Kent will surely remember about her anytime, he promised of it.

To learn something more, now, Kent must try to set his bedcover on his own. He needs an hour to do it and makes him tired. Heroine lent her shoulder so he can put his head on it. He says her smell of detergent is very good and Heroine also says he has the same smell. After that, Kent fall asleep, as well as Heroine. But she dreamt of when her dog died, when Kent said cruel things to it and made her hate him. Suddenly, Kent, who noticed she had a bad dream, waking her up. She tells him she has a sad dream and from now, not want to make him worry, she will tell everything to him if she have problem. Before escorting Heroine home, Kent wants to tell her to close her eyes, but canceled (Is he trying to kiss her?). Then, in front of Heroine’s apartment, she notices Kent has worry about something. He says he wants to learn cooking so he can eat his desired food anytime. Heroine suggests to make Nikujaga and he agrees. Tomorrow, they’ll learn to cook.

Heroine has made promise with Kent so she must quickly going home after work. But Sawa and Mine comes in changing room, asking if she and Kent holding hands or kissing. For the two of it, of course they’ve already did that, but to be exact, just one time kissing. It makes Sawa and Mine pitied her, saying Kent is a slow guy. Then, Waka comes to tell Heroine she has visitor, which Kent. They’re supposed to meet in her house an hour later, but Kent thinks she must buy ingredients to cook nikujaga and he’s offering help. As expected, Sawa and Mine are hiding to hear it, but they’re getting notice. While Kent gets angry at them, Mine says he’s a slow without kissing Heroine. When Kent asks her to say it once more, Heroine grabs his hand to go outside.

In front of the café, Kent says he will stop asking about it since women has their own talking. He is excited to go with her and so is the same as Heroine. At the store, Kent unconsciously says that there is theory about husband and wife are similar to each other, the same as their similar thinking. But he quickly stop, embarrassed by his own words. Kent explains that he feels like a wedding couple by buying cooking ingredients. An hour has passed and they are ready to go home. Still, Kent is remembering when a lady talks about them, being as husband and wife. He doesn’t know why they’re talking like that despite he just kissed her once.

The cooking lesson will be held at Heroine’s house because she’s insisted to eat with someone (she’s been alone everyday). When Kent used apron and holding spoon, it looks funny. He also wrote it on notes and that’s very weird! Well, he’s glad Heroine helps him cooking for the first time. When waiting for nikujaga to be cooked well, Kent asks if Heroine feels discomfort when he hug her or when someone says they’re like married couple, or even when his parents talks about marriage. Heroine doesn’t feel like that though. Kent says, it’s weird that everyone always saying about marriage, because they must follow the process, as to kissing more. When he’s about to kiss her, their nikujaga finally done (it gets interrupted again! ヽ(#`Д´)ノ).

The nikujaga turns out good. After finish with cleaning the dishes, Heroine looks at the starry sky. Feeling the atmosphere, Kent asks if they can continue the last kiss. Heroine agrees to but they’re both nervous so they’re agree to close their eyes when counting 1,2,3 (Really, it’ll be their second kiss but feels like a newbie again? Kent is cute though!). Finally, they’re about to do it..if Kent’s phone doesn’t ring. He must go back quickly.

This time, Kent needs Heroine to go to his house because he wants to meet her. If not for his work, they will spent happy life together. But he’s busy. When Kent needs drink, Heroine offers her help because his mother went. She makes coffee for him, giving a wife’s vibes. Of course it makes Kent says it will be good if they’re married. She can do that everytime to him. When it’s time to go home, Kent can’t take her home so he feels very sorry. But Heroine says she also will do her best to study and follow him.

Again, Kent needs Heroine to stay with him at his research room in university and makes her do some errand to bring him paperwork. Out of his stress, he says meanie things to Heroine but quickly realizes she’s been hard on her side too (she must study, working, and study again to learn English). Suddenly, Kent notices some presence coming. It’s Ikki, doing some action movie (uh, I mean he pretending) again to take Heroine or he will hurt Kent. It seems fun to them so Heroine is happy with it. As usual, Ikki greets her too close and makes Kent jealous.

I’m out of picture, randomly place it here

When Kent must go to see his teacher, Ikki says he will need Heroine to take care of his friend. It’s just only with her that Kent can make special expression and Ikki notices that. Also, on September 23rd is Kent’s birthday. The two of them agrees to make surprise party to him as his memories in Japan. But it must be a secret. Kent wants to take Heroine home after he’s done with his work, but she refuse, saying she needs to buy clothes. First, Kent obviously wants to follow her, but she says it’s a girl’s need and he realizes it. It’s a lie though, she must prepare things for the party.

Later, Heroine tells it to Sawa and Mine. They both suggests to prepare a present for Kent. It does stay in her mind, but she can’t tell which is the proper one. Mine suggests to make handmade but Heroine will have test in near days. Actually, Sawa and Mine are afraid of Kent’s personality, he just being nice to Heroine. They’re also surprise on how their feelings developed since Heroine and Kent always fought in the past. But now, they decides to study abroad together (that’s the power of love!). In the end, the two of them agrees to find things for making birthday party to help Heroine.

In store, Mine suggests to buy candle for romantic party (‘coz it will be Heroine’s war to gain more love?). Suddenly, Sawa orders Mine (and their belongings) to hide. It’s because she sees Kent right near them. She just tells Kent that she and Heroine are having girls shopping, without Mine. Not want to interfere them, Kent says he will go alone to buy ingredients to make nikujaga himself. It’s a chance to know his favorite things, so Mine and Heroine will follow him. It’s like playing detective for Mine. It seems Kent is looking for a muffler so they expect he likes it. When he goes out from that store, Heroine and Mine are talking about him. Mine says Kent is using sarcasm, but someone answers it with that’s not sarcasm but the truth. Oh well, they’re getting found out by kent himself, who comes back to that shop.

Mine lies that they’re playing detective with him. Still, Kent doesn’t want to be nice to Mine ‘cause he will only do that to the one he love. This makes Mine questioning if he is slow or fast truthfully.. By Heroine’s idea, Kent doesn’t ask more of it. She promised to go with him and buy some things before he go to London (actually, it’s true he wants muffler to use in London). Right after Heroine arrives at home, Kent calls her, saying he is getting more good at cooking. But still, there isn’t Heroine who eat with him. In the future, Kent wants to cook with her again and that seems like a propose. But he will say it face-to-face when he want it, so the previous isn’t that. Also, Heroine asks to meet him at her home on his birthday.

Finally, it’s September 23rd. Heroine has done preparing for Kent’s birthday at her home. It’s just that, her cake is a failure and Kent comes faster than expected (he is excited to meet her). Well, he really is forgetting his own birthday and Heroine must explain it carefully (because he keeps missing the story here). Finally, he says it’s really a surprise party to him. When he look at the failed cake, he thinks someone must experience failure whatsoever. While it’s a waste Heroine’s cake becomes failure, it’s also his chance to show his own handmade cake. They eat it with so much happiness. Heroine also give him another present, a green muffler that suits Kent. Actually, she wants to give him handmade one, but she doesn’t have time for it. Ah, but without that, Kent is very glad to accept it.

