Mixed Fates

Kannou Mukashibanashi

I decided to play Kannou Mukashibanashi, an otome game by Otomate & 5pb after Peter Pan. This seems very short and is perfect while waiting for my most anticipated otoge in 2012, Atelier Elkrone and MIYAKO FD (Just please, don’t be difficult to finish it).

The story begins when Himeko, the heroine, wakes up in the middle of her sleep. A guy (in buttler outfit, CV: Inoue Kazuhiko) in front of her is surprising her, for he is called as the book’s guide (案内人). He explained that the book  just can be hold by her alone and the purpose is to bring another story that will make the reader have fun by reading it. Just by being the character in it she can enjoy it thoroughly. That’s more to the explanation. There is no such thing as only one ending in the story. By choosing different answer, it will lead to different future. Seems fun to Himiko so she decides to try it. To go in the book, she need earphone or headphone (whatever you choose to take) and the Guide will speak to your left and right phone (uh, first time made me experienced goosebumps!). So, you’ll finally able to choose one from seven books he had.


Leda & Hakuchou (CV: Kondou Takashi)

And first, I will choose the non-preferable guy, Zeus. His story is connected with the astrological theme, a swan. The Zeus who loves Queen of Sparta, Leda, changes his form to a swan, the animal she likes so he can come closer. Well, Himeko will be this Leda and will find some about it in her story.

Normal Route

Zeus is a God in Olympus. He already had a wife, Hera, but was attracted by this beautiful woman from Sparta, Leda. Too fall deep for her beauty and with determination to have her, Zeus changes his form to a swan to be close with her and touching her from time to time. But one day, Leda fell to the lake. Instead of glad to be saved by Zeus as a swan, Leda was afraid of his safety. This makes Zeus loves her more, to care about him than her danger. After he brought Leda to the near ground, he used CPR (kiss) to help her breathing. Again and again to make sure she is safe. Although he really wants to have that woman, he just can be glad for now to be able to save her. Then he brings Leda to her room. But Leda doesn’t know about Zeus, except the swan who saved her. She turns to love the swan because of it.

When they meet again after the dangerous day, Leda gives her thanks to the swan. But one day, she is crying, thinking of her husband (Tyndareus). Tyndareus is a King of Sparta and is goes to a battle. To help Leda, the woman he love, Zeus promised to do anything. He goes to Aphrodite to ask help and come to the battlefield where Tyndareus is in as a swan and eagle. It makes Tyndareus remembers of when he and Leda saw a beautiful swan and she always think he is similar to eagle. The purpose of this is to make Tyndareus go home and live with his wife, but Tyndareus can’t do that as a king. Zeus is angry and tries to hurt Tyndareus, but the eagle Aphrodite preventing that and hurt Zeus’ wing.

The wounded Zeus goes to Leda at the moonlight night. He can’t bring her husband back and there is only one way he can help the pitiful Leda. Zeus changes his form to Tyndareus, spending night with her even without her knowing his real form. She just thinks the swan who always accompanying her is the one who helps Tyndareus back to her side.

And the cause of that is, Leda gives birth to two eggs. One is for Castor and the other is Pollux. Castor’s body is like of a common human, while the younger, Pollux, is more likely to be similar to a God’s. They both went to the war, but Castor died from it. Pollux wants to always be with his twin and so, Zeus makes them as Gemini.

Jealousy Route

With Zeus’s form as swan, Tyndareus decides to go home and find Leda in her room that night. He kissed her, the kiss that is missed by Leda from her husband. She is crying for happiness and Tyndareus also mentioned about a swan which might be represented Leda’s feelings so eh can go back to her. He led her to bed. But Zeus and Aphrodite still looking at them from the sky. Aphrodite says it’s not like Zeus who wish for his desired woman to be happy with another man. This has risen up Zeus’ desire for Leda.

They are still meeting at the lake. But because Leda is saying thanks to the swan, and thinks it is her benefactor and best friend to help her meet again with Tyndareus, Zeus is mad and changes back to his original form. He hugs Leda and tells his desire for her beauty, also, he helped her to be happy. Though Zeus just wants her to look only at him, not happiness from other guy. Leda refused to be with him. Suddenly, Tyndareus came to them and jealous of them. But Leda told him she just also knew too sudden that Zeus is the swan. Of course Tyndareus wouldn’t let Zeus do what he want. Looking at them now, Zeus is holding back but he will not giving up on Leda.

That night, after Tyndareus knew Leda’s love for him, they’ve spent night and giving love to each other. But after Tyndareus has gone to sleep, Leda can hear Zeus’ voice, speaking to her that he will give her his taste. Then, every night, Leda would felt love from Zeus and her husband (3P?), and finally, she gave birth to the twins, which are now Gemini.

Immorality Love Route

Tyndareus, who have seen Leda with Zeus, doesn’t want to accept what he see and wants to believe it’s just a dream. He goes back, leaving Leda alone with Zeus. This is used by Leda to tells Zeus that her heart and body is for Tyndareus, but is also glad of what Zeus did for her. She goes back to her room, but what she finds isn’t very delighted. Her husband must go back to war. In God’s place, Eros (the God of Love) is coming to Zeus in substitute for Aphrodite because Aphrodite is in Sparta. Aphrodite knew about Tyndareus, gone to a battle and leaving Leda in worry. Quickly, Zeus changed to a swan again and went there.

Eros with Zeus

He calls Leda when she is in her bedroom, telling her he will accept her grief and just him can do that. At first, Leda still wouldn’t want to do something sinful. But she doesn’t have choice than to accept Zeus’ love for her. That night, the of them accepted their punishment as sinners while Tyndareus went to battle. They did it again and again when Tyndareus wasn’t around. But Zeus is glad to have spend time with Leda though it’s not a right thing.

Pure Love Route

When Zeus helped Leda from the water and think to have her in his mind, suddenly, Hera (Goddess of Marriage, Women, and Birth), Zeus’ wife, appeared. She revealed her husband’s intention to get close to Leda and brought Zeus back to Olympus just to hurt him with her power. Hera ordered Zeus to say that he live just only for her. Zeus couldn’t stand back and did what she wanted. His tears becomes rain in Earth. After the rain has stopped, Leda comes to the lake again. She finds Zeus falling down to ground with many injuries.

While taking a rest on Leda’s nap, Zeus says he has always saw Leda from above and falling in love with her. Though he knows that Hera loves him, it seems her love is only for herself, not for the two of them. Feeling his sadness, Leda can understand what he has gone through. She hugs him with care and makes Zeus have chance to hold her too. Because she feels lonely without her husband, Leda takes what Zeus want. But then the Earth’s surface is full of darkness from Hera’s anger. She goes to the land to take Leda’s voice and changing her to a swan. Hera almost catch Leda to be one of her pet swan to lay eggs for her, but Zeus successfully releasing her.

With Leda’s wing as swan, she flies up to Tyndareus’s place. He can’t call it is Leda but somehow, he feels easy to talk to it. Then, Tyndareus realizes there is Leda’s perfume fragrant on the swan. Thinking it might be the one Leda always talks about. Without noticing, Tyndareus kissed the swan, sleeping with it when night came. But a voice can be heard calling her after Tyndareus has fallen asleep. It is Zeus, caling her to go with him as her husband can’t be with her anymore after she turns to a swan. Leda doesn’t have choice and takes his arm. Again, Hera’s hatred comes to them, now in the form of her servant, who comes to kill Leda. A sudden call from Zeus with Leda’s name on it makes Tyndareus can’t calm down with that chaos. He brings the swan Leda to run while Zeus and Hera’s servant chasing them. But as a human, he can’t stand against God and fainted.

Fortunately, an eagle brought him and Leda to Aphrodite’s place, Eros (Aphrodite’s son? But he said subordinate instead son..). He came to save Tyndareus and Leda after Aphrodite’s request and it was on a whim or just to tease Hera and Zeus (Coz Zeus’ eyes to look at women makes Hera always takes a fuss in Olympus). Well, they can’t heal Leda for now and so, taking rest in Aphrodite’s place. In the morning, Eros wakes them up to explain about the way to heal Leda. When he met Aphrodite, Hera was also there. She wouldn’t want to heal Leda but Eros (the Cupid) told Tyndareus to accept his arrow and he will give him the antidote. There are two arrows he have. One is the golden one to make someone fall in love. The other is the lead arrow which can erase someone’s love. If Tyndareus take the golden arrow, he will love another woman beside Leda. But if he take the other one, will erase his love for her. Hera wants to play with their love.

For his love, Tyndareus agree to erase his love for Leda, because he will fall in love again with her. Though Leda worry about him, she will believe in her beloved husband. Then again, Eros calls Aphrodite after the declaration of love sacrifice. The one coming isn’t only Aphrodite, but also Hera and Zeus. Aphrodite has won the bet because Leda believes in Tyndareus and they are win against the trial. So, Aphrodite changes Leda back to human and Zeus surrender to their love. Leda gives thanks to Zeus that she can be able to fall in love (to Tyndareus) once again and Zeus might can feel like her too (to Hera).

Finally, Sparta has won the battle so Tyndareus can go home to live with Leda. In Olympus, Zeus also can tease (flirt) with Hera with his status as King of Gods. Meanwhile in Earth, Leda and Tyndareus are having their lovey-dovey time near the lake and thinking if Zeus and Hera can also have come back again. Leda believes they are.

Legend of Swan Route

Tyndareus can’t choose any method to heal Leda. He doesn’t want to forget his love for her and will love Leda even in swan form. But Eros can’t stand with that condition and gives Tyndareus something shining, changes his form to a swan too. Tyndareus already lost with his arrogant and can’t fulfill the bet of Aphrodite and Zeus. Aphrodite came to tell Leda that her husband couldn’t remember about her anymore. She released the Tyndareus swan. After seeing her husband forget about her and gone, Leda also fly alone up to the sky. The Sparta who has lost its leader, also lost the battle and destroyed. It’s just left the wood and lake where Zeus usually comes to see Leda. When seeing a swan, Zeus would talk to it and saying his love for Leda.

