Shining Blade Quick Review

Should I say this is the first Shining I’ve ever finished? I’ve played Shining Tears and Force EXA before, but couldn’t stand Tears’ battle system and Force EXA.. I dropped it right before the final boss. My sister played Shining Tears, but she stopped at chapter 5. Dunno if she will continue playing it. As for Shining Wind, I’ve just watched its anime. This is just a quick review, not reviewing all the stories, but MAY CONTAIN SPOILERS.

Website for more information:

The main character is Rage, comes from Wind’s world (I mean, in Shining Wind, the main heroes were came from different world than Endias right?). In Endias, he met Roselinde and befriended her. Also, she’s the one summoning Rage to save her world. Too bad she’s been taken away by some powerful enemies. For Rage, he’s being wash ashore and founded by Altina (an elf girl with white hair who used archer and could talk with animals, also befriended with Kelpia-might be that spell). Forgot to mention that Rage used a sword that can turn to human, Yukihime, and near him, there’s a cat-Rinrin (I think she’s also Shaomei in Tears). Later, Altina suggests Rage to meet the captain for all their actions, Sakuya (Oh, her name is Kaguya in Hearts). Also, Rage met a girl who could sing well and she’s always get lost because of her stupidity, Elmina (from Wind X?).

They must fight the enemies, who want to awaken Dark Dragon (I don’t know what can it do to the world, maybe destroying it?). The people who wanted to awaken Dark Dragon are Hakushaku (Issac in Tears), Sleipnir (This man-horse always attacking Altina’s forest), Slut (main enemy of Fenrir, he killed their teacher), Balder, Alberich, and Fafner (wears mask, comes with Dark Roselinde). To beat them, Rage must find 5 eggs (Seirei-Ou) from 5 different places and gather songstresses who can hear the Seirei-Ou’s voice to awaken Yukihime’s power. In his journey, Rage befriended Rick (hero in Hearts). He’s surprised that Rick can also use human as sword (Amil & Airy, also from Hearts), thinks it’s similar to Yukihime. But Yukihime taught him, that Amil and Airy already died then as their will, be a Soul Blade. Seems that Alberich is the one killing them, separating Rick from all his friend. Just that, Sakuya gathered Amil and Airy, but still couldn’t find Neris. Rick is a lonely person who doesn’t talk much and won’t accept kindness from other person but slowly, he’ll open up to Rage. It’s because many called him shinigami (If I remember correctly, the reason is same with Riela from VC3).

Gathering songstresses and Seirei-Ou led Rage to meet many people, such as:

From Tears: Ryuna, Ranah (Elwing is her name in Tears and also Altina’s older sister), Aira

From Wind: Touka, Kanon, Ein, Jin-Crow

From Hearts: Misty (Mistral), Gadem, Dylan

And for Kerberos, Gouryuki, Fenrir, I don’t know where they were before.. Kerberos is a robotic girl. with maybe, same design as Ein. But she’s convenient for long-range attack.

Their group is called Shining Force. After taking long journey, Rage will meet his older sister, Kanon (They have same hair-color) with 2 of her friends, Touka and Ein. The songstresses are Elmina, Altina, Touka, Misty, and the last, Roselinde. Know what? Fafner is Kaito (hero from Wind, too bad he isn’t playable in this game)!!!!!! He took role to hide Roselinde into their enemies from Sakuya’s order, pulling her heart (sword) to fight Rage. Roselinde’s memories also had been sealed so she couldn’t remember about Rage. In the end, they can beat Dark Dragon with songstresses song to raise Yukihime’s power.

Fafner pulled Roselinde’s sword

Don’t be happy yet cause in chapter 10, Rage must go to ruin and beat Hakushaku’s guardian monster. But Hakushaku is unbeatable, running away and can’t be found anymore. But at least, they’ve taken the ruin. Here, Kerberos found some disc which can change her personality from silent-childish.

In the end, Rage, who already called himself as hero, made a joke that he wish to be kissed by goddess (Sakuya). But Sakuya took it for real and made the other girls angry with him.-Maybe it’s Sakuya’s ending

I just could find ending with Yukihime and Altina (Of course, I just used them in battle, without Roselinde and Elmina but it’s weird for Misty ‘coz I used her). For Yukihime, Rage sees her as a girl, not just a sword (unlike her previous teacher). He says he won’t go back to his world and stay at her side forever. In Altina’s ending, she’s in trouble to think if human and fairy can live together. Rage says they can because they’re the same, followed by his words that he likes her. Altina find her happiness to be able to know Rage’s feelings.

