Senjou no Valkyria 3 Extra Edition Short Review

My 2011 is begun and closed by Senjou no Valkyria 3 Unrecorded Chronicles. I could remember the last time I played it, it just needed a month to finish almost all the stories & quests in easy mode (I wouldn’t choose normal or hard if it has same story!). Also, I began to love Kurt Irving and Nakamura Yuuichi, his seiyuu, soooo much!! Of course even after playing it the second time, I would still prefer Kurt-Riela’s couple.

Okay, time to move onto the story! I couldn’t write a full review like before (Yes, it’s just adding a few extra missions in the game), so here, I just wrote it with numbers.

1. The story about Darcsen woman talking with Kurt, Riela, and Imca. I don’t know her name, but she’s Gusurg’s older sister. They’re talking about Gusurg all the way, about how brave he is. But the sister already realized. Inside their conversation, it leads to Gusurg’s condition. He already sent her a letter, a goodbye letter to be exact. Kurt began telling the story of Gusurg’s betrayal and his death. But the sister didn’t angry with it, she already accepted it all. It ends up with Kurt, crying once again for his beloved first friend in Nameless. Riela suggested to Imca to not interfere with Kurt’s reminiscence moment to his friend.

2. Extra story about Imca. Nameless came to the snowy town. Imca seemed to can’t stand the cold, but she tried hard to not make everyone know it. Kurt asks her to sleep in his room for the night because she looks in cold without her Darcsen cloth or something like that? After winning their mission at the town, Imca, once again, comes to Kurt’s room and spent the night with him. Again, after Kurt had woken up, Imca already gone. But in the second time, he is really surprise to see Riela chasing Imca. The truth is, before Kurt wake up, Riela had asked Imca, in suspicion if she did something to Kurt…

3. Riela’s extra story told about her and Kurt always been together everywhere. The other members are already finds it suspicious, if there’s some (love) thing between them. One time, Kurt found about Riela’s precious knife from her grandfather. Kurt wants to see if it’s sharp enough as a knife, then tries it on an apple.. Well, Riela just can crying seeing that. Suddenly, while Riela and Valerie are going to town, there’s an attack. Riela buys Valerie some time to escape and tells Kurt about it. They won the battle, but Kurt found suspicious on how Riela can stand alone. It’s because the knife can turn her to an ancient valkyrie. The next moment, because Kurt promised her to do anything, they’re playing beachball at the coast. They’re also having a great time together in a lone island (that makes everyone are more suspicious of the couple).

Believe me. I don’t want to put this CG here as I mostly work on otome games. But I don’t have any proper CG for this story rather than it is. But you can also see Kurt, right?

4. Kurt is one of new member in his old troop. His friend are always talking bad about him. One of his old classmate in Lanseal (The guy who punch him in the first chapter, I think) is talking about how Kurt is always alone in school. The other members are agreeing with his opinion. There’s time when their captain won’t do his job properly, so Kurt is the one taking their troop’s command line. They won the battle, making everyone surprise to know they’re strenght, and are happy about it. Except Kurt. He wouldn’t say it’s a thing to celebrate because they might’ve won that battle, but they couldn’t make peace in Gallia (means, there are many other battles they must win). Hearing that, the bad guy before is talking again about how Kurt is in past time. He works hard just for upgrading his result from 98 to 100. Okay, Kurt is a top student in Lanseal, but he’s always thinking alone, trying to win other battles…’course with his candies too.

5. The last thing I want to write is about Carissa. She’s the new tank pilot after Gusurg’s betrayal. I don’t remember her story much because it doesn’t come up remarkable. She just gives command to the other Nameless’ troop while Kurt isn’t there for a while.

The thing is, my old CG folder is gone. I couldn’t remember where I put it, so I took it all again. Now, with the new CG from new missions. I would say, even if the other RPG games distracted me from playing otome games, VC wouldn’t be like that. I can play it quickly (one reason is because it’s in easy mode, and another is because I’ve played it before and already used by its battle system). VC 2 might not impressed me that much. Different with VC 3, where I found it very fun.

Playing VC won’t be full without watching its OVA. There are 2 of it, thought it just told about Nameless’ random mission, connected with Squad 7 without realization. It might not tell anything for anyone who haven’t play the game. But I saw it very cool, decent with how the story in game was told. Okay, maybe I must say goodbye to VC 3 now and forever because SEGA seems to not make any localization for it. Goodbye the sad, fun, hard, joyful, friendly 2011!

Moment before Riela beats the enemy…

Link for CG:


  1. Just wanted to drop by to say, I hope you had a wonderful Christmas! And I must say, I am liking the new design for the journal ^^ very cool!

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