Sweet Love-James Hook

James Hook (CV: Okiayu Ryoutarou)

Hook, who is a pirate, has his hand eaten by Scissor’s crocodile, Tokei Wani (Clock Crocodile?). Ever since that time, he always scared of its ticking clock because that croc would chase him to eat all of him. He has faithful subordinate which are Bill Jukes, Smee, Cecco, and Starkey (similar to Peter’s minion).

From left to right: Jukes, Smee, Starkey. Bellow: Cecco

The first scene for him is already written in Peter’s route. Hook’s pirates are bringing Wendy to his ship, in case to search for some blonde woman (that turns out it’s Tinker who should be captured). Hook doesn’t want to admit his fault and blame Smee for it. After talking with her, Hook is amazed by Wendy’s braveness to speak casually to him. The one thing he would never do is to kill Wendy. When Jewel, Hook’s pet bird, taking out his orgel, Wendy feels she have heard it somewhere before. So, she promised to come again. In the end, Hook still escort Wendy to go home.

Wendy comes again but it’s not a tight time when Hook releasing his anger to his pirates. With all of her strenght, Wendy convince Hook to be more kind, although he refuse because pirates have their own way. But he will hear what she told him if she give information about Peter. She wouldn’t do that, of course. When she met Smee and Jewel at outside of Hook’s room, Smee told her that Hook have his own fear (Tokei Wani?) and it seem Hook had fun talking with Wendy.

At the next visit to Hook’s ship, he gives her chocolate to eat (to choose him as a winner). But as usual, Wendy won’t eat sweet. He is wondering how to be a judge if she always refuse to eat. Suddenly, there’s an explossion outside of his ship, that means there’s enemy. Every pirates are telling Hook that Scissor had attacked their ship. There are just Wendy and Jewel left in Hook’s room. But suddenly, they can hear the sound of ticking clock, finally realizes it’s Tokei Wani, wandering in ship! Wendy helps Jewel to go out from the room because it’s scary (of course, it’s a crocodile!). She goes to the deck and finds Scissor there, also searching for his croc. Wendy told Scissor to stop killing people but he said pirates aren’t human, they’re trash, while killing people. But then Hook catch Wendy, trying to kill her if Scissor won’t back down. To protect Wendy, Scissor doesn’t have a choice than retreating.

After Hook knows about Wendy, whose being scared by Tokei Wani, then helps Jewel to run, Hook gives her a kiss (on lips, of course ‘coz he is also interested in Wendy). He says there are many women who wants his kiss so Wendy must be proud by it (Really, are every playable characters in Peter Pan all so proud of himself except John?). Even though Wendy is mad at it and doesn’t want that kiss, it’s futile now. They spent time together after the attack. Hook eats his chocolate and try to give it again to Wendy. To makes her hungry with sweet, Hook eating it with so much happiness that Wendy thinks he looks cute like that.

It’s finally the day of second contest. Wendy just choose Hook’s chocolate because it seems cute but they fails of choosing unwillingly. Hook found Wendy when she’s alone, scattered from her brothers. He makes Wendy thinking again to eat his own chocolate and be sure to choose it. As always, Wendy refused to eat even though she really wanted to go back home. Hook stroking her head, saying they have similar feeling. Both of them hates Peter Pan. Wendy may hate Peter for bringing her to Never Land, but she won’t try to kill him. Well, Hook knows that feelings. He will also give chance to Wendy to see the orgel in his ship (but also in the hope for her to eat his chocolate). Their conversation stop after John find them.

Again, Wendy comes to Hook’s ship just to be convinced by him to eat chocolate. He even say will make non-sweet chocolate if it is what they need to make her try eating it. Still, she refused that and saying she knows she isn’t an easy person like Michael. Hearing her saying that, Hook tells her that she also has somethings good, like being stubborn and making him angry. Even if Wendy doesn’t really happy with it, Hook tells her the truth. It is what’s best from her and she is glad Hook said it. So, she makes gamble if Hook can really make her eat his chocolate and Hook is agreeing with it.

