Trying Star project English Version

I’ve just tried it today. Well, I like the art and the mini games, but maybe, I won’t be able to play it often due to my crappy internet connection. Or because I don’t have much time playing online games. It’s fun though. The English server is now open (maybe since yesterday). For now, you’ll only be able to manage Touya as your wanna-be star, to collect money and pay the debt.

Here is the link:

Just need to register then sign in from your email, wait a bit and play it as a manager for the new star.

A few pictures I’ve got:


~ by twentyninenights on December 21, 2011.

13 Responses to “Trying Star project English Version”

  1. o.O need internet connection? The art looks good but sadly my connection is crappy :((

    • o.O just saw that u are playing Peter Pan ^^ Yay can’t wait for your summary. Btw who is ur fav there? Mine is Hook and Michael.

      • I don’t know their characters yet, but I’ve choose my banner from what interest me. So it’s Tink?

        • Yupz it’s Think, he is pretty interesting too. The only guy I don’t like is Peter lol ^^

          Btw yesterday I tried Star Project, the mini games are fun but I don’t think I’ll play it often. Kinda frustrated me since the lading took times ^^

          Btw Happy Holidays 🙂

          • I’m not interested in Peter too. Maybe because most of his form is in child. And yes, loading time needed long time. And I can’t seem to play the ‘memorize’ mini game because it always stop with a loud sound, kinda like lagging. I can’t click at the right time for ‘dance’ mini game too.

            Happy holiday to you too & enjoy it ^ ^

      • can someone send me the link for this peter pan game please?

    • Yeah, the art is good. But beside I have crappy connection, I don’t play online games often.

  2. I love the game~

    :3 and I love my internet connection ><

    thankies for the recommendation 😀

  3. Thanks for the information..

    Too bad the English version come too late.. I’m almost finished with Touya on the Japanese version, I only need to unlock the True Ending..

    The other characters can’t be considered free, you need to pay some kind of rental fee for 10 or 30 days (using ingame money) for them.

    • Yes, the english ver. comes really late. But the good thing is they used the jap ver. voice. I know that the other chara won’t be free. Too bad, because I preferred chara with Ishida voice better than Touya. The thought of that made my interest lowering down to play this game.

  4. oigan x k cuando me inscribo me aparece una pagina donde dice acceso denegado??

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