Sweet Love-Scissor Gavialwatch

Scissor Gavialwatch (CV: Miki Shinichirou)

Scissor, Ruler, and Clip. Don’t you want Ruler with glasses instead?

Works as a captain in navy and has his precious pet, Tokei Wani (Crocodile with its ticking sound of clock). A prideful person with straight personality, but will change if it’s involve Tokei Wani. He can be seriously in love with it. Always calls pirates as 海のゴミ(sea trash).

For this route, Wendy tries to speak with Scissor in his ship. He wants to let Wendy try eating his biscuit but his subordinate tells him a work about eliminating pirates so he can’t let her eat without him eating it too. Scissor asked his subordinate, Clip (it’s weird that I think I’ll choose to end with Clip instead Scissor, and he always calls Clip with different name such as “Clicker” etc), to accompanying Wendy to his ship. It looks like he always says will go to feed everyone who makes him mad to Tokei Wani. And because Wendy wants to ask about Scissor’s personality, Clip brings her to other armies. Though they are scared if it’s talking about their captain. For conclusion, Clip says that Scissor is bad as a human, but great as superior officer ━Σ(゚Д゚|||)━. Even if Scissor always says about going to make them as bait to his Wani, but there’s none of a person so far. Well, he came right away to bring Wendy to his room.

Wendy following Scissor with some talk. Suddenly, Scissor is disturbed by a box and he destroy it with his sword, saying he hates if something disturbing him. He reveals that he likes to destroy important thing to someone..!

Scissor lets Wendy drink the delicious tea and eat his biscuit, but, oh no, he eats them all already. Even if he asks Ruler (His other subordinate who wears glasses. Now, I really want him and Clip’s routes rather than Scissor!!) to bring another pack of it, but Ruler can’t do it because it’s already Scissor’s limit per day. Well, he asks Wendy to come again sometime to try it. But then, a report came in about pirates. He must take care of it and also bring Wendy to know about him more. Even if the pirates are already use their white flag, seems like Scissor will firing more of his cannon to destroy them… An evil person.

Again, Wendy comes to Scissor’s ship just to see him working..uh, no. He wants to eat something sweet, his biscuit, even tearing his work paper apart. Fortunately, it’s just a fake paper from Ruler, who already anticipated it. It’s just Ruler who can talk back at Scissor without being afraid of thrown up by Scissor to Tokei Wani. But he can’t refuse to bring biscuit to his leader because if he isn’t doing that, Scissor won’t work at all. While looking at lovey-dovey eating time of Scissor and Tokei Wani, Clip tells Wendy that Scissor can’t remember his subordinate’s name for they are just his helper. It’s rude but for Clip, it’s fine if they can still win against pirates.

For once, Scissor asks Wendy to feed his Tokei Wani and not fearing it ‘coz he won’t do dangerous thing to a judge. Wendy still feels afraid of it but she have no choice and trying to feed it with biscuit. So, without noticing her, Scissor keeps eating his biscuit and do his work (because Ruler ordered him to do and if not, he will take all the biscuits). Wendy can’t stand to look at his childish and egoistic behavior so she orders Clip and Ruler to help her cleaning Scissor and his room. She mops his mouth from the crumbs and makes Tokei Wani cleans too. At last, she is afraid if she has interfering with their work but unexpectedly, Scissor, Ruler, and Clip are happy for her help.

Before reaching Scissor’s ship, Wendy finds him and Hook are fighting in the forest nearby. She doesn’t want to look for one of them die, so she interferes with their fight, goes in the middle of their sword. Of course they must stop fighting with sword at the moment, but still fighting mouth. Though it stop right away after Hook and Jewel hears Tokei Wani’s sound. They ran away with all of Hook’s pirates. After it just leaving Wendy and Scissor alone, she wants to know who is coming so Hook running from them, but finally she looks at Scissor’s blushing face and realizes it’s his pet after heating ticking clock sound. It seems Scissor is really happy that he knows where Tokei Wani usually plays…

In Scissor’s room, while waiting for him working, Wendy is shivering from the fight. Scissor realizes and asking why she trembles after she has done meddling with his fight. The reason is Wendy can’t stand to see someone dying because in her world, there’s no such thing as forever living. After hearing what she has in mind, Scissor doesn’t want her to do that thing again and realizes she’s a thing which can break (though maybe in Never Land, she can live forever, but not in her original world). To do that, Scissor tells Wendy not to come near him again, moreover if he’s fighting.