Suddenly, Cecco comes to his room to tell him that Starkey’s ship has been attacked by other pirate. Hook quickly comes up, leaving Wendy to stay behind. But she won’t stay calm inside then goes to the deck. She wants to help Hook’s pirates, who are hurted by another group, but they won’t let woman interfere with their problem. But she did her best to help someone injured and they became know her skill. She also takes care of Starkey, makes him see her as an angel. Another Hook’s pirate try to follow Hook to take revenge but she won’t let them using their life so easy. She wants them to believe in Hook’s strenght and finally they understand it.

When Hook comes back, Wendy is already rested with the orgel. He is glad she can help his pirate, though six people are died from his side (before, he also teasing her about Starkey saw her as angel). To say his thanks to her, Hook kisses her (again). After Wendy comes home, Michael is really surprised to see her clothes full of blood. But he is rest assured after knowing she is alright. Before changing her clothes, she wants Michael to come with her to Hook’s ship because they can be kind. Though Michael refusing it because he doesn’t like danger.

Before Wendy can reach Hook’s ship, she meets Tink on the way. He asks if she meet Hook to search for his weakness (similar to Hook’s question) but Wendy doesn’t want to tell. To make sure, Tink says he won’t bother to kill someone who betray Peter. He also says that it makes sense if Wendy has eat the chocolate alone, then she will think it is the best sweet in the world but it is contradicting with Wendy’s urge to not eat any sweets. Tink wants her to play with Peter but she says she doesn’t like it if she must change her mind (she wants to meet Hook for now) and also, disliking noisy people like Tink. Well, it’s just making Tink to wonder if he can’t understand foreign people…

It’s about chocolate again, so Hook giving Wendy a warm welcome to his ship. Now, he has prepared chocolate drink for her to try, brought by Smee. Wendy won’t drink it because it is also chocolate. So Hook asks her why doesn’t want to eat sweet. She told him it’s because she had made resolution, goal to be known by her mother. It is something she made for someone else, so Hook told her to do thing she like. But that doesn’t make Wendy drink his chocolate. Hook already knows that it won’t easily happen, although Smee says it’s Hook’s working that the hot chocolate finally made. Hook is the one who try making a delicious taste that Wendy would like while Smee makes the ingredients.

Seeing him sad like that, Wendy makes decision to try it. She wonders why is it so different from the usual chocolate she had and is very glad to drink it. Then, she asks Smee how to make it, also ask to tell her what taste would suit Hook. Well, it is all make Hook and Smee very happy to see Wendy finally want chocolate, the thing that will makes them happy from eating it. With happiness, Hook stroke Wendy’s head again. The reason are seeing her head makes him wants to 撫で-ing her and her hair looks fluffy. She thinks it’s chocolate’s effect that makes them happy.

While hearing the orgel with Hook and Jewel, Wendy went fighting with the bird again. For Hook, it seems he is taking it as a comedy, laughing at the two of them. He wonders why Wendy can fight with so much fun to a bird. After that, Hook begins explaining how Jewel is useful. He first saved it from Tokei Wani, and then Jewel became very useful to know if the crocodile will come. Suddenly, Wendy finds it strange that Jewel is stopping. Hook realizes it’s about Tokei Wani and he is scared of it, thinking where it will come from. When it finally come from breaking glasses, it’s not only Jewel that shouting, but also Hook (it is really funny to hear them shouting from horror).

Urgh, Hook and Jewel are hiding behind Wendy. If this continue, Wendy will also get eaten by it. Hoo, with nervousness and scared by Tokei Wani, calling Smee to shoo-ing it. Too bad Smee is in town to buy something. When Starkey and Cecco comes, they are just fighting over who will be the savior for Hook. It is Wendy’s turn to protect Hook with throwing a chocolate. Tokei Wani happily accepted it then went back to sea. Starkey and Cecco went to look if it already left. Leaving by Tokei Wani, Hook feels exhausted and pushing Wendy on the floor while hugging her. He is amazed by how Wendy uses his precious chocolate to the crocodile who always searching him. But even if he doesn’t agree to use his precious chocolate, he doesn’t have a choice. Hook also remembered that Smee always brough cacao with him and it maybe the reason he could shoo-ing Tokei Wani. While in that mode, Starkey and Cecco comes in to give information about Tokei Wani but they quickly closing the door.