My conclusion: Story isn’t new for me, I would’ve chose Shining Wind, which have more mysteries. Even though many characters from another Tony Taka’s Shining are involved, there are always women (Yeah, maybe this is aimed to guy, but woman wants more great guy, not just beasts!). They’re not thinking about woman’s taste at all (though I’m happy for Rick-can hear Kamiya Hiroshi’s voice). Characters such as Gouryuki, Dylan, Gadem, and Jin-Crow… I think it’ll be better to change it to Kaito (must playable!), Xion/Zero (Oh, I know he’s been missing forever, but… bonus?), Souma, Saionji, Alvin, or Ragnus!! Next time, please aiming at two genders! But.. if it’s true, there must be many Souichiro Hoshi’s voice in one game?

Battle system is quiet convenient to me, as I’m used to Valkyria Chronicles 2&3. That’s similar. Is it true the battle developer is the same as Valkyria Chronicles? Oh well, I’ll prefer this than Tears or Force EXA. Music is well enough. I like the BGM in fire element town (forgot the name). For ruin, I hate that chapter 10 ruin! Must warp here and there to find the exact location, puzzling my head, but it’s not taking long anyway. I can forgive that. Seiyuus are incredible! It’s like a seiyuu party game for me. Though I mostly don’t know female seiyuu, but I like Sakuya’s voice! Mizuki Nana will always be my favorite female seiyuu. For male seiyuu, I will choose Kamiya Hiroshi, though he doesn’t fit with silent role like Rick.

For female character, I like Sakuya and Altina. First, I like Yukihime, but it disappeared slowly after playing it. Maybe it will be better if she can be playable, not just as sword. Songs are great, except Kerberos, Misty’s second song, and all songstresses song when they fought Dark Dragon. I wanted to hear it more. For Souichiro Hoshi’s song, very very dislike it. Since long time ago, I don’t think his voice is appropriate to sing. Just my thought, play this game if you have time because it just need about a week or two! Not worth for storyline but it’s nostalgic to whom have played the previous series.






Link for CG (Just can have Yukihime and Altina’s ending):


  1. I’ve never finish shining series too, but I tried shining heart and I kinda dropped it. I don’t really like the gameplay. So.. this game has multiple ending? Judging form your review, I think I might play this game ^_^.

    Btw can I add you into my blogroll?

    Thank you 🙂

    • Ah, after finishing Shining Blade, I want to try Hearts (but not good with time, I’m in the middle of continuing Suikoden PSP). The multiple ending with female characters will be unlocked after you’ve reach certain level of their affection. But the ending for beating Dark Dragon and Hakushaku is the same. After finished beating the last boss, you can choose to go to town again and talk with the female with contain pink hearts. They’ll be unlocking their endings.

      This game just need about a week to finish it (with a few quests I’ve done, not all though). But it seems I’m too slow (because I went out often that days). Maybe you’ll be able to finish it before a week.

      Oh, of course. I’ll also add you blog & you’re welcome \(°o°;) (。´∀`)ノ Nice to meet you!

      • O.o kinda the same with growlanser isn’t? Choose the girl you want to end up before the final battle ^_^.

        ≧∇≦ I’m way more slower than you, I’ve been playing Tales of Graces and Kannou for 2 weeks and still don’t finish it yet (kinda occupy myself with K-drama lol).

        Thank you for adding me back, nice to meet you too (≧▽≦)オハツでっす♪

        • I’ve just played Growlanser IV (I forgot, maybe it’s IV) but forgotten the system and didn’t finish it. But no, it’s not choosing before final battle. When fighting or doing MOES (the system to talk with them in town), you’ll increase their affection. Then, after beating chp 9’s boss, you’ll see ending credits and can load the file when you’ve beat it.

          You can still go to town and meeting characters as usual, then if your preferred character have pink hearts icon, you can get ending with them. You still can do the 10th chapter and after beating the final boss in it, you can still go to town and have some quest. But I quit after beating the final boss in chp10. Oh, I’m also get distracted by watching chinese drama.. My otoge’s life is also ruined by searching work…

  2. The game was way to easy for me, if you have altina’s second force song, all you have to do is to place rage in the center of the battle. Use altina’s 2nd force song to increase magic and defense, and end the turn (even if there are available turn to play for, just end it.) Now the enemies will pawn Rage for good (but not dead enough, just a barely HP) Now with all the turns use your mages to attack them all,, any whoala. by 2nd round finished.

    At least I unlock the 4 girls possible endings and also Sakuya (which is you can “get” by default by finishing the Chapter). I wonder with other 2 Force singers if they have their own endings as well.

    • Wow, that’s good. I stopped after getting 2 endings. Well, my preference is that two endings whatsoever, so it’s alright for me. And what comes to my usual playing type is, I mostly didn’t use ultimate attack, like force song. The truth is, I always forget about it (haha)…

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