Sweet Love-John Darling

John Darling (CV: Yusa Kouji)

John is the eldest son in Darling family. But he is a panic person, always shouting when turns to tsundere-like side, but sometimes very annoying (Remember other route? He always shouting to come back to their world with Wendy, no matter if she will be separated from the one she love?). Yeah, even if he is older than Michael, he looks more childish. Truthfully, it’s the first time I ever heard Yusa Kouji voicing someone with noisy dialogue. I found that really cute though.

That morning, Wendy makes mushroom soup from the three of them. As usual, John is already given out his anger to little things. That’s why Michael told him that he’s always in panic. Later, he decides to make his own map and going to town with Wendy (Michael refused to make map). One of the seller there tells them about unicorn in the mountain, fairies more than Tink and Tinker, and also a cat walking with two legs. It are all makes John very surprise, thinking in his own pace. If not thanks to Wendy snap him while daydreaming (John doesn’t want to acknowledge that), it will make other people confused about them who never seen all of it. But it just makes him more entushiastic to see all of it, asking the seller where it’s all about to see it himself.Wendy thinks he might have switch the wrong button.

The next day, Wendy can’t find John in the house but he is in the town again, talking with the seller. That seller told them about Never Land, when people and things won’t die. The seller gives them パチパチfood that will explode for example, that it will always be like that for eternity. He thinks it’s very lucky for Wendy and John to be brought there by Peter, because it’s the never-ending land that won’t let them die. But after hearing that, John isn’t feeling alright and goes to a quiet place.

Wendy follows him, thinking the same thoughts about it is a strange world. But when they are thinking hard to it, Peter comes to play with パチパチthings, throwing it to John. Wendy told him to stop and scared him to be a good boy, if not, she won’t play with him. Shocked from that, Peter decides to stop. He also knew why John is mad all the way, it’s because he didn’t want to believe in eternal things. So Peter convinced him that everything in Never Land is eternal, and so that’s why his love for Wendy also will last forever. Before leaving them, Peter kisses Wendy, making John stares at it.

When Wendy comes home at afternoon, she finds John is shouting at Michael to not wander around easily in Never Land. It might be a dangerous land. For sure, Wendy agrees with John’s thought about dangerous place, but also thinks it’s too big to be a fuss about. Michael also doesn’t like that over protective brother’s mind, he wants to cool his head down and goes alone. But when John wants to follow his little brother, Wendy finds out about the danger, grabs John and they falls to pound cake together (thanks to that cake, they’re safe). The accident makes him thinking he’s overly stubborn about danger and Wendy might like someone similar to Michael more than him. Of course she won’t choose because they’re her brothers. To talk better, John suggested to change place.

The two of them talked in front of the house. Apparently, John always thinking if Michael is better than him, everyone likes his brother. He knows that alone and jealous of it. Wendy told him that she know John have his own specialty, to sew (yeah, he had gave her handkerchief or something). Hearing that, John becomes energetic again, also blushing. Looking at her cute brother, Wendy placed her hand on his head, like his mother.

The next scene is about Wendy comes to an abandoned house, thinking about her mother. After that, the second contest begun, but it’s a failure. Everyone scatered after Darlings makes their decision, but fortunately, John finds her. He says he fell from ceiling and Peter saved him. Suddenly, John thinks to try eating sweet so they can return quickly. Wendy also will help him, try to eat it. But he say to not worry about that because he and Michael will be the one to do their best.

And then Peter comes in question where John has gone after he saved him. It seems John wants to find his siblings so that he goes. He tries asking if the eternal things is true in Never Land and Tinker explains the contest can end. Although Peter is very happy if the contest fail and Wendy can’t go back. He then clinging to Wendy, makes John and Tinker jealous of it. Michael also found them all and was very surprise to know his brother fell from the ceiling. Before going to bed, Wendy is making her own promise to protect her little brothers.

