Sweet Love-Michael Darling

Michael Darling (CV: Tachibana Shinnosuke)

Another one of Wendy’s little brother, who, unexpectedly, is very happy to come to Never Land. He loves to go adventuring and wish to become a pâtissier in the future.

In this route, Wendy has prepared mushroom soup for her brothers. And as usual, even if it’s morning, Michael and John are already fighting mouth because Michael makes joke about John (about pudding nightmare). Then, Michael invites Wendy to see colourful dugong as Nibs said to him at the spring. When they finally saw it, Michael tried feeding it for biscuit. They really like it. See the dugongs are fine with human, Michael asks Wendy to try feeding too. But after that, the dugongs wants more of it and splashing water to them. The two of them have no choice than come home.

Their bodies becomes wet from the water so Wendy takes towel and wipes Michael’s hair. He takes it back and wiping Wendy’s hair instead. He also says that he’s skillful at wiping so to try it, Wendy must take off her clothes. Of course she doesn’t want to. Suddenly, Peter comes and surprising them. He also wants to play ‘wipe’ too with them but Wendy ignores him. That makes Peter mad and spraying water again to them, then going out. It makes Wendy really mad but Michael calms her down. She thinks Michael is a positive child.

Wendy found Michael who was ready to going out in the middle of night. He tells her what Tink have told him, to see rainbow in nighttime. It’s dangerous to go out at night in the unknown world, that makes Wendy goes with him to the place. Instead of seeing rainbow, the two of them finds aurora, above the water surface. Michael tries throwing rock (in Never Land, it’s candy) to see how far he can throw. He asks Wendy to do the same and she’s doing better than him. Finally, he says what he really wishes to, to see many things in this new world they’ve ever seen.

On another day, Wendy meets Michael in the forest, when he wants to hide from Peter. Quickly, he pushes Wendy to the ground to hide. That chance is used by Wendy to look at Michael’s neck, which she thinks it’s small. Then suddenly, Michael realizes Wendy is looking for him, just she says that she is looking at the tree above them. That tree came from Wendy’s mind but it’s true, the tree was weird that it could drop sugar. Their bodies are covered by it but they’re taking it easy. Michael asks Wendy to be positive and just explore more of Never Land like him. But then Peter comes so they must hide again. Because of the fallen sugar in their body, Wendy feels gross that it’s too sticky, making a crowd there, also, makes Peter finds the two of them. Does not want to lose, Peter hugs Michael and pushes him too (also Wendy, who is bellow them).

After the reminscence about her mother, Wendy must face the second contest. She and her brothers keeps failing at this chance and are separated after that. Michael finds her, saying it’s alright to stay a bit longer in that world because he wants to explore it more. Then, Peter finds them after saving John from ceiling. Tinker also appears, telling them that they might be killed by the world if they can’t end the contest. Michael thinks her words are cruel, but then Peter says they won’t let Wendy and her brothers be killed and will protect them. Not long after, John also can find his siblings. It makes Wendy wondering if they can ever go back to their original world.

Today, Darling’s house is filled with smoke, from Michael. He tried to make cake from mushroom, by the recipe he got from townspeople but it seemed he failed from the shape. Truthfully, Michael wants to create a non-sweet cake that can fit Wendy’s taste, and maybe, with it, he can make Wendy like sweet. The thoughts is good but Wendy doesn’t want to eat any sweet. It’s too bad for Michael but before he throw the failure cake, he try a bit and find it delicious. Although Wendy doesn’t want her brother to eat the dangerous-looking cake. She ordered him throw it but he just run in the house so Wendy told John to chase Michael together. They finally catches Michael, but Wendy and John falls. They’re both alright, though Wendy is mad at Michael’s childish attitude.

Wendy and John can’t find Michael! It is the right time to ask, because after that, Michael comes back home. He explains that he meets Bell’s siblings in the forest and wants to play (as well as searching information) with them and another fairies. John refused to, so it’s just Wendy and Michael to go. When walking, Wendy finds Michael steps are too big to follow so she ordering him to slow down (part of it is he’s excited to meet fairies). The fairies are very happy to see human, especially the judges brought by Peter. They make a showery flower to Michael and Wendy, to welcoming the two human in their territory.