After everything had finished, again, Hook hugged Wendy tightly because he’s happy. He finally knows the way to beat Tokei Wani, eve though it can’t be killed. Hook already tried many thing (boom, poison, etc) but nothing can kill it. At the same time as the previous one, Smee comes in to say his come back, but as well as Starkey and Cecco, he shuts the door. Wendy is embarassed if they are spreading rumour but Hook says Smee already thinks she is Hook’s woman since the first time. For now, Hook will let Wendy go back to her world if the contest end.

In the next visit to Hook’s ship, his pirates are searching for their leader. It seems Hook is going out alone and they worry about Tokei Wani. To help them searching, Wendy goes to town and finds John in waiting for yakitate pan. Many townspeople are buying it. Suddenly, Tink appeared and he knew Wendy is in a middle of searching someone. She told to John that it’s James Hook. After hearing Hook’s name, everyones afraid of it, if Hook will steal their belongings or they will die from looking at him. Tink explains that among pirates, Hook is the most known for his power. But it’s really sad that people avoiding him according to just a rumour.

She tries searching at forest and someone catches her. It’s Hook. He wants to go alone because he is tired of his pirates always following him everywhere. Then he asks why Wendy geos for him. She said it’s because she wanted to hear the orgel but didn’t want to touch it without the owner’s permission as a reason. And it will not be a problem for Hook because he brings chocolate…to eat himself (Wendy thought it’s for Tokei Wani). He also promise that he  will go to anywhere Wendy wants to, just the two of them. She wants to see the sea which represents Never Land well. Hook agreed to the search for place like that. After they’ve come back to the ship, his pirates are really happy and carrying him upside while he’s screaming to not do that.

Now, Hook must go to town to buy cocoa butter than Smee usually does (Smee is sick by now). Wendy followed him and the town already like a ghost town sinced people were afraid of Hook. For Hook, usually he only knows the quiet town like that so he asks what it seems in usual days. Then, Tinker found them. Of course Hook quickly grabbed his sword to kill her. But he couldn’t reach the fairy while she’s flying. Again and again, Tinker says she hates Wendy then goes from town.

Finally, they reach the shop. The owner is kind and doesn’t afraid of Hook. When Hook is searching for book after he buys cocoa butter, the owner explains to Wendy that he won’t afraid of anything, be it Hook or demon. He came from different country, there are many of it. Hook also came from the same country as him. The owner also gives a beautiful arranged dagger than he calls it flower. Wendy is amazed by it and wants that. After seeing her, Hook buys it for Wendy as a present. In the way, Hook says that there isn’t any country that will beat the chocolate of Never Land. Wendy asks him is it is his intention when he came to Never Land but he says it isn’t like that in the first, but it maybe a good reason. And so, he will use the reason to get all chocolate without telling Wendy the real one because he thinks it’s already in the past.

Starkey said there’s Scissor in Hook’s room. He suggest Wendy to ask Smee for complete information. But Smee can’t hear the conversation inside Hook’s room. As a judge, Wendy thinks she can’t be killed so she goes in. When she opened the door, Hook and Scissor were begin fighting. After she asks why Scissor came, he said he wanted to know why his pet, Tokei Wani, had chocolate allergy as to eat its half food. Speaking of chocolate, what he thinks is connected to Hook so Scissor comes to take revenge. But Wendy finally reveals that she is the first who gave Tokei Wani a chocolate even after Hook already takes the blame. That makes Scissor calls her friend of pirates and wants to kill her instead. Because Wendy already given her apologize, Scissor takes it and leaves for now.

But it’s already too late for her to refuse being Hook’s friend. After Scissor left them, Hook called his pirates to celebrate their new member, Wendy. Although she doesn’t want to get involve in  pirate, while stroking her head, Hook says it’s fine to be his friend before she left Never Land. He will always protect his friend, Wendy. All pirates are celebrating her coming because they knows Wendy is a good person and Hook sees her as friend.