Wendy can’t find John anywhere. She decides to look for him at the beach and he is really at there. He is thinking hard of Never Land. He thought to go back but the eternal living always came to his mind. Because of it, he might not know if he change his mind to stay, attracted by that. Suddenly, Scissor finds them staring at John’s map. He thinks it won’t help them find the answer to the decision they must make, then tearing it apart. Quickly, Wendy takes it one by one because she knows the map is important for John. Looking at his sister, John makes up his mind that he won’t acknowledge something eternal, and they will surely go back to their world. After Scissor says it is true there is eternal in that island and leaves, John says he will do his best to makes Wendy happy, not always her who usually did that. When Michael knows John leaves to think, he says John is like an old man.

At least after the first map has been torn, John doesn’t lose his hope to make it. He has wondering around town, and also finds a delicious bread which similar to Wendy’s liking in their world. They wants to give it to Michael too because he always eats sweets (though the bread John chose was a really weird one with mushroom, etc. that he called it balance). Here, there are also scenes for Wendy try a new dress that straightly goes to her body after she touches it and about the book read by Nana (Or other dogs. Especially made for it).. But there are Hook’s pirates along their way who’s been trying to convince Wendy to choose their leader as a winner. She refused and they began mad at her. Fortunately, John saves her and they can run away from there.

But they finds a little girl with her brother playing at the park. Another girl is crying because her stuffed bunny’s ear is torn. Quickly, Wendy ordered John to fix it. When he is busy fixing the bunny’s ear, Tink appears to make him fix the flower candy he broke (Tink wants to confirm John can fix it too. He is interested to John’s ability). But John can’t fix candy, of course (he just can sew). Well, Tink understand it but he asks what else can John fix except the bunny. When he asked if John can fix human, John is surprised and hurted his hand. Although in hospital, some can fix injury with sewing, but it’s different from what he did. The sudden question from Tink makes him mad because Tink asks if he can also fix Wendy if she’s broken. John wouldn’t dare let anyone break his sister. Well, after Tink leaves them, the bunny is now fixed and the girl is very happy. John already fixed not only the bunny but also her smile.

Instead of having breakfast first, Wendy decides to search for John at the beach. But she is hungry and John can hear her stomach growling. He finds a side at beach with many trees that bears fruit-like shell and inside it is like a juice, from townspeople information. It can gives enough to fill Wendy’s stomach. Suddenly, he remembered a beautiful lake around the mountain and wanted to take Wendy there. She is agree with that idea and let John guided her. But for now, they’ll go home in care of Michael..

After a scene about Wendy’s memories of her mother, she goes to town with John again. The girl whose bunny has been fixed by John comes with her mother to invite him eating their cooking. Wendy and John are waiting for that girl to bring the food in her room, filled with girl-ish stuffs (John is nervous in there and seeing him blushing, Wendy thinks he is cute). But when she brough the cooking, actually it’s a sweet, moreover a pudding! John really had bad memories to it when his real mother left him after she made pudding, his favorite food. His mother also said there’s none like eternal in the world. Although he finally eats the pudding after the girl cried, John makes a difficult face.

Peter is eating with Darling siblings. It just makes John angry, even says he doesn’t acknowledge Peter as his little brother. But Peter says it’s no worries because he will be John’s older brother, if he marry Wendy. Hearing that, and Wendy also agreeing lightly, John stops eating and goes to his room. Wendy follows him, then he asks if she really like Peter. He really cares for Wendy not only because he hates Peter, but also he likes Wendy (ughh, confession?). While John is closing his eyes to think, Wendy comes near him to see if he has fever. She also begins asking in her heart if there’s already some girl he like. After John realizes his sister is being closed, he blushes again. Though too bad, Wendy doesn’t know why.

At night, John comes to her room to say this morning’s confession doesn’t mean a thing. Looking him as a sister, of course Wendy is happy and won’t forget that words from John. He can’t say anything anymore because she looks him as her brother, then decides to leave. When Wendy stops him to drink tea for just the two of them, he refused, saying he might do something to her in a low voice.

That day, Wendy wants to talk about the next contest with all of her brothers but sadly, Michael has promised to play outside. It’s just Wendy and John in the house, alone. Of course it will be really awkward to John. He offers to help Wendy with making tea, but they gets a tea powder-like-snow scattered to them. John then wants to help clean it up but he just makes things worsen with breaking glass. Wendy なでなでhim, just to makes John blushing even more with happiness. He also requesting Wendy to make 焼きプリン (uh, yakipurin=baked pudding?) because he thinks it’s delicious even though it’s the last thing her mother made before she abandon him and Michael. After Wendy made it, he though he really like yakipurin. Wendy touches his head again and that makes him looks like a robot or something blushing.

