Sweet Love-Tink Bell

Tink Bell (CV: Sugiyama Noriyaki)

The first event with Tink is when Wendy comes to the market. A shop keeper invites her to try sweets and she feels like choosing ice cream. That thoughts lead her to Tink’s specialty in sweet contest, which is ice cream too. But she refused to eat that. The rest is when she meets Tink in the park, meeting a little girl, and he teaches Wendy how to fly because he promised to bring her back (with flying). The next event is the same as Peter’s Dead End 1, when he teaches her flying again. The night after, he comes to Wendy’s house and speaks about precious person they had.

When Wendy tries to come to meet Tink again at the park, he’s not there. She is sitting under one of the tree, looking at sunshine filtering through foliage. Suddenly, Tink comes and surprising her (he likes it when she’s surprised). They talked about how Tink is curious about people’s actions in the city, how they laugh, walk, or cry. He wants Wendy to accompanying him to the city because everyone won’t run from her (she has relation with Peter), to examine people.

They met John on the way when he’s reading book and walking altogether. John bumped a girl who sell flowers, made it scatered. Happily, Tink is playing with the flower without realizing the people in town are scared with him (they scared if Tink would kill them). The girl also sad because she must sell the flowers, not to be played by Tink. So, Wendy slapped him. She asks why people are scared by his existence. Actually, he finds Hook-Peter killing game is fun and say it like that to townspeople. His personality is similar to Peter, doesn’t know what is right or not, just do their act of just liking it.

After realizing that Wendy and John are the judges from another world, the girl doesn’t care about the scatered flowers. She is happy just to meet them. Well, Wendy ordered Tink to apologize but he didn’t do well. Again, she slapped his mouth (and make the flower girl scared if Tink will kill Wendy). But Tink finds Wendy interesting and he doesn’t want to kill someone like her. Next is where Wendy finds a house that reminds her of her mother.

It’s the day of second contest. Peter comes to bring Wendy to the contest hall, meets Hook who wants to kill him, she protects Peter from Hook, then Scissor and Tokei Wani are coming. The contest becomes a mess after Tink and Tinker insulting Hook. So Wendy and her brothers must choose what is the their preference. Wendy suggested rainbow ice cream (Tink) but they can’t end the contest for now.

She met Tink while searching for her brothers after choosing wrong answer. He said John almost fell but Peter saved him. It’s funny for him and it made Wendy angry at his behavior. Then, Tink asks why she want to learn flying to go back to her world despite it’s just ordinary world. Wendy answers it’s because there are things she must do, also she says Tink is weird. For Tink himself, he isn’t a weird person, just do what he wants. Whilst at it, Tink asks why she wants to be perfect and useful, also stop eating sweet (that Wendy likes so much) in order to be like that. Because he thinks it isn’t fun at all.

With eating ice cream and flying, Tink said Wendy will die if the contest doesn’t end. Anyway, there’s nothing that won’t end in the world. Although Wendy doesn’t want to believe what Tink said, Tink is happy to see her face. She is looking at him curiously. What he said is not a lie. Then, she asks who will kill her or harm her family. Tink won’t say anything because it’ll be fun to see her face of frightening. After that, John and Michael finally found Wendy.

This time, it’s not only Wendy who learn how to fly, but also her brothers. Tink won’t bring them in the first place, but Wendy begs him so he can’t refuse. It’s funny seeing Michael flies like mermaid or John brings Nana with him without moving. For Tink, looking at John stays quietly flying, he has naughty idea to bump Michael and John together, making John surprised and almost fall. Even if he’s already scolded by Wendy to apologize to John and Nana, Tink still won’t do it because he thinks it’s no fun if John isn’t moving. Later, Tink finds Wendy is the only one amazed him so he kisses her (only Michael saw that because John’s position wasn’t comfortable, he must face upside-down because Tink is playing with him). Tink also said he’s similar to his ice cream, an ephemeral being. Today’s lesson to fly is a failure.