This time, Wendy comes at night to listen to the sound of orgel. She and Hook are talking about her job to take care for her family, but Hook says she is fine to do everything for her sake, not only for her family. Suddenly, Hook feels a presence, then kissing Wendy passionately. He said it’s to make someone outside jealous. After he said that, Peter broke his window in case to take Wendy with him. She doesn’t want to go with Peter but Hook says it’s what he expected, to finally know Peter’s weakness, Wendy. She thinks Hook used her but she already falls to him.

Though Peter keeps hugging her and saying he will make her happy rather than forcing a kiss to her like Hook. And finally, Peter reveals that he is the one who brought Tokei Wani to Hook’s ship the other day. That makes Hook’s anger becomes higher and so, he grabs Wendy’s leg from above (also hurting her) to take her again. But Peter won’t let Wendy go from his hands. After Wendy said that she want to speak with Hook rather than playing with Peter, he let Wendy go but was very mad because she chose Hook than him. He also says that he will kill Hook the next time they meet. As for Tinker, she follows Peter to the ship and before she goes with him, she says she will kill Wendy if Hook kill Peter.

All that’s left is Hook’s confuse feeling about Peter. He always sees Peter as an adult but Wendy sees as a child. Well, it is revealed in Peter’s route. After thinking, he wants Smee to make hot chocolate for him then ask Wendy what she want to do. Wendy answers that she wants hot chocolate too, that makes Hook very surprise because he thinks she will go home straightly. Before they drink the chocolate, Hook tells her that half of the kissing intention isn’t to make Peter angry, but his real feeling. That means…?

When Wendy comes inside the ship, Cecco and Starkey are pushing her not to come to Hook’s room because his hand hurts again (the one already cutted by Peter, oh yeah, they called Wendy as 姉さん=Ane-san now). It’s a life and dead matter because Hook changes to a brutal person, they can even hear he breaking things inside to stand for his pain. Smee wants to protect her and he doesn’t want Wendy to come in. But she refuse to leave Hook when he is in pain so they are having a brief conversation. Then, Hook opens his door because he can hear them talking. He ordered Wendy to come in and listening orgel as usual, but of course he seemed different. Smee won’t let him do dangerous thing to his Ane-san, but Wendy decides to come anyway.

In his room, Hook is depressed about his hook hand. It doesn’t even his own hand. Wendy says she finally remember of the orgel, the sound her deceased father love so much, but she forget it after he died. That makes her remember her father’s stroking her head, as well as when Hook is, a big hand of theirs. Hook asks if it’s really the same as her father, because it’s just a hook in his. Wendy answers it is because she likes both of their hands. But too bad, Hook doesn’t like being similar to Wendy’s father because he can’t kiss her (he truly kissing her). He did that because he want Wendy and will get what he wish. That’s pirate.

Later, he wants Wendy to cook something, the taste different from he usually has. She comes outside and other pirates asking her if she is alright. They are amazed by Wendy because she is safe even after approaching Hook in his pain time. After eating Wendy’s cooking, Hook finds it really delicious. When she is ready to go home, Hook stops her because he wants to be with her for longer time. While following Hook’s wish, Wendy thinks Hook and her father are really different. She maybe already in love with Hook, but consider it’s bad to be with pirate, she decides to love him just in Never Land.

Same with other routes, Tinker wants to kill Wendy when she is alone at forest to reach contest place. Though Hook finds her, throwing Tinker’s sword to stop her. He is in the wood to search for Peter, but finds that killing attempt from Tinker. He hurted Tinker, trying to kill her. Wendy stops him from doing something terrible as to take someone’s life, releasing Tinker to go. That action is very weird from Hook’s sight, because he wants to revenge Tinker. But when he saw Wendy frightening, he asked what can he do to make her calm, hug, stroke her head, or kissing her. Wendy wants all of it and he begins hugging her. It is the time when Wendy finally realizes her real feelings for Hook, that she really likes him.