Nibs goes to Wendy and John to save Peter. He says Peter is in trouble because his shadow is getting caught by tree. At first, Wendy doesn’t believe it. But then she try to look for Peter and it is true. John try sew the shadow and it’s fixed! That’s weird but it’s the first time he sew a shadow. Peter is saying thanks to John but again, he says John will be his little brother after he marry Wendy. That makes John angry, shouting that instead Peter, he will be the one better for Wendy, out of anger. So, Peter asks her who is she choose. In her heart, she choose John (and her heart beats fast) but she says she won’t choose either. That words makes Peter says if Wendy wants to be bigamy (ジュウコン)? Tootles and Curly are talking if it’s like pudding and it will be delicious…

The day of third contest is raining hard. Peter comes to bring them to the contest place, but Wendy have many preparations and she choose to go alone. In this route, John and Michael go with her, refusing Peter’s offer to take them flying. It’s raining outside, but they must go to the contest hall. While Michael is searching for nearest place to take shelter, Wendy is reminiscing about her first meeting with John. She is worried about Michael’s wound and after John finds out she is the person like that, he is very glad that Wendy may not abandon him again. When they realizes Michael is late, John goes alone to search for him, leaving Wendy behind as Tinker (the dangerous person) comes.

Of course John comes at a right time to save Wendy from Tinker’s sword. Not long, Tink also comes to say that the world doesn’t wish to kill Wendy. Looking at the time, Tinker can’t do anything anymore and flies quickly. Before Tink also goes, he says, as a judge, they also can choose what’s not in the making of them contestant. They can choose another sweet as they want. Tink gives them hint because he thinks it may be fun. After Tink goes, John uses the time to hug Wendy (and that time, she feels really warm to it). But Michael also come back and very surprise if he interfere them.

At night, the three of thema re speaking about the hint from Tink. Michael suggested they must choose Wendy’s cooking because it will be impossible to like another sweet if they hate it. John agree to that, so Michael take yakipurin for example. He is very surprise to know John already accepted his idea of choosing yakipurin..

From Michael, Wendy knows John is talking something with Hook, the one really surprising there. She follows him to Hook’s ship. John is asking him the reason why he likes chocolate. For Hook, it is not a matter if it’s like or hate, if he likes it, then he likes that thing. Nothing to think hard about. After competing long with his logic, John still can’t understand what that means, but he is a little bit relieve that he knows there isn’t a must to know reason. Before they can go home, Hook grabs Wendy (because he knows John’s feeling to her), seducing her, but he takes Wendy’s hand then go from Hook’s ship.

They are back to the ground again from Hook’s ship. Wendy doesn’t want John to thinking so ahrd but she also is happy to look at him trying hard. She kisses him on his cheek. Of course he can’t resist to blush. But then, Wendy gives him another chance to do the same, but he does it at her lips. She stills think it is common, as they are siblings. But in her heart, Wendy’s heart does beating faster than before.

At very early of the day, Peter comes to Wendy’s room to ask her playing with him. When John comes over and look at that, he is very angry (again) at Peter, though Wendy finally can makes him go out after she says she will play with Peter later. Hearing Peter can say what he wants, John is a little bit jealous. Sinced her mother left him, he always wanted to stop his mother to leave, but he couldn’t say the word. At that time, Wendy touches his head, ナデナデtime again. When she did it, Wendy also remembered that she’s similar to John, couldn’t speak what she had carried in her heart for her mother. So, she tells John to 撫で-ing her. They’re both stroking their head.

Again, at the romantic time between them (or so), Michael appeared, comes to Wendy’s room and looks surprise at it. But quickly, John says he will stroke Michael’s head too so he can feel John’s care for him. Peter then comes too, saying he wants to be stroke by Wendy. So, he suggested that Wendy will stroke Peter’s head, Peter stroke John’s, John to Michael. Of course it will be Michael to stroke Wendy’s head. But Peter won’t allow it, so he must stroke both John and Wendy. Don’t know if it is happen or not..