Threesomes Route

When Hera almost punish Zeus for his affair, Tyndareus comes to save Leda, and begins to pull his sword to Zeus. Plus, Hera has erasing Leda’s voice that makes Tyndareus more angry. He has sword from Hades, which can kill Gods, so Hera and Zeus retreating for now. In Olympus, Hera calls her son, Ares (long white-haired beautiful man, voiced by Sakurai!), to fight with Tyndareus and kill him. If he win, Hera promised to give Ares the country of Sparta and also Leda. But too bad, Ares won’t take the request. It makes Hera hates man more and more.

Meanwhile, because Tyndareus has won the war and comes back to Sparta, the country is now prosperous. One day, Ares comes to see Leda and Sparta, and be amazed by her beauty. He also had intention to take Leda but go after seeing her. Then, another war begin. Even if it’s just only a small country, Tyndareus can’t win easily because there’s rumour that Ares is in their enemies’ army. That night, before another war begin, Tyndareus goes back to Leda. She is worried of his safety, but suddenly, Ares comes too. He tries to kill Tyndareus because Hades sword won’t work on him. Leda interfere with Ares’ action and makes him mad at her. He grabs Leda’s arm, trying to cut her ear. Before he could do that, Zeus saved her at the right time. Scared by his father, Ares retreated.

Ares!! I want you instead that old man Zeus route!

With his golden hair, Zeus healed Tyndareus’ wound. When he tries to bring Leda to Olympus, Tyndareus cuts Zeus’ leg with Hades’ sword (Zeus’ younger brother). Of course Zeus is getting mad at Tyndareus and hurted him again. In the mess, Ares comes back to take Hades’ sword but before anything happens, Hera rages at them (this route is a mess everywhere) and can’t let Zeus and Ares come back to Olympus. Zeus and Ares begins fighting, not to forget about Tyndareus. The mad Hera finally takes action to erase Leda’s existence and no one can find her anymore (Geh, those fighting are for nothing).

Destruction Route

Tyndareus refused to fight Ares at his room. He won’t let Ares win and take over Sparta and his wife. So Ares back down and let them have their moment before tomorrow’s fight. And he was defeated, die in the battle. The left behind Leda tries to kill herself but gets hit by Ares’ arrow which makes her immortal similar to Gods so she can’t meet Tyndareus in Hades. He tried to make her his woman but Zeus came and defeated Ares. Then, Zeus brings Leda to Olympus, makes a pool to attracting the swan she likes, and lives happily with her. She almost fell to the pool, but Zeus grabbed her body tightly.

After all the story have finished, there’s an added scene, revealing Zeus’ feeling for Leda in all the stories. Wherever they are, Zeus will love Leda the most and will banish all other men before her. Once, Leda is worried because she doesn’t have any power to be compare with him. But Zeus won’t complain about that because he loves her.


Aohige (CV: Morikubo Shoutarou)

Aohige (La Barbe bleue) is a story from 17th century France, made by a fairytale writer, Charles Perrault (this author also made Cinderella, Little Red Riding Hood, Puss in Boots). This Aohige (Bluebeard) is a rich man who has 6 wifes. Himeko will be the 7th wife from him, to see who is the woman he loves (or kill?) the most.

Normal Route

In the past, there lives a rich man with beard. Every people are scared by his beard and so called him ‘Aohige’. But there’s one reason they are afraid of him. He has 6 wifes so far, but none has seen even one of them anymore. One day, Aohige saw a woman with pure white skin and attracted by her. He decided she will be his 7th wife for sure. He came to her home to invite her with her two older brothers and a few friends to come to his château. They have a party there, where the woman is very happy to eat delicious food. He also behave really nicely to them all and have a fun days each.

One day, Aohige and the woman met at night at the bench in his garden. He asks what does she think of him, of she is afraid of not. The woman says she isn’t afraid of him, but think he is very kind. That night, the two spent with love for each other. Then, they held a marriage afterward and stand the next lifes with happiness. But one day, Aohige must go to do his work and leave the chateau for long. He gives his wife the keys to all room in chateau and can let her friend visit her anytime, but there is one little key she must not use. The wife promised not to use it and Aohige left her with the rest in his mind.

She behave like her husband has told, inviting her friends to come and releasing her loneliness. But she is still lonely without Aohige and tries the forbidden key. When she opened the door, she couldn’t see what’s inside the darkness. But eventually, her eyes get used to it and what she sees is none other than the six wifes body covered with blood. They’re already died for sure. The woman goes quickly but they key falls to floor with blood. As quickly as possible, she takes it and goes to her room but suddenly, her husband comes home without telling her. He wants to hug his beloved wife after so long gone, but she is trembling. Aohige asks her to give his key and he looks at the blood in it. He have no choice than to kill her because she have already betrayed him.

Aohige brings his 7th wife to the forbidden room with purpose of killing her. He has ready with his sword, but his wife needs time to pray. When he is done waiting for her, an unexpected guests, the woman older brothers, comes to visit. The wife shouted to save her and the two brothers went to where the voice is. They saw their sister would get killed by Aohige and saved. Aohige was killed. After that, the woman brings her family to live in Aohige chateau, still love the man. She thinks it’s also her fault for not keeping her promise.

Mysterious Route

The wife decided to use the forbidden key. She opens the door but what she have is just 2 doors ahead, with left and right gatekeepers who looks similar to Aohige (though their hair are grey). It is up to her decision to come back to her world again, by choosing left or right door. She can’t come back to the previous door so the wife takes the challenge to choose right door and open it. But she just finds another 2 doors in front of her. Again, she decides right door until finally, she reaches the entrance of Aohige’s mansion, who already comes back without her notice. While trembling, the wife told the truth about coming inside his forbidden room. Aohige is glad she tells the truth and ask her not to go again. The wife promised to and the two lives happily ever after.

Trick Route

The same as normal route. The wife goes to forbidden room, gets known Aohige and he tries to kill her. In the crucial time, her two brothers appeared, taking Aohige off her, and began questioning what method should they use to kill him. The last, the two brothers binding Aohige’s body with rope, while their sister uses arrow to stab his heart. Before he die, the wife ask him to beg her forgiveness. But it’s futile because the truth is, his wife and her two brothers are swindler specifically to rich man. She stabbed him again to make him die quick. At the end, the three siblings are still using same method to swindle rich man, with the forbidden room, maybe til now.

Real Love Route

Aohige gave his wife all of his chateau’s keys but she doubts to use it well because she will be lonely without him. To make her rest assured, Aohige took a butler for her and keeping his keys. First, after Aohige left her, the wife still stand it with inviting her friends. But one day, she feels lonely again and calls her butler. He knows her madam’s loneliness and brings her to Aohige’s playroom (card or billiard) but she doesn’t want to. So, this butler offering his help, if she needs to talk to someone and she can talk to him. The wife is happy for it and grip his hand. From now on, the wife has a friend to talk to anytime she wants.

Gimme that butler!!

But their closeness makes the butler loves the wife so much he can’t hide it anymore. He tells his feelings, that his heart already captivated by her, but the wife’s loved one is just for Aohige (if it’s me, I’ll choose the butler right away instead!). The butler back down from his desire and will keep his love like a mere dream. Then, Aohige comes home finally after about three months. The butler gives back the key and tells his wife doesn’t use forbidden one. Aohige is glad his wife still keeps her promise. But he still asks her again, if it’s true there’s nothing happen while he was gone, kissing her nape of neck and caress her ears. The wife said there’s nothing, just she felt lonely while he went. Because she loves him. Aohige, hearing his wife’s confession, is also confessing his love for her.

Then, he must go again once to work, leaving his wife behind. He promised it’ll be the last time he go for a long time. Again, he gives another key to the butler but gives one silver key to his wife, but she musn’t open the door to its room. His wife, being faithful to Aohige, decides to keep the key to her jewellery box. When Aohige went home, she gave the key with her box right away. And then, Aohige, who feels touched by his wife, begging for her forgiveness because he wants to try her faith. He always betrayed by others and doesn’t have choice than to bet on it. His wife forgave him and the two finally have believed in each other’s love. That’s why, Aohige brings her to the little door where the key is used to.

There, they found a field and a cradle in it. It was Aohige’s playing ground when he’s little, gave by his parents as present. But now, the flower which should bloom isn’t there anymore. He told the story about his past when there’s war and his servant killed his parents. The servant had been captured but he lived there alone for long. He marry his previous wifes, but they are just wish for his property. No one ever love him for real. His wife, touched by his story, says she will keep the garden and plat flower in it s they can be happy together. First, Aohige is scared if the him, who always lonely, can be receive her kindness. But there is no need to worry since they are loving each other. Finally, they have many children and playing around in his garden, like looking at the past him.-This is a lot better than Zeus’ route…

Quintuplets Route

Aohige is happy his wife doesn’t do anything when he returns back. Now, he gives her another little key before he leave the second time. But his wife is suspicious of it, opening the door, and finds 4 man just like Aohige. Quickly, she shut and lock the door but from her back, Aohige come. The wife beg forgiveness because she just want to know about him and will also taking precious of what he feel so. That’s why, she inspecting Aohige and his precious room. Hearing it, Aohige takes her arm, brings her to the forbidden room again. He reveals that are all his brothers, all quintuplets. But there is only one man who is her husband and she must choose. The wife choose the right one, who takes her there, makes the real Aohige happy. She can do it from remembering his smell and warmth, hugging him and forgiving his trial. In the end, the lovers lives together and protecting Aohige’s brother forever.

Aohige Over His Wife Route

Aohige’s wife choose to feel warmth for her butler. They spent days together. One day, she must go for a  few days and gives her precious little key to him, leads to her hidden room. Even Aohige doesn’t know about that. When she was gone, the butler kept remembering of the key and thought to see what’s in her hidden room about. There is many dead bodies in it, similar to normal route. The butler is scared but keeps working until the wife comes home. Although he used his strength to keep it hidden, the wife could see him trembling and finally knowing the truth. She killed him then got the new butler. But it keeps repeating until Aohige returns home. He is curious on why his faithful butler has changed now. His wife lies that the previous butler tried to steal her jewel and Aohige believes her.

