Moujuutsukai to Oujisama FD Portable

I’ve played it on PS2, so I won’t write long in this post. The new stories are the extra side stories for playable guys, Kurt, Dirk, Lotte, Gerda, and the girls event.


The first date with him is when he and Tiana goes to Alfred’s training ground. Alfred needs opponent to teach fighting to his soldier so he begs Matheus for help. Apparently, their fights becoming real. To stop them, Tiana used her whistle (it surprisingly can take effect on human). In scenario 2, while Tiana and Matheus are in Zardine, they visited Ouritsu Gakuen. Matheus told her about his past with Klaus, when they had a duel. Suddenly,Klaus, who coincidentally comes there, grabs Tiana’s hands to bring her with him. Matheus is jealous so he wants to have duel with Klaus again, but sadly, their presents makes all the students comes out to see them. The duel must being halt for now. In the third date, at Cattleya, they reminiscing about the rose which blooms when two person in love touches it. But Matheus must go for his work, leaving Tiana behind. She goes to where the rose is, though suddenly it’s raining. She stands in it but fortunately, Matheus comes to bring her home. He says he wants to make a test of their love again after they’ve arrive at home (and it surely not about the rose, yeah)…


Their first scenario is at the castle, when Alfred teaches Tiana how to use sword. Later, he wants to teach some more and she needs to open her coat. But a few soldiers are seeing that, and quickly runs away. Alfred doesn’t know what’s wrong but Tiana tells him they have misunderstand the situation (Yeah, they thinks Alfred is going lovey-dovey with Tiana). Though he wants to stop the misunderstanding, his way of screaming to them is scared them out and the soldiers keeps running. The second scenario is to where Dirk is. Alfred asks why Dirk always choose to stay at the frozen lake. It’s because he have memories where Alfred used to train Dirk’s body in that cold lake. After that, Tiana and Alfred are saying the same thing, that they loves each other without hate anything from one side. Well, Dirk will be happy if they quickly shows their child’s face to him later. This makes Alfred surely will make (his child) it after they get back to Fasan…

The last date with Alfred is told when they must help a theatre’s owner to entertain his spectators more, if he doesn’t want that to close because it’s very precious to him and his brother. Alfred and Tiana must play Sleeping Beauty’s stage, but he can’t kiss Tiana at it. Quickly, Alfred runs away out of embarassment to see the cute Tiana. They thoughts it’s a failure, but surprisingly, spectators were very nervous of watching it and it’s the first time they felt it at a stage’s play. So, it’s a huge success. Alfred promised to do it again to help the theatre owner.


Scenario 1 told when Lucia ran away from his work. Tiana helps him hide then he talks of his problem. Whatever it is, Tiana will always like him and a bit jealous when he says many girls are fangirl-ing over him. But Lucia says he just can do his best after meeting her and will do so too for later. The next scenario happens in Zardine, at glass shop. Lucia is being nervous if his friend (it’s near Ouritsu Gakuen) see her with his girlfriend (Tiana) so he can’t keep up with Tiana’s talk. But then Tiana wants a duck sculpture from glass because she likes duck and Lucia the same (It means, she likes him being as duck or as human). After he hears that, Lucia agrees to buy it. And the last is about Lucia wants to try holding the legendary rose with Tiana. He is nervous if it won’t bloom, but Tiana kisses his cheek to make sure she love him. The flower blooms and Lucia is happy of it, that finally, their feelings are the same.


First story told about visiting Zardine. Erik left Tiana around his school but she met another student who flirt her. When Erik comes back to save her from that student, they don’t scared by Erik’s title as the fourth prince. But still, they won’t make more problem and decides to leave Erik with Tiana. Well, Tiana is happy that Erik says there’s nobody will suit her except himself. Then, the second story is similar to Lucia. Erik wants the two of them to try touching legendary rose but he can’t find any bud. Suddenly, they heard some lover found the last one so Erik wanted to try searching again. But Tiana stop him because there is no need to proof love with flower if they are loving each other truthfully. Erik agrees with it and suggest to go to her home because they are in love… In last scenario, Tiana and Erik are staying in onsen inn. They both go to the same onsen, but Tiana is embarassed and won’t face him. Erik forced her to with a kiss and realized she’s becoming red. Note: It’s the hottest new scenario!


His first scenario is about potion. Klaus brings Tiana to Gerda’s shop to beg her make a potion for Kurt (this potion will make him listen to what Klaus said). After the potion is ready, they tried it to Silvio. He surely do what klaus have told him, such as saying ‘Nyan’ in every sentence and ten buying bread with his own money for Klaus. The next target is Kurt. But when Tiana gives it, Kurt can smell danger from it. The potion is failed. For second scenario, Kurt is helping his bakery shop because Lotte have to go to another town. Though he wants to help, but he explains too much about one bread and makes a customer angry. Fortunately, Tiana can teach him to serve well and he can do it like she have told. And the last scenario for him is when Tiana invites Klaus to her house after his work to make dinner. But in the middle of making it, Tiana has a fever and falls unconscious. She just woke up after Klaus found her than brought her to bed. After sleeping for a while, she wakes up and Klaus already prepared soup for her. He then feeding that soup to Tiana.