Just a moment after that, Tink comes by and seeing a rare moments when fairies welcoming human. It’s because they are afraid and hate human. Then, Tink puts flower to Wendy’s hair, which can spread and binding her with its branches (That made me remembering one of エロイscene). After Wendy shouting Michael’s name, he comes and saving her from the weird flower. He becomes mad at Tink, grabbing Wendy’s hand then going out from the forest. It’s strange because usually, he will be happy to play with Tink (and fairies), but looking at that scene, he can’t.

It’s cleaning time for Wendy and John while Michael is going out. After they’ve finished with it, Michael came with food from his said friend (Yoyo Tribe?). It is walnuts. Before Michael try eating it, John says that he must take the danger first to eat. It seems a common nut, but then John’s body shining in red. After looking at fun nut, Michael tries it too, but it’s just makes his color change (he’s down by just changing hair color). Michael then puts one of nut to Wendy’s mouth, making her eat it. Suddenly, her body feels lighter, and she is getting mad at Michael with pinching Michael’s cheek before she fall asleep. Wendy wakes up and can’t remember anything, except she feels something she hold for long has gone out (pinching Michael’s cheek?). John also just remember vaguely. Instead of getting angry at Michael, Wendy praises him.

Michael insists on Wendy to make cake for him. She have no choice because Michael keeps repeating his wish. When there’s just left putting on decoration, Michael suddenly hugs Wendy from his excitement and thankful. She keeps telling him to let her go but he doesn’t want to and the falling moment finally occurs. The cake almost falls but Michael can keeps it stand, although it’s already messed up. He tries eating it and is very happy and nostalgic. When John comes home, quickly, he can smell sweet fragrants and blaming Michael for it (from the mushroom cake before). But when he finally finds the truth, John says sorry and will eat whatever Wendy has made. Though he can’t because Michael takes the cake from him, with reason that he doesn’t want to force John eating sweet (Maybe, he feels jealous if John eat the cake made only for him..).

Today, Michael inviting Wendy to his friend, the Yoyo Tribe, who lives gathering similar to Indian Tribe. They are happy to see Michael’s sister and begins to makes campfire from seed, which can popping candies out. They also held a Limbo Dance for them. Hearing the crowd, finally, the tribe’s leader and his daughter comes out. The leader ask if Michael want to live with them or to marry his daughter, but it’s all refused by Michael. He says, he just wants to marry a woman who is similar to his sister. The leader won’t get angry by it but is welcoming him too, because Michael really likes her sister. Though Michael says the truth, Wendy just thinks he is a siscon.

Another journey with Michael begins again when he wants to go to a lake full of cake on its surface. They can stand on the cake to crossing water. Wendy thinks it’s dangerous but Michael hugs her tight so she can’t fall. He says it’s like a skinship for them, siblings.

On another side of the lake, Michael tells his feelings, that he is happy if they can go back home, but also will stay with Wendy if she choose not to return. Because he and John can understand that their mother always makes her life hard. He doesn’t like it and is wishing for Wendy so she can have fun in Never Land, also for her freedom. Suddenly, the water surface increasing in a moment, scared thw two of them if they will drown. Tink comes in a right time to save them and brings them home safely (although he wants to look at their struggling face more in the first time). Before sleeping that night, Michael apologizing for what he did, he couldn’t save Wendy. When Wendy asks him to sleep together like their old time, he refused in order to avoid doing anything to her.

Wendy have a hectic day to clean up her home. She saw cherry blossom flower petals in front of her house and decides to clean it. Finally, she thinks it’s weird that the petals falling from above, and finds Tink Bell who throws it. Of course she is mad at him, but Tink, as usual, just says that it’s fun to look at Wendy cleaning without knowing it will fall forever from him. He asks Wendy to play with him along but she refuses because he isn’t her family, like Michael. Suddenly, there’s a book thrown to Tink, which comes from Michael (Michael throwing it out of anger). But he lies to John that he has some illness, makes John searching doctor to help his brother. After laughing at John’s business, Tink leaves them to go.

In their house, Wendy asks Michael again why he lies and throwing book at someone. Michael tells her that he doesn’t want her to be close with Tink, makes his blood risen. Part of it was because Tink could saved them at the spring, while he couldn’t. Though Wendy thinks she also is helped by Michael numerous times by his cheerfulness. That being said, Michael told her the truth that his cheerfulness came from Wendy’s kindness to him. He hugs her, touching Wendy’s cheek like a lover. Realizing it seems strange, Wendy pushes him around. She wants Michael to promise not throwing anything again and he agrees. Meanwhile, John comes back empty-handed without finding a doctor. He promised to cure Michael’s illness with his strenght!