Tink brings Wendy to play with him, if not, he won’t give fairy dust and she can’t go back to her world. It’s about playing with Scissor so his army won’t be able to leave the forest, making their compass doesn’t work. Scissor realizes his presence but again, Tink won’t apologize because he finds it interesting and fun. For now, Wendy is the one apologizing to Scissor and fortunately, he can understand her situation. The second playtime is with Hook. Tink already made decision to use ticking clock to make Hook scared. The idea is succesfully works but Hook can hear his laughing voice. In the worse time, Tink brings Wendy flying and running from Hook.

But he doesn’t understand why Wendy can’t feel it’s fun, despite Peter and Tinker are usually happy with his game. Of course it’s because Wendy thinks it’s troubling people. Feeling hard to understand that girl, Tink comes to an idea to make her laugh. Wendy said she will laugh if she can come home, but Tink knew it will be over between them when she’s gone. So, Wendy say she just wants Tink to behave kindly to her. It’s too hard for him now and he will learn to do it.

In the middle of talking with Tink, Peter comes and brings Wendy for himself to enjoy the town together. While at it, Wendy realizes Peter and Tink’s mind are similar, to have their fun, although Peter says he is thinking for everyone’s happiness while Tink is just thinking for himself (Well, for Wendy, it’s just Peter’s arguement). The people behave differently then with Tink. They are very happy to see Peter and wants to treat him sweets, and give hat to him (though Peter doesn’t want hat).

Because of the mass, Wendy gets pushed outside from the crowd and Tink is inviting her to his side. Tink said it’s because Peter is a loved child. Then he took the hat someone gave to Peter from Wendy’s hand, putting up feather to it, that he think it’s suit Wendy. In here, we can know that Tink is good at making accessory. Looking at him like that, Wendy say he’s cute and it’s the first time someone someone say she like him. Tink is blusing for that and it’s make Wendy very happy to see another good side of him. He says he begins to know another expression about human and feels happy with Wendy. But Peter goes to bring Wendy to play again and he won’t let Tink come with them.

At night, John said he met Tink at town and he’s asking many things about Wendy’s favorite. It’s weird but they let it go and goes to sleep. But before she gets to sleep, Tink knocks on her window to speak with her. He asks if Wendy still wants to go home and she gives the usual answer. For him, Tink wants to always be with Wendy. He can’t describe what feeling it is, but he likes to be with her. He then kissed Wendy and felt something different from kissing her (different from another girl?), made him want to kiss her more, even said it’s alright to be a lover with Wendy. From that situation, Wendy says she will give him another kiss if he wants to let her fly. Tink agrees with that, also saying fairy dust is not only use to fly but also for different things, such as healing wound?. After that, Tink leaves Wendy to sleep.

The next day they went to town again. Another girl passed him and bumped onto Tink. She cried and people started to feel bad about Tink again, afraid he will kill the girl. To avoid crowd, they’re flying again. Tink doesn’t know why people scared of him but he seems fine to it, althought Wendy doesn’t like that situation. But because she say she like good people, Tink ask what kind of good is that, is it not to kill or something. She explains it’s about helping other.

After that, they came back to town and saw Smee, one of Hook’s pirate, when he’s buying chocolate. Without thinking, Tink say it’s a right time to kill Smee because he doesn’t like chocolate. Smee realizes Tink’s presence and is mad if Tink speaks badly of his leader because chocolate is the one helping them pirates. Wendy is ordering Tink to apologize but sadly, he doesn’t know to give it properly with his heart. After talking confidently for a while, Tink scratches Smee with a knife because he doesn’t like Wendy being kind to Smee. He’s afraid if Wendy will love Smee because of it. After Wendy told him she won’t like cruel person like him, Tink stop his action and went from town with her.

This time, Tink brought Wendy to fairy forest. Every fairies are carefully watched Wendy because they’re afraid of something new. But as Tink said Peter is the one who brought Wendy to Never Land, they’re taking good care of her, celebrating with a party. Tink invites her to drink their special sake, but actually it’s very alcoholic, even smiling it will bring death to human. Thanks to flower garland and neklace from another fairies that she is alright drinking it.