The second contest finally being held. Wendy choose biscuit as the most delicious sweet but it fails. She is separated from her brothers and meets Scissor. Rather than he help Wendy to search for her brothers, Scissor commenting about her failure as a judge. Apart from it, he also tells Wendy that the contest won’t be over even if they fail as a judge and her life might be in danger if she keeps failing the contest. As of now, Scissor already knows about John’s falling from ceiling and Peter has help him. But they can’t find Michael so every contestants are searching for him because it’s their job, including Hook. Finally, Michael himself runs to Wendy…because Hook wants to use him as a bait for Peter Pan. He asks Wendy to hide but there’s no need of it after Tokei Wani comes and makes Hook running away again. Scissor just being happy that his pet can’t wait to meet him so it follows him to there (not sure if it’s true that Tokei Wani wants to meet him or wants to eat Hook?).

The stock of tea in Wendy’s house already runs out and she must buy it to town. Coincidentally, Nana is gone. She thinks Nana is with John so she and Michael are relaxing. And it’s true. She finds John with Nana on the way to town. But John must hurried back home to accompanying Michael so Wendy brought Nana to a park. Suddenly, there’s Tokei Wani, which already opened its mouth. To protect Nana from it, Wendy used her body and screaming Scissor’s name. When Scissor comes, he thinks Wendy really wants to be eaten by his pet, and quickly ordering his Wani to not eat the not delicious food (Nana).

Actually, it’s Scissor’s holiday so he takes Tokei Wani to a walk. He said, it’s better if easily broken things like Nana to be destroyed quickly and avoiding sad feeling, the more precious it is, the quickest to be destroyed. But Wendy is against his thoughts because she feels to protect her precious, not destroying it. She thinks Scissor is scary. But there’s a reason for his thinking. Well, for now, they let Nana plays with Tokei Wani and it becomes really weird to see. At that time, Scissor tells her that Tokei Wani can’t die. He also doesn’t know why it is. But not long after that, Scissor must go back to his ship. Wendy thinks it’s because he has work, but the truth is, he is afraid if his biscuit share already gone..! What a weird thinking. After he went with his pet, Wendy hugged Nana and think she wouldn’t say to destroy the one precious for her.

There is an attack for the pirates in Scissor’s ship. Even if he says it’ll be safe if Wendy is with him, Scissor is firing his cannon nonstop like a fireworks and it’s dangerous. Tink comes to say that he is having fun watching it from the sky, different from what Wendy thinks, that it is scary. Although she already told him to stop, Scissor still having fun with it. But he changed his mind after some danger overcome Wendy. Quickly, he told his subordinate to change plan and finally, it’s over. Before Scissor continues the fight, Tink gives a warn to Wendy about his sister, Tinker, who has thinking to kill her. Then, Scissor continues attacking pirates. But suddenly he stops because he thinks it will be boring if he destroy every pirates’ ship in Never Land. And he doesn’t want to continue feeling about something if he go to another country.

In Wendy’s room, Peter already waiting for her to play with him. But she doesn’t have any energy to do it right now. Instead of playing, Peter explains about Never Land, the country which they can do whatever they want without considering time and all. And it’ll be better if Wendy doesn’t think about going back home again because he wants to play with her. After receiving Wendy’s promise to play on other time, Peter went rest assured.

