Sweet Love-True Ending & Tinker

True Ending & Tinker (CV: Shitaya Noriko)

This requires to play through the prologue again.

The night after Wendy has made her own house from seed, she has a dream. A woman staring at moon, regreting something. Wendy wakes up after dreaming it and has sad feeling. The rest scene is for Peter’s route, who comes to play with her and bring her to eat cotton candy cloud.

This time, Wendy goes deep in the wood and finds the contest was taking place on. She tries to go in to search information about how to go back, but Tinker comes and is not letting her go. Tinker won’t say the truth. Just one, that her feeling for Peter isn’t a kind of love, but there’s something that makes Tinker will protect him. When Tinker is busy talking about her feelings and all, Wendy tries to open the door but Tink appears and held her back. Tink and Tinker are talking on how to kill Wendy, hiding it from the contestant or even the world. Though Tink can’t do that as a contestant. He asks Wendy to play with them and Peter, but she refuse to.

Wendy has a dream again. The woman in her dream now saying she must hide for her happiness as family. She wakes up with the feeling of curiousness to see the continuation of that dream. Suddenly, something big fell to a house, like a bomb. And it’s a big candy (same as Peter’s route).

The second contest is a failure and makes Wendy separated from her brothers. She meets Tinker at world’s heart, which is a place for non-commoners. It is maybe fate who brings Wendy there and she might be the chosen one. Tinker needs Wendy to save that world and this make Wendy to see Tinker as a good person. Tinker asks why Wendy doesn’t want to eat sweet and Wendy says she have make decision to not eating it, so Tinker changes her mind. Wendy will keep her own decision and promise so that she can’t break. It’s fine not to eat sweet and not to end the contest, if it will keep Never Land safe.

Another dream happens. The woman in Wendy’s dream now is praying to protect her…(son?). It is a cruel fate that happened to her. After that, Wendy wakes up and Peter’s attempt to clean her house begins (the broken glasses, etc. scenes).

Tinker knocks on Wendy’s door to bring her flying. She wants to help Wendy because they have similar goal. Wendy wants to go back, meanwhile, Tinker wants to save the world. Also, Tinker explains about the heart of Never Land, which lays in the room, in the shape of mirror. First, Tinker will bring Wendy to fly with fairy dust and explaining about the world. The explanation was explained by how the island was made in the past, and then about fairies, which couldn’t live long. Then, about the world. She can’t explain what is the truth behind Never Land, but if Wendy wish to know it seriously, maybe she can find it.

Tinker brings Wendy to Hook’s ship to ask about his motive in Never Land. Hook says it’s to kill Peter and nothing more. The conversation turn to chaos, where Hook tries to kill Tinker. She and Wendy retreating but Hook still ordering Smee to kill them. Smee is afraid if he killed fairy, then he will be cursed. The explanation is because fairy is a being represented the world, so if someone killed them, they’ll be cursed. While flying from Hook’s ship, Tinker tells Wendy the real reason of why Hook always chasing Peter. It’s because he has grudge about his left hand. And Hook’s life is special than any other pirates, to bring peace in Never Land.

That’s right in the time when Tinker saw navy’s ship. They comes on its deck to speak to Scissor. But too bad, he’s in the middle of havin fun of destroying pirates. Tinker can’t interfere with Scissor’s fun moment, even though she really wants to see his angry face (that she claims is very funny, can become red like a child). She also says that Tink usually comes to Scissor’s ship because they have same interest, to see something destroyed. Well, she can’t do much about Scissor, so Tinker brings Wendy to flower field for fairies (they are gone after Wendy comes).

About the fairies in contest hall, they’re the one born for the contest and might disappear if it fail, because fairies are the world’s puppet. Suddenly, Tinker wants to explain more about Scissor. Scissor’s presents is to make Hook run away. It will make balance to the world. Peter is in it to make Never Land as a fun world to live, but if it’s just like that, it’ll boring. So, there’s Hook that will make it special. Finally, Tinker is happy because Wendy wants to hear her explanation about the world. Then, she asks other fairies to introduce themselves to the judge brought by Peter. One by one, the fairies are coming in front of Wendy.