It’s a wishing time for Kent. After he have done with it, he says that he will also giving her a surprise birthday party. But she tells him it won’t be a surprise if he already said that. The clever Kent makes it that he will make surprise party for.. maybe 10 years later so she can’t expect in what year. It makes Heroine thinking if they will still celebrate it again in the next 10 years. For Kent, he want it, but he ask her if she want that too. Heroine is also wish for their time together for the next 10 years because it’s with her beloved person. Hearing that, Kent can’t hold to kiss her. Before that, he tells her his wish is to kiss her the second time. And it’ll come true. After the second kiss, he wants the third and it will also become true (his birthday is full of kissing, right?).

It’s November 1st now. When Heroine opens Kent’s recipe notes, she found a proposal article in it. It makes him embarrassed. But because of this chance, he gives her a ring to tell his sincerity about loving her. He wants Heroine to marry him, live together with him forever. She is obviously take it and it becomes the happiest moment in Kent’s life since he’s born (before their wedding and have a children, of course).

Heroine and Kent has live in London now. They’re both going home after buying food. Heroine asks what did the shopkeeper talking with Kent before. Kent explains that the shopkeeper asks if Heroine is his wife, but he says it’s not yet but will be in the future. Though he already said that, Heroine believes he still hiding more. But if he tells her that, he won’t be able to stand not to kiss her (though he can’t do it on street). Well, he’s lost to Heroine and told her, the shopkeeper asked if he love her. Of course the answer is obviously “誰よりも愛している。世界一大切な女性だと。Love her more than anyone else. My most precious woman in the world”. Now, he wants Heroine to say it after they’ve arrive at home because they can do more lovey-dovey in it (rather than on the street).



Two months before her last time, in July, Heroine just can be able to see Ikki from afar despite she’s his girlfriend because of his fans. Shin saw her hiding, looking at Ikki, and asked if she’s fine with it. To make peace, Heroine won’t beg much after becoming Ikki’s girlfriend, but still, she’s also feels lonely like that. It’s because she just can be his girlfriend for 3 months and is also wondering if it’ll be hard. Then, Shin saw Ikki running and said that to Heroine, give her chance to follow him. When she catches Ikki on the street, Ikki is embarrassed because Heroine saw his embarrassing act (running is embarrassing?). But she will always like him. He asks how she can easily say that sentence but won’t bother anymore because they’ll see it after 3 months dating. The scene changes to the end of August, when Ikki says he won’t let Heroine go from his side. They built a new relationship.

It’s coming to September 15th now. Heroine have made preparation to live in Ikki’s house from now. After done giving her room key to its owner, Heroine goes outside and there’s Ikki who wait for her. They’ll holding hand as they walk back to their home (Ikki’s house to be exact). When he left her to put her clothes to his closet, Heroine can smell Ikki’s coffee scent from it. She thinks they might have the same smell after that.

Ikki notices she’s been starring to his closet, asks what she’s thinking and will kiss her if she won’t tell it. In the end, she tells what’s her mind and makes Ikki smell her scent too, the rose scent from her shampoo. Actually, Ikki wants to have the same shampoo as her, but he’s satisfied with the right rose smell. Joking or not, Heroine asks him to use the same shampoo as her, but he’s asking back what if a guy use rose scent. Though he thinks he’ll try once.

Tonight, they’ll have dinner outside. When walking in front of Ikki’s house, he says the street is dark at night but will be refreshing at morning. Also, he’s  a bit sad if thinking they’ll start university again soon and the chance to meet is low. The restaurant they’ve come is Tratoria Arcobaleno (Is it the same one from Otomate old game?). It have a lot of people that makes Ikki regret not eating at home (just the two of them). To live together with him, he wants to make a promise with Heroine that she must kiss when saying good night and good morning or hugged when he will go out. It’s embarrassing, really. Suddenly, a phone call from university wants him to give his mini report. He forgot about it but he can still hear Heroine’s voice that make him calm down.

After they’ve arrive at home, Heroine takes a bath first and thinking it’s embarrassing to show her pajama to Ikki. But he thinks it’s cute, makes him wants to hug her and he won’t let other people see her with that clothes. It’s time for him to take a bath now. While waiting, Heroine finds an album of his. Ikki is surprise to see that but he let her see it and say not to laugh at him. The photo which interest Heroine is the school festival one, with Ikki as a maid. He began telling his story with Waka and glad because Heroine made him befriended Waka. The other picture is about Ikki’s tennis outfit, makes Heroine says he’s cool. Ikki wants her to say it again, but she just says she always feel that. Another one is about Meido no Hitsuji’s staff.

The time to sleep has arrived. Heroine has already move to bed, but beside her, Ikki says he want to sleep with her. If she says so, Ikki will definitely go and hug her to bed right now. Too bad Heroine hasn’t prepare her heart and she tells him to wait a bit more. Ikki understands that and leaves her to sleep without touching her. Even if Heroine wants to sleep with him, she’s still nervous of it.

Time for morning romance! Heroine wakes up early than Ikki. She tells him to wake up but Ikki’s still in dreamland. If she says him to kiss her, he’ll be wake up. No matter what, it’s an embarrassing line so Heroine just can say ‘hug’. With pleasure, Ikki wakes up and hugs her. But it’s not over. Heroine leaves him to change clothes, but when she’s goes there to see again, Ikki’s still sleepy with clothes wide open (I think, he’s sleeping while changing. That’s weird). Finally, he’s done with changing, saying he can’t sleep of nervousness. The next is to kiss after saying ‘ohayou’ and they did it.

When walking down in Ikki’s house neighborhood, they’re accidentally talks about Heroine’s scary experience when having amnesia. Ikki feels sorry for it but he can’t continue apologizing like that. They’ve work at Meido no Shitsuji, with Shin. There’s an order for Shin to make ice coffee but after Heroine tells the order, Ikki comes to flirt her. Shin stops him right away. The other occasion, Waka asks if Heroine’s movement to Ikki’s house is alright. Heroine says it’s thanks to Ikki that she can be alright with it. But Waka says not too behave lovey-dovey at work to Ikki (Uh, I forgot to tell that here, Waka’s like that military commander).

Heroine is making them food before someone rings a bell on the door. It’s Heroine’s father, coming to ask if she’s alright living together with Ikki. It seems that her father knows Ikki is a playboy and scared if he’ll leave Heroine in the future, the same as him in the past (OH!). So he wants Heroine to think it over to quit living with Ikki. Ikki notices that after she comes back from outside. He says her matter is also his and it’ll be best to talk about her worries to him. That night, once again, Heroine refused to sleep with him.

Heroine and Sawa are having shopping time together. She’s talking about her feelings, that she’s always go ドキドキ easily when meeting eyes with Ikki, so it makes her can’t say anything. Sawa tells it’s fine since they’re lovers. Moreover, it makes her a bit jealous that Heroine can see Ikki’s another side which no one have seen before while living together. On her way back home, she receives Ikki’s call, which asking her to say things about want to be with him. But she doesn’t say it.

It’s surprise! When Heroine opens the door to come in Ikki’s house, there’s Kent, doing the same thing in his own route before. He grabs Heroine just to say he’ll be hurting her if Ikki won’t do as he say. Heroine tells them to stop but that makes Kent and Ikki laughs. It’s just an acting of course. The purpose of Kent comes there is to returning Ikki’s glasses back. Seems like he wears it if he’s reading. Heroine wants to see him use it, but he refuses because there’s Kent. Well, the other conversation is about how Ikki is happy to live with Heroine, seeing her sleepy face, her cute face, etc., etc. to make Kent jealous.