The morning becomes quiet noisy after John can’t find Michael everywhere. He is scared if Michael doesn’t study. But Wendy doesn’t really care about it and goes to Scissor’s ship. Unfortunately, Peter carrying her to the sky and brings her to where Michael already waiting to play with her. The three of them playing and flying to the town. Because of that, Wendy is a bit exhausted. Peter goes to find water from townspeople, leaving her and Michael. It is when Michael realizes that Wendy is having fun with Scissor, looking cheerful, and asks if she is in love with the captain of navy. The situation makes her can’t think about love for the person in Never Land and she refuse the question. Instead of bringing just a glass of water, Peter is bringing every people to take care for Wendy. One of them asks her to eat her biscuit and it reminds her of Scissor.

In the end, she can’t meet Scissor until night so she goes outside to meet him alone. What a coincidence Wendy meets Clip and Ruler on the deck. They usually are in Scissor’s room but they’re outside after the leader drinking sake and eating biscuit. Wendy comes to Scissor’s room to give the biscuit she received from townspeople. It seems Scissor really likes it very much and invite Wendy to drink sake too. She refuse of course, so Scissor continues eating it, without considering there’s crumbs everywhere.

Wendy can’t stand it and thinks to do the cleaning but Scissor tells her it’s not like it will affect the world. And it makes Scissor thinks why Wendy always care about her family so much. If he is her family, then he will feel annoyed by it. She tells him it’s because she wants to be like her mother. But Hook thinks there’s no one that can be perfect. He doesn’t want to involve in it but telling that she can try to be perfect on her own until she break. With a low voice, Scissor says Wendy is similar to someone but he doesn’t want to tell anymore. It’s too late to leave Wendy go home alone so Scissor offering to take her home. For Wendy, she is glad that she will be protected by Scissor, although he himself says that ‘protecting’ is a difficult word he can do.

On the way back through the starry night at the forest, Scissor is reminiscing when he walks together in the past with someone, similar to that scenery. Wendy guessed it’s with his lover but Scissor just stayed quietly. Feeling guilty, Wendy says it’s fine if he go back to shis hip from there but it makes him behaving weird. He says, he doesn’t want to be separated from her, so he wants to stay longer. But he called Wendy as ‘Sylvia’ and thinking it’s a long nightmare. Suddenly, Scissor kissed Wendy, saying it’s fine if she wanted to go but she must take care not to be found by navy (it is him!). After he goes back to his ship, Wendy can’t think anything, just feeling sad. –That’s weird, couldn’t Scissor look straightly that it’s not Sylvia or whoever it was? I guess it’s because the dark night…-

Wendy goes to forest just to be played by Tink. He throws many drops to Wendy’s hair, thinking it’s fun to see her head crash with it. After Wendy scold him, Tink went but then Scissor came. Unexpectedly, he helps Wendy cleans up her hair from drops. Seems like it’s Scissor and his subordinate’s holiday, so he uses it to take wafers. It’s a weird way to take it, like a potato, the wafers comes from its root (Scissor uses Clip and Ruler to take it off from its root). For Wendy, it’s not delicious because it’s muddy but Michael, who seems coming from nearby, is very happy and takes it home.

Instead of going home with Michael, Wendy comes to Scissor’s ship again. She’s ashame of Michael’s, who looks like children. Scissor asks if she is thinking like his mother but Wendy tells him she must do it, to protect her brothers. Well, it is true, but Scissor wants her to behave like she should, not concentrating for someone’s sake. Moreover, it’s the first time someone says she is scared of him.  But Wendy thinks it is fine even if Scissor is scary because he has promised to protect her. While he’s at it, Clip asks Wendy to try her best and take care of his leader. Again, Scissor called Clip’s name wrongly, now as ‘Cracker’, looks kinda delicious. He asks what is Clip’s talking about with Wendy and he says it’s about hearing Michael’s opinion about the wafers.

After talking with Ruler on the deck about Scissor’s behavior to finish his work quickly just to eat biscuit, Wendy comes inside Scissor’s room just to find he’s sleeping. She thoughts to cover him with blanket and asks one of the navy. That was surprising indeed, after she heard from Clip that there’s no one dare to care for Scissor as human being, because of his crazyness (uh, maybe the right thing is because he always saying he will throw every person to Tokei Wani). But Clip is very happy that Wendy might become Scissor’s lover (If it is come true, Clip and the others thinks Scissor might become kind). Although he doesn’t know anything about Scissor’s lover.