When Wendy and John are at town again (after the scene where John and Michael found Wendy at abandoned house), Tink gives them information about the little girl, who has been searching for John, crying at town (firstly, Wendy thinks it’s some kind of John’s secret woman?). She wants John to eat her homade yakipurin again because she thinks John makes difficult face out of disliking it. Here, John tells her he has dog and his little brother who is similar to their dog. They decides to come again to the little girl’s house, eating the yakipurin and finally, John can say it is delicious with a happy face.

When that girl is out to bring something, John confessed that he finally know what is the meaning of his mother’s last yakipurin. It seems she wants to give his favorite food for the last time. Plus, he doesn’t want to hate what he likes, the yakipurin he loves so much. The girl is back to celebrate Wendy and John eating her handmade yakipurin with a cracker. She also gives something to John and Wendy’s dog. After the two comes home, John gives the gift to Nana and Michael, which is stuffed animals. Of course Michael is curious and dislike that girly stuffs. So, John scared him by saying he will teach Michael to study instead of the gifts.

It is very early when John and Michael surprised to know Wendy is making yakipurin for the contest. Michael is even more surprise when his older brother says he really loves yakipurin, which he hates before. But they’re agree to go picnic and eat the yakipurin together. While John is preparing stuffs, Michael says Wendy and John are already changed. It’s good but he feels sad because he’s left behind. Wendy says they really loves Michael too. After John comes back, he is really mad at Michael, who keeps many sweets around. It seems it will be better for Michael if John’s personality is changing a bit..


At the picnic field, Michael goes alone to play, leaving John and Wendy. There, John says it doesn’t matter to speak of the past, about his hate for yakipurin and all because now, he will say what he wants to. He kisses Wendy, saying he always loves her since past days, loving her as a hard-working person and a woman, not only his sister. As for now, Wendy already realizing her feelings for John. She accepted his confession and kissing again, not a kiss among siblings.

When it’s already morning, Wendy comes to John’s room, finds him alone while reading book. She keeps staring at him for yesterday’s event, makes him nervous. So, he brings Wendy outside, giving her a raft and sailing it to a flower field with many rainbows. There, John confessing his feeling again, but now he want answer from Wendy. She doesn’t want to say but after John begging her a while, she finally ordering a kiss. The two also have a hot long kiss on the flower ground (with Yusa Kouji’s specialty, rape-kissing-sound while calling her 姉さん, kissing her neck too, also saying he wants her..). They officially become lovers now.

Finally, it’s the day for the fourth contest. Wendy wake Michael up to prepare her yakipurin. She and John can feel it’s the day for another contest through some feeling. After they finished preparing, the three of them went to the contest took place on. But it seems Tink hasn’t come yet so Wendy goes alone to find him. But in the middle of searching for Tink, Tinker finds her and keeps her shut in the room. She wants Wendy to choose Peter’s drop and laughing if Wendy’s cooking will make a success to the contest because it must be decided by the three judges. Wendy isn’t sure to her own cooking and that’s why she feels nervous. Fortunately, John and Michael found them while hearing their voice from outside. The sudden chance is failed and Tinker just can run away. The three siblings run to the contest hall.

It doesn’t need long to convince the other contestants for Wendy’s yakipurin. They also choose that in the judgement room. Wendy and her brothers finally end the contest with her yakipurin as the winner and filled the hall with it. There, John feels like he must tell the truth about his and Wendy relationship to Michael. He says it out loud but Michael already know about that. Too bad, John even prepare to shocking Michael. As for Peter, he will happily playing with Tink and Tinker. John says he will help Michael to study in his first action if they are coming back.

Before they go to the contest hall again to make their wishes, the little girl from before is coming to bring them to her home again. But sadly, John must tell her that he will go to a faraway place. So instead of cracker, the girl gives them her stuffed animals raining from the sky. She asks if the two of them will marry and John agree to it (Wendy is embarassing to John’s answer). Also, she asks again if John and Wendy will also have children. Michael is laughing at it while John is blushing. For it, Wendy smacked them (to make them gaining consciousness again). And so, they make their wish to be happy in the original world.

But they won’t know if it’s already been months or years by the leaving. Wendy goes to meet her mother and she seems usual. Although her mother noticed something changed from her, she didn’t ask much if Wendy is happy.