The fairies are jealous of Wendy and Tinker, which always play by Peter’s side. Tinker asks them if they want ot change fate, then it’ll be better if they are die then reborn again. Though they refused to. After the other fairies has left, Tinker says that Peter is a very special being for the world. There’s nothing common if he is there. She asks Wendy if her choice and goal to become perfect is really important, because it’s just make her not happy if Wendy just doing things for other people’s sake. After that, they’re having fun looking at the flowers.

Now, the woman in Wendy’s dream is saying it’ll be better if her son isn’t born. A male voice (Ishida=Peter) also said the same, if he wasn’t born then his mother will be happy. In the time Wendy wakes up from that dream, she doesn’t feel right that it reminds her of her mother too.

Remember when Wendy seeing Peter as adult for the first time? It’s when they’re having date on the cotton candy cloud. Before changing to adult, Peter grabs Wendy’s hands. Now, he tells Wendy that there is no one who scold him or told him anything and he is happy. Although in Wendy’s eyes, he seems lonely. The thoughts against Wendy’s comment made Peter turned to adult in Wendy’s sight. He explains that if someone wants to see him as child, then he will be it and the reverse. He claims that Wendy is more happy if she date an adult him…

The male voice in Wendy’s dream is saying it is become a world of nothing and he will create a fun world. For Wendy, she thinks it’s about herself. The next scene is when Peter brings Wendy to a cave with mushroom that will change its color. He says Wendy might not be his precious for now, but if she like him the most, then it will be fine like that. Although he doesn’t want any other relationship with her, except lover. They’re touching the mushroom and it changed its color. Suddenly, Wendy fall on his body. He says, now, he likes her the most and finally finds the most precious person for him. They’re kissing after that because Wendy feels the same. The fact is the mushroom color has changed.

She and Peter goes to Scissor’s ship. While Peter is busy with the navies, Scissor tells he look at Peter not as a child. Hook also saw Peter as a young man. Peter is the only person who is special and weird for him. And also, fairies are born with the world’s knowledge, that’s why Tinker might know about Peter.

Peter brought Wendy to a special forest, where the trees are made from drops. Wendy can tell it’s similar to the deep of forest, where common people, fairies, or mermaid won’t come. Then, Peter gives the blue drop to Wendy through mouth-to-mouth because she doesn’t want to eat sweet.  Suddenly, she shed tears. Knowing it, Peter is glad about Wendy’s feelings to him, because the drop is the only precious property for him.

Before going to bed, Tinker comes to her room to gives suggestion to Wendy. She wants Wendy to try eating sweets for the next contest to end it faster. But she doesn’t know Wendy already ate a drop, though she can’t tell from where. It’s no used since Tinker already knew about her, went to drop forest with Peter. Tinker hasn’t eat that drop but if she does, she won’t be able to tell the taste because she’s a fairy. Well, Tinker is glad because Wendy can feel about Peter ‘til she cried because the drop is Peter’s feelings. Now that Wendy can eat sweet, Tinker asks her to have sweet party together.

The dream is now different. It’s about Wendy’s mother, scolding her of not being a perfect person. When she wakes up, Peter already on her bed. He looks worried of Wendy’s pain in her sleep. The reason he is in there is because he wants to bring Wendy to look at the stars. But in the middle of looking it, Peter is thinking hard on something. He likes the starry sky, but hate the new moon because it can’t be seen in the beautiful view. And in the other side of the moon, Wendy’s world, is full of darkness that he hate the most. Though he can’t tell anymore of it.

He hugs Wendy and becomes adult in her eyes. Then, Peter gives the grey drop for Wendy to eat. She can feels the sad feeling of uneeded by her mother, that it’ll be fine if she wasn’t born. Looking at her sadness, Peter tells he brought Wendy because they’re similar. And to make her not feeling lonely, he also bring her brothers. In her mind, it might be bad if John and Michael also live in Never Land. After looking at Wendy’s losing mind of face, Peter explains he first attracted by Wendy but now, he likes her as his lover.

With adult form, Peter brought Wendy to town, where all townspeople welcoming them. But he left Wendy to try eating sweets at townspeople’s shop, etc. Wendy have no choice than listening to their fact about seeing Peter as different ages. In here, they aren’t having celebration thing as a couple. Instead, Wendy need to know about Peter more, of why is called as Never Land’s child. To explaining it, he brings Wendy to the world’s heart place, inside the contest hall.