After receiving the blanket, Wendy tries to put it on Scissor. But he suddenly wakes up because he thinks it is Sylvia, his lover. He wants Wendy to forget about it but she can’t and ask more to it. Though Scissor won’t say more than it is for now. Ruler comes in, including Clip (he already thinks Scissor and Wendy are a perfect couple), to give more work as Scissor already awake. Now, he is doing his job as well as eating biscuit.

Even if Scissor already ordered Wendy to go back, she still stayed in his room. They are in the middle of conflict because Scissor won’t move while Wendy cleans his room. Unfortunately, Wendy fell to the ground with Scissor up her body. He asks if why she comes to his side since the first time, even if there are many other contestants. Wendy gives him answer that she thinks coming to Scissor is the safest. But he doesn’t think like that, ‘coz he is a man, and is alone with a woman now.. Scissor kissed Wendy forcefully to make her not coming to his room again. Although it is like that, Wendy won’t do his wish and will still come because she can slap him.

At another day, Hook meets Wendy just to say that he is very happy she is always near Scissor. It’s becoming calm recently, for his side, that he wants Wendy to bring Scissor to talk with him for the contest so that he can make delicious chocolate. Then, he says the most fear he have is about Tokei Wani. There had happened it came to Hook’s room, almost eating him if he’s not awaken, and made him couldn’t sleep for 3 days (He talked like that with so much fear in his tone…). Hook is serious, he even swear not to kill any people, including Scissor and Peter, if Wendy want to talk about his condition to Scissor alone.

That Hook! It’s ridiculous

Of course Wendy thinks it’s good for them, that Hook will not attack anyone and Tokei Wani won’t attack Hook so she truly come with Scissor and are talking about it. For Scissor, Hook’s request is a bit weird because he has Jewel, who always being an alarm to Hook, so his Tokei Wani can’t come close to him. Moreover, it always stay by Hook, so Hook’s story at night is very suspicious. And he already knows Hook has come to them. It’s true. Hook has lying to Wendy but it’s too late because he has prepared to attack Scissor with his comrade (a.k.a. pirates). Wendy can’t stand her fault that she brings Scissor to a dangerous place. After Clip and the other navy has come, Wendy takes Scissor’s sword and thinks to fight Hook. But easily, Hook can throw her sword. In the crucial time, Jewel suddenly shouted, that Tokei Wani already near them. This causing Hook to run away again.

After the fight, Scissor is curious on how Wendy can stand up in the middle of his fight, even pulling out his sword. She seems similar to a woman he knew before, who took danger to her own. But even if they look same, they’re different.

That day, Wendy is walking in the forest while thinking if she is truly like Scissor although he looks at her similar to his former lover. Unfortunately for her, Hook’s pirates are taking her to the ship. She have no choice than hearing Hook’s talking about his chocolate, or about his knowledge about Scissor. Hook doesn’t know if Scissor has a woman before he meet him in Never Land, but he’s happy if Wendy keeps staying by Scissor and become his weakness.

After talking in Hook’s ship, Wendy decides to meet Scissor right away even if it’s already evening. She comes rushing to Scissor’s room but has nothing to do rather than asking him many questions such as Scissor’s holiday activities (it is to take a walk with Tokei Wani or eating biscuit), where are Clip and Ruler (They’re going out and won’t come back that night, leaving Wendy alone with Scissor). When she asks about his dream, Scissor can’t tell anymore because it has been a long time since he’s thinking about it. But once, he says that he doesn’t mind if he must die or not winning the contest as he already prepared for the worse. It seems like he wants to die. In order to know Scissor’s feelings more, Wendy decides to try his biscuit and finds it delicious.