When Kent have gone back, Ikki uses Heroine’s leg as his pillow. As he is taking a nap, Heroine asks him  to put on his glasses for a while. Even though Kent always laugh at it, Heroine thinks it suits Ikki so much that he looks more like an adult. Ikki says Kent and her are his important people, while Kent can laugh at his supidity, Heroine can take all of it. It makes Heroine a bit jealous of Kent, than Ikki says it’s nothing to jealous about because they’re different. This time, she wants to call his real name, that only Kent can call him that. When she says ‘Ikkyuu-san’, he laughs because she uses –san. After that, he tells about his past, when his real names always getting laugh at, except to Kent. Even if Heroine not saying his real name, he feels it’s very precious and wants her to call him more. Heroine calls “Ikki-san” and telling her love for him, as well as Ikki to her.

Again, Ikki wants Heroine to sleep with him because tomorrow he’ll have things to do and must going to a trip, but she can’t say it again this time. So for now, he just longed for a kiss, telling her to say where’s the place she’ll forgive him to. She asks to kiss on her lips, but after that, she can’t stand it anymore. Ikki must giving up again.

This morning, before going to a seminar for a day, Ikki tells her to have dinner first and not waiting for him. Later, in Meido no Hitsuji, Waka says there’re girls who want to meet Heroine. If there’s something happen, he wish her to go to the café. As expected, it’s Ikki’s fanclub. They wanys to bring Heroine to karaoke or club (knows that Ikki have gone). Fortunately, Rika saved her from the fans. She wants to speak with Heroine, about her feelings for Ikki. Rika is the one who made the fanclub, and feels guilty that it made Ikki sad. She also wanted to give her homemade food to Heroine and Ikki. What come to her surprise is about Heroine’s amnesia. Rika ddin’t know that before. Anyway, Rika becomes kind now and will protect Ikki from his fanclub.

In home, Heroine opens the food from Rika. It seems delicious and maybe Ikki’s favorite (because Rika must know it). She also wants to learn making it. In the middle of studying, Ikki calls her, asking what did she do that day. Heroine tells about her and Rika’s conversation, saying if Ikki is alright now. Hearing her worries, Ikki wants to hug her now, though he can’t do it. But he’s also surprise that Heroine and Rika can talk about that.

Again, the fanclub girls are waiting for Heroine until she finish working to bring her to see Ikki. If they do that, Ikki must be going there too. Meanwhile, after arriving at the station, the fanclub wants Ikki to have drink with them, also, their friends might’ve bring his girlfriend to there too. Hearing that, Ikki agrees to go with them for a moment. Actually, Heroine is in his house, trying to cook. But she must buy something at supermarket. Suddenly, a message came that tell her to go with them to meet Ikki (the fanclub) with his picture with girls. But she ignores that and goes alone to supermarket.

Right after she have arrived, Ikki calls her. He’s in home but can’t find her, so he’s worried. Quickly, he follows Heroine to supermarker and glad she’s alright. He doesn’t want Heroine to meet with his fanclub anymore to avoid danger. Then, Heroine shows him the picture from fanclub, which contains him having fun with girls. He notices it’s in the past from his different hairstyle. Really, it’s dangerous to go after all, fortunately Heroine doesn’t go. She says she will also take care of Ikki and this makes Ikki hugs her tight. He tells her that since a week living with Heroine, he’s been wanting to touch her but can’t and also wants her  to stay with him in whatever moment, sad nor happy, and also the reverse.

When he’s back home, Ikki is very happy to see his favorite food, which truthfully, is Rika’s cooking (knowing that, Ikki’s come back to sad). But he’s happy to see Heroine’s working to make him satisfied. He also realizes the studying she talked about on phone is to cook. After that, Rika calls him that she’s been taking care of the fanclub who wants to use Heroine as a bait. Now, when they’ll go to bed, Ikki isn’t doing the same thing as other night when he orders Heroine to sleep with him. Realizing that, Heroine wants to say herself that she wants to sleep with him, but she needs time. Ikki counts 3,2,1 but she can’t do it well.

While she’s busy preparing herself to say it, Ikki doesn’t wait long to push her on bed and kissing her. Finally, Heroine can ask him to sleep together, but Ikki won’t let her sleep that night ‘coz he will love her all night! (*´ェ`*)

Morning comes. Ikki has awaken before Heroine, saying to touch her fluffy hair, he wants to stroke her head. But she must wake up fast because her class will starting that day. Though she’s still wants to be with Ikki for another 30mins.

Heroine and Sawa are glad to finish their class. Suddenly, her father sent her message to meet him after studying. Sawa, who knows it all but can’t help anything, suggests her to tell Ikki. Right in the time Heroine comes home, there’s her father with Ikki already. As expected, Heroine’s father is concern if Ikki is truly love his daughter, even if he’s also a playboy in the past. Ikki tells his feelings that Heroine is very precious to him, that because of her, he changed. He doesn’t want anyone but her. Well, it makes Heroine’s father drop back a little, but still, he wants some proof. Ikki turns his head down and says he will marry Heroine after she have ended university. Finally, her father agrees of their living together. Before he’s going back home, Heroine’s father tells Ikki to treasure her daughter, even if he have did wrong in the past (He usually didn’t come home and made Heroine said not to go).

When the two of them walked back, Ikki asked if she wanted a type of man who won’t leave her alone. He’ll try being like that. They’ve arrived at the place when Heroine always wait for him and he’s rushing to her when they’ve in lover challenge. It brings back memories. Ikki made promise that he will definitely propose her after her graduation. She tells she likes him, but he says even more deep meaning, he loves her. Heroine can’t say it out loud on the street, so Ikki will wait until they’ve come home.

Now, it’s November. Again, Ikki is changing clothes while still sleeping. After work, Shin is angry because Ikki always says Heroine is cute, whatever. It pisses Shin much for days. But Heroine is fine with the flirting. Anyway, Shin is glad that Heroine find her happiness. He also realizes Ikki has been more cheerful than before. When she’s walking with Ikki to go home, she tells him about Shin’s words (that he’s cheerful now). Ikki says he definitely is because he’s living with Heroine now. Taking off his sunglass, Ikki tries to kiss her. But a few girls sees him and messing their kissing time. Both of them runs away, but can hear some girl says they’re suit together. Heroine and Ikki just laugh of happiness.

Under the starry night, Heroine and Ikki hold their secret wedding, just for the two of them at a chapel. Suddenly, they saw shooting star. Ikki says he wish that until death do them apart, they’ll be together, then asking what is her wish. The first one that she wished is to recover Ikki’s eyes (because he had wishing before under a shooting star too), and to be with him. Ikki is very happy to hear it, that Heroine is concern of his problem. He might bothered by his eyes before, but as long he’s with her, it won’t matter anymore. Then, they’ve made a beautiful promise to be together, with a kiss.



The last scene from when Ukyou wakes Heroine up after the indicident can be seen. Ukyou tells her that it’s already end now, that he will protect her and loving her in the middle of fire. But she can’t remember anything from it. September 10th, Heroine is in the middle of working at Meido no Hitsuji. Waka tells her to prepare the café for wedding ceremony with Mine and Sawa, then the photographer will be Ukyou. As they want to talk about Ukyou, the person comes himself to there, as usual, to eat. He said himself that he didn’t have cooking set or furniture in his house. Heroine and Ukyou is now dating, but she doesn’t know what happened between them at the fiery night. Also, the strange thing is, when Ukyou asks Waka where he can find furniture store, he said about ‘this world’ rather than ‘this town’.