Peter shows the mirror of the world’s, where he lives for it. It’s similar to being reflected by the mirror and is a special being in that world, the symbol of it. He then bring Wendy to go inside it. A voice from a woman in her dream comes out, saying she has given birth to a wondeful life, the son of hers and her beloved person. She is wishing this child would grant her wish. Because she must get marry to someone she didn’t even know, but wanted her parents to be glad of her.

The exact story is, this woman has been pregnant to her beloved man, but her parents needs her to marry someone from rich family. Her father had gave her beloved some money and ordered him to go away. Although this woman doesn’t want to marry to someone she doesn’t know, her mother convinces her to because their house won’t stand anymore. In the other side of her heart, she wish the child of her and her loved person will be happy, but in the other, she wants to make her parents happy. The woman takes a walk near the sea, seeing the new moon and wish the moon will hide her child to not born. Because her child isn’t something everyone wishes to, so she thinks her child must find happiness in the other world. Suddenly, Wendy can see Peter flew beside the woman, saying it’ll be better if he is gone. And so, the boy flew to another world.

After that, Peter says it’s his mother’s memory about him, the child who musn’t born. As he mother’s wish, he will built his own happy world. He is the one who built Never Land, even to Hook to bring the uncommon place for him. Though Wendy has saw it, she think she can’t help anything for Peter’s sadness. But he tells her that Wendy has helped him, because he wants to hold someone for him. Although Wendy has her brothers, but she just wants one person to acknowledge her. Also, the reason he choose sweet is because after eating it, everyone will be happy, and that will make him happy too. After being known by Wendy, Peter thinks there’s no need to continue the contest. He will bring Wendy and her brother to go home if she want to make her happy. But Wendy still want to end the contest and she doens’t care about his past, just wants to live with him. He is happy to hear that, someone from the other side of the moon wants to live with him.

Wendy is having another date with Peter. He gives her the drop, tells that drop is special sweet that will bring happiness if she eats it slowly, cause it won’t disappear like chocolate or ice cream. Peter also wonder what kind of flavor does his feeling for his mother will taste because even if he hates her, he also loves her. The thoughts makes Wendy wish him to find happiness without thinking about his mother. But he asks what is happiness for Wendy, what will make it. She doesn’t know what to answer of doubting her own goal now (if it’s alright to be good for her mother).

Seeing her difficulties, Peter finally giving answer to her wish. He is happy if somone from another world will love her, not his created people in Never Land. It seems like the people has no will for their own, but Peter built them as having their own like and dislike. Hook, Scissor, Tink, and Tinker are exceptional, since they’re so special. His minions are beings who likes him. It’s difficult to understand and so, he goes off to think about that again.

Michael wants to play around Never Land and exploring it more but John is against that. Suddenly, their conversation turns about some black thing, but it won’t lower Michael’s intention to go have fun. His older brother ordering him to not go, or not, he will teach Michael to study. Doesn’t want to study, Michael tells her will happily playing around with his brother (it’s a sudden change and his tone is a fake, but John believes his brother needs his care). Then, the two of them left Wendy in the house. Though she wants to come to Peter’s house, she just finds his minions who told her Peter is in the forest.

Quickly, Wendy goes to the forest but what she find is the black bubble thing which splattering in front of her. It makes her scared but Tinker helps her and flying. Tinker says it’s like an eraser and is dangerous because its purpose is to eliminate the world created by Peter. It will destroy the world. To avoid it, she need Wendy’s strenght to help Peter.


Wendy promised to save Peter alone. For it, Tinker tells her to stay by Peter’s side so he doesn’t feel lonely. Suddenly, Peter comes to them and asks Wendy to play with him with a cheerful face. But it’s weird. Tinker realizes that Peter is lying because he musn’t look that cheerful after the black object appeared.

That day, Wendy is searching for Peter in his house but just find his minions. They’re talking about the first time they’ve come to Peter’s side. They are the lost children, who are scared of getting nowhere to go. But Peter saved them from darkness and built their place to belong. The fact makes Wendy think Peter is a kind person. He won’t let other kid to feel sad after being lost. Then, she tried to go to the world’s heart in the wood.