But she keeps repeating the same cycle and makes Aohige curious again. He asks if she has played with them but she says the only one she loves is him. Aohige believes that but finally he heard about the secret room. Once his wife isn’t there, Aohige tries to look at it and finds his servants and fellow attendants are all died in it. Suddenly, his wife comes with sword to kill him, because she feels lonely when he’s gone and every time, there’s no one will keep their promise to her. When she did it, before he close his eyes, Aohige told he is sorry for making her like that. And he loves her. After Aohige close his eyes and never awaken again, the wife cries. No one knows what happen after that.

Passing Route

Aohige doesn’t believe his wife’s lie about the previous butler. She have no choice than revealing her affair with all of them, crying. Still, Aohige thinks it isn’t the right thing to do. So his wife can’t stand the blame, grab him to ask what she should so when he’s gone. That action leads to her, falling down from stairs and dies. The sorrowful still occur in his heart. Slowly, he discharged his servants, lives together with his wife’s dead body. Once, Aohige told her that he might buy many dress for her, inviting her family to a party, and giving her rose, the flower she likes. Until his life run out, Aohige will still love her.

At the end of Aohige’s route, the wife runs through a dark room, scared if she will come to where dead bodies are. But she finds Aohige’s garden instead of killing room. In here, they are talking about their love, their experience in each story (that they can both killing people makes a perfect couple). But it all leads about their love and will do so forever.


Hansel and Gretel (CV: Toriumi Kousuke)

Who haven’t heard the story from Brothers Grimm (Jacob and Wilhelm Grimm)? This a story of Hansel and his little sister, Gretel, who are abandoned by their parents in the wood. Hansel would try to search way to come back to their home, but didn’t know what await them more.. Himeko will be Gretel in this story.

Normal Route

There lives poor woodcutter with their child and their step-mother, Hansel and Gretel, which aren’t blood related. But the two of them are very close to each other. They have step mother too. One day, the poor woodcutter already can’t think of anything to live with his children. Hansel and Gretel’s step mother suggested to leave them in the wood. The woodcutter have no choice than do it as his wife told him. While the two of them alone until night, Gretel is crying. Not want to look at her sad, Hansel tells her that he has already prepared to use his little stone. With it, they can go back to their house safely. The next day, they are abandoned again in the wood. Now, Hansel has prepared his bread to find way. But animals in wood have already eaten it all.

Hansel and Gretel can’t find way back to home even if there are already so many days passed. While walking, Gretel hurted her leg. To help her walk, Hansel carrying her on his back. Suddenly, the two saw a white bird they have never seen before. After the bird flew by, they saw a house, build by sweets. From the candy house, they can smell sweet fragrant coming. Quickly, they can’t stand the urge to go near it and begin to eat part of the house. Gretel’s face is full of chocolate she has ate. Looking at it, Hansel licks it directly from her cheek. He will clean her from the mess of chocolate (And what I think of it? Toriumi have experience in this kind of licking sound…!). After that, the two start eating custard pudding and feel happy from it.

But not long after they eat the house, a grandmother goes out from it. Hansel realizes it is her home and apologize for eating it. But the grandma lets them comes in and stay in one of her room. While they’re sleeping, that grandma comes with evil intention. Actually, she is a witch who eats human and will eat that children. Feeling danger around, Hansel woke up but the witch just go as if nothing happen from that room. Anyway, Hansel has sense danger from her, so he quickly waking up his sister to run. Though it’s futile. The witch have knows about it and captured Hansel for her food while she makes Gretel cook to make her brother more fat.

That night, Gretel takes her brave and goes to his brother’s room. She is crying in his arm and makes Hansel really worried. When they finally have time to be together, Gretel fainted. Quickly, Hansel brings soup for her, makes her drink from mouth-to-mouth. After Gretel finally awakes, the witch has already in there, gets mad at their love. She can’t wait to eat Hansel and brings him to a big stove in her house. But she need water to cook Hansel and so, he let himself go to take a bucket of it. While Hansel is out to get water, the witch ordered Gretel to look at the fire. But she thinks it’s so big. Of course, because it is to cook a human body. Without noticing it the witch has stand near the stove. Fortunately, that’s when Hansel comes back. Quickly, he pushes the witch and cages her inside the stove. It is over with her dying in the big stove.

After that, Hansel cleans Gretel’s face from the smoke. He wants to live together with her. Also, they found jewels in the candy house, then go out together from it to the deep wood to live together.

Witch Route

Gretel offering her body to releasing Hansel from the witch. Now, Hansel must follow the witch’s order, as to work for her and calling her “Master-ご主人さま” (What’s with this エロババ?). That night after he fell and hurted his leg, Hansel visited Gretel to say he will do anything for her. On another occasion, Hansel saw the witch changing a little bird to a swan with her magic. It was amazed his eyes and would do anything, begging the witch to teach him (as well thinking he will be able to save Gretel of he know magic). The witch, looking him seriously, agreed to teach him, just it’s a difficult way to obtain. Everyday, the witch will punish him if he doesn’t do good.

Finally all of his work bears fruit. Hansel showed his magic to Gretel, changing a book to a chick. That’s a cute magic. Somewhere, Hansel is telling his mind to beat the witch and releasing Gretel’s leg from its shackle. But Gretel won’t let her precious person to get beaten by witch, telling him it’s dangerous and makes her worry. Not want to make Gretel sad, Hansel stopped the thinking. Now, he is working to help the witch with her magic work. Looking him is full spirit and knowing it’s all for Gretel, the witch decides to give her key to releasing Gretel. After receiving it, Hansel goes to Gretel and releasing her leg. He decides to learn magic and give present to all children in the world. This thoughts is making Gretel following him to learn magic.

Sometimes, Hansel will help her with using his magic to change mouse to a cat because Gretel is bad at it. Another day, they have a date in the sky, eating the cloud with sweet taste because Hansel changes it. But after that, the weak Gretel falls down before him because it’s her first time flying. Quickly, Hansel help her stand, with the help of the witch. The three of them are now living happily ever after as a family.

Brother and Sister Love Route

With Hansel thoughts to beat the witch, Gretel wants to help and learn magic too. But Hansel won’t let her studying it, because it’s too hard to obtain. And his battle begins when the witch is cooking nabe, and already knows his intention since first. They are fighting with magic, but Hansel lose, captured by snake. The witch also took Gretel, beating her until near death. Hansel, who is very angry at that, use his fire magic to burn the witch. They finally won the battle, but Hansel wouldn’t releasing Gretel’s leg shackle because he will obtain Gretel and won’t let her free or running from him. Because Gretel is also loves her brother, she won’t run away and accept their symbol of love, the leg shackle (Uwaah! Hansel, this boy becomes scary in this route!).

This reminded me of Amnesia…

Harlem Ghost Route

Hansel and Gretel, instead they find the candy house, they find a wrecked, horror house in the wood. They have no choice than to stay in there, because from now on, they must live together alone. First, the door is opening on itself, then the second time, they can feel the cold wind inside. Hansel, not want to bring Gretel to sightseeing it, puts on blanket to her and then he goes himself. When Gretel is alone, two ghosts are talking to eat her soul, makes her fainted. Fortunately, Hansel is quickly goes to where she is, and finally realizes there are ghosts in that house. The ghosts keeps want their soul, so Hansel fight back and successfully (wonderfully) hit one of it. It is weird, but he can fight the ghosts now.

Gretel awakes and wants to fight too, though Hansel doesn’t want her to get hurt. Still, Gretel also have thinking to protect Hansel. The two confessing each other’s love and makes the ghosts body turns small (Is it the power of love?). Quickly, they took the ghosts inside a cupboard and the house became calm (Whooa, the voice of the tiny ghosts….!! It is robotic, speed rising sound). Suddenly, a voice from a male ghost with scar on his face comes to say the two ghosts can’t do anything bad anymore, they lose power from Hansel and Gretel’s love. He is what they called the Chief ghost. So Hansel releasing that tiny ghosts, they becomes big again. After hearing the situation of these two child, the Chief ghost let them live inside their mansion.

Once, the Chief asks them is they want to live with him and the two ghosts. Hansel is seriously happy with it, but wants to consider Gretel’s decision. Of course Gretel would do the same and live there. Finally, the two of them lives as ghosts (because their soul has been eaten) and Gretel is loved not only by Hansel, but also the two ghosts and Chief.

Denouement Route

Gretel can’t erase her memories of her parents and wishes they can live back with them instead in ghost house. The other ghosts and their Chief are agreed to help the two of them come back to their house. When they’re back at home, as expected, their parents still won’t let them live together. So it’s now the ghosts turn to makes them feel Hansel and Gretel’s pain and finally apologizing to them. These two child also forgive their parents. Now, from now on, the two can live together as family and the ghosts are back to the wood.

A few years later, Hansel and Gretel are already adult now (Give me!!). He wake Gretel up but she still sleepy. So, Hansel asks if it’s alright to do anything if she won’t wake up…

Revenge Route

Hansel can’t fight the two ghosts and runs with Gretel to a room. But the ghosts can find them, eat their souls and makes them transparent, can’t touch each other. They blame the two ghosts for letting them die, but suddenly, the Chief ghost is coming, saying it’s also their own fault for being a ghost instead of go to Heaven. It’s true, Hansel has grudge for their parents. But Gretel says she wants to forgive them. But she will follow her brother to take revenge to their parents, because it is the only way to go to Heaven, releasing their revenge.

That night, the two goes to their previous house. Their step-mother, who hears a door knocked, look at it, and finds a beautiful horse. She is waking up her husband, the woodcutter, to catch it and will gain money from it. But they lose sight of the horse and finds a cliff. Hansel and Gretel are scaring them, wants to take revenge and makes them fall. They are talking about the pain they had, making their parents apologize. Knowing their parents already apologizing, Hansel and Gretel stops it. That parent-child finally gets to make up their relationship but it’s too late. Hansel and Gretel can’t go back to live with them and after their revenge has finished, the two goes to Heaven. Before disappearing from each other, Hansel asks Gretel to be his sister again in there and she agrees.