Before Wendy gets to the ship, she meets Smee after buying chocolate from town. He tells her about Hundred Years War of Chocolate, but he can’t say anymore than it because it’s better to ask to Hook herself. But one thing he reveals is when Hook save her the other day, he really comes to search for Wendy in raining. From Smee’s perspective, Hook is really care for Wendy and it’s called ‘love’ for sure.

Well, it’s really confusing since Hook says he will answering Wendy’s question if she eat his chocolate. One chocolate per one question. It’s important for Wendy so she finally decides to bet on it. The first question she ask is why Hook come to Never Land. He says it’s because he is curious of this country’s chocolate and to kill Peter. The second one is why he’s still live there, not going out from Never Land. He answering with the same reason but finally, Wendy realizes it’s all a lie.

Hook says the truth is, he has a dream to go on a voyage to all the seas in the world. But when he wanted to go to the last sea, their ship sunk to Never Land, and he finally found chocolate, other reason for his life (and also Peter Pan). From Wendy, he can understand that what he has been doing is useless, to always stuck at one dream. He will find another for the time being and end it with his own best. Also, he really is thankful to Wendy for hearing his reason and giving suggestion to him. Before she left, Wendy wanted to eat another chocolate even if she had nothing to ask anymore. Then, she met Smee and he’s very happy to know that Wendy is really special to Hook.

After waking up, Wendy remembers her mother’s saying her blonde hair is sleazy. Suddenly, John is very scared of why Hook came to their house and goes to Wendy’s room to inform that. But Wendy wanted to see him and go with Hook to the promised sea, where they can feel crystal candy in it. Wendy falls to the sea but she realizes it’s sweet because of the crystal candy shining in the water. While she is mad, Hook just laughing at her, thinking how her skirt making her looks like a jellyfish in the water. Well, Wendy wants help from him but Hook kisses her instead, licking her sweetness from the sweet seawater. Then, they both fall.

Hook ordered Jewel to find some place to dry their clothes and it found a cave. Wendy says it’s fine even if she is wet, cause her hair color is sleazy. But not for Hook, because for him, it’s blonde, not sleazy, and is very beautiful. He also wants Wendy to not look pityful at her own greatness and wnats to be with her even after the contest end. But Wendy doesn’t think she can choose to stay in Never Land, because she wants to be with her family. Hook says he will be her family, he and all of his pirates so he wants her no matter what and will give her time to think. Then, Hook kissed her again, saying she looks cute.

At night after the date with Hook, John wants to speak with Wendy alone. As expected, it’s about Hook and he noticed Wendy had changed for the time being. But he won’t go any further because Wendy still tells him that she wants to go back. The next day, she met Peter and Tinker before Hook’s ship. He said, it’s common for Wendy to choose Peter because he’s the one who chose her. But she doesn’t care about that and leave them behind to meet Hook.

Too bad, today, the orgel is broken and they can’t hear it. Wendy decides to go home but Hook stops her, saying he already made many chocolates with different taste. After she tried one, she said it’s delicious and asked if Hook made it just for her. Hook refused by saying he also wanted to eat it (what a lying!). Then, he wants to taste it with Wendy’s mouth (means, kissing). Hook won’t let her stay quiet, so he brings Wendy to his bedroom, trying to eat her (oh!). Before they did it, Hook asked if she will come again after the orgel had repaired but Wendy refused. Though Hook knows she is lying because she likes him.

Then after the hot-that-doesn’t-come-with-picture scene, Hook asks Wendy to choose between biscuit or chocolate, what will she eat. Wendy chose to eat biscuit but she said chcolate is tastier than it, maybe? After she is back to the ground from his ship, she meets Peter, still waiting for her. He hates chocolate but seeing Wendy so happy about it, he might forgive chocolate.

Starkey and Cecco are competing against who should take Wendy sightseeing Hook’s ship because Starkey says there are many rooms to play such as billiard, chess, etc. But when they went in the ship, they found trash that may danger the chocolates. Wendy decides to clean it up with all the ship’s crew. When Hook finally back, he is surprised by how his ship has turn clean but Wendy is dirty from cleaning it. He asks if she likes cleaning but the one she likes is to be in a place with everyone.