There’s a hectic activity in Scissor’s ship by his army. When Wendy asks about it, Scissor tells her that he ordered his army to wash Tokei Wani (What the?? It is dangerous!). Scissor won’t help them even if they’re shouting and screaming for it. Seems like Scissor doesn’t understand when Tokei Wani is attached by him (he said, it’s not like he forgot) and if Tokei Wani doesn’t have clock sound, it won’t be by his side. After asking more about Tokei Wani, Scissor tells her it will be easy to know more about it by come near its mouth wide open (it is suicide!!). For her, she doesn’t think Tokei Wani is that scary because it can play with Nana.

Wendy can’t stand the way Scissor’s army are scared by Tokei Wani so she decides to help them wash its body. She finds scrubbing brush and uses it, while Scissor doesn’t expecting Tokei Wani is loving it. He says, a long time ago, a weird woman have washed him with it too, not a happy memories though. From it, Wendy can tell it’s about his former girlfriend. The other army are amazed by how Tokei Wani can sleep while Wendy keeps washing it.

The same as another routes, Tinker tries to kill Wendy in rainy day. Scissor saved her from Tinker’s sword, in attempt to also kill that fairy. When Tinker tells him he will be cursed if he kill a fairy, Scissor answering it with he’s already cursed since long ago. Although Tinker wants to kill her, Wendy doesn’t want Scissor to kill Tinker so she tries to stop them. At that time, Tink appears to tell Tinker that it is not what the world wishes. After they left Wendy with Scissor, Wendy touched Scissor’s face to know if he’s alright. In insanity, Scissor suddenly says that it will be better if the woman in front of him (Wendy) is killed by him, like Sylvia, so he can die too. Hearing that words made Wendy angry, slapped his face and saying she’s not Sylvia but Wendy, the person Scissor had promised to protect. That makes him remember that it is true, Wendy Darling is the person he will protect.

Hook kidnapped Wendy to his ship, preparing all he can to fight Scissor, including had brought Tokei Wani to a far place (Starkey did it). In his room, Hook asks what’s good of Scissor so Wendy can look at him with romantic feeling. She thinks Scissor is a good person, the one makes Hook wondering where is the good part of Scissor.. After he’s done with the preparation, Hook brought Wendy to navy’s ship and let his subordinate to fight Scissor’s army. Scissor came right away, telling Hook that he can’t hurt a judge. But Hook won’t listen to it, thinking a way to make Scissor mad. It is to kiss Wendy in front of Scissor himself (twice!).


Scissor can’t stand it, gets mad at them, ultimately Wendy. He told her to go to Hook’s side instead to protect her. After all, they’re the same contestant. But Wendy says with all her strenght that she wants just Scissor to protect her. The fight between (newlywed) Scissor and Wendy makes Hook hurts his head (he speaks it without talking about illness). Too bad, his pirates thinks Hook isn’t healthy and quickly brings him off to his own ship (run away). After the hectic day, it’s Wendy’s decision to feed Tokei Wani with biscuit in Scissor’s room, the moment when she isn’t afraid of it anymore. Scissor can tell that Tokei Wani is now attached to Wendy too, the first time for it.

It’s a day for cleaning her house. Wendy comes to Michael’s room in case to clean it, but he’s still sleepy and tells her to clean John’s room first. With John’s help (to scared Michael with studying), finally, Wendy can finish her task. She goes to Scissor’s ship again, making a bet with him to not eat biscuit sometime. But it’s just making him angry, that people dare to ordering him not to eat his favorite sweet. So, Wendy can’t win against his anger and say it’s a joke. Another joke came from Scissor, when he told Wendy to be his lover so she wouldn’t think about money and life in Never Land, but she refused because it would be trouble for him too if she truly love him (in her heart, she thinks Scissor still love his former girlfriend).

The conversation turn about Tokei Wani, which isn’t there for now. Scisor always feel rest assuring when he hears its ticking clock sound. Suddenly, Wendy finds a picture of beautiful woman that she thinks it maybe Scissor’s former lover. It’s true, Scissor tells her about the woman in the picture, which is Sylvia Cayman, a woman pirate. Scissor began telling the truth, that Wendy and Slyvia had similarity. The two of them (Wendy and Sylvia) always get mad and fighting with Scissor, though their personalities are very different. One night, Sylvia and Scissor met at starry night. But his subordinate, the navy, killed her before his eyes. That’s why he’s blaming himself for her death, saying it would be best that Sylvia died in his hands.