When Tink is going to dance with Wendy, Peter comes and surprising her. He wants to speak about weird animal but Tink intervering them, saying he also wants to hear it with Wendy. Of course Peter is mad because he wants to be alone with her. They have a game which makes Wendy deciding to choose whom between the two of them, because Tink says he and Peter are enemy in contest, so they have the same relation with Wendy, as a judge. And that becomes a game (act) to grabs Wendy’s hands and hurting her.. The party ends with their fight, of course Tinker is mad because Tink changes after meeting Wendy.

Again, Wendy comes to an old house which reminds her of her mother. The night after, Tink brought her to fairy forest again to see the new born fairy. Wendy doesn’t like the darkness in forest because it’s scary, or something might kill her. But with sincere, Tink says it’s nothing to worry about, as long as he can see in the dark. That’s why he doesn’t understand what Wendy think is scary. Everyone in fairy forest are happy to meet Wendy again. One of them says Tink is always anticipating to see new born fairies.

He brings Wendy to flower field because that’s the time for the birth of flower fairy. He explains that he and Tinker are light fairy and he never seen the new born light fairy like them. Also, the parents for them fairies is this world. That explanation makes Wendy believes Tink is like an angel? But that’s no way it is like that. Then, the female flower fairy was born in already adult form. It is also like that with Tink, which was born hundred years ago.

Speaking of new born child, makes the conversation turns to parent-child relationship. Wendy explains to him that human child was born from their mother. And suddenly, Tink say he will be her mother if it will make Wendy with him. But Wendy refused, also saying he won’t be able to be her lover if he’s her mother, making him shock (Wendy must explain that a mother must be a woman). Then, Tink changes his mind to be a father. But it also won’t come true. So, he comes to decision to marrying Wendy, become a mother and father to their child, and that will make a reason for Wendy to stay in Never Land. Because he really wish to be with Wendy and he thinks with being her family, it will make them happy. Although in Wendy’s reality, it’s not like to be with family is happiness (because her mother thinks money is the one making them happy), but she agrees with Tink, that family will bring happiness despite she wants to go back and there won’t be any scenario to be Tink’s family for now.

Wendy fell asleep and dreaming about her mother. She ordered Wendy to try flying and fall to the bottom, making her mother despise her ability and saying it’s alright if it’s just John and Michael who come back. While she fell off, Tink held her hand and will bring her to have fun together. She wakes up after that, thinking that Tink is the only one needing her. Suddenly, someone knocks on her door. It’s Tink again. Even though Wendy seems doesn’t like his coming at night (firstly, she would say he have no manner), but now, she allows him to come. He lets her flying with him to the sky, talking about Tink’s world becoming wider of meeting many people. Then, he comes to an idea to rest at Hook’s ship. Of course it’s a dangerous idea since Hook’s pirates hates Tink. Even if Wendy say it’ll be better to not come, Tink just say she’s weird and very different than Peter and Tinker, because they will fine to have fun with the pirates.

In the middle of fighting with pirates, they’re saying they will be cursed if they kill fairy. So, the pirates are making decision to make Tink half-dead. Though suddenly, Hook comes and saying he will take revenge of Smee. But Wendy stops Tink, saying she hate if he’s fighting, so he’s just running with her to the cotton candy cloud. They spent a little bit of their night together up there.

Similar to Peter’s route, because Wendy and Peter are fighting, she goes to contest hall alone (it’s the day of third contest). In the middle of her way on rainy day, Tinker comes to try to kill her because she wants to protect Never Land. At the right time, Tink stopped Tinker’s action to kill Wendy. It makes Tinker say she will laugh if Tink has that (love) feeling to Wendy but turns out it’s true from Tink’s decision to protect Wendy. Losing her chance, Tinker goes from there. After that, Tink explains to Wendy that they’re the doll of that world. Tinker’s action is considerable to protect the world, but Tink won’t ever allow that. Also, he doesn’t want Wendy to go to whatever world it is because he wants her. Tink hugged Wendy tightly and that time, she thought it’ll be better if she can be with him, the one who need and love her.