Another memories appearing before Wendy coming from the mirror. A man holding a baby and a woman beside him are talking. He asks if it will be alright to be with him and his child, cause the child isn’t hers. It belongs to the man’s previous wife. But the woman is alright with it because, even if she isn’t connected by blood with the baby, it’s her beloved man’s child. That is Wendy’s mother, who wasn’t connected by blood. Her mother is very happy after she raised Wendy and became a clever child. Though their happiness didn’t last long until Wendy’s father died. But her mother promised to protect her and make her happy.

The scene changes to where Wendy’s mother is being scolded by her boss. He doesn’t like her job and blaming her not-blood-related children which makes her work double. After hearing it, Wendy’s mother becomes to hate the daughter she raised, changing her perception through her, and can’t love that child anymore. The memories of her mother ended, leaving sad feeling behind. Fortunately, Peter comes to hug her at the right time because he knows she is crying. He loves her and that makes him knows her feelings.

They are kissing (with very passionate moment!), and while at it, Peter asks Wendy to be his happiness. She thinks if she can’t be her mother’s happiness, then, it’ll be better to be Peter’s source of happiness. Wendy might saw her mother’s memories because she always think of her. But will that means Peter won’t need Never Land anymore? The Peter now has realized he’s at fault and even though he said he won’t lie, he always make lies til now. The lie about Never Land. But he wish Wendy won’t say anything for now. He doesn’t know what other lie he has, but for now, his love for Wendy is real. When she regains consciousness, Peter is not there anymore.

Late at night, Wendy’s house becomes in trouble because of the black thing. Michael and John asks her to run but she need to find Peter. The thoughts makes John questioning what connection it is from Peter. She have no choice than to tell the truth about Peter’s creation, Never Land. And now, they must run in a hurry to the deep of forest, the only place Wendy can think of to meet Peter. Too bad, John was caught by the black thing before they reach the world’s heart. Quickly, Tinker flew to save Wendy and Michael. There’s no need to worry because John just brought to somewhere in the common world by it. To distracting the black thing, Michael uses his body and let Tinker brings Wendy to the contest place. But she can’t go further because she can’t help Peter, just Wendy can go there.

Inside, Wendy found Peter but he’s thinking it’s the last time they’ll meet. Soon, that world will disappear. Peter is already weak and in his child form, struggling, and thinking he is the being who musn’t live since the beginning. Even if he wants Wendy to stay with him, but it’ll be better for her to go back. The mirror is already reflecting Wendy’s world and ready to bring her back, but she choose to stay with Peter because she loves him. And his minions, Tinker, and other fairies are also thinking about him, not just about his puppet. After growing feeling to help him, a drop comes from Wendy’s feelings. She makes Peter taste it and he finds it’s the most delicious he have ever eat in the world. But he won’t let him alone trying the most delicious drop. Quickly, Peter kissed Wendy to try the taste but it wouldn’t help anything. The world will still be destroyed.

When she awakes, John and Michael are already in front of her. They are in a black dimension of previous Never Land, and Peter also is with them thanks to Wendy’s love. There is no need to worry because he will bring Wendy and her brothers to their original world. But he can’t go, rather, Peter need to create the new Never Land. It’s the first time he finally realizes that his creation are all have their own soul and he wants to know their feelings more. Before he let Wendy go, he kisses her again and promise to go to her after everything finished..

After coming back to their home, Wendy decides not to eager to meet her mother. It will just expecting worry if she is in a hurry. A few days later, her mother still in the same mood. She wants Wendy to be the best in everything. Up til now, Wendy also already know the truth about they aren’t blood-related, so she is fine to be taken like that. John and Michael still worried about Wendy because of her worried face lately. Suddenly, she wants to asks what will her brothers feel of her even if they aren’t blood-related siblings. For John, it is nothing to be worry because he choose to like Wendy who isn’t his blood-related sister than his blood-related father. And Michale added it with he will also choose Wendy over his blood-related brother (John) ヽ(  ̄д ̄;)ノ. The conclussion is, they will still love her as family.