To make sure, Wendy asks about Sylvia to Ruler. He said, that was a nonsense if Scissor dating a pirate, because Sylvia had lied to him. Her motive might be to search about navy’s information. Then, the scene changes about Wendy feels great to come to Never Land before she remembers about her mother.

That day, Wendy and Michael are coming to town to buy their needs. He’s talking about his boring life because even though they’re in Never Land, John always ordering him to study. Knowing it, Wendy can give him chance to play all he want and not letting John know it. She feels that she must also talking about her real feelings to Scissor. So when she saw him on the town, she followed him to the ship. Clip and Ruler says their leader is sleeping. These days, Scissor can’t sleep well, not because of his job, but maybe his mind.

She goes to Scissor’s room, but then he suddenly pulls her to his bed. Scissor kissed her. He said that he know it’s Wendy, not Sylvia and that’s why he did that (He also ordered Wendy to not let her voice be heard ‘til outside… Did they really do it?). After the ラブラブtime, Scissor tells her why he did it. It’s because he always thinking about her and it’s an obvious action to hold the one he thinks about. Then, Scissor begins telling about his feelings to Sylvia. More than hundred years ago, he really is in love with her, not knowing the truth. Even after her death, Scissor’s time was stopped.

After Tinker tries to kill Wendy, Scissor begins to think that she is the same as Sylvia, easy to break. So he wants to protect her (I’m trying to straightening what he said because Scissor also doesn’t know how to make Wendy believe him), can’t think of anything else except her name. After some confession, finally, Wendy can understand what he’s trying to say. She is happy for it. For Scissor, he already knows she likes him from their kissing before, Wendy accepted it. Too bad, Clip knocking on his door to bring more work for Scissor (part of it is because Ruler is scarying him). Before he goes to work, once again, Scissor kisses Wendy and saying they’re lovers now (it also is the first time Scissor just calls her Wendy, instead of saying her full name).

It’s dating time for Scissor and Wendy, to see fish in some cave at the beach. Looking at the colorful fishes, Wendy asks Scissor if they can eat it. But Scissor says they’re beautiful and it’s too pitiful to eat. Though he also added with he wanted to eat Wendy too. It makes Wendy tells it’s not fit with Scissor’s character, like some gap, and embarassing, but Scissor quickly talks back that he’s just saying what he wants. And if he has changed, it maybe because of Wendy. At that quiet place with no one beside them, Scissor thinks it’s the best place to kiss (and do naughty stuffs), but he realizes there are Hook and his pirates. But Scissor has changed. He doesn’t want to fight in his date and makes Hook very surprise, then he brings Wendy to run away.

They can’t help but to fight because Hook succesfully chased them. Hook says that Wendy isn’t cute to choose the destroyer navy. It makes Scissor really angry, saying Wendy is the most cute of all human, and all of it (this words just makes Wendy wondering if that is Scissor’s personality since the first time..). Hook and Scissor began saying unreasonable things, that Wendy couldn’t go with it (like saying #@#%$). She can’t bear to hear Hook’s pirates are cheering for their leader, then deciding to cheering Scissor with calling his name. Unexpectedly, it works when Scissor can throw Hook’s sword. The fight’s over when the navy comes. It is surprising to Scissor’s subordinate that Wendy can date their captain, thinking if inside her is the same as Hook, destroyer…..

Today is the Tokei Wani’s washing time too! Everyone in the ships already knows Wendy-Scissor’s relationships and they can’t allow their captain’s lover to do lower work. The thing makes Wendy confuse because she doesn’t want to be treated differently, so then she ask Scissor to do it alone. It’s his pet nonetheless.