It seems Tink just telling John and Michael that he helps Wendy at the forest. They don’t know the real thing. That night, the three siblings enjoying their first fun time together in Never Land.

Another night has come and Tink also knock on Wendy’s window to give her flying lesson. He brings her to the waterfall, with rainbow at night. It’s not an ordinary rainbow because they can eat it. The two of them are sitting on the rainbow, talking about it. Then, Wendy asks about how Tinker is doing now. It seems she is fine and healthy in the fairy forest and there’s no need to worry about her killing intention anymore. From the incident, Tink realizes that human (Wendy)’s life is very important. He also whispering that if something happen to Wendy, he won’t forgive even the world.

But when Tink goes to find delicious sweet for her, Peter comes and wants to bring her playing. Tink comes back and finds out about it. He won’t allow Peter to bring Wendy even though it seems he’s afraid of Peter. At that time, Wendy says she hate Peter who is egoistically fulfil his own mind, so he asks her if she like Tink. Wendy told them she doesn’t know herself but maybe, she like is. Quickly, Tink grabs Wendy and they’re flying to the cave nearby.

There, he explains that the fairies love Peter and that’s why it’s a bit hard to be against him. But for now, the most loveable person for him is only Wendy. He won’t let even Peter to bring her far from him. Wendy too, also has the same feeling for him. Ah,but he doesn’t know the manner to act after that, so Wendy tells him it’s better to kiss her. They’re kissing passionately, also after the long kiss, Tink asks if it’s alright to say they are real lovers and do what he wants. Wendy agrees with that and they spent the night together.

It’s morning already and she wakes up with Tink in front of her room. He wants to bring her to the rainbow place again at day but Wendy refuse because she must make breakfast. Of course Tink won’t skip the chance to eat Wendy’s cooking. He and Darlings are already prepare to eat but suddenly, Tink asks why is it so quiet at eating. At fairy forest, they will singing and dancing while at it. The conversation is being stop by something black chasing Tink. He brought Wendy flying outside.

He says it’s the black thing which have job to remove the unneeded toy. That toy is the world’s manipulation puppet, fairies. It means the death of fairy, and now is searching to eliminate Tink. The weird thing is he only laughing at it, saying it’s his fate to die. But for Wendy, it’s a sad thing. She doesn’t want to experience another people die after her father. It makes Tink feels he’s special in front of her, and it’s the first time for him. But it’s only make Wendy sad and because of it, he promised not to die. Wendy comes home while still worrying about Tink’s safety.

That day, Wendy goes alone to the forest. Suddenly, someone carrying her princess-like and flying. It’s Tink, chased by the black thing again. Fortunately, they can escape once more from it. Up in the sky, Tink asks Wendy to eat rainbow ice cream with him and enjoy the time. He also doesn’t want to die after looking at Wendy’s sad face. That’s why, he will treasure his life that Wendy love so much. And that time is the first time Tink realizing why people are afraid of him. It’s because fairies don’t know about the precious life they’ve treasured and might kill people easily.

Tink brings a bucket full of his rainbow ice cream. For the first time in her diet reason, Wendy eats the ice cream and feels it’s really unique. They’re talking about his existence, why he is very calm with the black thing. It’s because he already knew that Wendy will choose to go back to her world and also, if it’s already the world’s decision, he couldn’t escape from it. The next scene is the same when Wendy comes to the abandoned house, feeling great to come to Never Land, and then John and Michael found her.


Wendy is dreaming of the black thing and her mother. She begins to not care about her anymore. When she wakes up and finds John, she asks what is their mother like (apparently, here we can know that she is Wendy’s blood-related mother and not John). It’s strange but she suddenly realizes about the black thing. Wendy goes outside to search Tink because she sees black thing nearby. But even if she has search until rain comes, she can’t meet him right away. Then, Tink appeared in the forest, asking if he can accompany Wendy.