Then, Starkey, Cecco, and Jukes are talking about her and Hook, saying they already prepared room for her and they will be happy if Wendy and Hook marry each other. But she doesn’t have confidence if Hook really like her. Starkey confirms her than Hook is really care about her and it will be best if she ask herself. When Hook comes, he wonders why they’re talking about him.. The conversation turns to Hook’s orgel, which contains jewel in it, said his pirates. It’s to make her sure that Hook will protect his precious thing, similar to Wendy. They only want to call Ane-san to her. This riot makes Hook and Wendy goes to his room.


In his room, Hook makes confession that he likes Wendy and he wants her to stay with him. Wendy just looking at the jewels in orgel box, amazed by how shiny they are. It’s because Hook kept it safe ‘til now. She is embarassed by Hook and he already realizes that Wendy also likes him. So, he wants to spent time with her again, not only for his jewels, and they becomes lovers.

This time, Peter brings Wendy to Hook’s ship as an excuse to fight with Hook and take his precious thing. It’s a bad time because Hook’s left hand is in pain again. But Wendy successfully convinced Hook not to kill Peter and they stop the fight. After Peter went back, Hook said his feeling, that he didn’t want her to go back. Every pirates are also convincing Wendy, inviting her to be Hook’s wife. Smee even saying he loves kid and will take care of theirs. Although Wendy doesn’t want to stay in Never Land, Hook still can’t give up, The other way is he will come to her world. Wendy says her mom won’t ever acknowledge someone like Hook so he says it’s better to live alone for the two of them. Too bad, the other pirates also will following them because they can’t live without Hook and now, their Ane-san.

That night, Wendy is explaining her decision to stay in Never Land with Hook. First, Michael is very surprise and a bit against it because Hook is a pirate. But looking at her happiness, Michael will cheer for them. But it makes her crying because of Michael’s kindness. When John sees it, he’s mad at Michael for making their sister cries (What a good judgement, John!). But he still doesn’t know the truth.

That is the day for the fourth and last contest. Michael can’t believe they will separate after the contest ended, but he will take time to think after the contest. When John comes in, he is surprised because Wendy already can eat sweets. The three siblings choose to walk by and having fun at their last moments with Nana. But in there, John finally knows Wendy’s decision to stay in Never Land from Michael. He refused (now, with more strenght and angry because it’s pirate), but Michael still asking if it’s what he wanted to say, similar to their mother who always ordered Wendy to do what she wants. That’s it for now because they will continue walking to the contest place. Now, Hook’s pirates are also come to see their leader and Wendy.

Hook’s bedroom

Before the contest begin, Hook tells her that he wants to take her from home but she is alright because she’s with her brothers. Tink appears to protect Wendy but Hook says he’s the one who will protect her. He will fight even if it’s a fairy or not. Hearing their leader is enthusiastic to protect Wendy, they’re shouting, calling her Ane-san in front of many people and makes them begin to afraid of Wendy (thinking she’s a female pirate). That just makes John even more stress to see his sister with Hook.

Even if John doesn’t want to choose chocolate at the contest, but Hook still wins. The hall is full of his chocolate now and he is very happy. His pirates are also glad and carrying John and Michael. Hook asks Wendy what has she choose and she reveals her thoughts to stay with him. They’re kissing in front of everyone. But Sciccor suddenly pulls his sword to fight with Hook. John and Michael already scared of the fight between pirate and navy they think they won’t be safe. The fight finally over because of Wendy’s bravery to order Scissor to stop it. Peter also surrender and playing with Tink and Tinker instead.

Then, Wendy moves to Hook’s ship, stays in common room even though Hook already prepared a room for her. She remembers the time of her brothers going home. After she ended the reminiscing time, Hook comes hearing his pirates are talking about him. He gives the orgel to Wendy. Actually, she doesn’t need anything else, even the jewels inside. It’s fine to hear the sound her father likes. Suddenly, they’re talking about how Wendy wants to learn sword fighting. Without slowing down, Hook prefers to teach her with all his might that makes his pirates scared if he kill Wendy.