Now after they’ve become バカップル(stupid couple), Scissor does everything she told him to do (that’s very surprising!). Wendy follows him to wash Tokei Wani with scrubbing brush. Foams filled in Scissor’s body so he called his subordinate to throw water. But Wendy said it make him and Tokei Wani cute, the thing made Scissor thinking again if he need to clean it up quickly and held the order.Though Clip already throwing water to him in the end, make everyone scared if he will be Tokei Wani’s bait. But Clip tells them that it’s Wendy’s order and it’s the same as Scissor’s. Then, after done with washing Tokei Wani, the navies are all talking that they’re very happy Scissor becoming more like a human and wants Wendy to help him be more kind.

Wendy goes to Scissor’s room just to find Tokei Wani is half-disappearing. It is already its time. In Scissor’s hand, there’s a clock, his clock that reminds him that his time already move now. The clock is disappear, continues with the crystalization of Tokei Wani then break. Scissor reveals that Tokei Wani is not a living things, but his created illussion. After Sylvia’s death, his time had stopped. It’s when Tokei Wani appeared, the ticking clock is the sound which connected him of his time. If the clock wasn’t stop, then so his life would never end.  He had tried breaking it, but there’s no use. That’s why, finally, Scissor realized it’s used to remind him that he couldn’t protect his loved one.

To feel his time, Scissor asks Wendy to stay by his side and not coming back. If she doesn’t want, he afraid his time will stop again. At first, Wendy can’t think of it. But she decides to stay with Scissor and protected by him. They’re kissing again and after that, Scissor wants to spend night together with Wendy.

It’s the day of fourth contest but Wendy knows it herself. She goes to Michael’s room, as usual, to say that she won’t go back with him and John. Michael is fine with it but John says he shall ruin the contest to choose whatever he want then make time to decide again for Wendy. They came to the contest hall and also found Clip and Ruler there to cheering Scissor. And with her love for Scissor and his biscuit, finally, Scissor wins the contest.

Clip told her that Scissor is eating biscuit after he won the contest. Again, John asks if it’s alright with Scissor, because Wendy’s lover must be perfect. Michael tells John to accept it. After all, it’s already Wendy’s decision to be with Scissor. Michael and John left them to have fun for the last time. Scissor says he’s very happy that she choose him in the end.

Hook is attacking Scissor’s ship. One of his pirate wants to attack Wendy but she says there’s a cute pet that will protect her. That makes the pirate runs. It seems Tokei Wani is back now and Wendy is thankful, because it will protect Scissor from Hook. After speaking a while with Clip and Ruler, Wendy remembers her last time with her brothers. Before the three of them separated, John says Scissor is a bad person who ruin them, the siblings. But Wendy says even though Scissor is a weird person, he has good side.

The morning for two scene appeared! Wendy woke up after spending night together with Scissor. He thinks she’s still sleeping so he talks his mind. Scissor feels scared if he can protect Wendy, the thing that makes his heart can’t calm down. Pretending she doesn’t know, Wendy pinches his nose. She says that she is with him and he can rest. But after kissing her and wants to go to the next term, Clip knocks his door to tell him there’s a pirate’s ship nearby. Quickly, Scissor preparing his clothes and says he will make her see a beautifully destroyed pirate.

Scissor have fun firing his cannon to pirate’s ship. The chance is taken by Wendy to talk with Clip and Ruler. When they feel it’s almost time to over it, they go to Scissor. It’s true. Scissor finished his job to and to make up for it, he wanted to eat biscuit. But Wendy stop him so he have no choice than to take her lips, that he feels the same as eating biscuit.

Not long after that, Peter came flying with Tink and Tinker. Tink is amazed and having fun to look at Scissor, who can destroy things. Scissor feels annoyed by their conversation and ordering them to leave. He warns Wendy not to get too close with Tink Bell, because unlike him who like destroying things, Tink like to see inside human. She thinks it’s about strip but Scissor tells it’s about killing people. Then, he likely goes to his room with Wendy to rest.