Waka makes this chance to beg help to use Ukyou as the photographer for café’s wedding phamplet. But he misjudges it by will get a wedding with Heroine! He agrees at it. Ukyou waits until Heroine has done with her work then going back together. Without realizing that he talks nonsense in that world about Shin and Rika’s conversation, it makes Heroine feels strange of him because he always talking about something that never happen before. Heroine remembers that Ukyou wants to buy furniture so she lend her offer to choose for him. Of course Ukyou is happy if she’s the one choosing it. But she must go to his house to see what must he bought later. Ukyou is nervous to invite her at first, but it’s daylight so it’s fine.

It seems true. He doesn’t have any furniture, just an empty room in a mansion near Meido no Hitsuji. Ukyou is very glad Heroine came to his house because numerous times, he always think what if she say ‘okaeri’ to him when he open the door from outside. He thinks it might be just a dream, and surrender. Also, in every journey he had, he’s very happy even if she just called his name. After that, Ukyou takes Heroine home. She must bring her thing to give it to Ukyou, but he waits outside. That is a bit sad that he never come to her room even if she wishes to just be them alone. Before going back, Ukyou kisses her forehead. Truthfully, he wants to kiss her lips but he can’t end it if he do that.

Arriving at the store, Ukyou is confuse if he should buy single bed or not, because maybe, ‘that person’ doesn’t want it. Though to hide the suspicion, he then grabs a mug, saying he will buy things for Heroine too. If he see that after waking up, it’ll seem like they’re truly dating. Even if he want to live with her, but he can’t say that now because he must see if ‘he’ will come again, or dangerous thing might appear if they sleep together. For Heroine, it doesn’t seem like he’s talking about other thing than ‘that’, right? Ukyou finally realizes that because of Heroine’s red face, he then shouting that he will wait for her, etc, causing people’s attention to them. ( ´∀`)

When they’ve prepared to go home, Heroine receives a call from Rika, telling her to meet them in front of station. Ukyou realizes it’s about the temple accident and will help Heroine to go. It’s true, Rika brought Ikki’s fanclub member who did terrible things to Heroine at August 25th, to apologize to Heroine. Buit she doesn’t remember a thing about that, so Ukyou says Heroine can’t remember about the accident. Even so, the fanclub musn’t do that kind of thing anymore. If they can’t use their thoughts, then they’ll be like an animal rather than human. Looking at Ukyou, one of them says he’s the one who show them the way to see Heroine at temple. But because of it, they also knows that Ukyou is Heroine’s boyfriend since last July, regret being jealous of her (they thinks Heroine like Ikki).

Rika begs Heroine not to tell that matter to Ikki, because if so, Ikki will be sad that his fanclub did bad thing to his friend. It’s unforgiveable, but Rika wishes that the fanclub will protect Ikki. The kind Heroine forgive them all, says to them that she wants them to be Ikki’s friends. Also, she is fine to be Rika’s friend because she has fun with her. But Heroine quit being in the fanclub because she has Ukyou now. The matter is closed then.

It is when Ukyou and Heroine choose the mug

Ukyou is questioning why Heroine can forgive them all. She thinks that every person can be friends, they’re good and she believes in them. Well, Ukyou finds her kindness is a bit painful because he’s also has did worse things to her (in other world) and she forgave him. He asks why she like him, even if he has nothing good (crybaby, woman-like guy, etc). But what she likes of him is all about himself, the weak Ukyou who says he love her. After hearing that, Ukyou wants to hug or kissing her, but they are in public place. He wishes they can hug each other at public if they’re not in Japan. Also, he wants to meet her everyday, hear her voice.

It’s already night when Heroine came home. She wonders what Ukyou usually did at night without TV. Suddenly, he calls her to ask what hour she will work tomorrow. After knowing it, he’s also asking her to go home together. Ukyou can’t sleep and have a walk now, alone at night. When he asks her to go too, she says she’s afraid of dark and ghosts. Ukyou finds it interesting and invites her to horror house because he wants to hug her (pervert!).

As promised, Ikki came to Meido no Hitsuji. He’s happy to see Heroine’s smiling at him as a customer but she tells him not to do that in there. Different with other line, this time, the guys are gossiping of Heroine and Ukyou. Ikki and Toma are shock to know she’s truly dating Ukyou. While Ikki asks Toma if he’s alright with it, Shin says Toma’s dream is to walk hand-in-hand with Heroine to Virgin Road. Kent comes interfering them to start working again. Well, Toma won’t say bad about other people’s love life, as well as Ikki. Then, Ukyou is asking for Tabasco, which makes that 4 guys shock in disbelieve he can eat that.

In front of Meido no Hitsuji, after Heroine have done working, Ukyou tells her about the other guys staring. She doesn’t know about that, but Ukyou won’t give her to another guy anymore (like in the other world). Now, they’ll go to his house because he wants to show her his new room. Everything is set beautifully now, that he already has furniture. Suddenly he says sometimes he must go to take picture for 2-3 weeks and really wants her to go with him if she doesn’t have university life. Too bad he can’t while Heroine still have work. So he thinks Heroine will be a perfect partner if she can go.

The reckless Ukyou fell a drink to Heroine’s clothes. She must change it quickly with her maid outfit from café. Right after Ukyou sees her with the maid outfit in his house, he hugs her. It’s not because he’s a fetish or what, but he always saw her with it at Meido no Hitsuji (for a long time), wishing this time will be true. Seems like a dream to him. But he realizes that he can’t hug her for long, going to market to cool down his head. When Heroine tries to clean up Ukyou’s carpet, she finds a note. The conversation is for two people and is very amusing to Heroine, thinking if it’s a girl who live together with Ukyou. But she can’t judge fast just from that and putting it in the actual place again. Ukyou notices she doesn’t feel well after he escorted her back home. Heroine too, can’t look at his eyes because of it.

Doesn’t his expression count as pervert?

This morning, Heroine still cries of what happened yesterday. She wants to remember the event in August to make sure of it. But it’s futile. Heroine goes work with red eyes, makes everyone worried of her, moreover it’s a fair day. But she insists to serve customer. A few fanclub member comes to stay at the café, and notices her different face. But they didn’t say anything. Then, Waka, who also comes outside that day, welcoming his other customer, Ukyou. When Ukyou stands near Waka, he says about embarrassing thing happened yesterday, which makes him should apologize again to Heroine (Ukyou thinks of pouring drink to her clothes). But Waka and the other guy is thinking another way (maybe, Ukyou had did ‘it’ and made Heroine sad).

Waka tries to talk to Ukyou, about Heroine’s sad face. He thinks there’s someone who made her in pain, asking who is it (he himself!). At that time, Rika goes in a hurry, pushing Ukyou further because she received email that Heroine is sad. Ikki suggests them to talk inside. There, Heroine explains all of her worries to Rika so she comes to ask it herself to Ukyou if he’s two-timing. After telling about the note, Ukyou can understand what it is, asking Waka to let Heroine talk with him for an hour. Before they go to talk, Rika warn Ukyou not to make her cry again tomorrow.