It’s morning and Wendy wakes up after she finds out Hook always come to her room. Also, Smee always makes her hot chocolate that she likes. She is mad at Hook though Hook just teasing her in the end, saying she’s really noisy in the morning, different when night comes in his hands (sigh). Apparently, they’re on a voyage to go to the last sea. It makes Hook nervous because it’s already long enough before he can leave Never Land.

The reason why Wendy is so against Hook’s coming to her room is because she is afraid if he do something to her. But Hook promised not to do what against Wendy’s will. Wendy too, won’t have anyone that she really like, except for Hook alone. Though he said not to do against her will, Hook still trying to push her on bed, kissing her.

Oh yeah! This scene…zzzzz

After the romantic scene, Wendy goes outside, meets Jewel. Jewels says it loves Hook, Nana, and Smee, but not Wendy. Then, Starkey and Cecco are talking about the island which attracted treasure hunter, Ougon no Shima (Gold Island). They want to go there and Hook also considering to it. But he doesn’t believe if it’s true. His pirates really want to find it, so he doesn’t have any choice than to follow what they have, even if it will take hundred more years. After the conversation with his pirates had finished, Hook hugged Wendy. He says he wants to be with her always and asks what is her wish. Also, he asks Wendy to say she like him in front of him. Wendy doesn’t want to clearly say it, but she tells him that she is thankful to Hook. Of course if she say thanks, there must be something Hook takes, which is their kiss..

When Hook is teasing Wendy in front of his pirates, the navy attacks them. It’s none other than Scissor Gavialwatch’s troops. After Scissor and Hook begins their fight, Jewel suddenly acting weird because of Tokei Wani’s appearance. Quickly, Wendy goes to grab chocolate, feeds it to Tokei Wani, then makes Scissor taking care of it instead fighting (with dramatic dialogues). He must retreat to recover his precious pet. Even if Hook still want to kill Scissor, Wendy can convince him to stop. It’s Hook’s lose, in Smee’s mind.

That night, Hook and Wendy are looking to the sea. Hook says if they already find the last sea, it will be right to kill Peter afterward. But Wendy told him to stop, just thinking about her, and bring her to many seas. They’re kissing.

Hook and Wendy goes to town instead of sea. The town is quiet of his coming, but he doesn’t care. Hook wants to go eat sweet at the cafe, even opening the door forcefully to make the owner come. He ordered chocolate cake for Wendy but too bad it’s not ready. It makes him angry and shouting, makes the people scare of him. Wendy takes action to give order to make it right away so Hook can stay calm. While waiting, they are talking about how Hook can kill people interfere with his will. Then, after eating the cake, they get back to his ship. Before that, Hook says he wants Wendy to stay with him and he will makes her his friend. He wouldn’t do bad to people he called friend.

Even after the contest has finished, Wendy still wish to go back. It doesn’t matter to Hook. Though he is sad that Wendy choose to leave, he will do anything for her as to not forget this world (means, do anything at night, that pervert!). Later, it is the same as best end with Scissor wish to fight Hook after the contest.

But before Wendy and her brothers can go in the room with mirror to make their wishes, something black out their sight. After Wendy has awaken, she finds herself in Hook’s ship. He kidnaped her for reason that he will get what he want. While they’re talking, Nana and Jewel already befriended each other and Hook wants Wendy to be like that with him..

It’s really weird. Wendy is getting kidnaped by Hook, meanwhile, John and Michael are using Scissor’s ship to get to Hook. John is shouting to not let Hook have his sister, but Wendy choose to be with Hook already. He keeps shouting until fainted, that’s why Hook finds John interesting. Well, will it be a fun chase-and-run ending forever?


Wendy doesn’t use chocolate to shoo-ing Tokei Wani. They died getting eaten by Tokei Wani..?


Same as Peter’s bad end. Tinker kills Wendy at rainy day. Doesn’t have anything different so it’s alright to not look at it after Peter’s route.