Ghost Route

Even if they have grudge for their parents, but they don’t want to take it. Then, the two are going outside ghost house, flying in the night sky. Hansel hugs from behind her, very sad because he can’t touch her hair and feel her warmth. Seeing stars coming from Gretel’s body (because they are transparent now) makes Hansel sees it like a necklace for her and is very beautiful. Although they are ghost now, but their love won’t disappear. Today, the two helped lost children to find safe way in the wood. They called them the 道しるべお化け=signpost ghost.


Hansel wakes Gretel up in their house. They have seen 7 different endings that will happen to them again. The witch have took them back before their father abandon the two child. From now, Hansel will always love Gretel even if they become ghost, and also the same for Gretel. Suddenly, they can hear their father coming but now, they’ve prepared their future.


Issun Boushi (CV: Suzuki Tatsuhisa)

Issun Boushi is a Japanese fairytale, can be found in Japanese illustrated book, Otougizoushi (read Wikipedia). His body is just about 3 centimeters height but very brave.  Himeko will be the princess he met at the city.

Normal Route

A long time ago, a pair of old woman and her husband prayed to have children for their own. God let them have it, but their child is very tiny, just a grownman’s fingertip. So, he was called Issun Boushi. But they are very happy for Issun. Fifteen years after he was born, Issun Boushi told his wish to go to the city. First, the grandma wouldn’t let him go for his safety. But finally, he can convince them to let him experience the new big world. The grandpa made him tiny sword and the grandma made him a ship to across the river. Finally, Issun Boushi arrived at the city and went to a daimyo’s house. The daimyo thinks he will be perfect to be his daughter’s playmate, the princess.

The princess is very happy to have Issun Boushi as her friend, even though she can only see him as a small being, also says he is cute. But one day, she asks him what can he see with his small body. Is he can see something the princess can’t? Issun Boushi explains that he can see what princess can’t but it’s the same. The princess also can see what he can’t. But now, the only one in front of him is none other than the princess herself and there’s no need to worry. Suddenly, the princess can see his small wound and tries to help him recover it.

Another day, the princess’ hand was hurted by a flower’s thorn. Issun Boushi heard it and quickly came to her room and tried to help her releasing a thorn, still sticking to the princess’ finger. After he has pulled it out with the help of his sword, the princess is hurted by it. To stop the pain and bleeding, Issun Boushi licks princess’ wound. Then, they are always seen together. One day, princess and Issun Boushi are taking a walk in the forest but then gets interrupted by red oni who wants to take princess to be his. Issun Boushi tries to save the princess, but gets eaten by red oni and goes to its stomach. From the red oni’s body, Issun Boushi stabs his little sword onto red oni’s body and defeating it.

Issun Boushi finally saved the princess and went out from oni’s stomach. As the oni falls, it also drop Uchide no Kozuchi (magic mallet) that will grant Issun Boushi’s wish, to have a common body with human size. He asks what does princess thinks of he is now, and it makes the princess blushing. Without doubt, the princess hugs him and he touches her finger, the one he has took care from thorn. Now, he can use his lips to connect it with the princess. And so then, the two of them get marry. Everyday, Issun Boushi works hard to make their lives.

Competition of Love Route

I don’t know how to translate Koi Kurabe, so I used this as its title. In the wood at night, princess and Isshun Boushi didn’t meet red oni. While walking, princess is scared if the rumour about some mononoke, who always calling where is Isshun Boushi, will appear. Then it happened for real. Though when they stares at it, he isn’t a mononoke, but a tiny person like Isshun Boushi, Isshun Tarou. He always a lone person, hated by the people in his village. Isshun Tarou takes a journey to the city and heard about Isshun Boushi, looking for him everywhere. He thinks Isshun Boushi is the same as him, always alone, but Isshun Boushi have princess on his side. Looking at the poor Tarou, princess takes him to her house. Tarou is very grateful for it and will protect the princess.

Isshun Boushi and Isshun Tarou are really close to each other, like that of sibling. They both love princess’ smile, though it makes Isshun Boushi jealous of Tarou’s closeness to princess. They both often spent days by playing together, for example, closing princess’ eyes, then whispering from two sides, asking where is the real Isshun Boushi (That’s weird). One time, when three are taking a walk together, a red oni appeared. They both are protecting princess, but can’t defeat that big oni with their little body. Then, Isshun Boushi suggested Isshun Tarou to work together and finally defeated it, with crying because red oni’s leg is bleeding. With Uchide no Kuzuchi from red oni, the two of them becomes big like a normal human.

Now, many women chased upon Isshun Boushi and Tarou, but their hearts were always for princess. Isshun Boushi still hides his feeling so Tarou says he will propose to princess. This makes Isshun Boushi taking turns to confess to princess too if he doesn’t want Tarou get her. They are going to meet princess, confessing their feelings one by one. In fact, the princess can’t choose one of them, so they stay as love rival. Many marriage proposal for the princess are canceled because the two of them interfering. What happen in the end is mystery…


Friendship Route

Refusing to use Uchide no Kozuchi, Isshun Boushi decides to become strong, go to training, to be able to protect his princess. The princess agrees to it, letting him go, together with Isshun Tarou. The two Isshuns wants to becomes strong and promised to come back to her after they have become one. Uchide no Kozuchi also brought by them. Years later, as they’ve promised, the two Isshuns comes back to princess house. And when they finally used Uchide no Kozuchi, their bodies turned bigger. From now on, the two will protect the princess.

Mystery Route

When Isshun Boushi told his desire to go to city, he found his grandpa already died, killed by miyako oni. Isshun decides to leave to city and make revenge for his grandpa. With the sword, he left his hometown although his grandma has said it’s futile to make revenge. After he arrived at the city, Isshun heard some people were talking about this miyako oni, had killed old people sinced a year ago. Then, he tried asking about it inside a daimyo’s house, but finds a beautiful princess instead. The princess doesn’t know about miyako oni, but she lets him live there. There’s time when Isshun feels a burden for princess but this princess is happy he is there with her. Their bonds are stronger now.

And then, Isshun heard rumour about miyako oni again, attacked a nearby house. He must search it, though it makes princess worry because his body is so little. But no matter what, Isshun wants to know why this miyako oni killed his grandpa, the one who raised him with love. Princess stroking his head (he is embarrassed) and the two of them goes to search information. It’s futile though and they are going back home. This time, the princess tells him she is worry if he will go to leave her if they have find the oni. Though Isshun won’t leave her, but he must search it again after miyako oni hasn’t come out for long and people begins feel it have leave the city nor already died. Suddenly, the princess behaving strangely, won’t let him go like a crazy one. It makes Isshun must do something and stabs her with his tiny sword, already filled with sleeping drug. The princess wakes up for his explanation then they are sleeping together (before, Isshun sings a lullaby for her). But he is curious on why princess behaving strange.

Another day, Isshun finds something strange in picture scroll. It have a name from people who have died from miyako oni, including his grandpa. He also found the same cloth at his grandpa’s cloth, which is princess’ family crest. Quickly, Isshun gathers the house’ people, revealing that miyako oni is the princess herself. First, she denied it. But then, Isshun keeps telling her to reveal it. The princess tells it’s because everyone left her behind, including her mother and father. She did it because it felt lonely. Then, the princess cries out her own fault. Her father takes her on prison.

Even if the princess has killed his grandpa, Isshun will still loving her. He visited princess in her cell, accompanying her when playing ball (Tama asobi). The princess can’t let herelf go from prison forever but Isshun will stay with her.

Elopement Route

Isshun reveals the prepetrator is princess’ father, the daimyo. But he can’t have evidence of it so the daimyo ordered to take him to prison. But princess is stopping her father because she knows Isshun wants to find the culprit behind his grandpa’s dead. But it won’t help. Isshun is very happy that his princess wants to save him. The feeling is fine. He is taken prisoner with the special cell made for him. Suddenly, he can hear princess’ voice. She comes to releasing him. After he have released from the cell, Isshun is very happy that he tells her he have love her. The princess is also loves him and the two of them going out from city, eloping together. They never settle foot in city again. When they are walking together, searching for next destination, Isshun suggests to go to south town and see the ocean.

Suspense Route

After making the princess sleep, Isshun Boushi is also taking a sleep with her. The next day, they are going to the forest until night comes. A scary being finds them, he is without a doubt, the miyako oni. This miyako oni tries to kill them both, wrecking princess’ kimono and showing her skin. Seeing her white skin, miyako oni decides to see it with blood and so, he’s searching for them in the abandoned temple (miyako oni has killed the monks there). Isshun Boushi have a plan to distracting miyako oni then letting  princess run away. The princess agrees with his plan.

While they are hiding to the very deep of the temple, Isshun tries to calm princess with his voice near her ears (also kissing her neck?). And when the miyako oni almost come, they find something shining in the hole. Isshun and the princess grabs it, and finds it’s a Uchide no Kozuchi. With it, the princess use Uchide no Kozuchi to make miyako oni turns to stone and everything ends well. She also used it to make Isshun Boushi’s body get bigger. But seeing him as big as her, the princess can’t see him if she isn’t raising her head. Isshun doesn’t want princess to feels down so he carrying her princess-like, saying he will protect her forever. They are kissing. Though in the end, Isshun becomes princess’ servant, always seeing together everyday.-But why? They’ve already kissed, so why just servant??

Action Route

Isshun Boushi becomes big after using Uchide no Kozuchi. He fights miyako oni with his strength and also protecting his princess. But miyako oni is strong enough to hurt Isshun. In the critical time, princess used Kozuchi that weakening the oni. With it, Isshun can slash and kill him. Now, Kozuchi is broken after the last use. But Isshun have deep wound. Before he takes a rest, he wish that the princess will stay by his side and take him as her husband. The princess promised to and her father also proud of Isshun’s action. They have a happy life together.

Meeting his princess, Isshun Boushi have met many things such as oni and Tarou. Isshun reveals that he is jealous on how Tarou used to get close to princess and his feelings from another storyline. Now, he is big and can hug or carrying the princess, so he is happy with that form. He will stay with her and protecting her.