Wendy decides to go out to relaxing her mind. She bumps to a little boy so she apologizes to him. Looking at her face, the boy gives her drop. That reminds her of Peter. When she is in home, Wendy is talking to make something for her mother. But she doesn’t want to and calls her an inferior human. Now, Wendy can talk back to her that she isn’t an inferior and there are people who love her as it is (John, Michael, and Peter). She unconsciously saying about they aren’t blood related too and makes her mother running from it to her room. Michael and John finally knew the source of Wendy’s worrying face lately.

Day by day has passed and her mother is now fine with her family. She even can talk casually to Wendy. Now, she wants to quit her present job and doing more to have time with her family. Wendy is happy to hear it, at least. Though her mother added that she will quit the present job and get the new easy job.. After that, days already passed again. She is still thinking about Peter and Never Land, because it’s like dreaming. She went to bed in worrying about Peter.

Suddenly, Wendy wakes up in Never Land, with child Peter in front of her, not knowing about her adventure before. Peter is talking as usual, not about the new Never Land, but to make Wendy as the judge for sweet contest. He brings Wendy to play to the cotton candy sky. She feels Peter is a pitiful child and makes her doesn’t want to let him go. Wendy hugs Peter on her own and makes him worry if something happen, cause she never want to be hugged by him before.

But then, the scene changes to make her can’t see anything in a dull world. While worrying about Peter, he already hug her from behind and bring her with him with his adult form. He is in the state of creating the new Never Land, that makes him weak. But Wendy shouldn’t worry since he won’t die before her. The purpose of his coming that time is to give her the drop, wanting to eat together with her again in the future, and ask her to wait for him.

It have been years since then. Michael already open his cake shop now. To visit him, Wendy comes with John. But Michael is busy with the customers so Wendy and John decides to leave him. John need to go to library to find book for his research and can’t go home with Wendy.

When she turns to her way home, a voice, Peter’s voice is calling her. Quickly, Wendy goes to his arm. Now, Peter’s strenght already return to his original and already created the whole new Never Land. He wants to live with Wendy and gain the sweet kiss.


Wendy say she will save Peter with Tinker together. Tinker is happy to hear it. The same as the previous scene, she is doubting of why Peter is lying.

After that, Tinker and Peter are having fun seeing Wendy ride on a craddle up in the sky. She’s scared of falling, but Tinker and Peter just laugh at her scream. When Peter is gone to find sweet for Wendy, she says her feelings to Tinker, that to see Peter’s lying is makes her think he is bad. Tinker won’t allow her to say that, but she also is worrying about Peter. After Peter comes back with many sweets, he gives all of that to Wendy. It’s too much for her alone so she give it to Tinker. Peter won’t allow her to give the thing only for Wendy, and Tinker almost kill Wendy from falling. Anyway, sky is a dangerous playing ground.

That night, the black object is attacking Wendy’s house, together with her brothers. They’re running away and fortunately, finds Tinker. She brings the three Darlings to fly and save them all. Because Wendy keeps talking to save Peter, John and Michael finally knew the truth about Peter and Never Land. But for now, the black thing is already gone and they go back home. As for Wendy, she still need to talk to Tinker and flying together with her.

In the sky, Wendy gives Tinker a friend’s kiss on her cheek, making her blush and think Wendy is on ‘that’ side. But she tells it’s just like a kiss to family and friend. Now, Tinker is looking at Wendy at her friend, though she still saying will kill her if she hurt Peter. But now, she likes Wendy who is going hard to save Peter and will live in Never Land. Tinker suggests to have Peter Party, like that of Pajama Party, but with Peter’s favorite food and all. Again, Wendy kiss her cheek. The blushing Tinker makes her wants to tease this tsundere fairy more, saying she likes her, gazing at her with *yuri* stare and scared Tinker more…

Another day in Wendy’s house, John says he is fine if Wendy still wants to live in Never Land and will live with her. It seems they must search way to go home and John can’t have any other choice than staying in that world until they know about the contest and the world is calm down. As for Michael, he is happily will stay in Never Land and already have schedule to see firework with Yoyo Tribe. He goes out at night alone so John must follow him for Michael’s safety.