Ukyou brings Heroine to a quiet place and says he didn’t two-timing her. In every world, the only girl he love is just only Heroine. And about the note, it’s because he has two personalities that always comes every the him now is sleep. That’s why he’s afraid if Heroine stay with him at night, he doesn’t want her to meet another ‘him’. That ‘he’ is stronger and all, coming from his thought around last month. The one Heroine in love is the he now, also the one who thinks it’s better to die (to save Heroine). So, the other ‘he’ is the one who doesn’t want to die.

Ukyou began explaining how he lost his milk and realized there’s one more of him. So he used the note to ask the other person. He will talk about that with Waka tomorrow. It’s a surprise that Heroine wants to meet that other ‘Ukyou’, but she suddenly has vision of when ‘Ukyou’ strangle her neck at university.

The other day, Ukyou really talk to Waka about the truth. It’s not taking long until Waka and Rika believe in Ukyou’s truth. He also is fine if the other staff knows of his double personality. After Rika goes to find Ikki, Waka asks Ukyou to take picture of wedding ceremony phamplet in the café. Seems Ukyou is fine with that day but he must take picture of a flower, blooms in his grandmother’s hometown for 3 days. He’s been worried about Heroine though Waka says it’s fine since she has many good friends. After Ukyou has gone, Heroine and Sawa are having girl’s shopping. She wants to buy watering can for the plant in Ukyou’s room. The truth is, Ukyou’s working makes Sawa amazed that he can work even if everyday, he always have time to go to Meido no Hitsuji.

It’s the third day. While Ukyou hasn’t come home, Heroine pours water to his plant. But she hears someone on Ukyou’s bed. Of course Heroine remembers the other ‘him’, scared if she awaken him and prepare to go. But it’s too late. The other ‘Ukyou’ has woke up, pushing her to bed, saying he couldn’t forgive her. ‘He’ and the real Ukyou have same feelings, which is to have Heroine but this ‘Ukyou’ will do anything to make her cry. A bell rang on his door, awakening the real Ukyou. He ordered Heroine to go outside to avoid anything bad happen again.

As she goes outside in a hurry, Heroine meets a boy with hoodie (Orion!). He calls himself as delivery from flower shop, ringing a bell to give flower to Ukyou. Knows Heroine is from there, he asks her to do it instead, but she’s scared. This boy knows of it, telling her not to scared or leave Ukyou to save him. Whatever it is, she is a strong girl. After leaving the flower to Heroine, the boy left. But she decides to talk to Ukyou again.

When Heroine opens the door, Ukyou is very surprise to see her coming again. He has sent message that he came back a day faster, but she hasn’t look at it. He tells her to go or he is the one who will go outside. But she must know what really happen in August and beg Ukyou to tell it. After letting her know all, Heroine can remember every scene of it, remember her promise to not let him go. Heroine will protect him, stay with Ukyou, because she loves him. It seems she’s also remember of Orion too. Ukyou is glad she remembers it all, but he also won’t let the other ‘him’ do anything bad for her. Heroine wants to speak with that ‘person’ even if she knows ‘he’ is scary, but still, ‘he’ is also Ukyou. Ukyou surrender to her stubbornness, letting her talk to another ‘him’ but one thing he must say, he loves her.

It’s late for the other ‘Ukyou’ to come but as Ukyou says to Heroine to just punch him if ‘it’ comes out, ‘he’ really come. This ‘Ukyou’ says he’s been suffering through many death because of Heroine. But she apologizes for all of that. It seems weird that she apologize, but that ‘Ukyou’ notices she’s been suffering too, since in this world, she also died with the real him. And, ‘he’ begins realizing he is born from madness, not have any meaning, just kill and kill.

Heroine says that ‘he’ is also the same Ukyou, a crybaby. She hugs ‘him’, telling ‘him’ that she won’t leave ‘him’ anymore. ‘Ukyou’ kisses her, glad that ‘he’ didn’t kill her before. As ‘he’ is backing down for that night, the real Ukyou is surprise to know they’re kissing. Before Ukyou punish himself for it, Heroine says it’s her own desire to kiss and hug him, explaining that all.

Heroine has wore her wedding dress in Meido no Hitsuji’s changing room. Sawa, Mine, and Rika are amazed by how pretty she is now. It’s to have picture for café’s phamplet. Mine says Waka has prepared for Rika’s wedding dress too and wants her to take picture with Ikki. That makes Rika fainted, while blaberring about her pervert ideas. When Heroine goes out, Ukyou is very mad because he will just be a cameraman for it. But he uses that time to say he want Heroine to wear it only for him in the near future. She agrees to his request. Ukyou will definitely ask it back after she graduated from university, with a ring.

Waka says the other guys (Shin, Toma, Ikki, and Kent) are fighting to have the role of Heroine’s groom, with janken. After thinking more about it, Ukyou definitely won’t let Heroine take wedding with another guy, carrying her to run away. The 4 guys are chasing him though. While running, Ukyou kisses Heroine and says, he and another ‘him’ are loving her (that will become three-some?).



His story is actually might happened before Heroine lost her memories in May. She maybe have forgotten about it all in the actual storyline…


The scene is being held first at May 1st In Meido no Hitsuji, when Heroine have just arrived. She have a talk with Mine, saying Mine is a diligent girl who isn’t late to come work. Meanwhile, they can hear Waka’s shouted at phone. Even without asking, Mine has thought it connected to the new guy worker. When they asked it, Waka is very angry at this guy, who quit just only after 2 days worked (Yeah, because Waka is now in Oni Gunsou mode). Heroine thinks this guy haven’t had preparation to calm down Waka. So then, the two of them (Heroine and Mine) must do well in today’s fair. It’s not the crowded fair that is weird, but the sense of naming it as “DokiDoki Lovely Sakuranbo Fair” for Mine.

It’s very busy at the café. Mine doesn’t want to serve no.2 table customer before she resting because this man have uploaded their photo elsewhere, somekind of pervert. So, Heroine take her turn and serving this man. As they had talked about, the man wants to take picture with her, comparing with another maid café. If she won’t do it, he will write bad things about the café. Fortunately, the Oni Tenchou saved Heroine won’t allow the pervert man to touch his worker. Waka ordered him to go and never come back, then giving the other customer free service drink. Hearing the crowd, Mine comes out from resting room, and she will take charge while Waka have a talk with Heroine inside the kitchen.

I like his cool expression?

Heroine apologizes to Waka but Waka is mad at her for not rejecting that kind of offer on herself. He is the leader of that café and must protect every worker in it but he doesn’t know why she didn’t call him earlier for help. Heroine says it’s because she doesn’t want to bother Waka. He then asks Heroine to go with him after café has closed to the park in order (yeah, training to fight pervert man)! Heroine asks him why she must train that, and he says it’s because she must learn to fight. He wants to protect her actually, but she must also learn how to fight. Whatever it is, Waka already saw her strength since the first time and that’s the reason he teach Heroine.

After the training, Waka escorting her back to home. He apologizes that the training cause her body to hurt all the way. Tomorrow is her break from working and that might be lonely for Waka, but she have promised to come.


Heroine, Mine, Sawa, and Waka are finished having dinner. They were going to many restaurants to try its food for their new menu. Waka is quiet that day, just agreeing at Mine and Sawa’s talking. They decided to go to one more restaurant, but Heroine must go home because she also must working tomorrow. When she went alone, she bumped to 2 drunken man who wanted her to follow them. It’s good that Waka saved her (again). He already went to another restaurant with Sawa and Mine, but came to Heroine’s side out of his concern. Then, Waka brings Heroine to Meido no Hitsuji to take care of her heart. He gives her coffee to drink, says he’s worried and if he knows it would be like that, he won’t let her go back alone.