Ningyohime-Ouji (CV: Sakurai Takahiro)

The tale from Hans Christian Andersen, a Danish poet and author who also made The Little Match Girl, The Ugly Ducking, The Snow Queen, The Red Shoes, etc. To choose his work, Himeko might be a romanticist person because Hans Christian Andersen is like that of a man. Here, Himeko will be the mermaid princess who loves a human male and changes her form to be like him.

Normal Route

Deep in the sea, the sea king has many daughters. One of it, is very beautiful and is loved by her father so much. In her 15th birthday, the mermaid princess goes out to the water surface, seeing a large mansion. In it, there hold a big party. She can see they are dancing from the balcony. The mermaid princess wants to dance too but she doesn’t have leg. One night, a ship sailing near her but gets wrecked by storm. After seeing the handsome prince who was in the ship, she eagerly saved him to the beach. Finally, when the sun rises, the prince wakes up and seeing a woman. But mermaid princess can’t let her being known by human and goes to the deep sea again.

Day by day, mermaid princess always think of the prince and how to become human. To make her wish, she decides to go to the witch’s place in sea and grant her wish to have human leg. In exchange, she must giving up her beautiful voice. Even though the witch already warn her that if the prince get marry to different woman, she will disappear in the morning after, the mermaid princess won’t give up. After she has drank the potion, she wakes up at the beach, with the prince beside her. But she can’t stand and speak to him. Looking at her pain (because drinking the potion will give her two legs but also feels pain as sharp enough to make her bleed), the prince let her stay in his house until she recover.

While sitting on a bench at prince’s garden, the prince showing her his beautiful flower that suits her image well. Can’t speak but have many meanings, and looking at the its beauty will attract his heart. He took one of the primula flower and put it to mermaid princess’ head, kissing her hair. Before they can do further, some of his worker call him to do his job. Even if he doesn’t want to, the call won’t stop. So then, he asks what the mermaid princess wants him to do because he can’t have enough time with her. She told him again and again to meet her after his work have done and the prince promised to come.

And then, he hugs mermaid princess form behind after his work done to tell her how beautiful she is. It makes him wants to stay by her side and eat those lips ((´ε`*) Oh, Sakurai-san!!). The prince wants her to stay by him and she agrees to it. At dawn the next day, mermaid princess can’t find prince anywhere. But she can see him from balcony, with her painful leg. Quickly, the prince who was worried about her, went to the balcony and helped her stand. He is also talking about the woman who saved him, who had beautiful voice, but couldn’t find her anywhere. But just to be with mermaid princess now, he can have a calm days. The prince is glad to meet mermaid princess now and kissing her fingertip, promise to go to the sandy beach where he was saved before.

But the prince can’t hold his promise and must marry the princess from different island. The princess from different island lied about her, saving the prince, so they could walk happily before marriage. Finally, they held a marriage party on the ship, leaving mermaid princess alone after that. When she is alone, her sisters are giving her a dagger to kill the prince and let her live. Filling with sorrow and anger, mermaid princess goes to prince’s bedroom and tries to stab the dagger onto his chest. But she stops right away of her love. Suddenly, the prince woke up, couldn’t see her face and think it was his newly wife. He touched mermaid princess’ hand and finally realizes it’s the hand who saved him. They kissed again and again, but mermaid princess can’t let him do more. It’s fine to know his love for her.

Then, when the prince tries to see her face, he is very surprise that it’s the girl he had lived for and forgotten. Though she can be known by the prince, in the end, mermaid princess still choose to go the sea and becomes foam. The prince, grab mermaid princess’ foam, longing for her and regretting his fault to not realizing it til now. The mermaid princess will be loved by the prince in his heart forever.-Oh wow, how can I not cry? Sakurai has twice makes me crying (Mikoto in KamiKimi… Maybe his voice is perfect to make me cry.)!!! And, why can I, still crying everytime I know this story since elementary kid?

Happy Ending Route

Instead of calling the prince while she’s on balcony, mermaid princess just see him, mumbling about want to meet that person again. In her heart, she is scared if the prince will love another woman, then she will disappear as sea foam. That’s why, she won’t wait anymore and makes the prince worry. The mermaid princess had decided to go from prince’s sight. But the prince found her walking at the beach. While he looks at her eyes, filling with her love for him, the prince understand that and kisses her. With the flow of sea, they are both falling to the ground. Realizing his had kissed her, mermaid prince cried out of joy. And thanks to the sunlight, the prince can remember her face, similar to a woman who saved him. Without thinking, the prince asks her to marry him. Of course mermaid princess agrees with her eyes.

Suddenly, her sister and father are coming from the deep ocean, giving her a little bottle. Inside, there’s a potion. The mermaid princess knows it’s for her and she drinks that, finally she can walk without pain. And also, her voice comes out. The first thing she say is she loves him. The prince is also love her. The two of them now can walk side-to-side at the sandy beach.

Lover’s Suicide Route

Mermaid princess stabs the prince in his bedroom, but she just can wounded his arm. The prince awake, seeing her with tears. He doesn’t know her reason but he believes there is reason for it. The mermaid princess who is deeply in love with him, kissing his lips and by then, the prince understands her heart. He too, have love her but already commited a sin by marrying another woman. The guilty in his heart, makes the prince stab his own heart by using mermaid princess’ dagger. The mermaid princess is very sad, crying for him.

While touching her arm, the prince finally realizes she is the woman he has searched for and is very happy to meet her again. He says he loves her before goes to sleep forever, and wants her to kiss him. Mermaid princess did his wish, and then stabbing herself too. When morning comes, the prince vassal in the ship are searching for him, but finds his corpse in his room, filled up with blood. Lying beside him is the corpse of mermaid princess, with her tail fin on her lower body. Inside the people, the story of love by mermaid princess and the prince will still remains (I guess this story is the best at touching my heart).

Love Comedy Route

In witch’s place, mermaid princess asks her to give potion so that the prince can be like her, a mermaid (I’ve expected this before playing his route considering it mostly will be the reverse of original storyline, that the prince will be mermaid). The witch gave it to her but there’s condition to it. One, if prince won’t love her, he will be a sea foam. And second, as in original, she needs to give her voice. Quickly, after receiving the potion, mermaid princess goes to the beach, and because she can’t talk, she pretend to be unconscious and quickly kissing the prince as well as giving him the potion. The prince fainted right on and found himself in the sea, surprised of it. He even more surprise to see the mermaid princess has no leg, but fish tail. And he also have it.

Before he faint again, mermaid princess brings him to the surface. There, she explains with her eyes that she did it because of love. The prince is touched by her heart, also is very worry to see her sad face. But he can’t remember the one who saved him before is mermaid princess. His body is already like that so he can’t wish more. Surprisingly, the prince is very happy and will try enjoying being a mermaid. They have fun and the prince is learning how to swim (from now on, he’s naked!). But when they are having fun, a group of shark appeared. Quickly, the prince grabs her arm to hide between corals. After the sharks have gone, they wants to get out from it, but stuck in there. It is a luck for them, because the group of shark comes back. Then, suddenly, a sunlight bathing around mermaid princess’ face, it makes the prince able to see her face from the light and remember she is the one who saved him. He says thanks to her and will protect her from now.

The thoughts to marry mermaid princess is rising inside the prince’s mind. He say it to her and she give hug to agree. The problem occurred of when he wish to see her father to speak about their marriage. It makes mermaid princess scared if her father, who is the most powerful in sea will accept that. But she have to return and telling it. Her sister, who has worried about her (she hasn’t come back after changing the prince), realizes she has no voice anymore. Then, before the prince can speak his purpose to come, mermaid princess’ father, a big mermaid, comes.

Of course this chance is used by prince to tell his feelings. He loves mermaid princess and wish to marry her. But the King mermaid is very mad when the prince called him ‘Otou-san’. And also, the King revealed about mermaid princess’ sacrifice to meet the prince. It makes the prince feeling guilt. With rage, the King hurted him, but mermaid princess slapped her own father’s face. Realizing it, the King stopped right away, reminiscing when his dead wife also used that method. Again, the prince said his mind (now he called ‘Ou-sama’ and has learnt), but the King still wouldn’t agree. If it is like that, the prince won’t give up and scared him that he will run away with mermaid princess. The King will accept him as his son-in-law, but the prince need to receive groom training and musn’t meet with mermaid princess until he has fulfill that. The prince will be teached by former mermaid princess’ servant.

Urgh, the training is to catch 1000 sea urchins, King’s favorite food, in three days before dinner party. But beside it is hard to get (of its thorn), the servant just makes his work doubles by interfering and disposing all of sea urchins the prince has gotten. But he won’t surrender. Until it’s the third day, he is worry of 525 sea urchins he can get. While remembering mermaid princess’ face, the real being comes to him. She will help him gathering sea urchins. They have 10 more to catch but trouble occurs. A giant sea clam is ready to eat mermaid princess. The prince uses his knife to open its mouth, but it doesn’t work. Mermaid princess told him to cut her hair instead and they finally succeeded in releasing her hair. They can’t bother to regret cutting mermaid princess’ hair because there left 10 urchins more.

When the prince and mermaid princess finally succeeded the groom training, the Kind already knew she helped him. Moreover, her hair is also getting short. The King is mad but after looking at her tears, he settled down their marriage (The prince can call him ‘Otou-san’ again now?). The dinner party now turn to be their marriage party. From now on, they will be together forever. Added it. The place where mermaid princess’ hair has cutted by prince, now is the place for gold sea urchins (like her golden hair).

Man’s Pride Route

Even if the prince and mermaid princess successfully catched 1000 sea urchins, but they are late for the dinner party. His marriage with mermaid princess won’t be approve by King. It makes the prince feeling guilty, that as a man who born from the king too, he can’t conquer the task. So once more, he begs the King to let him have training again. Though now he finally be able to be King’s apprentice, he doesn’t care if he won’t be able to marry mermaid princess. From now, the prince will surely learn many things from King and mermaid princess will wait until his lesson has done, for what more days or years needed…

Woman’s Battle Route

To retrieve mermaid princess’ voice, the prince comes to where the witch live, deep where the sunlight doesn’t get through. The witch will retrieve it if they can find ‘mermaid tears which shone in seven colors’. It is about a rare jewel, who never be seen by anyone. But if they can’t find it, they won’t be able to leave the labyrinth, and only one person can go. Mermaid princess offering her strength to look for it and it’s more to their advantage since she isn’t new mermaid like prince. To make her go quick, the witch kept the prince inside her house.