They talk about the black thing, that it already begins to erase Wendy’s memories, and maybe her life is also in danger. It’ll be better if they don’t meet again. But Wendy doesn’t want that. They’re kissing and spending time under the tree to avoid rain.

When she wakes up after the rain has stop, she looks at Tink in his sleep. Without asking, she kissed his lips, but he suddenly woke up and pushed her down (I would go きゃああ!around this time). He said it’s her fault for kissing him so sudden. Urgh, but Wendy laughs at his face because it’s similar to Nana’s. Whatever it is, he is happy to see Wendy’s smiling face. And she also realizes he’s becoming more kind. For it, Tink reveals himself that Wendy might come to like him more if he become nicer.

At home, John and Michael needs explanation on where she’s running before. But Wendy just told them she’s releasing her stress. Although John is believe in that (that Wendy is asking if his head is alright), when Michael accompanying her to her room, he says he saw it. The kissing scene from Wendy and Tink. She can’t hide that from Michael and telling the truth of their relationship (but not about black object). And then, she tells him it’s alright because she will go back to their world.

The night after, something knocking on Wendy’s window. She seems worried if it’s the black thing again. But it’s Tink, wants to bring her outside. That makes her relieve. He comes to Wendy because he doesn’t like the calm fairy forest, when they don’t have the dancing and singing, because he is unneeded. Well, it doesn’t matter as long as he’s with Wendy.

He comes to her room instead of playing outside, saying he’ll be alright after Wendy come back to her world because even though the fairies are avoiding him, he can play chase-and-run with black thing (that’s so sad to hear him saying that, right?). Hearing that, Wendy hugs him tightly, saying she’s been wondering how Tink will become if he’s alone. If she should go back or stay in Never Land. Tink said his own hope that Wendy should stay in that world with him. Another reason except he needs her is because he can’t go to her world, that he is the world’s puppet. But she needs time to think and he is fine because it means there’s a chance that Wendy will choose to stay. After that, they have a nighttime date.

When the two of them are having a date at night, suddenly, Tink feels dizzy. He said it’s because the black thing already caught him once and he might not be able to have many time left. They almost fell to the ground after Tink became unconscious if Tinker didn’t save them. She told Wendy that because of her, Tink was near his dead. The body in their hand is just a broken toy. But it seems he won’t die easily if the contest hasn’t finish yet. The bad thing is, he can’t fly as if he doesn’t have any fairy power left. Tinker goes on herself after telling Wendy to take care of her brother and try to do something.

It is like that, but Tink say it’s terrible that he can’t teach Wendy to fly anymore. That word is hurting because Wendy thinks of him, not only because she needs his flying lesson. It makes her think hard on what to do, if it’s alright to go back to her world or not. Although she has invite Tink to stay in her house, he refused because Tink wants to stay his last days in the place where he was born, the fairy forest. That feeling is the same as when Wendy wants to go to her original world, makes Tink learned another thing from her.

Early in the morning, Wendy comes to Michael’s room to inform him about another contest. She just knew it herself. There, Michael told her that it’s alright if she’s staying in that world because thanks to Tink, she’s more comfortable than with her mother. Again, he asks what she want, to go back or stay there. It seems Wendy already surrender to her brother’s suggestion to be happy, and she choose to stay. Now, the only problem is just if John wants to eat sweet or not.. Suddenly, the person comes himself and is very surprise to know Wendy can eat sweet things now.

While walking to the contest place, Michael finally reveals Wendy’s decision to not go back to their world because she’s in love with Tink. By the way it would seem, John is agaisnt that decision. For Michael, it’s enough if Wendy is happy and he will support her choice although he also doesn’t want to be separated with her. Different with John, he decides to eat sweet and end the contest, but he will surely choose the one different from Wendy because he wants her to go with him. It is fine with her. Just knowing John has change makes her rest assured.