Again, Michael invites Wendy to play along with him. He brings her to fairies dance party in the forest. The female fairies are expecting to dance with him. Michael refusing them first because there’s Wendy, but Wendy orderd him to go so he is dancing with them finally. Wendy just seeing them dance, feeling angry at why Michael is loved by (female) fairies. This time, Tink appears to ask Wendy to dance together. But before they can do that, Michael interrupting them, brings Wendy to dance with him. Of course she would choose Michael over Tink to dance.

While they’re dancing, Michael asks her what will she do if he is the one she’s been searching for to be her lover. It’s too early to think about that for Wendy, she just saying that it’ll be good if Michael find a girl he likes. One of male fairy approaches them. Looking at their closeness, he asks if Michael really likes her sister and Michael agrees with it, though adding it’s family-love. Then he makes Wendy promising that they will dance again, now for only the two of them. The conversation that day makes Wendy asking in her heart of what kind of girl Michael would like.

There will be storm at the third contest. While Michael is exciting about eating new sweets he found, John wants him to be cautious of what he eat in Never Land. Then, Peter comes to inform about the contest but the three siblings choose to walk by themselves. It truly is raining hard outside so John goes to find something similar to umbrella, leaving Wendy and Michael. They reminiscing about the past, when Michael realizes their mother always going out. But he is fine because there’s Wendy with him. The scene changes back to when Michael decides to search John, who is taking too long to come back.

As usual, Tinker comes to try to kill Wendy. Fortunately, Michael comes back after hearing their voices and grabs Tinker’s hands so she can’t stab it. The moment Tinker tells her reason, that it is the world’s wish, Tink stand right in front of her to stop Tinker. He doesn’t want to follow her sister’s reason and that makes Tinker angry then go away. To make up for his sister’s fault, Tink tells Wendy and Michael that they can choose the winner besides the food made by contestant. After he leaves, Michael hugs Wendy out of fear. Not took long enough, John also came to their place and was very surprise to know Tinker wanted to kill Wendy.

They’ve decided not to come to the contest place because of the event and talking about judging by Wendy’s cooking. If it is hers, then the two brothers will be so happy to eat sweet. Michael and John decided that Wendy must bring her cake for sweet contest.

Wendy forgot she should bring Nana to take a walk. It’s good that Michael asks her to walk with him and she remember it at the moment. They’re talking about where Michael and Wendy will choose to live, to go back to their world or stay in Never Land. It seems Wendy becomes to like that world but she choose to go back with her brothers, although Michael says he will go to where she wants to. Wendy thinks it’s not appropriate to talk about it with his sister, but he kisses her, saying he is happy that Wendy can see him now thanks to coming to Never Land (Because before, Wendy always looks up to her mother). Michael also confessing his feelings, he always likes Wendy not as siblings. The scene was closed by their kiss, without nothing interfering.

That day, Michael is surprise by how Wendy has made cake, for the contest. She doesn’t know that she has made so many of it. Their conversation turns to how Michael doesn’t like their mother, who is always doesn’t care about Wendy. Moreover, he didn’t get along with their mother sinced the beginning. That thoughts of Michael made Wendy blaming herself. To make Wendy happy again, Michael will make sweet for her and tells her to wait in her room.

He came with cake on his hand. Before Wendy try eating it, she doubts she will come to like it. To make her calm, Michael hugs her as he said it’s family’s skinship. Well, it works. Wendy can eat the cake and it’s taste delicious in her mouth. Suddenly, Michael reveals that it’s the cake she made before, just changing its decoration and cream on it. The reason is he wants Wendy to acknowledge her ability to make delicious cake so she musn’t worry about their mother. In the end, he does the skinship again, kissing her, saying if it’s like family that it will be okay to Wendy. But of course Wendy can tell it’s not like family skinship. The lies broken so Michael confessing his feeling again, about how much he likes Wendy.

This time, Michael brings Wendy to a balcony. There, Wendy asks why if it is really Michael in front of her, if his cheerfulness is the true him. He answering that with it’s really him. He can be cheerful because of Wendy. This time, Michael reveals about their past, when Wendy got a lover and he’s worried. Yes, Wendy had experienced in relationship with a guy before, though she reminded of it and maybe didn’t really love the guy. Whatever it is, Michael had loved Wendy sinced their were kids and it surprising Wendy. So, her brother really love her since long ago and she never realize that. The reason why Michael brings her to the balcony is to see fireworks from Yoyo Tribe’s festival. And there, after seeing Wendy smiles again, he tells her that he will give her love her mother couldn’t.