It is a long way to find it and she lost way. After she regains consciousness, she sees a group of little fish showing way for her. Mermaid princess finds a door. When she opened it, there was a beautiful garden with mermaid statue. She took ‘mermaid tears which shone in seven colors’ and went back to witch’s house. But the witch won’t keep her promise, even more, she already bewitched the prince to be her servant in purpose to take the jewel. Fortunately, mermaid princess is making a wish to the jewel to save her prince and he is back to normal.

Now, the two of them uses the jewel for defeating the witch and sinking her to the bottom of the ocean. They forgot to retrieve mermaid princess’ voice but the jewel already stop its light to save prince. It’s alright for mermaid princess to have no voice since she is with him now. The prince hugs her, saying it doesn’t matter now because they are together. The two of them staring at orange-colored dawn, going together, maybe to a lone island and lives happily.

Horror Route

It is the prince turn to get the jewel from a labyrinth. He lost too, like the earlier story. But now, he can feel someone’s presence and sees it goes. It looks similar to mermaid princess so he chase it. He hugs the thing, saying he will kiss it. But when it turns on his side, he can see the mermaid statue, making illusion of mermaid princess’ form with a spell. Now, his body turns to stone, leaving his beloved princess behind. The prince who had turned to stone, now is carried by little fishes to the labyrinth, like a solemn funeral. The mermaid princess who doesn’t know anything about it, keeps waiting for the prince, even until 300 years of her life. Few thousand years later, many ships who comes to that sea will hear a woman’s voice searching for her prince. It is mermaid princess’ cursed of hating the witch and searching for the prince. Also, a man’s voice can be heard, searching for his beloved princess and saying he loves her.

Mermaid princess can see her prince at the beach, where they are connected, an important place for them. He says that he might do the same as her father, to challenge one who will be their son/daughter in law if they have kid, because they will be cute. Although he wants to have child with mermaid princess, the prince will wait for it. He still wants to spent time together before mermaid princess will be busy with their child (OH!!).


Hosokawa Tadaoki (CV: Hirakawa Daisuke)

Now he isn’t from fairytale, but history. Tadaoki is the eldest son of Hosokawa Fujitaka. This time, the story will be told after Tadaoki met Oda Nobunaga and Himeko will be the Tamahime (Hosokawa Gracia), Tadaoki’s wife. Gracia is the third daughter of Akechi Mitsuhide, also served Oda Nobunaga like her father. Then at her fifteen, she already married with Hosokawa Tadaoki.

Normal Route

At age 15, Hosokawa Tadaoki already followed his father to fought. Now, in his seventeen years old summer, he has hold a wedding ceremony with Akechi Mitsuhide’s daughter, Tamahime. Tadaoki wants to see his new wife’s face and ordering Tamahime to stand up. But she still won’t look at him. Looking at her trembling, Tadaoki knew she was scared of marrying someone she didn’t know. Surprise, Tamahime stares him at the eye and Tadaoki tells her to look only at him from now on. As part of battlefield, he doesn’t know when will his life end. Tamahime begins crying. Seeing her scared of him, Tadaoki tells her to look only at him and he will do so to have her as whole.

Then, they finally have their first daughter. Tadaoki can’t express how happy he is after his wife giving birth to a cute daughter. One day, when he has finished his job outside and returning home, Tadaoki sense danger for Tama. A man wants to do something bad to his wife and he kills the man without pity. But Tama hasn’t awake from the wound. When she finally awakes, Tadaoki asks if she is regretting being his wife. Instead of regret, Tama is happy by being with Tadaoki. There’s time when Tama is worrying about something but can’t tell to her husband. He asks her to smile for him and she does that, makes Tadaoki glad to have her precious smile.

But Akechi Mitsuhide betrayed Oda Nobunaga and made Tama a betrayal’s daughter. Tadaoki must hide her in Tango Peninsula (Kyoto), where there is another Hosokawa’s house. Even if he is sad can’t see her everyday, he must let her live hidden. When he meets her in Tango, Tadaoki hugs Tama tightly of the cold weather. Also, he talks about his Christian friend, Takayama Ukon, and makes Tama amazed by it. After he comes home from the battle, Tadaoki quickly gets to meet his wife. He hugs her but finally see the Rosario Tama has kept hidden. He gets mad of it, pushed Tama to the wall, and saying she just need to look at him and nothing else. Tama wants to convince him to understand but Tadaoki uses force to make her understood his mind (rape?).

Two years later, Tama can go back to Hosokawa household and live with Tadaoki. But she can’t forget about Christianity even if her love for Tadaoki won’t change. When Toyotomi Tadayoshi fought against Christianity, Tamahime decided to be one of it and baptized as Gracia (In Latin, divine grace). This action makes Tadaoki very mad at her, and then hid her again for whole time.

After Ishida Mitsunari takes castle in Osaka, Tamahime ordered her retainer to kill her instead because she is a hostage now. She doesn’t want to endanger Tadaoki’s life to save her. The retainer doesn’t have any choice than to kill her, and he kills himself afterward. Before he dies, he lets Tadaoki knows the love from his wife. While hugging Tama’s body, Tadaoki cries out loud. But he notice she lives just for him, even to protect his life.

Preacher of Love

While kept hidden in one of Hosokawa’s house in Tango Peninsula, Tamahime learnt about Christianity from a Rouban. She is very faithful in it, keeps praying for her husband. Once, Tadaoki asks why she is more cheerful than usual, so Tamahime will say anything she do to him. She explains about Christianity, which tells about forgiveness. That makes Tadaoki wondering if he can be forgiven. Tamahime convinced him that his sin can also be forgiven by God. The way Christianity told her was about peace in heart, different from Tadaoki’s goal for peace in country, but they’re the same. The whole thinking of this makes Tadaoki believing his wife, that what she choose is right. Although for him, the best peace is to be with Tama and also the reverse.

A few months later, everything are back to normal. Tadaoki and Tamahime comes back to where Ieyasu Tokugawa and Hashiba Hideyoshi are. The two of them feels weird that Tadaoki brings his wife with him, but also can feel he now has changed to become something big. Well, he spent calm days with Tama fed him sweet, told Ieyasu and Hideyoshi that it’s all thanks to God. The two of them convinced Ieyasu and Hideyoshi to learn Christianity and with the big love they saw from Tama and Tadaoki, they decides to study about it too. Days passed, and Tadaoki keeps being missionary to teach how big God’s love is to people, ordering them to releasing their sword. They have many followers and will continue to teach Christianity.

Obsession Route

Even if Tama already told Tadaoki about her faith in Christ, Tadaoki couldn’t do the same thing. For him, it will be just alright if the love is shared for the two of them, as wed couple. Tama can understand that. When Tadaoki back at his house, he thinks more about it. Tama’s father is a betrayal and his wife is already believe in Christ. He can do anything than to kill her. Then, Tadaoki goes to Tango Peninsula, drink sake with Tamahime. He gives it from mouth-to-mouth, while it’s already poisoned. Before Tamahime puke on blood and die, Tadaoki ordered her to just looking at him. But Tadaoki won’t let her die alone because he set fire in the house, willing to go with her. With hugging Tama’s body, Tadaoki’s love is burning the same as fire.

Overcome Their Disabillities

Tadaoki is back from his work. He sees Akechi Mitsuhide, Tamahime’s father, visiting their house (instead some thug). They are joking, making Tadaoki angry at Mitsuhide because he always says he wants to take bath with Tama, or making her his nap pillow. First, Tama is agree to take bath with Tadaoki, but she says it’s a joke. Finally, Mitsuhide reveals it’s all his joke and Tadaoki can let the two talking. But when he’s gone, Mitsuhide is again, telling his purpose to come is to bring Tama back to their house. Because he thinks one day, Tadaoki can make Tama sad. He just try to convince her at first, but Tama won’t do that and he begin using force and successfully bring her back.

Being a wife and mother, Tama can’t stand living without her beloved. She is often crying but can’t go from her house. Meanwhile, Tadaoki broke glass, speaking his anger from separated with his wife. He kiss her kimono, but realize it is futile without her real body in his hands. Not long after that, Mitsuhide betrayed Oda Nobunaga and Tadaoki realized Tama is in danger. He goes to Akechi Mitsuhide’s house, finally meeting her again. But Mitsuhide found them and wouldn’t let them go easily. With anger, Tadaoki won’t let Mitsuhide interfere with his goal to retrieve Tama back and tells his betrayal to Nobunaga. Tama is shock upon hearing it and when she must choose to live, she choose to be with her husband. Mitsuhide can’t talk anymore and letting her go to his daughter happiness.

A while from then, Hashiba Hideyoshi (Toyotomi Hideyoshi, nickname Saru) visiting the two of them. He is known by a womanizer  and amazed by how beautiful Tama is. Of course Tadaoki won’t let him touch his wife. The purpose of him coming is to talk about a betrayer. Hearing it, Tadaoki and Tamahime are scared if it’s about Mitsuhide. So, when Hideyoshi ordered Tadaoki to take a drink for him, Tadaoki couldn’t refuse and leaving him with Tama. Hideyoshi ordering Tama get close to him, but her leg are trembling and makes her falling to Hideyoshi’s chest. He begins flirting to her though Tadaoki comes back quickly and shoo-ing Hideyoshi from his house. Hideyoshi won’t forget about that.

Tadaoki has heard of betrayer in his Hosokawa house. He does think it’s Hideyoshi’s doing from his revenge back then. As for Tama, he won’t let her be in danger and suggests her to go hid from Hosokawa’s house until everything calm down. At first, Tama won’t agree with it, but Tadaoki wants to protect her seriously, so she takes their child and hiding. It won’t last long, just about a month and everything end well. Quickly, Tadaoki brings back his wife and child, living happily with them together.