Fuuuhh, finally finish his route. Almost the same length as Peter’s. Although I didn’t care much about him at first sight, he became very important. The second chara I like in this game after Tink. Hook’s personality can change from being violent to romantic, very quickly.. Although he can say ‘kill’ easily, I’ve never encounter situation where he kill people, so i won’t judge him as bad person. It’s funny to see him teasing Wendy and makes their conversation seems fun. Next, maybe… Gavialwatch?

Wendy and Jewel finally have their friendly moment?


  1. haha, the pirates can’t live without their captain ^^”’ what nice guys they are! And they are ready to babysit their captain’s children! No, really they are like a big family ^_^
    We liked this route sooo much! Wendy will definitely make a man out of Hook! *_*
    Thank you very much for the review dear! It was very cool to read!

  2. エロイHook PFFT.
    I love the Hook’s underling since they’re faithful to him which means Hook is real real nice to others *A*

    Almost all the CGs have Hook sexual harassing Wendy which is funny and I love the last Cg *w* omgg his 笑顔~~hnng ❤

    Thank you for a review. A very looong review indeed. I’ve been meaning to read Hook’s story because 1.he looks good 2.omg chocolates 3.seiyuu hehehe.

    • HOOKはエロイです!!

      I’m also very happy that he have flirty CGs since earlier so that they already have many of it. I noticed there were many fans of him too. Although I had no impression on him at first (because he isn’t my type), he had took my interest very much. And his seiyuu, I can remember him when voicing Dark in DN Angel and this is what I get. A lot of shouting. Okiayu-san becomes very cheerful now?

  3. Hook is so adorable, I can’t choose between him or Tink since I like them both:P The scene with him hugging Wendy from behind is funny lol. I don’t think him as bad person also, I can’t imagining him killing a person despite he said it lol.

    Can’t wait to see the review for next guy 🙂

    • Yeah, he is.

      Actually, I love both of their personality. They’re childish in their own way. Tink doesn’t know anything and just keeps doing what he likes, meanwhile, Hook is like a tsundere with his angry mode but that’s funny.

      For Scissor, I don’t think it’ll be a fun story. From what I’ve been hearing, his story is boring and doesn’t really mindtaking. I hope I don’t hold him (because of bore) to end this series quick.

  4. Hook! Hook! Hook! lolol his guys are so adorakable. XDD
    I agree, his conversations with Wendy are fun to watch especially when he’s sneakily doing his advancements with her. ^////^
    Oh, and btw, I think the dead end 2 is the same with Peter is because if you still haven’t entered a guys route (or not enough heart or something), no one will save you thus Tinker will be able to kill you. I-I’m just a little confused since I only had 1 dead end in this route. ^^;;;;;;

    • えへ、his personality is cute!

      I like his teasing mode. And he can change personality, even more if he is in pain. Suddenly, he can throw things, but if it’s Wendy in front of him, he behave nicely..

      I just tried dead end 2 out of curiosity, though I knew it’ll be same as in Peter’s. It doesn’t have any new scene or what, I think it just leads to the same ending.

      • I know the feeling~! xD;; I was always duped by the dead ends since I’ll always think, “should I do this?? but what if there’s a CG or new scene? (–˛ — º)”

        You’re doing Scissor next? Hope you’ll still enjoy the route even if it looks flat at first. ^^;;

  5. Thanks for the review! At first I didn’t find Hook appealing at all but he’s quite the イケメン~

    Though I think Scissor is more my type if I had the choice beetween him and Hook I’d pick Scissor! :F
    Can’t wait for your next review! x)

    • イケメン, but with anger…

      Mostly, long hair isn’t my type that’s why I don’t prefer Scissor (til now, long haired guy I like are just Seravis and Rou from Noise). Let’s see if he can make me fall to him. Though I won’t hope much for it ‘coz many people played this game aren’t in love with him..

  6. Hook is probably the quickest to “attack” Wendy. XD He’s a really nice guy and probably the most sensible one out of all the characters despite his violent streak.

    Scissor is next? He has a decent story and actually in the later half his route is surprisingly funny so I hope you enjoy it!

    Which guide are you using for Peter Pan btw?

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