When Wendy is afraid if John finds out about Michael’s feelings for her, John goes to her in a hurry because Michael has a fever! They are going to Michael’s room quickly, finds about he is being very weak. They can’t find any thermometer to measure how bad his fever is, so Wendy uses her head, like in past time (Michael is feeling down after Wendy happily doing it. He wants to her to blush a bit). Because John is very noisy (and scared if Michael will die of a fever), Wendy ordering him to go and do something outside Michael’s room.

It finally calm now after John left. Wendy asks what is Michael need to and he wants her to grab his hand. The scene where they did the same appeared, when Michael also had fever as a kid. While grabbing his hand, Wendy feels weird that now they’re doing same, just that, Michael’s hand is bigger. A day after, he finally recovers and back to being cheerful.

It’s late at night already, but Michael invites Wendy to go out. John almost wants to follow them, but Michael says they’re going to find ingredients for Wendy’s cake, also there are many sweets such as waterfall pudding. Heard the word ‘pudding’ made John surrender and let them go. As they walks by, Michael says it’s all lies because he doesn’t want John to be with them for a date.

They’ve reached the lake with shiny things scattered and flowing down. Michael heard from the fairies about the fallen stars in that lake, but it’s actually confeito (konpeito in Japanese). After try eating the water color confeito, Michael is glad Wendy can eat sweet again and asking her for a dance alone because usually, Tink will makes him jealous. Michael also tells Wendy to be proud of herself because she’s beautiful. After all, many of his friends wants to be introduced to Wendy.. Their conversation turns to there is a guy Wendy likes but she won’t tell him about it.

Michael insists to tell it to him, pushing her so they’re falling. The scene reminds her of when they were hiding from Peter. They both laugh at it but suddenly, Michael confessing again that he likes Wendy and will say it forever. Wendy touches his face, and that makes Michael also stroking her head. The romantic feelings makes Wendy can’t stand to say she likes Michael too. And then, they’re having a sweet kiss.

Wendy wakes up in the morning after knowing there will be fourth contest. She asks John if he know about it, but he doesn’t. Not long after she ask John, Michael comes and already knows about the contest too. This makes John a little piss off because he is the only one who doesn’t know (Michael thinks it might be because John doesn’t like Never Land and it’s his karma). Though he already makes determination to end it that day. In the contest hall, Hook and Wendy are fighting mouth. Fortunately, before Cecco tries to ask Hook to kill Wendy, Michael warns them that contestant musn’t kill the judge. And it seems Peter already knows who is the one Wendy likes..

The scene after that is the same as John, where Wendy is searching for Tink who hasn’t come, but meets Tinker who keeps her hidden in a room. Finally, Michael and John finds her and releasing her from Tinker. The contest begins with Wendy’s cake as one of participation. When she judges for the contest, Wendy thinks that she likes her handmade cake, which made by her and Michael’s feelings. So, in the end, Wendy wins the contest with her cake.

Michael hugs Wendy with so much happiness that she won the contest. John doesn’t know the truth so he just say that Michael is forever like a kid to hug his sister. It’s the perfect time for Michael to show that he isn’t hugging Wendy as her brother, but as lover. Meanwhile, Peter also surrender about Wendy and prefer to play with Tink and Tinker. That makes Michael rest assuring to know his rival surrender, while John keeps shocking about it. Calmly, Michael says he and Wendy aren’t blood related so it’s fine to be lovers.

The day to return comes by. Before going back, Wendy and her brothers are cleaning the house. Michael thinks to bring sweets from Never Land, though John refusing it. So, Wendy promised to make sweets for Michael to enjoy it. Well, Michael will think more to become a pâtissier after they go back. Before they go to the wishes making place, Michael asks what is Wendy’s wish as a winner because she can make one wish more. But Wendy doesn’t want to make wish anymore, as she wants to try with her own power. And they makes their wish (John wants to live in peaceful life and Michael wants to live with his beloved person), going home through the mirror.