Loyalty Route

Tadaoki can’t stand alone against Hideyoshi’s blaming about betrayer thing. He decided to ask help to Tokugawa Ieyasu. Fortunately, Ieyasu agree to help him. But then, after every problems are finished, Tama commits suicide, leaving a letter of apologizing for being a hindrance and making danger to Tadaoki. After his wife leaving him, Tadaoki won’t go out from his house or won’t speak to anyone. But a month later, Ieyasu visiting him, telling his wife will be sad if he keeps living like that. Tadaoki, who have realize it’s all futile, stand again on his feet and swear his loyalty to Ieyasu until his death.

Hetare (Coward) Route

On the event when Tadaoki is worrying about Tama, who is in her father’s house, Ieyasu comes to let him now about Honnouji (When Mitsuhide betrayed Oda Nobunaga, set on fire in the temple, and made Oda Nobunaga commited seppuku). It pulled out Ieyasu’s suspicion on Tadaoki. To retrieve his name back and protect his wife, Tadaoki promise to bring Mitsuhide’s head to Ieyasu. It’s true. Tadaoki goes quickly to Mitsuhide’s house, trying to kill him. Without regret, Mitsuhide gives his head and his daughter for Tadaoki. When he’s back to Ieyasu with Mitsuhide’s head, Ieyasu apologizing to blame him.

The Tadaoki who has killed his wife’s father, can’t see Tama right in her eyes. She asks if it’s true he has killed her father that Tadaoki can’t hide. He says it’s to protect Tama and their families. But whats he think is she is the center of it all, the one who make Tadaoki killed Mitsuhide. From now on, Tamahime won’t see her husband’s face anymore.

Ieyasu, Ishida Mitsunari, and Hideyoshi are coming to their house so Tama can’t hide her face form Tadaoki. The three of them also realizes these two weird behavior. For them, Ieyasu and Hideyoshi together ordered Tadaoki to kiss Tama. They also pushed to hug each other, but Tadaoki still couldn’t say it (this is the funniest route so far). Well, because the already pushing Tadaoki again and again, he have no choice. First, he asks if Tama can forgive him but she won’t. Then, he cried a lot, saying it’s normal to not forgiving him, but he wanted to protect her (here, he is a crybaby and Hirakawa’s voice is very weird). Finally, looking at her crying husband, Tama says for her, both Tadaoki and her father are very precious. With it, they can live happily again (Uh, but now, Tadaoki is like Tama’s servant, massaging her shoulder, etc..ドM).

Misogyny Route

Here, Tadaoki behave bad to Tama because she won’t look at him again (ドS). But when she finally talk to him, what comes from her mouth is about divorce.. With anger, Tadaoki won’t hold back and let her go. But the truth is, he always drink sake after Tama has gone, together with Ieyasu and Hideyoshi. While he’s drunk, he swear that he won’t get close to any woman ever again (What the… What I’ve been hearing is, his drunken voice is similar to what of Nyanko-sensei). From now on, he will just make relationship to men (Okay, I can think he will build BL relationship, right?).


In the end, Tadaoki say he love her so much. Tama too, even if she have believe and love God, she will also love her husband than anyone else. Even if Tadaoki is really weird at the drinking sake event, Tama will love him. And if anything happen, Tadaoki won’t let her go from his sight.


Banchou Sarayashiki-Aoyama Harima (CV: Shimono Hiro)

It is a ghost story, about the new servant, Okiku, who is a lover of Aoyama Harima. But Harima has received marriage proposal from an aunt. It’s a story when someone hasn’t realize what dear to him and regret from losing it.

Normal Route

A long time ago, a young master lives in Aoyama household, Aoyama Harima. There is also a beautiful woman in her sixteen, Okiku. Lately, Okiku has been coming often to Aoyama Harima’s room, her master. One day, he found Okiku’s hand is fill with pain from her work. He kissed her hand and said she must come to him whenever anything happen. Another day, Harima needs Okiku to massaging him in his room. After his turn, now is Okiku’s turn to be massaged by him (Wonder why this massaging scene keeps coming..). While massaging her neck, suddenly, he licks her nape of neck and makes Okiku run away. He chased her and grabbed her hand to say he want her all. To make Okiku his woman. Of course Okiku is happy to be with Harima.

But one day, Arima’s aunt makes him a marriage proposal. Even if he already marrying his present wife, Harima keeps his relationships with Okiku. Okiku is in the middle of cleaning the storeroom while talking with Harima. He said, there’s the Aoyama household precious plates that must not be broken. One must die for breaking it. Well, Okiku still think of his marriage and shed tears. Looking at her crying, Harima pushes her body on the ground to stop her tears because he will still be with her. Though their moments together won’t last long. His wife has pregnant. But still, Harima won’t stop his love for Okiku even if his son already born. He wants Okiku to believe in him and Okiku agrees to stay.

But even if she say that, Okiku still afraid if Harima will leave her. She broke one of Aoyama’s plate to test his love. And truly, Harima forgive her. His sincerity makes Okiku cries and apologizes not to break it again. Harima, with care, stroking her head. Their calm days still won’t hold for long. Harima’s wife knows about his affair with Okiku and comes in their room. She pushed Harima to take action and cutting Okiku’s arm. Without an arm, Okiku goes to a well and falling down to it.

Later, Harima’s wife giving birth to a son. Also, there’s a rumour about Okiku’s ghost in Aoyama’s household. They can hear someone voice counting plates. Harima also knows about it. He goes to the well where Okiku fell, apologizing and want her to forgive him and let his son be healthy. Suddenly, from the well, Okiku’s voice can be heard, counting from 1-9. She finally appeared from Harima’s back, screaming at him (gah! Sound effect! Don’t do this alone!!). He runs from the well quickly but can’t escape with the curse. Many of their servants have gone and now, there’re just Harima and his wife who knows behave strange.

Yes, this where I felt goosebumps!

She comes to his tatami room, asking about her son (who had died?). Harima knew this change isn’t normal and apologizing to Okiku again. But now, his wife’s body, who already taken by Okiku, grab his arm with enormous strength common human won’t have. Okiku is telling her revenge, that even if she love him, he hurt her. Now, she strangle Harima’s neck. Before he dies, Harima tells he love her too, only Okiku. But it’s too late. The voice counting plates can still be heard around Aoyama’s house..

Because I played this route the last, now, the book guide is taking his leave for a while. He mentioned that Himeko can still explore the story more, because there are many different endings within. And with using the phone, it will leveled up her experience (with kissing her). Anyway, he wants Himeko to take care of the book and won‘t allowing it to be destroy.

Curse Route

Instead of killing Okiku, in this route, Harima kills his wife. He is trembling in scared of his wife’s dead body and what he have done, hugging Okiku like a little child. Okiku calms him down and then he have decides to throw his wife’s body to the well in his house. After they have done with it, Harima asks Okiku if what he did is right and Okiku is very glad he choose her over his wife, so there’s nothing to worry. Now, he wants to live with Okiku then getting her as his new wife. The two have calm days together, Harima even wants their child.

But one day, when Okiku is doing her work, she heard some servant’s conversation about Harima’s former wife ghost. Quickly, she told it to her husband now. But he just laughed at it and continue being lovey-dovey with Okiku. Some night, Okiku is awakes by a sound she doesn’t know. She wakes Harima too but he says it’s just wind. After they’ve fallen to sleep again, suddenly, Harima can hear his former wife’s voice, getting on her revenge. Quickly, he woke Okiku but she never wake up. The former wife’s ghost strangle his head until death. After that, Okiku wakes up and sees the wife’s ghost. She used amitabha protection spell her mother told her in the past. Don’t know if it’s work, but the former wife’s ghost does have nothing to do to Okiku and disappear, leaving Okiku with Harima’s dead body.

Later, Okiku went to leave Edo and Harima house, never set footstep on it again. She apologizes to Harima and will keeps that tragedy as a nightmare. When the servant are awake in the morning, they are very surprise to find Harima’s corpse. They left Aoyama’s house and that house was abandoned. In night, someone can hear Harima’s ghost, searching for his beloved Okiku, maybe until now.

Monopoly Route

When Harima sees his former wife ghost, he becomes mad, laughing at it and begins swinging his katana. Okiku awakes and tries to stop him but it’s useless. Some servant comes to look at them, but Harima also swinging his katana, tries to ward evil spirit. That nights is full of mess because Harima becomes crazy. The servants are gone, leaving Aoyama house, but there’s still Okiku left, taking care of Harima in his nap on her lap. She is stroking his head, and unconsciously, calling him like a spoiled child. Suddenly, Harima turns back and pushes her, saying it’s not good to call a man like that because what they want is her body. In the end, the two spent days together alone in that house with the broken heart Harima.

Harmonious Home Route

Harima refused the marriage proposal and get marry with Okiku instead. The first night they spend as husband-wife is very hot (like, Harima ordered her to call him あなた) although Aoyama family won’t acknowledge it. And then, Okiku has giving birth to her and Harima’s son. Harima is very happy, he can live with their child and strengthen his love for her. They will care for their son, the one Harima wants so much after his mother died.

A few years later, their son is now a cheerful child. He wants to see Aoyama’s precious plates no matter what and begging his parents to it (why this child is very excited upon seeing just plates?). Harima won’t let him see it until he’s bigger than now even if he really wants to. Although Okiku has convinced her child not to, he still begging and they have no choice. When Harima showed it to him, his son is very amazed by how beautiful it is, but when he wanted to touch it, the plate fell down. Fortunately, Harima can catch it well, then scolding his child.

The morning after, their child, again, has useless thoughts to collect rare dishes for himself. But Harima think it’s useless, because their plates are special, have protected by generations in his family and used to connect it all. The child has understood it. Okiku also agreed with Harima in it. Their child, who have understand his position to protect Aoyama plates, will keep it safe until the day he will tell it to his own children and grandchildren. His work now is to mop the plates, and is cheered by doing it. Harima and Okiku wants to see him doing his work. But now is Okiku’s turn to try cleaning it. She is clumsy at cleaning precious thing, so her son helps her (Why does it comes with dummy mic? Just cleaning plates is weird). But it’s no help. So Harima helps her doing it. Now, with the plates still there, even after Okiku has gave birth to a daughter, they will hold to precious plates. This route is rather boring.