He tells that he will die because of her fault for Heroine, but she says it will make her lonely not being able to talk to him. Waka, who is a low profile now, says it won’t be like that because he is man with few words in the first place, he just likes spending time hearing them talking. But hearing her kind words makes him happy, filled with joy to spent time with someone. He then received a mail from Shin that he and Toma have already arrived at Mine and Sawa’s restaurant. Waka has ordered them two to avoid the same thing with Heroine. Then, he asks Heroine to play table game with him to wait for her to be ready for going home, peg solitaire or what. She can do it right after 30 minutes playing. He also reminiscing about the first time he meets Heroine’s strenghtness. They’re talking until 10 o’clock and Waka must bring her home. Before getting separated, he asks her to drink coffee with him again, just the two of them.


Similar to the title, the Waka here is feminine. May 1st, Heroine have done working. Waka invites her to drink his special blend coffee together. He calls the other staff as his child because he claims they’re similar to a little him (? I guess I won’t ask much about it). Heroine asks why he employs her as a worker, which is because he thinks she’s cute and her smile is wonderful. He added it also because he likes her and the café’s concept is suit her cuteness. Waka thinks she is a nice girl. The surprising thing is, Waka notices Heroine changes her earrings. She says it’s because the earlier has broken. Waka wants to see it, but makes the pin broken more. So to apologize, he will go buying a new one tomorrow with her.

The next day, Waka gives the other staff to work alone while he and Heroine go to store. He claims that he likes to choose cute things for cute girl (!), asks Heroine if she have allergy because instead of pierce, she used earring (He said he have one so it would be impossible to use pierce or earring, wait, must he use that?). Seems like Heroine doesn’t use pierce because she’s afraid of it, makes Waka thinks cuter of her. Another place he wants to visit is a Itallian café. The waiter boy isn’t telling the menu as good as his child, makes Waka bragging abut it.

Oh yeah, when Waka asked for menu, he talked with manly voice, which is rarely used. He claims himself differently of Okama (transvestite) and it must be surprising to Heroine to hear that kind manly voice. And so, Heroine asks if he like women or.. He asks what will be satisfied her knowledge. Well, he says it’s like a date for him that time, but he won’t make Heroine feels weird so he says to forget it. Though he likes cute girl who is similar to her. When he wanted to ask more of her thoughts on him, the waiter already brought their order. Similar to other route, Waka takes her home. He says he likes to try another café next time so Heroine offers her help to go with him. Her invitation makes him talk in manly voice, that she invited a man, to be exact. That’s why, he will wait for her answer in a year to see what position he will become in her eyes.


This time, Heroine is alone to work at Meido no Hitsuji and have finished the day. Then, Waka comes back inside after putting ‘CLOSE’ sign in front of the café, he said it’s raining outside. Unfortunately, Heroine doesn’t bring umbrella and must stay in there, drinking Earl Grey tea with Waka. The rain stopped not long after, giving chance to Waka to take Heroine back home, walking together after the rain. Here, Waka explains why he employs Heroine in the first place. The reason is because she’s a stong person who have her own intuition at a critical time, a strong one. To make balance for it, he also employs someone like Ikki, Mine, and Toma, they won’t choose way for their own purpose. And one like Heroine, Kent, Shin, and Sawa, are ones who won’t choose a wrong route. He wants Heroine to believe in his chosen people.

Waka says he will choose another way to her house. He comes near her, saying truthfully, he wants her head to stay on his chest, but he can’t do something like that. Then he brings Heroine to somewhere, a quiet road near her house, makes her nervousness can be seen through. But he wants Heroine to stay longer until she know the reason of ‘that person’. Waka thinks she has a gift that make anyone protect her and accept her being. In this situation, Heroine asks if Waka can tell about himself but he says it’s not a matter to talk about him, the only matter is he accept her hope. Though he’ll wait the time they can talk about him in the future.

When they’ve arrived further, Waka says there are two people following them all the way. Their purpose is Heroine, have followed them since they’re at the café. It’s near her house but Waka still asks what is her choice, to walk alone or stay with him. Well, she choose to stay like that, walking together with Waka and makes him happy. He tells her that all the boys staff are very protective to her, which is makes her questioning more if Waka is one of them too. He just asking back, telling her to say his name at this time. But knowing it’ll make her confuse, he apologizes. Before letting Heroine go to her room, Waka is hoping that tomorrow will rain too.

In her room, Shin calls her, asking why she is with Waka earlier (Oops, he know!), asking since when their relationship changed. But Toma takes over Shin’s phone, explaining what happened back then. He and Shin were buying something and realizing it’s raining so they decided to help Heroine. But in front of the café, there’s Waka and her. They couldn’t call her so they were following Heroine and Waka. Of course their purpose is to ask if Heroine have dating Waka. Of course it’s not like that, but she won’t tell what’s in her mind for now. There’s one bonus CG after completing it.




Orion reminded Heroine to go to girls party that day to be held at Heroine’s house. They’re gathering at her room. Surprisingly, Rika brought pet botol ice tea, which isn’t right to her image. She also often eats food from supermarket. For topic, Orion suggested Heroine to choose talking between Toma or Kent. If Heroine choose Kent, Rika, who is Ikki’s friend too, will say Kent’s data. Kent is 190cm, birthday at September 23rd, Blood-type B. It makes Sawa think if Kent have anything he like and that goes to food. She also thinks Kent like ramen, but Rika correcting it to minestrone. So, Mine thinks Kent won’t like fish, crab, or chestnut. Rika says it’s true about crab and chestnut but doesn’t know if Kent doesn’t like fish. The conclusion is, Kent isn’t a bad person at all. Then, they’ll get fun of the party.

If it’s about Toma, Sawa will say Heroine should know him best. But well, Mine thinks he’s also has some private and she knows his birthday is at April, 12th. He also like children and animals so everyone thinks Toma isn’t bad. His sign is aries, blood-type B, height 181cm. Mine says his club at highschools is broadcasting, which makes Sawa surprise because she thinks it would be soccer, and Rika remembers about newspaper club. Guess Toma went in all? For food, Toma likes spicy and something like strawberry and orange. And he has said something about his favorite animal is human (Is it true? Like, putting human in cage?).


Oh yeah, speaking of searching café, in the end, they used Meido no Hitsuji (not far from that, huh?), with Waka as the waiter. After Mine mentions Shin and Waka altogether, it gives Heroine a thought to ask of their personality. First, she will choose Shin. For all the other girls, Shin seems the youngest, but he has some good aspect. He always read at Toma’s house and playing cardgame with him. His height is 179cm, for sport, he might do relay. Shin was born at November, 30th under Sagittarius sign, blood-type A. Sawa says Shin has cute preference because he like sweet tamagoyaki, dislike celery, like dog, etc. Mine has saw Shin mofumofu-ing her neighbor’s dog who run a store. When he saw Mine, his face was like that of embarrassed child, then went in the store. Right at the time they’re thinking Shin is childish, he comes to take the order.. That surprising them but he is just stand still.

For Waka, they don’t know well about him. His height is 190cm, might be A blood but he doesn’t sure himself, his birthday is unknown. But Mine knows his favorite food, vanilla ice, though Sawa says he doesn’t have like or dislike actually. Oh well, he doesn’t have anymore to talk about. Same as Shin’s profile, Waka comes to take an order, but they still haven’t choose.