Wendy comes to her mother who just came back home and realize there is nothing wrong. They come back to the previous day and not counting days has passed since they were in Never Land. She tries to change as a cheerful person and will make tea for her mother. After her mother left, Michael says he likes her and it’s fine if their mother knows. He doesn’t want to hide it anymore.

The day after, Michael had a football competition. Wendy cheered him up, but also seeing many girls cheer for him. After the competition, he comes close to Wendy, asking if he’s cool while playing. Many girls are afraid if he is with his lover, but the boys says it’s his sister. Hearing all the rumours, Michael says it’s true that Wendy is both his sister and lover but Wendy snaps his head and says it’s a lie. She doesn’t want to make a mess with other. Though it is just makes the girls who falls for Michael turns to hate the siscon type of him (means, his name is now bad!)…

The night after that, in Michael’s room, Wendy says she said that because of embarassment. Michael thinks she is cute, he wants to kiss her cheek like some sweet. Also, for now, he will call her name and doesn’t want her to make any sound, or John will wake up.

This time, Michael made cake that taste delicious, even for John. John and Wendy still haven’t used to Michael saying Wendy’s name, they’re still have weird feeling for it. Also, Michael and John are still the same, fighting mouth of who is the better.

Many year has passed and now, Michael had his cake shop first opening. He already has many customers to serve, with the help of Wendy. In the middle of working, John comes to say congratulation for his brother with a bouquet of flowers. He still can’t believe that Michael has now becomes a famous pâtissier but also is relaxed. He can give Wendy to Michael and rest by it.

In home, Michael has prepared cake just for Wendy. He has one more question, if Wendy want get marry with him. Even if she hasn’t answer it, Michael already excited to see her wedding dress, and the cake he will built for it, how he want it to be bigger than now. Well, even without the answer, he already knows about Wendy’s feelings and kissing her.


Wendy had a dream of her mother, still couldn’t accept her hardworking. She woke up and explained it to Michael at the day they must going back. When John comes to go make their wishes, Michael tells him that they will hold the wish and brings Wendy to a date. He says that it will be fine to stay in Never Land, because he knows Wendy is still afraid of her mother. There is no need to worry about John because he will go with what is best for Wendy. They kissed and Wendy decided to stay.

They are still live in Never Land. Michael brought Wendy to a cave, to look at the firework-like lights from there. Feeling the romantic vibes from it, Michael kissed Wendy and he will be with her in that world forever.


There’s another story of when Wendy and Michael saw the falling stars (confeito). He suggests her to make a wish, for example to always be with him. Then, they’re trying to kiss. Though Tink interrupting them at the moment to say that he is having fun seeing Wendy’s angry face from his teasing. The two of them ordering Tink to go and he have no choice either. After that, they will continue what they have left behind..


What I think of Michael is, I can’t have too much impression on him. He might be cheerful and understandable to the situation, but I’m not having the feeling of ‘like’ for him. It’s just that he’s Wendy’s younger brother, that is what I think. Very different from John, have cute scene, such as blushing. Michael is more open to his feeling and not my type. Though his stories were fun, indeed. Maybe the other cause is he already have kissing CG with Wendy in the other guys’ from Never Land’s route. Or maybe because he is the last character, beside Tinker. And I think his lovey-dovey moment is just at the end of his route, I can’t feel too much romance in it. Whatever it is, one more route to go!!

The dance CG that I’ve never use in story… I don’t want to waste it


  1. Ha2 I dunni why but I like Michael a lot, better than John, his story is cute too and he is less siscon, I think ^^ o.O one more route to go? Yay can’t wait 🙂

  2. I actually like him but not to the point of going much (〃∇〃) in his route. Perhaps because I’d prefer older brothers. wwww
    But still it’s a good route. And Michael with his casual and patissiere looks cool~~ *O*

  3. Like Euryx, I like Michael a lot too but I’m probably bias because I liked him a lot in other routes too. He’s more sly than John since he stole a kiss from Wendy in that scene, but I still like him ‘cos of he’s positive and reliable. And men who can help out with the household chores ❤

    • If I compared with how John always get mad for nothing, yeah, I would prefer Michael for his kindness and understandable.

      And it’s always nice to have husband with cooking skill (no need to cook myself).^&^

  4. Oh my god that patissier uniform. *Q*
    Otouto-kun + Tachibana Shinnosuke = Win for me éAè
    Aww he’s too cute, I need to play it asap… Wait for me, Otouto yo! *w*

    Anyway thanks for the review x3

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