It’s finally the date between Wendy and John at the lake. Eventually, John takes his map from Never Land from his pocket, saying it is the one that makes him wants to travel to new places, makes him change. Wendy agrees to it. Even if she also worry about her mother, but now, it is already fine.

At home, Wendy made yakipurin to Michael, also for her mother. At first, she won’t acknowledge Wendy’s cooking but after Wendy begging her to eat, she feels it’s very delicious and gives her time to make it at home as she likes. Then, Michael also say he want to eat Wendy’s cooking everyday, and he will take her if she already tired of John. Hearing that, John asks if Michael really likes Wendy too, but the person himself says he already surrender. Before he leaves, Michael asks of how long John will still call Wendy as ‘Nee-san’. It makes John wondering too, asking if he can call her name. Wendy did her best to finally call ‘John’. He then kissed her, but Wendy refused to do it even if in John’s room because there’re mother and Michael. Uhm, but John insisted to ‘it’ (ahh..) and say they must do it with low voice.

Finally, it’s Wendy and John’s wedding day. Michael comes in first while she prepare the dress. Apparently, Michael is their wedding cake maker. He will take the contest for making sweet and wants Wendy to cheer him. When John comes in, he freezes out beyond the door. It seems his heart stops for a moment to look at his beautiful wife. Their mother comes with their father, feels happy and glad if Wendy also happy. But as usual, she wants money to built happiness. John says it won’t be a matter and they finally held the wedding ceremony.


The night after the contest ended, Wendy has a dream about her mother, still won’t care about her and saying her useless. The dream makes Wendy thinks if there isn’t any change in the original world. She goes to the beach alone, but finally, John finds her. He knows she has problem and that connected to their mother so he says it’s okay if they won’t come back now, while hugging her. It is fine if they stay, and when they feel like going back, they can go at any time. John says there is no need to worry about Michael because the most important thing is Wendy’s happiness.

When they get back at home, Michael is just waking up. Even if John is afraid to shock Michael from the decision, Michael just say happily that he wants to play more…


In the end, they still lives in Never Land. John is doing research on colorful birds that he never seen before. After he lose the birds, John says that it’s alright if they stay in Never Land because it’s the place where there’s thing he wishes for.


After the colorful pink, blue, and yellow birds, John finds another bird with maple color. He is really excited but that just makes Wendy wondering if he is alright there. John says at first, he doesn’t know if he will like it, but he finally finds fun things there. He wants to see many things in Never Land. Then, he hugs Wendy when saying there is the one he wishes for in Never Land, Wendy.

Well, finally I’ve did 3 routes! Oh, wow, I could never expected to stay in this game for almost 2 months since December, the first time I played Peter’s route…

John’s route is so boring at first, with his siscon (to Wendy) and brocon (to Michael) all the time. But after he said his feelings, everything turned 180 degree!! Although it is in nearly the end of his route, he finally find happiness with Wendy. The hottest scene he have is in the flower field. Just hear what Yusa Kouji have in that. Really, I don’t prefer Yusa because what comes to my mind for him is another yandere rape personality he usually voiced (to be truth, what I felt about him is.. I don’t have feeling to hear him anymore). But here, everything is different. He can voicing such a person which always filled with shouting here and there. Opening something rarely used for.. Next is Hook.


  1. Hmm I dunno why but I don’t really like John maybe because of his sister complex thing and you are right the beginning of his story sounds rather boring but his ending is totally sweet esp the Best Ed one:)

    Yay next is Hook, can’t wait hehe

  2. AAAAAAAAA!!!! The wedding!!!! *_* Cool! We love happy endings with the weddings! Thank you for writing the review! it was so nice to read!
    And now we are looking forward to read about the Hook! +___+

    • Just in time I’ve finished posting Hook!! What a coincidence!

      I love wedding ending too. It’s a fact they can live happily rather than just holding hand or kissing without knowing when they will ever marry.

  3. W…Wait a minute… 0_0
    There is something I’m REALLY worried about here, are Wendy & John blood-related?? I’ve been wondering about this the WHOLE time while reading this ^v^;
    It’s really cute route, thanks for the summary 😀

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