Days already passed in Never Land. That night, Wendy, Tinker, and Peter are having party together (Peter Party). Tinker and Peter are suggesting useless game to have, and it’s all objected by Wendy. She doesn’t want to make John and Michael wake up in their room. Doesn’t have anything to do, Tinker suggested to eat drop instead, but Peter says instead of drop, he wants to eat Wendy. In Wendy’s eyes, he turns to adult and goes inside her sheet to sleep with her. But she refused to because there’s also Tinker. First, Peter ordering Tinker to go so he can sleep with Wendy. But Wendy scolded him by being cold to Tinker and then have a flying party in the sky rather in the house.

While flying, Tinker asks Wendy to follow her and Peter to where they’ll go, as well as saying she also like Wendy. Again, Wendy teases her if that like is the (yuri) mean. Though Tinker screamed at Wendy, if she get any wrong thinking, she will kill Wendy. And now, Wendy is happy to play along with Tinker, a fairy with bad mouth, but is very cute.


Instead of going straight to the forest, Wendy thinks Peter is in the town. Finally, she realizes that Peter is in the mirror room, but it’s already too late. She can’t open the door anymore and goes to her own room in her original world with Peter’s voice that won’t let her disappear. Now, Wendy has return back to her own world without Peter.


There are two bad ending that comes with their CGs. One is in Hook’s route where Wendy and her brothers have gone back home. Even if she is separated with Hook, she can live happily with her brothers’ scream (I mean, they’re always fighting and that is funny) everyday.

The other ending is in Michael’s route. The siblings aren’t going back to their world, so they are staying in Never Land. John finally feel relieved to live there and found something good so he won’t deny the happy moment in Never Land. As for Wendy, she still wants to live there and makes her brothers agreeing with her decision. Michael is very happy to hear that.


  1. Every story is well-detailed. You won’t think it is weird or not in the storyline, and it won’t puzzling you of why it can happen. Anyway, this is the story taken place in a fantasy world. You can find any nonlogical things in it. Plus, there’s true ending that lead you to find the real truth of why it is happening in the first place.
  2. This game has a huge ammount of CGs!! You will be satisfied by it (And will make me sick of taking it.. My backaches while convert it to jpg..). It will come in almost every scene you’ll see.
  3. Taking too long to finish because of many dialogues added in the story. Can’t have more than it is. While some are important, some just prolong its playtime (jokes, fighting mouth, etc.).
  4. Amazing seiyuu! They can live up the characters really well! I think I’m amazed by Hook’s seiyuu, Okiayu-san. He is too funny to think of, most of his screaming voices are all very funny. Although I don’t like how Miki Shinichirou did the voice, but thankfully, with my earphone, it can be settled. Ishida also did very good of voicing the differences of child and adult Peter.
  5. Music is so-so for me. It’s fit with magical theme, but doesn’t seem very appealing to me (Yeah, of course. My favorite composers are Motoi Sakuraba, Kajiura Yuki, Yoshitaka Hirota, Shikata Akiko, Kanno Yoko, etc.) and rather boring.
  6. I think Peter’s true story is in his true end, or I will keep up with it (that’s what I think, you may think differently of it). Speaking of true end, I love the ending, even though it need a few years for them to be together again. Wendy knows the truth about her mother and can maintain their relationship in this route. As for Tinker, nah, it is likely just a joke, way to go for yuri route (Wendy, can you tease your female friend in a common way?). I won’t think about it anymore or I’ll keep feeling down. Done.
  7. I first played it in the last week of December, after Zettai Meikyuu Grim DC. But it’s only for an hour per day and not every day because I must keep up to make my thesis. After I had done with my thesis defense (around January, 10th), I began playing it seriously and finishing Peter’s route is the chance to do it until the end. Because I have thought to drop it before…. This is the first game that took my life the hardest!!
  8. Time to count the CG:

Peter      : 209

Hook      : 139

Scissor   : 128

Tink        : 136

John       : 148

Michael : 115

Other     : 259

Overall  : 1134 event CGs (Hooray!!! Can I kill myself while taking it? Not to mention another miscellanous picts I’ve took..)

Delicious looking cake..