Arriving at the contest hall, it’s already become a mess from killing intention of Peter, Hook, and Scissor. When Wendy meets Tinker, she asks why Tink hasn’t come yet. It seems he has become slower of not be able to fly but he will come surely. Not to take longer than that, Tink appeared, sitting on audience’s bench, applausing all of them. With his perspective, their problem is solved. But Peter said it’s the first time he know that Tink already changed (Of course thanks to Wendy). And here, Tink told them he can’t fly anymore. It’s a bit disappointing since Michael needs his dust. After everything finished, they begin the contest.

The three of them went to the judgement room. There, Wendy choose the kind taste, rainbow ice cream, while thinking of Tink. After they have chose the most delicious one, the constest hall turned to golden ice cream, and it’s very cold. From the taste, they could tell it’s rainbow ice cream and that mean Tink is the winner (they couldn’t tell because the color is gold, not rainbow). Then, Tink comes to their place to say his thanks for them. He also said there are two things that make him happy. Well, but it will become unhappiness if Wendy come back to her world.

That thoughts quickly denied by Wendy because she wants to live there with him. Tink hugs her upon hearing that, saying it’s become three things now, which are to meet her, to live with her, and Wendy’s choice is the third. Of course John won’t stay calm with that scene. Tink say he will be fine if John also stay in that world, but he refused, so Tink wave his hand and saying goodbye to him (makes John stares at them because he has lose and Michael continuously teasing the らぶらぶ scene).

Tinker also comes there to say congratulation to Tink while Peter says he won’t play with Tink anymore. Peter asks Tinker to play together and makes her really happy to be chosen by him. Before they goes, Tinker tells Wendy that she will acknowledge her if she make Tink happy. Then, John told Tink to make Wendy happy. It was answered by Tink that he’s happy by now but it’s not the answer John wanted (because he wanted the answer about Wendy’s happiness, not Tink. He doesn’t care).

It’s a bright day. Tink and Wendy are flying in the sky together from each countries. It seems Tink has regained his ability to fly again. The scene is back to when Wendy meets a sillhoutte (with Ishida’s voice), the same after she choose the contest winner. The voice is dissapointed because Wendy is a fool to choose to live with the unneeded toy. He was called the world’s will or whatever they want. He will give his toy to Wendy. After all, he doesn’t need it anymore. The scene changes back to where they are now, when Tink says in Wendy’s world, now has his presence. Because it is want she wanted. Then, the scene is back to when John and Michael are wishing to go back, leaving Wendy and Nana behind.

Tink and Wendy reached a new city. He used his magic dust to carry their shopping and worrying other people (fortunately they thinked it was some circus). When Tink saw a little clothes, he thought it’s for dog. Apparently, it is a child’s clothes and he doesn’t know that. A man comes out to ask them to look at that clothes, also calling Wendy as a wife. She quickly excuses herself and brings Tink to run out of embarassment. He asks why she run and why doesn’t she make a child right away. Of course she can’t..for now (that yousei!). It is also confusing if their child will be from a small one first since fairy born as an adult. But that stupid fairy already make decision to have their own child right on!! The end with Wendy’s shouting him as 馬鹿妖精.

Wendy told him to not talk about making child anymore in the crowd because it’s embarassing. He thinks a child is embarassing from it, but Wendy says it’s about the child making process. So, he stop it but he need more explanation after they come back to Never Land. Wendy too, wants to go back to see Nana quickly, although Tink’s mind is full of learning how to make child..

The people are knowing they’re coming from Never Land, even Tink is a fairy. They gives the two of them many things from their shop as a gift. But after Tink and Wendy already flew off, the people thought he’s Peter Pan. That’s a wrong guess but it’s already given to them, so they took it.

Another city they arrived is a port. Some pirates took their belongings and Tink chased them to their hideout. After Wendy comes when she’s flying, the pirates are thinking she is Tinker Bell. So teh other person (Tink) is Peter Pan (again). If Hook can’t beat Peter, than so they are. The pirates runs quickly, leaving the two with some jewels. He thinks Peter and Tinker will be happy upon seeing that jewels but Wendy doesn’t want to take it. That makes him wonder why Tinker is more popular than him, the older? (Yeah, because you aren’t appear in any story than this).