At first, Silvio brings Tiana to a ship sailing just to catch fish. While talking, he can feel the fish already took his bait, but not sure if it’s really work. For the next scenario, Silvio and Tiana finally arrives at Zardine. They want to try fish pie, but meet Lucia and he bought the last. It rising Silvio’s nerves when Lucia talks highly of this pie and will give it only to Tiana. After done with their arguement, Lucia leaves them. Tiana promised to make that pie for Silvio and calmed him down. And so, for the third scenario, Tiana made bentou for her date with Silvio. Too bad, when they arrived at a lake, a wind came and make them fell to the water, including the bentou. Tiana is crying for it. But Silvio said he already know her feeling. They will go home for today but Silvio promised to help her making another bentou next time.


Tiana went to look for him (because Kurt always runs from his work as the new King) after Klaus surrendered. A few encounters with Tiana makes Kurt behaves good to do his work. One time, when Tiana goes to the chapel, there’s a group of men attacking them. Fortunately, Kurt who can do physical damage to them successfully saving Tiana from the mess. He wants Tiana to always stay with him to care and playing with.


Tiana came to play with Dirk in his prison (you know his prison is the kind of different world and Tiana must use an orb to go there). He lets Tiana think of a place and brings her to her hometown (Dirk can changes environment as he wish to). He even wants to eat Tiana’s cooking and is very glad to have try it. Another day, Dirk uses his ability to make a party environment in his world and have a dance with Tiana. After that, he regret doing bad because he can’t have Tiana for himself. Truthfully, he wants Tiana to not go back and stay with him but it will keep her sad. Dirk says not to visit him again. As Tiana also have the same feelings for him, she will go to his place, even if it’s 1, 3, or 5 years later.

Is he become cute in this picture?


A boy always staring at her bakery shop but always running away when they meet in eyes. Tiana encounters the meeting with him too and finds a letter (she thinks it’s a love letter). When she and Lotte read it, seems like rather than in love with Lotte, the boy is in love with the bread there. This story remains unclosed with the doubtful Lotte.


Tiana offers her help to searching materials for Gerda’s potion. Suddenly, in a quiet forest, Gerda behaves strangely and makes Tiana fainted. When she awakes, she is in Laura’s house (The Last Witch). Seems like Gerda wants her to meet Laura and her parents (Belinda and Franzst), but they have already gone to a new journey. Gerda will let Tiana meet again with her parents if she want to help carrying her belongings..

Girls Event

It’s about all the girls in Moujuutsukai (Tiana, Lotte, and Gerda). They are waiting to eat free cakes for 2 hours. Gerda doesn’t want to admit she want to try eating but, finally, Tiana can guest it right. So, with Lotte’s invitation, the three decides to eat 5 cakes per person.

This is the bonus for completing mini game.. Not worth it!

There’s all of the new extra stories. The mini game require you to train the beast, earning money with circus (uh.. maybe it will be a circus, if that isn’t a roulette), mofumofu-ing them, and feeding them to become human again. It’s the most troublesome part for me because I hate raising them per day, to gain 50000 money. But I’ve found an easy way to do it, is that I must change the PSP system date to make the beast wake up before the real next day.. I find the bonus image after completing it isn’t worth the trouble of save and load (if I have chose a wrong picture). It’s best not to waste time on it. For Tiana’s dress CG, I used PS2 version picture because I have no time to re-puzzling the images. It’s the same anyway.





Link for CG (I’ve finally found luck to open 4shared today):


  1. Thank you for the CG set upload! I’ve been wanting to see all the new stuff they added..also rofl the shota brother gets a date too @_@

    • Yeah, I’ve played it just to get new CG. And I’m also shocked at Kurt & Dirk’s date scenario. Surprisingly, I like Dirk’s scenario even if he’s a villain in first Moujuutsukai.

  2. Yey for new cute cgs! I saw the one of Silvio and Tiana at the beginning of your entry and immediately squeed. I’m pretty sure I did so loud enough to disturb my neighbors, lol.

  3. He2 I played the PS2 too, so glad you review this game since I am too lazy to play it again. o.O so Kurt and Dirk are the new guys who you can date right?

    Btw thank you for CG ^^ (*downloading it now)

  4. Wow! The FD has a side story too *_* And the arts are very good too. Thank you for writing the review. It was as interesting to read as always *o* And for the CG-pack ..DOMO ARIGATOOOO!!!!!!!!!!!

    • The side story is short so I can play it while waiting for another game. Glad you also like the extra CG for portable too ^^ My favorite is Silvio’s CG in the beginning of my post

      • Ah, our favourite CG is Alfred’s. Well, he is our fav character in the game too ^////^ And what game are you planning to play next? *_* By the way, are you going to look through Cinderella game? It seems intriguing ^o^ We are interested in Prince very much, he is so mysterious +_+

  5. I only read Dirk’s scene because I don’t want to spoil myself for the other routes… :F
    Does it mean that he has a route or is it just an omake or something like that? OMG Dirk Dirk Diiirk *A*
    /gets slapped with a cucumber

  6. Hi!

    Would you mind if I request a download for Moujuutsukai to Oujisama series?
    The CGs are very beautiful! *stares*

    And how’s Shiei no Sona-Nyl? I saw you’re playing it. ^^

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