They’re eating biscuit at Scissor’s room. Wendy gave it to Tokei Wani and Nana, also the scene made Scissor happy to see his beloved Tokei Wani and beloved woman eating his beloved food. Wendy is jealous at biscuit and hugs Scissor to make him feel her. Then, he asks Wendy to live with him after they built a house. Wendy agreed to it. Apparently, it was Scissor’s proposing words, but she couldn’t understand it. Then, he says in the simple method, to asks if Wendy wants to be his beloved wife. But she is embarassed by it, so once again, Scissor asks her to marry him and if not, he will be destroyed. Of course she can’t have another question anymore and Wendy accepts the proposal.

She doesn’t know Clip and Ruler heard all of it. They are applausing Scissor and Wendy, trying to call her Oku-sama but she refused. Whatever it is, the embarassing line must be spoken when there’s just Wendy and Scissor, so Scissor shoo-ing his subordinate. They spent lovey-dovey time again afterward.


The fourth contest will be held today. It seems Wendy still think she will go back after the contest ended but Michael says she can choose what she wants. John doesn’t want to judge because he won’t eat the sweets but he changes his mind after Michael says they won’t go back if John doesn’t eat and end the contest quickly.

Even if the contest has ended, Wendy still decided to go back. Scissor asks what will she do if he say to stay in Never Land, but it won’t help her return. When she, John, and Michael are opening the door to contest hall to make wish, Scissor tends to firing cannon and destroying it so she won’t return. Wendy can understand his feeling and decides not to go back. They’re hugging, still leaving John who doesn’t know they’re already lovers. Anyway, if it’s what Wendy’s wish, then John will also stay in that world. Michael is happy for it too. And Scissor made a promised to protect Wendy and her brothers. It’s been days after that. When Wendy comes to Scissor’s room, he pulls her to take a nap together on Tokei Wani’s body. She feels calm in his arm.



Phew… A long but short time journey to finish his route. I have almost a week to end it, but just played it by 3 days. At first, I didn’t like Scissor because it might seemed boring. But then, after the story came to where he kissed Wendy because he though she was Sylvia, it became a sad thing and touched my heart (well, I can’t stand pain from the past or cursed and all things like that). His story is funny, not least from Hook so I changed my mind. I won’t dislike him although I can’t like him to be in first place. For voice, I don’t like Miki Shinichirou to be exact, since I played Hakuouki DS (It’s a long time ago!). He always saying words with low voice at the end of his sentence, makes my ear crawling..

Eat me instead, Scissor…! (Uh, not exactly like that..)

He also has weird personality, the same as every characters in this game, crazy… When he’s already attached to Wendy, he will say embarassing dialogues all he wants. Also, he can blush when talking about Tokei Wani that I (and Wendy) finds it’s cute. Okay. now last are Michael and truth routes (separated though, I will play Michael’s first)!! Though I’ve been neglecting this quiet a while ago so I must rushing playing Scissor’s route. And my sister kept asking “You still playing that? ’til when?”.. I know it’s already taking too long..


  1. It can’t be helped since this game is long. ^^;; But, the next routes are shorter than this (and much interesting) so you’ll finish this in no time. 😀

    Scissor is the most broken among them all xDDD. It’ll take time for him to finally have raburabu moments with Wendy, but when he does he too cuuuteee to resist! (〃∇〃) And he isn’t even ashamed or whatever for what he does wwwww.

    I’m with you, I can’t like his voice too D:. I’m having trouble listening to his words even if I have earphones on. Especially the part where he mumbles. DDD:

    2 more route and your done! Yay! ^O^

  2. I agree, once his past with Sylvia came in the route, my view of Scissor kinda changed. And when he got together with Wendy, my view of him changed even more lol. All the embarrassing lines. XD I was happy when his route started picking up the pace because of the plot, it became easier to play through.

    I’m sure Michael and the Truth route will take less time! Just a bit more to go. ^^

    • Yeah, when he got together with Wendy, my view of changed…to weirder expression (coz he’s very weird, I can still remember his mouth-fighting with Hook with ★☆$ etc symbols). Very funny indeed. But it’s very lovey-dovey, like it.

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