They spent night at an inn. Tink suggested Wendy to try the red dress they had from townspeople. Although Wendy doesn’t sure if it’s fit to her, Tink says she is very pretty. The two had a party in there, kissing each other continuously. The climax is on the bed, of course. Wendy is happy because she has the only fairy lives for her.


Tink is coming to Wendy’s house even though he has gotten weaker from black thing. Because Wendy needs to prepare herself before their date, Tink thinks it maybe better if he also a female. Then, the two begins speculating what kind of world it will become. But the rest is same, about Tinker helps him before he and Wendy die from falling down. Wendy didn’t mention that she want to stay in Never Land to Michael and before the three siblings came to contest hall, Michael and John were fighting over who is the most reliable.

But the same as best end, the three choose rainbow ice cream. After the contest ended with Tink as the winner, John was very surprise after Michael said Tink and Wendy are lover. But Tink is sad because Wendy wants to go back. The thing makes an idea that it might be better if Tink wish to be with Wendy, as Michael said, if Tink doesn’t want to separate from her. Tink wants to do that despite Wendy wants him to wish the return of his fairy power. Well, it won’t work as Wendy doesn’t want it so they have the last moment together before she go to her world.

Before the three can make a wish, Tink comes to say he needs Wendy as his world. Hearing that, Wendy choose to stay with Tink but it just makes John mad at it. Suddenly, Michael changes the option to, “the three of them will live in Never Land” because it is for Wendy’s happiness and John doesn’t want to separate from her. Although Michael finally can convince John to stay, Tink say Michael’s advice really work (it means it is their plot). John is really mad at Michael but they decides to leave Wendy alone with Tink and stay in that world. Wendy promised to stay with Tink and he was really happy, that he wouldn’t let her go.


Tink and Wendy fell from the sky and there’s no one would save them. DIE!!



Look at Nana in John’s arm! She seems to having fun..?

Tink’s route is loveable!! It has sweet, hot, and sad moment altogether packed for him. I really am loving his route, better than Peter. And it seems his route is the best from what I’ve been hearing. The fate to die is the most easiest to fall in love for me. It has sad story and deep feeling, irresistible to choose. Next is John. I’m eager to finish his route before a week but I don’t know if something happen. Anyway, I might play this for another month so feel free to abuse my site if you’re already tired of Peter Pan (because it has a lot of characters to finish).


  1. As usual thanks for the review! x3

    Tink’s really cool eh…
    That last CG on his Best End (when they’re on the bed) is really … hot *-*
    And that moment when they’re under the tree ! きゃああ~ !

    • Firstly, I really want to say sorry for your comment in Peter’s route. I’ve found yours just yesterday, in the middle of others.

      Uh, yeah, I really like the CG on the bed. Wendy’s dress is very beautiful, love it. That’s one of QR games’ plus side, many CGs!~ And that doubling my job to take it*.

  2. I agree with you. Even if I am Peter-biased, I am deeply in love with Tink and his route. ^//////^

    The part where he’ll say he’ll fight to live for Wendy is just…TT____TT I would most probably replay his route after Peter because of your review. XD

  3. Kyaa he is so adorable. His route is so.. how to say.. hmm mixed with happiness and sadness hehe but overall is adorable. And Tink is so hot xD (especially in the CG where he wears white suit?) 🙂

  4. ohohohoh! Cool! What a guy that Tin! Wow, such a passionate chara who wants to have kids! ^o^
    thanks a lot for telling us about his story. We really liked his personality! Now we are waiting for your review on captain Hook! +_+ Ganbatte!

    • From what I heard, his thoughts of having children might be passionate, but sadly, he didn’t know anything like a pure child.. I’m playing John first, but I have consider to play Hook’s route after him.

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