The place for this party will be at Tratoria. Sawa comes after woke up an hour before meeting time because she’s having goukon with her tennis club friends. Speaking of tennis, Rika tells them that Ikki is in one. As for Mine, she’s not a person who study diligently, so Sawa says Ukyou might warn her again. After hearing those two names, Heroine tries to ask about them. First is Ikki. As Mine requesting, Rika tells Ikki’s birthday is at June 1st, Gemini (That’s the same as my sister), blood-type AB, 182cm, has younger sister 2 years under him plus his parents, goes in tennis club. His other specialties are billiard, darts, and table tennis. Lately, Ikki also likes to play Suugaku Puzzle with Kent. His favorite food is agedashidoufu and not good with fat from meat. His favorite animal is hamster, revealed when some fanclub member brought it in cage, Ikki stared at it with cute aura from his eyes. Mine and Sawa are amazed by Rika to know all of it.

When Heroine asks about Ukyou, nobody knows except Rika, who has research report about him because she thinks Ukyou will be dangerous to Ikki. Her fanclub member had gave Ukyou 2 questionnaires and he filled different answer in it (strange, isn’t it?). His birthday is at March 3rd, pisces, blood-type O, 185cm, his club in school are about 15 (?, including dance, soccer, cheerleading, etc.). It’s weird he had come to cheerleading club, but Rika tells it’s because he had long hair, everyone would’ve seen him as a girl before.

And for his favorite food, in first paper, he filled he doesn’t have special food to like but the second one, he filled jelly and pudding. He doesn’t dislike any food in first paper, but in the second one, he wrote namatamago, gobou, nori. His hobbies in first are training mitsuami, trying weird pattern-pants, talking with people. The second answer are cleaning, washing, and talking to people. Just talking to people that might be true? His favorite animals is all, but eventually, they’ll hate him. After completing all the girls’ talking, there’s a long CG!


ORION (Igarashi Hiromi)

The scene is being held at October 1st, 2 months after she and Ukyou became lovers. But still, there’s a thing seems to forgot, a precious one. When talking about Ukyou with Sawa and Mine, they’re surprise that Heroine can’t meet Ukyou for 3 weeks because he went overseas. Their conversation must stop after Waka goes in to give them icebox cookie, and they’ll get free cookie for 2 weeks, also for customer (Waka is very gentle!). He also gives them the recipe.

Now that’s her work have done, she went to park, thinking she’s lonely without Ukyou. But she also realizes there’s someone who usually should be waiting her at home, but can’t remember who it was. Suddenly, the wind’s breezing again, bring her to see a boy taking a nap (Is it just a coincidence that the scene is same as Ukyou? Or, they have no new idea anymore). Heroine woke him up, afraid he could catch a cold, but that’s made him nervous because she is there. The boy quickly go after he isn’t denying Heroine’s question about him, who have given her handkerchief (look at Ukyou’s last CG in first game).

Today, Heroine have a dream when Orion tells her to stop the alarm (because he can’t touch things as a spirit). When she wakes up, she feels that dream is weird. After her class is over, she met Toma on the way, talking about her going home time is the same as their childhood (Her class is over quicker than usual), makes her remember about the boy at park. She went there but couldn’t find him anymore. Right at the time Heroine decided to go home, she saw the boy carrying large plastic bag.

Because he’s surprised to see Heroine, he goes in a hurry and makes it broken, having all his belongings scattered. Heroine wants to help him by offering her bag, but his mansion is the same as hers, even though Heroine haven’t say she’s living in the same. To cover it, he says he had saw her face before and decided to live at the same mansion as her. Well, the boy can’t refuse being helped by Heroine because he doesn’t want to hurt her heart by rejecting her offer. Seems his room is one floor below hers. After he’s done taking his belongings inside, the boy comes out again, saying he’s living with his Nii-chan (Nil). His Nii-chan is in university, while he’s helping by working at flower shop. At a sudden chance, he asks why Heroine has been searching for him and she answers that with she wants to meet him again. He too, really wants to see her again. Suddenly, she can’t remember a thing of why he’s asleep but Heroine have a dream of when she calls someone’s name as “..Rion”.

Heroine found the boy’s belonging in her bag, might got there while helping him, so she went to his room. This boy is appreciating her kindness. He then asks what have gotten into her long haired boyfriend and she tells the truth. Ukyou have been gone for 3 weeks and she’s lonely without him. The boy suggested her to messaging him, very adult-like. Then, he brings her inside to drink tea. He has very..unique? room design by his Nii-san. Talking about his Nii-chan, that person is a Myouga University student in year 2, while the boy haven’t go to school (he claims he’s still studying). Speaking of school, Heroine thinks the boy might easily get any friend, though he doesn’t know what friend is. She explains that they’re friend right now, which do drinking tea together and chatting. Of course the boy is very glad to met her. Done talking, Heroine invites him and his brother to her room someday.

She got text message from Ukyou after arriving home. Ukyou is fine and longed to meet her again. With the boy’s suggestion, Heroine reply his message by she wants to meet him quickly too. That time, she suddenly have vision of when she and Orion are in the temple, on fire. But she doesn’t know what is the meaning of it and goes to work. There, there are just her, Mine, and Ikki while Sawa gotten late for the job. Waka begs his worker to put flower on each table. He bought it after seeing a new flower shop. It seems true that Waka has met the boy who delievered flower before.

Heroine tries to see the new flower shop. There is a little girl buying flower for her mother’s birthday present and the flower boy nicely serving her needs. When he have trouble answering the girl’s question, Heroine helps him with her own answer. Of course that makes him glad she came. They’re talking about different flower and their experience after the girl have left. This boy says his favorite flower is tulip, which is also her favorite. But she begins asking if his name is Orion, he agrees to it, and she’s crying in happiness.

To calm her down, Orion went home with her. He’s glad she feels better after taking a walk. When she received email on her phone, Orion thinks it is fun to receive one since he never receive any mail. Concerning his trouble, Heroine asks to exchange their mail address. In front of his door (rather than taking Heroine home, it is her who takes him home), Heroine is very amazed at Orion’s positive thinking and is happy to talk with him, asking why she feels that way. Orion can’t answer that right now, but he gives her rose from his shop. The name of that rose is ‘Amnesia’.

In her home, Heroine searches the meaning of Amnesia, and finds it might lead to her meeting with Orion. His vision in her mind is now with his previous outifit. To meet him again, Heroine uses icebox cookie’s recipe and baked one, though it’s failed. Suddenly, Orion comes to see if there’s fire (after burned cookie) but is glad it’s not real. Suddenly, Heroine sees visions of her dangerous time with Orion, who always stays by her side. She hugs Orion, calling his name that he is the one who’ve been with her in whole August. Orion is surprise that she remembered it all, saying he’s now back home.

While walking with Orion, he tells her all. He and Nil-sama had lives in human world since September 1st as their punishment for granting human’s wish. For not telling her the truth, Orion is afraid if she remember the hard time they’ve been through. It’s fine if she forget if she will be afraid of it. But he is happy to meet her again. And the reason they’re going outside is to go to drugstore, clean up Heroine’s mess. Suddenly, Ukyou is calling her to see if she’s alright, but getting shock while Orion taking over the phone. Orion reveals she has remembered all and he might take her 5 years later if Ukyou won’t come. Of course Ukyou is mad and says he will go back quickly, then the phone is closed. Orion just like teasing him.