Plate Otaku Route

Okiku agrees with her child’s request to collect plates. With it, Harima showed their other plates to his son, made him happy. Harima now is so fascinated to collect plates, buying rare plates and taking it everywhere in the house. Okiku is tired of it, ordering him to stop now. But he won’t listen, abandoning his wife and son, keeps looking at his plates. They are now poor, but he won’t listen to Okiku. She decides to leave Harima with her son, both are comes to him to say farewell. Without looking at them, Harima shoo-ing them. Their son is crying, blaming himself for this (Yeah, it’s your fault. I don’t like their child in the first place.). Okiku calms him down and brings him outside, protecting her child and go forever from Aoyama house. Now, alone, Harima still counts on his precious plates (the counting is similar to Okiku’s ghost) without looking for anything, forever.

Strange Route

The plates is broken after their son grabbed it. When they collects the pieces, Okiku hurted her finger. As quickly as possible, Harima cleans the wound but it still won’t stop bleeding. Right after the blood has stopped, the three of them go back to the house but there is no one of their servant there. The strange phenomenon makes their child scared so the three of them sleeping together in Harima and Okiku’s room. Though Harima must stay awake, he feels sleepy too in the end. When he wakes up, their son isn’t there anymore. The two searched him until dawn, but he isn’t in anywhere, even in the well.

The next morning, Harima can’t find Okiku. He is alone now. Suddenly, he heard a glass’ sound, so he realizes it’s about the plates. He goes to the storeroom, finds the strange thing happened. All of his servant, son, and his wife are inside the plate. Harima makes a wish to let them get out and take his life but it won’t use. He also have become one of it. The Aoyama house is filled with its human plates now.

Horror Comedy Route

The time Harima almost fell to sleep, he heard some noises from storeroom. When he goes there, he sees the plates are talking, blaming his kid for breaking the bride (it is plate 1’s bride). Once one of it says about making plan, Harima gets out from his hideout, asking about it. It’s true, the servants are gone because of the plates. After talking with Harima, the plates are busy to retrieve their Nana-chan back. But this Nana-chan says it’s useless and wants them to stop. Harima apologizes for breaking one of them, though they are precious to him.

But the plates won’t forgive him, then go out to scared Okiku and her son with their sound ガチャガチャ画茶? then begins breaking things in the house. Suddenly, the angry Harima which house has broken everywhere brings Nana-chan back for them. Nana-chan has retrieved well and stopping her friends. They finally stopped but didn’t want to go back being an ordinary plate, decided to live freely in Aoyama house. Plate 1 and Harima are getting along well, drinking sake together while talking about plate 1 must take good care of its wife.. What a disaster..!

Okiku is visiting the well, where she have died numerous times. Harima, who is very sad and regretting his action, apologizes to her. He knows it’s all his fault, to throw Okiku and his wife to it. But Okiku is happy to be with him, that he choose her in the end, having happy moments together with their son. Harima too, will cherish their moments, asking where did she feel pain. He knows it all begins with cutting her right arm. From now on, they’ll always be together.


Himeko has finished with all the books. She is satisfied and finds it all very interesting. But the book guide says it’s the end of her journey and wants to have the phone back. Though Himeko still wish to see more stories. The book guide tells her that it’s a magic book and to makes her cheerful, he lets her have it for everytime she wants. The book and him are belongs to her. She can read it and meet him anytime. After that, he disappeared.

Why you have no route?

I like fairytale or history so I won’t say I dislike this title. Some original stories from Otomate and 5pb are good but some are also too crossing the line. I found these stories (I’m not counting the original plot) were good compared to other, “Little Mermaid, Isshun Boushi, Hosokawa Tadaoki”. While some were weird or bad, such as “Zeus and Leda, Banchou Sarayashiki”. Know what? I like Banchou Sarayashiki original storyline, but hate the created plot from Otomate & 5pb. The thoughts of using their child was very boring, to see it crying all the time like a spoiled brat. He also successfully throwing the precious plates in whatever route (though some are saved by Tadaoki). It’s sad because the horror really suit dummy mic purpose. I can feel trembling when hearing the ghost counting “Ichimai, Nimai”. I find Zeus route is filled with non-interesting part and wrecked here and there.

For loveable CG, I like Isshun Boushi. The happy moments are well-pictured by it. Not like that of Bluebeard that have nothing romantic at all. Little mermaid also have beautiful-colored CG (I mainly like blue). And Sakurai’s voice!! Ah, I have teary eyes twice after KamiKimi and now as the prince. Maybe I can’t stand his crying-in the-heart voice…? And, reading little mermaid always making me cries since elementary school ‘til now.. Overall, it’s a good theme, to experiencing many stories all at once though the concept of different heroine makes her personality blurry. But it’s full of many things and interesting to have.

I’ve also listened to it drama CD and very fascinated by the seiyuus. They professionally told the story with different kind of voices (I like Sakurai Takahiro, Soichirou Hoshi, Suzuki Tatsuhisa, Miyano Mamoru, Ishida Akira for his woman voice in Red Riding Hood, and Kondo Takashi so far). Though it’s hard for me to take on the historical theme because of its language!! So far, I’m on the 6h volume. It is one of drama CD that I listened to because I didn’t really care about it in the past. There is no picture and might be boring. But with Kannou (the other is DIABOLIK LOVERS), I will try to listen to more of it (Such as Mousou Esthe? I’m searching for it..). My playing orders are completing normal route first, then Zeus, Aohige, Hansel & Gretel, Tadaoki, Little Mermaid, Banchou Sarayashiki, and the last is Isshun Boushi. I’m satisfied with this order from the not want one to the most like one. While taking its CG, because I want it to be big, I have snapped it 4 times and arranging it like puzzle…





Link for CG:



  1. Another great review~
    I just wanted to ask how long the game is? And how long it took you to finish it?
    I was thinking of playing this as well, but I’m not in the mood for something longer.

    • Thanks~~

      I have around 4-5 days to finish this game. A day for 2 characters (1 character have 6 routes not counting normal route). It is very short and the stories are different in each route so it’s not boring.

  2. Oh you are so fast, I only finish the normal route for Little Mermaid.. Like I said before I have mixed feeling for this game. While Little Mermaid one is my fav, the other story is ok. And Zeus, seriously… pardon me but I hate everything about him in this story lol. And Ares looks yummy why not him ^^

    But this game really have a nice art 🙂

  3. hey super fast runner lol. I don’t know how you got that god speed to complete a game in just short time.
    I’ve played hosokawa’s route (because it’s hirakawa daisuke and also arranged marriage ftw) and loo the onna kiraii route xDD
    the harima and plates story. it just plain weird and creepy lol. Suprisingly, I like blue beard story the most lmao pfft i guess i just love his cheesy pick up line xD

    • I guess because I’m still unemployed and nothing to do?

      Haha, the beginning of Tadaoki’s story is ドキドキ very much when he first touched you as his newly-wed wife! Ah, onnakirai route! It’s really creative for them to make Tadaoki to be such a (BL) character… Weird, but very funny indeed.

      To be truth, I like how dummy mic used in horror sound so I like Harima’s normal route. But then, his route told all about his child and plates. That’s very boring and I dislike their child’s obsession to see the plates. ‘Meanwhile, Shimono is very good at creating counting plates voice?’

      Oh, I like bluebeard story in a different way. I love thriller and very fascinated when reading his story on wiki. I thought it would be another heart-beating thrill (I guess that’s why I don’t scared of playing Diary. I’m done with its end 0.

  4. Yeah, The Little Mermaid and Issun Boushi have some of the nicer CGs (and routes)~

    Zeus’ story was just…not a good choice. I agree, it was not interesting for most parts which is a pity ‘cos the theme was Greek mythology…they could’ve picked one of the other stories.

    • Definitely agree with Little Mermaid and Issun Boushi. These two have great other stories and didn’t mess in it (Well, maybe one or two still not good, for example the prince with the sea king in Little Mermaid. I think the prince is more into this king, abandoning little mermaid).

      I might chose Eros because it have many sexy dialogues! And for Orpheus, because it’s a sad one, more emotional than Zeus..

      • Haha yeah I think in that one, the prince kinda abandoned the mermaid. ^^; But then I guess it’s not like he fell in love with someone else since he didn’t turn into bubbles…

        True, Orpheus’ has a heavier story… Haha Kishio’s Eros~~ XD

        • Oh yeah. He didn’t turn to bubbles.. Right on! But.. must it be for the princess who should make him turn to bubbles then if she like someone else? It’s complicating in different way. I almost see the prince will built BL relationship with the king

          • I thought the condition was that if he didn’t like her he’ll turn into bubbles…? Haha I can’t remember clearly. Pfft all the BL suggestions in this game.

  5. Kannou Mukashibanashi!! I love this game (especially the OP song) because it was about fairy tale. thank you very much you finally wrote about the review of this game. ^ ^

  6. thank you so much for the review and the CG pack! the game is really very interesting. We were looking forward to play it but when it is released, we just have no free time T_T But we wanted to know the story of the game sooo much! So you did gread job! thank you so muh for the review, dear!

  7. Wow! This game is interest me both story and CG (some story is sad T___T). Thank you very much for share CG came and ending. I like your review very much because you use a simple word that easy to understand (Sorry, my grammar is weak T/////T).

    • Oh well, it might be because my vocabulary is also weak that I used simple words. Or because I used all my strenght to write the details and wouldn’t care what more words to use.. Haha..

  8. Lucky you! I didn’t get to play it! The version I found for some reason wouldn’t work on my psp! Whenever I’d open it, PSP would show black screen and turn off! :S I sooooo wanna play it T^T

  9. I thought it took me decades to Zeus’ route because I was so boreeeeeed. Good thing Hosokawa didn’t let me down. XD

    I also loved the three that you mentioned. But even if I was mostly biased to the Prince, Issun’s stories are best, imo. Still, nothing beats woman-hater, drunk, or the Christian Tadaoki wwwww.

    Btw, Mamo-chan is included in Kannou’s cd? :O

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