Link for CG:



  1. “And Michael added it with he will also choose Wendy over his blood-related brother (John) ヽ(  ̄д ̄;)ノ” >> LOL xD

    Wow… thanks for the reviews (I loled at the Tinker CG’s end, the one with the yuri vibes XD) and the CGs, I’m going to download it now *-*

    Oh, and Good job for finishing the game! -Even though it took you forever to finish it’s admirable! o/
    Can’t wait for you to have some holidays/free time, I’m very eager to read your Cinderella’s review though I don’t mind other games review as well *A*
    (I’m fine as long as there are reviews so… ehehe x) )

    Thanks again! o/

    • Oh, Michael makes John angry with it”..

      I don’t know when will I ever have time to play Cinderella from QR. That will be a long journey again after I’ve look at its guide! I need to play short game first before I have the urge to try QR long game again.

  2. Wow I’ve never seen any game with so many CGs. With this many, it’s like a colored manga! Epic compared to Otomate’s usual 20 for a character. True I added this game to my to play list.. but it’s position is one that might end up in forever backlog.. it looks like you normally enjoyed the game (❛◡❛٭) congratulations for clearing such a long one!

    • Oh.. I like it there are so many CGs! But it’s really tired to take it. Yeah, considering this is very long, it might be in everyone’s backlog for long until they’ve motivation to do it. Very considerable with the lenght needed. And thank you ^^ Finally finished this. You’ve also done with StS, congratz too!!

  3. Lol your CG count. XD /goes to count hers. 1176 lol wth. But I tend to take more (event CG and the character dialogue).

    Congrats on finishing the game again! I’m glad you pulled through and enjoyed the game in the end. 8DD I feel as emotional on completing this game as I did with Shinigami to Shoujo haha.

    I think the true end is Peter’s true story too, especially since both he and Wendy matured and went to face their own ‘problems’. And I loved the ending, I like these sort of endings where they meet again after a while. Feels very emotional and all. ///

    Are you gonna take a short break before starting on your next game? Lol.

    • Oh I’m glad I didn’t take much of its dialogues… It’s a nightmare to convert it more!

      Thank you.. I’ve remembered StS again now. Though when I played StS, I was very motivated sinced the first time. Very different with this (I lost motivation before finishing Peter’s route and gained it back after that). But thankfully, you and Euryx are my motivators

      Uh, I want to try Kannou for… maybe tonight or tomorrow.

      • Haha, true true!

        Ahh~ I guess ‘cos I left Peter’s for last I was pretty motivated to get to his route. I’m not sure which one I took longer with though I remember I could spent hours playing StS…lol. Eheh, I’m very glad that we helped you. ^^

        I see I see! Well, it’s definitely shorter. You can be relieved about that. XD I’ve finished all the normal routes for each story and just started on the alternate routes.

  4. おめでとう!(ノ◕ヮ◕)ノ*:・゚✧*:・゚✧
    I agree to what you said above. There are still lots of things that confuses me (like how can a spirit grow up or have an adult image? :O) but I’ll let it slip since Peter and Wendy got together in the end. /shot

    The CGs! OMG. It such a pain to get all of them. However, I’m satisfied by the amount of CG and those additional sweets are just *O*.

    I’m happy for you that you chose to complete this instead of dropping. It’ll be a waste to drop a good game like this. (っ⌒‿⌒)っ

    • (ノ≧∀≦)ノ ありがとう。。!!

      Yessssss!! I’m so happy I can complete it finally with satisfaction! Poor Peter Pan, I have considered to drop it before… I’m sorry, Peter.

      For the confusion, I don’t want to think much anymore. Let it flow.. I’m happy for Peter & Wendy ending. Don’t want to meddle in them anymore.

  5. Yay congrats for finishing the game, I must say True ending is the best ending I’ve seen for this game, and I like Tinker here, she is not as annoying in other routes. And I agree this game has a lot of CGs.

    And thank you for sharing the CG with us (*downloading now) ^^

    • Thank you!! Finally finished it..

      Oh yeah, Tinker is friendly in true end, doesn’t have scene where she try to kill Wendy, and most convenience to talk to. She helps Wendy to save Peter. That’s a lot likeable.

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