Orion haven’t had Japanese name in that world so he ask Heroine to decide one. There’s a choice for his new name, but I let it with his real name. He also wants his birthday date, deciding it will be that day when Heroine gave him name.

It is late a day but Heroine have gathered all in Meido no Hitsuji to have Orion’s surprise birthday party. He says he’s turning 12 this year (though it’s a lie). This surprise makes him crying, because he’s glad to met them all. He can receive such a great moment and have a birthday party. While everyone are having fun for his birthday, Ukyou and Nil who have come late, are getting nervous to come inside. They’re talking on how they must celebrate it or what present they have for Orion. Meanwhile, Orion says his thanks and love to Heroine and she’s also love him.


Finally I’ve finished this!! Not that I like it, but because it bother me to not finish Amnesia quickly, so I can play Hanaoni FD next. There are many bonuses in this FD and satisfying its fans (not me though). As I’ve mentioned in the first Amnesia, I’m not into this kind of boring world. The only good story is Ukyou’s, though in the FD, I think it’s Kent. He have that cute scene while blushing, going lovey-dovey overseas with Heroine, and his story is nice enough to make me giggling. The other good story, I think it’ll goes to Ikki. Of course mostly because of his romantic & hot moment. Another good aspect in his story is of his wedding scene. The other don’t have that, really.

Shin and Toma… As usual, Shin isn’t make me satisfied with his boring, cliche kind of scenario. It’s often used in drama anyway. Toma isn’t any better. He keeps blaming himself (serves you right for the cage thing!) and is kind of sorrow, but it won’t make me pitying him. Ukyou mostly go to his photo trip. Not make me feel his story is special, but yeah, I’m pitying his double personalities. I’m sad that Waka doesn’t have enough CG and his scenarios are just added scene from the forgotten memories, scattered in each world (though his CG is great!!). Girls talk is short, mostly just speaking about guys profile (I’m so glad I don’t need to see yuri route).  Different from many people, I used to hate Orion for his talking. It prolonged my time, just to hear him blabbering about his point of view. In the end, his route is too common for me. It doesn’t make me cry in happiness or what just to see him come back alive.

One more to disappoint is Nil doesn’t have enough appearance. Orion kept saying about Nil, but he just appeared in the last CG. In the first game, I thought Nil was a woman, but turned out he’s a man. Overall, it has long added scenario, some are good but some aren’t improving from the first. I kept telling myself that it’s weird for Rika, suddenly turning good in every routes just to change everyone’s impression on her, even in Ikki’s. I thought it’d be better if sometime, keeping her bad point stand still so I know it’s really RIKA…








Link for CG:


  1. Wah sis udah beres yah ^_^ Aku baru beres Ikki sama Toma sisanya liat review aja. Cerita Ikki di FD emang lumayan, wedding endingnya itu nilai plus lol, Ukyo sama Kent juga lumayan. Klo Toma, aduh nyesel aku sentuh rutenya dia ( ̄□ ̄;), no more cage please (ーー;). Dan Shin, rutenya bener2 boring banget (^_^;)

    PS: Sorry pake bhs Indo gpp?

  2. I like your review and this game very much (*O*).Your review is clear and can understand easily. If I can read Japan, I will enjoy but I can’t. So i will wait your review next time. Thank you for your review and CG. ( ^_<)

  3. Congratulations for completing this game! It must be a torturous days to complete this I know your feeling. I don’t get the appeal of this game :l (okay except for Toma with his Cage of Love) but, other than that it’s boring. I mean really the arts was promising though, I was expecting for something out of the box since their clothes are like futuristic but it’s like daily conversation щ(゚ロ゚щ) but it’s okay, the heroines and the guys are good looking so why not? xD pfft.

    So, hm. Human IS animal according to Toma. That’s why he caged her. That’s mean, he’s an Animal! 8DDD;; and shin, they totally ruined your character. Such a pity ;A;
    P/S: They should make Nil’s route. Seriously otomate, Nil should have his own story!

    • Yup, it’s like a turturous boring days since I’ve decided to play the FD, just because of Waka (The time I heard there’s FD for this, I wouldn’t want to put it to my backlog and it changed after Waka’s route had been confirmed). But then, I’m not satisfied of his route, just a bunch of short stories.

      I know. I played the first game just to see if they have any super power (like, the card at their symbols), but turned out just everyday’s boring plot. Although Ukyou’s story was the best and hillarious in the first game (the world time-leap thing), in this FD, he didn’t have any appealing side to me. Toma.. I don’t know what to say of him. If he have psychotest, would everyone see him as a psycho? -www-

      PS: If they’ll make Nil’s route, let’s just change the hero ‘coz I’ve tired of Shin, Ikki, Toma, Kent, Ukyou already. Something like Asaki Yumemishi FD or QR Cinderella 2nd would do, change the heroes!

  4. Wow! thank you so much for the review! It’s really nice of you to tell all the stories of the characters. And for th CG pack domo arigato! Actually, we liked FD more than a original version. By the way, Hanaoni FD is better than the first game too. kaki is adorable there! *_* And he even calls Kana by her name! *_* It’s so pleasant to hear~~ Oh yes, you just can’t go past his adorable way of jealousy ^^”’
    Anyway, Amnesia FD is cool! We liked Shin and Ikki’s routes! *_*

    • No worries! Compared to the first game? Of course I’d like FD more (It’s shorter and doesn’t have cage). Although the feelings when playing was still the same, boring. I wonder why you can like Shin’s route… I think it’s no different than the last, much more worse, because the story is too cliche. As for Ikki, yeah, I can feel he’s hot.

      Hanaoni FD is much more fun than Amnesia! Hibiki is such a teaser (love his Goshujin-sama scene) and everyone calls her name. It revealed Kaki’s past with Kanna’s mother too, so it’s more serious than the first game.

  5. Shocked 😮
    Indo? It’s coincident cause I’m too XD
    I’m so jealous u can read the japanese text, I want to play it but I can’t read it so I just entertain my corious with review
    By the way, I can’t download the cg, what’s the password please? Thank you

    • Yeah, Indo..
      Nope, I mostly hear what they’ve said. For some monologue without voice, I just can read about 50% if it’s easy. The CG have no password. Click download button with blue color and wait until there’s another download file button.

  6. Hey! I’m from medan, thanks for your review, it’s helpful! XD
    Anw, i am starting to learn japanese so that i can play awesome otome games like this ❤ :3 but i am wondering where to buy otome games, since it's difficult to find site to download ): and the size is big too -_- can you help me? TwT like the sites to download otome games or sites that sell otome games ._. How do you get the games? :0 hehehe

    • Oh hi, fellow Indonesian!! I haven’t had time to go to Medan though…

      You can mostly buy it from Amazon Japan (If you don’t understand it, try to contact third person who will order it for you), Ami Ami, CDJapan, etc. I mostly bought it from Amazon & AmiAmi. Well, for me, there are games I bought and some from downloading. It depends on my excitement and anxiety for the game.

  7. Hi!!! 🙂 I haven’t done reading it yet but the Heroine have no particular partner, right? 🙂 I’m sorry. 🙂 I like it. I’ll try to finish it as soon as I can,. 🙂 Nice. 🙂

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